Wisdom Teachings: [#130] Continuing Buildup to Disclosure Video
[#130] Continuing Buildup to Disclosure

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Wisdom Teachings: [#130] Continuing Buildup to Disclosure (September 2015)

Season 18, Episode 1
Available worldwide

David Wilcock enumerates several examples, straight from the headlines, that expose the events which are a part of the continuing buildup to full disclosure. As the cabal continues their prerequisite warnings to initiate actions which will result in mass causalities, all of their attempts to do so are successfully thwarted. Little by little, the disclosure that the cabal struggles to contain slips right through their waning grip. This production was originally webcast September 7, 2015.

David Wilcock


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otherwise3, posted on June 22, 2016

He and his satellite tv were all over the NASA feeds. He would tell me of the most odd things he would see late at night.

privateidaho49, posted on November 10, 2015

I love what you are revealing, David, but Putin is former KGB.

joshua.teders, posted on December 27, 2015

I find Putin a very confusing Character. He is disclosing some of the darkest aspects of the cabal and yet former captain Mark Richards says that he is not as great a person as he makes himself out to be. Wilcock/Cayce predict that he will help bring about Some very necessary changes we need to see in this world and yet he supports Donald trump whom Cpt. Randy Cramer says is not a great candidate but however. is not actually being controlled by the Cabal. Donald himself is confusing to me because even though he is supposedly not being controlled by the cabal he sounds very reminiscent of Hitler...

annie99, posted on January 2, 2016

maybe putin plays a role like Gollum did in the Lord of the Rings?

Bombing Syrian communities as he claims he's targeting ISIS doesn't sound like a person working towards peace ....

nautic.oom, posted on October 28, 2015

I'm glad David is finally off the subject of geopathic zones. I think 10 episodes was unnecessary.... I love ya David, but you repeat so much :/
Anyway, this season looks far more interesting.

oracle-eyes, posted on October 28, 2015

Thankyou for doing what you do David Wilcock. Fuk the critics.

zentzel, posted on October 5, 2015

When is your movie, "Conversion" coming out? Would like heads up so we can watch it.

Trudy-Alan, posted on September 18, 2015

My Catholic church is impressing me with its astute entry into current reality of disclosures:

"The Pope praises the work of the Vatican Observatory"

"Vatican City, 18 September 2015 (VIS) – The Vatican Observatory is holding an international symposium to celebrate the eightieth anniversary of its transfer to Castel Gandolfo at the behest of Pope Pius XI, who decided upon the move since the lights of the city of Rome made it impossible for astronomers to study the less bright stars. The observatory is one of the oldest in the world, established in the second half of the sixteenth century when Gregory XIII erected in the Vatican the Tower of the Winds and invited the the Jesuits, astronomers and mathematicians of the Roman College to prepare the reform of the calendar promulgated in 1582.

Today the Pope received in audience the participants in this meeting, affirming that “the universe is more than a scientific problem to be solved: it is a joyful mystery that we contemplate with wonder and praise”. He added, “St. Ignatius of Loyola understood this language well. He himself said that his greatest consolation was to look at the sky and the stars, as when he did so he felt a great desire to serve the Lord”.

Francis recalled that throughout the years the astronomers of the Observatory have undertaken paths of research, creative paths following in the wake of the astronomers and Jesuits of the Roman College, from Fr. Christoph Clavius (celebrated for his contribution to the creation of the Gregorian calendar) to Fr. Angelo Secchi (pioneer of astronomical spectroscopy), by way of Fr. Matteo Ricci and many others.

“On this anniversary, I wish to recall Benedict XVI's address to the Fathers of the last General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, in which he remarked that the Church urgently needed consecrated persons to dedicate their lives to the frontier between faith and human knowledge, between faith and modern science. … In the context of interreligious dialogue, more urgent today than ever before, scientific research into the universe can offer a unique perspective, shared by believers and non-believers alike, to help achieve a better religious understanding of creation. In this respect the Schools of Astrophysics that the Observatory has organised in the last thirty years represent a valuable opportunity for young astronomers throughout the world to engage in dialogue and to collaborate in the search for truth”.

Francis also mentioned that during the symposium the members of the Observatory discussed the importance of communicating that the Church and her pastors embrace, encourage and promote genuine science. “It is very important that you share the gift of your scientific knowledge of the universe with the people, freely giving what you have freely received”, he said.

“In the spirit of gratitude to the Lord for the witness of science and faith that the members of the Observatory have given in these decades, I encourage you to continue on your path … with those who share the enthusiasm and effort of the exploration of the universe”, he concluded."

