Wisdom Teachings: [#138] The Progenitors Video
[#138] The Progenitors
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Wisdom Teachings: [#138] The Progenitors (November 2015)

Season 18, Episode 9
Available worldwide

David Wilcock plucks more headlines from mainstream news services which connects the dots between various branches of the cabal in order to reveal the heart of their faith. It is a belief system which traces it origins beyond the dawning of human history and could lead us into a new era. But first we must understand who these people are and where they believe they came from. This presentation was originally presented November 2, 2015.

David Wilcock


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Zan123, posted on March 1, 2016


at405oak, posted on January 27, 2016

You recorded it in July or something it didn't air until November... but no one had time to change the Title?
I'm not a "hater" this isn't HATE koolaid... LOL but... really you simply repeated the last episode up until the halfway mark where you said you were going to introduce the progenitors
(Which I had already assumed is what you were calling the Ancient Builder Race.)
however... again at the halfway mark you continue without going into the subject... then at minute 29 finally mention the progenitors again... Just in time to announce that we have no more time in this episode. I suggest that you listen to your previous Episodes TWICE... just before you begin taping your Newest episodes. THEN maybe you will realize you have already covered (and re-covered) certain things... so that you can stay more closely on topic. Otherwise you could have alternately just listened yourself in this episode after filming and then renamed it:
(alternate title:) "A repeat of the last two episodes where I again introduce the idea that I might start talking about the progenitors but then run out of time before I actually do...."
:) No hard feelings...
but we are NOT really likely to be so dense that we need QUITE this much repetition - (after all you DO realize I Hope... that this isn't the ONLY PLACE we go for information...)
also... I DO realize this is partly just the way you operate but the titles of the episodes become misleading in this case.

loisclark.now, posted on April 20, 2016

Just a thought. The Ancient Builder Race is explained quite well in a book written by Rob Skiba titled "Babylon Rising". Very informative.

9one9, posted on January 26, 2016

David please read Mark Booth's NY Times number 1 bestseller The Secret History of the World as it traces the current Illuminati back to the ancient Egyptian mystery schools through historical means, only those mystery schools were just that - mystical and not evil starting in ancient Egypt, to ancient Greece (Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras etc.), to the Renaissance (Leonardo da Vinci etc), to the Knights Templars, the Cathars, the Scottish Freemasons (where they became politically corrupted and shifted from mystical knowledge to political/monitay power and control) to the founding of the New World - the USA, to today.

clance001, posted on November 28, 2015

David, I know you know who Karen Hudes is, counsel and whistle-blower of the World Bank. Simply put without the long list of encumbering details she has brought forward and as you surely must know of, has exposed the group responsible for everything you point out in this video, see the subject line above. I find it odd and curious that you do not seem to be in support of her. She does more than merely expose what's going on, something none of us can do anything about. She has points of actions that can be taken by us all that can swing this thing around restoring power back to the people and getting us off this fiat system and other forms of control. If you truly are for helping to free the financial and all systems from the control of the "hydra," why do you not work with her? She has stated suspicion that you are an agent of the Vatican, perhaps unwittingly and given the duty of letting the world know what "they've" all been up to over the eons. Any truth to this? Further more how do we know this "Alliance" opposing the cabal is no more than " their" trickery of playing both sides? Thank you.

wm, posted on November 30, 2015

Hello. I agree with your acknowledgment of Karen Hude's role/contribution as a whistleblower from the global financial cartels. As I have not seen nor read much of or about David Wilcock until recently, and haven't seen anything by him regarding Ms. Hude one way or another, perhaps he mentioned her verbally but I didn't catch it.

Therefore did DW actually say and/or write anything at all about Karen Hude?

Or does he simply not mention her?

To me, these are significant distinctions. With my own background in research I sometimes am surprised when I leave out someone, or haven't waded thru the ocean of information that seems overwhelming at times and then I am embarrassed when I realized I didn't mention so & so.

Thank you.


clance001, posted on January 13, 2016


Ms Hudes has explained that she had a single interaction with DW and nothing since. Extremely odd. That fact that she doesn't get much attention by DW or Coast to coast radio suggests to me something odd. C2 C had her on once but she has never been invited back. So in the world of informants for whistle-blowers such as DW ...why is she ignored? This makes me think even more that she is legit and unfortunately causes suspicion of these other players. Hopefully I'm wrong. Nevertheless DW does expose interesting points even if it is simply to expose to the public what has really been taking place but alas...what can we do about it. Nothing. Who is this "Alliance" and are they the wantabe kingpins vying for power? As DW has mentioned the most benefit we can bring is by staying centered with meditation.

at405oak, posted on January 27, 2016

David mentions Karen several times in previous episodes and does actually give her some credit. Part of the lack of mentioning her may have to do with some of her interviews or whatever one might call them... where some of the things she says don't seem to be properly or sufficiently vetted... which may cause some controversy. I do think she is credible on some points but she is very focused on the Dragon alliance of the east and there are some unresolved issues with all of that. David may be keeping it at a safe distance until some of the controversy is resolved...or until he can vet some of her sources more thoroughly.

moniqaf, posted on November 8, 2015

Nice hair cut!

rdesjardins63, posted on November 8, 2015

Unless I am wrong what you refer to as the Cabal in your Progenitors talk, is what Benjamin Fulford refers to as the “Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia” (RKM). Much of their history (Kazarian) is also reported in details including their "Babylonian Talmudism also known as Luciferianism, Satanism or ancient Baal worshiping" by the newspaper “Veterants Today” (http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incred...).

I am also glad to report this finding: "Two billion years ago, parts of an African uranium deposit spontaneously underwent nuclear fission — but the evidence suggests intelligent design. What was found in Oklo surprised everyone gathered there, the site where the uranium originated from is actually an advanced subterranean nuclear reactor that goes well beyond the capabilities of our present scientific knowledge. Researchers believe that this ancient nuclear reactor is around 1.8 billion years old and operated for at least 500,000 years in the distant past.

