Wisdom Teachings: [#150] The Mars Transfer  Video
[#150] The Mars Transfer
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Wisdom Teachings: [#150] The Mars Transfer (February 2016)

Season 19, Episode 8
Available worldwide

David Wilcock tells of the Mars transfer, where Martian bodies were artificially adapted to endure the conditions of a new cycle of growth and ascension. As a warlike species, the people of Mars knew precious little of the lessons from the Law of One. After the devastation of their world, they were given another chance to grow and ascend, this time upon the Earth. In order to make this transition, changes to DNA and density were needed to clear karma and open the way to a new “harvest.” This presentation was originally webcast February 1, 2016.

David Wilcock


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dreamdust38, posted on May 17, 2016

If all the water and air was blown off of Mars, where did it go? In the vacuum of space, they should have reformed as spheres of air and spheres of water as it does in space or spheres of a combination of both. So where in space is this extra air and water?

melody.worobec, posted on April 30, 2016

I have heard you say this before about the God of the Old Testament being evil...that is so very NOT true. The fact of the matter is He did NOT want the death of the newborns...if you read the actual Bible...which you likely have not considering the way you are talking here....God (through Moses) went to Pharoh and asked Pharoh to let the Children of Israel go so they could leave Egypt....it was the Pharoh who would NOT let the Children of Israel go...through Moses... Pharoh was approached on this MANY times....every time...Pharoh answered that he would not let them go....finally God was finished playing around with Pharoh and decided to get them out himself, He had to do something so drastic....so He had the Children of Israel slaughter unblemished sheep and put blood of the unblemished lambs on the doorposts to the homes that they lived in...Only the Egyptian people did NOT have this protection...which is why the firstborn of all the Egyptians people were killed. The FACT of this is that Pharoh was exercising his free will to impose his will on the Children of Israel...remember the Egyptian people were using the Jewish people as slaves!! So if Pharoh had just said from the start...yeah okay go, who would have his people (Egyptians) had to do all the grunt work?? It was the Pharoh being the evil being in this scenario NOT God so please do NOT put that on the God of the Bible....
Now in case you were talking about the slaughtering of the babies when Jesus was born (which was actually in the New Testament but I will cover that here as well, just in case) that had NOTHING to do with God being a jealous evil being...it was a king who was jealous and terrified because he was told that the baby (Jesus) would take the king's crown...that was the jealous king exercising his free will to save his own hide....which had NOTHING to do with God at all so do NOT attribute that to God.
The biggest proof of all is that like you said previously that Jesus was good, you said that again here that he came to "fix" things...actually, you are MISLEADING people when you say this distortion. The FACT is that nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say for people to disregard anything that the God of the Old Testament said or did...in FACT He (Jesus) actually READ from the Old Testament...that was the Bible He read from...if you actually read the Bible you would know this.....You had also said in a previous show that the God of the Old Testament was bad because He gave us, through Abraham, the 10 Commandments....you said that a loving God would not impose Commandments on us...a loving God would actually, in FACT, want us to not kill each other...not cheat and lie to each other...a terrible God would, in fact, want us to hurt each other...The people living at that time were much LESS civilized and they were following all types and manners of "gods" which is why God said don't worship other gods....because He knew that people will fall for almost anything if they think there is some salvation in it for them...that is how people are today in some respects, too....God had much harsher rules for those people to live by because of their lack of civilization...they were in many ways babies in knowing how to run a civilization. Another bit of PROOF that you are 100% WRONG is that Jesus said Himself that He did NOT come to do away with the Commandments but to fulfill them!! Do you know what that means?? It means that Jesus came to live those Commandments to the fullest extent...He did that!! If Jesus actually believed that those Commandments came from a terrible, evil being...I am positive that He would have said to us through the ages to ignore them but He did NOT say ignore them, He lived them to the letter...that speaks volumes!!! That is PROOF that you, David are 100% WRONG on that point and I really wish you would see that you are wrong and make the correction or at least STOP spreading these LIES. There are people on here who actually hang on your every word and believe each syllable, you, David, have an awesome responsibility to make sure you bring ONLY FACTS. You don't believe in God or whatever, that is okay...just don't push that on others, and by saying these lies you are pushing your belief system on others.... Go back and do the research...it is there in the Bible...what you are saying on here is a bunch of BS and you really should apologize to the people watching and clarify that you were 100% WRONG!!!

