Wisdom Teachings: [#134] Disclosing the Darkness and the Light Video
[#134] Disclosing the Darkness and the Light
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Wisdom Teachings: [#134] Disclosing the Darkness and the Light (October 2015)

Season 18, Episode 5
Available worldwide

David Wilcock discloses the intricate schemings of the darkness and the light which play out right before us, yet most of us never see it for what it really is. Just as the cabal seeks to manipulate us and garner our implied agreement to their nefarious plans, another group seeks to expose their machinations through the very same mechanisms. From movies to television programs, the evidence is presented in plain sight every day. You just have to learn how to see it. This production was originally webcast October 5, 2015.

David Wilcock


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origstoneart, posted on January 12, 2016

So I have found a VERY common thing happen and I'm curious if anyone else has this happen while watching your episodes.....

So I will be watching and everything is moving along as normal then the screen will freeze. You, David will be frozen in a movement or position but I will here your commentary continue uninterrupted. Then it will unfreeze but it's like...your movement just flows into what you are saying...as though it never froze to begin with.

9one9, posted on December 8, 2015

Holy moly David it goes way back before 17th century Russia. Read the NY Times bestseller, David Booth's, "The Secret History of the World" for an authoritative historical look at the evolution of the Illuminati from the beginning of recorded history to present. If you are going to fight against their perceived negative effects on society, it's important to understand them - what motivates and drives them. There is something above wealth and power, although that is the echelon in which they are most effective and feel most comfortable to live and work within. It is the separateness, selectiveness and specialness of the invited individual of the chosen ones (the group) that is so enticing and seductive to the ego. Who doesn't want to be told they are so special they must keep all knowledge of their beliefs, bylaws and membership secret from the common, unimportant, less than special people who need to be ruled (by them). It's the same illusion that spurs religious massacres and modern day cults.

Frogborg1, posted on November 15, 2015

People think movies are fiction - I am confused at how the Cabal is telling us something before they do it - getting our consent - if we think something is fiction - why would we think that we are consenting?

gailrocafort, posted on November 8, 2015

My husband reads Aviation Space and Technology and he read that the pilot from Richard Branson space craft crash was dead and buried can anyone prove he's still alive my husband thinks I am pretty naive for believing any of what David is saying

bretthaugen, posted on October 26, 2015

Hey Gaiam,

How about adding reference links under the video so it's easy for the viewer to read the full article that David makes reference to? This would increase the number of hits to said articles, which in turn would influence news orgs to run similar stories, which leads to more and more disclosure.

I know this works because Iv'e been watching the story of Scientology unfold. Tony Ortega, former editor at the village voice said then when ever he ran an article about Scientology, he saw his online readership increase dramatically. This led him to continue to run more stories about Scientology until he actually quit the Village Voice and makes his living just on covering the antics of Scientology through a blog and a book he wrote. 5 years ago you hardly saw anything in the news about Scientology. Now Scientology is in the news nearly everyday.

So my logic is the same, as news orgs that run these disclosure stories see more more people clicking on these types of stories, they will run more of these types of these stories.

Maidenhair, posted on October 14, 2015

In excellence Dacid your work once again has proven all the above to be legit ..It's coming in time that we take back what so rightfully ours and not be so unconscious manipulation as the Sleepers
As we awaken thru this ascension hopefully what's up and what down will merge as One Family of thought and stop this Power gangs of untrustworthy appointees..Everything we have come here for as the experience has been so blasted into millions of decimals it's left ones blind sighted..With Corey and his truthful explanation of SSP and what you David have come here to do will emerge into a higher frequency of Truth in all that is present
Thanks again David :)

jean55423, posted on October 13, 2015

I'm sorry to cast doubts, but is there really any concrete signs that any tribunal will take place anytime soon? I feel so discouraged. The mongers have been proved criminals, but they shut the whistleblowers in jail for disclosing it. Are they going to ever let Chelsea out? It doesn't look like it. She was just sentenced. They don't seem to me like they're going to budge on their persecutions of Snowden or Assange. Both disclosed crimes, both had to flee. What, if anything, will happen with them? Nothing so far. Is there any movement anywhere championing their cause. Not a word. On Facebook my friends seem to have just swallowed the party line. They concern themselves with trivia, and don't want my 'negativity'. I see no change.
I still must say, I'm just wondering, not really believing it, so I don't get thrown into the mental ward. You are showing me proof, but they are brainwashed so much,hey are afraid to even think that 9-11 was an inside job. I feel very much isolated and alone.

startyourproduction, posted on October 13, 2015

Best thing to do is not preach this stuff to the public. It just draws unwanted attention

esfilmstudio, posted on October 11, 2015

Many people want to know when when david?
We appreciate your work dave! we really do!

saucernut2, posted on October 11, 2015

Fantastic presentation David !

