Wisdom Teachings: [#133] Cabal Propaganda Matrix Collapsing Video
[#133] Cabal Propaganda Matrix Collapsing
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Wisdom Teachings: [#133] Cabal Propaganda Matrix Collapsing (September 2015)

Season 18, Episode 4
Available worldwide

David Wilcock begins to collapse the cabal’s propaganda matrix by revealing the secrets behind some of our most beloved blockbuster movies. Some of the biggest secrets on how the cabal perceives us and the world we live in are paraded right before us. Embedded within the imagery of blockbuster movies, such as Captain America and Planet of the Apes are snippets right out of the minds of the cabal’s most creative leaders. This production was originally webcast September 28, 2015.

David Wilcock


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otherwise3, posted on June 22, 2016

looks like a cacao fruit. Just like the fruit that chocolate comes from. So weird.

scottdthiesen, posted on May 22, 2016

250 000 years ago is when the first humans were able to reproduce?!?!?!?!?!?! is David back on grass? how could any living being be alive without being able to reproduce, am I the only one who doesn't blindly believe everything david says here?

jaydugg, posted on May 17, 2016


sligotoo, posted on January 29, 2016

Loving it. I'm not the only "stranger, in a strange land" outstanding.

redeye_38, posted on January 22, 2016

So IF there is an "Alliance" why do they not come forward to the public en-masse and end the lies and the Cabal in one foul swoop hmm? The public at large have been ready since Dr Greer's Disclosure back in 2001, here we are 15 years later with NOTHING OFFICIAL AT ALL! Just researchers "reading between the lines" of commercial media and global events. This garbage excuse that they need permission is sooo paper thin and old hat, oh wait there not allowed to because the alien council won't let them? which IMPLIES THAT THIS "COUNCIL" is happy for us to go on killing one another day after day in our perpetual state of global warfare and are ok that this continues whilst they get there act together? I will say it again, even Dr Greer states disclosure will NEVER EVER come from any government and that we need to do it for ourselves. So why the hell is the alliance still messing about with the powers that be, instead of coming forward to the people who would happily flock to there banner in droves. The destabilization to society argument is null and void, because the chaos we live in is large and real and now. Something is seriously wrong here and my alarm bells are ringing wildly and yours should be to.

dan87, posted on November 1, 2015

I have always thought that there is a difference between Lucifer and Satan, and it was Satan that was in the garden, not Lucifer. Is there any validity to this? Or is Satan the same being as Lucifer, but just different in that he was on Earth, instead of being an extra-terrestrial, OUTSIDE, the Earth? Thanks for any feedback!

9one9, posted on December 8, 2015

From a quantum perspective all beings are made up of atoms which are made up of smaller particles called photons which are made up of waves which are made up of energy (overly simplified I know), so I believe Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, Set, Azazel, Iblis, Shaytan, Hades, Yama, Nergal, Abaddon, Leviathan ... whatever you wish to call the "evil one who opposes the good of God" is actually the anthropomorphism of the potential for human evil (or the patsy of human evil); while our famous human prophets and angelic beings are the anthropomorphism of the potential for human good (but we don't usually blame them for the good we do in the same way we blame the devil for the bad we do). I think it is completely reasonable for humans to create characters to blame their evil thoughts and actions on, but as we come to understand spirit and matter better, it will one day be seen as fearful naivete - like when humans burned other humans for saying the world was round. Scientific knowledge is a good thing shining light on dark fearful imaginings that become obsolete when we understand how things out of our immediate control work. <3 science + religion = more sensible faith.

dan87, posted on December 9, 2015

Thank you for your insightful comments! I agree with everything you said, but I definitely think that whatever we think, literally can be true in a parallel reality of the infinite. So while things can be anthropomorphic representations of good and evil, in a parallel reality, would you not agree that indeed there could be some being that is literally evil incarnate, or pure love incarnate? Thanks again!

DNprana, posted on November 12, 2015

You are right. Lucifer is not Satan. But to understand the difference you have to research further back than the origins of Judaism and Christianity. Zoroaster was the highest initiate in ancient Persia who taught that Ahura Mazdao - the benevolent Spirit of the Sun - was opposed by the dark Lord of the Earth, Ahriman (see the Zend Avesta). This Ahriman and the spirits like him were responsible for the physicalization of the material universe. They are the spiritual impulse behind physical science, materialism, technology, Social Darwinism, sclerotic diseases and cancers.

In the Egyptian Temple, the name "Set" or "Seth" was applied to the being named Ahriman and was much later referred to during the Babylonian ascendancy as "ha Setan" which means "the Tempter." The Hebrews exiled in Babylon derived their knowledge of these things from their co-existence with the Egyptians and from their training under the high initiate Moses whose esoteric knowledge also derived from Egyptian Temple science. This derivation survived in Judaeo-Christian theology and was translated as "Satan."

