Wisdom Teachings: [#129]  Magnetic Resonance Technology Video
[#129] Magnetic Resonance Technology
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Wisdom Teachings: [#129] Magnetic Resonance Technology (August 2015)

Season 17, Episode 8
Available worldwide

Now that we know about the technology that can detect geopathic zones, we are ready to learn about the technology that can help us to avert their negative effects. A new field of technology has burgeoned into the marketplace offering devices that can generate fields of magnetic resonance that mimic the natural Schumann resonance of Earth. David Wilcock examines various devices that generate magnetic resonance, including the so-called, God Helmet in this presentation originally webcast August 31, 2015.

Image courtesy of M. A. Persinger

David Wilcock


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oneall, posted on August 5, 2016

I checked with the website David mentioned (Pyramid of Life), but they do not offer such a product for sale. I have already constructed a plaster mold from which I hope to cast numbers of cone-shaped Phi pyramids (16" tall -- about garden gnome height) for experimentation. An adult accommodating cone pyramid certainly suggests a teepee structure.

loisclark.now, posted on April 30, 2016

Would those new virtual reality goggles have the same effect ?

pen31, posted on April 9, 2016

So much confusion around Schumann. It is not a single frequency. If you play Schumann as a set frequency you could easily end up causing entrainment. It consists of a whole range of frequencies in nature. How do I know well I am in touch with an Italian scientist who builds antennas for recording them live. And he sent me a recording of what he recorded. 7.83 hz is the theoretical frequency calculated on a blackboard not what is found in mother nature. And no the frequency has not increased to a higher octave for that to happen either the number of lightening strikes would have to increase or the shape of the earth or atmosphere would have to change. As for the Foehn the wind that brings headaches and malaise, this is caused by the ratio of atmospheric ions changing to a higher density of positive ions to negative ions. Humans usually feel much better and energetic when the ratio is higher negative ions to positive ions. David you definitely broaden my mind and you are a highly entertaining speaker but you do need to do a bit more hands on stuff when it comes to discussing this type of technology. We are being short changed here by you simply clocking up google hours as we can all do that. What is lacking is hard core do it yourself teach by experience stuff like the Realverbz on youtube who buys gadgets on the market dissects them and then checks for himself whether they work or not. A little knowledge is dangerous and I can see from reading the comments here that there are a lot of confused people. The experiment carried out in an underground shielded bunker..... I am curious did they also measure co2 levels and negative ion levels throughout. Did they take into account that people get sick when there is no natural daylight? How do I know this well I worked in a basement with no natural light only one day per week and believe me that was more than enough.

vlmanos, posted on March 27, 2016

David what about nature crystals that people use for healing.

austinpryel, posted on December 8, 2015

Stick with the Pyramids and self healing modalities. All is within.

ILikeBlue, posted on October 24, 2015

6:45 David, you need to stop worrying about "taking people's money". I wouldn't care if you received commission. It is a fair exchange of value. All the information he is giving is helping people. Its not like selling people cigarettes, taking their money and giving them cancer in return. Give people value out of respect for them and accept value in exchange in respect for yourself.

thompson.integral, posted on September 18, 2015

I have owned one of the Shakti helmets, which are designed by one of Dr. Persinger's protoges, Todd Murphy. He claims that the Shakti device was designed under Persinger's supervision to produce identical results to the "God Helmet" or Korin Helmet. I've logged many hours with this device. and I can tell you that the supposed "transcendent" experiences reported with this helmet are mostly overrated. I am a long time meditator with experience of samadhi during meditation. And I have never experienced the helmet as even coming close to what I've experienced during samadhi or profound meditation. Most of the people who seem to claim such experiences with the helmet seem to be repeating research they've read rather than actually having those experiences themselves. That is not to say that the helmet does not produce interesting experiences; it certainly does. But to represent it as producing deeply transcendent, God-like experiences seems, in my experience, to be made by individuals who have either not experienced the helmet themselves or have not experienced deep states of meditation on their own.

angelinabutera, posted on September 15, 2015

Ouija4good changed my life! It's like galactic internet. So we tuned into positive, service-to-others beings with equal or greater experience than our own and we asked a whole lot of questions on health. I was debating between the USB stick resonator or the whole house earthsafe one and so we asked the being we where speaking with which of the two was the better one. The being stated the whole house one. When we asked why, the being stated "higher range." The usb stick on has a range of about a foot, and the whole house one plugs into your outlet and feeds the signal to the electrical wiring of your house, so your whole house becomes a resonator. Just bought a couple this morning!

The general message we received from the being was that we needed to spend more time in nature and away from "electricity / computer." The being called this concept "magnetic resonance balancing." So even though these emf resonators are great, nothing beats going out of town and into the woods. =D The being also recommended more nature walks, laughter and joy.