Bioedjc, posted on October 9, 2015

oh, my gosh... what a whirl wind of intrigue... is anything real? It's like a merry-go-round with a bunch of nastiness. I think I'm going to be a turtle and withdraw into my shell. To much for me. I going to go for simple.. when we get to complex things are just to bazaar.

dumitru, posted on October 8, 2015

I once heard a wise comment that the fulfillment of the prophecy IS the deception. You see, it was the angry jealous "god" (who ordered mass murders and other atrocities) that wrote the prophecies. Then this angry "god" uses his influence in our world to fulfill his own prophecies. Seeing his prophecies fulfilled gives the false impression that he must be God. I bring this up because David pointed out that Edgar Casey gave the prophecy that our salvation would come out of Russia. I have nothing against Casey, but the fact it, he was asleep when this prophecy came through him. And now here he is again in the personage of Mr. Wilcock, pointing to that prophecy to bolster the Cabal's new deception: That Putin is fighting the Cabal. Remember, the Cabal learned long ago that the the best way to defeat their opposition was to create it and control it themselves. One of the best pieces of evidence that Putin works for the Cabal is his role in creating the BRICS bank. Even a casual study of China's modern economy will reveal it's creation by the Cabal. Brazil, India and South Africa are similarly firmly in their clutches. Search for the writings of both Anthony Migchels and Katherine Austin Fitts to read how BRICS was created by the Cabal to be the next global bank after the Federal Reserve crashes.

sunshine.today, posted on October 9, 2015

I am High up in the Illuminati. I am controlled directly by the Archon which has two sides, Light and Dark, but is really All One. The Archon has subdivisions with in it - the Archon is one side, the Archangels another. I work purely on the light side, but the extreme light side itself creates the extreme dark and vice versa. All is One and there is a Divine Plan toward unity and Peace and the Knowing of all things! The ultimate plan has not been touched on in this series, but ends up as a manifestation of Cosmic balance. One side allows the other to exist and creates from a place of personal freedom of choice.
A number of high-ranking entities or souls ( The more voltage you can carry equals the amount of experience you have being able to balance that much.) can be used by the Archon as characters in history that play a key role in directing the planet toward light or darkness as the Archons direct. Some high ranking entities are only on one side or another. I work only on the light side, but that in and of itself creates the dark of equal strength. Do you see? However, some souls, like Putin, are used as fulcrums almost. They can carry both extremes with in themselves.You are correct about him. At this time in history, Divine plan dictates that it is now time for a cycle of long term light, having just come from a long term of dark. Previously, Putin was Vlad the Impaler. We must tell the populace that .( Vlad put In). He is back to balance his own karma, and to help rebalance( bring back toward the light) the planetary energy to offset the degree of darkness he participated in creating before.. The monetary system IS going to crash, then be replaced by something better. Seriously, The Cabal and the Alliance are one and the same. They work in tandem, like legs. Think of it as harmonizing rather than veiwing it as a fight. Its two sides of the same sphere, and most of it is grey ,designed to help us gain mastery over our selves. Its not that there isnt a way out. You can choose to personally live anywhere you want within the spectrum, with the greatest degree of Peace being center. Cosmic Law states that you cannot imprison someone without giving them the means to escape their prison. It has to do with learning to listen to the prophecy and see it for what it is!. Don't go into fear or distrust of the Universe! Go into empowerment instead! Not all prophecy's are evil. Plenty are there so that choices can be made in advance to do things differently. I played the role of Joan of Arc, which I will be writing a book about. There was a famous prophecy about her too. But when I was her, my role was actually that of peacemaker, which is why the prophecy carried BOTH dark and light within it. You MUST allow your opposition to have its space. The prophecy's NOT one sided! It didn't state" France will be saved by a virgin peasant girl" That would have been unfair and caused imbalance. Keeping a link , a working relationship with your opposition is vital in order to promote connectedness and prevent complete division! Complete division IS pure duality, pure evil, because it is pure separation! The prophecy was " France will be ruined by a woman and saved by a virgin" . The dark and the light side were both advertised equally in advance! The quality of the experience each individual has is dictated by the way they themselves choose to veiw it.Look for what you want to see, and if you come across something that is undeniably dark and you don't want it to be that way, then you need to transform it with your mind by seeing the gift within it. As soon as you find the pony within the pile of shit, the pile of shit disappears! THAT is the way out of everything!

