Wisdom Teachings: [#135] The Revolution will be Televised Video
[#135] The Revolution will be Televised
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Wisdom Teachings: [#135] The Revolution will be Televised (October 2015)

Season 18, Episode 6
Available worldwide

David Wilcock details what the cabal is most afraid of. That the full disclosure of their devious plans will lead to mass arrests of these master manipulators. They hope, that as the truth is being disclosed, little by little, that they will have plausible deniability once the final ball has dropped. Little do they realize, that the revolution is already being televised. This production was originally webcast October 12, 2015.

David Wilcock


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c_craig, posted on February 24, 2016

I can only assume that this is the new exchange that Germany is now using or it is the old exchange. Either way something was happening to it when it shut down see the link below. It would be interesting to see what was happening, i had the actual screen shot on Facebook of the market being down due to a technical issue they stated but now Facebook has taken it off my page. Here is another article giving a brief description of what they say happened, I say this because it was more than just a 5 minute downtime I checked an hour later after I was sent the information and it was still down.


at405oak, posted on January 27, 2016

But only got aired late October 2015 - almost 6 months later.... but even MORE importantly.... David you are referring to events (as if they are just occurring) when in fact the events happened in October and November 2014 - meaning that THE NEWS was already a year OLD by the time your 7 month old discussion of it was finally AIRED another 6 months later!!
We are in constantly changing times.... THIS stuff is vital...so...
Is there any way to get your video disclosures to air a little closer to the actual events?
Otherwise... why watch it here?
In fact we should be watching elsewhere if we want to stay Up to date. Which means we'll be putting it together long before you get your videos to air.
It makes watching it on Gaia Obsolete and redundant.
We are (after all ) watching for this stuff everywhere just like you.
There is no reason to watch this stuff if we have already put it together ourselves many months before you even air it.

leslie.hutchison1, posted on January 6, 2016

At 1:25 to 2:30 you totally called me out on the way I have been approaching all of this! I definitely gotta laugh at myself and stop getting off on the "fear porn" and instead start creating what I would rather have in this world. Well thanks for the wake up call. I love this channel so much, and I appreciate your work. Thanks, again!

9one9, posted on December 8, 2015

David - didn't you see these headlines of "space plankton" found on the outside windows of the International Space Station? You only mention the "possibility" of this kind of life on a moon (Europa) of Jupiter - when in reality its already been found much closer to home. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/11049504/Sea-plankton-foun... "Sea plankton 'found living outside International Space Station'. Russian cosmonauts claim to have discovered tiny marine creatures thriving in zero-gravity on the outside of the International Space Station." http://www.space.com/26888-sea-plankton-space-station-russian-claim.html "Sea Plankton on Space Station? Russian Official Claims It's So". And ... researchers recently announced that Neanderthal DNA shows up in decedents of white Europeans and Asians today, but not Africans. Go figure. https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/neanderthal/ "Everyone living outside of Africa today has a small amount of Neanderthal in them, carried as a living relic of these ancient encounters. A team of scientists comparing the full genomes of the two species concluded that most Europeans and Asians have between 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA. Indigenous sub-Saharan Africans have no Neanderthal DNA because their ancestors did not migrate through Eurasia." If Neanderthal is alien then we already have and alien-human hybrid mix without any current visitors stirring sperm and eggs in petridishes aboard spacecraft today lol!

whatcomhypnotherapy, posted on October 20, 2015

Catherine Austin Fitts might have a different take on whether or not trading in Yuan by Germany is a sign of distress in the Cabal.

jhein1, posted on October 20, 2015

David is talking about November dates when news is pusblished. Is this 2014, or is he predicting the future. We are still in October 2015, right?!

injakawaiu, posted on October 23, 2015

dates in the articles David is referencing is 2014.

jim41, posted on October 18, 2015


They did have a history of droughts before haarp was built ... just saying

pasluilui, posted on October 18, 2015

Thank you love warrior <3

jeanhdesigns, posted on October 17, 2015

Love this series as well as the Cosmic Disclosure series-Everyone needs to see this! It is fantastic and I am hooked! Thank you

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 17, 2015

We appreciate your comment! You can find all episodes of the series at the following link:


tamjordan, posted on October 16, 2015

David, thank you, as always. I've followed you for years now. Always eye opening. I wonder if you could mention the murders/deaths of all the alternative doctors? Surely this is a sign of the last gasp of the cabal as well. Thank you, may you keep shining a light into dark places, and be safe.

