Wisdom Teachings: [#148] Comic Disclosure Video
[#148] Comic Disclosure
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Wisdom Teachings: [#148] Comic Disclosure (January 2016)

Season 19, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Once buried in the obscurities of fiction and time David Wilcock brings comic disclosures to the light of the world. Information just now being revealed in episodes of Cosmic Disclosure was originally presented to the public via comic books during the 1950-60s. From domed cities, giant monolithic faces and vast inner earth civilizations, evidence suggests that comics were a major part of a long-term disinformation operation of controlled disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast January 18, 2016.

David Wilcock


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rachiel, posted on August 14, 2016

They also have to "tell you what they are doing" because prime source made it a law that we had to be told and to be given a choice. Of course they do it in a very sneaky manner.

craigbarker13, posted on June 13, 2016

Hi David and friends, the cabal are still doing their disclosure through Marvel comics (Jack Kirby was a co artist with Stan Lee on X-men) which are now on the big screen. You only have to watch the beginning of X-Men Apocalypse 2016 and see the reverse sociology. This time the ET comes to earth from the pass. But if you listen to Win Keech, he says the ET,s (Annunaki ?) went back in time 5000 years to Sumeria and wrote themselves into this present timeline/time loop. There is a time tunnel affect at the start of the film and the only thing I saw because it was quite fast was the Nazi Swastika, I know that is part of our history, but funny how my brain picked up on that. P.S. Win Keech says that the Velon/Annunaki gain access to the 3D from the lower 4D was in 1931 (Thule/Vril)? that's what he state's.

I posted this on the 14th June, so don't know why its posted on the 13th. Every thou my lucky number is 13. :-)

otherwise3, posted on May 28, 2016

If these comic books wrote and drew years before Corey Goode made his disclosures, how does Corey confirm that he didn't read these himself? I'm on his side. His information connects many parts of the situation and they snap together like Lego blocks now. But has Corey been asked if he had read the comics?

thomasiameck, posted on May 6, 2016

The flying ships looked like the spider ships on babylon 5.they do not look like star wars,tye fighters

rrecinos, posted on April 18, 2016

Hey guys, there are a few modern comics/graphic novels that really reflect what actually is going on, for now -if I may- I would like to suggest "Letter 44", it's amazing. It has a bit of everything, from black ops, to outer space-related secrecy, to a special brand of "end of the world" narrative. It's an ongoing series, and it's pretty fantastic. I'm sure David would love it. I understand you are busy, but maybe someone from the team can summarize it for you.

Thanks for you amazing work, keep it up. Thanks to the team behind these shows, and to Corey Goode for being so awesome.

loisclark.now, posted on April 13, 2016

A lot of the information you are giving lines up with a lot of the books I have recently read. Two in particular are very enlightening. They are "Archon Invasion" and "Babylon rising" both written by Rob Skiba. Do yourself a favor and read them if you haven't yet. There is also a fictional series I just finished called "The Echo Trilogy" by Lindsey Fairleigh that tells of a race of immortals that were active in the 6th Dynasty Egypt area that had the ability to manipulate stone (called the AT ) by softening it and forming it into whatever shape needed.

rachiel, posted on March 14, 2016

Because God (prime source) made it a law that they had to so we would know what we were agreeing to. It's not some arcane thing on their part, (though they would like to think so.) they were ordered to and they have to obey the prime creator.

angelm2233, posted on February 18, 2016

Let me first say I absolutely love all your work David. Especially having the pleasure to watch this show and cosmic disclosure with Corey Goode. I sit in suspense awaiting very episode anxiously craving more and more knowledge. I'd like to know if once we do ascend to the next dimension, assuming we are able to achieve that while in the human body, will we have the chance to experience for ourselves all the great things ascension brings...doing so with the same seemingly individual minds we have here in 3rd density now? For example if right now I began experiencing the supernatural gifts 4th density brings, I know the me I am now, would be fascinated and have the desire to tell someone. Id have the desire to analyze the experience with my individual mind, as well as share it with my sister, mother, or friend...seeing as this is an ongoing topic of debate in my life,Id want the pleasure of experiencing the things that once appeared impossible with people I love here and now. Id want to be like see! Told you so lol...and remember that experience...or would that no longer interest me? I believe so strongly the Law of One is real and ultimately hope I am able to stay on a positive path and ascend, but I also would like a moment as the curious person I am here and now, to experience things I believe to be true and have them validated from my individual perspective. Hope this makes sense lol. Your shows get me thinking so deeply my mind is all over the place. Thanks so much again for all the GREAT work you do.