cwmobileo2, posted on October 16, 2015

Can you ask the Archons what they are going to do when all living creation ascends beyond their reach? Unfortunately we will never know if they don't tell us before we go.

dumitru, posted on October 8, 2015

Didn't you notice that it's ridiculous to think someone would want our gold in exchange for a materializer that can materialize it's own gold?

cwmobileo2, posted on October 16, 2015

There is a difference between gold created by natural forces and artificial gold created by a machine.

drferry, posted on October 9, 2015

Yep I noticed that to. Moreover, once you have one single materializer you can get that one materializer to make another materializer and so on and so on to infinity. Or, perhaps get that one materializer to manifest a gold materializer. So no need to trade gold for one, if a society possesses the technology to make a materializer, then there is no need for trade anymore at all..

chantspire, posted on October 8, 2015

Somewhere I missed the tiny detail of the man on horse back carrying the precepts of the Illuminati and being struck by lighting as he rode. That's ironic. He was surely illuminated.

V Series--I was unaware of the V series 4-5 years ago. Don't watch TV often. However, during that same period I made a trip to the grocery. It was during the big flu scare. There, inside the doorway, was a table set-up between the entry and the rest of the store. At it sat 3 people--a man in a suit, a woman in street clothes and a nurse in white. The woman spoke to me as I entered saying they were handing out free vaccines for the coming flu epidemic. I said no thanks and started past them. She jumped up, moved around the end of the table and blocked my path. I thought at the time--how weird. She proceeded to inform me, in a rather forceful manner, of all the critical issues that could arise if I didn't take the injection. I was looking at her as if she'd lost her mind, I'm sure. I said no and that I was not interested. But, she did not move from my path. Instead, she continued to give me scary details of the flu and my responsibility to others. I literally had to put on my war-face, get up in her face and say "MOVE!". Then, she stepped out of my way. When I left the store she was doing the same to mothers with small children. They were listening and taking the shots. It was so strange I told my spouse what happened. As paranoid as it sounds, we agreed that it was more than a flu shot. Now, almost 5 years later I hear the V Series info. Very interesting.

Finally, it IS remarkable the pilot did not freeze to death in the first 15,000 feet. He was more than lucky--it's a miracle. Even so, I'd be asking another question. Why was he not wearing a pressurized suit? Pilots wear them. Spec Ops wear them. He wasn't? Strange.

Excellent DW. Good follow-up and information retrace.

IdaPingala, posted on October 7, 2015

I love your work as always David. Thank you for being among us and thnak you for sharing the stuff about Coorey. I pray for your safety on an ongoing basis and also his. I look forward to your programs every week and would actually really like it , if a creative, spiritual , positive daily live newschannel were to be put together. I believe there is a serious need for this, and want to put the idea to you perhaps you could do something with it. I am not myself in contact with studios or channels anywhere being just an ordinary human without any specific "assignment" at this time. I believe that a live news channel with a short but sweet news program for aproximately half an hour, every day world wide, reporting positive stories and sending daily blessings and good news from all over the world, could help raise the energy field considerably. If all Gaiam TV wievers from all over the world were to, all at once, at the same time to send positive thoughts to the earth and its people, I am certain that things would start rolling even faster. In fact I envisioned this in meditation several years ago but the time seems ripe now. The program would need to focus on no one specific religious belief or spiritual direction, but to solely focus on positive loving thoughts and stories and the exspansion of the mind. Sincere loving thoughts and peace IdaPingala