loisclark.now, posted on April 13, 2016

If you go to 119ministries.com there are videos there, one in particular speaks of the calendar of Yahweh, the video "End of Days Part 1"
tells of The Feast of Trumpets, when they think the last Trump shall sound. They proclaim it to be Sept. 1, 2016. That's just their spin on it.
A lot of what you give us makes sense to me and still there is some that is hard to assimilate. I do appreciate all the info. Just takes a lot to comprehend and believe.

andrew.williams.b, posted on March 22, 2016

I am absolutely fascinated with this subject. I would be awestruck to be able to see these channelings live and experience them firsthand, I am 100% a believer in the hidden truth. This would amaze me. Does anyone have any information on where I can find these live channeling sessions or if Gaiam TV will be publishing any of these soon?

minaglia, posted on March 9, 2016

The Law of One is captivating. David does a stellar job at disseminating its information and correlating it with heaps of other intel he's compiled. Except for a few little things here and there, David's shows are the only reason I'm a happy subscriber of GAIAM TV. He also cracks me up every now and then. I'm really happy how David stopped taking long time segments of his shows recapping information -- that drove me crazy, but he stopped doing it many episodes ago, and now only usually does it when it's beneficial, or at least brief enough so that I don't tear my hair out. I immeasurably thank you David for the all the eye-opening information that you share with us in all your shows. As always, I look forward to your future information.

P.S. You don't need to spend so much time talking about naysayers. The people who are ready will take in the information. Besides, you can never not have naysayers, and many of them agree with you and are just trying to troll you. However, it can be very funny sometimes when you (David) act out in embellishing moronic gestures and words what the skeptics are like :)

brianferguson, posted on March 4, 2016

I have recently researched densities in the material and found David's description of the higher densities to be foreign.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on March 7, 2016

you must provide at least some leads if not the actual sources (preferred&considerate) of your findings. Thank you.

patsykimbro, posted on February 18, 2016

I am so happy that I finally signed up for your programs. I have learned more in such a short time. In school lots of times I felt like stuff was not true but I figured that was my imagination. I had no real understanding of what was going on in the world only that it was not seeming to go any where. I do feel better about things in general although it may still be a long way till the endiing bell sounds for this 3 ring circus we are in. I do not miss tv at all.
I so had no idea that everything I ever wanted to know is available inside myself. I was so happy I was able to help a man who had a large amount of pain from a carpal tunnel surgery that went off the rails. I asked the Holy Spirit for what to do and the guy was really a go getter and did everything as explained and now he has zero pain and His Dr. who was going to do surgery has said no need for further surgery to repair the carpal tunnel.
Keep up the good work. It seems like the story grows and this also grows the complexities of disclosure .
I go to the Course in Miracles and yesterday my card we draw as the basket goes around and we read the card aloud to the group. My card was "God is with me...I cannot be deceived. ived.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 18, 2016

@PATSY, we appreciate your support of all of our programming on Gaia!

To our new subscribers: we are currently producing five series on Gaia that you may be interested in, and you can find our original programs listed here:

Many thanks,

artiesanchez, posted on February 14, 2016

Please explain the difference between the earth quarantine from the guardians at the time of the mars migration and the earth quarantine that has recently been placed by the sphere being alliance. If there has been a quarantine since the mars migration then how did the Roswell crash occur as well as all the other ET crashes. Was the quarantine removed at some point and why? Are the Guardians and Sphere Beings the same? This "law of free will" seems to be open to interpretation. It is used and not used to conveniently tie in the story lines. David, you need a whole episode devoted to this prime directive. What it really means. How its used and not used.

sal9, posted on February 13, 2016

David have a tremendous way to inject the wildest theory while wearing a borring purple Chemise ;) I feel enlightened by the day or by the hour .
An other weird thing is when I listen to David I feel the synchronicity between my mind and what he says and a lot of times when my thoughs drifts away from the lecture and i refocus on the narrative the first word or phrase that he would say exactly answer or complete my thread of thoughts FUN :)

taovag, posted on February 11, 2016

Sounds a bit like Yahweh might have been one of these errant Gods of greek mythology like Zeus who was often fraternizing about with dishy earth girls. Also, who is Ra's boss? Or the boss of the Guardians.. who delegates which beings will be in charge of transferring which planetary populations which may exist at large?