Sarah.gille, posted on February 12, 2016

When David stopped his talk to share that the time was 3:33:33, I just thought to myself, "ok lets move on with it David" but at that moment my own clock caught my eye and it was 3:33. I don't know what to say. I've seen synchronicity for years but wow. How could I have known to watch the show at a certain time or that he would talk about that?

vladimir7, posted on February 16, 2016

I get these syncs all the time. 444, 44, 41, 14, 11. I got used to it. It gets annoying a lot sometimes. Sometimes i go to pee at night, half sleeping and big red 4:44 on my oven freaks me out. Do not say anything, its not necessary. I think, those things come from place, where time does not exist. Therefore syncing moments is like putting layers of paper over each other. Timespace influences spacetime. Maybe its just subconsciousness, which is so much faster in perception and could be able to do this...

And now when you google "333" and you read this and you understand it what it means (or not)... what's the point of God screaming it in your face 3 times a day?

sekondgoaround, posted on May 6, 2016

I get 411, 114, 141 and 444 all the time.

dylandegraaf5, posted on February 8, 2016

I haven't watched everything - wish I could. I hope no one is giving you too much of a hard time. Love your work - there will always be critics - guess they haven't figured out that whole ego thing. Take care, David

msmdare, posted on February 5, 2016

Would Maldek also be the same MARDUK, that is mentioned in Zachariah Steichens book? The information is similar, only Marduk became the Moon and the earth. I could be wrong, but I am curious can anyone enlighten me further?

paulomcc, posted on February 1, 2016

It was interesting to note that the the characters wore helmets to breathe on the moon and the asteroid, but not on Mars!

at405oak, posted on January 28, 2016

Quote:transparent aluminum is as real as it gets today, thanks to US Naval Research Laboratory scientist Dr. Jas Sanghera who described it as “actually a mineral, it’s magnesium aluminate. The advantage is it’s so much tougher, stronger, harder than glass. It provides better protection in more hostile environments—so it can withstand sand and rain erosion.” Being a more durable material, it will boast of a thinner layer of spinel which is touted to deliver a better level of performance as opposed to glass. When one takes weight-sensitive platforms such as UAVs (unmanned autonomous vehicles, or “drones”), and head-mounted face shields, you can be sure that this is a technology that will change the way we see the world work. Sanghera further describes the manufacturing process, so to speak, “You put the powder in [a hot press], you press it under vacuum, squash this powder together—and if you can do that right, then you can get rid of all the entrapped air, and all of a sudden it comes out of there clear-looking.” When the sheet is fresh off the press, it will be ground and polished before being refined further into other uses like bulletproof glass. Should the cost come down in due time, then consumer applications will also benefit, including smartphones and watches. (Think: SMART GLASS PADS... as in Corey Goode)
.....which brings me to my next point:
A Day Made of Glass.... Here is Corning's DISCLOSURE on what they have already developed in GLASS... which goes way beyond just "Corey's SMART GLASS pads"!!
or even better the EXPANDED version which came out in 2012 (the above version was 2011)
NOTE the above link NOT ONLY SHOWS the smart Glass Pads... but MUCH MUCH more including Flexible smart glass computers that can be rolled up and carried....and all those cool smart displays you see in all the movies.... The expanded version OPENS with one of Corey's Smart Glass Pads... which Corning calls: "HANDHELD DISPLAY GLASS"
FOLKS ya just gotta see this if you haven't already....
One Last link
Here Corning Explains the video number two and tells you We already have this (It's mostly just not yet affordable....or mass available)


lcarpiaux, posted on August 10, 2016

I forgot about that episode in the Star Trek movie....because I could have sworn I saw an episode from the original series, where at the end , when they've "made-up" with an other race (species?), they discuss how they could help us, or each other. At that moment, their "science officer" essentially does the same thing as "Scotty" did in the movie, but Officer Scott is the one that exclaims "transparent aluminum!..." Am I mistaken, or having a "Mandela Effect" episode...lol

capsnowgoose, posted on January 26, 2016

I heard an interview with Andre Basiago on Veritas Radio Show and Andrew stated that the secret military dropped these hints into the Comics so that any disclosure could be discredited ans the fantasy imagination of a Comics Book Writer, such as "thats absolutely crazy, he got these ideas out of a comic book!"

frost7967, posted on January 25, 2016

Just saw first episode In new X Files series. Seems like big-time disclosure going on here - the cabal, the advanced "zero point energy" technology kept secret since the 1940s, hints at a secret space program..... Unlike comics (which look like fantasy), much of this episode could look like a documentary; only thing stopping people from interpreting the show as a depiction of "truth" is that the series is labeled "science FICTION" ( vs fact).