annabolinger, posted on October 7, 2015

Thank Corey Goode for disclosing all he's been thru. You don't have to justify
your findings......always someone negative. Rebuke negative and the Cabal.
Love and Appreciate you, David

dr-barbie, posted on October 6, 2015

Is there a personal email where I can talk with David about "billionaires" and space --- a possible link to Howard Hughes.
Dr. Barbie J. Taylor dr-barbie@earthling.net

capsnowgoose, posted on October 6, 2015

I am confused as David said Germany could not get their Gold back from the Fed Reserve as it is gone, traded to the Dracos/Cabal. Has it been taken off-planet? Is this the Draco or the Annunaki?

chantspire, posted on October 8, 2015

It's at 24:59 on the video. They've been trading the gold to the Draco for materializers.

scottecrabtree, posted on October 6, 2015

Keep up the good work David!!

sprake3, posted on October 6, 2015

When? when? When? will disclosure happen.

privateidaho49, posted on October 6, 2015

I have been following David's many shows here for just the last part of the summer to now and trying to get caught up. I am not as much of a Noory fan, especially since watching the Planet X stuff. Just like the X-files poster says, "I Want to Believe", and I really do. Am I to trust my intuition that David is sincere and much, if not all of his vast information is spot on? And what do I do with it? Keep it to myslef and be amazed as all the disclosures increase? I am afraid if I start talking about some of it on social media, I will lose most of my "friends".
Maybe stop worrying and love the unfolding of truth?

sprake3, posted on October 6, 2015

Is it safe to get a flu shot in 2015?

rickmutch, posted on October 6, 2015

Strengthen your immune system so it works the way nature intended and you will never need an immune booster(vaccine) shot....And no I see no evidence to trust anyone promoting current day vaccines...

As for the common cold, there is no cure because it is our bodies way of detoxing, it's a natural process, let it happen....

Every system grows by being tested, our immune system stays strong and gets stronger by defending the whole organism from viral and bacterial pathogens. If your sick for a week or more than your immune system needs to be strengthened. With nutrition, delivered as nature provides in the form of whole foods, raw and pesticide, petrochemical free.

As far as I know.......

denmar2, posted on October 7, 2015

No vaccines are safe. There is so much information on the internet as to why they are not safe. As a nurse practitioner, I refused to give vaccines because I know the damage they cause. For starters, Google Maurice Hilleman videoed confession. Barbara Loe Fisher is also a good source of information. Watch the videos and read up.

privateidaho49, posted on October 6, 2015

I am in one of the target groups, age 66. I have always gotten it for 5 years. I am one of the people who rails against the "anti-vaxers"...

georgic, posted on October 6, 2015

Could this be why The government's alphabet agencies like the USDA and the FDA are against organic foods and meds and really pushing the vaccines and GMO to kill as many off the planet as possible. I was also hearing that CERN is to open that star gate to bring more of the Draco into this dimension and populate the Earth? I understand that the Blue Avians are preventing these star gates from being used to get them off or more onto the "planet"... "dimension" whatever yet when is this Cabal being brought down? Not soon enough for me.. Thanks for the insight into this David.. LOve you.

destinyclemens, posted on April 25, 2016

Yes, I heard about the hadron collider being used to open a portal to allow the draco to enter this dimension of the Earth en masse. I heard this from Simon Parkes, another whistleblower on the SSP. Many of his interviews are on Youtube eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTddefQ04PE

What I also heard from Simon, and from Ashayana Deane in her interview with Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot, is there had been a plan to create a pole shift that would have wiped out all human life. Such a shift would have been possible to create during the galactic alignment of the Earth at the time of Dec 21, 2012. With the Earth then totally depopulated, any other ET race would legimately have been able to colonize it. As Simon says, the hadron collider did not switch on when it should have just before Dec 21, 2012. The Alliance prevented this. Of course, we know that was the date prophesized by the Maya for the end of history - which it would have been!