During what is known as the intertestamental period - between the recording of the Torah and the writing of the New Testament - the revelation of the "war in the heavens" appeared describing the fall of a being named Lucifer ("Bringer of Light") who was said to be the greatest and most powerful being created, second only to the Supreme Being. The nature of Lucifer and the spirits like him is in many ways the polar opposite of the Ahrimanic: where the Ahrimanic spirits drive us towards the denial of anything spiritual or transcendental and towards increasing identification with purely physical realities, the Luciferic have nothing but contempt for the mundane and material world, and to them the human condition is a tragic aberration in which pure spirits are incarcerated in mortal flesh. Whereas a person under the Ahrimanic influence will tend towards immersion in technology and materialistic pursuits, the person under a Luciferic influence will tend to exalt the spiritual and intellectual above everything worldly. Both are extremes to be avoided. The Ahrimanic ultimately leads to the war of all against all, and the Luciferic leads to the denial of the value of human incarnation, to isolation, insanity, extreme pridefulness, and suicide.

When exoteric religion loses its connection to its esoteric roots, confusion is sown. The conflation of Lucifer and Ahriman - both labelled as "Satan" or "the Devil" is an example of such a mistake.

9one9, posted on December 8, 2015

Great look at Zoroastrianism and the devil, but it only goes back to the 6th century BC as a pre-Islamic religion founded in Persia (Iran) that survives in pockets today. You would probably love reading where the Zoroastrians borrowed many of their religious beliefs from. Read up on the creation myth, devil, flood, savior, resurrection etc. in the Sumerian Tablets from southern Mesopotamia (Iraq) during the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze ages. Although the earliest writing on the tablets date back to 2500 BC, historians say Sumer was settled between 5500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people who spoke the Sumerian language and presented the world with the earliest writing (to date). All of the religions that followed later (from Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu) borrow heavily from the religious stories and characters on these tablets. There is, as yet, no written record of from whom and where the Sumerians borrowed them. Even though the site at Gobekli Tepe (in Turkey) are dated back to 10 - 12,000 BC, all religious beliefs and stories predating Sumer may have only been verbally recorded and therefore lost to posterity. Or if we are lucky, religious writings predating the Sumerian tablets (all 150 thousand of them!) will one day show up. An historic thread that can easily be followed now (thanks to the creation of the internet) links all human religious beliefs together - only the names are changed, but their mythical power remains the same.

TobeyLlop, posted on October 16, 2015

Thanks for all the info!

kaironpaideia, posted on October 11, 2015

David (and moderator) -- I really love your work, and I've been an avid fan for quite a few years now. I'm also enjoying that you've come back to recent events of disclosure. The suggestion of my subject title is this: I think that your message is too important and serious for you to use the word "friggin'" so much. I am no prude -- I can talk about sex, death, feces, bodily functions, whatever, and I can curse up a blue streak when my anger gets the best of me, so I'm not coming from any holier-than-thou space. But I think the constant use of this semi-expletive cheapens and degrades your message as well as your energy field, David. Otherwise, much love and light to you, and keep up the good work.

denmar2, posted on October 6, 2015

When I was writing my dissertation on Lyme Disease, I came across a book entitled Lab 257. It describes in detail how German scientists we hired after WW II set up a bio warfare lab on Plum Island off the US east coast. On this island, they experimented with injecting ticks but they were very sloppy in their work. The island just happened to be on the route of migratory birds. These birds picked up the deadly ticks and carried them to the mainland. Also, the island was close enough for deer to swim from it to the mainland further spreading Lyme disease. I believe the author's name is Michael Carroll.

wm, posted on October 7, 2015

Wow. I searched on-line and came up with a number of hits. Here are two reviews not Amazon-related or direct from the author regarding his book, "Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory:"
Thank you for posting about this resource.

denmar2, posted on October 7, 2015

I dug out my dissertation because I remembered the Nazi scientist running the lab on Plum island had connections to Himler. The name of the germ warfare scientist the US hired to run the lab on Plum island was Erich Traub, Hitler's second in charge and former employee of SS Heinrich Himler. Because a "suitable" American could not be found, Traub's notorious past was overlooked, namely his WW II activities (Carroll, 2004). According to Carroll, records have been found that document Naxi germ warfare scientists experimenting with poisoned ticks and dropping them from planes to spread disease. Internal government documents reveal that there were gaping holes in the lab roofs where air currents and insects freely came and went. Dr. Jerry Callis, former Plum Island Director, openly admits to experimenting with tick colonies by feeding pathogens to them (Carroll, 2004). In 1990, the largest number of cases of Lyme disease was circled on a map of the US. That circle was tightened until a single point was reached. That point was Plum Island (Carroll, 2004).

groovygirl46, posted on October 6, 2015

David--Another movie that comes to mind when discussing the harvesting of our fear and sadness is Monsters Inc. In that movie the monsters harvest the screams of children to power their world.

Maidenhair, posted on October 6, 2015

David you Rock you know your journey better than any other so what you speak of Edgar Casey (my favorite since Sleeping Prophet)
is exactly the essence of your being .. If there are ones discrediting you flow thru it your Intuitive knowledge is so much more than that..
David we love you here and you keep on doing exactly what your doing! :)

chantspire, posted on October 6, 2015

This is the soft disclosure approach we've been hearing so much about--mainstream news articles about WWII's true history? Interesting. Boring but interesting. I see. Bring the sleeping public revised history from 70 years ago (something they could care less about) and work them up over time to contemporary information. Let each release sink in over a few years so the sleepers are not "shocked" into disbelief and refutation. Finally, once they acclimate to each historical revision, dump larger sections of data into the media. Geez! This will take forever. I was counting on 2017 being the watershed year, myself. Oh well.

