Wisdom Teachings: [#153] The Atlantean Mysteries Video
[#153] The Atlantean Mysteries
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Wisdom Teachings: [#153] The Atlantean Mysteries (February 2016)

Season 20, Episode 2
Available worldwide

David Wilcock discusses the interventions made on the behalf of the Atlantean people in order to promote their ascension from 3rd density. Amidst the growing turmoil among the disgruntled residents of Atlantis, a small group of peace-minded people made a call for help. Their call was received and help was given in the form of channeled teachings. Despite the initial intentions, these teachings became corrupted by individuals who sought power over others…and the stage was set for catastrophe. This presentation was originally webcast February 22, 2016.

David Wilcock


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maifiori, posted on May 9, 2016

Wow. We are just a hodge-podge accretion of spiritually/mentally/physically-challenged students who flunked life school and had to be sent to boot camp Earth to get caught up with the smarter kids. We were so bad that even after 3 separate chances, we kept failing. I feel like such a retard. :)

leahmitchell, posted on March 18, 2016

Now I have a huge crush on David Wilcock. Always did love a man with brains! ; )

Oh yeah, and the subject matter is very interesting as well. I stumbled onto this information in my quest to discover what it was that led humanity to break away from the natural world, and I am beginning to realize that I was only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

rpbia, posted on March 14, 2016

I want to respectfully suggest you research the Vedas. Much of what you advocate is contradicted by Vedic Wisdom. In particular look at
the Time sequences of the cycles of life on earth. The Yugas. Human Life on earth did not begin thousands of years ago due to some
intervention. Life is a continuous cycle. The level of Consciousness is determined by the Yuga. The answer to our current problems is
contained in the expansion of Consciousness. Meaning the knowledge of Unity Consciousness. By this I mean experience plus understanding. Bless you David .

bradterryturner, posted on March 6, 2016

Thank you for making this so interesting and understandable for all of us!

dancecyn, posted on March 3, 2016

yes, I was there in space as a flashing fire fly, high over earth was I flooded with love and more out flowing to earth below. yes we are all becoming.

smailliw62, posted on February 29, 2016

The Elohim and the Ra Confederacy brought the teaching of the Law of One to humanity but to learn the true secrets that The Cabal and other Occult Societies have kept hidden from mankind we must learn the truth of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. These legacies of our ancient past are the key to unlocking what's buried beneath them, the Star Gates to Ascension. To learn what our Government leaders have kept from us for centuries got to this link.

vvurdsmyth, posted on February 29, 2016

Supports the Phaeton explosion theory http://goo.gl/MdR4eR

hostan, posted on February 28, 2016

Hi David, I can't tell you how glad I am to have subscribed to Gaia and have the opportunity to watch your show and Tellinger's!!!

My 1st question is; where does the creation of man fits in, was it before ATLANTIS or after?
Who is raw, are they the Anunnaki?
Do you agree that humans were created by the Annunaki?


