Wisdom Teachings: [#155] Sunken City of Cuba Video
[#155] Sunken City of Cuba
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Wisdom Teachings: [#155] Sunken City of Cuba (March 2016)

Season 20, Episode 4
Available worldwide

Lemuria and Atlantis were not the only civilizations lost to catastrophe. There are many sunken lands just waiting to be discovered. One such recently discovered locale lay 2,200 feet under the ocean, just off the western tip of Cuba. In 2001, oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky made the discovery of a lifetime when her sonar screens displayed the ghostly images of what appear to be megalithic structures; now estimated to be 50,000 years old. This presentation was originally webcast March 7, 2016.

David Wilcock


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craigbarker13, posted on June 14, 2016

Isn't that why Obama has made up with Cuba?

truthor911, posted on April 30, 2016

Is there anymore data about these structures after cuba is now accessible to americans

Zendreamstar, posted on March 19, 2016

jmalan91, posted on March 13, 2016

Corey said that the 3 males that were at his meeting of inner earth were the most aggressive seeming and were the one of the latest to go into the inner earth.
that would make them lemurians ??

westfallvoice2, posted on March 13, 2016

Delores Cannon wrote several books call "The Convoluted Universe" book one goes into detail what Atlantis was doing just before it sank into the sea. It's a very interesting read.

tonymcgarry, posted on March 13, 2016


SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 15, 2016

Thanks for writing! The tethered download file for this episode is now available for Purple Player. See the "Download" button below the video player.

All the best,

rita.sullivan, posted on March 13, 2016

FASCINATING. held my attention, breathless

gmkaske26, posted on March 13, 2016

Thanks for what your doing. I enjoy it a lot.
My request is that we get a detailed episode going over the timeline of earths civilizations. (These are approx dates of Lemuria, which over laps with Atlantis, etc etc. Kinda thing, maybe a laid out timeline) There seems to be overlap coming from different people and i'de really like to get a visual representation of what the age of Lemuria and Atlantis was in relation to the other ancient civilizations and the "redawning" of humans.
Thanks in advance, I dont know how much these comments are looked at.

hillmannalex, posted on March 13, 2016

spoiler alert (sorry David).

21.27 Questioner: Thank you. Then did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle?

Ra: I am Ra. There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.

artistsuzette, posted on March 12, 2016

I loved this ~ Thank you for this installment ~ ~ ~ Looking forward to more ~ I love GAIA TV and I am glad I joined ~ ~ ~ Suzette

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 13, 2016

Thank you for writing! We're very glad you're enjoying the series on Gaia.

All the best,

kent1935, posted on March 11, 2016

Would you please do me a favor? I am a member of Ben Fulford's web site and when my debt card expired, He locked me out of the web site. I have sent him my new card information but I am still locked. I have e mailed him three or times in the last two weeks but no answer. Paypal has sent him the money but to no avail. I think that you have the means to contact him.would you please have him unlock my account. Kent1935@hotmail.com.
Thank you.

digitaltablet, posted on March 11, 2016

100.4 Questioner: Thank you. I feel obligated to ask the next, somewhat transient, question because of a request from Colonel Stevens. I also, for my own edification, [would like to] better understand the effect of the quarantine and first distortion. Would Ra comment on the purpose of the so-called Pleiades contact in Switzerland with Billy Meier— an entity known as Semjase and others.

Ra: I am Ra. It is not our practice to judge the value of a contact of metaphysical origin. We cannot confirm the contact referred to by the questioner as pure Confederation contact. However, we might suggest that there is some positive material within the recorded transcript of converse during this contact. As we have spoken previously to the various characteristics of so-called mixed contact, we shall not repeat, but note that all communication is of the One Infinite Creator in its infinite distortions.

100.5 Questioner: Is it all right for Colonel Stevens to receive the information that Ra just gave to us?

Ra: I am Ra. We find this information to be confirmation of already perceived ideas. Therefore, permission is freely given.