mrsideshow, posted on October 5, 2015

Hi David, as a huge fan of your show and Elon Musk I had to set the record straight on the success of Elon Musk and SpaceX sending rockets into space. SpaceX has, indeed, had many successful launches that have gone into space. In fact, they have had 6 successful missions just to resupply the international space station. You can read more about that and their other missions on their official website. They are doing some really great stuff! http://www.spacex.com/news/2015/04/14/liftoff-falcon-9-and-dragon-begin-...

rosemarycreations, posted on October 4, 2015

Jumped forward to the most recent Wisdom Teachings as I have only been a member since the Corey Goode discussions. I had been methodically going from the beginning of the first Wisdom Teachings ! i will continue to go forward with the original and also keep in step with the present. You are doing humanity such a service! Also, you do upstate NY proud. I also am born and raised in upstate New York and will be visiting CA for the first time soon. Thank you, David!

jasummers, posted on October 4, 2015


dewurster, posted on October 3, 2015

Great program! However, one of the things that upsets me is that he gives too general a reference to previous programs regarding the elongated heads people. The typical person will never easily find much of the episodes they want unless that spend considerable research time. So instead why doesn't he provide a screen short, or some print in the cyron (?) area. (The area at the bottom that flashes titles, names, etc.)

He has frequently made references to past programs that I looked up and couldn't find. I'd like him (and Gaiamtv in general) to adopt this policy going foreword. Perhaps you can edit previous programs run and not yet run too!!!

marcdescoteaux, posted on December 1, 2015

Gaia should add searchable links that David mentions in each specific show? Good idea!

gramig, posted on December 9, 2015

I agree! Once, I've heard David talking about pope Francis, but cannot remember where it was and cannot find it.

jennifer01, posted on October 3, 2015

Have you seen KINGSMAN with Colin Firth - it came out summer 2015? Lots of disclosure there.

riverwanderer9, posted on October 2, 2015

The new X-Files trailer is definitely eyebrow raising. Enough of the psychological prepping, the world is as ready as it will ever be for the truth. There is no amount of psychologically/emotionally prepping the masses that will avert the chaos that will follow a disclosure. We will have to deal with it. It's now or never.

rajdreamz, posted on October 2, 2015

I follow David's talks and have read his books, and I believe him to be a sincere guy. As for mass arrests and the whole power-elite thing collapsing, I have to respectfully say I'm a bit dubious. These evil ones have been behind the scenes--or not so behind the scenes, as World War 2 and Vietnam attested--since at least the days of the Roman Empire. Who is this "alliance" that will initiate these mass arrests, who will be arrested--and who will then assume leadership?

beritlecomte, posted on October 1, 2015

Dear David, Thank you immensly for efforts of trying to explain the big picture... What is happening now is really very surrealistic... I am living in the Stockholm area of Sweden and I am witnessing how we are invaded by people from all over the world (into the forrests to collect blueberries in August-September, beggars from Bulgaria and Romania outside all shops, in trains as well as in the streets, lots of people (mostly young men) and families fleeing from the Middle East War..... It is not probable that this large migration of people from east to west is not part of a big agenda...
I believe that the theory of a blood line connection between extra terrestrials, MM and illuminati is only wishful thinking of the illuminatis... I cannot imagine that this is the truth... Hoping you will ellaborate this further!! I would like to believe that MM and Jeshua are burried in Lanquedoc of southern France...
Your work is outstanding and very much appreciated!

sunshine.today, posted on October 2, 2015

Please see the rest of my commentary here. Its long and complicated, but the more you know, the more believable it becomes.

georgic, posted on September 30, 2015

I appreciate this totally. You are breaking it out . I am glad to see this. We need this out and the info from Corey is dove tailing into this quite nicely. I have seen this all along, from the Outer Limits TV series of the 60s then Star Trek and Battle Star Galactia and Babylon 5, Star Gate and the Matrix... I have been here just waiting for you to "git 'er done".. I have been so tired of feeling so alone all of these years with no one that really wanted to hear it from me. They listen to you Edgar.. and I am pleased you came back,,, Thanks...!!!

xceed.limitz, posted on September 30, 2015

me96, posted on October 2, 2015

David Wilcock is going to get a boner over this movie. Looks like exactly what he's saying.

dumitru, posted on September 30, 2015

A story in a magazine about operation Paper Clip is not proof that the Alliance is going to make mass arrests. Neither are movies. For David to claim that his stories prove that the Alliance is going to make mass arrests is evidence that he doesn't know what the word "proof" means.

jm_abram, posted on September 29, 2015

George Nori had a guest on one of his shows talking about the secret mission to Planet Serpo back in the 60's. This makes the movie, 'Close Encounters of a Third Kind' a real story at least the end of the story when the Ebans (ET's) take the 12 to their Planet Serpo on an exchange program with the US for 10 years. Hence, all the technology that has exploded since the 60's. This occurred after Roswell and other ET crashes. My point, 'exposure' must come as people are catching on and information is leaking. Read the Book "Secret Mission to Planet Serpo," a factual encounter, explanation of Reptilian race and exposure of the near Nazi/Hitler takeover of the Earth. Also, hence, why the German scientists remained here in the US to help us build alien craft. A must read.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 30, 2015

Thank you for your comment! We have an interview with Len Kasten on this topic on Gaiam TV here:


missingtheocean, posted on September 29, 2015

David, I saw a study that shows the Earth Resonance is hanging between 10 and 16 nowadays, and for some time. Can you address this, and if so, what this could mean. I have ideas, but really, want to hear yours.

missingtheocean, posted on September 29, 2015

David, I just wanted to mention you might take a look the "Rise of the Guardians" movie. Several parts of the script seemed ideal for helping young people expand and become aware. One boy believed and could see the hidden realms, but others needed just a bit of light to hit their foreheads and they awaken. The man in the moon, could that represent the sphere alliance? And the number of the Guardians brought together by the Moon or sphere. The entire lesson, is to over come fear and you will awaken to joy and the other realms, and manifest.

