Wisdom Teachings: [#168] Giant Steps toward Disclosure  Video
[#168] Giant Steps toward Disclosure
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Wisdom Teachings: [#168] Giant Steps toward Disclosure (June 2016)

Season 22, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Giant steps toward disclosure are being taken by media insiders aligned with the Alliance. David Wilcock explains his view of what he sees as President Obama’s “tongue in cheek” disclosure on the presence of alien overlords exerting control over our societies as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In addition, the Cabal is very concerned about recent revelations on the evolutionary rate of humanity and potential life on Mars. This presentation was originally webcast June 6, 2016.

David Wilcock


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tammy144, posted on August 21, 2016

Thank everything that is good for you and all the shows :) I don't know how anyone could send "hate" comments. I am continuously blown away by all the knowledge shared! Again, thank you so much!

crowdancer5, posted on August 15, 2016

you had me until the giant reptilian individuals.................check out!

dawn_thomas, posted on July 8, 2016

Did you mean to reveal this info?

dj.miss.mixit, posted on June 27, 2016

Cremo claims we have skulls and human remains from 3 million years ago too. So what is the bigger picture? We were there, then we weren't, and then there and gone again and then back? lolz

analisa12, posted on June 19, 2016

A friend and I were discussing some of the rumors of these mass shootings. in relation to disclosure I know these are tragic events, and I strongly believe we need to get to the bottom of this so we can prevent this type of thing from happening in the future. I then googled Sandy Hook disclosure and found some interesting info . There aren't too many views to these links, so I thought I needed to share it..

This is an actual footage of emotional outburst of a mother in court. The reason I find this believable is that my friend who was is in the military said that there were many gifted children and their families who are targeted by the Cabal using extreme recruiting tactics, technology and abductions to get these kids at a very young age and turn them in secret child soldiers, super soldiers and assassins as adults. This is criminal abhorrent behavour and must be stopped.

I want to add that I do not agree with everything they are saying but only to point out the potential connections for investigation.

Shocking Courtroom Outburst By James Holmes' "Real' Mother: "We're FBI...Don't Kill Him"

flightfo, posted on June 15, 2016

big moves big shit....male energy continues to destroy the human race. as a woman i have had all that i can take. grow up and get a grip.

Joshua Hartloper, posted on June 15, 2016


I think you make a better Elvis VS. Obama...haha
A+ for effort!

purple2k12, posted on June 14, 2016

the giants are called nepholims. its in the Quran

tcgtimmyc, posted on June 13, 2016

Once again, best show on tv, internet, radio, water cooler........look forward to every Monday;)

thatcrazytoaster, posted on June 13, 2016

We all know these leaders have doubles & clones of themselves so why not just put that double in?? David, don't do Obama imitations, they don't work out, plus you give additional support to those that mock this entire field of information/study/lifestyle, etc....... Also Obama did not use the term "negative ET". I did not hear that from the footage. From data collected, I understood that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is at the tippy top of the pyramid and I don't get why you are quoting Stitchen when Corey pointed out that "Karee" said it was not accurate information, that it was supplied by several sources of a secret society type of description. You lost me on all of this. Please correct me if I"m off. Thanks.

rickwehrle2001, posted on June 13, 2016

the way wilcock interprets Obama's statements are VEY arbitrary..for most people it just shows Obama ridiculing the ET issue

Shane26, posted on June 12, 2016

If 15 month old news is what you call "Giant Steps" it's going to take until Mar 2017 just to get to Mar 2016. Why can't you be doing something like what Ben Fulford is doing? His subscription price is $8/month and I gladly pay it. I don't get anything out of 15 month old news. If you're doing up-to-date info at Contact, you can do it here as well. If you're feeling like you're being "hated on", too bad, I'm paying for a Gaia subscription as well and I don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth. This is the first time I've ever complained and I've watched all of the Wisdom Teachings episodes and Corey Goode's episodes. Get us some up-to-date info! We NEED to know.

frivolous13, posted on June 12, 2016

David. You have stated that the work of Zechariah Stichin is propaganda, which sounds correct to me since we have many races on this planet with vastly different makeups as well as the bio-template that spawns humanoid life everywhere. I dont really care for his work , nor ever wanted to read it, and Corey said the translations of the sumerian tablets are mostly false. Now you have gone back on what you said and lost credibility. You also injected the Genetic study results that all humans have a common genetic factor which has nothing to do with the stichin's false propaganda. Many humanoids on different systems will have common genetic origin code which you failed to take into account so that is an insult. Some races on this planet originated or were created here on Terra and others immigrated from places not on Terra or this solar system. Also in Vedantic philosophy one of the ancient Human races the Aryans, which perhaps are the origin of the white race of europe stemming from Northern Bharata(India), are said to be billions of years old. The history of the races on this planet is convoluted after that. There are white people in Northern india and the history is that they mixed with the tribal people and created modern hindus. You should have more respect for the heritage of the White race which you are a part of. Genetics are important. You made a mistake by pulling a 180.