Personally, our session reminded me of the movie Koyaanisqatsi "Life out of balance" and how being in a city disconnects us from mother nature / life energy, and tunes us into artificiality instead. I do look forward to engaging more with nature in our city dwelling and the pyramid stuff David is going to talk about.

p.s. Karen Dahlman's book on Amazon is the best book out there on the Ouija!

abby6, posted on September 14, 2015

I just received today my nubian mould from Hull, UK. I am in the process of making my first golden mean pyramid. I will photograph it and post it on my sites when I am done, should be Tuesday 9/15 sometime. The volume is about the same as the "Giza" pyramids but the shape is different, because it is 72° slope instead of 55°, it looks more like the TransAmerica building in San Francisco than the Giza building. It usually takes me about 24 hours beginning to end for each one including drying and curing time provided I have the materials to put in it (all come by "mail").

So far I have used "lemurian" crystal (China), cobalt blue glass beads with silver centers (Czek), gold leaf, resin, copper wire (USA). I use different materials for the base, organic navy beans or corn actually works well, the grains look like pearls. I can make them with any combinations of beads or materials requested. abby@parentadvocate.org, subject: phi pyramid.

max9, posted on September 12, 2015

I have had earthing sheets on my and my children beds for several years. I believe they are great

echome56, posted on September 11, 2015

Amazing stuff; love all the gadgets! I want a helmet!

LeftField, posted on September 8, 2015

Haven't read the comments below, but wondering if anyone has seen the Earthing doco on YTube? You can buy earthed sheets for your bed and other product. The health of a whole town in Canada improved with this technology, as per doco. Very inexpensive.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 11, 2015

Thanks for your comment! We also have an article about earthing/grounding here:


tommclernon, posted on September 7, 2015

There are other earth place anomalies that are not specifically this, but may have some sort of relationship to this. Where vehicles appear to roll uphill, trees appear to grow at an angle instead of vertical, peoples relative height appears to change when they switch places, such as the Oregon Vortex etc. Is there a relationship or tie-in to these strangeness places?

jannow2711, posted on September 6, 2015

Hi David - When you get your EM meter, and learn how to use it, could you share that with the rest of us? I have looked at it and still don't see how it detects underground water, Hartman Lines and Curry Lines. I know they are related to the to the electrical & magnetic fields, but don't know exactly what I should look for with the meter.

Please do a short bit, on how you have detected these things with the EM meter!! Thanks so much!!

lovingpresence, posted on September 5, 2015

I looked and didn't see blueprints for building a pyramid on the pyramidoflife site. I emailed them and they responded they don't sell blueprints.

whitehawk, posted on September 4, 2015

Very interesting program, thank you. My question is re: the Schumann Resonance changing – there has been so much ballyhoo about the SR dramatically going UP for many years now, and this being evidence of the planetary frequencies rising and it's being tied in with the shift (it's rising because we're shifting upward in frequency). Now in this video we're hearing how important the original specific frequency is, and all this tech to ensure a lock on THAT resonance.

So... HAS the Schumann Resonance changed (increased) or not?
If YES, then IS the increase in SR evidence of the "vibrational up-tick" of the planet or not?
If YES, then I wonder about all this effort to bring it BACK to 7.83 (not sure I'm remembering the exact figure correctly)... I have the image of being "vibrationally lassoo'd" back to the original resonance when the cosmos is trying to shift it to something else... which is confusing.
Maybe David could address this?

sgcorrigan06, posted on September 4, 2015

The reason the Ghost hunters always get led to some creepy old basement with water pipes and decide that is the cause of the 'haunting' issues people are having because their EMF detectors go crazy there is because when there is a not so pleasant energetic generated in an area, even by water pipes, some types of entities can use those to manifest more easily. They often write those areas off as not explained by haunting, but they are incorrect IMHO. There may or may not be beings manifesting through the frequencies from the pipes etc. This is similar to the skeptics David has mentioned suggesting the "God Helmet" proves that the experience of an omnipresent conscious being (however one chooses to view it) is all generated in the mind. If there were one, it would most certainly use the mind, via something which could maybe one day be explained by science to communicate or connect with humans. Just because the helmet is capable of opening things does not mean there is nothing else that can also open those same things.