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on September 29, 2015

I'll take door number one, please. Plans cannot be evil, only Free Will creatures can be evil. I'm not saying I know what happened or exactly what is going on, but honestly, it seems reasonable to me that at some point humans would receive genetic uplift. As Grandma said: So vhat? Call them ET, call them angels. Call them Adam and Eve. The Plan is not evil. It is God's Plan. That Plan is subject to Free Will creatures and our actions. That can be evil. But we know:
no one can interfere with Free Will, ever, anywhere.

In friendship,

Dr. Dave 4D

P.S. Lucifer would appear to humans as a bright white light, he was/maybe is still real, but is near extinction due to his iniquity (continued evil in the face of realizing his error). Life is good! If all you are saying is true it seems like the modern technology we have would be a huge part of the problem so....turn off the movies and TV.

sunshine.today, posted on October 1, 2015

. This message is for David.

I burst into tears when you were talking about the Illuminati and was SO CLOSE to the actual key and instead seemed to miss it entirely and carried back on into duality again! David, what you need to know is that everything you say is true, but you are missing a few facts about the illuminati that and ETS and Christ and Human evolution ! Have they placed symbols in PLAIN SIGHT ? EVERYWHERE? YES! Let them who have eyes SEE! Did it ever occur to you that it is there because we are actually trying AS HARD AS WE POSSIBLY CAN to get HUMANITY TO WAKE UP? There IS another side to the ILLUMINATI!! THE LIGHT SIDE! However, focusing on the division is EXACTLY the problem!!If you want BALANCE , stop looking ONLY at the problem! Leonardo DaVinci WAS Illuminati! The Illuminati has a light side too, and you are only focusing on the dark side!! Please give us equal time here! Raise the hope and joy level because the energy needs to change on your show - REVEAL EVERYTHING and focus on the joy now that its uncovered! DONT offer the people any suggestion to get angry! Stop telling them the Illuminati is bigger than them! PLEASE! Remind them that they have the ONLY thing in any battle that actually matters, and that is something at stake! We are working extremely hard to help you uncover the truth. And when you say things like "They are laughing at us" it brings people to the same teenage thinking that keeps you from getting keys to the car! We are shaking out heads that you STILL don't see that your own perception is the key! But ideally, what we are thinking about you shouldn't affect you one way or another! We can tell humanity, and show humanity, but most of humanity is not ready. LOOK for the way you are being empowered and you will find it and be empowered! If you look for the ways you are being disempowered, you will find that too, but it will not help you until you turn it around! You personally are now driving a bus , energetically speaking,that has a lot of people on it - I believe you are one of us! You are an ET soul that is in a position of power and that has earned stature. You feel the energy flows of fame also! Does that make you evil? Of course not. You are clearly doing a tremendous job!

I AM a member of the ILLUMINATI. I have been working lifetime after lifetime after lifetime toward humanities empowerment , evolution and upliftment and EDUCATION!! Do we put it out there for all to see? YES! The same way natural signs in life are PUT THERE for people to see, and even when people notice them, far too many dismiss it and go back to sleep. Jesus was an ET! JOAN of ARC was an ET. That was me. Do we tell you what is going to happen in advance? YES! So why do you STILL not put it together when you are SO CLOSE to having it! Im fed by torsion fields. I experience it as a huge morphic field that grows with my fame. These morphic fields /energy fields that nourish me carry over from lifetime to lifetime,( I have been many saints) as do my physical characteristics. I have absolutely bizarre resilience and I have difficulty dying even if I want to. What I want to say is that I DO NOT feed on fear and all the negativity, but on love energy. THAT is the energy that fuels the light side!
And I want to talk to you about the circuitry involved, because there are layers and layers of energetic circuitry. A lot of the circuitry look like cymatic patterns, stacked on top of one another like layers.. Time looks like a big roll of cellophane with each layer affecting the ones nearest to them. It all looks like an incredible complex and multilayered cat's cradle that moves. This is how you can do something in one strand that affects another strand of time. certain lines are connected, and just like in a cats cradle, you cannot pull on just one strand without it affecting other strands. There is never "just one" anything. A lot of the energetic circuitry functions within ones incarnated body much like coaxial cabel. Different energies come in on different strands. You effect the harmonics that way with mathematical precision. Its seamless. Light can be manipulated toward falsehood and deception, but harmonics cannot! Vibration never lies.