Emma08, posted on February 7, 2016

Thank you once more for another excellent show by David!

His ability to communicated subject material in very easy to absorb formats is remarkable...it is so obvious why Corey Goode would choose him as someone to come forward to, I know I would if I had information to disclose.

Glad that Gaim saw the wisdom in David :)

jx.wharton, posted on February 6, 2016

Once again I'll comment that I feel David is REALLY off point with this whole cloning/abduction business. I just don't want anyone to feel afraid of any contact that they've had in the past, present or future. I am currently undergoing preparation processes for contact through Steven Greer's CE-5 protocols with two of my close spiritual friends, one of whom has had and continues to have very lucid and viable contact by orbs and other phenomenon. On top of that I have also had several experiences in which light craft of non-terrestrial origin (whether it be extra-planetary or extra-dimensional) have appeared to me and behaved in such a way as to indicate that communication was happening and usually happened around planetary alignments and major events in my life.

This being said, I again want to reiterate that what David is saying may not be correct and that abductions or journeys with POSITIVE ETs/EDs should not be feared and should not be taken in any negative sense. I do not believe that any PHYSICAL genetic material was ever taken during these "journeys" (not abductions) as these higher density beings would already have access to our genetic material on a different level. Even when Ra denotes the "cloning" process that the entities of earth undertook to "incarnate" (key word) on in the image of Yaweh, I believe that it was very much a higher level, spiritual CHOICE by those entities to take on a form more suitable for 3rd density experience under the guidance (by example) of Yaweh, not a physical cloning process as we would know it today.

And that ALL being said, I really enjoy David's sober/serious attitude this episode which reminds me of the first few seasons of Wisdom Teachings as well as his conferences and interviews, all of which have kept me drawn to him productions since I first discovered him in 2010. Please keep this up as it lends MASSIVE credibility to your work which I know you spend all of your days and hours on. I would hate to see it dismissed by even one person simply because of your demeanor.

love and light

sal9, posted on February 13, 2016

Thank you for your thoughtful insights JX as much as I like to believe every single word david says at the same time I need to cross check a lot of what's being presented here on Gaia TV. I do not have a lot of references exept my x religious esoteric background and some broad knowledge about mythology Andalusia era moors era ...!

gk1, posted on February 6, 2016

The history of the solar system according to David Wilcock: "There were 'complications.'" LOL
Thanks, we really enjoy the show.
No clowning and no cloning! Remember Larson's Bozon Layer in the Farside cartoons (the ozone layer depicted as a grouping of clowns (hint here: abduction memory false overlay possibility. It is not loving to rape somebody. Don't drink the cool aid that says otherwise.))...
Love (agape) is the answer, as reality and imperative.

chantspire, posted on February 6, 2016

DW, thanks for interpreting the Law of One (LoO) and connecting it to other writings. It appears to be having the intended effect, as evidenced by the blog. Keep it up. (As a side note--Having two dogs of the same breed I can say definitively that at least one of them IS telepathic--no question whatsoever. I've said this to many people who question his strange actions/reactions.)

bretthaugen, posted on February 6, 2016

Good stuff David. Thank you so much. I love it when you tie in the ancient scriptures and how the whole story is evolving.

rayracine, posted on February 6, 2016

David, Love this show so much. I was wondering if in future you could talk about what is covered in session 33 and 34 of law of one when we get into the color therapy, karma, density, etc.

Thank you ever so much for everything you do and give !

