Wisdom Teachings: [#125] Detecting and Thwarting Earth’s Danger Spots Video
[#125] Detecting and Thwarting Earth’s Danger Spots
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Wisdom Teachings: [#125] Detecting and Thwarting Earth’s Danger Spots (August 2015)

Season 17, Episode 4
Available worldwide

With profuse crisscrossing of geomagnetic lines, geopathic zones can be found just about anywhere even though they are difficult to detect. Fortunately, the work of several scientists have shown us how we can detect these danger spots as well as how to avoid and thwart their effects. David Wilcock recounts the details of government sponsored investigations to determine the location of geopathic zones and document their effects upon the populace in this presentation originally webcast August 3, 2015.

David Wilcock


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andreawetzel, posted on August 1, 2016

Wow, I am so thankkful for learning about these Geopathic lines. My goodness, no wonder I have been struggling with my health for 15 years. We live between two very fast flowing brooks. one being part of my front garden, the entrance to the property is over a private bridge . Across the road is a train line that is cut into the side of the tight valley we live in. Thank goodness we are living in germany at the moment where I am sure, (due to the history and scientific studies) I can track down some help. M;any Thanks David.

jaydugg, posted on May 16, 2016

I have some people in my life, that wipe me out.
Like sam out of ghost,OR those Little creature from cat's eye, complete Vampires.
So drained of all energy. Take a while to become right again.

zenith_rising, posted on April 24, 2016

Thanks for doing what you were sent to this earth to do David!

tracy41, posted on April 14, 2016

I was just wondering about all the people who live and sleep on boats, they seem very happy and healthy living right on the water, I know when I go boating I feel better. Love all that you do, thanks for informing us! ~from Breckenridge, CO

johnod1, posted on December 2, 2015

hi david after hearing you talk about this i bought a Geoclense - Anti-Radiation Harmonizer for Home, protect from EMF Geocleans i bought this on ebay from a genuine shop in Australia ever since i hot this i never wake up tired in the morning like i used to or feel stiff any achy or ever get a headache they realy work i recommend them to everybody i was skeptical at first but it realy does work its amazing its like i have a protective bubble over my house

johnod1, posted on September 21, 2015

David when you mentioned the web site for Australia i looked it up and the pace is mooloolaba its 15km from my house i was amazed that it is not far from were i live in Queensland on the Sunshine coast this is a sign to me i will be getting my place checked out thanks to your advice

tonymcgarry, posted on September 15, 2015

David, Yes DECT is an issue however - Siemens have produced a range of DECT compatible phones that turn off their transmitters when a call is not being made. The Gigaset ECO-DECT units have adaptive power control and their unique Plus version allows the units to stop transmitting altogether when no telephone call is taking place. There are a few other makes that can turn down their power slightly, but they still irradiate you 24-7.
I have one of these and am somewhat Electrosensitive - I can attest to them being great.

sgcorrigan06, posted on September 3, 2015

This is exactly what I have been working on! I have identified an area where something like this has to be the issue and have been trying to decide what next step would be most effective in addressing the issue. You have confirmed this for me in a huge way with evidence that has already been found! Thanks! Huge Thanks!

admin25, posted on August 21, 2015

Dear David,
Today, I received a call from a Swiss customer who called, because you mentioned Swiss Harmony in your Wisdom Teachings' Episode 125. I have seen many of your lectures in the past and you cannot imagine, how happy I am that you have discovered my company and introduced it in your episode. Many thanks!
May I contribute by informing you and all your American watchers that we have a representative in Sedona (AZ) and one in Massachusetts. They can be found on our team page. They are well trained and visit customers in order to help them get an idea of how strongly they are effected by geopathic stress and electro smog. Obviously they will also provide and install devices to neutralize such harmful influences.
For those, who do not live close it may be of interest to read that we will offer a new DIY-line in approx. 4 weeks. Then anyone will be able to order products for home protection with installation guide videos.
Additionally, it may be of interest to know that we are using Russian knowhow in order to integrate HAARP protection in our products.
Thank you again, David!