IMO there are beings… (spiritual) and (others both human, and NON human, using) technology which are capable of causing many anomalies in people's lives and experiences by way of sending signals, frequencies to people's minds. The things David is talking about is no joke. The research carried out by those people he has mentioned is on par in my opinion. Makes a lot of sense. Some of it is really good and some of it is not too helpful to the cause of humans, and we are essentially antennas which can learn to perceive and comprehend these things for what they are if we choose to. We don't need to always rely on technology to tell us, even though at times is is helpful because people are not in the condition to do it naturally doe to the state of things in the works right now. That's just my opinion. And I don't watch much on TV at all, but I love Ancient Aliens. The one thing I notice about the show, however that bothers me sometimes is that it seems to have a transhumanist bent to it. Not everything the show tries to explain by way of technology is the kind of technology they lead one towards. Some of those things are spiritual in nature. But at least they discuss the things I like to listen to! :)

This is a great little series discussing an important topic with good information to work out. Fascinating, Love it! Thanks!

abby6, posted on September 3, 2015

I bought this (Earthcalm Omega USB chip device) url: http://emfnews.com/shop/earthcalm-omega-wifi-wireless-radiation-protection/

in 2009, and plugged it into my RJ45 router port, it protects 5,000 square feet. Using a laptop is a bad idea. Using this in a laptop provides 500 square feet protection only. Put it in the router, it works best in a router, not in a laptop. Putting it in a router gets you ten times the protection for the same price using one small device.

I have been a customer of both Earthcalm and Lessemf for over six years. I have, unlike David, tested many of their products. I did heal myself but it was not easy, fast or "over night."

I also continue to disagree with David about the Schuman resonance, which can be generated with carrier waves for FREE and it is not in any way shape or form dangerous to use free sources, in my personal experience which is far from experiencing harm, I have experienced healing. Less emf has kits you can assemble at home for less than $100. Based on personal experience, a person can overspend thousands of dollars based on fear and ignorance before they have TESTED some of these devices, one or two is sufficient depending on lifestyle. I am almost always at home in one room, so for me, one or two devices are plenty.

I did also move my bed about one month ago which resulted in my sleeping without CPAP and slightly reducing leg cramps and back pain, the latter has been chronic all my life due to scoliosis, a genetic condition my mother also had. The leg cramps were due to crossed ley lines and they did disappear as soon as I moved the bed.

I wanted to share that eBay and Etsy both have what they call a "Nubian" casting mold, to prepare orgonite castings in the golden mean proportions. The mold is designed for resin castings by an artist who makes orgonite pyramids as I do. I bought one for $23. The product description may interest you also that the maker offers to make custom molds upon request:

"These are perfect Phi pyramid moulds based on Nubian pyamids. The slant edge is equal to the base multiplied by Phi (1.618).
So for these moulds the base is 100mm and the slant edge is 161.8mm (100 x 1.618).
If you are looking at one triangle face then the top angle is always 36 degrees and the two bottom angles are 72 degrees." (Steve, who sells Nubian moulds on eBay from Yorkshire, England).

I do not make any financial profit from any of these items, and I do not know the people making them. I offer my pyramids on eBay or Amazon from time to time. So far, I have not sold any. I will offer these Nubian pyramids at low cost as soon as I begin making them, hopefully later this month. I also volunteer to make custom Nubian orgonite pyramids with lemurian crystals and hair from the buyer. Adding a strand of hair personalizes the healing intention to heal that specific individual. I have made three so far with hair, they seem to generate positive energy.

jannow2711, posted on September 6, 2015

I am very interested in these pyramids you will be making, Abby. I would like one to hang over my bed, as that is where I sleep & usually meditate. My address: newlight4477@gmail.com

I was going to buy the Nubian Pyramids made by Patrick Flanagan + Nick Edwards. Then sadly Nick passed away, and the pyramids are no longer being made. They were made of Titanium frames – just the frames. But Dr Flanagan said that the frame is enough, that they don’t have to be solid.
I’d be interested to know what you think of the frame only.

I searched for Nubian Pyramids, there is also with a kit sold out of India with of copper tubing that fits into connecting piece so the tubing is at the right angle. (They also sell just the connectors (made of metal) to put it together and you can provide your own tubing.) But they are fairly ugly, but large enough to meditate in.

But they are not beautiful like the Orgonite ones sold by the fellow in the UK, and I imagine the ones you will make! About the pyramids, how do I go about finding your pyramids on eBay or Amazon?

I looked up the Stetzerizer filters and they look like extremely useful. I’ll be getting some of those, and partly because the position of my head when sleeping is @ 3ft from the Electrical panel for the whole house. If I move to the other side of the bed I can feel that I am not in a good spot, there is some geomagnetic line running under it. Plus, the other side of the bed is where my cats like to be, so I'm sure some line runs underneath it.

THANKS so much for all your great information!! Iona

fabricioamador, posted on September 6, 2015

ABBY6, let me know when you have those orgonite pyramids made by yourself: fabricioamador@hotmail.com

abby6, posted on September 7, 2015

I do have a bunch of titanium frame pyramids. Oy. I did get them all from him. So just because you might be paranoid does not mean you're not targeted. I think I met him in person in Venice Beach then found him online then bought them last year. I did not have instant lucid dreams, however they are so much a part of me now that if the one over my desk pops open I can feel it before I can see where it is popping. I sent him a bunch of emails asking him why they won't stay assembled. Actually only one pops a lot. He did not know why. He had not had that experience. It spins and moves even if I am not touching it and all I can say is it is filtering something out that otherwise would be in my body.