I do believe that more substantiating observations are going to come from this Vatican.

quantumjohn, posted on September 15, 2015

I was only given love and compassion for others to help you to do defeating stuff to help you . James Rothechild ( Fix the spelling ) believes he looks like Jesus , and he is interested in my soul . With about 440 billion , he is crying for help to know better because he must know that money will not buy truth . Everyone around him will only tell him what he wants to hear . A lot of YES people with their thoughts on the money . Customer is always right ? David , have some compassion for the rich, for they do not know what they do . Cheney was told that his titanium heart is eternal . Money gives them everything they want to hear . Truth is not as attractive . I believe that all is inclusive for the " Law of One " . Right or wrong , we all have different perspectives that are unique .

holly.webb, posted on September 15, 2015

This is the information people NEED to hear to start turning the cogs is their consciousness. The more people hear about this stuff they will start to see the TRUTH. I have told some close friends and family about the information I have been gathering from David & Dr Steven Greer who i believe to be two people on the right path aiming for FULL disclosure and are making things happen in a positive way. Some people I have told really do LIVE the system so much that I have been targeted with some negitivity but most people ARE willing to listen and learn. Even on a small scale. Please keep the good work flowing.

mateocruz7, posted on September 13, 2015

This is exactly what I've asked for in the comments in the brief time that I've been here. Very well presented and professional. I'm glad that David listens to his dreams, as well as his comments.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 14, 2015

We appreciate all the comments on this video! Thank you for letting us know that you found this episode well presented.


mmgoss, posted on September 13, 2015

I would like David to respond to Dumitru, please.

debohara, posted on September 13, 2015

All I can is "Thank you David" I cant imagine how it must be to have so much information coming at you from so many levels and dimentions. Please take care of yourself. You are a precious resource for us making this transition, and I hope you are getting the protection ou need. Much much LOVE!

kiki030793, posted on September 13, 2015

have you seen mr.robot??? now that reveals a lot as well

dumitru, posted on September 13, 2015

First of all, NASA did NOT announce that it has a fusion engine. It announced that it is working on one that may be ready in 10 years. Look it up.
As for Hollywood movies being proof that there is an alliance that is going to save us, I can't believe he even said that. Anyone who knows anything about the Illuminati knows they have owned Hollywood since it's inception. The very name "Hollywood" is part of their "magical symbolism". Look it up. The Cabal can easily spend hundreds of millions of $ on movies (that they make back in profit) to make you think that a savior is coming, so just "sit back and watch" (ie: don't bother fighting for your freedom) while they complete the techno-prison of total domination.
Seeing a UFO from the space station is not proof the "Alliance" is going to save us. What would really be proof is seeing TPP defeated, seeing Obamacare revoked, seeing the Fed and the IRS getting shut down, seeing the CIA funding for ISIS cut off, seeing Obama impeached, seeing the Clintons, Eric Holder, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove et al in jail, and seeing a Constitutional amendment passed that makes it clear that corporations are not people, have no rights, and that money is not speech. That would be a start.

jugatsu, posted on September 17, 2015

Excellent comment. It was refreshing reading a comment of thought rather than pure gushing hero worship and pedestal-mounting inanities.

I'd add to your list the revocation of nearly all (I haven't read them all, so I can't say "all") of Obama's Executive Orders (dictatorial decrees), and a re-institution of the McCarthy commie-hunt, but this time in all of America, with incarceration or deportation this time. Communists hiding under re-defined words such as "Progressive" and "Liberal" allow them to influence minds to bring about the destruction of all that was good in America and to infuse our society with a moral decay that I am reticent to believe we can ever recover from. Most people who define themselves as Progressive or Liberal don't have a clue they're actually Communist/Fascist sympathizers and actual Party Members; Marx, Stalin, Lenin et al are laughing in Hell at the gullibility of a soft-minded weak-willed West.

Oh, and a return of the true power and rights to the citizens, leaving the State (federal and individual state governments) mostly impotent except in international affairs.

The TSA and Homeland Security also need to be de-funded and dismantled.

And end our support of the genocidal Israel.

I mostly enjoy David's shows, but realize I must do my own research as he's completely wrong on so many counts. Though I can't abide the Cosmic Disclosure show (which should listed under a new category of Sci-Fi, or Pure Fiction, or even the Philip K. Dick Half Hour). It constantly amazes the amount of B.S. people will swallow whole, and then I cringe when I think of each one of those gullible people regurgitating it to their peers.

nytwysh, posted on September 12, 2015

David, please, do not apologize because there are some that are not appreciative of all your heard work! None of us are perfect. We all could do better to hear the message than seek to criticize. You sir, are doing Cosmically Divine work and we could not be more grateful to your dedication and love! Bright blessings!

mckem56, posted on September 12, 2015

Energyflux2012, posted on September 11, 2015

Excellent job you have done, David. You have complied so much information from so many different sources. The only thing I'd disagree with is now's not the time to just sit back and watch. We can and are participating in how this all unfolds as our thoughts influence world events drastically.

mcbarber, posted on September 11, 2015

When was this episode filmed?