Many people don't seem to understand that in order to rebalance, one needs to stop worshipping and take personal responsibility back! Im trying to give it back to everyone! They are actually hugely resistant to taking it! We designed that too , in an energetic template designed to get humanity to look upwards for guidance so that we could direct them.Before you get pissed, consider that it is actually geared toward the eventual discovery of the truth!
When you say "heal yourselves! "and you show them how it is actually possible, far too few people say "Great! Show me how to do it!" Most of them say "Oh no. You do it because you are better and bigger than me." Both paths sought guidance from above . All we can do is create a learning environment and encourage growth. The Illuminati has a duality going on WITHIN itself between dark and light, where we just give the other side space and acknowledge the role the other side plays. The entire cosmos is built on the principle of fractals, so there are cycles within cycles, and the battle between dark and light occurs universally and locally, the same way it happens within each individual. The point of power is always individual choice here! Each person must make a number of choices between light and dark daily. If you maintain a victim consciousness, you will continue to be victimized on a larger scale. As each individual realizes that, they will be freed from tyranny!

My Grandfather was the other half of the entity of Joan of Arc persona that I was the base entity for.I came in with child energy and a strong spiritual ability. I was born into the human body and stayed for the duration, and I have very absorbent qualities .I easily let other entities in, so I was elected to play the base role. We put tecnological energetic devices in place that gave us particular undeniable properties. We did certain things to make sure when I came down into a body, I would be sure to remember my job and that my own connection to God would remain uncluttered. This was helped by technology and other members of my soul group. I can explain this all in depth and I have proof .We designed this all in advance, including the energetics and the circuitry, to give ourselves the greatest possible chance of success.
We come down into human bodies. All the energy circuitry is not in the third dimension, so if you are looking for a piece of metal or cords under the skin, you are not going to find that kind of "evidence". as long as your mentality is still functioning strictly in 3D! Thats the thing! But that doesn't mean that each person cannot find proof. All of this circuitry can be easily seen and even dismantled once you have mastered certain mental techniques! That was a safeguard we put in place so that the development of consciousness went hand in hand with the development of technology. In other words, you will NOT be allowed to gain access to inter dimensional energetic/biological technology and energetic circuitry until you have mastered the consciousness needed to reveal it.!! Thats really important! We did that for your own protection as much as our own. Dangerous things happen when unenlightened people get big technology.

My grandfather's soul carried the warlike , egotistical, and very masculine energy needed when it was time for battle. Look him up. His name was Burne Hogarth ( get it? Hint?), he was very famous and drew Tarzan for the comics, also the famous book Dynamic Anatomy, and he started the famous School of Visual Arts ! He had a one man show in the Louvre! He was born a Hassidic Jew, on Dec 25th. Although he did all his work this lifetime in America, he is still most popular in France. He was blacklisted as a communist, was a tremendous human rights activist, and did a painting that used to hang in his foyer called "My brother Abel" .It represented a black man in chains struggling to get free. For a time he signed his early work with a triangle that had an eye in it. In my entire life I never saw him pass anybody asking for money without giving them something.
Each of us within my specialized soul group is given the jurisdiction of a portion of the population to watch over, guide and protect. He took men, particularly veterans.I take babies and children up until around puberty.The Joan of Arc persona was our attempt to get a trinity into one individual. Three is the number for catalytic change! Joan of Arc was a woman who carried particularly masculine energy .In that lifetime I never got my period in order to remain childlike. It would have changed my frequency.

Both sides of the Illuminati, ET group gets fed of the energy that flows through me. At the top of our group there are just three of us who were known as the Great Triad in Atlantis. There are two sides, and one soul who can go in either direction, and they are the ones responsible for adjusting the balance. The energy of the masses flows to me as my fame grows. The dark side likes it but I don't. The Catholic church canonized me to continue to increase the amount of attention I got.( Alas!) The orgone , love based energy nourishes the light side! ( and note here that water is associated with the light side! Think John the baptist! Energetically, water is our jurisdiction) I am one soul divided into two individuals, actually. I have a twin. We were one elongated reptilian egg, divided. The fear energy that comes through me goes directly to my twin that played the role of Isabeau of Bavaria during the Joan lifetime!