1111hanek, posted on February 5, 2016

David talked briefly in this episode about pets who are given a lot of love and attention moving to 3D. Okay, I have a cat whom I take the very best care of, even going so far as making his food by grinding meat. So there is a lot of love going both ways. Am I to understand that my cat's energy could possibly re-incarnate into 3D as a person? I realize that would require obtaining a soul, but I don't know how that would work. David discussed this briefly in one other episode and I think this is what was put forth. Anyone know about this? Thanks.

sharona44, posted on March 23, 2016

Animal density is discussed in the Law of One at some length. Yes, because your cat is likely so highly evolved as a result of your relationship, when he dies he could very well reincarnate into a 3rd density human. I feel the same about my little female kitty. There are many levels and gradations within each density. Second density complexes are "mind/body". Third density complexes are "mind/body/spirit". I'm not sure exactly how the 'spirit' part gets created however :)

superdaveman54, posted on February 4, 2016

Finally a good interruption of some of the laws of one. Thank you David.

sonmi, posted on February 4, 2016

I don't know of what a lot of others are talking about of knowing nothingness but I can tell about knowing oneness of self, that is being whole with all of other selves. The feeling is like knowing and feeling every atom of your physical body at all times, and wow this is what it should feel like being a human form. When you close your eyes, you don't know where you are, only when you touch yourselves or being touch but that sense is just still in your head. What level of chakra is this? I was under water about hundred feet and this feeling of being "home" came to me, the pressure against my whole body felt like being whole. David, I am giving you my personal inner experience of being "whole" When I was having this surreal dream, I was standing on a red planet, just red sand and cloud as far as I can see and feeling "whole" and a voice was telling me, "you will being living on a place with six days of the week" Kinda wild.

jimnicholson2008, posted on February 4, 2016

Your Dog's are Reflecting your "harmonious" vibe David... If you were all stressed out and monkey brained, they would exhibit different behavior... This is especially true if pets are not neutered. They Reflect far more intensely...

At first the step toward trying to achieve a sense of oneness is intellectual, but its not until one can maintain an attitude of Veneration to All of Life that the oneness actually ramps up in stages gradually most of the time but with quick blips at other times. The inner disposition compels the experience of this -- yet its a oneness without a loss of individuation... Very hard to explain... One of the great rewards for adherence to Natural Law in any and all conditions IS a stepping UP of the sense of oneness to the point that a mere taste of it becomes the engine which compels years of work just to sense a bit more... Materialism eventually can't hold a candle next to true states of "earned" Oneness...

Thanks for sharing David ! ; >

uniqeluv26, posted on February 3, 2016

Awesome teaching David I just wanted to ask why the separation we are all one and we are all being slaved here on this earth I feel like source is unconditional love and that we are just learning how to love even though we might not get it rite I don't think its a reason to be seperated or some sort of assenion when our souls have everything thing we need coming from source we chose the path and we don't have to get it rite its all a play in witch we chose everything but that harvest and separation is dark and not unconditional love its just not its sounds to religious to me but you are amazing anfvi thank you for giving time in your life to be who you are and to do what you do I love you David!!!!

Colescottpa, posted on February 3, 2016

Consistent and very informative. I mention again that the terra papers seem to fill in the who what and why as to what happened to Tiamat and then latter what happened to the mt olypius mars and Zeus aka. Alula and the destruction of earth and mars and then only allowing earth to be terra formed for the second or third time. Mars was left desolate as a constant reminder of what happens to rebels. It has stuck all wart cultures refer to mars as the red planet of war and destruction world wide recognition! I agree with most of what David and Corey state and the law of one . I just can't understand with all the books and knowledge that they both have access to they never read and or understand the message in the Terra paper. I personally. Elieve it might be the true history of earth and humanity without all the political spin and misinformation that is written into Sumerian cuneiform text and even Sistchen 's translations (since he only published what was allowed to be stated! I am ready to listen to the latest Corey Goode update disclosure.