TobeyLlop, posted on October 16, 2015

Great connecting of the dots! So much in the news I as an ordinary person would miss were it not for people like David W!

gaylebush, posted on October 16, 2015

David and everyone, you may be interested in watching the "3rd Ambassador Meeting, Rome 8PM CET October 16th" on Youtube which was just aired live stream just hours ago by the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. Keshe was giving a presentation on devices which he is offering to every country worldwide which would provide free electricity, the extraction of nutrients from food and even medication into water, and can even be used for healing for everyone in the world. I would be interested in your take on this David. Also how soon we will be receiving this. ( By the way, the cost of these units to each government would be less than $1000 ).

herbpigott, posted on October 16, 2015

This choice is ours to make!
All the information coming out is waking many people worldwide. I have read many comments online asking how we can help.
October 31st is one of the biggest days for the Cabal. (Black Opps, Shadow Gov., Illuminati, Satanist, The Elite, Etc.)
My plan is to get everyone we can contact worldwide to set aside 15 minutes at 7:00PM in their own time zone to pray or meditate for full disclosure and keep this going every Saturday every week till we get there.
This way we can come together in love and work together for this choice that we have to make for our children, our grandchildren and our fellow man worldwide.
I truly need your help to get this started. Please contact everyone you can with the sources you have.
Thank You

riverwanderer9, posted on October 16, 2015

No matter what player I select from my account, I simply cannot get the video playback to sync up with David's voice. The sound is smooth, but the video is broken during play back. I think all of my software is up to date as well. Help? UPDATE: It's working now..

bretthaugen, posted on October 15, 2015

Hey David, appreciate what you're doing. Are you ever going to get to the healing power of pyramids? I know this disclosure stuff is fun and exciting, but that's why you have a show called disclosure isn't it?

Jonmj33, posted on October 15, 2015

Hello David, Great show!! I was wondering if you have heard about this:

"They say we actually need to consider the possibility of aliens...

It’s not every day that we have permission to throw "Aliens?" out there in relation to a confounding astronomical discovery - in fact, I don’t think we ever have. But the discovery of a strange pattern of light surrounding a distant star called KIC 8462852 has seen even the most sensible astronomers throw their arms up with a, "Sure, why not?" arguing that the possibility of advanced alien technology can’t reasonably be ignored. "

Here is the link: http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-can-t-explain-the-bizarre-mass-of...

smata33, posted on October 14, 2015

Your shows are fantastic. I love them, and I am trying to get as many people as I can to watch. Could you touch on the Rh Negative blood. I am A neg. , and I am really curious what you think of the small amount of the population being Rh negative. Thank you and Cory for your bravery. My friend told me about 9-11 the day after. I can't believe it has taken America this long to see what really happened, and there are still people that don't believe it. The best thing you have shined a light on is the crimes against children especially what these people are doing to our little boys. That is sick and twisted, and we as members of the human race need to put a stop to this NOW!!!!! We have waited too long to stop these men from abusing these children. No religion should support anybody abusing children. That is wrong on the very fabric that we all are woven into! Thank you again for all your work, research, and bravery to bring this information out to the masses in a way that everyone can understand.

ladymorosan, posted on October 14, 2015

I thought the Midwest was America's breadbasket, so I don't see CA being targeted for that reason but I agree the state is being targeted with geoengineering for some reason. Some say it's to force CA to say yes to privatized water - but if the government is doing the chemtrail spraying, I don't see how they would profit from such a private interest. At "best" HAARP is either protecting CA from radiation-contaminated Pacific Ocean rainwater (don't forget Fukushima, folks) or at worst it's another form of slow kill.