: Ahhhh so these so called "Ra"-beings have been asked about the Billy-case, and they sidestepped the question with a claim of not-judging. : I find that peculiar as how the "Ra"-people "cant confirm" the Billy: Meier-contacts but states that FACTS are present within the CONVERSATIONS. : There is a serious problem here.

digitaltablet, posted on March 11, 2016

: Its very unfortunate that data comes from so many different-sources its hard to validate whats being said. : This Atlantis thing is one of them. : For some odd-reason people want to project their opinions that Atlantis was a single-city sitting in the ocean. : When the facts are, Atlantis was a WORLD-WIDE-CIVILIZATION. During the time of Atlantis, the city was named after Atlant who came to Earth with a group of refugees ~131,000-years-ago. : Atlant and his wife Karadite and her cousin Mu founded Greater and Lesser-Atlantis. : The main-city was in Hyberboria or what is known today as Florida, Lesser-Atlantis was in the Santorini-location near Italy and Mu was a city in the Gobi-desert. : Atlantis spread from China all the way into the canyons of North-America and: some within India.
: The Pyramids were built after the Atlantis by a group of HUMANS from the Orion-Constellation.

marikamd, posted on March 10, 2016

Hi... No more download?.. I understand, but that s how I can watch your show, cause I don't have Internet... I m in the midst of bankruptcy , not much ressources at this time, weight watcher program squized by the cabal... :(

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 11, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to write. The tethered download file for Purple Player is normally available within 3-5 days of the time the episode is released on our site for streaming.

All the best,

riverwanderer9, posted on March 10, 2016

I think there is little to no truth that the Spheres are going to postpone ascension for another 100 years depending on what type of disclosure is ahead.

It makes absolutely no sense. Did they swoop in and do that the last time the population wasn't ready because there wasn't "a call"? No. 150 made it (or at least were given the opportunity to choose) of 350,000, no? You can't stop the sun on this one. I'm sorry.. They aren't 'waiting' for there to be a big enough calling. If you left mankind to its own devices we would have ourselves destroyed within 20-30 years any way.. Maybe less. We are already leading ourselves towards total self-destruction. It is a downward spiral from here regarding Mankind's priorities, and I think all ET's and upper dimensional beings know it.

So in reality, it would be much more KIND of higher intelligent beings to allow the ascension to wreak havoc upon the earth in a NATURAL way, as opposed to us blowing ourselves up. They would be doing us a favor by allowing the sun event to unfold. This must happen. And it will. Either I'm being fed false information through my astral connections, or I'm being shown correct information over the last 2-3 years. I think its correct. This will happen, and it will likely be next year or sooner. If Corey is the one who told you about this '100 year old hold' depending on Partial or full disclosure, then you are seriously being lied to. You might want to re-assess the credibility of your self-proclaimed 'empath' sources. I am sorry if this sounds hostile, but I am getting really frustrated at the level of gullibility I see lately in the acquiring of this so called information.

I trust RA, but I will not trust Corey Goode or his proclaimed wild travels to the inner earth. He's a great researcher, and that's it.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 14, 2016

I have recently read your newly posted article from DivineCosoms.com.. I've been waiting patiently for it for a while and figured you were deliberately cutting out social media/technology for a 'clearing' of sorts. Personally, I think it was the right move even though you believe it may have opened up the flood gates for further bullying by negative entities. Concerning the psychic attacks : You are completely right about never calling out for intuitive information in a state of fear, anger, frustration, or sadness. I hope people will take this information to heart. If you cry out to the larger Logoi for help/information in a state of intense distortion (more than usual), then intense distortion will be returned and one will just turn up on the radar of negative entities looking for an entry way to dominate/manipulate. We must only ever seek abstract intuitive wisdom when we are as clear as a ringing bell emotionally.

I think you were on the right track when you experimented with less technology/social media as a means of clearing/purifying. Why? Because it only feeds into your own ego to post photos of yourself being sandwiched in between two hot babes kissing you... I apologize, but really David? I know you were just being humorous, but I hope you'll find less time for superficiality and more time for meditation and your own re-emergence back to the source. I get it, really I do. You were the intensely bullied and teased kid on the block (so was I, it still haunts me), and now you're the cool kid on the block. These superficialities cause energy center blockages, especially when we are full of narcissism in our hearts through social media. People always claim that it can be used for good - I completely disagree. We become our own personal Gods at the center of our own universe with the use of social media. I only use the internet for information/email and gave up my "700+ facebook" fans a few years back. Why? First of all, those 700+ fans were never my friends to begin with. It's completely destructive to the potential of ascension to become one's own personal celebrity. That is, unless one becomes part of the few percentage who graduate as a negatively oriented individual. I believe it was 2-8% according to RA that make the cut in a negative oriented state, and continue to ascend all the way up to the sixth density in doing so even. This is because their rate of accelerated energy centers is spinning high, but lacking the blue ray energy chakra of creation. EGO blocks this chakra. I now refuse to do the "ME ME ME" thing. I recognized that every time I got off from 'thumbs ups' of my supposedly gorgeous photos, I was feeding my ego with every posting and every ego stroking in disguise. Needing constant re-assurance isn't healthy. And that's exactly what social media is used for. A crutch of narcissism.. Ascension will be blocked for all until we drop this self-centered practice and learn to serve IN PERSON, with our energy centers/eyes open and exposed to other-selves through light. These screens block our potential. The glowing LCD screen is not our friend. I will use it minimally for work and study, but that's all.

