Wisdom Teachings: [#156] Prepare for Ascension Video
[#156] Prepare for Ascension
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Wisdom Teachings: [#156] Prepare for Ascension (March 2016)

Season 20, Episode 5
Available worldwide

The signs are pointing to the close of another great cycle for Earth and its inhabitants. As we approach the fateful hour, a great confluence is underway as the energy of our solar system begins to mingle with a raging river of galactic energy. This need not be a time of turmoil for those ready to ascend. David Wilcock explains what we can expect of this coming confluence and how we can prepare ourselves for ascension. This presentation was originally webcast March 14, 2016.

David Wilcock


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lauriedtimm, posted on July 22, 2016

Hello there,

In the mid-1990s, I was drawn to channelings in the Falls Church, VA area by Samuel, who said they were the blended energies of 70 light beings who followed the call to help Earth, but stayed on the other side to wake us up. Part of the information shared was that after the year 2000, there would be economic crises, causing people to feel insecure and to look around and ask: “Who can I trust my Soul with?” The other part shared was that there were manipulator beings/"raiders of the free will zone" that generate negative events to cause negative emotions like fear and anger, which they feed off of energetically. The God/ Goddess had emanated a decree to lift Earth and humans into the the 4th / 5th dimension, which would surpass the level of the manipulator beings and thus liberate Earth and humanity beyond their control. This narrative is amazingly similar to info shared by David Wilcock.

At that time, I participated in a full day workshop with Samuel on raising consciousness and the ascension process. Samuel had channeled a manual titled "The Structure of Ascension." During one Samuel session, the date was given of 2016 for this ascension process to occur. I am seeking a way to share this scanned manual with David Wilcock and can be reached at: lauriedtimm@gmail.com. Kind wishes, Laurie

SpirituallyE27, posted on June 7, 2016

During the timeframe of Autumn (end of Oct. 20th-22nd) thru the coming days of Dec. 21st, 2012 there were several catastrophes that occurred throughout the world and especially North America. Not too many people remember what happened. Especially in Nov. 2012, there was a hurricane called, "Sandy" that rushed up the east coast. Starting out as a Category 4-5 and gradually intensified. During this time, I was living in N.J. in a town which David Wilcock does mention in his Source Field Investigations.

All of the North East, especially N.J., New York City, Manhattan, Pennsylvania, and all through the Ohio valley there was a "SuperStorm" as the reporters called it that nearly covered all of the North East. I remember simultaneously, there was also another storm of similar magnitude which occurred during a similar timeframe, but it kept flashing on and off the t.v. when reported.

By time SuperStorm Sandy reached NJ/NYC there were gigantic flashes of light in the sky. The NJ governor, Chris Christy (reminds me a bit like the word "christ and crystal" combined was on the local news channel "12". There were people asking about these flashes of light they were seeing on the ground and in the skies. Mostly in the skies. He just chalked it up to "transformer electricity units exploding" and power lines coming down. Well... First off, the flashes I saw in the sky were like giant beams of light. In mostly colourful shades of purple, multiple types of blues, silver-whites, and even yellow streaks all throughout the dusk and evening night skies. I stayed up for 3 days. This seemed like a mis-mash of the "3 days of darkness" combined with "3 days of light". I remember before the hurricane came ashore, it was briefly still reported as a monstrous superstorm "category 3-4". In my reality sphere among a lower 3D (old earth dimension) it was both a hurricane, earthquakes, and tsunami. The summer of 2012 and autumn especially, also had reports of mini earthquakes happening in the North East. I remember feeling these earth tremors. Also weeks before hurricane Sandy came to NJ, there was a squad/team of mostly black, tinted windows, unmarked cars, suvs, trucks mixed with the local utility service workers who were working on the nearby electrical power plant. They practically blocked the whole road. Reminded me a bit like FEMA and CIA/FBI, Governmental Environmentalist.

At some point during the worst parts of this Superstorm Hurricane, there were flashes of light that covered both me and the house I lived in. I remember hearing all kinds of screaming and loud crashes. I remember seeing a gigantic tsaunami wave coming from the Atlantic ocean and flattening NYC. I remember drowning in this flash flood/tsuanami. Additionally, I also remember dreaming about this Superstorm back in 2005 thru 2008. During 2005 I was stationed in Yokota AB, Tokyo Japan. It was during the same week "Senator Obama" who's now the current president, visited the base. During that weekly visit, I had strong premonitions in my dreams about this hurricane which was shown to me as a reoccuring event from 2007/8 and especially after 2010, would consitently happen up the east coast of the U.S. In one of those dreams there was Atlantis, Avalon, Egypt, and the ancient Mayans as ancestors showing me multiple timelines of what really happened to their cities. To include the catastropic timelines, but also the ones where everyone beautifully ascended. The warning-dreams kept happening up to the point of being in Maui Hawaii in 2012 prior to going back to the U.S. where I visited secret parts of Cape Canaveral NASA headquarters. After my unscheduled, mysterious NASA visit, I returned back to N.J. and thats where more of the warning premonition dreams kept occurring.

The difference about my state of mind during the weeks and nights of SuperStorm Hurricane Sandy was that I was utilizing potent Kombucha Herbal Blends from Sedona, AZ and working with special shamanistic plant medicines. To end it simply, I believe a massive amount of people ascended and raptured during that time and place of the InterDImensional Intercontinental North East of the U.S. The odd thing is, I can't recall what happened throughout the rest of the country or especially on the west coast. But I had dreams of what took place their too. When all those people ascended though, it was clear there were flashes of lights, both on the ground, in the night and day time sky. It wasn't lighting either. Reminded me like the Aurora Bourialis, but in NJ/NYC/PA.