I have one over my desk, one over my bed and three in the bathroom between where my breaker box is and where I am. The Western neighbor's "smart meters" are also a few feet from my writing desk. Another neighbor measured radiation using one of these meters and found the PG&E meters give off "a lot" of radiation. So does the wifi box, I found (unless it is shielded with blocking textile, Swiss Shield or Silver plate) and/or there is a crystal or a pyramid next to it to re-route the cloud of radiation that comes off of it. I have an omega chip in the router. I do not need wifi anymore, I could hard-wire it. Evidently satellite dishes are a little less dangerous, the service is also much slower (but cheaper). Less EMF was the website I learned the most from in 2009. Robert Becker I believe is quoted from EarthCalm. The explanation on the site David showed you is also not bad they all more or less say the same things explained by Kozyrev and later Haramein.

Stephen Chapman of Yorkshire England (per email just received, how's that for synchronicity) apparently sent me a hand made Nubian pyramid mold on September 2. If I do not need to go to the post office to sign for it, I should have it shortly, Royal Mail takes 10 days to Oregon USA.

I do not recommend HANGING it over your bed. It's heavy, it will fall on you and the corners will be SHARP. Put it UNDER your bed.

Now about this electrical box, that's why you're not balanced. You've got to shield either your head or the box. LessEmf has what looks like a wire mesh box you can try to affix that to the wall around the electrical box perhaps to shield it, or buy a few feet of Swiss Shield cloth and put tacks into the wall around it or tape it over the box with duct tape essentially you want to cover it and insulate it. I would put the pyramid next to the box. I discovered my neighbor (she who used many in-home services until recently) has two of those smart meters right next to her house. The meters are also right next to my "office" however the house walls are aluminum so in a way mobile homes do help shield. It's the same idea, I don't trust those things, so I would put some orgonite right next to the meter or as close as I can get to it. There was a guy in Southern California that was also doing that with cell towers...he made some "hockey puck" sized orgonite and drove around to all the towers in his county and placed orgonite under the towers. After a while the tower owners started preventing him, apparently it jams the signal or slows it down somehow. I have not found that to be true at all at home, the signal is strong and unaffected by any attempt to redistribute the unused part of it.

If you cannot shield that box shield your head, get a hat from less emf. The ones I make for myself are balacava hats, like Russian women wore, sometimes people mistake them for Muslim scarfs, it is shorter and covers the head and neck only.

I don't have cats anymore just the dog he will sleep in the bed but seems to prefer the area closest to the nearby giant maple...which is deep underground water. I moved my bed so it is diagonal to the wall but on a map it would be closer to parallel with the flow of water.

Since 2011, I live at the bottom of Cooper Mountain which is about 500' and we are at 200' or so. The top of the mountain is SW of me, so the water is flowing from SW to NE down to the Columbia river and the map has other names for it. Willamette, perhaps. Creek something maybe. In any event sleeping in opposition or perpendicular to that flow line is like swimming against the tide. The cat likes it the human can't tolerate it. I would suggest even moving but before moving house move your sleeping body to any other room where you can put down a futon and try it for a night or two, cat probably will follow you.

I am wondering a bit about Oregon mountain lions and underground streams...I hope some day still to move to my own land. Perhaps the lions live in the areas with the greatest underground water flow...one could eventually draw a map which would indicate where one would drill for water and also where to avoid lions.

I saw the connector thinggies for making a Nubian meditation tent and did not buy them because I could not easily get the right diameter copper pipe for it. I did make a big pyramid from broom sticks. I put it in the garden. Strangely, the three plants in there are not blooming the rest are. This could be a good thing, the flowers on the other plants are small and 2 months early. Only the 3 plants inside the pyramid are behaving "normally." I also have some garlic and onions near the pyramid that are growing very large (many long green leafs..."chives"). It is not practical to ship the ready made large ones, I found one guy that is doing it, he uses wood dowels as David suggests, all wood or all metal. Perhaps all fiberglass, the Russian ones are fiberglass.

But we've got two projects here, art which is what I make and living structures. From googling meditation pyramid I ended up with Yurt, geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller, and modern dome makers. There is a guy in Alaska with a company that makes fiberglass domes but the domes come from Georgia. $12,500 for a geometric dome home. Tee Pees are still made in Montana commercially.

So my long term project is to get myself at least 1/4 acre of land and a structure that is itself balanced not a square box.

Meantime, I hope to make more pyramids soon! Pick out your stones.