SHAWNW, posted on February 3, 2016

First, I should say I enjoy every episode for the content and the presentation. This was a particularly well executed episode - nice pace, clear thread through the material, good transitions back and forth between the LoO quotes and commentary. Comparing this episode to the first season one can see how David's presentation has become more polished.

But I write to acknowledge how much of self David gives doing two shows each week in addition to all the other public disclosure work he does, plus try to have some form of personal life. Please take care of your physical self, David. We'd like to keep you around for awhile.


jimduhon45, posted on February 3, 2016

Does anyone know what density they are? They must be at least 4th density, possibly 5th what with their techonlogy, but if they were chastised by the sphere beings they can't be much higher then
that. Thank you

bretthaugen, posted on February 6, 2016

That's a good question. I think it should be asked what density these aliens in SSP are too.

lovegivesfreedom, posted on February 3, 2016

If the Law of One says that the first beings on earth were the cloned refugees of the people from Maldec/Mars wars ; are they the same as the inner earth beings who Corey spoke to who say they are the original beings seeded on earth ? Which one came first? If the inner earth beings are originally from mars they sound like they have just as much history of war as any other race. According to what they told Corey they claim to be above all that. Can you clarify add any detail.

Robin_hedstrom_7, posted on February 3, 2016

the inner earth civilizations has been here much longer then the people that was transfered from Maldec/Mars. the Maldecs was transferred here 75 000 years ago aproximately.

We on the surface are the ones with mixed Genetics but we are all working on it our inner worlds, in our own unique way.

The inner Earth groups have been here for 20 million years or longer even, or that is what they said to Corey.

The Maldec civilization was much more aggressive and that is probably why they destroyed their own planet.

A book that might interest you is : EARTH Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library. channeled by Barbara Marciniak.

Earth will not be destroyed, I can assure you that from my very Soul, The Guardians are back and in the divine plan everything is as it needs to be right now.

Much Love

Water spirit and protector

sylviepollard, posted on February 3, 2016

I am not persuaded that the animal kingdom don't possess individual identities n only have a pack mentality. Too many lone species out there especially the cat family. I have seen my previous two cats mirror each other but that was only when one was a small kitten compared to the other one. My present two cats compete with each other n are very different. The top cat was with me for a year before I got the other n was already about 10yrs old, the younger one was only 1yrs old. So again many years difference but this time no mirroring occurred. They are both black n both female, but the previous two were different sex n completely different colours/markings n they mirrored each other quite often, though not all the time. I can see that there is a fundamental type of behaviour running through the domestic cat species which suggests there being a soul grouping type consciousness, but to say they don't possess individual personalities is wrong, totally wrong. Their personality traits are as varied as ours imho n I am actually very good at reading them ( n impersonating them lol! ).

sharona44, posted on March 23, 2016

Putting it simply, pets will have both a pack mentality AND an individual awareness. When you have one pet you mostly see its individuality and its highly-evolved relationship with you the human. When you have two or more pets you also see how they interact with group consciousness, i.e. as a pack, hence the mirroring.

talk2elise, posted on February 3, 2016

Yes, I see it better this way: they are tied into a morphogenetic field, such that if one bird learns how to flip a poisonous cane toad over and eat the belly, this information is carried through the field in other parts of the country and instantly the same species knows how to do this. This has been proven by research. So they have their own individual personalities, but one strong connection through their field. I believe David was only surmising about the mirroring aspect. It could rather be better explained through field behaviour. The Law of One spoke about domestic dogs becoming ready to move into a 3D soul experience. I also do not believe that this happens via the incorrect ideas of evolution purported by Darwinism. We are brainwashed to think all evolution is explained by Darwinism.
I was shown this special place of shared consciousness which animals tap into. A dog showed me. Beautiful experience that humans could certainly benefit from. And yet all the dogs and cats in that group were very much individuals.

tifvision, posted on February 2, 2016

David, you said that they incarnated and had sexual contact with women here in order to assist with the agenda of advancing the race here. But, this sounds very similar to what happened with the Nephilim. Are the two related, or are they totally different occurrences? Offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" are described as the Nephilim, and I can't find too many positive references about that situation, so would love to know more. Thanks! This was a really great episode! Thank you so much for all you do! Tif :) <3

LaneLight, posted on February 2, 2016

I have several episodes of Ancient Aliens recorded on my DVR. Today, I watched Episode 123, recorded on 8-28-2015, "The Other Earth". David was included on that show, and talked about the sun causing cataracts to support the theory that we humans are not native to the Earth. Right after that, the narrator said that it has been shown that astronauts in space automatically change to a circadian rhythm of 24.9 hours per day, which is the same as the length of the Martian day, instead of the 24-hour Earth day. Hmmmmm!!!