Regardless, I am grateful for your three shows. I admit I have forgotten about the other two. I find Cory unbearable to watch and I worry that you might be so caught up in 'the mission' of raising light around you, that your weakness is believing the best in your deceivers. I have the same weakness. As you know, the devil comes in great disguises. I am not suggesting Corey is evil, but I bet you don't have one shred of absolute proof that he is going through all the things he says he is. Look, ask him to take a picture next time of these underground civilizations he supposedly visits. I bet they'll be some good reason why he isn't allowed to take one shred of proof with him to even share with you alone.. Right? Think about it David..

Because I have 99% faith in RA (normally I'm a full fledged skeptic, but I will reserve 1% for RA's own distortions they admit to have), I BELIEVE RA that these honey comb areas of the earth exist, and that even higher density beings may exist there. But I don't believe for one second that your new best friend is visiting there. Every ounce of my being can see in Corey's eyes that he is deceiving you/lying to you. Don't be the apple that fell too far from the tree. You were once an integral part of RA and still are in some ways. Please don't get too lost in the illusion David. You are not guarding your senses, but rather falling deeper into schizophrenic patterns. Re-read your last post on Divine-cosmos and ask yourself if you are living in clarity.

Spend more time alone in nature for further clarification and cleansing of these distortions. We have much to learn from the first density. It is the purest expression of our Logoi in its most raw state. All in the natural world is a reflection of perfect channeling of this beautiful life force that surrounds us all. If we open our energy centers to their fullest potential while in the presence of the ocean, mountains, wind, and trees (and try not to tweet about it moments later thus ruining the divine connection); we will receive all the intuitive pearls of wisdom/truth we could ever ask for. After all, one is eight. These intuitive truths will not come from the heavy distortions that social media and technology offers.

artistsuzette, posted on March 10, 2016

Thank you for this episode and the facts about your birthdate ~ Edgar Cayce ~ and reincarnation ~ ~ ~ This was a very enlightening episode ~ I love everything about Atlantis and would like to learn more ~ ~ ~ Peace ~ :)

Linda54, posted on March 10, 2016

David, I just want to tell you how much I look forward to your shows. Please continue to bring us the information , we are hungry for the truth, we can take it

ilonkaroot, posted on March 9, 2016

Thank you for sharing these treasures. It all makes so much sense. The puzzle is starting to come together, melding the esoteric, the origin of mankind, the interaction of various dimensions, and our sojourn on the slippery slopes of our current situation on planet earth.
We now can shift beyond our 3D distortion- prone eye glasses into a reality full of promise. A future to be navigated by conscious interaction based on a broader matrix of the knowledge you put forth ever so succinctly.
I can't wait for the next episode.

Universal60640, posted on March 9, 2016

I love Wisdom Teachings! I also loved television channel H2 (where David often spoke). And now it is gone from view. Was it silenced?

riverwanderer9, posted on March 9, 2016

It was David's Birthday yesterday? Holy smokes.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DAVID! You are basically the coolest guy alive in my book.

jodychurch2013, posted on March 8, 2016

As usual, I can hardly wait for the next episode. Namaste, David and Gaia tv.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 9, 2016

Thanks for your support! We're so glad you're enjoying Wisdom Teachings.

All the best,

rickejones, posted on March 8, 2016

Amazing and wonderful. Gaia just keeps on opening the flood gates. Who needs disclosure when we have Gaia? Blessed are we who have access to these geniuses who can synthesize so much information and reconceptualize it into a new and greater whole.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 9, 2016

Genius has nothing to do with it. Having connections to higher places in the upper dimensions has everything to do with it.

soothseer59, posted on March 8, 2016

Please check the stream as it is not working properly and I have tried all stream settings for my account. It seams to be streaming to a computer but no other device. Your stream was working properly but is not working properly now. All episodes are streaming to a computer only but no other device.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 8, 2016

We are sorry to hear you're having trouble playing the video! You may want to try refreshing the page, or playing the video in a different web browser. Email us if you continue to have trouble: info@gaia.com

All the best,

soothseer59, posted on March 8, 2016

I tried that and keep trying that but the stream is only high quality for a computer only. Other devices that require lower resolution are not working right. Also, I already sent an email but have not gotten a reply yet and the streaming issue hasn't been fixed yet.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 9, 2016

Unfortunately, we don't offer lower resolution video streams. In a web browser, you will get the best experience from a laptop or desktop computer.
You can find our other supported devices listed here:

All the best,

essentialsusan1, posted on March 8, 2016

Didn't Edgar Cayce predict that Atlantis would be found in 1986? Where does that play in to this story? Where is the Bimini Road that was found then on these maps?