9one9, posted on December 8, 2015

CA was our organic market breadbasket. If you could own the rights to genetically modified seed that could withstand drought and all pesticides, and produce global drought through weather manipulation, then you could measure your profits greater than billions. Scary corporate nightmare scenario that sounds like science fiction. But who ever said the anti-Christ could not be a corporation?

malcolmscottmail, posted on October 14, 2015

Everyone in the room got it wrong when you came back with "Saudi Arabia"! At that point David, my jaw dropped and zam....your credibility went right out the window!
Don't get me wrong here, my family are on your side...WE are all on your side and watch you every week but something happened here and my first thought was; that the Cabal had finally gotten to you.
This was a mistake David and suggest an attempt to rectify and soon.....

9one9, posted on December 8, 2015

Who doesn't know Osama, the hijakers, and Al Qaeda involved in 9-11 were Saudi nationals? It's pretty common knowledge: http://www.britannica.com/biography/Osama-bin-Laden "Osama bin Laden, also spelled Usāmah ibn Lādin (born 1957, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—died May 2, 2011, Abbottabad, Pak.), founder of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda and mastermind of numerous terrorist attacks against the United States and other Western powers, including the 2000 suicide bombing of the U.S. warship Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon near Washington, D.C. Bin Laden was one of more than 50 children of Muhammad bin Laden, a self-made billionaire who, after emigrating to Saudi Arabia from Yemen as a labourer, rose to direct major construction projects for the Saudi royal family. " In fact the most damning evidence was all US airspace was closed and planes grounded immediately following the attack, except for an exception made to fly out members of the Saudi Royal family. These are not Cabal secrets - they are well published facts.

ladymorosan, posted on October 14, 2015

The House of Saud certainly helped, but 9/11 was the Bush Crime Regime's baby.

malcolmscottmail, posted on October 17, 2015

ladymorosan, posted on October 17, 2015

malcolmscottmail, posted on October 20, 2015

Great link and yes, quite familiar with the Jim Stones work and believe this to be quite correct.

“To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question:
Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” — Kevin Alfred Strom

Shea, posted on October 14, 2015

From Fooddemocracynow.org -
This week, in a stunning reversal of fortune, the financial press reported that Monsanto is slashing more than 12 percent of its workforce due to weaker than expected sales and profits are down more than 5 percent for the 4th quarter of this year.

According to Reuters, “sales of corn seeds” and GMO traits, Monsanto’s key products fell more than 5%, while sales of their best selling weedkiller Roundup, dropped a whopping 12% in the past 3 months alone.
Matt Kahn is frequently a guest on the youwealthrevolution.com streaming interviews. You can listen or call in to connect with spiritual/vibrational lightworkers all the time. All you need to do is opt-in with a valid email address. I keep a separate email account for all of the "good news" sites and their updates.
Is everyone watching The Truth about Cancer documentary (thetruthaboutcancer.com) - this week only?
It is an unflinching account of the billion dollar cancer industry that keeps real cures from the public.
VERY well done and so hopeful for those with a diagnosis. I'm perfectly well but find it so gratifying to see Big Pharma exposed.
Highly recommend!

eco1, posted on October 15, 2015

Those of us who have been signing petitions re: Monsanto for years are gaining power and also have been educating everyone we encounter at the stores, gas stations, waiting rooms for years; if each person educated via a loving, friendly "elevator speech" tells ten people the Truth and they tell ten people in a way that entices and inspires instead of alienates, Disclosure happens from that alone. We invite everyone who has not yet done so to petition and take every other peaceful action daily to end this daily menace in our lives and that of our children and animal companions, and Mother Earth. Please heavily investigate "miracle" solutions such as Keshe Foundation; if tomorrow's energy device launch and the devices are for real, they will need networking and goodwill ambassadors tomorrow and beyond to get our sovereign and healing future underway immediately. Keshe or something better will be in place soon; it is our time, and everyone's contributions are needed now. The energy of fear may be transmuted into enthusiasm and forward movement with conscious choice on an hour-by-hour, sometimes breath-by-breath basis. www.keshefoundation.org.

chantspire, posted on October 14, 2015

...for the info on Big Ag. These returns are excellent news. The work of so many worldwide to inform the public is having a bottom line effect. Maybe we can break them completely or, even better, force them to become organic producers of materials.