So for the record, at least in my local reality bubble and the timeline I was on in order to ascend, rapture, and jump to a new timeline, a major catastrophic event did happen. To make things more odd, about a week after "hurricane Sandy" a very strange and bizarre shooting happened at Sandyhook, CT where supposedly young school kids were shot. I had bizarre dreams about what truly happened at that event too. Which I know for a fact that mass media news lied about. In that summer of 2012 Batman came out, there was a strange shooting at the movie theatre, in Aurora Colorado. These two shootings oddly seemed synchronistic and interconnected. With hurricane Sandy being the pinnacle and precipice of both the events. So I know I ascended, I know I "time jumped" and quantum leaped. I saw, felt, and could tell massive amounts of other people raptured, ascended, and spontaneously evolved too. Those massive flashes of lights in the sky and orbitol streaking lights on the ground was like super-solar flares combined with whatever was going on with this Superstorm. Lastly, living is house address "64" (those of you who know synchronicity will know why 64 is metaphysically/esoterically significant) and moving to house number "2121". The first thing I distinctly hear about in this episode was the mentioning of the 21 degrees. I also remember in 2001, the main stream media mentioned what was found off the coast of Cuba, but it was a brief mentioning. I'm unsure if it happened prior to 9/11/2001 or after. Because 9/11 was also another weird time jump, flash event, rapture, which I lived thru and witnessed on multiple quantum/multidimensional quantum Cosmic Conscious Realities.

I wonder if anyone will actually read this. Yet I also feel, if anyone else experienced something like this, either in NJ/NYC the east coast or among the west coast, maybe somewhere else in the world during 2012, what did those people recall and remember. Then again, what David Wilcock is emphasizing, is there will be very soon a world wide globally known "rapture flash event" in precise alignment with Full Disclosure being announced on a massive societal level. I feel it'll happen in the middle of the summer. Oddly, has something to do with the new Independence Day movie. When the first one came out, it was to force a cover up of massive UFO and alien sightings that kept happening during that summer and autumn time of 1996. One of those few and only known event of such a magnitude was the Phoenix Lights event. If you look it up or have seen it before, that was only part of the footage, in which the governor of Arizona made a joking mockery about after the fact. Years later, he admits that something paranormal and phenomenal did happen. Much of the real footage was confiscated. Not just the ones from Phoenix, but all throughout America and the world. Don't be fooled by the new Independence Day movie. Maybe the blank slate technology is built into the movie some how. Because most of the peoples memories during that timeframe had their memories wiped with different types of blank slate technology used against the mass populace of the world in the late 90's to cover up all these UFO (Identified Flying Objects) and alien/ET encounters of the 5th kind.

meniyka, posted on July 6, 2016

Good point at the end about the brainwashing/blank slating as well. Another reason to avoid mainstream movies and tv etc.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on May 2, 2016

Lols! @ David for getting in that book plug. I"m getting it, calm down. And folks remember, you're not going to find your truth in just one place. This is a huge tapestry. We already know the answers, we've been here before, we're getting it right this time. You can help speed up the change with meditation.

Maidenhair, posted on April 23, 2016

David thank you for bringing this ascension closer to our time in how we can assure oneself in maintaining our own frequencies in
what's coming of our Planet's evaluations ..
We have been tossed and turned and hung out to dry many of times and believe me Love in all bounties has made a huge conversion in all things to come..
Thank you again for this fine segment of Ascension..

FollowYourBliss, posted on April 21, 2016

…is it just me, but when David says, ‘…so that’s what we’re going to talk about next time on Wisdom Teachings’…I’m like…wait, it’s already been a half hour?? These shows are just too yummy. Mr. David, it would be so fantastic if you could throw us a bonus show that’s an hour long…please please.

Let me try that ‘Law of Attraction’ action and see if I can manifest this :P

hank7of9, posted on April 19, 2016

I love you by yourself teaching... it seems you are more confident in your presentation David... this is where I believe you do your best work Sir. Thank you for your incredible efforts Sir...

rythmicwind, posted on April 13, 2016

The city off the coast of Cuba may well be Atlantis, while the sunken ruins found in the pacific - off the coasts of Hawaii, Japan and New Zealand would be coastal areas of Lemuria. But what about the ones off the coast of Canada?

intelligentlife77, posted on April 12, 2016

I've seen all types of videos on YouTube about this site but I have to hand it to David, he did an incredible job of presenting more images & better detail in regards to the site off the coast of Cuba. The timeline that David spoke of from 2001 until now makes PERFECT sense when you tie in the recent easing of relations between Cuba & the US.

If they discovered this in 2001, 3 months after 9/11 it would make sense that it went under the radar because people were very much still caught up those events. Then in 2003 when the woman (can't recall her name right now) sent the submersible down there & the subsequent squashing of info, the idea of them building a pressurized dome to excavate the area, I'd imagine it would take some 10+ years to build a dome & do a full search of the area.

To hear they found working machinery amongst the artifacts is both amazing & worrisome. To think the same people who have been suppressing info for decades getting their hands on some brand new toys doesn't sit well with my gut. I do think all of this brings us inevitably closer to disclosure though. I have been telling my wife for months I believe they would start by telling us they found clear evidence of life in our solar system someplace like on Pluto or Ceres to test people's reactions because what better place to start with than some of farthest known regions of our solar system. But something like this could alter my belief in that perhaps since there is mainstream evidence of this discovery even though it is over 10 years old now, it could allow them to make some announcement about having made some discoveries closer to home that they could tie into a disclosure of life in far regions of our solar system.