claudio.berchtold, posted on February 27, 2016

Dear David
I don’t know how to reach you.
I am Claudio from Switzerland and 36 years old. Sorry for my bad English spelling ;-)
I am watching on the road to my work (2 hours per day) always interesting stuff form the English truth community.
Since almost two years I am following your work. I am a Gaia member and watching your shows “wisdom teachings” and “Cosmic Disclosure”.
I am watching also your current conscious life expo sessions. In the session revealing the secret space program you get into the work of Dr. Tszyan Kanchzhen. Fascination stuff.
As I watched this I had a déjà vu because I saw something like that some time ago in an article.
The article was about the “Primeval Code” I have found a homepage about the toppic and I directly copied the sentences here because my English is not the best (http://www.urzeitcode.com/english/):
The "Primeval Code" – the ecological alternative to controversial genetic engineering!
Can the global food problem at last be solved – without using genetic engineering? In his new book the "Primeval Code" (Munich 2007) Swiss journalist Luc Bürgin unveils the secret of a sensational biological discovery at the pharmaceutical giant Ciba (now Novartis), which unfortunately has been ignored by the experts up to the present day. In laboratory experiments the researchers there Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an "electrostatic field" – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows.
Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field, a phenomenon, which the English biochemist, Rupert Sheldrake, for instance believes is possible.
The Swiss pharmaceutical group patented the process – and then stopped the research in 1992. Why? Because "primeval cereals" generated by an electric field, in contrast to modern strains of seeds, require hardly any fertilisers or pesticides – i.e. crop protection agents, sold as priority products by Ciba at that time. The discovery was soon forgotten, without the global scientific community taking any notice.
In collaboration with the researchers involved – or rather their sons, in this book, the author has for the first time now disclosed in detail how the principle of this revolutionary bio-experiment works. Previously unpublished research reports, 64 exclusive photos, English-language patent specifications and interviews document the "Primeval Code" in all its aspects.
Nevertheless many scientists who think along conventional lines may remain sceptical about this inexplicable biological effect. But now for the first time, renowned German expert botanists such as Professor Edgar Wagner of the University of Freiburg and Professor Gunter Rothe from the University of Mainz make positive statements about it in the book. Rothe even had replicated the Ciba experiments in detail at his university in 2001 – and was successful. And also for the first time, even a Nobel laureate – the world-famous Swiss microbiologist Werner Arber – is taking up the cudgels for this controversial discovery. Back then, Arber had given an expert opinion on the Ciba experiments in person in the laboratory. The professor said to the author: "I was impressed!"
Indeed, Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch appear to have discovered a biological method of effectively creating antecedents from progeny – without using genetic engineering. Or as both researchers put it: "Our experiments do not involve a mutation of the organism in question, which in the case of genetic engineering involves channelling an additional gene into the organism. No entirely new organism is created. In the electrostatic field, only the gene expression is altered – the retrieval of the existing gene. That is something different."
In addition to corn and trout experiments, the results of experiments with wheat were also amazing: thus the cereal exposed to the electrostatic field developed new proteins, which people looked for in the original wheat to no avail. Furthermore, it surprisingly produced much larger roots than the control group. This had the advantage of allowing the crops to grow far more rapidly. And occasionally in these experiments, a variant emerged which resembled the genetic antecedents of the wheat. Thus, a meadow grass-like arrangement of ear shoots and small narrow leaves was observed, for example.
"In the case of our 'manipulated' wheat, growth was so rapid that it was ripe in four weeks instead of the usual seven months", Heinz Schürch recalled. "However one has to say that although the ears and stalks were somewhat smaller, there were more ears per plant. The actual benefit is that we could cultivate this wheat in regions where spring and summer are short – where conventional wheat cannot be grown at all." In this case, one can also cheerfully refrain from using pesticides and herbicides: "The pests that have adapted to the growth process of normal wheat have not yet developed when we harvest our wheat as early as four to eight weeks after planting."
The Third World in particular could benefit from this method of cultivation that is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. For "primeval cereals" from an electric field yield more than modern genetically engineered varieties and do not require fertilisers. Furthermore, it is completely natural and thus healthier. It can be grown by anybody at minimal cost.
After Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch both passed away unexpectedly in 2001, their experiments were continued by Guido Ebner's son, Daniel – himself a biologist – on a private basis. He now wants to export this electric field technology to Africa as soon as possible, as part of an aid project, with the assistance of the former assistant to the UN Food Representative, Professor Jean Ziegler, in order to make it available to local farmers – free of charge, as an ecological alternative to the controversial genetically engineered seeds of the international agro-multinationals.
Here are the links for the youtoube videos:
https://youtu.be/gPOFyYvjWU8 and https://youtu.be/NTTu1-1BODU
(unfortunately all in German. I don’t know maybe there is a way with subtitles and translation but if you are interested in this subject I will help you out with the translations.
Claudio B.

