Wisdom Teachings: [#132] Cabal vs. Alliance: A Tale Told in Cinema Part 2 Video
[#132] Cabal vs. Alliance: A Tale Told in Cinema Part 2
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Wisdom Teachings: [#132] Cabal vs. Alliance: A Tale Told in Cinema Part 2 (September 2015)

Season 18, Episode 3
Available worldwide

David Wilcock highlights subtle details, we may have missed, in popular movies which depict the plans of the cabal and the resistance fighters. We have all heard the many warnings of impending nuclear disasters set to annihilate vast populations of the Earth. Strikingly, these threats have never come to the light of day. Could the rumors of UFOs deactivating nuclear warheads be true? And what of the secret messages really hidden in the Da Vinci Code and other such “fictional” works? This production was originally webcast September 21, 2015.

David Wilcock


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jaydugg, posted on May 17, 2016


startyourproduction, posted on October 13, 2015

But there's far too many holes to connect or confirm anything. The earth can handle the population. Fresh water far outweighs what we consume. Movies have been depicting what David says for decades. They can easily use phony symbology to make the movie seem important. I do as an amateur filmmaker. Why doesn't the entire world do what China did to keep the population down? Considering earth is mostly water, and humans use less than 10% of land available, there's no chance population is an issue. If aliens can move things with their minds, I say let's welcome them, because that's the coolest thing in the world "Phil the Alien". Or perhaps this 'war' against aliens is the real green screen for people who know that Earth wars are manipulated and orchestrated... I love you David, but just like news, I find this more entertaining than informative.

ILikeBlue, posted on October 5, 2015

25% of 1b is 250m lol

ca_gal67, posted on October 2, 2015

When David was talking about Captain America and showed the aircraft it had 88 emblazoned on the side. 88 is linked to HH, since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. Thus 88 would be symbolic in the movie for "Hail Hydra" or similarly Heil (sp.?) Hitler in our world.

Very interesting episode. Thanks David.

markdesign14, posted on February 22, 2016

Haven't seen this episode yet. But I think 88 is really two torus'. If you cross them at their centers they become black holes with infinite creative energy. In short its a "double torsion field". I could be wrong though.

shirinmoosavi, posted on October 1, 2015

Don't you think the movie makers read the same books and stories about the Cabal and see peoples interest in it and then they make the movies to make lots of money?

davidpgil, posted on September 29, 2015

I do believe that according to many references on the internet, that Stan Lee does not own the rights to these movies. From what Ive seen It's not very clear that he gains financially or has any control over the movies.

chantspire, posted on September 29, 2015

Isn't is interesting that the new operating systems (OSs) work on individual bio-prints to operate easily and connect to absolutely everything--face recognition, finger-prints, retinal scan? As well the criminal media is repeating, ad nauseam, that passwords are not cool, not secure and should be dumped in favor of bio-prints. I agree that passwords are like currency--made to be counterfeited. However, it's not a big leap to know that once your bio-print is in the cloud, you are completely, assuredly the property of whomever has access to the information. Talk about identity theft!

Oblivion is the best Cruz movie. I'm not a Cruz fan myself, but the imagery is haunting and beautiful. The story is fabulous. When Jack-49 finally wakes up and knows what he has to do it's cheer-worthy. Go Jack. And F-U Sally!

krischuck, posted on September 28, 2015

I get it David, thank you!

AtmaD, posted on September 28, 2015

Love what you are doing!!! This is so important for all of us to know. Thank you

KareIAM, posted on September 29, 2015

I am grateful for your extensive work and want to thank you for taking us all along for the ride. This episode was powerful and illuminating; however, I must challenge one section. I have drawn a very different conclusion from the plot and symbology of The DaVinci Code. I have always felt that the movie was geared toward soft disclosure and exposing the ruse put forth by the Vatican. Mary Magdelene has been defamed for years. This movie shines Light on the church's atrocities against women and its manipulation of history. The book/movie, and its prequel Angels and Demons, expose the Illuminati, church corruption, and plant the seed that all is not as we have been told. By honoring Mary Magdelene in the closing sequence at the Louvre's pyramid, we celebrate the Divine Feminine and the new era of Truth that is being revealed. As we blend the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – the ascending and descending pyramids – we are reborn. It is the balance of these energies that ushers in the new age of enlightenment. In this moment of reverence, we celebrate the reemergence of the Divine Feminine, and the reunification of its energies with the Divine Masculine . . . as they were always intended. It is the beginning of our homecoming. It is the celebration of the wholeness that this planet and its inhabitants so richly deserve.