Could David or Corey do a program on the hadron collider and its true purpose?

b.kadyrova, posted on October 6, 2015

Thank you so much to you DW and CG. I am so glad what you are doing. It is strange, but when I was tought at school all those scientific staff I didn't believe them: my teacher and books. Being an innocent child without understanding I couldnt agree with them, just somehing inside me protested, and I didn't want to study. The result was bad grade, at school. But now, the same without any prove somenthing inside me - my feeling, not my mind, believe you and agree. I am so excited to listen to your programmes.

ZackLMiles, posted on October 6, 2015

Great show. I know in my heart disclosure is coming! You can feel it building! SENDING SOME LOVE MY BROTHER! Here is some more proof. The cabal is going to fall!!!!

261 Public Officials in Great Britain and kiddos???? ahhhh ohhh looks like the tide is turning!

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/20/britain-child-sex-abuse_n_73427... <<<<<< mainstream media mind you....

summersol, posted on October 6, 2015

Please just keep the information coming. No need to further justify what Corey Goode has to say. Those of us who are able to watch both of your series with an open mind don't need justification. It appears Corey has the "OK" to start informing the general public. When I see a lot of negative postings I can't help but wonder if they simply aren't an attempt to discredit the information. Thanks.

starie_showgirl, posted on October 5, 2015

I've been a big fan of you David for years now and have watched every episode you have her on gaiam and lots of videos on You tube. I most admit the only thing I haven't watched are the episodes you've done with cory. I started to watch the first one you did with him and I'm sorry but he's just not believable to me. I was so turned off by the little bit I did see with him that I just couldn't get myself to watch any more of the videos with him in it. I started watching this video and it appears your trying to show his credibility so I scrolled down and notice other peoples comments as well about how hard it is to believe or take him seriously. After feeling this way the first time i watched him on your show and now you release this video and I now see comments of others feeling the same way. I'm gonna go with I was right, something not right here. Kinda sucks to see something like this on your show David.

niccolo.angeli, posted on October 6, 2015

I get what you say, I had the same impression the very first time I saw Corey talking... but I kept watching the episodes because I trust DW and Gaiam on evaluating the info coming from him.

After watching some other episodes, and most of all reading Corey's story and articles on his website spherebeingalliance.com as well as the Faqs spherebeingalliance.com/faqs my feelings towards him started to shift.

You see, Corey has had an extremely different life experience than most of us (read his story), and he is having a really stressfull time in his coming forward now.
He has also been through some very serious emotional issues due to his work on the Secret Space Programs, and if you sum up everything it becomes very clear why he seems insecure when he talks.

I say focus on the information, not on the messenger.
He had a six figure job which he let to come forward as an insider, I hardly believe his work for Gaiam and our donations are supporting him and he's family as well as his past job was. Plus as any other major whistleblower he's having a really hard time with "the powers that were" (read Illuminati, Cabal, ...), which obviously are very pissed off from the info he's disclosing.

So, just don't give up so soon, get informed, dive into this information and get to know Corey's story better before judging him.

I actually ended up liking very much is attitude. I can see why he was "chosen" to deliver this kind of message, he is humble and sober... I would definitely trust him less if he was bold and full of himself.



sunshine.today, posted on October 6, 2015

It is extremely hard to be a whistleblower and on the frontline of a fight such as this one. I have done it myself and I applaud both Corey and David! Legions of angels and protective entities surround all of us who are actively engaged in this fight! Never judge by appearances - that is a large part of the lesson we are all learning here! Dark forces working at an energetic level will typically target someone in his position - anything to throw him off balance. They will go after his surroundings and associates if they cannot throw him off balance emotionally. As his fame grows, his energy will grow because more people are putting their focus on him. The quality of that energy will in turn affect his stability. It is up to each of us, as we watch him, to NOT follow blindly and "GULP' everything he says down without questioning( I would never say that1) BUT rather hold in ourselves a sincere heartfelt desire that the truth be revealed ! Ask the Universe to help him stand strongly in truth and peace in the name of freedom! If we all listen from a place of " It is safe for you to tell us the Truth. Thank you for your service to humanity" He WILL feel that! It will strengthen him if we all hold a safe place for him to speak. From an energetic perspective, he is smack in the middle of two tides! He needs no further arguementative debates - it will keep his surrounding energy choppy. Instead - if we all mentally send him silent peaceful support - an "urging on" the same kind way you might watch a child's violin recital, we will actually make his life easier. Prayer works! He is also an empath! Lets all pitch in to help him out!