keptsecret35, posted on June 12, 2016

FINALLY!!! U mentioned Enki! FINALLY, some light shed on the Enki story! For anyone interested... Read Laurence Gardner's "Genesis Of The Grail Kings". It's a jaw dropping book and details the relationship between Ea(Enki), his half sister Ninhursag (Isis) , and their brother Enlil (Jehovah). Mind blowing book! I noticed that David wouldn't use the name Jehovah when speaking about Enki's relationship to him. Interesting. But at least you're FINALLY bringing it up! I've been asking for over a year! Awesome episode David! Love ya dude! :)

alohamade808, posted on June 11, 2016

Why are these episodes being aired so late? Yes, there is a lot to talk about but a year delay is ridiculous. At this rate, we'll have experienced (hopefully) disclosure and still watching David talk about forthcoming disclosure. There should be no more than a few month's delay with this subject matter. If there is "too much" information to present then please double up on the episodes. I'm certain that there will be no complaints from the Gaia audience about fast forwarding.

Colescottpa, posted on June 11, 2016

I just commented on what David said about Enki (ie Catholic Churches Saton and our DNA fall in more detail on latest disclose video. I do Hope Putin and the bric are successful. Brazil May be not a good place to be for upcoming Olympics!

dor13, posted on June 10, 2016

this show was AMAZING to me-for three reasons-first, the talk about Jimmy Kimmel being "connected" somehow to the inside in politics-and maybe as part of the white hats--the good guys--FINALLY i understand something that happened to me quite a few years ago in which i happened to accidentally realize, in a public conference meeting that i was talking with someone who totally reminded me of Jimmy Kimmel ( i think this was not long after he got his own show-that many years ago)-in the discussion i was having with this guy, he gave me inside info to explain why money owed me would never be paid and what i needed to have done to prevent this from happening then or ever again. In order to know what he said to me-he HAD TO HAVE INSIDER INFO-he even SAID "they never tell you in advance-it is up to you to figure it out or get taken--it is how they roll." I then point blank asked him if he was Jimmy Kimmel--and he gave me the Hollywood shuffle--changed subject and started giggling and just dropped it. IT WAS HIM-I am sure of it now-thanks David--also thanks for the bit about Putin-i had a weird dream about him-mid March 2015-i was in a meeting with all these weird looking Ferenge from Star Trek type aliens acting out near me and all of a sudden Putin walks out a door and up to the podium-gives a talk...don't remember content of talk. I just remember i was embarrassed for these stupid little aliens acting like 8 year old kids on a sugar high...squirming and fussing and misbehaving. I do remember asking-"what am i doing here" but that is all. David-does this count as coincidence?

drcures, posted on June 10, 2016

David, I had a dream that I was with a large, reptilian like "Being" We were in a facility underground..something underneath the beach, a mountain across the street from a beach. What was interesting and disturbing is that I was treated like a "pet" ..not a slave. I had a "leash" around me, but it was an energetic leach. The Being was showing me off as some sort of pet. I knew to be very subservient and not question anything or any one. If I got too close to him, I could feel a fuzzy electric like force field around him that made it very uncomfortable to try and get near him or leave. I didn't like the way that force field made me feel, - it was awful and debilitating..it made me weak. I somehow escaped and witnessed a large scale war/attack on earth. I saw people trying to get into supermarkets for safety. I saw many people with skin/sun burns trying to get in....

marilynmar88, posted on June 10, 2016

I haven't been watching tv that much but I've seen it on wisdom teachings all the disclosure droppings. I was conversating with my
mom the other day and she mentioned how it's been going on for about 2 years and the government hasn't been saying disputing it like they usually do. She has noticed the changed without evening knowing about alliance or cabal. I believe she knows some of it. I was wondering about that cabal. I would call them oxymoron cause I can't tell sometimes
what their true intentions are.
I'm probably going to turn my tv back on cause I want to see this. I was waiting for right moment. This is really crazy since it is such a big con game things are naturally going to looking crazy and that will make people doubt things. That is the nature of this game if you fully understand it. It's hard to fully understand because all the deceiving ways.
I could say a lot more but I think people should reflect on stuff. I would love to say it but I don't want to start more trouble. That is not my intention but someone like the beings behind this like to you know get crazier when I do. I don't want to seem like I'm scared of saying something either.
All I want to say is peace and love to everyone and may things be revealed.
You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and hang in there.