Mpilzova, posted on February 29, 2016

Thanks for great information! It is so empowering to learn that we could live in totally different and better world! And also, it brings the hope and love in my heart when people like you are searching for the truth and higher potential for humanity! Thanks again, you are a good person!

saurabhgoenka01, posted on February 27, 2016

The myth of Helios sounds eerily similar to the descriptions of the universe given in the Vedas. The Vedas, written more than 4000 years ago, are written cosmological principles from the ancient times, which we learn were far more advanced than us. In fact, it is written in the Vedas, that the knowledge it contains is derived from the "Sanatan Dharma" (Sanskrit) which literally translates to the "Eternal Laws" and are a guideline followed by the ancient Hindu elders who DID NOT consider it a religion. That's why there are so many gods and godesses in the Hindu culture. It was never meant to be a religion.
The Vedas talk about the chariot of the Sun God Surya and give real numbers as to its dimensions, speed, content, etc.
A quote from the Vedas says, "My dear King, in his orbit through Bhu-mandala (Physical Plane/3rd density), the sun-god traverses a distance of 95,100,000 yojanas [760,800,000 miles] at the speed of 2,000 yojanas and two krosas [16,004 miles] in a moment."
There are many secrets in the ancient Hindu texts and Buddhist texts which you should look into in reference for the ascension timeline.

Loving the shows! Keep up the good work! :)

dxdarity2, posted on February 26, 2016

I love the way you deliver the message.. Keep up the good work!

deborah_dupre, posted on February 25, 2016

I'm so glad you can take these large bodies of work and condense it down for average person to understand. your truly a scientist and scholar and I hope this is the way that we begin to learn going forward in new schools. This is truly amazing 30 min, I went back and watched a couple of times. I also pre-ordered the book coming out can't wait to read it now that i'm watching this episode. I know the sun is going to emit a frequency that will shift us into the higher dimensions I also heard that Ra will not allow the full shift unless we as a people can create a universal conscious shift. I have a mantra I use "co-create in the theta state" this is how we can assist. I also noticed people are already being impacted by the frequency being emitted from the sun the end of Feb so it's already started, nice people getting nicer and mean people showing their true colors, I've had two experiences this week alone and I do believe as the year progresses we will see more and more. Focus, stay present in the moment and enjoy the upgrade it's what we came for. Peace and love to all here who are working towards a more loving world.

Universal60640, posted on February 25, 2016

The 150 people from the last cycle who were qualified to ascend but stayed behind to help would have lots and lots of descendants by now. Perhaps we are them? It would be in our DNA, our lineage I would think.

markdesign14, posted on February 25, 2016

So the entire surface is going to become inhabitable next year?
But you "won't" have to live through it "IF" you meditate and begin to "love" now.
Alright....Got that...But, do you--
1.) Shift into a "higher" density when this happens?
2.) Get teleported inside of the Earth into one of this Honeycomb areas?

So...there's no way to "Stop" this? I don't really want anyone to die...Not even the Illuminati and the other bad people.
That sounds stupid, but I don't know. I just want everyone to be happy and nice.

Mpilzova, posted on February 29, 2016

Hi! You need to remember that even the Law of One is most likely not 100% true. When I read it, it made me feel like it was given to us by beings with the service to self. Some information are great but it does not open my heart, maybe just my mind! It certainly did not inspire Don Elkins, the main reasrcher, who killed himself at the end. I appreciate their work, but we need to continue to search for the truth. The most empowering information for personal growth and learning how to be more loving, I learned from this wonderful teacher Neville Goddard. His teachings changed everything I thought was true for better! Please, google "Neville Goddard mindserpent" and find 1968.03.22. Lecture called "Infinite States"! You can help yourself and others!

markdesign14, posted on March 1, 2016

I'll check this out tomorrow.
Why did Mr. Elkins kill himself?