Pay attention here! We first made a prophecy ( told the population in advance) that France would be ruined by a woman and saved by a virgin.The King of the time was Charles the VI, who went back and forth between being fed by the energy of fear and love.- first he was known as "Charles the Beloved" before he was known as " Charles the Mad". We orchestrated that so that he could flip back and forth between states, so that we could regain a state of balance in the population! Joan of Arc was known for extraordinary courage and I can tell you that I had technological help there! Because much of my fear was taken directly from me and it went straight to Isabeau. Isabeau and I reincarnate over and over and over toward this aim. My grandfather and I also played the role of King David. When I was young King David, my twin who would later play Isabeau of Bavaria was Jonathan. Saul from the King David lifetime later played King Charles VI during the Joan of Arc lifetime- the mad king each time.The Bible says "David and Jonathan had each other's backs in battle" We always do! We fight the exact same battle - for balance! She takes the dark side ( scales) everytime and I take the light side ( feathers)everytime. She helped keep me fearless as I needed to be to do that job! She doesn't enjoy it, but she has a capacity to accommodate fear that I lack. In many key characteristics Isabeau was my direct and intentional opposite during the Joan lifetime .We programmed ourselves that way. For example, Isabeau of Bavaria was agoraphobic SO THAT it heightened the intensity of Joan's desire for freedom! I literally took what would have been her desire to be outside ( as a vibrational frequency - a specific quantity) and used it to amplify my own! I needed it. I also needed to retain my child vibration and it was important that I never menstruate. So she took all of my portion of that quality - and her periods were incredibly heavy (people made pilgrimages to help her menstrual difficulties.) She was particularly slutty and was known for sleeping around - she got all of my sex drive and my own side was fortified toward virginity because she donated her own restraint to my side! And ( listen to this!...) if you were to measure the vibrational states of these qualities, you would find that the math balances out precisely! There is an algebra to everything! It is ALL in pursuit of balance! ALL circumstances have a direct counterpart on the other side ALWAYS! So if you are a white hot lightworker ( for example) and dive furiously into zealotry as I did, you have actually helped create the very thing you were against! Peace is only found at zero point in center. That lifetime got WAY off balance and I could elaborate! It went in a direction other than that which we intended and we had to go to a plan B. Ugh...
In this lifetime, I have many members of my family and associates who all played important roles in the Joan of Arc lifetime . We all have striking similarities and we all look very very similar. I would be happy to send you photos and more facts that I have every confidence would convince you. However, what I really urge each person reading this to do if you question whether or not I am telling the truth is to get into a meditative state. Ask that the truth be revealed to you and ask that it be proved to you to your own satisfaction in a way that will be undeniable to you personally. In that way I have no control over it .

I am now starting a different kind of educational system for empowering children that teaches creative thinking , consciousness, the interconnectedness of all things, and also everything you teach on your show. Two years ago , I was told that David Wilcock would help me in my effort to start the school. Maybe this is the start of that.

At my school, once we get it up and running, we will start each day by meditating. We will have art and music daily and teach interspecies communication and universal mechanics like the law of Attraction. Animals and plants will be vital parts of the curriculum as we teach nurture and the interconnectedness of all things. We will be teaching Spirit communication and teach things like telepathy. Its called The Hogarth School, and it is in Rifton, NY. Im buying an elementary school property that the Illuminati designed specifically for this purpose so that I would be able to get it at this time in history. Ascension time! This was planned before I was born but I only came into that awareness about three years ago.. The school's name is Anna Devine and it sits on 11.11 acres. It was started by a man named Art Withall.(get it?) It sits on an power point on an energetic ley line connecting it to Southern France. Me getting this particular property ( Im still attempting to purchase it. I have been hitting resistance , however it is inevitable that I succeed ) is meant to balance out the fact that as Joan of Arc I was unable to liberate Paris. My soul wanted another shot at succeeding, because the Joan lifetime left me with a lot of personal trauma and karma to balance.The energy of freedom and joy that we will generate and radiate at the school will help the planet reprogram the crystaline grid and bring it back into balance! We are here to educate the population and get them to grow, starting from the youngest. ! I was told by angels two years ago when I was waking up that I was uniquely qualified to give children Freedom, and ensure that they remain unmolested, and untampered with! That is the whole point! I know what is needed to keep children empowered and make sure they gain sovereignty. I have lifetimes of experience as a young king, and raising others to do the same job has been the recurring theme of my time on this planet.

When my grandfather and I shared the role of the King David, again I started out as the young David ( killing Goliath) , and my grandfather's battle energy came in when I was older it was time for war and women.During the older years , my job was to keep the persona of King David connected spiritually so that he never lost that important quality. My soul group was brought in intentionally because this planet had gotten out of balance. Balance is the key word! What you must understand is that everything has a right to exist! So you cannot just kick the dark side off completely! Ideally, the balance will look like granite, with dark and light specks coexisting! Each time you focus on how the dark side is terrible, you engender hostility. You don't need to go into anger about the dark side of the Illuminati hiding things and controlling you! Its what they do. Its their nature. You must learn to love the snapping turtle that only wants to bite you.

You could choose to say about the hidden information that the Cabal kept from humanity"It was right in front of us all along! How exciting!What else is there?" and feel elation at your own realization. Find any way at all to turn it around mentally!The Dark side and the Light side are one in creation! The key to getting free of duality is within you! Its a matter of perception! Thats how you get out! By learning to CREATE and CHOOSE DELIBERATELY out of a loving perception! And when you can peacefully co exist with others that are completely different from you, you might actually be able to go interplanetary. But neither side of the Illuminati will let any member of humanity leave the planet until their consciousness is developed to a high degree. You don't let your six year old have keys to the car, no matter how big a tantrum they throw. If they throw a tantrum because they are realize someone said no, then that tells the parent they are not yet ready for driving. Certain limitations are enforced in order to assist you. If you can get out of it, then you have earned the right. When I was Joan I was quoted as saying " It is every prisoner's right to escape!"
The problem that my soul group has been wrestling with since we arrived on this planet ages ago is one of age versus maturity. We were asked in because certain technology got into the hands of those who were unable to manage it. We were masters of the area of balance in creation. Beings on this planet had started creating things that lacked the Divine blueprint. We had to take it away from them, essentially start over, and put them in energetic "playpens" or templates that will replay and replay ,until humanity is developed enough to figure it out. So far , humanity loves its duality. They keep making that choice. But please don't say we are laughing at you. We are ALL suffering right along side you trying to get everybody to wake up! I have suffered in this long standing endurance test and I signed on to stay until you all get it! I want to go home to my shape in space more than you can possibly imagine! I am a warrior of light who has learned to embrace the dark because thats how you win. You can appear to "win" every battle and still lose the war because the true war was for equality and balance in all things. If you are trying for your enemy's annihilation, you miss the point even if you "win".