Richard Neubersch
Swiss Harmony International GmbH
+41 32 372 77 66

angelinabutera, posted on August 10, 2015

This was not a "detecting" and "thwarting" episode. This was more of a Scientific Proof of Geopathic Zones "Part 4."

byounghp, posted on August 10, 2015

David joking about the images he presents looking like someone else or making funny comments ... That is so funny... Haha....
He has done that few times before, and every time he got me. I get very serious with his presentation, and suddenly he throws this kind of joke. Haha

nancysnimbus, posted on August 10, 2015

I feel a certain amount of resiliency as a highly sensitive person. I was born into a very dysfunctional family. My survival meant that I would learn to detach and rise above some really horrible stuff.

I also feel a need to travel to special areas in
Arizona to recharge at times. I wonder about that

jaavalue, posted on August 9, 2015

Corey has a lot of abilities --- BUT the last comment (I.E. Communicator/ambassador) was to be for David Wilcock...gads, sorry

jaavalue, posted on August 9, 2015

Corey, you do an excellent job and have a great ability to communicate to a wide audience. It's just amazing to have one like you with the depth and abilities to be such an ambassador...G/god lives....lol

mario-orlando, posted on August 9, 2015

I have a question, what about living by or near a man made lake? Is that also a dangerous or serious health concern? Thank you!


byounghp, posted on August 10, 2015

If the lake water flows under your bed?
I grew up people talking about water underground bad. But never heard of lake next you is bed.
It is the energy/ vibe created by water flow that is bad for human body, not a water pool not moving around. Is it?

gasman, posted on August 8, 2015

Hello David,
I’ve been watching you on GAIAM since you started there and have enjoyed the shows. Your show #125 hit a cord with me when you mentioned Schumann devices. I have been into Rife, Beck, and other electrical/electronic technologies for several years. Like you, I am not into selling devices and have done most of my work out of an interest in learning and getting ready for some trying times to come. However, I did do a website to help those interested in building their own devices from proven devices I actually designed and built myself. You are welcome to use whatever information you can from the site to help with your message.

I’ve had extraordinary success, which I don’t talk about publicly because of self and family preservation.

Schumann’s resonance is one out of many frequency that effect our biology. The two main general purpose frequencies I use most are Schumann’s 7.83 and the Solfeggio 528 hertz frequencies. The off the shelf electric blanket is one of my favorites for cocooning the body in a field that mother nature evolved our species to do well in. The Vortex Coil goes well beyond what Daniel Nunez and Randy Powell have talked about. A simple frequency generator can easily pulse the coil to create a 10 foot diameter magnetic field exceeding 100 milligauss. There is a right frequency for just about any requirement. The unfortunate thing is that the requirements do not have to be all good as many of us have discovered, including the military.

Be well and keep up the good work.

bretthaugen, posted on August 8, 2015

When are you going to cover Pyramid Power?

llehlers, posted on August 7, 2015

I am frustrated with the slow pace of these shows. Now we have to wait a week for the follow-up to this week's program. I think it would be far more valuable to do hour shows and start and end a segment in one session. These 30 minute shows leave too much space in between.

friend101, posted on August 7, 2015

I agree with an earlier comment - Resistance to Therapy likely means that the therapy doesn't seem to work, NOT that the person doesn't want to go into therapy!

abby6, posted on August 7, 2015

when i was young i sought experts out. now i am being seen by some as an expert. it's funny how the perceptive wheel turns in time. i worked for years indirectly for insurance companies and a couple of times directly in their legal departments. i had an insider's view for years of how insurance operates.

i used to have great respect for doctors, i dated one for 11 years. my anti-doctor anti-pharma attitude evolved over a period of 35 years. i did try every known conventional remedy that i had access to, first. i went to many specialists and hospitals. every single doctor without exception made me WORSE. every single pill without exception made me sicker. everything about conventional medicine was for me a lie, a deception, and an exacerbation of something i did not make and which was not for me. but it took me 50 years to SEE that.

Now, I am "over 50" I use no doctors, no dentists, no pharmaceuticals, no over-the-counter anything, no commercial cleaning products, no commercial laundry soaps (I make my own or use castille). i have not consumed alcohol in over a year nor have i had a drink of tap water or restaurant food in over one year. i rarely talk to anyone and never seek advice anymore. i am healthier and happier now than i have ever been as an adult.

michele2k2000, posted on August 6, 2015

David, I know you said that the Schumann Resonance for earth is 7.83 hertz. Will this change when we go through the shift? If so, is it changing now?