Mpilzova, posted on March 1, 2016

Google "Epilogue to the law of one books." But do not ever loose hope and keep asking yourself "What is the truth?" Your higher consciousness that is already in you will lead you to your personal answers! I had a beautiful dream -the main answer to my question about human suffering was : "Suffering is imaginal". Now, I spend most time imagining the life and world that I want and it is all coming my way! This wonderful human Neville Goddard, opened my eyes about this Law of Free Man. Who would ever think that the Bible is trying to give humans this knowledge! You can see this law mentioned in James 2, section 21-25. If you decide to know more google "Neville Goddard mindserpent " and find"1971.04.01 The Perfect Law of Liberty."

cmalmquist, posted on February 27, 2016

Yes, one would shift to a higher density and go ........I don't know where, it seems the earth too is going to go to a higher density so there will be a 'new earth' and those of us that are ready will go with her, and the others will stay with the 'old earth' that will of necessity have to go thru a quite 'inconvenient' cleansing (turmoil).

I sure would not want to 'stop' this. Sure, none of us wish anything bad to happen to anyone else, but we all are responsible for our choices. The more negative ones just aren't ready to evolve .....yet.......they will get there in their own time.

The Universe knows best how to run everything, so just sit back and spread your own light to all who will accept it..........but, use discernment.

Don't spread your love and light to just people remember the animals and the earth itself....she needs our love especially right now as she is wounded and is going thru the same thing as us and so needs our support.

loubay7, posted on February 25, 2016

QUESTION: The book Oahspe says that if an entity is over 51% service to others and less than 50% service to self, then the entity is harvestable for the positive 4th dimensional level.
so there is my question who can be from this group and how can we be from it?

cmalmquist, posted on February 27, 2016

You should read and re-read and STUDY the Law of One as given by RA. If you study enough and as you grow yourself in understanding, you will get it. It's a simple message in the end.

I have re-read the LOO for over 12 yrs and to this day I will come to more understanding by studying it. That's because something taught in it makes more sense today because you can relate to it as time goes on and you have learned more lessons in your everyday life, as well as, being able to string things together the more knowledge you gain in your life.

The Law of One states that 51% or more positive humans will ascend to next level. All will be ready at some point, but since we have a harvest upcoming very soon, it's obvious that some are not ready, and that's perfectly fine.

Don't think of those 'left behind' as 'poor souls', just that they will be ready at some point and perhaps sooner than you think. Just try each day to raise your own levels of Love and Wisdom and your energy will be absorbed by those that need and want it, including animals and the earth itself.

Remember you cannot force anything on anyone and shouldn't want to either.

horseladyinms, posted on February 25, 2016

David said we have (3) 25,000 year cycles and that after the second cycle (50,000 years ago), RA decided to "open the gates" and let the "Draco" in. This doesn't make sense in the timeline if they arrived here 375,000 years ago. What am I missing?

chnswam, posted on February 26, 2016

David Wilcock doesn't say the guardians lifted the quarantine 50,000 years ago, but it was 25,000 years ago.
As for 375,000 years, that was after the destruction of Maldek, when the solar system wide barrier went down. It is not explained in detail, regarding the history of the arrival of Draco around 375,000 years ago till about 75,000 years, or I might have missed. It seems there were many wars between various ET races and the inner Earth groups (again, we do not know the exact details, which groups, when it occurred, etc.,).

That's pretty much what I understand, trying to wrap my mind around these revelations :)

markdesign14, posted on February 25, 2016

I'm more confused about "Why" the Atlanteans decided it would be cool to let them take over. They were visited by the Ascended Masters for Christs sake. I guess these Draco must be some bad MoFo's.
But it strikes me. If they are that "Bad---" Why aren't they living amoungst us as our masters with a leash. Does this mean they follow "The First Distortion"? The law of free will? Does this mean the Atlanteans "Chose" to become dark, kind of like Anakin Skywalker?
Huh...I guess that would make some since. The dark-side is a deviation from the Light.

chnswam, posted on February 26, 2016

Yes, you may be right. The inner darkness of the priesthood, would have given the invitation for the forces of darkness (aka Draco) to slowly influence, corrupt and take over the group.