On cancer--had not seen the documentary. Thanks for the link. For anyone paying attention it's a fact that Big Pharma keeps us sick and doped-up for profit. Cures remain hidden in Federal agencies and patents are stolen or refused. The alternative medicine docs who have been murdered (bless these front line soldiers) are only one sign of the enormous fear the Cabal is experiencing. They are being attacked on so many fronts. Lets keep it up so at some point a final pincer move will finish them.

jflem57, posted on October 13, 2015

I thank you for sharing. it seems as though its going slowly from my end. Disclosure and kicking them out of a top position of the reins can't occur fast enough. It is exciting and very welcomed. Thank you for a super presentation

yisraelah, posted on October 13, 2015

Great show David. I look forward to watching each week. I was wondering who are the alliance? How organized are they and just because there are bits and pieces of disclosure how do you know this is all leading to mass arrests and a take down of the cabal? How soon do you anticipate full disclosure to take place?

Thank you!

bronte4, posted on October 13, 2015

David I was present at your Seminar at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle W.A on your last Australian Tour, actually in the VIP section where you told us all that one of your insiders told you they were in an undisclosed location on the day of the 9/11 Terror attack with another insider who was operating a remote control joystick device that steered the Planes into the Twin Towers.
Help me out here........ How is it that the Saudis could have hijacked the Planes and piloted them into the Twin Tower buildings when they were being controlled remotely by an undisclosed operator in an undisclosed location???
Love your work but there is no consistency here!

Jmolin3, posted on October 13, 2015

IMHO, I think there is still a connection if a Saudi Prince is paying for cover story consistency and substance.
From what I remember from years ago, the "lessons" that these guys received was hardly adequate and their instructor reported they were terrible at flying.
So, yes, they may not have flown the planes, however, it had to look like a regular plane and have trained middle eastern pilots that took the plane over in order to satisfy the appearance of the cover story of 9/11.
These stories and sub plots can be very confusing when you try to construct an opaque story of them similar to the one that has been given as the official story.
The main point is that the official story is ludicrous and full of holes, and this was used as a false flag to begin a war in order to achieve all sorts of benefits to the ruling elite and their connections. The more you try to figure out the exact story of 9/11, I promise that your confusion will increase, as you find yourself in a whirlwind of perspectives on every point of that day.

pushkar.baral, posted on October 13, 2015

Why is he referring to information that are one year old? Why does not his insider of insider Corey Goode present any photographs or rock/ metal samples from the space station he was working for 20 odd years? Come on man, stop talking bullshit cabal, lucifers, freemasons, secret space programs.. when is this shit going to come out? why are we spending our precious time learning about this shit? what's the advantage of following you?

If the cabal is controlling the financial system of the world, media, government agencies, we are merely puppets. The depopulation agenda, 9/11, weather control, military, space programs everything is under their hands. I feel David and these people are overly obsessed with these fiction and the facts kinda seem fabricated.

aarcudaman, posted on October 13, 2015

Are we going to survive long enough to find out why this friggen chemtrailing is continuing to increase. It has been extra heavy duty lately and what we know from Mr. Wigington's massive unselfish effort to expose it ... is very unhealthy.https://youtu.be/T7V-BmLB5AI

indigoray, posted on October 13, 2015

It's very sad that this fundamental series has no subtitles, many truths will not be available to world people or deaf people...

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 13, 2015

We do have captions available, if you are watching in our Flash video player.
The CC button will be visible inside the player once a video has started playing. Click the CC button to turn on close captioning when available.