thirdrockwalk, posted on September 28, 2015

I wonder if that is what they want to practice in the Olympic Peninsula?

thirdrockwalk, posted on September 28, 2015

Love this ! Thank you!

claudiabaciuemanuela, posted on September 26, 2015

hi David, what do say about JUPITER ASCENDING?

chantspire, posted on September 29, 2015

Poorly executed story. It doesn't lead the viewer very well. One is left trying to figure out this thing or that about the connections among the families, etc. It was pretty. However, the whole royal bloodline thing having a divine/natural place in nature (as noted by the swarming bees) to which everyone should bow was somewhat insulting. It feeds the idea that the so-called elite have put forth for infinity that royalty and divinity are one and the same. The story agrees and says nature agrees. I don't.

capsnowgoose, posted on September 25, 2015

So let me see if I understand this. The Cabal the all powerful and dark side of the force and the Emperor who rules over them has all the power of the earth, they have powerful plasma weapons that could melt down the twin towers, they have the orbiting satellites and spacecraft (the Dark Star) than can pinpoint and individually kill 6 billion people with laser-like precision and they control all of earth airspace, and yet a small band of earth warriors, aka the Alliance is going to defeat them? And Yet the Blue Avians are not here to save us, the negative ETs are at loggerheads with the positive ETs. I find this just so incredible to believe. The rising frequencies are going to change things; are the dark negative forces just going to dissolve and disappear? I am hearing the ETs are not going to intervene. Another thing that really irks me about this whole earth drama is that the Godhead is male, the Archangels are all male, the Ascended Masters are all male, the fallen angels were all male and came here to precreate with earth women, the Nefilim were all Males of great power, and our present earth drama and religions are all male dominated and controlled. This does not give me much hope for the future as to what to expect for someone like me who does not identify with all this Super Male Cosmos.

9one9, posted on September 24, 2015

So ... I get this weird letter from anonymous but famous inviting me to join a cabal lol! They promise unlimited access to powerful people to increase your own power and wealth in any market. No cost or requirements because they've been watching you for some time and want what you naturally have to offer. Do-do do-do, do-do do-do, (that's the Twilight Zone music!) Anyone else getting these? They must have plucked my info from Gaiam or Facebook. I ignored it and would never join a group unless it was dedicated to global peace, health and well-being - and even then I would feel suspect of their motives. Anyone else in the Gaiam community getting these letters in the snail mail? The watching you part and being on a short-list is sooooo creepy but possible. I think of this every time I publicly campaign to label GMOs, investigate chemtrails, support Bernie Sanders, etc. , but can't stop speaking out. The louder we get the more they have to listen and adjust (give us a little more of what we're asking for) in order to keep the sleeping giant happily asleep. :)

BTW David I wish you would reference the historical books: Holy Blood Holy Grail from which the Brown books so heavily borrowed. They are much more factual than the Brown books and movies, but we're lazy creatures and like to have it spoon fed to us in a less truthful way, than actually read what the historical record shows.

david7, posted on October 22, 2015

Sounds like a badge of honor. Definitely doing something right. Lol!

Also agree about Holy Blood Holy Grail. Dan Brown pilfered the key points from this (and then managed to screw them up). I think he might have even paid a settlement over this.

one_who_has_seen, posted on September 25, 2015

I'm sure this envelope was striped red and blue...contained a few pages from "The League" with one for you to check mark a box and mail/fax back in complete with a self addressed enveloped to a Po box somewhere in Texas...Lol... yea I've only known of one person personally besides me who has received this...Honestly to me it means I'm on the right track...to keep on going... ignore the mail. Peace On!