ZackLMiles, posted on October 12, 2015

Well said... and I am also going to ask the universe to help me express myself in the same manner you just did. Beautiful! Thank you for that insight very much.

missdesireeporrelli, posted on October 9, 2015

You are a breath of fresh air with your clarity and articulation of how this ultimate cosmic virtual reality game functions.

niccolo.angeli, posted on October 8, 2015

Well said Sunshine, you couldn't explain it better :-)

IdaPingala, posted on October 7, 2015

Dear Sunshine
That has got to be the most beautiful thought of my day - thank you for expressing your heartfelt suuport to Correy so well- I could not have said it any better. I agree totally : Lets unite and support Correy with loving heartfelt thoughts - he is an empath remember and a humble being just doing as he was asked, I might add. I send my best to Correy and his family. Sinecely love and peace Idapingala

drferry, posted on October 5, 2015

Let us consider the case of British National Gary McKinnon who hacked UFO files and is being hounded for extradition and prosecution. Now let us consider the case of Edward Snowden. You all know the firestorm that erupted after he hacked secret files and sought exile in Russia. Now let us consider the case of Michael Hastings who is now dead. You look all these cases up. REAL Whistleblowers are hunted down, pursued and many end up dead or in jail for a very, very long time. So where am I going with all of this? If Corey Goode were real, he would've been arrested for what he is saying is far larger in scope than Edward Snowden has released. Come on people. I know it's an attractive story line and what you want to hear. Heck, I've watched, read and listened to nearly everything David has ever done, both on YouTube, Divinecosmos.com and on GAIAM TV. I appeal to you all to critically think about this. Has Corey shown his SSP uniform, patches, or any photos of the control systems of space craft or told us how the crafts anti-gravity systems actually work? If Corey was a REAL Whistleblower he would have been arrested and imprisoned, because the Cabal don't want us to know above top secret information. If he were real, he'd need the Alliance outside his house, or in it, and checking his food and water just to stay alive. Folks, many questions have been answered by Corey but all the stuff that would make you think, such as how the aliens go to the bathroom, how the aliens handle sewage in space, how the aliens grow their food, how they bury their dead, where they get their water from in space etc, etc have not been answered (although I could've missed those parts). If Corey were real perhaps he can show us just one single artifact like an alien cell phone device, or an alien weapon, or an alien healing device, or an alien particle beam accelerator. Come on folks. Think about it. If Snowden is a wanted man by the gvmt, and Gary McKinnon is scared for his life, and Michael Hastings is dead, why is Corey still free? Simple. It's all fake. Show us PROOF David and Corey. A video from outer space taken on your iPhone would help..

grand_monya, posted on October 12, 2015

Perhaps the reason that Corey has not been arrested is because he had not provided any physical evidence.

Julian Assange, Gary McKinnon, Edward Snowden, and Michael Hastings all had proof - files and documents - that they were disclosing to the public.

Corey Goode has so far only provided verbal testimony of his personal experiences.

Although there is plenty of proof from other sources, especially for some of the science he describes (look up 3D printers, the latest developments in virtual reality/holographics, and NASA articles describing portals connecting Earth to the sun and "hyperdrive" engines), Corey has not provided any of this proof himself.

Perhaps the cabal figures that it would be more effective to simply try to discredit and bring doubt to his testimony rather than arrest him and give credibility to what he's saying.

ZackLMiles, posted on October 6, 2015

oh man... hard sell aren't ya? If they did have proof like that, you'd still be in denial. Next you'd be wondering why they couldn't just grab an ET and bring by your house for lunch or something. Come on dude... wake up.

missingtheocean, posted on October 5, 2015

drferry, it is good that you are skeptical and challenging. Your challenge could bring more specific data or evidence. However, I am not sure you have watched every episode as you claim, I am skeptical; as Corey has stated that a specific group of the Alliance is protecting him and his family in every way. Also, it is not logical that he would be arrested, what government is going to arrest him for a program that does not exist????? That would only be confirming that the SSP and ICC doe exist. Corey is talking about something no one wants to become known, on the cabal side, you do get that, right? Additionally, Linda Howe has not been arrested, nor the 200 whistleblowers and PHDz that are whistleblowers, or the Canadian Defense Minister, because they whistle blow on something that can not be confirmed by an arrest. Yes, you did miss the part on what some ETs eat. And by the way, no one says Aliens, do I really have to explain why? That word in beyond incorrect, no politically, just geo-galiatically. In a few short years, we will have the first birth in space, from our left behind civilization, that person will be an ET human of some citizenship, not a terrestrial, and not an alien. Now figure out the nomenclature from there, work on it, so that you can become respectful on the day you meet your first ET.