Loved seeing the images created in 2002. I've always wanted to go to Cuba.

One of the first places I went when I moved to California was the Integretron for some reason. I've also been to see the Coral Castle in Homestead, FL as I recall. South Dade.

This cliff hanger for next week's show is killing me! I can't wait for next week's show!

ingeschouman, posted on March 8, 2016

Happy Birthday David! What a great episode, you are awesome. Thank you.

chandira2012, posted on March 8, 2016

First of all Happy Birthday David!
Great job!

National Geographic is another organization which is there for cover up, whether on their own or by force of the so called Smithsonian strongholds. Did not take too long to understand that! They did the same cover up with their documentary on Crop circles, dismissing them as man-made! No respect for these two organizations; they lie thru all their holes and its pathetic! (Just enjoy the nature documentaries of National Geographic, and take the views of some "experts" they bring along with a pinch of salt!). Both National Geographic and Smithsonian are based in the cabal HQ, Washington, DC. Similarly some paid trolls like Phil Plait have been commissioned to attack people like Richard C Hoagland!! These crooks have even infiltrated Wikipedia, which I no longer trust completely!! Truth can not hide too long from these cover-ups! They even have worked systematically thru the media and internet for several decades to give the terms "conspiracy theory" a derogatory and laughable meaning!! There is no punishment strong enough for these folks and entities for covering up so many things from humanity and science!! If the theory of Karma is strong and true enough we like to see these creatures experience it in our life time! Its nauseating!!

All said, once again great job David and Gaiam!!
Much love!

riverwanderer9, posted on March 9, 2016


ray.mccrea, posted on March 9, 2016

Yes, I agree that much info about ancient civilizations and the true nature of the Universe is being suppressed. The nature of the Electric Universe is another subject that has been completely infiltrated in places like Wikapedia. In spite of all of their efforts to keep business as usual, the truth is finally coming out.
Keep up the good work, David!

echome56, posted on March 8, 2016

Happy Birthday dude! ^_^ Also, THANK YOU for another fantastic episode. I just sent you and Corey a donation....it's not much but I want to help in any way I can. Stay safe, and sending you blessings in light, love and peace.

dreamdust38, posted on March 8, 2016

I remember when this story came out and then it went silent. I looked all over for more information but it was like the story disappeared.

newdirection7, posted on March 8, 2016

Thank You David for another insightful episode.
Glad to see your feeling better.
Happy Birthday!

cmalmquist, posted on March 8, 2016

Awesome episode David....very well done.

ZackLMiles, posted on March 8, 2016

Good show David!

groves_b36, posted on March 8, 2016

You've done it again david, you have blown my mind!!

yourshadow_, posted on March 7, 2016

HAPPY BDAY my man ........ keep it real !!! much luv !

wm, posted on March 7, 2016

Another riveting episode by David Wilcock! It ties in with what Carmen Boulter told George Noory on Beyond Belief: Pyramids and the Remnants of Atlantis (aired 3 Feb 2016) regarding Atlantis being a worldwide empire tho constrained by the great glacial sheets of the Ice Ages. CB said Atlantis had many cities, outposts, bases, colonies, etc., scattered across the planet. There wasn't a central hub centered in the North Atlantic. That was an informative show with George Noory, btw.

There's also the researchers who claim Atlantis/Lemuria was not centered in the Atlantic either, nor in Antartica, but in Sundaland, the ancient land mass that once stretched from a then-low-sea-level-per-the-Ice-Ages from SE Asia across Indonesia, up to the Philippines, & out to New Guinea & Australia but centered in what is today's Java. The ancient pyramid ruins in Java may be a remnant of that, too.

One can further explore the Sundaland connection & hypothesis at http://atlan.org

So, who knows? Fascinating as all these pieces & players "jockey for position" as we struggle to make sense of them and integrate them along some kind of Timeline. Great work, David & Gaia Staff. Especially with all your persistent illnesses & methane poisoning, David. Your service excels.



SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 8, 2016

William, thanks for pointing out the connections!


lauraphoto07, posted on March 7, 2016

...and good build up to the next episode. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

AtmaD, posted on March 7, 2016

Excellent job, fascinating info on our history. Thank you David!

purrvision, posted on March 7, 2016


Could you please clarify..... I thought you said Atlantis was in Antarctica?

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