Blessings from Aloha.

abby6, posted on September 7, 2015

Sure thing. The mold is on the way, not here yet, it's coming from Yorkshire, UK, a hand made mold. I've made six "Giza" pyramids, they are 55° slope and six inches tall. So perhaps this is part of my mission to quietly make them as Phi orgonite pyramids because as far as I can tell only one or two other people are doing that because they do not know why Phi is important or where to get the mold. It is funny even as I type this I can see David's face looking directly in the camera saying seventy two degrees! I think you all can make it with sheet metal pruning shears and a protractor but I get people don't have protractors or time so I would love to make them for you and bless them and put them on eBay or Amazon but better yet to sell them to individuals for a small fee and avoid the marketing costs. It did take some practice and does take some time/investment. Thanks very much for asking for them. I'll put photos on Aloha Alchemy on Pinterest and email phi@parentadvocate.org Fee Phi Foe Fum...

Blessings from Aloha!

sgcorrigan06, posted on September 4, 2015

Thank you for sharing your experience for people to consider too! :) The more input on the topic, the more people can learn about! I just think from what David is saying he does not want to recommend certain things because he has not personally experienced it for himself yet. I think it is good that he says as much. There is a lot of debate online about it so I can see why he would be careful about recommending without doing the testing you have done. I'd rather have him do that than read and recommend like a lot of people do without being sure.

I have been getting the leg cramps and cramps in my feet which is really strange for me, (a new thing) Magnesium oil topically helps tons, I love the stuff, but I will be moving my bed to hopefully remove this and some other not so pleasant effects I have been experiencing which I had thought were caused by something else.. which they may have been caused by that something else, by way of sleeping in a place not so conducive to good health. I have experienced a lot of the things on the list David presented, ever since I have slept where I am sleeping, until tomorrow… Diet and all of the other things don't ever seem to completely alleviate it for long.

I am curious, do you think the Orgone generating devices are as powerful as the techie kind of devices? Orgone is all around, but sometimes it is not the good version of it and yes, people can manipulate it naturally themselves too, but in some situations it seems best to have something to switch up the energy as a standing permanent fixture because there is just too much going on in a location for one person to continue to deal with righting. I hope that made sense.

abby6, posted on September 4, 2015

Yes, if it is placed near the crossed ley lines. I have about 7 large orgonite pyramids, around the crosses that I sense with my body and by watching animals, I did not buy the high t$ch device (not expensive for David but expensive for me) but that is because I spent a few thousand dollars in 2009 on very similar devices, like the Omega USB chip by Earthcalm, which sold out. I've used that for six years with a standard computer wifi router. I have had Stetzerizers plugged into every outlet, I immediately felt a difference with that but not with the USB chip, that does not mean it does not work. I have a silver plated Faraday cage around my bed, when part of it wore out I replaced that with Swiss Shield. I don't use TV, phones, radios, preserved food, and I do not eat animals. I distill all water in a glass steam distiller. I am extreme but I am healthy and I finally sleep well without CPAP. I do not use any medical services, no dental services, no pharmaceuticals. I do not worry about it. Worry causes disease. I use various kinds of sound for healing and I rarely listen to music that has words, rarely listen to popular music. I have never been interested in popular culture unless there is something good about the art produced by it, so I would see that after it's not popular usually. For instance, I was 11 when I first saw the Beatles, all I saw was screaming girls and "I love you yeah yeah yeah..." But now I see "Imagine." It's perspective.

So the pyramid shape and phi ratio David mentioned is important. What you eat/drink is important. What you think is important. How much you sleep, the quality of it. There is no magic one gizmo fix and if David implies there is, he's speaking prematurely, he needs to try it first and the picture is more complex than what he is presenting. However, moving the bed three feet did help dramatically.

One note here perhaps is that expectations play a big role in what happens. We write scripts and some of those are written for us, by corporations, like medical service providers, insurance companies, real estate companies. Corporations that want profits and which do not care about people's lives. I do not buy what I do not want. I do not allow others to direct me or influence me. I always, always get my money's worth no matter what. I always tell the whole truth and I do not allow others to lie to me or about me and get away with it. I think David is the same but I am 17 years or so older than David, that makes a difference.

fridley, posted on September 3, 2015

I have had this device for many years on my bed. Originally this company was created by Paul Becker son of Robert Becker. https://earthpulse.net/ it is $599, when I got mine (the older version) it was around $400 and I had a $50 off. They do have a generous period to return the product. It has different settings for the magnets and the controller sets the program.

Their website used to be a crazy mess. It is much better now https://earthpulse.net/. There is days worth of reading on the science. There used to be ton of stuff on how it effects your mitochondria, so I imagine that is still in the somewhere. Even if this is cost prohibitive for you, I recommend the PEMF science page.