According to studies, this ancient nuclear reactor was several kilometers long. Interestingly, for a large nuclear reactor like this, thermal impact towards the environment was limited to just 40 meters on all sides. What researchers found even more astonishing, are the radioactive wastes that have still not moved outside the limits of the site as they are still held in place tanks to the geology of the area. What is surprising is that a nuclear reaction had occurred in a way that the plutonium, the by-product, was created and the nuclear reaction itself had been moderated, which is considered as a “holy grail” for atomic science.

trostle1, posted on November 6, 2015

I currently own a Amazon Fire TV from what I'm reading I will need to purchase a Roku2, 3, or 4 to continue after Nov 7th, is this so?

fubyff, posted on November 5, 2015

I am so thrilled by this whole episode as well as many of the others because for me it is like a dream come true and what I have been waiting for as long as I can remember and I'm 77 now so that is awhile. Thank you for all your efforts and research and for sharing this with all of us. Am now going to dive into the law of one. Yippee, yay and hip hip hooray. One ver very happy gramma.

liz1, posted on November 5, 2015

Hi David, I have been enjoying both you and Corey Goode's presentations. I do have one question though...what difference will it make to us now if the history of mankind is 500 million years old? Of course it changes the narrative of Adam and Eve but then any historical/anthropological/sociological research does that. What I am asking is what difference does this information make for us in the here and now? I really don't care if the history of man is 5 million or 500 million years ago and that man is seeded from other planets because it doesn't change how I pay my bills or live my daily life. Perhaps I have been reading/channeling this for so long it doesn't seem that new or different and doesn't impact my life that much. I do believe mankind had interactions with Extraterrestrials/Interdimensionals/Inner Earth people for millenia and so? Unless or until all of us on Earth have the option to interact on a daily basis with these beings and learn and grow from those experiences it is still confined to the select few who do. In a meditation I had four years ago, the vision of the "Golden Age" and what we transition to is direct interaction with beings who are here to help us create in the moment what we need to survive. That we will be literally living in a golden world where everything we see is golden and as we learn to live in this vibration we can add and change how we live and grow. Now THAT would change everything for all of us, taking us from the knowledge of the possibility of this age into the actual living of this time period! That is what I am waiting for...

bretthaugen, posted on November 4, 2015

Hey David, thank you for what you're doing. I recently read The Reincarnation of Edgar Caye. At first I thought I wouldn't like it...but loved it. I am now reading Synchronicity. Things are coming together for me. But these Wisdom teachings have made it easier to grasp these concepts. For that I thank your sir.

csusbdt, posted on November 4, 2015

Great job. Looking forward to next week's video.

wm, posted on November 3, 2015

The Cabal/Illuminati may believe in THEIR version of Luciferianism, and theirs is not the only version nor necessarily the "correct" interpretation. There is numerous research with debates & controversies that point to many feel Satan and Lucifer are two very distinct entities with very different origins & behaviors, or were made up along the way or confused & collapsed together during the Medieval period. Anton LaVey's "Satanic Bible" David Wilcock quoted from in a previous episode was known more for theatrical drama than theology, and there are Luciferian teachings at odds with these modern Satanic expressions. The so-called Sabbatical Goat image of Baphomet was all made up by Eliphas Levi in the 1800s. I find it curious David focuses more on Christian religions, but that may because of the Western orientation of the Cabal? There are also elements of Wicca, a modern re-creation of old European Pagan traditions, also strongly at odds with Satanism but who give respect to Luciferian traditions.

The Gnostic approach seems to make the most sense. The inconsistent, whimsical, hateful God of the Old Testament with his fear & wrath & racism & mass slaughter of people & incest & rape and torture etc. etc. does not seem to be anything but Demonic. So perhaps the original creator god was overthrown by a usurper/imposter demon, the Demiurge, and his legions of spiritual parasites, aka the Archons, some masquerading as Arch-angels, not angelic angels. I don't know, of course, altho I rejected Christianity long ago for its long litany of horror and distortion. Any history of humanity shows the established religions of the planet, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, many Pagan groups, and even Buddhists committing horrors and atrocities in the name of their religion. Religion is the hijacking and regulation and domination of individual and group spiritual and mystical experiences which threaten the political & economic control of any established religion beyond shamanism. I am certain there must be exceptions, of course, and I am speaking of the general flow of human history not those exceptional eddies.

I don't follow any particular religion. There are practices in several that resonate to me, including the meditation practices and teachings of the Buddha per the Dhammapada. Some of Jesus's. Others, too. There are Luciferian traditions that resonate, too, with me, but when it comes to Satanic behavior, the established religions of the Big 3 monotheistic Abrahamic faiths are incredibly Satanic in their bloodthirstiness & lists of don't do's & shall nots.

It seems some of DW's comments favor the Gnostics, others favor mainstream Christianity. BTW, there hasn't been much mention of other streams of Christianity such as the Copts, the Eastern Orthodox, Chaldean & Marionites, the Nestorians, the Native American Church, & yes, probably, too many to discern or discuss at once. Then again I have not seen all the Wisdom Teaching or the Season 2 sessions of Disclosure. Still catching up, LOL! But I do feel confused by what David stands for, especially since I favor the gay rights agenda and would support a polyamorous push as well as the next step towards marriage liberation. Maybe DW himself does not understand there are deep distinctions not only between Satanism and Luciferianism, but also between both of those two and Gnosticism, and all of those vs. Wicca (many reconstructed religions tend to make stuff up as they go or draw upon ancient traditions, but then again, every single religion was at one time made up.) I am no Satanist, I am no Christian, not a Muslim or a Hindu, not Jewish, I am none of those things, but I am much more in alignment to teachings of Buddhism & Gnosticism & elements of Shamanism.
The Cabal may support a vicious and demonic interpretation of Luciferianism, just as the Vatican once did during the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Reconquista, the Conquest of the Americas, dalliance with the Nazis and Fascists, and so forth, and it doesn't mean Luciferianism itself is "evil." At this point I end up feeling confused by the collapse & co-mingling of so many terms on David's otherwise sterling shows. Over all, I've appreciated them regardless of other's complaints. But I'm starting to scratch my head, not over the existence of Cabals & ETs, I've already known about those matters, but of this mangling of spiritual language. Now all this RA Law of One stuff is rising as the Alliance's spiritual anchor? I know little about RA/LoA but consider much channeling deception at worse & hooey at best with a few rare gems buried in there. What a tossed salad this is starting to become.

