Wisdom Teachings: [#14] The Fatima Prophecies Video
[#14] The Fatima Prophecies
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Wisdom Teachings: [#14] The Fatima Prophecies (June 2013)

Season 3, Episode 2
Available worldwide

What will it take for us to get the message and cease world-wide hostilities? The Fatima Prophecies during World War One and the battle of Los Angeles during World War Two may be profound examples where such messages were blatantly disregarded. David Wilcock walks us through the details of these phenomenal events and shares their profound messages in this riveting presentation originally webcast June 17, 2013.

David Wilcock


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bmatthews.sk, posted on May 1, 2016

I commented here a few times, yesterday was the latest. My comments ask questions and put forward some thoughts, nothing rude or off topic, but they are never here when I look...

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

So the one person who thought to take a camera to the event decided to point it at the audience rather than the sky? And David says "Incredible." He's right. It's not credible at all. It's a bunch of people looking up at an angle, not an Angel. Not all that mind-blowing. So... what then? Is that the best shot fired off in that entire 15 minute span of time? That's what he shared. There comes a time where you need to realize the wolf is wearing the sheep's clothing, here.

Classic misdirection.

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

Anyone ever wonder just exactly how all these facts are actually woven into the fabric of this ultimate theory of his? Well if you don't you should, because isn't that the whole point, here? Anyone can draw conclusions, erroneous or otherwise from a bit of data here, and a bit of data there, and then even other bits of data still left up to theory or heavily influenced by a small group's opinions. So the point here is, if you are a viewer, you should watch this with ONE KEY point before you. That this is just one way of interpreting the information, and it's no better or worse than the way you may piece together the data on your own. Don't let someone like David, who is a little too matter-of-fact about his theory than he truly can be, discourage your ideas. This could very well be Illuminati propaganda itself, pushing your head down from achieving enlightenment. Some of this amounts to verbal diarrhea. It's dropped in whenever he needs to make a link in the chain that isn't available by the discovered data. Those quantum leaps are PURE SPECULATION and that is what I take issue with. Reading and studying should always be done with your bullshit filter, or detector on. I'm not sure David has one. I think he is so knowledge hungry, that he departs from the WISDOM to tell the difference a lot. So watch these to inspire your own thoughts and ideas, but don't take them as gospel because they are anything but. It's close to David Icke logic used mostly to paint a picture here. And the truth is your mind and your ideas are no lesser in value than Wilcock's are. You feel free to let your own mind wander and put the dots together your own way. Stay enlightened. Don't be lead down the narrow alley of one person's perception.

Thank You

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

Answer: "Oh, you know... Same SHIRT, different day..."

daniel.durba, posted on April 28, 2016

That seems to be the running theme here. It's the overly verbalized manifesto of an individual who cannot separate what is real from what his Dungeons & Dragons-like imagination wants to be real.

I really liked him on Ancient Aliens, but prolonged exposure to this puts distance between oneself and enlightenment. This is a photon draining show, not a photon offering show.

ssefaerdem, posted on April 25, 2016

David said he is going to disclose third prophecy of fatıma but I couldn't hear it.. not even known first two of them mentioned.

vlmanos, posted on March 7, 2016

David I love what you are doing because there is so much that everyone doesn't have any idea what they do need to know and why. Thank You

vlmanos, posted on March 7, 2016

David I have try to see if I get 15,16,17 can I can't find them when you go to the seasons

elizabethcollins515, posted on February 27, 2016

I was just wondering...I haven't read all the comments yet but I thought this episode was about the sightings at Fatima...he left out the last part of when the 3 children again spoke to the "Mary Apparition" . They were told to remember what she said and to share it, I believe (I may be mistaken). In any case from what I can remember the Catholic church sent a Jesuit priest to come and write down what she told them, or they wrote it down and was told it was to be opened and read on a certain date, or gosh was it the Vatican who said that and then what they released was evidently NOT what the children had been told or at least it was only part of it. I do know that the Vatican is in fact in possession of the message and will not release the whole thing to the public. Of course not as they are always hiding things, they hide their entire library, why? Because they have many things to hide.

A religion that has so much to hide and our planet just EXCEPTS this??? I know that has been questioned but yet the faithful Catholics continually go to church having faith in the popes and the Vatican without question. This is something that has ALWAYS made me suspicious since before I was a teen ager when my grandmother visited the Vatican and brought back all kinds of information.