As Stuart Wilde says, you invite the ghouls towards you by your inner darkness. Clear it and the ghouls would not bother you (not referring really to you personally, but just to paraphrase)

markdesign14, posted on March 1, 2016

How do you know you're on the path of the dark-side?
Maybe David should have an episode on that. ^-^

Satsy, posted on February 24, 2016

Fire, compression breakthrough, the galactic wave of light, I experienced it in a dream in 2011. It's what started my real awakening process. I didn't know it's in the Bible. It's coming first, before any real disclosure to the masses who are too solid gold asleep and it's coming soon, this year I think and hope. Meditate and pray for that loving wave of light energy to free us and bring us into the Golden Age. also, it really helps to read Ra, the Law of One, even the first book. and, listen to some of Carla's last interviews before she passed, what a lovely lady with an open heart.

brendanish, posted on February 24, 2016

David mentioned toward the end of the episode that when the earth goes through major upheavals on the surface that the inner groups portal certain people into the inner earth for safety. That they protect and save certain groups of people. This does not sound very reassuring to me. Maybe I am wrong but I was under the impression that the inner earth groups were mainly interested in people with certain genetic backgrounds. This may be why some of these groups were working with the Nazis because they were similar genetically.

If they are portaling virtuous people into the inner earth based on behavior, I don't think we should trust the inner earth people's judgment of us. I don't think we should accept judgment from anyone lesser than God as we do not know what their agenda is.

I am going to use the example of the 150 people who qualified to ascend at the end of the last cycle, but chose to stay behind to help others. Personally I know people who are living lives that are far from virtuous at the moment. They have gotten lost in addictions to drugs or alcohol. Some of these people I love very much. I dont know if I qualify to ascend to a higher density or not, but if I do I would prefer to stay behind and help those I love in some way if possible.

Mpilzova, posted on February 29, 2016

There is the Law of Confusion and the Law of Free will, but there is also the Law of Free Men-mentioned in the Bible! You can find it in "James 2, section 21-25." It basically says your imagination creates your reality! If that sounds to good to be true, please google this wonderful teachings by Neville Goddard! Please, google "Neville Goddard mindserpent" and start with "1971.04.01. The Perfect Law of Liberty" and "1968.03.22. Infinite States." I still live in this insane world, but I know it is just a play and my reality is wonderful! We can all make this better world if you practice this Law of Free Men!

Angiecopeland11, posted on February 24, 2016

reminds me of a dream recently. dreamed of driving, trying to get somewhere but the road was completely being washed by a flood of water and fast. I thought it odd because there was nothing in my personal life, on movie/tv that i watched that should have me dreaming this and I dont dream much at all anymore.

chnswam, posted on February 26, 2016

Interesting. I too have experienced a couple of intense, water based dreams, but which felt positive, like going on vacation, and finding a whole city being flooded, but somehow not being affected by that, and kind of seeing it as normal (without panic/fears of any kind). Another occasion was of taking a family bath (as in vacation) in a huge shallow river in tropical like conditions, but with overcast and raining heavily too, and hugging on to a tree. Weird, but memorable dreams. Guess has got to do with some intense emotional period or cleansings.

dancecyn, posted on February 24, 2016

I have had repeated dreams of being a priest in Atlantis, we were burying very large crystals in the earth. The emerald tablets has resonated with me.

generichuman, posted on February 24, 2016

Who is/are the Council of Saturn that Ra mentions?
Anything to do with the inner earth Agarthan people having Saturn pendants?
The Agarthans say they’ve been here for 20 million years. That’s many 25,000 year density cycles? How can they be at 3.5 density? Are they the stragglers who haven't ascended? Do they reside elsewhere at higher density?

chnswam, posted on February 26, 2016

Yes, this Council of Saturn, it's mysterious. Need more light on who these people are, what their role is in our history...
Are they the gods of heaven (Helios/Surya, Fire/Agni, Moon/Chandra, Saturn/Sani, etc.,) referred to in Greek/Vedic/other texts?

txbackroads, posted on February 24, 2016

I cannot say this is correct with any certainty, but my sense of who the Council of Saturn may be are the ones the Bible refers to as the 4 and 20 elders. The other side of this coin may be that the 4 and 20 elders are the hierarchy within the inner realms of 3rd density that we council with between incarnations before selecting a new body and mission for the next incarnation.