Also, Gaiam TV "improved" their search function a few months ago and it is much harder to find you and the most current episode. They really need to make it easier. Your program(s) are the ONLY reason I subscribe to Gaiam! I love your program(s) and books of course.

byounghp, posted on August 10, 2015

I heard it went up through a person who researches. I forgot the number. Sorry.

llehlers, posted on August 7, 2015

I have complained about the search function at Gaiam too. Wished they'd hurry up and fix it. Also, I'm on GT only because of David.

smenacho2012, posted on August 10, 2015

I agree that Gaiam is not well set up and easy to use. I signed up because of David. There are other shows that sound interesting, but it's difficult to find them, even when trying to search.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on August 6, 2015

I always hit speaker before/during calls, so that I can set the phone down a few feet from me. Always.

bk.allen143, posted on August 5, 2015

what if you live on a creek?

9one9, posted on August 5, 2015

David you are being short-changed on Gaiam! I put "Wisdom" in the search bar tonight to catch up with you and your show did not come up, but all kinds of "Wisdom Bla Bla Bla" videos did! Come on Gaiam - most of us would cancel our subscriptions if it weren't for David's shows. Put him on the first page of "wisdom" searches. :)

LaneLight, posted on August 5, 2015

Usually, when I first log in, I get a choice to see episodes from most recent to older ones, and vice versa. After I watch an episode, that choice is no longer there. Can that be put there as a constant? (Or is it just my computer?)

mkd, posted on August 4, 2015

I kept wondering if David misunderstood what that term might mean. Given that these studies were probably translated from German, I don't think it means "No way! I don't wanna go the therapy!" I think it probably means traditional drug therapy or chemotherapy has little or no effect in alleviating the condition; i.e. the adverse condition is "resistant to therapy".

By the way, I can forgive David for his horrible mispronunciation of some of the big German words but it bugs me when he gets people's names wrong. The diphthongs "ie" and "ei" are easy to remember - whichever letter comes last, is the one you pronounce as it usually sounds in English: "Freiherr" sounds like "Fry-Hair"; "Gesundheit" is another example.

That's all I could possibly find to complain about. this is a fascinating mini-series and I think I need to move my bed.

nicole.lafleurdunil, posted on August 4, 2015

This is a colossal subject and impossible to suggest all the different remedies to counter all the different pathogenic influences around us. Like David said in the previous talk, look after the area(s) you spend the most time like your bedroom, your favourite chair, work area. These pathogenic influences can be telluric (relating to the earth), cosmic (Curry and Schumann network systems), wave forms that can be emited from certain statues, masks used in negative ceremonies, metalic furniture, etc). For exemple, if you have a chinmey no longer in use and block both extrimities, the air enclosed becomes toxic and if you have a chair or bed next to it you will eventually get sick. Our lodging is our third skin, with clothes our second skin. If we wear natural fabrics for health reasons, we should also use natural building material, carpets and furniture for the same reason. When you first learn about geopathogenic influences you may be overwhelmed but if you work on your self, your health, and meditate, you become more instinstive and will automatically choose the right environment, the right material. It is a wonderful science and am grateful that it be discussed at Gaiam.

nancysnimbus, posted on August 4, 2015

Thank you for all the research on risk factors in our environment. I am looking forward to things that will help us. I keep moving my bed around. I have a blow up bed on the ground. It is an air mattress. I think that I am moving it to the very center of the room next. I will just put other things on the walls. Ted Gunderson warned of "dirty energy" I am not exactly sure what that is but I have a smart meter on the out side wall of my bedroom. I am actually thinking of moving my bed to the living room and constructing some sort of room divider. My whole room is not good. I really am thinking of moving at the end of this lease.

nancysnimbus, posted on August 4, 2015

I would like to suggest that those who offer videos via Gaiam TV, organize in some way the collection of videos. They do not appear to be alphabetical, numerical, or even group into years or chronological order. What would also be wonderful is if they are grouped into subject areas. If nothing else can they organize them into most recent and then going back they would be grouped by time or year. Thank you so much David for presenting this wisdom

gcwillard, posted on August 4, 2015

See: http://www.freeshield.com
Muscle testing shows that it is effective. Read the explanation of why it works on the web-site.