Please email us if you encounter further trouble: info@gaiamtv.com


peterpasc0, posted on October 13, 2015

Dave many factions of the NEW World Order . Fighting for control, so to blame 9/11 on the Suadis is a bit simplistic they may have had a role, But the ZIONIST ideology had just as much mate. Clear with all the evidence. I love your work but what puzzles me a bit is that you stated when OBAMA came in office he was a GOOD GUY with good intentions. Are you for real, every American President since Kennedy has been a Puppet for his MATERS. This is very easy and clear to see. That's what puzzled me when you made this analogy. Like your work though!!

davelimacher, posted on October 12, 2015

David, you may want to look at the synchronicity with this artiicle on December 21, 2012.
Smart spheres....pretty cool stuff.

Love and peave to all. I love you.

freemsw555, posted on October 12, 2015

What about the Israeli art students? The dancing Israeli's? The Israeli spy's that they rounded up and were spirited away to Israel days after 9/11? How about the information that Rebeca Roth just released in her last two books? What about the evidence that Dr. Judy Wood presented in her YouTube video "Where Did The Towers Go"? Not saying the Saudi's weren't involved, just that some other obvious information is seemingly omitted. This is not the time or the subject to be PC, call a spade a spade, please.

gwendopouch, posted on October 12, 2015

Hey David, you might want to watch this (if you didn't already), the frame by frame Justin Bieber's Where Are You Now video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qa9IU1Z6ic

myeongjeon, posted on October 12, 2015

I think my dog is a reptilian shape-shifter.

chantspire, posted on October 12, 2015

...for the Rand Corp/Sony connection. I didn't use my time to go through the emails. Now, you say they are indexed. Good. I figured some smart guy, like you DW, would do it and make the appropriate connections. Thanks for your work. Didn't ever think that the military industrial intelligence (MII) complex was NOT playing the "controlled technology release for public conditioning" role alongside unctuous, pandering Hollywood Execs. Not that the execs have a real choice in the pandering. Nevertheless, they are in their element. The rest of the so-called news releases were on my radar for what they represented. I would guess most of your veteran viewing audience also read between the lines and saw the information was keyed into the drip system for an eventual Cabal backstory. Sadly, most all of these releases passed right by the RPs (regular people). These are rarely seen or cared about because the information is not being hand-fed to them via the visual mainstream outlets ad nauseam . . . like sports and Donald Trump.

eahudimac, posted on October 12, 2015

Another great episode!

dumitru, posted on October 12, 2015

David, Stop hating on people who disagree with your interpretations. I am not addicted to negativity, I am not imagining I’m the only one who sees the truth, I am paying attention, I am thinking and I disagree with some of your conclusions. If you see a flaw in my logic, please address that rather than attacking me personally.

I don’t dispute that there are whistle-blowers inside the system who occasionally get the truth out through the mainstream press. I dispute your interpretation that this means that there is an Alliance that is in a powerful enough position to arrest the Cabal. These sort of leaks have been happening for decades, but rarely go anywhere. Even the investigations of high level pedophilia have happened before, but the investigations usually just end, or else get a couple low-level culprits. The news report about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11 led to nothing happening. What if a Congressional Committee came out and said that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy? Would you say that was evidence that the Alliance is about to make mass arrests? Well, that happened in 1978, and nothing was done.

Compare all of those leaks and “breadcrumbs” of information you presented to these facts: The TPP was recently finalized and agreed to by all the negotiators of the member nations. The “Dark Act” was just passed by Congress. Matt Drudge was told by a Supreme Court justice that they have the votes in the Court to shut down his independent news service using “infringement of copy write laws”. The Patriot Act expired in 2015 and was promptly re-instated by Congress and signed by Obama. The NDAA which authorized the president to kill anyone anywhere in the world with no due process was passed by Congress and signed by Obama. Americans rose up en masse and told Obama to not bomb Syria in 2013, so then the CIA created ISIS as an excuse to go in and Bomb Syria in 2015, which they are now doing. The chemtrails continue in abundance. I can go on and on with this stuff. Does it look like the Cabal is being slowed down by these breadcrumbs of information being leaked out?