Either way, that was an amazing video & I can't wait to watch the follow up to it ASAP.

loisclark.now, posted on April 11, 2016

Paul La Violette has written a book "Earth under Fire" that explains how our own Milky Way galaxy will explode in its center when the Great Cross aligns with the Galactic Center. I think this was said to happened right around JAN.2016 and I believe that the last papers that Nostradamus wrote tried to explain this in picture form. The explosion will send a wave of energy out that will appear as a Blue Star. The Hopi speak of this in their prophecy of the Blue star Kachina. When this energy wave hits our Sun it is said that it will cause a Solar Flash. This will in turn cause an upheaval on earth, bringing about great storms, high winds, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and such things that have recently started to come to pass.

captainbuttcheese, posted on April 10, 2016


vlom101, posted on March 22, 2016

Good day brothers and sisters. I just wanted to put this "out there" as another perspective that may be beneficial for another interpretation. Many mysitcs, yogis and spiritual teachers of the past have talked about this change however, they have also mentioned that there is no "out there". That "out there" is but a reflection of ones self. We live in an infinite world full of infinite possibilities and while in one perspective, this can be doom and gloom catastrophe. There is another perspective that we can also look at. It is the perspective that maybe the procession of the equinox represents a change in the inner self. If the inner self goes with the flow, the change becomes easy and the outward reflection shows the same. If the inner change comes and we fight it holding on to the old, then the outside world will show the same reflection and can cause the physical earth changes. As David mentioned it will happen all of a sudden and before there will be 2 but after there will be 1. Before there was ego and spirit and after the change, after the transformation, the two become one in spirit. No more ego. As for confluence, the merging of bodies into one. That can be look upon as being rivers or it can be looked upon as the individual streams of consciousness that create the individual egos that we believe to be separate form one another. In essence, both are stating the same thing, a time when everything will become one again. We can look at this as the physical world around us , which is not physical in any manner, or we can look at it from the perspective of consciousness. The choice is our own. There is no right or wrong, just different perspectives and our perspective determines the reality we create. Much love to you all beautiful co-creators! <3

paigerogers45, posted on March 21, 2016

Much LOVE to ALL!! http://tinychat.com/oneyouniverse Please join my tiny chat room I am usually only on as Sundays as I stay off technology the rest of the week usually, I would love to see any of you. PEACE LOVE LIGHT!

devitabloom, posted on March 20, 2016

I agree with you I have always felt I have left a part of me in another density to come back to help and occasionally cause some mischief. Wanderer gathering would be amazing!

dor13, posted on March 20, 2016

this aired the day after my designated birthday-i must say David did a very good job of trying to understand and discuss things he has not personally experienced, and that are outside the realm of most of his listeners experience, and most of the those he quotes are not here to ask questions-like "what did you mean when you said..." Then you are dealing with non physical beings who are talking to/and thru someone who is also not around to clarify and who was not exactly neutral in their point of view and not experienced in what they were told either, in language that was difficult to understand, even in english due to different connotations of words. For example-most people in America when we hear the word "harvest", if it is food that is being discussed-that is good-an abundant harvest-but when an alien is discussing harvest-like the famous episode of The Twilight Zone...when invited to take a ride on the alien ship, many jump on board but one guy is delayed trying to finish his decoding of the book given him by the aliens. At the end of the show (spoiler alert!) he jumps up screaming and runs to the space ship and tries to tell his family not to get on--that his translation of the Title--To Serve Mankind--did not mean what he thought at first-that it was a COOKBOOK...AND most of us have heard how the big and little grays AND the Dracos favorite food is HUMAN and especially baby tartar bbq and their version of crack cocaine is human emotion-loosh-so the word "harvest" is a problem for us. My thing is though--that i HAVE enough experience of other dimensions to know that indeed there are other dimensions most of us cannot see or hear all around us-not JUST here but everywhere in creation. For example, one night 35 or so years ago I was camping in what history said was an abandoned indian village where many thousands of years ago the tribe went missing and no one could say what happened because there were no artifacts that suggested death or famine or moving away-they just disappeared. I was with a group who had gone out to meditate and seen what we could come up with about what happened and report back a few days later. I was cold, miserable, and for several days before my camp out in this remote sight, everytime I got near water-like in the shower, I would have intrusive "negative greetings" from someone who looked like a kachina telling me to F off and stay away and when I went anyway, it was cold, i did not feel spiritual and i did not feel welcome by ANYONE. I wanted to go home. So instead of being a good new ager meditator I just sat there looking around as the sun set and it got very cold...suddenly I saw what looked like a swarm of balls of yellow/white lights-a hundred or more coming toward me where I sat in a hole in the ground looking around instead of being holy and sitting and meditating with my eyes closed like I was supposed to be doing in this place that used to be the indians meeting room (but the roof and walls were gone) the lights stopped and paused right over my head about ten feet and several of the balls of light came foward and asked me-telepathically-what we were doing there--I explained back telepathically---that I was supposed to figure out what happened to the indians and then all of a sudden it was like a drive in movie screen in front of me, and they SHOWED ME-it was them, they were very spiritual little tribe-were all meditating alot--and one day they just ALL ASCENDED to the 4th dimension--THEY NEVER WENT ANYWHERE AND WERE STILL THERE. They said they usually stayed further up the canyon because they did not like the energy of the tourists or hunters especially and had sent jinn-or kachinas to basically keep the riffraff-us-out of their space. I let them know that if it was ok with them i would tell my little group but would not out them to anyone else as i agreed they deserved their privacy and thanked them for talking with me...then they withdrew and flew back up the canyon like a swarm of yellow light bees. As far as I know the place was not disturbed-basically because the people in my group were so egotistical that when I told my story, they said i had to have made it up because i was clearly LESS SPIRITUAL THAN THEY WERE and therefore, if it was real, they would have communicated with THEM and not ME. That hurt my feelings but how many new agers egos think that way to the point where they are or become a legend in their own mind???!!!! Holier than anyone else around. An ego trap that i had not fallen into except maybe ass first-i did not really believe I belonged with that group--and if that was what being spiritual meant i did not much care to be that way...and decided it was probably for the best--and so its seems their secret is still safe-they are still there. Now since then, I have seen ALL MY MATERIAL AND ENERGETIC BODIES-again-only because someone showed me how to look into other dimensions and so just for grins i once did this in front of a mirror. When I saw my first density mineral body-it looked like a rock-a big FAT ROCK--and ladies it was not pretty-i did not know at the time what to call it-it looked like a big rock monster to me...so i just thought ooohhh UGLY ME. on up to the rainbow body--looked sort of like some of the pueblo indian rainbow man kachinas, or Tibetan pictures-the black part at the top was the void--BUT IT IS NOT EXACLTY WHAT DAVID describes--and he totally gets confused with the dimensions. His first, second, and third densities are correct, 4th lower density is NIGHTMARE ALLEY--of the ASTRAL PLANEgod of this realm is Lucifer and this is the god of the Roman Catholic Church and in the higher 4d plane is the Catholic heaven)--of mental image pictures, 5th is Causal Plane-emotional realm like the Greek gods--very emotional and fighting all the time--not the new agers all peace love and light baloney) Ra is the god of this realm, 6th, Mental Plane, pure thought, IDEAS, Buddha is the god of the mental realm and 7TH PLANE--ETHERIC PLANE--subconscious realm of abstract GEOMETRIC images---sygil magic--group black or white magic.think most crop circles kind of images) for a character-think of "Q" from Star Trek next gen--STILL POLARITY TOWN-AND THE WORST AND MOST POWERFUL DARK ONES ARE HERE.)..THESES ARE ALL NEGATIVE REALMS of polarity. At the top of the 7th dimension is the great cosmic mirrior-and most people see themselves in this mirror and fall back-thinking they are GOD--when they are only seeing the totally of themselves-BIG TRAP-- beyond the 7th door are the positive realms of spirit--individual souls, twin souls, group souls, and into Source. And speaking of traps, one of the big traps of the causal realm-going from 5th to 6th is something called the Boddisatva trap--reimbodying to help ones fellow men ascend--if i recall right, the Ra said they know they got caught in this trap back in Atlantean and Egyptian times...and their help was hyjacked and used by the cabal. More to that deal but I am guessing David has or will at some point address this--as he will likely address how time/space and space/time and duality is different in the different densities. And i also seem to recall that Carla's Ra guys admitted back in the early 80's that they were trying to ascend from fifth to sixth density and so their information even is not based on experience but their understanding from where they were at that time. Fun and games-and i still don't feel like I know squat either-my adventures in the higher realms made being here very painful--and have made me a huge target-my heart goes out to all the whistle blowers--you have my love and support and admiration...and I can validate almost everything I have heard Corey say from personal experience. I believe he is sincere and truthful and not a fake cabal stooge at all and I do believe the Blue Avians ARE the Ra--i had a visit from the blue spheres way BEFORE i ever heard of Corey--and the drawings they have shown are just spot on of how they looked to me...and the telepathy--and i still consider myself a spiritual Helen Keller--spiritually deaf, dumb, and blind...and that ain't fun but neither is being a daily target for nazi reptiles and having all my loved ones kidnapped and/or murdered or turned just to try to piss me off... ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?????