I am so grateful to have found David's material on GaiaTV. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This work is SO important. David is an excellent teacher.

taovag, posted on February 2, 2016

Fantastic episode. David really "brings it home" with this weeks cosmic fare mixing the best of biblical prophecy with the freshest of new age disclosure. You knocked it out the park man, keep schooling us earthlings good like this until we learn your crazy wisdom.

ilonkaroot, posted on February 2, 2016

It all is starting to make sense. Old partially fractured memories blending with the timeless ticking of the metronomal
clock. Such nurturing beauty and wisdom!
Thank you.

SAUNDEELEW, posted on February 2, 2016

I just love it when David teaches us about The Law of One! I am still currently reading this series, and can glean some new insights from it, Yet when "He does what He does", it just makes sense! (Smiles) David, you are a good teacher!
Thanks for helping us understand!!
Especially your explanation of the Law of Love, Law of Light, and Love Light & Beyond. I am soaking this up like a sponge! haha

selffound, posted on February 2, 2016

Yay more bible-thumping.

Wanderer101, posted on February 2, 2016

Great show!! I love the explanation for the missing link! I had heard that genetic manipulation had occurred but never that it was associated with a Martian soul transfer. Fascinating!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 4, 2016

Thank you for writing! Next week's Wisdom Teaching episode is "We are the Martians".

All the best,

ryuheicatred, posted on February 2, 2016

Everything starts making sense to me, kind of all falling into place. I khew since young that the creator's name is Jehova or Yahweh (I don't have a religion) and even read that in our DNA the name of God is written, in everything even a fruit or an animal YHWH, and more things that I've been reading, like a puzzle, love this episode, every time more interesting .PS and love David's hands.

hemessenger, posted on February 2, 2016

I have just bought The Law of One !

tmcmillion2, posted on February 2, 2016

Do you happen to know where the blood type rh- (rh negative) comes in to play? All I know is that it is very rare. Some articles I found
say that it may be from Spain and from the bloodline of Jesus. Other articles say it from aliens. My family does not know where it comes from.

Thank you for great programming!

marniebelle73, posted on February 2, 2016

Hi David,
Do you think at some point, maybe soon you could sit down with Corey and maybe a few other men and women in the know and chart out a linear time line showing historical events going back as far as possible? That way we could have a physical representation of the over lapping of ancient civilizations, where they were located, true time lines and also of when the other beings were brought here as discussed in this episode. The inner earth breakaway civilizations and when they left us. I'd love to know more about our TRUE history and it's real time line...and Exactly which ETs have been tampering with us and when in our history did we change from those pure human beings and altered to be these mud bloods that the Inner Earth civilizations have such distain for. Michael T. and Graham H would be great resources! It would be one heck of a visual aid!!! :D

Outstanding show as always David, I feel my mind and heart chakra expanding all the time <3

Jim_001, posted on February 9, 2016

I second the motion for a time line. I am always trying to put these pieces together chronologically and it is very difficult.

Wanderer101, posted on February 2, 2016


SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 2, 2016

Thank you for writing. David is not responding to comments here, but we will pass your recommendation and comments on to him!

All the best,

SAUNDEELEW, posted on February 2, 2016

Suzanna, thanks for mentioning this. I would especially like for David to know of the Positive & Thankful comments of his efforts, that I see here....Please pass these on to him. He seems to worry about the critics that he gets from the skeptics. He needs to know that he has a following of students that are appreciative and look forward to what he brings to us each week.
Thanks Gaia

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