gcwillard, posted on August 4, 2015

You can reduce the amount of cell phone radiation by simply putting a specially printed piece of paper around your phones' battery. Muscle testing shows that it works! Read the explanation of why it works on the web-site: http:/www.freeshield.com
Read my previous post under last weeks show on how to circumvent geopathic stress zones.

abby6, posted on August 3, 2015

All these events are on the same N/S line each event is a few feet from the others and all contemporaneous:

1. radiation burn on bush behind small Oak tree in S/E corner of property;
2. room right behind burnt bush occupied in past four years by two people: my son and a guest, both complained of a ghost in that room; original owner was in that room sick when I came to look at house, cleaning, painting room did not get rid of "ghost;"
3. dryer-original one broke, was replaced works;
4. A/C next to dryer worked in 2011 then stopped working in 2012;
5. Furnace next to dryer stopped working in 2012;
Note: every house I have ever lived in has had a broken thermostadt or some problem with temperature modulation and balance, they all have periods of being too hot or cold but without any way of predictably controlling the temperature in more than one room at a time. I can control the room I am in, but not with a thermostadt.
6. garbage disposal, was replaced then new one stopped working;
7. strangling;
8. breaker #5, replaced and turns itself off periodically without any explanation;
9. melted supply line, in 2014 I saw lightening in sky the power went off in 1/2 the house and the electrician the next day replaced the main supply line. He gave me the damaged one to look at, it looks like it blew up due to surge, part of it is melted. Neither of us had any explanation but it is on the same N/S line.
10. snake, cat, wasp and bee behind house on same line.

So I thought eight, it's ten.


2012-Sheriff deputies shoot and kill an elderly man who was standing on the cross of SW 195th and Farmington Road;
2013-neighbor directly across the street has freaky fire she moves;
2014-neighbor next street over has sewer back up into her house she moves;
2015-neighbor directly across the street calls 911 for medical emergency a few weeks after having difficulty installing communications services (see post on google+ of Frontier digging up my rose bush to provide her with com service).

And those are just the events I know about. And I don't use a phone. Consider how many events there probably really are!

sharimontgomery71, posted on August 3, 2015

Thank you David! This is so important. We use products from Earthcalm, including their home protection system. Check it out - http://www.earthcalm.com/

abby6, posted on August 7, 2015

I wore a silver Nova pendant from 2009-off and on now, I began with an ankle bracelet and a necklace. I don't wear those now because the chains bug me but I put the pendant charms on my silver hat (ask) and it seems to work (as a hat ornament) particularly if I drive which I avoid doing anyway. At this point at home I don't need it. Earthcalm or Lessemf also supply a chip that you plug into USB on a router to convert the fallout from the router to coherent torus energy. That's not what they say it does but they explain it with other words that boil down to that, based on what I have learned in the past two years from David's lectures and follow up to those lectures. I am pretty sure the pendant contains a quartz crystal and the housing is insulation. Anyone can make it for less than $279. It's a kind of Orgonite. You can make it. Get yourself a quartz crystal with two tips (maybe $20) and select this carefully, then wrap it with .925 or .999 pure silver or 24k gold wire so that the wire is snuggly covering most of the crystal, it will do the same thing as the $279 device, I am 85% sure of that. You can make this even with copper wire for a total of $25. If you use silver then double that, if gold maybe triple it but less than a hundred bucks.

Again, there is a racket here. However, I would rather save up for $200 here and $300 there to independent inventors with tech that works to create harmony than fork over the same or more to greedy lying corporations that sell stuff that slowly kills me or that they can switch off. The original CPAP had no computer chip, the 2012 CPAP does. Can it be remotely controlled? Is that a "paranoid" speculation? Perhaps, but even more reason to be rid of it!

I conclude Earthcalm is a reliable company however what they sell is expensive and you can do more research, dear reader particularly on search term "Reiki." George Noory had a rock guy that explained how different crystals work, that's a good place to start. This is IMHO lost Atlantean energy medicine being reintroduced now so we can save ourselves save our energy/redirect it and save the planet. Each of us that becomes more of a coherent source field acts as a kind of crystal seed to spread coherency...if we can just get past the fear of what ifs.