Also - when you say things like "They tell you that they are in the bloodline of Christ to gain followers" - do you not see what that is doing?I don't tell you that TO GET followers! I do it despite the fact that that will likely be the unfortunate outcome. The question is ,do you want the whole truth revealed or not? Do you want members of the Illuminati to lie to you instead? What would your reaction be if you discovered that you had interplanetary parents watching over you? Telling you that is not us trying to control you. Im trying to deliver the truth to you and help you get out of your prison.Would you have me pretend this information isn't true? Im personally dreading the publication of my book. I would much rather remain hidden and anonymous, because with fame, people tend to look toward you and give their power away almost immediately!My morphic field grows with additional attention! I hate that beyond measure! I feel it is a sacrifice of myself to once again take on the role of messenger ( like you) All we can say ( over and over and over...)is that your power lies in your choice to see things a different way. YOU create from your perception and your ability to choose love or fear. The choice is not with us! It is with the person who decides that their reaction is not under their control.

Right now, you are in a position that is strategically precarious.You already know that. You are personally in a position where people will likely follow your example even if they shouldn't. So I urge caution. This is dicey terrain and I know it well. It can be extremely tricky to simultaneously reveal the truth to people in a time of tremendous societal energetic upheaval anyway, remind the population that they are not powerless, get them to mobilize on their own behalf, without going into anger .( Nothing is wrong with anger, its just not peace. ).But anger and meditation do not mix! One side will set you free, one side will keep you in the mobious strip.You must love your enemy even if you never choose those actions yourself.Love them in their idiocy. Remind people not to go into polarization! Its easier and also much more fun to be a zealot ( I would know!) , but it doesn't actually help your cause if your cause is freedom and peace on earth. Polarization only leads to more war, and if you are a warring race, you will be stuck on this planet. Get it?

Tell people how the light side of the Illuminati also works and they can choose where to look. The signs are all around that can make you happy instead of angry!
Send me an email if you can.Sunshine.today@yahoo.com I would like to talk to you on the phone.

chantspire, posted on October 6, 2015

You go on and on and talk a good line. You say all the proper words. You tell all of "us" that we need to take responsibility. The awake already are. We are not victims, dear. We are awake with our eyes wide open. You are not negative, you say, but positive. You are the helpers who bring light. You are worthy. You have given information from positive sources but, of course, this information is beyond all "our" comprehension. You understand cosmic layers of energy, the balance of negative/positive, yada, yada, yada. You admit you're writing to the rest of us as a full-fledged member of the Illuminati--an insane admission on any level. Let's address it.

I've studied ancient and contemporary religions/art/political and social histories to mention a few subjects. I've no doubt that in the deep past there were those who believed in and attempted true illumination for mankind. They were the true bringers of light. There were those who did not hide behind corporate shields, believe they were "special" and deserved leadership, did not create/participate in the money-slave system now at work, who didn't pursue a negative atmosphere from which to feed via propaganda, who refused to partner up with off-planet species that saw humans as "useful commodities" or simply as "food". They sought to empower rather than to violate others' free will (THE primary key missed as the text droned on)--no matter the species. If you are who you purport to be, YOU and YOURS DID NOT RAISE UP HUMANITY. THROUGH YOUR METHODS YOU AND THOSE BEFORE YOU PUT A FOOT ON HUMANITY'S NECK while creating, then walking halls of knowledge and sitting in inscrutable seats of power. And you espouse that the truths we sought then and now were/are right in front of us if only we could see them. Exactly how do you think a person subdued by a foot on their neck feels about you when the foot is remove and they are allowed to rise? That should be a simple equation even for an "illuminated" mind.

DW? He has his system of release, his style and his opinions. He, apparently, believes he must buffer the awakening of the majority so their nervous system is not fried, literally, in shock (OMG! Someone knows that can happen?). I wish his approach was different and faster, but it's his will to do as he sees fit. If you read (or reread) Kubler-Ross' On Death and Dying you'd know/remember there are phases humans must progress through when reaching a difficult truth. If I agreed completely with DW I'd do no less than he. I don't, but I see his point, however slow it feels.

Bottom line: You attempt to sway, but you do not convince. The whole love and light thing was a nice touch. A few will read and believe these things along with your plaintiff cry of assistance but only because their powers of discernment are limited. I'll give you this, like the rest of your kind (by your own admission), you have a magnificent twisted logic reinforced by dramatic claims of innocence and punctuated by failed attempts to do true good by/for anyone but yourself(ves). Only the truly asleep or fearful would consider these authentic. But soon, they won't either. Positive requires negative to move forward it's true, for this I am grateful.

There are two tenets of true/positive leadership anytime, anywhere on this planet. Have you done this?


And I will add a third personal note: FULLY EDUCATE EVERYONE, NOT JUST THE FEW. (The reason is obvious.)

xceed.limitz, posted on October 4, 2015

What you're speaking of sounds a bit like this....


sunshine.today, posted on October 5, 2015

Yes! I watched all 25 parts of the link. Thank you for extending that to me. Thats it exactly! Thank you!!