dbgate, posted on March 20, 2016

I very much enjoyed reading your post. Paragraphs wld have been nice . . . but I stuck with it and it actually rolled along quite well . . . .

Thank you for relating your story in the Indian village. I don't know if I wld have had your experience, but I probably wld have been looking around instead of keeping my eyes closed "meditating". How wonderful that the people chose you to give their message to :) Perhaps, they felt the need to help validate you to yourself. I have a similar opinion about people like your fellow travellers. How sad for you -- but even more for them in their ignorance and pettiness.

I have felt to be true what you relate about what they told you . . . that they exist here but on a different level or plane (don't quite agree with your perception of "dimensions" but it cld be just semantics). However -- I agree with what you/they said completely -- just might not use the word dimension. I also think you hit on something special -- that duality exists in the 5th and 6th Worlds -- and that there still is the possibility of moving to a lower level within those worlds. I know some people think if they can achieve ascension at this time -- their journey thru pain/suffering is done, but we know that it doesn't really work that way. There are much better worlds/realities -- but they are not [perfect]. And these worlds do intertwine -- and sometimes more so -- like now.

I do not understand the word "density" as David Wilcock uses them. I consider the mutually shared world most of us exist in (most of the time) -- 4th World -- but indigenous peoples do not agree on which world they are in -- and it occurred to me some time ago, perhaps they are all right. I have heard/read of several examples where I have thought that the people in a particular place lived "outside" of our reality -- only allowing some of us a glimpse from time to time and then "disappearing" again.

I sometimes wonder about what you term the "Boddisatva trap". While there certainly are dangers the spiritually evolved encounter if they choose to come back to a "lower world" and it is not an easy path to choose, but as Whitley Streiber says -- "it brings one great joy!" to help people find their path to spiritual evolution/ascension. It is very human to help others when they fall -- and very un-humanlike to leave people behind, particularly when it is possible to help. The story can play out so many ways -- and like any endeavor -- plans go astray. The "worthy opponent" is set on only one thing -- total control, by any means necessary. The "boddisatva" on the other hand has much to accomplish, and is still subject to all the temptations and emotions that human bodies are subject to . . . and, in 4th World's darkest hours, they can forget who they are and how to heal themselves from the poisons of our world. They cannot "make" souls who are evolving understand -- unlike a group like Daesh who simply cuts off the head of people who disagree with them. The "worthy opponent" likes to paint the picture of a perfect, saintly person of a calm demeanor living blissfully somewhere in a monastary when they are more like soldiers walking thru the mud under enemy fire with babies in their arms and children on their back.