As a child I was extremely curious about things far beyond the years of even the adults. So I went to the library and read all about the Catholic Church and the Vatican. I also remember finding a finding a small vague mention of the Fatima sightings in an encyclopedia and I read about it later back in the 90's and then there was the release of part of the information that I watch several years ago on this subject and the question why the Vatican did not tell the truth about what was in the message. I believe one of the girls who became a nun said that it was not accurate but I cannot remember the rest. I must go research this again.

In any case, I am wondering why David did not get into that part of things...maybe he will later. I will continually watch. There have been many things that I thought were very important subjects that he speaks about but like many documentaries leaves us without the entire story, things that are questionable yet they are not being mentioned. I know he is limited on his time but why not continue it on the next program. Maybe he's just giving us information to study ourselves, things to look into further in depth.

Still I am so confused why he did not mention that last sighting by the children and the whole secrecy thing with the Vatican. Was he told not to? The subject was "THE FATIMA PROPHESIES ", yes? Then why weren't they discussed in depth?

I love David but I have been watching this series and Cosmic Disclosure and I always feel like enough is not being said. I know they know what we are asking and they know what the world needs to know but he, of all people, not answering or asking those questions? David used to be so open and it seems over the years he's become more vague. Maybe it's just my imagination and I need to read more of his books and other things.

I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed any of this or is it just me. Am I missing the point of all of this? I'm fairly well versed in so much of what he's talking about that's why I am so confused at him keeping so much pertinent information out.

wm, posted on February 24, 2016

Fascinating! What's odd, tho, is these episodes of Season 3 actually occurred back in Season 2 between E 9 & E 15, and when David says he's gonna do such & such is thus thrown all out of whack as the whole series has apparently been reorganized. I'm getting thru all of these and things really jump about. A disclaimer of sorts forewarning would be helpful.

Anyway, I don't understand the Logic of these ETs. Perhaps because they are not ETs but Inner Earth human folks from The Asgard Network with its Silver Fleet? As I write this in February 2016, I wonder what terms DW would say in the wake of Corey Goode's disclosures relating to both the Inner Earth civilizations as well as the truth re Zechariah Sitchin. Clearly there was an ET influence as well, but perhaps the Inner Earth humans had the greatest motivation to stop world wars over their heads. If so, why the hell wait until 1917 to stop a relatively small and insignificant nation, Portugal, from what, "causing" World War I? A war that began in 1914? And at the same time Revolution was erupting in Russia? Portugal is a wonderful country, yes it is, but, hey it's not Deutschland nor the U.K., and Portugal should be glad it's not.

Plus the Second World War didn't start with the German invasion of Poland in September of 1931. That is so Eurocentric. It had been going on all across East Asia since 1931 and in parts of Africa and the Middle East since 1935. And even if we accept the 1931 POV, then why did the ETs (or Asgardians?) wait until February 1942 to stop the war and then all they did was fly one frickin' saucer slowly over Los Angeles?

Gee, spaceship dudes, get out there and stop all electromagnetic activity if you wanted to stop the war. But then those on iron lungs and others who depend on electromagnetism for everyday survival might die. Or else it was a violation of the Prime Directive. But the Inner Earthlings would have no Prime Directive as they live in the same planet as we do as the actual surface of Earth is the outermost layer of our atmosphere. The bungling incompetence of ETs and Inner Earthers certainly brings them back down to Earth as Folks just like us, huh, LOL! Will this Merry go round ever stop? Stop, Merry go round! Stop with love. And here we go again round & round as serious talk of civil war in America and solemn fearporn chatter about a looming world war number-whatever riles up both mainstream and alternative media alike.

Great stuff, David. I love how you stir things ups. You do like to keep those hot tubs bubbling, ha ha!



minaglia, posted on October 2, 2015

I love David's Wisdom Teaching episodes, but there is way too much information that is repeated from episode to episode, sometimes half of a new video is the same material from the previous one or two episodes. I request this be stopped, please. Please don't replay the same information. Humans may be dumb, but not that dumb.

AspenM@Gaia, posted on October 2, 2015

Hi there! This is something that we have addressed in the later episodes. The first couple of seasons will have the recap of the previous episode, but we did cut that back significantly. We appreciate hearing from you, and are glad that you are enjoying Wisdom Teachings. Please contact us at info@gaiamtv.com with any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you!

lebenoitparent, posted on September 22, 2015

Every time we talk about the god witch were nothing but advances Ets, I have the image of the Egyptians got in stargate the movie and when the population discover there not god but aliens.