Then I found this site that has EMF protective clothing including coverage for pregnant women. http://www.lessemf.com/personal.html#268

Satsy, posted on September 2, 2015

If you have a king sized bed you could just roll over to the other side. Maybe that would work.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 1, 2015

Could playing hemisync/bineral beats of 7.83 Hz. over pc speakers do the job for the yang, while playing the other, lower beats per second that has the USB port do for the yin? {Using your words}. Ear buds for the lower frequency while still hearing the 7.83 beyond that..... would this work? Thanks for any who have any idea. x

PS: About pyramids, I have lots of cut crystal pyramids, some metal moulds about five inches high, would these work rather than building a scale size pyramid? I'm guessing that you mean building one about 2~3 feet high, you never said how big to make them. ~~Thanks to any who help ahead of time!

abby6, posted on September 3, 2015

See my post. eBay has a Nubian mould made by a fellow in UK and it is to phi scale.

"These are perfect Phi pyramid moulds based on Nubian pyamids. The slant edge is equal to the base multiplied by Phi (1.618).
So for these moulds the base is 100mm and the slant edge is 161.8mm (100 x 1.618).
If you are looking at one triangle face then the top angle is always 36 degrees and the two bottom angles are 72 degrees."

I think the binaural 0.5/7.83 will work fine see also "Sofleggio" and "Triad" I can't use earphones or earbuds due to extreme sound hypersensitivity. I have used these types of music for years to calm and heal myself and I am now convinced I would be much worse off had I not. I even used it when I was still working as a legal assistant...when I was using headphones, I would transcribe my tapes then put in the healing music...until after nearly three decades of that I could no longer tolerate anything on or near my ear because it causes physical pain. Talking often causes the same physical pain, so I avoid it.

zekewheelie, posted on September 1, 2015

Being a lot of quotes from Edgar Cayce I was wondering if you've read this and could explain some of it David as Mr Neely seems to have something. Quite a heavy read. Thanks David

tanglewist, posted on September 1, 2015

If geopathic zones are so bad why did they build the pyramids and every other sacred site right on these? Why is that the caves you go into to active your higher self resonates at 112 hrzs? How is it that a higher vibration causes cancer? I've really enjoyed this series but somethings not adding up here.

georgic, posted on September 1, 2015

The remedy Phosphorus and Acidum Phosphoricum both have the symptoms picture of a person who has issues of headache and body aches and energy loss from storm fronts. After the rain or the storm begins their issues of pain are lessened, but these people may very well need Phosphorus in some manner that is more energetic then substantive to balance their systems. whether this device does this for them during the issue is one thing. To re calibrate your own system homeopathy is a better way to change your life and your health rather then worrying about the over uses of the device and that frequency in my world anyway.

cedguru, posted on September 1, 2015

I want a god helmet and I want one now! Seriously, this is all some of the best info I've ever heard. Please read JasonJDuke posted just below this post.

jasonjduke, posted on September 1, 2015

Tapping the Source Field with technology built on the blueprints of the universe. In ancient times nothing was built without full knowledge of the Earth, the atmosphere and the cosmos. Pyramids are truly the coolest and most powerful technology in the universe. Is it no wonder that there are on a few planets in the solar system that have these massive structures built upon them - Earth, Mars and Pluto!
The God Helmet - a fun toy compared to the power of the mind. But proof of the capacity of the brain.
If we remember that that mind is not located within the brain, we realize that the God helmet is merely tuning the mind's receiver.
Such a toy can teach to tune. Tune in and gain control of your dormant potential.
Could I not create a torsion field, with a directed emotional charge, directed at any place in my own mind? With a thought I could open my third eye. Just make sure your environment has non-toxic resonance.
Imagine if we, as a society, were taught to tune into bliss all day and night. We'd all be truly high on life!
Are you an addict?

larspanky, posted on September 1, 2015

I have been watching transcranial magnetic stimulation technology for a few years now and this is the best summary I have ever seen on the subject. The 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance on top of being essential to our own harmony seems to be a carrier signal that can be modulated. Allowing for access to collective consciousness information. I think this will lead to accessing the library that is available in the collective and be able to "download" new skills that were not previously known. (Awakening forgotten skills might be a better way of thinking about it). This weeks cosmic disclosure on the pineal gland closely ties into this as well. Great Work!

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 1, 2015

I live on a little barrier island, Dauphin island, so small that I can see Mobile Bay white~capping by out the kitchen window, like looking out from a ship, & on the other side, the Gulf of Mex. I've never felt any problems at all, very much the oposite. I always wake up refreshed & full of energy. I'm a morning person, but I feel good all day as well. I wouldn't want to leave for any reason. ~~My neighbors are all outgoing, happy people. So, not so sure about the "Don't live near moving water" thing, in my experience.