What you term here "4th lower density is NIGHTMARE ALLEY--of the ASTRAL PLANE" I consider part of the 4th Dimension. Many people who think they are having "spiritual experiences" while on drugs or astral projecting -- are dealing with beings from this dimension -- what I term the 4th Dimension of Mind. I believe what people call Archons are from this dimension -- the creation of thought forms, ideas, imagination -- are the result of our interaction with this dimension (thru our brain). Each dimension seems to have its higher and lower realms. According to Barbara Hand Clow, minerals (and thus rocks) are part of the 1st Dimension World -- so interesting that you shld see yourself as a Rock in 1st Density.

Thank you again for sharing.

gellis616, posted on March 19, 2016


gtnichols, posted on March 18, 2016

Just found this link when trying to explain some of this to my wife:

dbgate, posted on March 20, 2016

It actually has . . .

Just some info for your perusal --
"An 11-year sunspot cycle is half of a 22-year Babcock–Leighton dynamo cycle, which corresponds to an oscillatory exchange of energy between toroidal and poloidal solar magnetic fields. At solar-cycle maximum, the external poloidal dipolar magnetic field is near its dynamo-cycle minimum strength, but an internal toroidal quadrupolar field, generated through differential rotation within the tachocline, is near its maximum strength. At this point in the dynamo cycle, buoyant upwelling within the convective zone forces emergence of toroidal magnetic field through the photosphere, giving rise to pairs of sunspots, roughly aligned east–west and having footprints with opposite magnetic polarities. The magnetic polarity of sunspot pairs alternates every solar cycle, a phenomenon known as the Hale cycle.[100][101]"


For specific measurements (go to the bottom of the page of the url below for the latest measurements.

However, something that is troubling a lot of us is the imminent reversal of earth's magnetic field . . . which is part of a longer, less-defined, less understood cycle . . .

which may have a relationship with a rotational axis shift -- which is what David seems to be referring to . . .

You might find this interesting (re earth's rotational axis shift (mostly).

sunshinemine, posted on March 18, 2016

Dear David,
I feel like I have just been to church! My early years were spent with good Bible believing folks, and this had that same ring of truth and excitement I felt so very long ago as a Christian. Thank you for threading those teachings up through the present, stitching together so smoothly the Buddhist, Hindu, Ufology and everything else for me. My Naropa days came back also with the beloved Tibetan teachings I remember with my soul. It's just amazing how everything seems to be coming together for a more and more comprehensive picture, in every aspect of my life. I have called this lifetime, "The Culmination Lifetime." Certainly more now than ever!!!
Blessings of all Bright Colors to you, Paula

dor13, posted on March 20, 2016

I remember Naropa days too--the god of the mental realm is Buddha, and the biggest trap for the 8 fold path folks to me is not their emotions but their minds-they used to go from mindfullness to getting angry and judgemental and competitive and then get pissed and going out and getting baked on weed--one way to get out of your head-give it to the god of marijuana--or funny mushrooms-NOT!!! the buddha realms ARE POLARITY REALMS and that means positive AND negative. Whenever you we set ourselves up as gods or spoke persons for gods-one might ask-which gods-the "gods" of the lower realms are not SOURCE and in the psychic spiritual realms, intention IS HUGE-and polarized-service to self or service to others. I met the head of Tibetan Black Hat Buddhism in the western world-he was very nice to me, then ended up with a mafia gangster stealing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of property from me and lived in MY HOUSE for many years-I never even heard a thankyou from him and i KNOW he knew exactly what he was doing. It is all about intention-and i often wonder what was HIS intention. I also had dinner with the Dalai Lamas number one once-I think he was like the vice president of Tibet-though that was not his actual title.-18 years ago-Richard Gere (what a jerk!-sorry but talk about people being a legend in their own minds!!!!)was the host-the Dalai Lama's plane was held up so his number one came instead. That was the third time i ALMOST met the Dalai Lama-and i frequently wonder about that too-since many say he is a friend of the nazi's...I don't know what is in anyone's heart so i give the benefit of the doubt-until sometimes i get tired of getting the hits and then i start to doubt my doubts--I think most readers know what i mean.

b.kadyrova, posted on March 18, 2016

I would like to aske you about Russian biophisist Valentina Mironova, who said that all scientist in the World were observing, after 2013 from JAnuary - MArch, how the atom of hydrogen had changed. And she said that is the quantum lip actually. Is it like that?

ladval, posted on March 18, 2016

I've never heard anyone put together the pieces like you are doing David. Thanks for the insight. I supported your work by pre-ordering you new book The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil today on Amazon.

prairie99, posted on March 17, 2016

What a presentation and yes, what a Presenter. David, you are phenomenal! This is clearly your life search culminating in the information you are bringing to us. I am humbled, I am grateful. I am so blown away by what is ahead .

cmalmquist, posted on March 17, 2016

Bringing our conversation, ie: 6th density wanderers, up here as our past posts are hard to find now.

I at first felt as you did, that it seems less likely for 6th W's to come back here to earth's 3rd now, but now I think it may be that we reached back down here, yes leaving an aspect of our soul on 6th, to assist members of our core soul group....and to generally bring light/love here to earth and her inhabitants since it's so very critical at this last 'moment' before the big shift out of 3rd.

A call was heard and answered by all the Wanderers that did come back here. 6th density W's have an advantage actually. I feel they more easily remember who they are and why they are really here, so with the life-line aspect being still on 6th, they probably seemed to be the most likely to bring the positive light so badly needed at this time.