ZackLMiles, posted on September 30, 2015

Great show! I've been following all this for only about 5 years. And I do feel you are the most informative of all. ( Although I've listened to David Icke quite a bit, too. Only because I heard of him first and that eventually lead off to me discovering you and your books.) I've read all your books several times. But today I was confused and hoping you can clarify in future videos. I've been under the impression that the illuminati is all reptilian bloodline. ( But now confused some with the beings with elongated skulls that stay at the Vatican? OUCH that through me off a bit. First time I've heard this. I'm not getting the connection, if any? ( Basically trying to understand if there are two different alien races involved with the illuminati or what are the connection with the elongated skull beings and the reptilians? I hate it when I get all confused like this. :-( I don't think we can discredit the whistle blowers that have come forth like Cathy O'Brien or this lady Arizona Wilder that David Icke interviewed in like 1999 ( I think anyway from what she says in the video. I don't believe the year 2000 had happened yet.) with all the crazy illuminati mind control info she was leaking of her experiences. I mean her interview is loaded with info. Just wondering if you can clarify the connection. In case you did not know of her interview I've posted the link. below. Thank you soooooo much David for all you do. I pray for your protection every day! Love you Dave! And all the rest of you, as well very much.

The whole video is pretty interesting. But if you just want to go to her interview, it starts at about 37:20

spoonhole, posted on September 29, 2015

Could the bloodline that the Illuminati claim to come from be the Anak?

Ra: I am Ra. There were two other techniques used: one by the entity no longer called Yahweh, who still felt that if it could raise up entities which were superior to the negative forces, that these superior entities could spread the Law of One. Thus this entity, “Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh,” came among your people in form according to incarnate being and mated in the normal reproductive manner of your physical complexes, thus birthing a generation of much larger beings, these beings called “Anak.”

rcs, posted on September 28, 2015

Myriad labels being thrown around here, friends and we'll probly never know the truth of them. One key was dropped that is critical to potentially answer the big question. Since we are ( probly ) all LIGHT beings here in this august group it will behoove us to do whatever we can DO to at least keep it all in balance. The answer to that is - as David alluded to in passing - was QT. Quiet Time. I don't like "meditation" The guides working with me keep pushing QUIET TIME. At least daily . Greg Braden of the Divine Matrix tells of a similar impactful experience a group he was with in the mid east and meditation. QT is extremely powerful. David tried to push it, and in his excitement over the whole picture.... at least introduced it well. I'm appreciating this whole gig and to think that I was only 50 miles away when GAIAM was initiated. Now I see what "they" meant re: the Denver Drama. [ an inside story ] YOU all could make a great squad - even soon a squadron of QT-ers. Stranger things have happened.
Town Crier www. onlyuno.com

Klassik, posted on September 29, 2015

good and proper use of word, "myriad" - so many find fault in it's proper usage.

guac77, posted on September 28, 2015

I get over & over from my spiritual sources, that the Illuminati have Reptilian souls, which is what I call a low soul, because they don't have empathy for others. Otherwise low souls are very similar and slightly more spiritually advanced in 3rd density. So the Illuminati have Human bodies with Reptilian souls, they may have special Human DNA as David says, but it needs to be loaded into a Reptilian female and then will be born with a Reptilian soul the first time. They can tell each other apart by souls. A Illuminati must mate with another Illuminati, for the children to have Reptilian souls. If either the Mother or Father has a Human soul then the children will have Human souls. That's why they must stay in the bloodline, so they will keep getting Reptilian souls and not have empathy for others. http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/

sunshine.today, posted on October 1, 2015

I can tell you that I have a great deal of reptilian genetics. And my head is somewhat elongated. ( Please see my other commentary here) I played the role of Joan of Arc. I can tell you that many people say that I totally lack empathy at certain times and lack all sensitivity for social nuance. Its not that I am incapable of feeling empathy, I am mostly very compassionate, but I can choose to omit empathy if it serves my purpose. I can tell you that higher beings are in charge of what energy flows through me or doesn't while I am in a body. David Icke is correct on many counts. But there are reptilian hybrid souls who are very spiritually advanced and can be compassionate too. The ability to feel what others were feeling if neededAND the ability to turn that sensitivity off completely was a capacity I needed during the Joan of Arc incarnation so that I would be able to keep to my own counsel, not let anything at all deter my purpose, and be totally oblivious to peer pressure! There was a great deal of technological help with the Joan of Arc persona. There is a "dimmer switch" on each strand of the circuit. You can jack up the voltage or tone it down. It is helpful because sometimes a seemingly ruthless action is far kinder in the long run. I am an energy healer and very gifted at it. I did wildlife rehabilitation for years and can easily offer unconditional love to an animal that only wants me dead. However, if an animal is suffering and I can see that their experience will be long and painful , I can kill an animal with force, violently and suddenly! I would wish that on myself rather than prolonged pain. I can offer fast death to someone else. It isn't anything I enjoy, but it causes them to suffer a lot less. I can turn off my empathy in order to kill something if need be. Just hold presence calmly in the face of death and not go into panic along with the being who is feeling the panic.Nothing is wrong with death. Death is glorious1 The suffering that precedes death is where the problems lie. Everything is wrong with suffering.

xceed.limitz, posted on September 28, 2015

Love this. Just keep it going man.

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