I have found a lot of what Corey has said, to be hard to digest, what is impressive, is the means to get there, to disclosure and seeing all this, is to find more fogginess, service, and joy in you life, hour by hour. Wow, not send me 10 bucks and I will tell you and you get a freeSSP shirt. But the advise is to move ahead which conscience maturity and joy, and to authorized disclosure in your life, your heart, the glob and solar system. I say, start there, start with verbalizing that authorization, get our thought field charge by tens of thousand of minds moving to disclosure, and you watch, it will arrive even sooner.

drferry, posted on October 6, 2015

Dear Missingtheocean,
It is logical that the government would want to arrest and detain Corey Goode, just as they want to detain Edward Snowden for information he has YET to disclose or release. Surely you have heard of Julian Assange. They tried to frame Assange and caused him to seek refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy for disclosing secrets on Wiki leaks. The Canadian Defense minister (retired) you refer to is called Paul Hellyer and he is a member of the Knights of Malta - one of the highest Masonic Illuminati organizations on the planet, after the Knights of the Garter. "They" don't need real reasons to arrest folks like Gary McKinnon, Michael Hastings and Julian Assange, because 'they' just make up fake charges (as they did with Assange), so it is totally logical that if Corey Goode was for real they would be all over him. Yes, I understand that Corey is talking about something that the Cabal don't want known, BUT that assumes that what he is saying is actually true. If it's not true, then they wouldn't care - and so he walks around free, and if it is true then they would arrest him. Linda Howe isn't the one on GAIAM TV giving the interviews, and nor is Linda Howe claiming to be a member of the SSP. Who are the 200 PHDs who are SSP Whistleblowers (names please)? Not the names of Lockheed-Martin Skunk-works PHDs disclosing Aliens, but the names of the 200 PHDs disclosing the SSP? Yes, I am all about finding forgiveness, service and joy in my life, hour by hour and day by day, and I totally identify with that outlook. However, my second amendment right to free speech allows me to have an opinion and disagree while being joyful and happy. You advise moving ahead with maturity and conscience toward accepting disclosure. I do accept disclosure, BUT I'd rather take the approach of accepting truth about the SSP. The SSP and disclosure are linked, but they are two entirely different things. Research "the great deception" to understand what I mean. In my opinion, and as I said I have a right to it, even if you don't like reading it, David Wilcock is being taken for a ride here. Because some of the community desperately want to believe in the SSP, they are being duped. SHOW US SOME PROOF PLEASE Corey. Just one Alien artifact please that actually works, or some photos taken of bases off planet, or photos of the inside of craft. Please folks, think critically about what is being presented in the absence of any evidence it's all here-say and circumstantial.
I do recall now Corey saying that some Aliens eat, but how do the space colonies he visited and inspected grow their food, where do the colonies he visits get resources, how is the atmosphere created, what kind of gravity levels exist on the colonies, the list goes on and on and yet no proof....

ZackLMiles, posted on October 6, 2015

So basically... your asking for complete disclosure. Hang on to your hat pal. It is coming. ( There are more and more people coming forward and more evidence coming to light every day. And as that momentum keeps building they can't stamp it all out. The more people are looking and awakening the less they can hide and the harder it would be to fool everyone.) Right now... most people are so left brain dominate they try to logically think everything though like your doing. Example... it is really hard to make someone understand what an out of body experience is like if they've never done it. But for the person that has done it a time or two or can purposely do it. It is simple for them to understand. Just quit looking with judgement. Open your mind. That is the only way all this will start unfolding for you. The people that have been college educated and stuff like that will have the hardest time with all this, because they have been programmed the hardest. Your going to have to relax your mind a lot more. ( ego ) Hope this helps you some.