That's my opinion, for what it's worth. Too bad us Wanderers are unable to get together for a very nice conversation...how cool would that be :-)

Cheri-San Juan Island Wa

djamesmohn, posted on March 19, 2016

there is a major and unique energy vortex around the San Juan islands. if you check out an earth-grid map (i highly reccomend wilcock's 'source field investigations' book), youll see that a major earth grid leyline runs right through the washington peninsula. i grew up around the olympic rainforest, which is as beautiful as it is important for the whole planet. i have also seen many ufos travel along this line. there is a major base in the olympic mountains. you are very lucky to live in such a place!

riverwanderer9, posted on March 18, 2016

Hi Cheri,

It's all a tad confusing. Because at one point RA states Jesus himself was a sixth density wanderer, then in another passage he says he's a fourth... Oy vey... So many things in RA are common sense to me and like reading my own heart/mind, till you get to the nitty gritty details of it all and I always get tripped up on the tiny things..

San Juan Islands eh? I just moved from the San Juan Mountains of colorado to Yachats, OR. Though I originally spent my entire life in Kansas City, Missouri. I am quite close to you and planning to explore the San Juan islands soon... Seems like a paradise where you are!!!

dor13, posted on March 20, 2016

lets make it even more complicated. Sai Baba said that Jesus was Joshua in a past life. The guy who "FIT THE BATTLE OF JERICHO"...AND that he incarnated as an avatar in the middle east to release his karma from using scalar weapons and blowing up and killing a bunch of people--"and the walls came tumbling down"---and so did alot of people...so he came back to bite the big karmic enchilada--and because he was also a 5d boddisatva (did not have to take a physical body but did so for altruistic reasons)-when he was crucified and went into hell-he released a huge amount of karma for the whole planet up to then...THOUGH HE NEVER INTENDED OR APPROVED of creating a religion or a church--that was the big reptilian ripoff of Constantine, the Roman Emperor of blood, gore, and chaos that hijacked Jesua's name and perverted it and has used it to create untold evil in this world, and when Corey talks about something HUGE and on the DOWN LOW is going on on Venus, it is my bet that Jesua is involved-it is only a guess because my mind has been wiped on my relations with the Galactics-though around 30 years ago in the mid west somewhere there were THOUSANDS of witnesses and major media coverage of it...and i was THERE and there were witnesses, and that was the THIRD time i was invited to THEIR PARTY. I like the term Wanderer--but my experience says there are MANY WANDERERS from many places in the universes, and in ALL DIMENSIONS and densities...AND given the flexible nature of time/space and space/time-we live on many planes and places in and out of time ALL OF US. It is really more about awareness, intention, and consciousness than some big frat rush to see who gets top billing...and beware the ego--it makes a great first mate-gets us out of bed in the morning at least--but makes a TERRIBLE captain...and peeps on the lower 4d don't have a clue the diff between the terms organic earth human, personality,ego, spirit, high self, low self, inner child,soul, etc.--and they are NOT SYNONYMS!!!! So all those people saying Jesus was this or that dimensional being were IMO all right and that Jesua was also ALOT MORE THAN ANY OF THAT. I mean, HE HAS OTHER NAMES...we ALL DO.

madyhayes, posted on March 17, 2016

Hello again David I just wanted to share with you if you haven't read this book yet, It will blow what's left of your blown mind...LOL. "Downloads from the Nine" by Matias Flury.
Stay safe and thank you for the Information.

annabolinger, posted on March 17, 2016

Thank you for all the help you do teaching others. Maybe the leap is what happends when we die. The world ends everyday to someone(to us when we die). the earth has always been here and always will be. So will we, in one form or another. Love all the things you teach! Bless you and Your's, Loving and serving

hemessenger, posted on March 17, 2016

So good thank you for such an interesting series

ConsciousGoddess3, posted on March 17, 2016

This information is so on point. I was watching a television series called Hero's Reborn and there was disclosure showing the end of the cycle where there were solar flares. There were also people who were still on the earth but were not affected as in a different dimension where these flares weren't taking place.
Another disclosure series would be The Leftovers...
Thank you David...i'm pre-ordering your book today <3

dbgate, posted on March 17, 2016

It wld seem so . . . except as I said in my post below -- earth is more akin to a "testing" ground than a school. (Not the best analogy because it is much more than that but for these purposes works . . .). Edgar Cayce talks about this in his readings. There are many opportunities for us to "create our own realities" elsewhere in the Universe. But earth contains all kinds of souls at many different levels. It is far less uniform than other places one can manifest in the Universe.

Ascension requires us to take responsibility for our Oneness -- which includes an understanding that we create the world (for better or worse) together -- its institutions, belief systems, politics, etc. For many souls, their worst "sin/mistake" is inaction -- a refusal to take on collective responsibility for having created this world over time -- and therefore the responsibility for helping to "fix it". While one can hide from the horrors of our world (essentially what many of the wealthiest among us do) by creating our own separate world within our world -- doing so only adds, to the world's problem. That is not to say that one cannot create a refuge for oneself that one can retreat to so one can "recharge" -- but spiritual growth requires a commitment to do what we can (especially when given the opportunity) to move the world forward. Furthermore, one needs to try and move away from "being part of the problem."

While separating oneself from the "whole picture" can help to achieve a kind of peace in one's life -- its rather akin to thinking you can run the marathon without actually participating in the "race". We are not called the human "race" for nothing. While there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to choices made in individual lifetimes -- service to/for others. empathy for others (even Daesh) is, essentially a requirement for ascension.

In addition -- its never a one shot thing -- returning to this world because one is not yet ready to ascend -- isn't horrible. It isn't a failure. and, as David points out -- an individual can ascend at any time. Its just that at this time -- there is a greater opportunity to grow/make choices -- which is why so many souls are given the opportunity to "go for the gold". Altho, this is done -- not by denying/running away from the world, but by embracing it, warts and all. Many souls here are just beginning their journey. They are essentially reading the "end of the book" first. They will go back to the beginning of this world/level/plane or jump into the timestream at the appropriate point. One may simply be born into an earth tribe somewhere in our past and enjoy the bliss of being one with the earth and each other. The "badness" is more a factor of these times. I think of us as a post-Star Wars civilization. Technology is a hard row to hoe. It is hard for many of us not to try and play God -- particularly when so many of us are ignorant of the true potential of homo-sapiens. Until one realizes we can't outsmart God and nature -- and that there really is no "fast track" to spiritual growth -- one is doomed to live in this world/plane over and over again.