Tis a fun mystery huh?


1kevindish, posted on February 23, 2016

Comment to David on this quote: "They weren't priests in the sense that they were celibate, obedience, devotion to God, and poverty. They were trained for knowledge and learning". This does not mean they were and we are priests quite the contrary. This actually distinguishes the priests and that of these students for lack of a proper term. There is a difference in learning for an intellectual purpose and a learning for an intuitive cognitive purpose. I just wanted to make the point that the latter comment that we are all priests regardless of how we conduct our selves in regards to sexual purity, servitude, and devotion was a real stretch to what was actually stated in the Law of One as you pointed out.

riverwanderer9, posted on February 23, 2016

Mind blown.. Not my usual 'lingo', but hey. I have a UFO experience from a few days ago I must share when I have the time. My intuition tells me it was a warning. The event might be sooner than we thought.

cmalmquist, posted on February 24, 2016

River, I eagerly await your story of a UFO experience.

I have been having some very interesting dreams lately that are ramping up more and more that are leading me to believe we are on the cusp. Of course I have no idea what the time frame is, but I keep being shown the big change is coming (ascension) very soon. Haven't had these exact types of dreams in some time so I'm paying a lot of attention to them now that these dreams have been so blatant in their meaning and ramping up a lot.

I continue to spend time praying and breathing love to all earth inhabitants and putting out 'the call' as many times per day as I possibly can. Also always including protection for David and Corey, they can sure use it from all of us.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 10, 2016

I want David to know about it. I wish I had a way of contacting him. What happened to me the other week was right out of Close Encounters of the Third kind.. There is no UFO video I have ever seen (and I have poured over thousands of them over the years) that compares to what happened to my friend and I. I am struggling to figure out if it was intended for me to see, or I was just in the right place at the right time. We also had another bizarre event happen the other morning. I am definitely being tracked by these things, I think.

I wish Gaia would offer us a Notifications section that lets us know when people reply. I just noticed your reply today. Sorry about that!

As for sharing the experience, I wanted to.. I really did. But I am hesitant and scared to in a world where the government tracks/hears everything we do. Our experience was so remarkable and close up that I almost feel like I'd be in danger sharing it. Guess I could be wrong... Since it occurred, we've had Chinook Military craft fly by often, directly over our place a few times. We are 100's of miles away from any military base here on the Oregon Coast, at that.. The 'event' I encountered lasted 30 minutes, at least. I am sorry I didn't grab my camera or a video recording device... I wanted to cherish the gift of being there in the middle of it. We were so close, there was no doubt about what we saw.. Frustrating, to say the least. We are fairly sure it was a warning. I will say that much.

kardomirza, posted on February 23, 2016

Thank you David! What a great show! And thanx for the priest archetype! it made things very clear.

ac.workline, posted on February 24, 2016

David, have you heard of Solfeggio frequencies? I believe they are useful information for opening the Green Heart Ray mentioned, specifically 528 Hz. It is literally the colour green as Nm and vibrates in perfect harmony with our 6 sided water molecules, that form the structural support of healthy DNA, according to Dr. Lee Lorenzen. I've been having insights connecting Pi > Phi > Fibonacci > Solfeggio Frequencies using a pyramid (or prism).

When I allow 3 to represent a triangle, and put the symbol for Pi inside of one, The triangle becomes a Pyramid with a "Capstone," and doorway. Insinuating that in Pi, 3. represents a Triangle (Prism,) and all of the digits that follow, are infinite harmonic "refraction" patterns of coloured light/ sound.