Any other thoughts & feelings regarding this Luciferian confusion, LOL? Thanks.

clance001, posted on November 28, 2015

Well put. Tx!

spacecase8888, posted on November 4, 2015

I think you make many good points, but I think David is talking more about one particular strain of Luciferianism. He's really talking about a cult that traces their beliefs back to antiquity, indeed, all the way back to Babylon and Sumeria and even Atlantis. And yeah, their beliefs maybe seem in some ways overlap with Gnosticism, but I see Gnosticism as having a spectrum, going from one one side focused on virtue and purity and the other side being more libertine and transgressive.

However, the Luciferians he is talking about, who are the leadership of the Cabal, have embraced an extremely malevolent self serving philosophy and practices which involves heavy abuse and mind control. They have been raising people from birth in this belief system, and are very cut throat and amoral and quite fanatical. This is a tradition adhered to by very wealthy and powerful people, a very dangerous cult, not only because they are fanatics, but because they control the financial system and military industrial complex and the western world, and they infiltrate every group with any power whatsoever. And they are in contact with very negative extraterrestrials. This is not your garden variety street level "luciferianism" that various authors have developed as an alternative to Satanism.

Many of these people are basically black magicians, or adepts. You haven't read the Law of One books, but the negative path or "service to self" path is explained in great detail in those book (as is the positive "service to others" path.) I'd highly recommend checking out the Law of One books. I approached them very skeptically myself, because I too had little respect for channeling, but I quickly found out that those books were very different than the vast majority of the channeled dreck out there. And 90% of that stuff I do not even look at, because I can see how poor quality it is when compared to the Law of One/Ra Material.

For one, the main person behind the channeling group that did them, Don Elkins, was a PhD Physics Professor from the University of Louisville. He was asking all the questions. And they were not just doing conscious channeling, but deep trance channeling, where the actual channeler's conscious mind is completely out of the way. She didn't even know what she had said until she read the transcripts of the sessions. And they caught a very big fish in the social memory complex (or collective soul) of Ra, who presented a very high and fully formed metaphysical philosophy. As I said, I started out very skeptically, but soon became very impressed and interested once I actually sat down and looked at what Ra had to say.

wm, posted on November 4, 2015

Appreciate the clarifications. Thanks for reminding me even lesser-known religious groups small in number still range along a spectrum. Perhaps the vehicle of a short TV episode "forces" presenters to speak in general terms. I agree those in the Cabal, certainly those who dominate and rule thru the Cabal engage in malevolent practices grounded in malevolent belief systems. Law of One does seem compelling, and, yes, I'll dive into it. Thanks for the update on Dr. Elkins, too. The collapse of distinctions as terms are so conveniently thrown out there, however, does concern me as it helps shape the listener's view of reality (something David alludes to in his Disclosure Season 2, Episode 1 about the Cabal, "Fear as a Business Model." they they they.

Anyway, at some point I may slide down into getting lost in hair splitting & Im not gonna let myself go there, LOL!

andis.purple, posted on November 3, 2015

Disagree that "the cabal" is promoting bisexuality and homosexuality, etc (and the subtle, if perhaps unintentional, insinuation that it must therefore be somehow "bad"). The people controlling "moral conservatives", attempting to restrict the freedoms of people of alternate mindsets from the "standard paradigm", are the very people most against those things... i.e. "the cabal". Sorry, not with you (nor ben fulford) on that one.

sparkleontherain, posted on November 3, 2015

I keep getting blocked out having 2 reset password....your info is amazingly spot on for this time so thank you so much!!!!!!

smorin11, posted on November 3, 2015

IDK, I've been looking into Disclosure, and have seen a lot of the opposite regarding a false flag alien invasion; something to bring the countries together and then bring in their NWO.
Would you please discuss this objectively?

Maidenhair, posted on November 3, 2015

WOW David Im having to layer my feet with heavier socks for this one you have blown my top layer of winter socks OFF...
Still consuming information and standing by patiently for next weeks Wisdom Teaching
David I send you Positive energies everyday along with Corey and still mind boggling that this verbal indecent exposure to how the Cabal has over thrown us far too long it seems to me that with all the past heavy weights back before time that somethings should had brought this catastrophe to an end way before now..I have always repeated that when Saddam was taken down he said to the people "Your culprit is your Government" LOL I believing in so many things before they have come to surface I just think this roller coaster is about to explode and everything thought possible was not at all possible at all for the almighty dollar
Bush Sr. era was the beginning of ruthless saga and as we stand to this moment in time Seeing is believing..
Thanks David I would love to see you as our President and Corey as Vice President ...Many thanks for your up and most truthful lineage David your persona blows me away as the layers o f energies flows between all matter o f Truth Be Told! Until next week :)
PS: We all stand in ovation out here as each day passes you your strength and inner guidance for us to be told as it is
respecting your ultimate courage in taking it to the limit Ty ty ty Wise man stand firm in all their actions speaking in all languages around the world you have come back this lifetime no doubt to be just that man Thanks again ..

contact71, posted on November 3, 2015

In the story line of the NBC' reboot of Heroes there's a plot against humanity where a major corporation (aka Renatas) is creating a parallel timeline where a select few of people would be taken to repopulate the planet after a series of Armageddon events that they foresee will happen to planet earth leaving to extinction.
Interesting comparison with whats going on right now.

Anyone has been able to watch the show?

ladymorosan, posted on November 3, 2015

So these are the guys Kubrick died warning us about in Eyes Wide Shut.