Seem a little message for us there!!!!

rx7chick, posted on September 14, 2015

David, I was eagerly awaiting your thoughts about the final secret of Fatima. Can you please talk about that?

rx7chick, posted on September 14, 2015

In episode Wisdom Teachings: [#14] The Fatima Prophecies, the drawing of the ufo that was seen over Los Angeles looks just like the Martian ships in the 1953 movie, War of the Worlds. Early disclosure?

philalethes, posted on March 9, 2015

David is great when he sticks to the physics.
He went way overboard on the Padmasambhava and his hopium about multitudes attaining "Ass-ention" and Rainbow bodies. Most people do NOT have focus and a practice like Guru Rinpoche; and, are probably not ET like him (according to DW) anyway. Out of 8 billion people on the planet, a handful have (maybe) put hand and footprints in stone? So? That doesn't mean that YOU or I could do that? So where's the connection that gives us something we can use in our lives at our current point of development?
I could say that 1 million people visit Versailles yearly, and all that shows is that Versailles exists, and King Louis 14 built in. It doesn't mean that YOU or I will live in a palace because "it's the end of the cycle." This is shallow inference and Pie in the Sky. David can be the equivalent of a New Age Evangelical Preacher, full of promises, exaggeration, and hot air. Believe it if you like ...
The recaps are unnecessary and simply waste my time and bandwidth.
His attitude that his "insider" contacts have revealed so much is beginning to grate. I think they play him as an unwitting dupe too often, telling him what he likes to hear.
On the battle of Los Angeles, he should listen to Douglas Dietrich who far more interesting and convincing. Look for him on George Noory here on Gaiam. There's no ET connection here. Who cares if he talked to some old woman who saw specks of light in the sky? That hardly makes her any kind of valuable witness.

sprake3, posted on February 27, 2015

What are they trying to do with these chem trails and how?

ninar57, posted on September 22, 2014

very interesting presentation. the messages of fatima are most important, not just the miracles, and I hope people will feel inspired to do further research. here is one instruction: " Our Lady stressed the importance of praying the Rosary in each of Her apparitions, asking the children to pray the Rosary every day for peace. "

janepinter, posted on August 5, 2014

Did I miss something? I don't think David gave us his idea of what the 'secret' was that was withheld by the Catholic church. Any truth to what Technus (below) says? Also, just want to say, I am enjoying this series very much. Thanks to David Wilcox for all his research and courage to put himself 'out there'.

Technus, posted on May 24, 2014

Thanks David for doing this episode. I had a strange prophetic dream a while back where I was in a lecture hall talking to this professor and he said that something big would happen in 2017 and it involved ETs and the government. I couldn't get that number out of my head so I googled it and found that it was the 100th year anniversary of the Fatima event. I also found that the children were told that they would come back in 100 years if we didn't change our ways O_o

yecidortega, posted on January 13, 2014

I have a couple of issues:

1. How come we don't see events from this magnitude, battle LA and the virgin Mary apparitions?
2. Have you read what Wikipedia says about the star child. Who should we believe? David or Wikipedia?


Experts believe it to be the skull of a child who died as a result of known genetic or congenital abnormalities, such as congenital hydrocephalus.

redeye_38, posted on January 17, 2016

I recommend to take anything on wiki with a pinch of salt. On several occasions, especially at it's inception, wiki was caught spinning garbage on several occasions. One of my favorite sarcastic comments is "yeah..Wiki never lies". I actually find it extremely disturbing that many many people actually use it as a source of "proof" or "hard evidence" in many cases instead of doing there own research. Many believe, myself included, that wiki was instituted to pray upon "human laziness" for access to easy answers, as a way to manipulate certain so called "facts" in favor of the powers that be.

tlewis1, posted on December 9, 2013

David, Thank you for taking the time to help educate on the most important topics of all time. So many people, including myself, have been enlightened through your research and teach/learning. I look forward to all the content that you have and will be sharing. I posted a link and a brief description of your show and Gaiam TV, http://sacredmoon.org/wisdom-teachings-with-david-wilcock/

cosmacreations, posted on November 17, 2013

I agree the recaps could be a bit shorter. However, some folks can only take things in small doses. So, it's a fine line...
Having seen David in person some years ago and consumed lots of his work before and since, it's exciting to see it develop, going deeper and deeper into so many different "mysteries" which all turn out to be just another facet of the incredible Universe that we call Home. I appreciate the emphasis on the Unity--"there's only one of us here." It's so true, and when one experiences it personally you "get" it in a very significant, powerful way; but that's so hard to get through to most people. Keep up the awesome work, David.

sync11, posted on November 12, 2013

The "Ca-Baal" maybe....

oisinr, posted on August 20, 2013

I find it curious, Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM (Aug 19, 2013) lamented the fact that when he had spoken to his junkie friends 100% of what he 'knew,' that they ended up telling him that he would die alone with no-one to care for him. He then concluded to never say more than 10% at most, and then check to see if the person is buying into what he is saying.