drferry, posted on October 8, 2015

It's possible for a person's mind to be too open. When this happens the person has a diminished ability for discernment. The ideal state is to posses an open mind, but also the ability to discern truth. According to the Oxford English Dictionary definition, in the Christian context (which is my belief system) discernment is perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. In other words, discernment is not judgement for judgement's sake, but rather a careful interpretation of the narrative and facts with the goal of impartial and personal discerned understanding. None of what I have pointed out in my two earlier posts has been challenged nor a countered argument proposed. The approach of accusing me of being asleep, or needing to open my mind, or being right brained, are all aimed at me personally, but do nothing to address the basic challenge I've levied, i.e. where is the proof - and why if the SSP information is true is Corey walking around free unlike Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Gary McKinnon or Michael Hastings et al? In today's highly un-transparent, corporate oligarchy (fascist) state, Whistleblowers are persecuted. Yet Corey is not, and is somehow 'being protected' by the Alliance. I accept there is an Alliance. I accept Disclosure. I don't accept the SSP exists and I only ask for some proof. Show us one single photo of an off-planet colony please, perhaps the same one Corey audited, or a photo of the inside of one of the SSP craft, explain anti-gravity drives, explain how the off-planet colonies adapt to light gravity and low planet mass environments, or how the off-planet colonies handle their sewage. Does it rain on these other planets? And where do the off-palnet colonies get their water for the inhabitants? Can Corey show us his SSP uniform that he forget to bring with him when he went on the audit to the off-planet colony - the time when he had the dinosaur tattoo on the back of his hand? Perhaps his SSP uniform is in his closet and he could show it on Gaiam TV? Folks, discernment is about not believing everything you are told. Even if your minds are very open, you should still question for your own good and protection of soul. Demand a higher standard of truth than what you are getting, and you just might get it. Where is the evidence? Can Corey take David on a trip with a video crew? If not, why not? He's being protected right, so it should be okay. Don't bother attacking me personally let's try and get to the bottom of this before David's reputation is tarnished. I still watch Wisdom Teachings and have learned a lot from it. I've read Source Field Investigations and Synchronicity Key. I am David W' fan, BUT I do not believe SSP is real. I watched maybe fifteen episodes or so (maybe more) to give him the benefit of the doubt all the while feeling in my gutt that something just wasn't right. So hold off on the personal attacks if you can. Give me some coherent argument about why the SSP is true please. Can you do that in the absence of evidence and proof? Even Jesus allowed Thomas to put his finger in his side.

ZackLMiles, posted on October 11, 2015

I'm sorry you feel like I attacked you personally. It was not my intention at all. At least I don't feel I attacked you for your comments any more than you did Corey. These two guys are pouring their hearts out giving what evidence they have at this time. 90% of it all being totally proven science. And I am just thankful for their efforts. I don't see why anybody would not believe them myself. It's not like their up against a bunch off dummies. They've been covering their tracks for thousands of years. He is not the only person coming forward with all this. He is a huge piece of the puzzle is all. And with comments like your making why in the world would anyone else come forward with any information. Just not feeling the gratitude in your comments. ( Metaphorically speaking...Like a kid wanting more candy when they've already had some. Now that might possibly be taken a little tacky... but just goofing with ya.) I just look at all the evidence coming out these days and it all looks pretty convincing to me. And I just don't like to see the skeptics attack David or Corey, I guess. At this point it is just hard for "me" to believe that someone could not being seeing through the veil of it all. And my research has only been going on about 5 years. And really I don't see where my comments are harmful, I'm just countering what "I believe" to be negative comments directed at two other beings I happen to love for what they are doing. So I guess what I should say again right now is that I am sorry if I offended you man. I hope you will forgive me. Believe what you want, it really doesn't effect me or them I guess in the big picture. They are probably more used to people doubting them than I am, anyway. And I am positive they were both meant for the roles they have in life. It is no accident you or I are listening to any of this. No real harm done. That's what I thought the comment section was for? Right?

Now... I think I will just go forth and rejoice in the power and the love of the infinite creator. :-) AND of coarse.. with the spirit of Jesus in my heart. Have a good one!

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