Blessings from Aloha, Oregon

catherinejsidoti, posted on August 3, 2015

Scary to admit that this could happen to anyone.

Lynn4, posted on August 3, 2015

It is my understanding that the resoance over the last decade or so has increased, planet wide, to just under 13. Is that information wrong?

jasonjduke, posted on August 3, 2015

I can't take it anymore, GaiamTV is a danger zone!
The geopathic stress on my cranium is busting at the seams.
Highway to the danger zone, I'm gonna take you right into the danger zone...

By the way did anybody else hear that today?
Sounds like a unified screeching and scraping of floors across the world. Guess I am not the only one who moved my bed.
David's Top Gun 'round here!

carkov, posted on August 3, 2015

Way back in the 1950's I remember someone doing this type of research in Washington DC looking for some source of infant crib deaths. They found that babies who died suddenly were sleeping in beds with plastic mattresses and were dressed in polyfiber nightshirts and plastic pants over diapers etc. They were right in a zone of electric transmission towers. When the baby wet in the night, the plastic had built up a field around them that stopped their hearts. Sorry that I forgot the details.....

abby6, posted on August 3, 2015

That is interesting. I was born in 1958 to parents who had been barren for 16 years. Plastic was "new science." My mother bought into all the "cutting edge" stuff, she always wanted the latest. My father did not. Both lived long lives, and thankfully I am still here, after wearing cloth diapers. However, I did use disposable diapers with my son...born in 1995. I wonder how many parents have sick newborns when the baby's crib is on a ley line or the baby's body cannot "breathe?" I remember a lot of confusing advice both in the 60s from my mother and from "experts" in the 90s about how to turn the baby, place the baby, how they will lay, yet recent research shows babies instinctively know which way to lay to avoid the ley line. It's the adults who don't remember.

In any event, it seemed uncanny that I had just prayed for removing back pain then a few hours later I watch David and he ends by looking directly into the camera and saying "Move your bed!" So I moved it about 2 feet in the direction the dog usually chooses...the more closely I observe my dog, the more I realize he chooses 3 spots in my bedroom/office, and only those 3 spots, and all 3 are points on a diagonal. So I moved the bed onto that diagonal and I managed to sleep a long time without CPAP, woke up with slight back cramp that I got rid of with one stretch. I will leave the bed there and see what happens. The dowsing is a great skill to learn and the rods are less than twenty bucks delivered. Had I known about dowsing 20 years ago, I would have had fewer conflicts with my son I think.

This topic deserves much more time/words and attention! Just re-arranging furniture does make a huge difference. I knew about Feng Shui 35 years ago but I did not understand until now why it is important. I knew about ley lines in 2009, but did not know they cross in a tight grid and this is what the science of Feng Shui is about. So live long enough, all of these things start making sense and fitting together! I am grateful to David for this series. Thank you.

Blessings from Aloha, Oregon

Rjhind1st, posted on August 3, 2015

If you sit in one place and you have water pipes in a wall, do you think that would effect you?

abby6, posted on August 7, 2015

AndyDay, posted on August 4, 2015

I recall an earlier episode where David was discussing how an experiment was set up for a dowser. He was supposed to detect water flowing through pipes that were laid out on the floor below the one that he was working from. He had no success. It was stated by David that this was because once the water is within a pipe, whether plastic or copper, it would effectively be shielded. This would stop the flow of water interfering with the earth energies and therefore make it impossible to detect.

If I understood this correctly, then it would imply that domestic water pipes are not going to cause energetic problems. Only naturally occurring veins within the Earth will have these negative effects. David to my mind contradicted himself on this point when stating that under floor heating was dangerous.

jasonjduke, posted on August 3, 2015

Depends how close you are. He mentioned the scientific mumbo jumbo when talking about the cell phone and how to hold it next to your face. So unless you are really close to the wall, it may not present an issue.
Do you get any of the symptoms while sitting next the wall. If so move away and see if they go away.

abby6, posted on August 3, 2015

looks more like John Noble IMHO, Larry King is more anorexic

abby6, posted on August 3, 2015

This will be a longer article, I often get inspiration here then keep working on it until I publish it on WikiNuts with a diagram of the N/S line in my house and all the events occurring on that same line 2011-present.