It is also curious why the first quarter of the show is insinuating a link between the "Devil" and "Extra-Terrestrials"... even if there is some dancing around the 'facts,' and then he goes on to say:

"And I also probably shouldn't say this on the air but I do know from my insiders that the Jesuits have a lot more Extra-Terrestrial DNA than typical humans do."
- David Wilcock, "Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock", June 17, 2013

Wow. It's always dangerous to buy into anyone who claims to have all the answers but I mean, come on. This is preposterous, ridiculous. He was going on about the Aryans being decendants of groups connected with the Atlantians and how it was 'unfortunate' that Hitler had thought of the advanced human beings as being 'blond haired and blue eyed."

Wilcock is skilled at throwing mud, at muddying the water. The similarities with Icke is notable... the fact that he is so popular makes me wonder about how 'enlightened' his 'believers' are.

He talked about Karma on the Aug 19 Coast to Coast interview. He mentioned the Golden Rule... his actions speak louder than words, however. IF I were a foaming at the mouth, religious-fundamentalist, or any fundamentalist, I might buy into ridiculous generalizations and views designed to turn one group against another. I am not however.

Maybe he has something to teach but imho there is a common thread to people who use fear to create disharmony and hatred...

llhumme, posted on July 23, 2013

I continue to watch and enjoy with full support. Religious indoctrination is thorough and waking people up will occur only when they are able to release their fear and trust themselves. Not an easy thing to do in the world view we have been force fed since childhood. SO GLAD to see you on Gaiam TV David.

earthman, posted on June 28, 2013

very poor interpretation of Fatima,! I studied many books and cassetes and videos etc......there is no one in that day,who suppose aliens for an angle,and the blessed virgen for some alien,or ignored the dialogue between Michael the ARCH ANGLE, AND THE CHILDREN,and later The BVM.....THIS DIOLOGUE IS ALL Catholic,even the last vision the BVM, called herself THe I maculate Conception,and told the children that SHE would have showed the people Saint Joseph,and the baby Jesus that last day,instead of the lights,and warnings of the falling sun,in short you have had to deliberatly ignore all the clear Catholic doctrine,teachings and other words,which these days of Fatima,were and DID clearly expressed! Such interpretations made by you,of Catholic things which I have studied,tells me your other interpretations shold not be given seriouse considerations.If you wish to propose these things......you have to earn the trust people give ,by sober ,realistic interpretations.....as far as your interpretation OF FATIMA,you failed ,and do not deserve my endorsement or trust.You had to ignore so much obviouse Catholic facts,that you can't be trusted to give us a fair and honest in interpretation. If anyone reading this doubts me,you have only to read perhaps 2 or 3 books on Fatima ,yes and Catholic books,as this IS A CATHOLIC....AFter that ,you will have to agree with me

mcalero, posted on August 16, 2014

Sound like fanatic inquisitor non sense, be open to other interpretation outside your faith please.

rajdreamz, posted on March 5, 2014

Did you actually read what you wrote before posting it?

ErnstGrell, posted on June 25, 2013

Sometimes David says things that feel incomplete. What do you mean the people who saw the final Fatima occurrence all went bone dry? Wouldn't they have died? How is this known to be true?
Thank you for what you're doing here, I much appreciate it. I agree with the recap at the beginning being too long.

Technus, posted on May 24, 2014

He meant their cloths were dry, they were all standing out in the rain, remember?