9one9, posted on September 30, 2015

That's it :) Are they pulling our info from Gaiam, or social media gmo-labeling campaigns and petitions to stop fracking etc.? I felt it came from an older generation as it said in five pages what could have been said in one page and arrived in the snail mail. I'm gonna send mine to David and ask for his comments on it in case others in the Gaiam community start getting them. Peace back!

nextbest.scene, posted on September 24, 2015

He makes ya think, he makes ya smile.
top work David.

eagleeye313, posted on September 24, 2015

I doubt we can shoot the tail off a cow from space.

marysevdw, posted on September 29, 2015

with an eagle eye you can shoot off a tale from a cow!

ominecariver, posted on September 23, 2015

I was shocked when I watched World War Z with Brad Pitt as the main protagonist. I've been wary of Pitt and his wife ever since I learned Angelia Jolie was a member of the CFR. World War Z opens up with Pitt's character and his family driving along when a virus suddenly turns normal people into zombies. To make a long story short, the US military is portrayed as the heroes/rescuers because they fly in with gunship helicopters and mow people down by the thousands. Eventually the savior of humanity is a vaccine! Too weird. Is this the Cabal readying us for something big, depopulation perhaps?

david7, posted on October 22, 2015

I'll bet they are. I've been leary of Angelia Jolie ever since she cut her breasts off because she has a breast cancer gene, which is not so uncommon. But forcing it to express is rare. Less than 10% of breast cancer is linked to our genes. See couldn't have been ignorant of this. There has been an increase in women mutilating themselves ever since. I'll definitely check out this association you mentioned she has with the CFR. Not familiar with it. Interesting.

georgic, posted on September 23, 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMCll7dulqk&feature=youtu.be German scientist and journalist Harald Kautz Vella talks about nanobots and how the military is learning about chemtrails (their word) to direct signal onto the humans and activate prions that will cause a distress, and controlling the civil population or destroying them. ...sub-dimensional spiders and bot insects and nano crystals that causes Morgellon's Disease.

bennymac360, posted on September 23, 2015

Firstly I am an Astrophysicist, one that is not confined tightly in the box regardless of what my community say!

During the NATO Summit last year in Wales, where I live, I was looking up at the night sky having a general browse as I usually do (by eye). There was nothing strange in the sky, it was a clear night. Suddenly something caught my eye and the reason it did was because it was a lot darker than the sky. Basically what I saw was a rectangular object, if you held your hand in front of you at arms length this was the size of the "silhouette", again it caught my eye because it was black black, it emitted no light; where as the night sky has some apparent brightness. It also moved from in view to out of view (right to left) within 5 seconds and moved along its shorted axis as if it was sweeping. Something that caused a silhouette this large and moved very quick was either low down and the size of a commercial plane moving quickly, or even bigger, at a higher altitude and moving very very fast. There was no sound either emitted from the craft. To me I feel it was roughly the size of a football/soccer pitch but maybe bigger. The important things to remember is that is was large, fast and no sound. I am very sensible and have good common sense so trust me when I say this was not normal.
Now on each corner of this craft was a red light, something like an infrared red light this was not visible until I was able to focus on what I was looking at, It was the darkness that caught me attention. So it gets stranger!!! I called my brother in the last seconds to come and look, but he was not quick enough. I then started explaining what I saw and showing him the movement etc. Two minutes later when we are both there looking at the sky I spotted something else. Again I spotted it because it was so black. This time it was a lot smaller and shaped like a crescent moon, it also had "infrared" lights on it but on two and they were positioned in the curve of the crescent. The movement of this defies our understanding or flight capability, It was moving erratically in a general direction but almost shaking left to right and curving in its movement. To me it felt like a "scout" ship serving some purpose for the much larger craft I explained.

I know what I saw It was very clear as I have tried to explain, and like I said I have a degree in Astrophysics so clearly understand the concepts I have explained. Before I thought it was an ET UFO, but I am more inclined now to say it was part of the NATO's secret technology doing some sort of scan of the surrounding area.