Bioedjc, posted on November 3, 2015

Colescottpa, posted on November 3, 2015

This all makers perfect sense to me at least. There have been alien war of the worlds going on for billions of years where planets are the game pieces. And even if they are blown up like Tiamat they have the technology to Tera form them into whatever they like! I am working on a book called godlitarian that I feel was the secret alien mission or agenda. I would love to discuss this with David Wilcock and I have met a friend of his eighty eight (88) who I was very in pressed by! The Arians who I believe are behind our cabal have had a mission or agenda for the lost few 100,000 years and it's in all our religions and monolithic artifacts!

jhershierra, posted on November 3, 2015

The Law of One appeals to ' computer like minds' . It is DECEPTION and it needs to stay buried....as useless information. Does it have any truth in it? Well yes if you are attached to this HOLODECK PROGRAM and you like the polarity and the long long timelines and the endless struggle to free yourself ... well then you will love the ' law of one'. Hang in there it may take you another 10 billion years to reach ' freedom and enlightenment' because apparently even the Law of One's ' Harvest" is still just part of the programs deception to keep itself alive.

The minute the sperm hit the egg.... we entered a preprogrammed holodeck reality - its encoded in our genetics to HIDE OUR LIGHT and ADVANCE THE PROGRAM> the PROGRAM WANTS TO SURVIVE AT ALL COST. So it will tell you ... Okay you can have freedom if you go through dozens of levels/densities and take billions of years to do it... HA HA ...meanwhile it keeps DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to survive. FIGHT OR FLIGHT IS ITS PROGRAM. It keeps creating more and more potholes, pits, detours, walls, fences, barbed-wire, seductions, fears, defenses, and deeper and deeper sub-programs to hide itself and YES TAKE YOU WITH IT!


In order to change your situation you must change your reality, your MIND IS LIVING IN THE OLD PROGRAM - WHAT CREATED THE PROBLEM CANT SOLVE THE PROBLEM You cannot free yourself using your OLD MIND, you cannot free yourself with DATA and Timelines, and billions of years, and following the news, and looking for every ' computer mind detail' of the program.... YOU ARE KEEPING YOURSELF TRAPPED.

You have to create a NEW MIND that will create a NEW PROGRAM. Dr. Joe Dispenza is doing GREAT THINGS TO HELP US... please visit his website here: http://www.drjoedispenza.com/index.php

I am going to 2 more of his workshops, in January and February. Thousands of people are being instantly healed, I have posted here before about Dr. Joe maybe you have read those posts. I gave examples of astonishing events happening beyond time... instant events. MIRACULOUS VISIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING WITH HIM AND HIS PEOPLE. He is creating along with ' Heart Math" http://www.heartmath.com/ a Global Consciousness that is FREEING ITSELF FROM TIME! YES YOU MUST FREE YOURSELF FROM TIME, there are 100s of thousands of us maybe more... in this global movement that are raising our Consciousness, Freeing ourselves from TIME and Creating a NEW MIND that does not accept this old programming.

There are many ways to do this every single day and I can write a post about it if anyone is interested, but you have to let go of SURVIVAL FEARS and FIGHT/FLIGHT program that is the dark seed within us. TIME IS THE TRAP... any teachings that focus on time will keep you trapped. Freedom exist outside of Linear Time and we have access to a Higher Consciousness that lives outside of Time... We can tap that Conscousness and ask or use it to build a new mind that is not trapped in this old program. IT WORKS, I am personal proof and thousands of people are healing from serious life threatening diseases and also instant events ( instant miracles) are happening to these people.

DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.... here it is. http://www.gaiamtv.com/search/sp/dr%20joe%20dispenza


consciousmatrix, posted on November 3, 2015

If you have actually read and understood the entire Law of One Series, then I might give your comments more credence. David is a brilliant man, with deep insight, who does incredibly detailed research. I would not discount his interpretations and insights so lightly if I were you until you have given both sides of the equation a full, thorough and thoughtful review. He has much more "vetted" "insider" information than I would assume Mr Dispenza has. I like to mix my spiritual philosophy with raw data and currents facts, the same way David does. You realize that belief is a VERY powerful thing and Mr Dispenza's work may very well have been the catalyst for what you consider to be "miracles" that are actually manifested by the person's own powerful mind. What you "believe" strongly enough will be true for you because you "CREATE" reality with your thoughts! And I highly doubt that anyone can show PROOF that either philosophy is correct or the Ultimate truth. I am glad you have found healing and something that you believe in that has become so very beneficial to you and 1000's of others.

jhershierra, posted on November 3, 2015

Yes I have read the entire Law of One series twice at different time periods once about 10 years ago and once just this year. There is a great deal of deception in the Law of One. I really dont care about ' insider vetted' information frankly- its all part of the old programming. DR. DISPENZA IS NOT INTERESTED in UFOS, secret governments, alien agendas, off world battles, DRAMA in the news and such stuff. He devotes every month to several workshops ALL OVER THE WORLD Healing and Transforming Lives.... Not lost in ' data and drama' of the old world programs. You did not really check him out or you would know this. Dr Dispenza and those of us working on the same ' consciousness frequency" ARE INTERESTED IN TRANSFORMATION, not all this UFO stuff. I was already in this transformation process before I met Dr. Joe I just met him this year... He fit perfectly with what I was already doing with my own ' inner guides and teachers'.

I honor that this level of information for you is new or valid. It really has no value for me. It will not free you and it will not advance your consciousness. I realize there are a lot of new people here, there are a lot of people entrenched in the UFO drama, and a lot of newagers ....and people waking up to all of this , even a lot of people who have been enthralled with it for years or decades and even people who are settled in for the long haul as researchers. This is all part of ' growth' and so if this is your calling that is wonderful.

I am interested in Consciousness Transformation... this happens ONE PERSON AT A TIME but can greatly be facilitated and accelerated within A GROUP. I was doing it by myself and when I discovered Dr Joe doing it IN GROUP I saw the evolutionary potential in that and decided to lend my support.