chelseyberendse, posted on January 28, 2016

I second that, I hope David will do an episode covering the latest X-files episodes given that he has already done a few on the topic of disclosure in mainstream media and film. Interesting to see the revival of this series and the content they choose to focus on. Pretty much every conspiracy theory rolled into one. Not to mention this weird article from MSN, which directly connects the declassification of CIA UFO documents in timing with the airing of the new episodes...

sylviepollard, posted on January 25, 2016

Are we in a cycle with the Sirius star system n is this why the earth goes through an expansion from time to time? Is the Dark Age when we're farthest away from Sirius n the Golden Age when we nearest with an earth expansion taking place at the same time as our consciousness expands?

grosbisous1, posted on January 24, 2016


hduaneaz0523, posted on January 25, 2016

I am a loyal Arizona Cardinal fan, and I watched them end their season tonight. Of course, during the game I saw them advertising x-files coming up next. I have been wanting to resume watching David's videos which are excellent. I told my wife I wanted to watch real x-files. She started watching x-files, and I went to my computer to watch videos. After I had watched 1 of the videos, my wife yelled from the other room, "Honey they are talking about the evil bankers that are controlling the world and the elite." I told my wife that is interesting that they are airing this tonight because I know disclosure on this subject is imminent. Are the Cabal putting this out so that when it is in public, it will be unbelievable?

jamieshort111, posted on January 24, 2016

Dinosaurs 500 million years ago? Great episode though :)

bill.behlke, posted on January 24, 2016

Well done, David. How you keep track of all this information (let alone connect the dots) is beyond my comprehension. You must also have great folks working tirelessly behind the scenes - my hat is off to them.

There are two major "coincidences" with the 1976 dates. The most obvious - it is the 200 year anniversary of our country (and in the same month as well). The obscure one is it is also the 200 year anniversary of the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. My understanding is that this faction of the Cabal is one of the most powerful ones. Thoughts?

bobcatfiore, posted on January 23, 2016

I appreciate all your content, even the occasional repetition...it helps all this new info become part of my knowing.

sheffield5555, posted on January 23, 2016

Does it seem to infer that the man and girl are Nordick?

ca_gal67, posted on January 22, 2016

Synchronistic that this week I saw a Facebook article from Higher Perspective about "Scientists Have Uncovered a Shocking Secret Underneath the Easter Island Heads." The whole sculpture is 70 feet tall and has symbols on the back. 70 feet tall - sounds familiar.


thequestess, posted on January 22, 2016

Good childhood times :-)

artistsuzette, posted on January 22, 2016

This was SO interesting and compelling ~ ~ ~ I think that some films are doing the same thing ~ ~ ~ it is a good way to gain a lot of knowledge and not have to explain it to anyone ! ~ ~ ~ Thank you David ~ ~ and Gaia TV ~

ieq1970, posted on January 22, 2016

Comic and Science Fiction disclosure are the best ways for a writer to disclose stuff without being considered a crazy person :)))

Isis Estrada.

Kirkdalton58, posted on January 21, 2016

As I watch your programs David, I am noticing disclosure in the hinted ways on mass media programming. I watch Scorpion on Monday nights. Great show, this last episode was about technology found in an old German bunker, and the President of this little known country was going to use it in a sinister way, and of course, team Scorpion, must find a way to stop him. I recommend this show, if you haven't watched it. Anyway, it's about the only show I watch on mainstream, everything else I watch is on Gaia. Great shows, David! Keep up the good work!

matthew.j.standing, posted on January 21, 2016

As global events speed up and due to the delay of producing episodes of Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure I can see the eventual need to cover stories in more of a "near real time" format. We are hearing of exciting things nearly every day and have to wait for them to show up months later or hope David and/or Corey comments on them online outside of GAIA.

kiki030793, posted on January 21, 2016

you a great guy doing great things for great people can you please stop being annoyed by the haters...they shouldn't bother you..... just present your info for us and forget the haters. your feeding them when you pay attention to them. Cmon bruh

diana86, posted on January 21, 2016

Yes he is way above that, and the abundance of love and respects he gets from us all is far more powerful than all the negativity...