David I hope you get to read this..... I have tried contacting you a few ways but never seem to succeed. It is important I can explain some very profound things to you. For example recently I experienced what I thought was a Kundalini awakening (maybe that is what it's called), but after watching the episode about the "God Helmet" the different things you describe that is experienced by directing the B-field in different areas all happened to me at once. My father was dowsing with a pendulum at the time which I am sure produced a magnetic anomaly.

David Wilcock please contact me personally so I can tell you more, I am sure Gaiam will provide you with my email address :)

9one9, posted on September 24, 2015

I saw the same thing flying south along the coast in the USA. Didn't report it because I thought it was one of ours. Saw a program about them on Hanger 1 a year later (internet search the TV show) - which says they are very commonly seen now and they are ours.

fatchick007, posted on September 22, 2015

Just watched oblivion - beautiful movie as you said. I noticed that when numbers were shown, they equaled 4. Two examples are the number on jack's jacket 49 and the number of his ship 661. And a quick search on the significance of for leads you to the days God created the universe also it refers to the four elements and the four seasons in addition to inner wisdom and manifesting and organizing . Also, maybe I'm stretching things but the way they had 49 depicted reminded me of the symbol in the middle of the rainbow mandala you showed us to meditate on and say ah.

pakiwright, posted on September 22, 2015

i've always seen mass market movies and paperbacks as disclosures, but thanx so much for all the details -- but/and what about Kingsman? lots of gorey details about the effects and controls of smartphones, seems relevant!

Awolikesguitars, posted on September 22, 2015

What is the point in someone, or a group of people waiting to expose or disclose information? Why would one want to wait for anything if you already have the ability to do what needs to be done?

jodychurch2013, posted on September 22, 2015

So VERY interesting and informative. And, yes, this is SOOO VERY confusing to me, too. Like the old saying, "down is up and up is down". But we are all starting to find out that this is the way that the cabal, illuminati, bad guys, whatever you want to call them, has wanted us to believe for so very, very long: Years/eons. Even though, this is all so confusing, I feel grateful to be finally finding this out now so that I can be "aware". I also choose to believe that with aid of the alliance, in conjuncture with our galactic brothers and sisters and, mostly, with the blessings of our Creator, that the LIGHT will be and, IS God victorious. We, just have to keep thinking and believing that "satin's" or, whatever you choose to call all the years/eons of evil, ruling over us, is over. I, personally, would like to thank everyone in the alliance for all that they are doing.
Blessings to all and
Victory to the LIGHT
As a saying goes, "Thoughts become things: Choose the good ones."

Lmf22, posted on September 22, 2015

Hi I love your saying never heard it before h :)

maia, posted on September 22, 2015

A lot of information and to me confusing. I allways thought mary magdalen was not a bad person, now all of a sudden she shoud be linked with illuminati?? Now comes the sentence 'don't know what to belive anymore' for me handy! I wonder if the cabal plays a big game of confusion and sets more false tracks to mess up disclosure? I would like to get more reasons why mm should be the root of the bad guys... I think of all those books from cannelers about her... i don't know. Maybe david is too fast for me, or what if he wan't to have proof, and is therefore too fast? Besides all that: what really stars to concern me is how big and influencial google and consorts have become!!! all that controlling and monopol can't be safe and secure. Should we not be concerned about that too?? is there a good alternative to it? I ask gaiam and everyone.

david7, posted on September 22, 2015

Nowhere in the gospels is there any reference to the woman brought before Jesus of Nazareth accused of adultery as being Mary Magdalene. For some weird reason this falsehood has been perpetuated throughout the ages and may have come from the Roman Catholic Church in its attempt to discredit her. Mary Magdalene was the first person Jesus appeared to after his resurrection. Apparently Peter had a hard time with this.

simonandjo, posted on September 22, 2015

I wonder if any of those awakening souls out there following this unfolding of truth is familiar with the band Muse. I was instantly drawn to them from the first time I heard them in 2006 and it wasn't until years later that I truly began my journey of awakening. Once I had begun this journey I suddenly could understand what Muse were singing about and without a doubt I believe that they are providing another avenue of disclosure through their music. I don't know where their "intel" or inspiration comes from but it absolutely blew me away that my favorite band was singing about this stuff. This realization made me love them even more.

ca_gal67, posted on October 3, 2015

Yes!!! After listening to their latest record, I felt compelled to re-listen to the other CDs that I have listened to over and over. I felt a real connection to the music/lyrics of MUSE. I was thinking I needed to write a post mentioning this connection and then your comment mentions it.