Now that we have our base, let's connect the rest. Colour and shape. As light refracts through the Pi Prism, it follows the Golden ratio 1.618 and creates the Fibonacci spiral. Our order of colour now goes from Clear Prism to Gold, in our Pi Pyramid.

The Solfeggio frequencies are last. As the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Spiral light exits our clear Prism, the light's vibration slows down and becomes the Solfeggio frequencies. They are colour and sound as we know them today, in harmony with the Golden Ratio. It requires tuning up to A444. I believe every numerical digit after 3. in Pi represents a colour and sound from 1-9. Pythagoras even told us to reduced all multiple digit numbers to a single digit of 1-9 by simply adding from right to left.

Here is the order I believe energy is channeled through a pyramid:

Pi : △π 3 (Prism). 14.....(Infinite Light Refraction)
Phi: Golden Light Φ .618 (618 Nm is Gold)
Fibonacci: Spiral Structure of Universe, Light's Path
Solfeggio: Visible Rainbow, Audible Sound (In true resonance with body)
Hz | Root# | Nm | A444.09 Music Note ♪
174 | 3 | Ultraviolet Invisible | F ♪
285 | 6 | Ultraviolet Invisible | D ♪
396 | 9 | Ultraviolet Visible | G ♪
417 | 3 | Violet/Blue Visible | G# ♪
528 | 6 | Green/Yellow Visible | C
639 | 9 | Red/Orange Visible | E♭♪
741 | 3 | Infrared Visible | F# ♪
852 | 6 | Infrared Invisible | A ♪
963 | 9 | Infrared Invisible | B ♪
The known universe.

Notice the root numbers of the Solfeggio frequencies are repeating 3's, 6's, and 9's. Nicola Tesla tells us, "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. The 3rd, 6th, and 9th frequencies are 396, 639, 963.

Thank You

updoglife, posted on February 24, 2016

This is so interesting. I never knew the roots of the effects of the Solfeggio. Synchronicity hits again, 10 minutes before watchgin this episode and then reading this comment, i got an e-mail update from a latest Solfeggio meditation at 528Hz.

Much Love

emde, posted on February 23, 2016

Hello David...
I am so impress how smart are you....You are blessed for shore ... Thanks for sharing .

debohara, posted on February 23, 2016

Thank you David for another great episode. When we understand our past we can see the pattern that followed over and oer again. With this good information, we can take a different path, using Love instead of greed. Blessings to you

wayne, posted on February 23, 2016

Excellent presentation. I especially liked the stuff related to Plato. I've been following your work for over 15 years. It's really paying off here on gaia.

redtomyam, posted on February 23, 2016

can anyone explain or offer any referential existing explanation as to the similarity in name of Ra in the Law of One, and the association of Sumerian myth to Ra?
Thank you.

georgic, posted on February 23, 2016

Cabal invention of myths

ZackLMiles, posted on February 23, 2016

Loved the show. Man.... I can't wait for the show you mention on pyramid power. You have been mentioning that one for a while and I have so many questions on that topic. I've been doing meditation inside a 8 foot copper pyramid daily for a little over year. I built it in my back yard and it clearly seem to increase my intuitive abilities. And as far as clearing my mind or centering I clearly feel it helps there unbelievably, too. But I'm still so full of questions. I've had some weird experiences in meditation under it, as well. Which I'm hoping you may clear up for me without me having to actually ask the question. This is why I am waiting on that show so much. I'm hoping that show will clear up an experience I had so much I can barely stand it. Anyways... just love to tell you how wonderful a job you are doing David. Love you much my brother!!!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 23, 2016

Zack, thanks as always for your support of the series! Watch for the episode on Pyramid Power in March.

All the best,

m.woo, posted on February 23, 2016

Our Ascension is our Top Priority for ourselves and our species. Thank you David for going back to this core understanding and the core of your work. We only had 150 ascensions in the last cycle. Let us multiply this number at least a thousand fold and more for this cycle!!
Many more of us are ready this time around!

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