Resurrecting and Ascending out of this ENTIRE PROGRAM IS A PERSONAL EVENT. Each person is PERSONALLY CONTACTED and Told they are a candidate for ascension/resurrection. Each person is given ' tasks, study and work to be done' to achieve the level of mastery required for complete transfiguration.

This invitation to graduation however doesnt arrive until you have personally done a severe amount of internal work, sacrificing, every thought, body desire, mind chatter and fear emotions to the cause of freedom. Plunging the darkest places, had your entire beliefs and realities ripped out from under you and slowly YOURSELF built yourself back up and risen from the ashes.. Once you rise from the ashes... you are now Contacted in a FORMAL way as a candidate to move out of this program.

The work DR Joe Dispenza is doing as well as Heart Math is - they are accelerating ' AWAKENING" in the Disciples and Initiates on the planet. I wrote a book about this - years ago there are 7 LEVELS OF HUMAN EVOLUTION occurring on the planet right now: Tribal, Mass, Individual, Aspirant, Disciple, Initiate, Master. Aspirant and below are asleep and most of humanity. Disciple level is slowly waking up.... Initiate level is the ' Dark Night of the Soul Battles with Dark Forces and the Battle Scarred Warrior Lifetime or actually lifetimes. As each of these levels take many lifetimes. At the end of Initiate level you have released all this drama and have found the path to peace. You are ready to do the work for final transformation.

David and Corey appeal to a certain level inside of Disciple Level... this is fine , but it will not free you. IT IS DRAMA and drama just entangles you further into the program.... and down you will go. David and Coreys work will appeal to the MASSES WHEN THEY ARE FORCED TO AWAKE. This is where David and Corey will be ' the information place to go' because the masses will start searching for answers and they will find all these documented videos by David and Corey and this will be a wonderful and beneficial thing for the masses and new disciples. I support both of them doing this work. I just see so many disciples here... that could start moving forward in their ' growth' but are still stuck in the drama of the old programming. Like avatars in a computer game they just keep recycling the old program beliefs such as ' the law of one'.

Dr Joe is working OUTSIDE OF TIME and he is helping people ' in group where the power is stronger' to hit gamma waves and totally erase old programming and build a NEW MIND. You would know this if you had taken the time to read and listen to any of the links I supplied- but of course you did not you just defended your beliefs... without any serious investigation of what I am offering to HELP FREE PEOPLE. DOESNT ANYONE WANT FREEDOM??
People come out of these workshops and sessions COMPLETELY HEALED from life threatening diseases, or emotional or mental traumas. For some it is instant, for others who continue to build a new mind it may take a few weeks or months or a year but they are transforming their reality. He is working with both Disciples and Initiates... and is ADVANCING CONSCIOUSNESS and making REAL MEASURABLE CHANGES. Documented Scientific Results.

There are those who want to play with and in the drama and there are those who want freedom from the drama. That's about as black and white as I can state it.


at405oak, posted on January 27, 2016

Thank you.
This is what I've waited for.
Maybe I am one good reason you have posted here.
thank you.

spacecase8888, posted on November 4, 2015

"Deception" is a really strong word. Just because you don't agree with something, or because the teaching is for people at another level of development than you are, does not mean it's intentionally deceptive. Ra is not a fully enlightened being. If they were, they would be out of the octave completely. They are only at sixth density, heading to seventh. I mean, there have been many in the flesh human teachers on this planet that were beyond the level of Ra, but being under the veil, they can't explain certain technical things the way Ra can. Ra can offer quite a bit of an enlarged perspective that is useful to many, including myself, even if I don't consider Ra's opinions on everything the ultimate truth. But that does not make their perspectives useless.

Have you considered that your reading of the Law of One books helped you to get to where the point where you're at right now?? And now you want to discourage other people from taking that same journey by throwing out dismissive accusations of "deception"?? Just like any teacher worth their salt, Ra teaches many things that are not ultimate truth, but are nonetheless true and useful on some level of development. They was being asked questions and they answered the questions, and the answers are only going to be as good as the questions they were asked.

Ra did not want to be asked about UFOs and conspiracies and historical trivia, but answered them out of courtesy. They called this information "transient" and "unimportant" many times. And Ra is not advocating polarity either. At the very beginning of their discussing of polarity in session one, they said, "In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things."

See that? Polarity is "not in any case necessary". However, the alternative would be what they call "discovering the gateway to intelligent infinity". And not everyone is going to do that before the end of the cycle. So, for those people, polarizing enough to graduate is the best they can do. And why not tell those people that? Do you dispute that there are densities and that there is a progression through the densities that can take billions of years for those who are the slower learners? These things exist and people should be aware of it.

Look, I'm glad you found something better for you, but why do you have the need to denigrate something which may in fact be quite helpful to people and transform their lives? All of the things you are talking about, I'm sure Ra would not disagree with. But if your criteria for Ra being "deceptive" is saying something in disagreement with you or your beloved Dr. Joe whatshisname's belief system, then I think that's you being quite a bit rigid and limited in your thinking, and you're doing people a disservice. It is possible to say that something is not ultimately true (yet relatively true in certain contexts) without calling it deceptive. Please, learn the difference.

jhershierra, posted on November 4, 2015

In my personal view there is DELIBERATE deception in the Law of One. THAT is why I use such a strong term.

I have been following my own path of initiation for a very long time. I dont follow ' a teacher' . Dr Joe I SUPPORT HIS EFFORTS with my time, money and energy because I SEE the positive transformational , life altering events happening in people's lives. He is where I see RESULTS that I feel personally are helping raise the Consciousness of humanity.