What’s more, you acknowledged that some of this “disclosure” is probably being done by the Cabal itself. Do think these maniacal power-freaks decided to pave the way for their own defeat? It makes more sense to me that the disclosures they make are calculated to condition the public to accept two things: What is coming next, and that it is inevitable. Doesn’t that seem a more likely reason than they have decided to help the Alliance defeat them?

As for Germany and other nations abandoning the dollar, you are assuming that the Cabal is wedded to the dollar. I see no reason for that. To them, money is just a tool, and they are the ones who have designed the Federal Reserve System to crash. Do you think they are so stupid as to tie themselves to a crash that they themselves designed? Again, search for the writings of both Anthony Migchels and Katherine Austin Fitts to read how BRICS was created by the Cabal to be the next global bank after they crash the Dollar. And then, David, please respond and tell us what part of their arguments don’t make sense to you and why.

chantspire, posted on October 14, 2015

The facts you state here are completely true. The Cabal has a couple thousand years of sideways movements. They are expert at manufacturing them to appear positive for humanity under the guise of protection, mostly. In actuality, they were simply pulling different threads of hate and misery to create a new fabric that covers their avarice and greed. Agreed, BRICS is the same money slave system--made to appear as a great change. It's not. The same breadcrumbs have led down many paths over the decades but they all begin at the old witch's hut. There is nothing in your comment to disagree with where facts are concerned.

But consider this. To dislodge a mountain of granite it takes an enormous lever. The Cabal has ruled for so long that dislodging them is no small undertaking. Humanity is grabbing the end of the lever more fervently today than ever but it takes some time to apply the proper muscle--everyone on board is trying to find a spot at the bar. However, it is happening. It's not fast enough for me either because I've been standing at the front of the line for so long just waiting. In the meantime, the Cabal continues to push back with the tools they have. Laws like the TPP, the Dark Act, reinstating the Patriot Act, NDAA and propaganda are only a few. They are doing exactly what I'd expect of them because the Cabal is not unaware of the building strength that will send them flying. And I know they have to be frightened because they are not stupid about their own history. In all cases (but one) when the populace found strength and exerted will those in charge were taken down in a rage, brutally. That's a fact. I hope we can avoid that this time.

It's an old saying but it's true. "It's darkest before the dawn." We need strong, informed, intelligent people like you on the bar. So hang in.

Jmolin3, posted on October 13, 2015

I'm no expert, insider, or prophet, so I don't have any statements that make this easier or cut and dry, however, maybe these questions may help.

To your second paragraph: About what has failed in the past, does the past define the future?
To your third paragraph: About what terrible situations are going on in the present, could it be that the cabal with its back to the wall is getting desperately vicious, transparent and unmasked?
To your fourth paragraph: If disclosure is happening on the part of the cabal, could this be a part of them seeking control over the conversation?
And to the fifth paragraph: Are you surprised by the possible infiltration of a global coalition? How will the cabal control gold-backed currencies, freely traded?

I realize that this is no cure-all for your concerns or questions, just adding to the conversation.
I respect your enthusiasm!

gfw31, posted on October 12, 2015

Recently, Veterans Today Preston James, Ph.D on October 7, 2015 wrote a piece naming Israel. (I have no doubt Israel is behind a lot of the problems). The articles name is "Exposed, the American ISIS Nexus". I have always believed VT a very valuable paper, I could be wrong. I did see the picture of Bush and Prince kissing, disgusting. And where Obama apologized to Saudi Arabia, no one understood why. Also, like the below comment a Devine intervention is coming soon, I completely agree on.

valorierobinson, posted on October 12, 2015

David is great a t summarizing the earth situation a theory of everything. Helpful for putting the pieces together. He mentioned a illuminati agenda document at first that I think it would be very helpful to publish . Would he do that?

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