The car I have now shows a display with the information on the CD while it's in the player and I had to guffaw out loud when I saw some of the song titles on The Resistance CD- let alone the lyrics which I always loved. Songs "United States of Eurasia" (like a New World Order about constant war), "MK Ultra", "Exogenesis", and "Exogenensis (Cross-Pollination)". Then the most famous song from the record is Uprising. I used to cheer it from a 1% or Occupy Wall Street angle due to the Fat Cats line, now I see there is so much more to it!

Lyrics from azlyrics.com

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that we will never see the truth around
(so come on)

Another promise, another seed
Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
(so come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
(so come on)

Interchanging mind control
Come, let the revolution take its toll
If you could flick the switch and open your third eye
You'd see that we should never be afraid to die
(so come on)

Rise up and take the power back
It's time the fat cats had a heart attack
You know that their time's coming to an end
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
(so come on)

Then they have an album entitled 2nd Law and one song is Unsustainable (talking about Energy). The song Explorers sounds sorrowful and wanting to free our trapped spirits from Earth and return to Source. With new eyes it seems to be about the Cabal.


Once I hoped
To seek the new and unknown
This planet's overrun
There's nothing left for you or for me
Don't give in, we can
Walk through the fields
And feeling nature's glow
But all the land is owned
There's none left for you or for me

Who will win?
'Cause I concede

Free me
Free me
Free me from this world
I don't belong here
It was a mistake imprisoning my soul
Can you free me
Free me from this world

A world lush in bloom
With rivers running wild
They'll be re-routed South
With none left for you or for me
Don't give in
Hear the engines roar
And save our crops from drought
But when the black gold's in doubt
There's none left for you or for me

Fuse helium-3
Our last hope

And their new album Drones has a snippet from JFK and even some of the lyrics from their song "Mercy":

Mercy, mercy
Show me mercy
From the powers that be
Show me mercy
Can someone rescue me

Absent gods and silent tyranny
We're going under hypnotised
By another puppeteer
And tell me why the men in cloaks
Always have to bring me down
Running from the ghosts and shadows
The world just disavows

There is also the song "Defector"
You think you're strong and you can't be broken
But your empire is dissolving
You thought, you thought I was weak
But you got it wrong
Look into my eyes
I'm a defector

Yeah, I'm free
From your inciting
You can't brainwash me
You've got a problem
Yeah I'm free
From society
You can't control me
I'm a defector

Your blood is blue and your mind is turned green
And your belly is all yellow
You believe your throne is too high to be overthrown
We'll watch it get razed
By a defector

Even back in 2006 the Black Holes and Revelations album has a song entitled Exo-Politics!

Open the skies over me
I am waiting patiently
I'll wait for a sign

As conspiracies unwind
Will you slam shut
Or free your mind
Or stay hypnotized

When the Zetas fill the skies
Will our leaders tell us why
Fully loaded satellites
Will conquer nothing but our minds

I am waited patiently
I'll wait for the sign

Carried through the centuries
Secrets locked up
And loaded on my back
And it weighs me down

When the Zetas fill the skies
It's just our leaders in disguise
Fully loaded satellites
Will conquer nothing but our minds

I am waiting patiently
And I'll wait for the sign, yeah
And I'm waiting patiently
And I'll wait for the sign


brianferguson, posted on September 22, 2015

Great one bro.

uniqeluv26, posted on September 22, 2015

Thank you David soo much for opening up my eyes wider and wider you are the truth the human race needs I send you LOVE SAFETY AND JOY!!!!