Everyone is of course going to follow their own interests. My viewpoint is just as valid as everyone elses here and offers an ' Alternative Option". If you do not find value ... that is your choice. There are others who might listen to the GAIAM videos or visit the sites and find value... if so my reason for posting was accomplished.


spacecase8888, posted on November 4, 2015

Since you seem to like to post here so much, and you think you know so much, maybe you can explain to me what you think, in your limited understanding, are some "deliberate deceptions" by Ra. Because I have studied the Law of One in depth as well over many years, and I must say, my confidence, appreciation and admiration of the Ra Material has only grown deeper as I have re-read deeper into it.

beinginthevortex, posted on November 5, 2015

i just have to say that I superbly enjoyed reading your dialogue/commentary and wish to extend my appreciation to you both.

We are all on various stages of our "mission" here and I recognize (or glimpse) the multi-dimensional layers of our unique purposes.

I have not read the Ra material and don't feel I need to, however I am certainly intrigued by it and may one day pick it up. ... If so, I will read it with an open but questioning mind, as with everything.

Spacecase, it's obvious you have an enlightened mind and yet you chose to be condescending in your first sentence on your last post. I would say you were triggered emotionally because of your attachment or identity (to this material). .. I agree that it's a good question (obviously) but just not the condescending nature of how you framed it.

J, I also have been extremely inspired (blown away really) by Dr. Joe's teachings and have watched his videos's on Gaiam. .. (My 85 year old mother in law is currently taking his courses and my partner is reading his books).

I also love all of David's work .... (tremendously) .... Again I think there are many layers/dimensions of work going on in terms of healing/enlightening consciousness both individually and en mass. (Some of us are here voluntarily on rescue missions with the goal of shining light on the deceptions - the "story" and as well of course to raise consciousness of ourselves and humanity. ... All this work is important, David's work, Joe's work, the Ra Material ... but again we should still question everything as we have our own divine channel and even the work we admire so greatly has it's flaws... and that's ok. (except the bible of course, it's completely true and should never be questioned. ;)


spacecase8888, posted on November 5, 2015

I would not say I was triggered. It's simply that I'm tired of these people in the metaphysical scene who present their beliefs as if they are indisputable truth. There are so many people out there with great learning, and with amazing experiences, but then they have the nerve to start claiming that they know for certain things that could never be more than a belief based on their experience and understanding.

Such people routinely overlook the various limitations of what they really truly know, and they start making pronouncements that, to me, come off sounding very pompous and pretentious. Maybe that sort of thing impresses certain people, but not I. Also, people will say they "know" certain things, but they meticulously avoid explaining HOW they know that, they avoid citing what sources of information they are relying on, what exotic experiences they are relying on. Because they know that if they did, those things would also be subject to scrutiny, and it would call into question their presumed authority they have given themselves. Such people need to be challenged.

bancergail81, posted on November 3, 2015

Love your shows David. Please mention the Keshe Foundation to your viewers (many will already know) and the contribution of FREE ENERGY and Plasma Technology given last week by Mr Keshe in exchange for world peace. He released patents and gave instruction, diagrams, and information directly to the people and Governments receptive to utilizing this knowledge now for their people. Italy is setting up factorys to build and distribute throughout the world. This is the most current and relevant news for all of us and brings hope to humanity to end war, starvation, suffering etc. It is the basis for Space travel soon to be accessible to all of us. The fact that mainstream media has not covered it and that the US Govt has not released the technology freely given to them 2 yrs prior, is another example of the persistence of the control of the Cabal. The timing of the release of this technology is significant. Let's get busy and build people! We can make these devices for our homes, cars and free ourselves from the dependence on oil and electricity.

brennan0099, posted on November 6, 2015

I agree. Keshe seems to be onto something, if not, ive been fooled. However, my best judgement tells me Keshe has been making big moves and is not bluffing or shilling!

myboojan, posted on November 3, 2015

I'd like to get David Wilcock's input on the charity group "Lucis Trust," since he discussed how the cabal cloaks themselves in the guise of "benevolence & LIght" as well as "darkness & deceit". I know of a few new agers who study esoteric, metaphysical, and theosophical works whose beliefs follow with that of this group. I have strong concerns with this organization who believe Lucifer as a benevolent solar angel of Light. And that Lucis Trust is very involved in charity work with the United Nations:

DerekB, posted on November 3, 2015

Great show! I just wanted to point out that those Bush/Saudi kissing photos are part of a series of photo shops. The person made many photos of world leaders looking like they are kissing each other. They look very realistic.

Other than that, this is a great episode. Keep up the good work!

ladymorosan, posted on November 3, 2015

There's no need for fake photos of Bush/Sauds kissing when there are plenty of REAL photos of them holding hands.
Throw in a couple of Zionist banksters & together you've got the real architects of 9/11. But the Bush clan masterminded it.

Prometheus1111, posted on November 3, 2015

As always a persistently strong research effort. The problem that certain people are having is the logic that the alliance is winning when it is entirely unclear what that really means. In particular it is hard to make this kind of statement when news continues to drum out its usual fear porn and misdirects in almost every visible direction. It is widely known The CIA has been the agency controlling the media with a tight fist for a very long time. If the CIA is 60% in control of the alliance then the alliance must not a) be able to change the course of this misdirection in media b) or not be sympathetic with such changes. David may say that possibility C is that they are waiting for the proper event for which to Release the Full disclosure. All this may be true nonetheless the present evidence does not yet bear it out. So HOW are they winning? I can still believe in this possibility they are "winning" - but in what sense is it showing up in the present?

I have no reason to disbelieve in Possibility C would come. What is at issue however is the scope of control and manipulation upon the population not only goes back now millions of years but there is also very much an inter-dimensional aspect to bondage here on earth. Let us now fully account for all of the Invisible control factors over humanity that have existed for millions of years. The full gravity of Extra-terrestrial masters, breakaway civilizations, Super advanced Underground races bent upon deception - and Extra-dimensional entities all have in common the pillaging of a Surface population of largely unconscious people - secret governments, secret societies - modern day breakaway civilizations. If People were genetically designed - they are "Fore-designed" to pillage (genetically manipulated) particular energies. How could one Look at humanity as a mass in any serious threat that could counter all against it? Its a beyond Absurd comparison because according to the narratives given so far the Raison D'etre already contradicts its possibilities for escaping unless this is not the
full situation and it certainly is not. There is the factor of amalgamation - experimentation and the Wild card for the experimenters - the Galactic Window
opening and the Individual awakening.... There is the factor of even the Soul itself which in certain cases can reincarnate in other cases is being made possible
here for the for time in just this unimaginable complex conditions...