The unnamed device Jacob Stangler invented is called a scintilometer, there is a wikipedia article about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scintillometer, but you won't find it at Sears or Amazon or your neighborhood Ace Hardware store. Not surprisingly, Amazon also does not have more than 2 books about it in stock, there is whole mess of "out of stock" or "unavailable" books on this topic. This is like Van Pohl's book. I found 2 companies in Europe that make them now but they want to know who you are before they give a price. There are two used ones on eBay now, $200 or a $500 one. Both of those were made in 1950s.

"Scintilla" is an interesting neglected word that resonates as a synchronicity with me, I've used it in sentences such as i don't give a scintilla about...to be nicer than saying i don't give a f* or a rat's arse. From Latin scintilla ‎(“sparkling speck, atom”) https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/scintilla.

The Scintillometer detects gamma rays. If you take a look at the ones on eBay you will see it does look like a hair dryer or a handy ray gun to detect small disturbances in the force which are essentially photons shooting out from the electrical field created by flow of the underground water, but they are at a frequency we do not see just as we do not see UV or infared without filters. The scintillometer filters and amplifies natural emissions, giving a digital readout, but curiously (aHEM) it's not very available. Do we really need a digital readout? Doesn't that put us back in rational mind when we're trying to stretch to use our intuition?

Dowsing is an art, I see many dowsers in Australia, also in California, perhaps it was a Lemurian art. My dowsing rods did arrive to Oregon from California and you've inspired me to learn to use them. This is an intuitive art, it takes practice, it's about breathing, holding them lightly, and at the right length and being comfy with all of that, a dance. The dowser dances with the rhythm of the earth. It's not an activity that can be scheduled regulated predicted replicated or digitalized. That's the whole point, Gaia flows she does not print herself out of a digital printer.

Note: Each time I watch a lecture I go look at the land i am on and it does look like there is a ley line running N/S because there is radiation burn on one bush, the bush is right outside the room my son said he had no peace in, which he moved out of 2 years ago. Walking in a straight line from bush to bedroom we walk past malfunctioning furnace and A/C (both are sitting right on the N/S line) which is in the same area where we had argument about broken dryer, in the same line still, is the malfunctioning garbage disposal (torsion field) and that continues to breaker box with one breaker that often trips...again walking in a straight line from the garbage disposal to the end of the next room is where he strangled me in 2012 without any explanation then or since, the straight line north then goes to the breaker box and out directly into the location where the snake and wasps were. a stray cat that comes and goes liked the snake spot also. it is amazingly obvious where the water branches when one knows what to look for. i wonder if anybody has written a book about malfunctioning machines and arguments that seem unrelated but inexplicable? why did we argue about a dryer? silly things in retrospect but at the time seemed important? because we were standing on the line? In addition to about eight events* on the same line since 2012, the previous owners slept in the same room I sleep in, presumably together in a bed that was a few feet from where I have mine now. They ended up getting a divorce. Elsewhere (http://stopthecrime.net/docs/SILENT.pdf for instance) we see some indications that groups like Bilderberg not only suppress this kind of knowledge but have actual stated policies of destroying families. My take on what happened here is that the marriage was literally shaken apart by the combination of "social engineering" (see the document entitled "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" in the link provided) and ignorance about where to sleep. Their bed was on a crossed line. The turbulence directly effected them physically when they were most intimate. It makes sense now. I came here in 2011 the house was sad, empty, dirty, ashy but mostly it was defeated. It's taken at least four years for me to "shine my little light" on all the cobwebs, I keep finding new spiders.

My theory is that when the amount of radiation is increased (hot day let's say) the flow of the underground water speeds up, hot+fast increases the geopathic effect. it's like driving into an electric fence, the water makes an electrical field, anything that crosses increases incoherence. Another metaphor is hot/cold fronts, currents in the ocean, when a cold front hits a hot front there is a turbulence created, a torsion field. When we sleep on crossed ley lines, we create that torsion field but it's ripping apart instead of putting together.

Electronic measuring devices are not necessarily better than furniture rearranging or dowsing and some appear to be expensive rip-offs, like the Schumann generators, I provided a free link for a generator, play it on a computer and record the sound then play it for free! If you want to make a Schumann generator, I can provide an electronic diagram and show you where to buy the $30 chip that makes it work. All of them have the SAME chip. Here it is again http://onlinetonegenerator.com/. Set it to 7.83 and keep it on when you are working, but it in a tab and open another tab for your work, I have done this since I first found it, and it works for me.