Technus, posted on June 23, 2013

wow, thanks for the info, this is much more than what they say happened on tv, the only thing I ever heard was that the sun was dancing in the sky.. Also, have you heard of the prophecies of Mother Shipton? She was the most accurate prophet I've ever heard of and at the end of her prophecy she said that "Silver Serpants" will descend out of the sky to teach humans psychic abilities. This was all written in the 1500s.

goofycorona, posted on June 21, 2013

I must agree...perhaps if the show were an hour or two every week the lengthy recap once in a while might be called for...A true fan and seeker of wisdom, Thank you David! Can't hardly wait for your next book!

morganian, posted on June 20, 2013

For those that look forward to the next episode (like me) but don't need the review.

lunreclyps1, posted on June 19, 2013

I get impatient for you to continue with new material. Recaps are far too lengthy. If that is needed by individuals, then they can go back to previous Episodes. However, I very much appreciate that you are sharing so much information and wisdom with us. This is truly Amazing material, and recaps or no recaps, it is all fascinating and I thank you from the depth of my Heart!

Lolk, posted on June 18, 2013

The greatness continues! I am loving this information...thank you!

maggienasso, posted on June 18, 2013

Sure love your show David! Don't keep us guessing - what do you believe the Fatima Prophecies were? I'll watch the show again to see if I missed it. Take good care of yourself and thanks for all you do!

dragonwchimes, posted on June 18, 2013

October 13th. or September 13th ?

mps901, posted on June 18, 2013

Thank you David for all your work, I have been following you for years. The Wisdom Teaching Series is one of my favorites on Gaiam. I just know that you have sooooooo much to share, so lets get on with it. Anyone who watches the series should know that you need to start at the beginning and follow along. much love!

psadler, posted on June 18, 2013

David. The shows are great. Please stop repeating content. Thanks. PJS.

jasummers, posted on June 18, 2013

Love the purple shirt David, one of my favorites.

The over views help keep the focus of the vast information, which may get lost.
You are doing GREAT archiving this information, the small bites increase the flow of the subject matter.

You are maturing in your presentations!
I am excited to see how the cultivation of experience and time will unfold in your works.

P.S. the off color jokes are great! It is refreshing.
Keeps us on our toes with laughter, and shows your American Human-nature!

Make Sure to REST- You look worn

fredoverdorp, posted on June 18, 2013

Xcellent and Mindblowing,but I agree, the recap is to much of a good thing. When we want to see the previous material we wil look at the previous episode...

Secondly are you able to share some more info regarding the interview You had with Pete Peterson? Also bleeding interresting...
This a great new avenue of info sharing David,great!!!
Can,t wait for the next episode.

jasummers, posted on June 18, 2013

For those of us who have also been studying David's work Forever,

The RECAPS help us to comprehend the fullness and focus of his thesis;
with so much information, for those of us who are intelligent but slow, it gets lost.

He is presenting information for EVERYONE, not just the brilliant minded, which I am sure you are.

Please consider this in your patient tolerance,
Thank You,
Your Sister,

fredoverdorp, posted on June 24, 2013

We are patient,but we are also constructive..
David,s info is mindblowing nevertheless.

mail9, posted on June 19, 2013

If this is the purpose of the recaps, its a great purpose, and I dont want that to be put in the garbage. I can easily continue to watch 10 minutes after start :)

mail9, posted on June 18, 2013

Thank you for the show, I appreciate to learn more about what you have put together and to take part of your conclusions. But I have to ask: do you have to repeat things so much? The amount of new material in each show is not 30 minutes, its half of that. Its 15 minutes new information per show. 15 minutes is just recaps. I know that it is important that I, as a viewer, understands and remember, because you want to "sew up things", because the dots are connected. But is the recaps really necessary? Cant you just recommend people to watch previous episodes, because they cant understand the hugeness otherwise? And then just a short recap? Right now Im jumping and start to look 10-12 minutes from the start. That works too. Its not like I will quit watching for that reason. I understand that you taped this a while ago so it takes a while before you can pick up these things. So: just keep up the good work!

travmk21, posted on June 18, 2013

David, I have been a fan of your material forever, but I am getting sick of how you spend soooo much time always recapping previous content. I am sure there is something for me to learn from this conflict, but I think it is just your habit now.

These aren't standalone youtube videos, so no need to treat them like some random person is going to watch one of these videos. Point in case, the Science of Peace could have easily fit on 2 cds. Each CD has a 30 min recap. Now we have a great tv series from you, but each 30 min episode has 10+ min of recap. I would rather have illuminati commercial breaks than spend so much time recapping.
Sorry to rant here, but I want your show to be its best.

openweg, posted on June 23, 2013

I joined because of Wisdom teachings and I am dissapointed that every show there is 10+ recap. Too much recycling for me to get more length in. Hope next shows are better! The info is good though.

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