But if we stick with the charles fort concept or William Bramelys Gods of eden - Or Sitchins Annunaki - there is an impressive body of high quality research
the points to man as property for these other beings. In which case we return to Davids Alliance and how it then must sound in that light.
Its like saying a bunch of beef farmers are in danger of being overthrown by a bunch of cattle who have formed an alliance. They had already long since toiled to genetically design and create the Cattle for BEEFINESS. Where is this gene for overthrowing farmers supposed to be found in your narrative given thus far? Did the amalgamation of all these experiments unwittingly Precipitate this seed for Becoming conscious?

Consider historically People were far more aware of multi-dimensional beings in the middle and dark ages then today. So add to this also the perspective that De-evolution has been the trend starkly visible even to the last few centuries. So why is there so much talk about the burgeoning golden age? Naturally it is The cosmic window of course. And to be fair this is Very real and does effect consciousness. But will this be what really breaks a spell So old? I do not doubt this possibility. Assuming it can start it has to start somewhere. But if so we are SO FAR witness to a very slow turnaround. It is in this sense significant that Corey and David are letting this info Out. Only consciousness could win such an absurdly lopsided struggle between master an slave. There really was no competition to speak of if man was designed as cattle for multidimensional beings and other advanced races committed to experiments. So lets talk about this a bit more like adults shall we? Because if you two (Corey and David) know better you come off like your pandering to people so spiritually immature honestly they really would never stand a chance in that case. Only though Consciousness is the only winning hand in a totally losing battle - But let us not pretend it already exists my dear friends. Its the highest accomplishment the highest form of magic - TO will yourself into Reality. So It is not just going to casually arise there in the "We" - in the population- in the Herd - the political ideology - or any consensus trance. To gain consciousness There must be a BIG BANG question that SEES One is not conscious. Relative to this - preaching love peace and god are merely platitudes to the unconscious. The machine cannot help it. So let us mature the dialogue at least to these baseline realities. Is this Really a WE thing at all? Meaning is it really an Alliance thing? If only consciousness can win out against such horrible odds - It can only arise as an Individual thing. That is the only Alliance we can trust- Those who work on themselves to this end. Everything else is Football game politics. But if you are person of Faith then it really doesn't matter how you take your Rapture - Whether with God or with Disclosure. It boils down to the same thing.

Even if our World government changes will MAN himself change? even if they roll out the Nice clean technology and the beautiful A.I. that gives you all your heart desires - So now Youve got healthier fatter Bio-androids in which the farmers will pillage. Man hasnt really changed then. Think of the movie HER - Its likely on the Shelf of the Planners. So David and Corey might see their glittering Star Trek Future after all. Why Couldn't a UTOPIA not be a future Plan? Along with this Passive form of Evolution -A contradiction in terms by the way is this question: Will the New rays of the Galaxy be Enough to Change man ? Is man a plant that evolves simply in the right light? OR must be also have the seed the will and wish Plus the Right light? These are questions NOT being addressed and is why the conversation spiritually at least is rather immature. But I know your heart goes out by desperately pandering to dull creatures. I must say your research however is Persistently Strong and very pervasive. Its real work to put all those Data points together. Usually Research is still for the Ordinary mind not for consciousness. It may be that this research with the new rays constitutes something else. I am open minded to this possibility even though it bespeaks still of a somewhat passive evolution I can believe in this possibility. Its beautiful in its own way....

One must Know that one is unconscious to make use of Conscious ideas. These are current events Researches.... Similarly The fact that there is a word Paranormal shows up the unconscious trance and the dialogue it is bound to. If a real science were permitted to flourish there would not be any need to Have such a concept as paranormal - which only proves the persistent ignorance pulled down by the collective trance. This makes any collective Evolution very unlikely unless we are talking esoteric Singha collective.... That is not however how the alliance has been characterized. In fact it hasnt been characterized. Stan lee whether he knows it or not apparently is in the Alliance.

It would seem that the alliance depends upon the people waking up TOGETHER which is another reality that has not yet shown evidence. You can only Verify if YOUR waking up. So again lets be mature and stop leaning on WE. There really has never been a conscious WE - but there has always been a Mob WE. A machine WE - a Mass hysteria "WE" A "WE" to be sacrificed at some alter. Once again the pronouns are a great way to beguile the trance of polarized mind. Conscious mind is quite different and in fact is the only thing that has the way out of this prison with its numerous holds from genetic manipulation to multi-dimensional beings and Far more advanced breakaway and progenitor groups. This is to say nothing of those who have longstanding running experiments and those who have the end of civilization Reset Button - for which man has naively imagined was a purely natural event. If its all being that tightly managed on almost every level Permitted BY a conscious universe - A Big hint to the solution .... But what could this possibly mean to an unconscious being? - A Bio-android never even appearing with the Wish (like Data on Star Trek) to become Conscious? This is precisely what makes the WE conversation so Silly - and quite frankly a bit patronizing to evolving beings. Unless it turns out that all of a sudden all the machines become conscious together in a great flash of light - Or like the Terminator movie with the internet Like some rapture that changes all of reality - That was believed a property of 2012. But that belief evidenced a spiritual immaturity. It is not that Very great things are not on the horizon - it is just that they are only for those who Work like hell with everything they have because they feel they Must break out of a prison. They will do everything necessary -gather all the needed data - and sacrificing every moment on the question of Waking - to them Such a golden future would come... But a population designed to be as cattle serves a different nature - Lower nature. How can you avoid this law in the conversation? Why not speak of this law of lower nature and higher nature? Then there could be some sense and value retained in what you say. Are you saying then the Alliance is a Conscious Esoteric humanity? because that is all that ever has or could save it - Unless we have breached a time in reality when all the laws have actually changed..... I can agree that the laws themselves can change - that Reality can change - Humanity may even Change together - All because I consciously reached the power to Wakefully dream all this shit up. I think we can all have a great big Intergalactic Kum baya party that even shocks the controllers - A Spontaneous Galactic Performance art celebration that descends into every manner of ecstasy. Why not? That would be worth dreaming up.
Even this is possible but only from within the Conscious cosmos of the individual... I have explained thoroughly I think, why I do not believe in the pronoun WE...