I think you're brilliant, but something about this doesn't feel right. I hope this somehow helps, even if it's not flush with what you're saying. ~~Love, & keep up the good work. Also, if anyone knows where to get diagrams of the helmets, please leave message! I've been lucid dreaming for about 7 ~ 8 years, & want to see how this impacts those dreams. Thanks.

Satsy, posted on September 3, 2015

I think he is talking about UNDERGROUND moving water (streams) . Listen to the episode before this one on geopathic zones. I've always felt good in Hawaii especially when I was at the beach in the water. Sounds like you live in a great place.

sgcorrigan06, posted on September 4, 2015

Being someone who is experiencing the type of energetic situation in which David is referring to where I am located right now, it is definitely different then being near the ocean.

You would think that being near so much fresh water sources which are naturally occurring would be nothing but a good thing! But I have become convinced over the past few months that the issues taking place in this location are creating an energetic vortex of sorts that I have narrowed down to a specific part of the land, in which something about the energetics is reversed or something from what it ought to be. That in combination with electrical wires for a neighborhood conjoining over part of the (what must be) the grids David refers to and also being near a cell tower is making for an interesting experience. The part which actually seems worse is where I would suspect the water crosses a grid which seems to be hospitable to one of the largest anthills I have ever seen. I actually have been putting these things together into my own hypotheses of sorts trying to find a solution over the past month or so, and then I came back on Gaiam TV after having been offline for a while, and here is David talking about it all!!! Wow, right!? Anyway My two cents says you are right, the charge of the underground water is different, maybe being freshwater vs salt is an additional differentiating factor. Hadn't even thought about that.

To also add to the discussion board, I would suggest that people should be capable at some point in the future (some are now) of detecting these things and addressing them without the need of technology to do it for them if they desire to develop in that manner. I like technology, (a lot) but I believe if we rely on it too much for too long, we could loose our imagination of, thus desire to, develop these dormant capabilities within ourselves. But for the time being, with the world being as it is and people's health being effected by all of the disrupting forces/energies etc… I think it is great to have the extra help and reassurance/confirmation from the devices people have made so long as they work.

There is a PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency) device that has been patented, known and used within 'elite' circles (Olympic Athletes, and other expensive sporting events) for a long time which in the patent information explains that it has the capability of regrowing bone, even stronger than where the break occurred,

(*I just want to add that people can give thanks to all of the blessed horses that were atrociously abused by humans for the results of these studies* because the testing was a tremendous example of some humans disregard for nature and animals according to the materials I read. I can think of some people that it would have perhaps been better to test it on...)

...and when adjusted to different frequencies for different ailments was able to cure other dis-ease as well. Some penetrate more deeply into the body, and some are akin to lying on the ground for a while, which is supposed to also be healing but not with as much strength. The results show a definite difference in circulation and health of the blood in the test results I was able to find. But the machines are only made by a couple of companies, I think in Israel, and are super expensive. The people using them seem to get angry when the 'lesser' people get their hands on them from what I have seen which is not right. But I would say this confirms also what David is saying that 'they' don't want the rest of the people knowing about this information.

Some of this I know because I have seen it first hand. I was shocked to see what these things have been shown to do and that they kept it hidden… although knowing what we know, I suppose I should not have been. You hear about it, but then when you see it for yourself you realize just how messed up some of the people here on the planet really are. This stuff, if people learn enough about it could really make a huge difference in the world for everyone, including the planet. I am just trying to work out what is the best way to address these issues with location because I have to. I'm not sure what building a plastic pyramid would do… lol. Maybe. I think I will look into the things David has mentioned here and see what might help. I need something strong and I need to figure it out so it's better not worse.

lynn19, posted on October 7, 2015

One such instrument with 5 patented signal sequences is manufactured in Leichtenstein by BEMER AG. It is marketed in 40 countries through independent business partners specifically to increase oxygen uptake into the cells. The original research was done by dr Med. Rainer Klopp in Berlin at the Institute of Microcirculation; consistent 30% improvement in mitochondrial efficiency shown - better by half than other units tested. The electro-magnetically generated signals from this device never exceed Earth's, so it is safe for all humans, animals and plants. State supported senior facilities in Germany are equipped with these units and athletes utilize them for both warm-up and recovery after competition. What body condition is not improved by 30% increased oxygenation? Especially considering the capillary system provides fully three-quarters of body blood supply - veins/arteries are the other quarter which the sequences do not effect. The potential of this process-based non-invasive maintenance tool is vast. It's a hefty health investment for home or business, but considering the cost of the pain and suffering it treats, BEMER Physical Vascular device is cheap at twice the price. http://www.bemer-partner.com/bemerGroup/aromavital/welcome/

gellis616, posted on August 31, 2015

Unable to watch the whole video..... "unable to continue at this time" ?????? Are you being monitored?

scottecrabtree, posted on August 31, 2015

I want a helmet!!