Earth exists on many levels. The horrible place that David describes is not exactly earth. It is a cast off shard of earth. The consciousness of those who end up there hold it together for a while as it falls apart -- and it is horrid. People making [bad] choices now -- immature souls choosing technological "enhancement" (cyborg technologies) over nature, GMOs over nature, survival of a privileged few over the many -- are choosing (whether they realize it or not) separation from the earth/each other -- and separation from the whole has consequences. To not ascend to 5th World does not mean that one will necessarily end up suffering. As David says -- one will simply get another opportunity to learn the lessons one needs to learn.

Also, what many of us don't realize is that many of us who congregate in places like this have already ascended -- and have returned to this plane/level to help others ascend at this time. I know it is hard to be one of these souls (particularly if it is your first time in this kind of "confluence" -- because the more spiritual one is -- the more sensitive one is to the horrifying events of our time and place -- and the harder it is to reconcile injustices and still feel light-hearted about the earth, its people, and our future. The evil forces in our world have tricked many of us into thinking that ascension is something only a few can do ("fear is the mind killer") -- when the truth is the hellish world described in prophecy is the one that only a few go to . . . most of us do not need to learn lessons there (and hopefully never will) and therefore we will not go there -- regardless of whether one moves to the next "density" or not.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 17, 2016

This is probably one of the most profound things I've read in the comments.

You should seriously think about teaching lessons of Ascension to the masses. Do you already?

The only thing I don't totally agree with is that one MUST participate in the race. What might that look like to you?
What would you say if I told you I tried to 'participate in the race' for 25 years? I only found hostility, people eating each other alive and stepping all over teach other for pride, ego, and status. Should I continue 'racing' with these people? How do you suggest I, and other sensitive wanderers, show them a better way? A hug and a smile? Tell them there's no need to fight any more? I left the city at age 25, and I am now 31. Now is the most happiness I have ever known because I stopped being involved in the rat race to 'social status' and 'worldly success'; by third density's definition of one at least. I'm not famous, I don't have a fancy career, and I'm not fighting or competing in a terrible office environment any longer. I'm actually quite proud of that. If by choosing to live on the ocean and just barely cover my bills, you call that 'living in a dream world' away from the real problem, then I guess that's what I'm doing. There is such thing as spiritual suicide, and I am beginning to wonder if this whole 'wanderer' thing really works or is truly effective. I think it might be a mistake, to be honest... Your thoughts?

Though I have been contacted by divine sources more than I have ever in my entire life in recent years (because I ran from the illusion and embraced nature instead, this wouldn't have been possible otherwise), I still am not sure what to do with my light, so I guess I'll just hold onto it for now. I have more empathy/love/compassion for the people of this world than you could imagine; but dealing with most people's terrible nature to control, dominate, and win, is unbearable to me any longer.

meniyka, posted on July 6, 2016

Those Tibetan monks or most of the 160,000 other cases weren't famous or well known and didn't participate in the race. I know what you mean. The beauty of ascension is there is no one way. You can be like DW and play a part out in front and/or you can do what is considered the greatest service according to 'yogis' and that is to serve through your mind/vibration through your benevolent thoughts and high happy vibrations. Many wanderers apparently don't know what their purpose is, but they came to raise the vibration of consciousness because their core vibe is so high. Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? They are apparently 6th density beings that believe the greatest service of all is to have fun, enjoy and expect the world you want to live in. Some say it is very selfish, but I feel from personal experience that a happy pacifist has much more impact on the world than an angry activist.

dbgate, posted on March 17, 2016

By "race" I mean your time here on earth as a human. It is my belief that while the human race was not born into slavery -- we have been little more than serfs or slaves for the past 5,000 years (minimum). Following a moral code is not being spiritual -- and a culture/religion that does not let you choose and learn by your mistakes, but instead imprisons, enslaves, or kills you when you do not follow all of its laws -- does not leave one many choices. Without choices, there is no spiritual growth.

In addition, the energies we/earth passes thru on our journey around the center of the Universe differ. The Mayan Calendar is one of our guides to this knowledge. India's teachings about Yugas as well. Our ancestors knew we were coming upon the end of a very large Cycle. They knew that we wld emerge from a period of darkness in which we were no longer be aware (as a people) of our relationship with the earth, the Universe, and with each other. Many spiritual teachers began preparing the way. The Essenes were one of these groups -- part of a world-wide group of people that was desperately trying to save and pass on knowledge that was being systematically destroyed by forces overcoming the earth.

The idea of the human RACE (English is wonderfully odd that way) -- is the idea that we just have to survive until the times we are in now -- and then we will be free again. The RACE is a race to outrun those that wld destroy us -- we are in it from the moment we are born into the human race and throughout each lifetime we live on this plane. We have been running for the survival of our species, all the variety of life on our planet, and the continuation of all that homo-sapiens is meant to be and has been in the past. Mother Earth, too, needed to survive (and was willing to endure) all the horrible things done to Earth -- just so the human race could survive and evolve to a point where we wld re/attain a level of consciousness with which we can free ourselves from the delusions that keep many of us earthbound.

As for you leaving what some call the "rat race" (which is perhaps Sylvia's desire as well) -- Probably a good choice. I didn't mean to say that one has to remain in what is a bad place for themselves -- particularly when one can make a choice to get out of it. It seems you followed your heart, and, imo, that is rarely/never? a bad choice, regardless of the outcome. You have chosen a different set of challenges, and your environment is likely more conducive to your growth than was your former environment. I think you shld be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you -- it seems you made a very wise decision very early in your adult life. If its working for you (and it seems to be) then its the right thing for you to be doing.