pipatel, posted on September 22, 2015

This is getting so exciting! I am so excited and they don't come anymore exciting than David Wilcock. Battle star Galactica and the Planet of the Apes, then the buildup that we have all been waiting for to the Mass disclosures about to come up. How much more fun and exciting can it get? I also recommend that if you all want to get the most of the action of like the 188 or 190 nation BRIC alliance or international Alliance getting ready to defeat the Cabal and the worldwide events taking down this Cabal is heating up right now. Come and join Cosmic voice with 7,325 members on Facebook and growing. This is the most popular facebook freedom group and come tune into Drake's Wednesday show every Wednesday evening at 8:00pm eastern standard time! I also invite David Wilcock! And, if you want to talk about jaw dropping then listen to the 3 hours of disclosures that is most current and up to date info! Also, check out www.nationallibertyalliance.com, and you will read about and participate in every Monday night conference calls and what is being done to win back the courts and the justice system from the Cabal, and where we are entering a period now where Common Law and we will have the peoples grand jury, take the laws out of the hand of the judges and the Bar attorneys! So, come and be a part and join and Keep up the Excellent work!

mateocruz7, posted on September 21, 2015

Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow are two of my favorite movies. I still have an Oblivion poster hanging up, highly recommended.

mclippert, posted on September 21, 2015

It's so obvious what they're doing in movies, several months ago I posted on Facebook what Ceasar said humans don't easily forget or forgive. Anyways, you always saying we don't remember past lives? Speak for yourself I'm starting to remember, it started in 2009 and now I remember dozens or more and living on other planets too. I clearly remember San Francisco before WWII , Japan and even Egypt over 4000 years ago. I've been around along time. David, maybe you'll think this is interesting I worked in Banff and use visit Moraine Lake and Lake Minnewanka, you know these! Don't you? Another thing, I'm starting to burn out lightbulbs, computers and other electronic equipment if I touch them, I'm also beginning to see future events that will happen in other places. I'm super charged! I knew of the nuke disarmament years ago but nobody believed me, maybe now they will? I also saw the future doesn't look good for the Cabal.

Thank you keep up good work

maia, posted on September 22, 2015

Very interesting, how do you do it? maybe you could help me to sort out my future? and what has to be done to clean up all taht mess.

nart.chejoka, posted on September 21, 2015

Hot Damn that was cool!

Thank you, keep em coming baby

elizabeth.wolf7, posted on September 21, 2015

Fabulous episodes. I rented Captain America after Part I and was completely blown away. Not only was Project Insight preparing to kill tens of thousands of people, they were targeting individuals based on their politics. The message being, if you're awake Project Insight will rub you out.

David, I hope you'll mention the TV series "Extant" in your mini-series on disclosure. It, too, is mindblowing. It has it all -- an AI army (the "Humanichs"), hybrids assimilating into human society, and a human secret government being outwitted by an overarching AI "brain." Very high production values, totally astonishing disclosure. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer. I think it's on ABC on Sunday night. I watch it through Amazon Instant Video.

robtoemik, posted on September 21, 2015

So, here it is.
I've got this gig-saw puzzle that I've been working on since before I realized it was a gig-saw puzzle. I found enough to put together a few clouds... A little meadow with an occasional cow or two. A barn, and a few horses. All of these separate clumps.
I was able to find more stuff and more clumps but never really able to connect them satisfactorily. I've known for a long time that they are all connected but never able to fit them into something that was pleasing to the mind... until now!
It's kind of like the primer they were searching for in the movie 'Contact'! It needed to be 'taken out of the box' (so to speak) to add some dimension.
Thank You for giving it life!
I knew that our society has been 'upside down' and 'backwards' ever since I was a little kid. None of it made much sense but I knew that was all headed for a happy ending! And we're just about there!
I've been getting more and more of it but what you and Corey have been revealing of late, has helped me realize the nightmare is turning a beautiful dream!
Enormous THANKS!

bevbrodsky, posted on September 21, 2015

David: You are revealing so much that that we villagers are going to have to take the pitchforks into the castles and demand retribution. No, I want to have my rainbow body so I cannot be attached to the outcome, but the human side of me wants some punishment to happen. The first step in creating a new life or a new world is education, and you are doing a fantastic job of that! Thank you for all your hard work.

brianferguson, posted on September 21, 2015

Tomorrowland depicts the cabal using the co-creative power of humanity against them.

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