ZackLMiles, posted on August 31, 2015

Thank you so much David for all you do. I'm all ears here! Maybe someday you or somebody can make a video on the 7.83 hz frequency and set up the gadgets on film and everything. You know... kind of a how to video that is more specific in detail. I trust all you are teaching but sometimes it all just goes over my head. But not complaining or anything. In fact there may be a youtube video out there similar to what I'm describing already for all I know and I just need to look around a little further. YOUR THE MAN DAVE! Hehehehe Thanks again.

lovesongxx, posted on August 31, 2015

Hippocampus - "Camping hippos"? I just love you David!

lotusdore, posted on August 31, 2015

Thank you David, very interesting subjects like always.
As far as Pyramids are concerned, The first book I read it was "The Secret Power of Pyramids" by Bill Schul and Ed Pettit.
Pyramid is composed of two Greek words, Pyr = Fire and Amide =seat. Seat of fire, When I was living in Lebanon we had our own wooden pyramid, we could sit in a chair very comfortably and meditate. Personally I had great mystical experiences in our pyramid, I consider the heart of the pyramid as the seat of the Sacred Heart.
One very important note, never use a pyramid in a place where there are people living on the top floor. Pyramids absorb the energy downwards and it is accumulated at the level which is related to the king's chamber.
The prayer that my heart was longing to recite is "Glory to the Lord in the highest and peace on earth..... it last one minutes, I have recited this prays more than thousand time, I wish to everybody to receive the initiation I received from the Divine Heart.

heartinmotion888, posted on August 31, 2015

David, we often use brass...as it is non magnetic...sometimes the cure for it is to put a wall of brass to cure the problems with electromagnetic lines interfereing with your space...then there are two types of personalities...that are east people and then there are west people...magnetic lines and energy what is good for east people are opposite for what is west people...it all depends on what they call the four pillars of one's birth ...the day, time, year and month all contribute to the body's type..along with the five elements of each person...this is specific to each person ... SLIM SPURLING did an extensive research on blocking geopathic lines ...especailly good to know where there were once a lot of accidents on the road...or sleeping on the lines itself...WE also put brass coins under the bed as one of the cures...I sometimes recommend people not to use steel coil bed matresses as that alters how the energy flows through the body with those coils in the box matresses..etc.. THEN if they are not able to make an elimination of the matress..then I suggest..using aluminum sheets under the matress to block the electromagnetic lines....OFTEN TOXIC chemical stored on the electromagnetic lines coming to your house may be the same line that is a couple of blocks away that is radionically transmitting the toxic chemical someone may be storing chemicals in their garage...and just so happen to cross your body...that is where the degeneration of cells begin....at that point..maybe it is just the foot......lol...or maybe it is just the abdomen, or neck area...all depends on the lines crossing one's body....SINCE I am a WEST PERSON..for my personal direction..NORTHWEST direction is best for me to sleep in as it represents where good health comes from...or in my astrological birth chart..where my SUN and MOON is now crossing JAPAN or KOREA , or LAS VEGAS..that is where I may relocate to have a healthy body..and healthy life...also where JUPITER is located...that is most fortunate and beneficial place to have good fortune ...depends on each person's personal cartograaphy astrological location...this really has to be considered also....JUST AS THE EARTH also is a macrocosm of our human body...there are the locations of the five elements in her body also...good and not so good...whcih fengshui CURES are really helpful in balancing those places of imbalance...using the five priniciples of the five elements....fire,earth, wood, metal, water...to amplify its energy or reduce its affect...yin and yang principles applied....

ZackLMiles, posted on August 31, 2015

Love the brass coins cure. I've heard of that before and was wondering why people would do that. Thanks for your input. Does it matter how many coins you put under the bed. Is one enough or what your suggestion?

bvb10, posted on August 31, 2015

Sounds like the new technology will be amazing :)

kragusin, posted on August 31, 2015

Check out David Sereda - he is an amazing mystic brilliant scientist, he has the beautiful tools to change frequencies coming into our homes. DavidSereda.Net, It would be great to see David as a guest on David's show his research is cutting edge and also what he has discovered the Pyramids really were beyond anything I have seen yet. Check out Patrick Flanagan as well at phi sciences., he is thought to be the reincarnation of Tesla - he famously wrote Pyramid power and had a friend who made pyramids to sleep under

iyann, posted on August 31, 2015

Yes, very interesting guy Patrick Flanagan... To say the least!
He is selling pyramids. Those are titanium, which he claims makes the best meditation pyramids in the world...
I haven't found anything else about titanium, but this is where the testing equipment which David talks about should come into play.
With proper measuring equipments, it would be great to test various materials... PVC, titanium, aluminum, copper, etc.

beaum07, posted on August 31, 2015

I love when I get homework. Lots of research points in this one, see you next week.

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