The info review you're presenting here is fascinating corroboration for the case you're making, however, it's from nearly a year ago -- Oct 2014. It would be great to also have some current background info too.

Also, some of your broadcast colleagues are currently (Sep 2015) amping up the discussion about Planet X; do you have any current info about this? Is it for real, and how should people prepare? Since Corey Goode was out in space, what does he have to say about this?

Many thanks for sharing your research.

zentzel, posted on September 11, 2015

Yes, I agree. David, can you tie in current events into the next episode? Beyond Belief just had an interesting discussion also regarding the planets, (Preparing For The Return of Planet X, with George Noory and Marshall Masters), etc. What's going on with that? It would be interesting to hear what you have to say about this. Your shows are great, excited to see the next episode as well.

jodychurch2013, posted on September 10, 2015

I can hardly wait until next week to see the next episode.

qualteam, posted on September 10, 2015

This was the news behind the news. Love it. Looking forward to the disclosure of those running "The Cabal" and what they're doing behind the scenes.

echome56, posted on September 10, 2015

Love this mini-series! The info is a-friggin-amazing!! Soooo, looking forward to next weeks episode. Stay safe David and don't listen to any of the haters!

plee37, posted on September 9, 2015

Perhaps I've missed it but I don't recall when David or others expect Disclosure to take place.

conservitusprime, posted on September 9, 2015

If Putin is the JFK of our time.... we're all dead.

mara217, posted on September 9, 2015

Having a weekly update like this is a great idea. I love the way David puts it all together. I don't mind hearing some news over again. Some things are very much worth repeating. It's important that we all stay abreast of what's happening!
In gratitude for all of David's work.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 10, 2015

We're glad to hear you're enjoying the series! Watch for the next episode next Monday.


bcgirl121, posted on September 9, 2015

Great show, looking forward to the continuing of this information. I just want to say that I really do appreciate receiving this information, thanks David!!

phillehmkuhldos, posted on September 8, 2015

dear david/gaiam,

my family is constantly talking about geo eng. & chemtrails, and the effects on the enviroment..... my sister and her husband really believe it's killing trees from the outside in. they literally think a mass die off of trees will occur in 5 years time what reassuring info can you send our way????

9one9, posted on September 12, 2015

The cabal wants you to live in fear and feel powerless to change things. That protects them to continue with the status quo. Take heart because the greater good can be seen all around you every day in your daily experiences with family, friends, or helpful people in your community. But because the evil currently resides in the few but most powerful among us like the government, regulating agencies, banks, media ... it appears that the whole world is evil and crumbling. It's not. The proof you are seeking that good will triumph over evil is also all around you in the vast amount of people who are waking up now and seeing the government, corporations, pharmaceutical industry, etc. for what they really are. There was a time when people would see David as a complete crackpot and few would listen to him and fewer still believe him. Look at his popularity now as the masses awaken to the greed and manipulation of those trying to squeeze every penny out of them without any thought to their health or well-being before they die. Times they are a changing!

Now is the perfect time to stop only "thinking" the world better, "feeling" and "believing" things better ... and start "making" the world better through physical "action". If you and your family don't like the idea of chemtrails, then please do something about it. Talk to others. Join a group. Write a petition, call or email your representatives to look into them, start or join a social media campaign ... Esoteric spiritually-minded gentle people often think beautiful things, but then forget to act on them. I also think people do not act to change what makes them feel fearful or angry, because they don't believe they have the power to change it - when the exact opposite is true. (Think ripple in an ocean.)

The cabal acts constantly. The masses do not. This is the "sleeping giant" the cabal fears most. For as soon as the giant awakens to their greed and manipulation, only this giant has the power to stop them, and will eventually do so, as it has done so many times before throughout our history. So many of us look to the skies for angels or aliens to save us, when we should be looking down at our own hands, because we have the power to save ourselves.

Here's what I do when something angers or scares me: First recognize the problem. Then identify who and what is causing it. Finally take action to peacefully correct it. If you don't feel comfortable acting alone, then join others who are already tackling the issue that bothers you most, or find others like your family and friends to help you change it.

The truth is you are the answer to solving any problem you identify or witness.

pakiwright, posted on September 8, 2015

. . . even though some parts of the episodes seem redundant, my brain can't absorb/remember things the first time around, David reveals so much you need an encyclopedic memory -- so keep up the great work!