jhershierra, posted on November 3, 2015

Prometheus Thank you that you are here in this forum, besides you I have seen only one other person ( Peacekeeper) I thought was awake enough to be able to see the bigger picture . Some people are trying to question it, some blindly believe, Corey and David are both still trapped in the old programming. Everyone means well. There may be others but they dont post, or their posts were so minimal they did not let out much of their thoughts. You took the time to write out your thoughts and I agree with them

WE ARE NOT DEALING WITH ADVANCE SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS TOPICS HERE, this is a lower level mentality, it is boring, it is useless and it is not helpful. Some of the original Wisdom Teachings had some interesting ideas and ' David is a hard-working super computer' he is the biggest data collector I have ever seen.... but that has nothing to do with Conscious enlightenment. His identity is ' data collecting' and like DATA on Star Trek trying to assimilate this data into a ' timeline' of possibilities that might happen.

Its not enlightenment in any form. Its just more of the same old program.... a computer program we live in. We are all on the Star trek Holodeck everyone wanting to learn about how to use the program but no one wants to LEAVE the program and call for the ARCH.


niccolo.angeli, posted on November 4, 2015


I want to thank you because you made a very good point with your words, and I have the feeling that you somewhat bring balance in a place like this, where people can get addicted really fast to mind-blowing information and just forget that THEY are the living key to anything that they experience in their life.

The way you depict things is a bit too extreme from my perspective, but I can see that a voice like your is necessary.

I appreciate David and Corey work because they bring a different perspective to ancient and modern history, and I can see that this helps me in being more flexible, and at the same time develop the attitude to detatch from this information they give, and understand that the information by itself is not going to "save me".

When David brings scientific data on the table, this is very tasty food for my rational mind. When my rational mind is satisfied, because she comes to accept that subtle energies, psychic powers ad ETs are a scientific fact... she quiets herself and let my Higher Mind do the work more easily.

So... you see, information can be extremely useful if you learn how to handle it, it's just a tool as any other. If you don't let your inner peace depend on external information, but instead you use that information to keep your mind satisfied why you do the spiritual work, the information becomes a very efficient tool actually.

That being said, I know I don't need anything to feel the pure joy of life, sitting and breathing is enough to reach that inner state, and from that state all the information I need is going to come whenever I really need it. Every experience I need to live is just going to roll by naturally, in complete harmony.

Nothing bad can happen to me, because even if my body dies, even if I go through torture and pain, my consciousness will always be pure immortal light.

When I think about the Illuminati, I want to experiment compassion, and bring love into the equation, because I know that that's the only energy that can transform what a part of me still experience like darkness.

At the same time, I try to go even beyond compassion, and understand that the Illuminati are a part of me.
Reptilian ETs are a part of me too. I have had dreams of reptilian ETs sorrounding my bed: they where scary when I was experiencing the as something separate, but they where just wanting to be loved when I was experiencing them as a part of me.

Every killer, every aggressor, every "bad guy" in the end is just desperately asking for love, but he has chosen a very twisted way to ask for it.
When I am able to connect with my Higher Self deeply, I know that my purpose is to understand that behind that violence there is someone asking for love, and that instead that giving back violence and fear, and I can choose to give back compassion and love.

This is nothing new, I know, but it's the most powerful tool we have, it CHANGES EVERYTHING, it literally makes you shift in a parallel world every time you put it into practice.

Well... I've gone off-topic :-) , but you inspired me.


jhershierra, posted on November 4, 2015

Niccolo , Everything we see in the outer world ' belongs to us' we are not separate from it. I have had many experiences with reptilians as well - one in particular has decided to ' make the transition' and release the old programming. Love indeed is the answer to all questions but understanding what that is .... that is the journey.

Peace and I appreciate your comments

ktbokc, posted on November 3, 2015

Jhershierra & Prometheus,

Don't fret :o) there are more of us out here that are in FULL agreement with you.

But, it is part of the awakening process to engage in 'information seeking" / New Age 'phenomena'. This first initial step in awakening brings self (ego) some much needed self-empowerment, i.e. you CAN create your own reality & variety of 'data' for self to sort through to find its own reality. This step is an awakening in itself.

Then, as you go along within this stage you realize you still do not have inner peace - why? Because, you are still feeding ego's need to satisfy its senses. It is only AFTER this step that one can begin digging deeper and releasing all attachment to controlling your reality and satisfying the ego. Then you can find the stillness, the emptiness - the AWARENESS that you truly are. So, my point is, it is a necessary step in the process and plays a valuable role.

Thank you to both of you for bringing the awareness to others...

jhershierra, posted on November 4, 2015

Thank you for your comments , they are insightful :)

jana6, posted on November 2, 2015

I love you David, but wish if you felt the need for a review you did it separately, not taking up so much (today most) of the episode.

manoli.abhay, posted on November 2, 2015

Does Cabal/Secret Society is involved in all countries?
Are they members from India in Illuminati?

ladymorosan, posted on November 3, 2015

Wherever you see celebrities in magazines in coy "sssh!" poses, hiding one eye with their hands/hair/hats or sporting the latest masonic-chic (pyramids, beta kittens, & owls oh my!) it's the illuminati arm of the entertainment industry at work whether it's in Europe, the U.S., S.Africa, S. Asia, or India.

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