Although, I think the nuisance of the the "haters" actually propels David to do his work with more precision. Everything he brings to light is so well researched and backed up from so many corners with the open intention to discredit all the "nay-sayers" as he says, while it opens up more and more gateways for our expansion and growth. I am sure he gets bombarded with negativity and he is doing a very humble job of disclosing his discomfort for it....one day, his biggest critics will become his most loyal listeners.


origstoneart, posted on January 20, 2016

As you know, Stanley Kubrick is said to have disclosed secretly his involvement of filming the first hoax video of the moon landing within his movie The Shining. I recently noticed many of the same symbols he used in the Shining within the music video, "On Top of The World" by Imagine Dragons. Even down to the carpet of the hotel room hall that was supposed to be in the shape of the launch pad. There was also a boy in it wearing similar clothing to the boy in the shining, The number 237, a reference to what I think may be 2001 Space Oddesy on the home address, and other cabal symbolism with the pyramid and eye. I think the singers of Imagine Dragons speak a lot to us about the real inside world of the music industry with their other song. Gold. Have a look if you haven't yet. On a side not...my cousin was good friends with the band members in high school and I guess they were very religious and I'm sure entering into that world must have been a shock https://youtu.be/w5tWYmIOWGk?list=PLJD_cDxlcdcCv0I6LdgTTjBlLHYqJNmlC

stonemtnstudio, posted on January 22, 2016

Hahaha.. That video is hilarious. Thanks for that!

loisbanks.la, posted on January 20, 2016

David is doing great work and helping others to think big.....
Keep going David !

dileo083, posted on January 20, 2016

David - I am not sure that you mentioned this, or noticed in your original review, but you may notice that the astronauts depicted in the ViewMaster were wearing "space suits" on the moon, and the asteroid. However, perhaps interestingly they are not wearing them when they are on the Mars surface.

To your primary point, this may be deliberate, and would it not validate some claims that there is breathable air on Mars?

ZenFrog, posted on January 19, 2016

Did anyone else notice that the characters wore a helmet on the moon and the asteroid, but not on the surface of Mars?

wildbikegurl, posted on January 20, 2016

That was the very first thing I noticed!

catramse, posted on January 19, 2016

you make giam tv david
the rest is fluff

bvb10, posted on January 19, 2016

Great fun. View masters were so cool. I loved mine. Thanks for another look into the drip drip.
Loved the spanking icon so perfect.
Beata aka tinfoilhatlady

vvurdsmyth, posted on January 19, 2016

David and his sources are on to something regarding bi-color Iapetus. Its orbit around Saturn is highly ecliptic, about 3x the length by width and at a 15 degree angle from the other moons of Saturn, suggesting it was 'captured' and didn't form out of the same swirling gas and matter of the Saturn complex. Its ridge and fascists suggesting an underlying geodesic structure have been noticed by other astute observers as well.. David is connecting the dots (~;

Charleswlyon, posted on January 19, 2016

As always wonderful information no one else is giving. Thank you David

philavox, posted on January 19, 2016

I'm halfway through and want to take a moment to say how good this episode is. This is David at his best - connecting the dots at a level that only he can do, in a style of relaxed confidence.

David, one suggestion: consider dropping the word "hate" from your vocabulary moving forward. When people offer criticisms of your work, it means they are paying attention -- which is always a win for you.

Secondly: critical feedback is not always hate, right? And you are now a highly visible public figure offering essential information to the world. Instead of hysterically trying to ward off the haters, why not welcome critical feedback and use whatever parts of it you can to continue to improve? This will only strengthen your position and widen respect from your base of viewers.

Apart from that, keep up the great work. You have hit your stride and are helping the planet move into its renewal.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 21, 2016

@CFISET, thank you for your comments and your support of the series. We'll share the feedback with David!


shirleah, posted on January 19, 2016

Wow!, David. I know of nobody else who could do what you're doing --or would even care to. Early in the series you invited your viewers to comment. That can be a can of worms from so many diverse beings. You comment above--spoken like the true gentleman you are--made me realize how the negativity must hurt. I can't even imagine how much time, energy, effort , intelligence, education and caring must be involved to produce these programs. As one of your loyal viewers, I --thank you, thank you, thank you for your dedication and persistence in continuing to bring us this vital information. Namaste, Leah

ryuheicatred, posted on January 19, 2016

David don't mind the hate or haters, a lot of people love you, I am one of them★★★★★♥

DEBORAHG, posted on January 19, 2016

I find that I can hardly wait for new episodes of Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure. They never fail to impress. Thank you David!

Lately, my parents, who are in their eighties, are fascinated by these two shows also but they have to read the transcripts because there attempts to sign up for a subscription seems too complicated.
... which brings me to a point for those who manage Gaia TV ... I've been a member for years and I used to be able to navigate the site just fine, but the recent changes to the format make every search for a particular episode an exercise in frustration! Please make the site and search feature much more efficient and user friendly.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 19, 2016

Deborah, thanks for writing. We appreciate your support of the series!
If you're having trouble following the Wisdom Teachings series, you may want to bookmark the show page here:

Email us if you continue to have trouble: info@gaia.com


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