Maidenhair, posted on September 8, 2015

Complete David you once again have out did your self you have brought to our table exactly what we have assumed to be
after all this entire Cabal popularity with Government issues as in taking Full Control one would have to be insane not to know that a entire population was and have been used as army ants for eons to assist in their nasty putting it mildly genocides of Planet Earth and controlling the very livelihood of individuals for profit..looking forward to more of Wisdom Teachings next week..Thanks David
Even the SSP as Corey bringing exactly what is intertwining with all these Disclosures

suppqueen, posted on September 8, 2015

Can't wait for next week's episode!


christianbjorn.rehnstrom, posted on September 8, 2015

did you delete the post where I questioned the teaching that we need suffering and evil to progress spiritually? Cobra from the blog "Cobra 2012" that this is not true and that evil/suffering was an anomaly and accident that ut was never supposed to be a part of our experices.

No, we don't need suffering and it has no purpose. I don't care who's saying it.

Satsy, posted on September 9, 2015

I am delighted to see that someone here listens to Cobra!

divinasion, posted on September 10, 2015

I have been following both COBRA and David for the last couple of years.. COBRA more than David ;-) They are both on the cutting edge and their intel. compliments each other's...
...now time for me to watch this video!!

AspenM@Gaia, posted on September 8, 2015

Hi There!

Nothing was deleted - your comment is there under a different video: http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/potential-human-consciousness - comment-453521

Thank you!

capsnowgoose, posted on September 7, 2015

Six months ago I did not believe that this would ever happen in my lifetime and I doubted we could ever defeat the PTWTB. These last 2 months have really opened my eyes with Disclosure and Cosmic Disclosure. Those such as myself really are grateful to be getting this information. David, do not let all the negative comments and attacks get to you, you know that the resistance to this will not lessen as you are really challenging most of those persons world view. What an exciting time for me to actually see this taking place! Thank You, David and Corey

cleacock, posted on September 7, 2015

Hi David,
The material is so compelling and is changing the world. It certainly is changing me! I have known you for many, many ; ) years. You never disappoint!

GEDEON20121, posted on September 7, 2015

barbarahall69, posted on September 7, 2015

Absolutely chilling!

jldy, posted on September 7, 2015

WHEN will this become public discussion? Children are dieing ,families being destroyed, homes become non existent yet the truth is supposed to happen soon? Isnt it already to late? Our world is in crisis NOW and their are aliens waiting with their advanced civilization to help! The story is almost becomeing a joke as we wait for it to climax. People are dying horrible deaths ,forced from their homes by maniacs and ignored by so called civil countries ! If these aliens are truly waiting to help ............well stop waiting the human race is desprite . NOW is the time to step in and help those in need and bring the truth out! Not by half hour sound bites on an internet show!!

theisenc, posted on September 7, 2015

People forget the sphere beings have already stopped world war 3 from breaking out many times and even though people are still dying right now and need help they are doing more than you think with their aversion of world war three and their illumination of the financial corruption with also working to get that into the light. They can't just come in and do everything otherwise our souls wouldn't grow but believe me they've already helped save this world in countless ways as of late and this world is going to be in a much different place in the next 6 months with these disclosures and humanity waking up and finally begin to come together. Keep being a light and speaking/spreading love to others to speed up this ascension . It's time. -Chris Theisen

roxannebohnow, posted on September 7, 2015

With the changes that are taking place as far as disclosure goes I don't think we would be getting anywhere without people like David and Cory and Benjamin. Even now something is happening that has never happened before to me. I went to the pharmacy twice in the past two weeks and low and behold my meds cost me nothing. You have to understand that just one of my meds costs over $1,000.00 and it only lasts for 4 weeks. So what ever it is that is happening, I like it. I would like to see more of the same for everyone, not just me. I glad I get to see this world as it begins to heal. What a blessing.

MonaK, posted on September 7, 2015

I'm fairly new on here. Is a comet suppose to hit earth in mid to late September? Is there something to worry about or is that fabricated to scare us or are the star people going to divert this. I don't know who else to ask that I trust.

gnomecrusher, posted on September 7, 2015

Most likely something to do with the Hadron Collider. The biggest story yet and David's given it a miss.

That.. and then this is a pretty good summary of events, minus the capabilities of the collider included: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHwd8HZKf4I

swirwin6, posted on September 7, 2015

David, I thought the same thing when I seen Lockheeds promo youtube on this item back early this year. It was too polished. This was working somewhere else, this was no prototype. At least that was the impression it left me with. Now we know that somewhere else is the secret space program. Interesting!!

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