When I was younger and had disposable income I bought each new invention as it came out beginning at least 30 years ago, I bought a Japanese magnetic mattress with magnets spaced in a lattice and slept on that for years. After that i bought a Jupiter water filter I still have but don't use because the cartridges cost as much as one whole new steam distiller and the steam distiller makes perfect water if i eat something with minerals, I do not need high-tech. One point being you can high-tech yourself into bankruptcy and still be sick and if you take the time to learn the old ways you have a skill for life and to serve others with, in addition to wisdom. going with the flow with nature, it takes going to nature first, if not to the forest then as you say, google "dowser" and your zip code. there is a national association of dowsers in USA. Also buying a gizmo puts the responsibility on the gizmo to tell you what to do, it is continuing an attitude of helplessness instead of empowerment. Helplessness and lack of responsibility seem to go together, and keep people not so much enslaved as infantile. Many adults are big babies waiting for an "adult" in charge to tell them what to think, what to feel, what the new label is. We have to get rid of experts and become our own experts. We have to learn from one another and share the knowledge, wisdom and understanding we get. We have to make our own tools and know how they work.

As for the rest of the advice given, it's important and you left out fluorescent lights which add to the problem, LED is better. A website I have used since 2009 is less emf at http://www.lessemf.com/emf-shie.html. I do not sell anything for anybody. I make art and sometimes sell things I do not use but basically I live on a small stipend. I have found the less-emf stuff to be useful if pricey. The simpler the design the more likely it is to work IMHO. This article might give you an idea of why CFL bulbs are not so good. http://worldtruth.tv/understanding-the-dangers-of-fluorescent-light-bulbs/. LED bulbs cost more but last longer and pay for themselves. I replaced every CFL bulb with an LED bulb four years ago and none have burned out since. The electric bill is also lower with LEDs. There are fixtures of LEDs that can be used for indoor gardening and they work just fine during winter.

Telephones cook brains! When I worked for law firms as a legal assistant, my primary job was transcribing dictation, almost as bad as a cell phone because I had headphones on all the time. This may have caused my severe hearing impairment or not, I can't tell because my son has the same hearing impairment and it's also severe. Neither of us use voicemail. He uses a cell for text. I have not used any type of telephone at all since 2009. I do not miss talking or telephones at all. I had migraines before I stopped using all telephones. My hearing is slightly better now, because I am managing to get through all of your lectures with less rewinding. I am now free of all the symptoms you described except the back pain. I did do other things (raw foods/vegan diet, sungazing/bathing, distill all water, no pharmaceuticals, no doctors, lots of cannabis, constant prayer, yoga stretches) and it has taken awhile. FWIW, I did take off 50 pounds as of today and kept it off no yo yo. I live within my budget, I have not used any credit in about a decade, and have had no debts. I have no affiliations with religion, partisan politics, etc. I live as a hermit for the most part. It's extreme maybe but I am free.

My bed moved is now on a diagonal to the direction of above ground water flows which would be the creek down Farmington Road in East-West direction, this is highway 10 on a map. I put organite pyramids around the house that is helping, I had previously titanium pyramids in my room, those are still there. Another pyramid under the bed helps. If you have seen photos of recording studios, the surface of all the walls and ceilings is covered with foamy material shaped like little cones...similar to some mattresses and packing material. It absorbs and reshapes the source field into a coherent shape. In a recording studio this produces perfect symmetrical echo. In the home it recycles incoherent energy and guides it to greater coherency. The placement of the pyramids is like acupuncture. The substance/material of the pyramid is also important, gold is good but not always available. Various crystals help. Reiki for the house.

The spots described above are all on one line N/S but that is perpendicular to the Creek, which runs E/W. So my theory is anything that crosses that is going to put you half in this world and half in the next re-arranging mass until the mass gives up and dies if it is biological. Arguments are increased incoherence. They were irrational, I did not care about the dryer. Of course I need a dryer in winter. Why did I argue it makes no sense! And a year later the strange violence never repeated and never explained, on the same line.

Blessings from Aloha, Oregon

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