I guess I sound like I'm contradicting myself. When responding to Sylvia's statement about achieving the "rainbow body", I think I was not clear or complete in my response. As you likely can see - I get carried away and often jump tracks trying to cover too much ground in one sitting.

Sometimes getting away from it all, or just a particular situation, is necessary to an individual's survival. It is difficult to achieve a rainbow body while one is stuck in a misery that keeps dragging the negative out of you. Choosing to get out of/away from something that is dragging you down is far better than staying and getting dragged down. I have opted out of those kinds of situations/relationships many times. (Not that all of us always have a choice.) Knowing one's limits is often crucial to survival and is a part of loving oneself. One doesn't need to stay in what one considers a bad place and struggle with one's unhappiness. Suffering is not the key to ascension. Love is -- love for all things, including oneself. You can work on your love for self/others/all things ~ anywhere -- but it really is only when you encounter a situation that tests that love -- that you know if you have succeeded.

Riverwanderer, I hope I have made my point of view somewhat clearer. It makes me feel sad to think I might discourage someone from following the path that only s/he can know is best for themselves.

cmalmquist, posted on March 17, 2016

I say 'good on you' that you figured it out at a young age. I'm 69 and just figured out exactly what I wanted 12 yrs ago and moved to where I am today, living in nature surrounded by love and peace.

If I were you I wouldn't worry at all about anything you should do, just continue to be and spread your light, be on the alert for the Universe to put those people and situations where you can bring love to the moment.

Realizing you are indeed a Wanderer can be confusing but once settled into it and accepting it you can just be you and live the life you deserve and it sounds like you have done just that.

_sylvia_, posted on March 17, 2016

I imagine it would be easier to achieve a rainbow body in an environment away from any negativity, e.g. politics, cities, shops, supermarkets, news, television, negative people etc. etc.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 17, 2016

Precisely correct. And yet some would consider this 'running from the problem' and living in a fantastical utopia not based in reality, sadly. I guess as wanderers we're suppose to hang out in the fire and call it 'raising light' around us. I have never been more frustrated in my life than I am in recent weeks.

marilynmar88, posted on March 16, 2016

I loved this episode. I love it when you talk about the Law of One. It was cool hearing about the chakras and densities.

tcgtimmyc, posted on March 16, 2016

Another great episode. I love the excitement and sincerity in which David speaks, captivating and enjoyable.....can't get enough of his knowledge. Thank you for your work.

baldwinfor, posted on March 16, 2016

You truly are here to guide us into the 4th density and help the planet to ascension. I thank you so much for bringing this information out in the open. Many blessings

dbgate, posted on March 16, 2016

Magnetic Pole or Rotational Pole? I find this an interesting bit of info. The rotational axis is already shifting in the direction of 0 degrees. Modern science says the rotational moves periodically from about a 24 degree incline and a 22 degree incline (now at ~23 degrees). A 21 degree shift? which way?

The Magnetic Pole is moving towards reversal (the South Magnetic Pole will actually be in our South and the North Magnetic Pole will be back on the north side of our planet). This may? cause a reversal of our direction of rotation and the sun will rise in the west and set in the east. Scientists believe that, for some reason, we are long overdue for a Magnetic Reversal.

I personally believe this is related to the breakup of the planet (Marduk?) that existed between Mars and Jupiter. The breakup of the Marduk caused a lot of turmoil within our solar system and, imo, precipitated the breakup of Pangea on earth, and deepened and expanded the natural openings (as well as created new openings) within the crust/surface of earth (ridges and trenches). "The confluence of energies" at the end of a cycle? are trying to reorient earth "the inevitable adjustment of the movement of surfaces within [earth's] planetary sphere".

How long are the cycles David is talking about? The ~5000 year cycle? the ~24,000 year cycle? There are so many. I believe that we are at a "confluence" of cycles happening right now -- one of them being a Grand Cycle of ~65 million years. Hopefully, David will clarify some of my questions in future episodes.

I do agree with a lot of stuff David is saying in this episode. However, as a metaphor, I think earth is less of a school than it is like "real life." Earth's primal state is an earthly paradise (Garden of Eden) with all beings, including humans, living in harmony. Most of the negative stories we hear about earth and humans were created by those who came from elsewhere and do not want us to know/remember our true past.

wateristheanswer, posted on March 16, 2016

thank you for your brilliance.

johnod1, posted on March 16, 2016

Wow that's one of the most interesting episodes i have herd so far. So i was wondering about the shift in to 4th density positive i thought we die but i guess its like dying but then waking up in a 4th density body. .That is going to be so strange scary and exciting at the same time. A new life as a 4th density person in a new body wonder what i look like then ?

razwerks, posted on March 16, 2016

I can tell you do extensive research . You are simply amazing Love your show . Place more importance on what your positive viewers say and ignore the negative ones .

artistsuzette, posted on March 16, 2016

This is SO interesting and important to what I am studying and trying to learn ~ ~ ~ I think I will listen to it again as it is so rich and full of much needed information ~ I think there is 'loss of ego' that takes place between the indigo third eye chakras and the higher seventh chakras ~ ~ ~ Loss of ego ~ ~ ~ living this is important and helps with having no fear and being one with others ~ ~ ~ thank you ~ I really enjoyed this installment ~ ~ ~ :)

KeeLo, posted on March 16, 2016

Hi David, could you please do some new shows on the disclosure in tv series and films? It seems to be everywhere theese days. I really hope you can and hope you have time to read theese comments :)

pottlelinda, posted on March 16, 2016

What happens to the Wonders? Do the stay here and help out or do they get to go back to their own planet and people?

thiabela, posted on March 19, 2016

From what I have learned as as being a member of "The Superbeings" site.. is that we Wanderers get to go back to our home planet, at least for a while.....

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