fredrick.delaina, posted on June 10, 2016

Hiding in plain sight. Once again. Frightening.

sedonavisionary, posted on June 9, 2016

David, how can it be secret when you are talking about it on your show? Either you just outed the prez's mission to help the Alliance, or they already know that he is working with Putin and the Alliance, and how does that work? Wouldn't they kill him if he was to be known to be working with the Alliance? Thank you!

kristeelynn, posted on June 10, 2016

Good question.

goldtoys, posted on June 9, 2016

Thank you for all you are doing!
I am so looking forward to each and every week!
Be careful and watch your back! May much light and love come your way!
I hope one day we can meet!

dxdarity2, posted on June 8, 2016

I am sending you Tons of White light and Love. Keep up the good work. This stuff is Amazing, I can not get enough. I watched the Jimmy Kimmel show and thought what the...... You took the words right out of my mouth. Good ,"Obama impression:. haha!! Looking forward to the next episode .:) :)

fredrick.delaina, posted on June 10, 2016

PERFECT impression

elena.keegan, posted on June 8, 2016

This information is so exciting I had to lesson to it again and again. Thank you so much for this great truth and entertainment.

Individual from Australia, posted on June 8, 2016

In China, an ancient text was found and it shows depictions of what look to be the moon, sun , earth and the stars.
The text reads that the Asian race, was from the stars, that their planet died and they had to come to earth in order to survive.
It also says that one day, the Asian race will return back to their planet.
Japan also has the same ancient text too.

awegahn, posted on August 5, 2016

Id love to see that ancient asian text, which you say exist both in japanese and some other asian language?
At least some link to whatever source you have on it, be it a pdf, website or youtube clip.

To me it makes perfect sense though. Following Spirit Science´s "Our history is not what you think it is" and
the Farsight Institutes project on Atlantis, plus the chinese admiration for red, and the red sphere as the main
symbol on the japanese flag. Id say that all the evidence points to that "the asian race" came from Mars
and started Atlantis. Technologically advanced, but warlike in nature.

But do share sources.


ivom_judo, posted on June 8, 2016

Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti
by Ashayana Deane (Author)

The most authoritative text available on the purposes, processes and mechanics of human evolution, preparation for the monumental events that will occur between 2000-2017, humanity's true origins and evolutionary destiny and the hidden purposes for the New Age Movement. Detailed information on Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, time mechanics, interdimensional planetary evolution, the science of Dimensional Ascension, integration of multi-dimensional identity, DNA mechanics and accelerated biological and spiritual evolution. Introduces a comprehensive model of 15-dimensional universal physics and the corresponding 15 Primary Chakra System and 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix gene code. Discover the secrets of humanity's evolutionary destiny that have been hidden within our ancient, traditional and New Age sacred mystical and religious teachings.


ivom_judo, posted on June 8, 2016

- Kathara (The Science of the Unity of Light & Sound),
- A huge body of material all generally known as The Freedom Teachings,
- Bio-Spiritual 12 strand Human DNA healing,
- The Kristos (Christ) Principle in Human beings and Nature,
- Cosmic Disclosure,
- The real meaning of the crucifixion of Kristos (Christ),
- Pre-Ancient, Pre-Atlantean, "Law of One" Maharata Texts (where the twisted version of the Bible came from),
- History of the planet Earth and the Solar System,
- The spiritual war between Light and Dark forces,
- Personal Bio-Spiritual Empowerment & much more about the survival of the Human and other races on planet Earth..................

Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees Volume 1
by Ashayana Deane (Author)

The most comprehensive guide available on the hidden truth of the UFO phenomena, ET visitation and Visitor agendas, the mechanics of and purposes for Visitor contact/abductions and assisting abductees. Explores the realities of contemporary ET visitation, covert government dealings with Intruder ETs, the Zeta Earth take-over agenda, ET-human hybridization and hybrid pregnancies, historical involvement of ETs with humanity and the evolution of human consciousness, and protecting humans from present Intruder manipulation.


cherylray1695, posted on June 8, 2016

This was an amazing episode. I liked David’s acknowledgement of how challenging it is to present this information. Honestly I have been watching the Corey stuff with some disbelief. It is so far out there. But the longer I watch, the more credible he seems. He seems a bit of an innocent, which I'm sure must appeal to the Avians. I have not been able to detect any glitches in his narrative. I am a 70 year old war horse. It's pretty hard to pull the wool over my eyes for very long. Though Corey was not presenting in this episode, it was good to hear some of what David has experienced in bringing the information forward. David has a superb capacity to connect the dots and correlate very complex sets of information. He doesn’t need Corey and what he has revealed to sell books and draw crowds. I heard him speak a year ago at Contact in the Desert, when he was just beginning to talk about his “Insider” and associated astounding information forthcoming. The place was packed. He already had his crowd and no need to jeopardize it with some far out story about a guy caught up in a majorly weird story.
You may think he has a big ego, but even this has an innocence to it. He is tremendously intelligent and has great heart. Should he just try to hide this so people don’t think he is vain? And I must say also that he has great courage.
Most importantly, he continually talks about the importance of living by the precepts of the Law of One, which actually is simply part of the great spiritual teachings of the ages. We are all one, and in the end what is important is that we find our ways to connect with source and live sustainably in those teachings and way of life. We want knowledge of all this cosmic history in the making, because it gives us some sense of personal power, and hey, it is a great unfolding drama. We sought to incarnate to be a part of it. But in the end it is what we do each day to live in the power of love and oneness that will se us through whatever is coming our way.

peacekeeper, posted on June 27, 2016

Dear gentle warhorse...

You share a loving, accepting and candid perspective of David and how he journeys. And your soft call towards our Oneness is equally nurturing.

Let us all do our best to allow David to be David... with his comic and theatric enthusiasm dancing through free-expression. Collectively we are so filled with expectations which filter our ability to Accept truth as it flows for others.

Perhaps for those who are disturbed by David's ego having to process this incredible breadth of information and the notoriety it imposes on his spirit, there may be benefit in deeper self-inquiry towards what is being illumined when anything 'disturbs' our experience.

What and How we want... will always fall to disturbance in the face of what is.

Many blessings to us All.

thorngab, posted on June 8, 2016

Such great information that rings true with me. David, do you know of The New Science of Giambattista Vico written in the 1700s covering the history of humanity and talking about human before language, the origins of the aborigines and how some giants came about (not the 70 foot type but more the 15 foot type). One story recounts how children were suckled a bit by their mothers and then allowed to roam wild, wallow in their own filth (their nitrogen sticking to them caused their bones to grow), this was after the flood and they became very strong walking in the mud and living, roaming the woods and had no authoritarian doctrines to keep them down....just one of the many fascinating pre-history, pre-language (this is just a tip of it). Many of his books are not to be found but they correlate with a lot of your research on the history of humanity. At any rate, so excited about this information/disclosure. To quote Giambattista on the section of Poetic Logic:

"Logic comes from logos, whose first and proper means was fabula, fable, carried over into Italian as favella, speech. In Greek the fable was also called mythos, myth, whence comes the Latin mutus, mute. For speech was born in mute times as mental [or sign] language, which Strabo in a golden passage says existed before vocal or articulate [language]; whence logos means both word and idea...Similary, mythos came to be defined for us as vera narratio, or true speech, the natural speech which first Plato and then Iamblichus said had been spoken in the world at one time..."

Like the others below, wondering about speeding up the release of these episodes to catch up. What about a Wisdom Teachings Marathon, or charging more for people to be able to see more of them. Another idea would be to give three or four at a time, 90 min or 120 minute or so showings.

Anyway, so important, knitting the research, present day, multiple traditions, etc into the truth of who we are and the truth of the myths. Thanks be to spirit and to you.

trs6, posted on June 8, 2016

Who is the real good guy son? Read Level #4 and find another version of the story. http://wespenre.com/4/site-map4.htm

jeremyeaton89, posted on June 8, 2016

But it's 2016! lol :)
u make it sound so imminent heh
But thank u.

kristeelynn, posted on June 7, 2016


kristeelynn, posted on June 9, 2016

Some amazing information here! This episode left me very untethered and with SO many questions, but I don't think we always necessarily understand the weight of the info. Yes, I would definitely like to hear more answers NOW. But, it's also kind of a lot to assimilate... especially if the goal is to use this knowledge in real life. "Every day" life. We need to be as ready as we'll ever be, now. Whether we have all of the details or not. There will always be things that are unknown. Thoughts are amazing, let's think the Good thoughts so that we may fight the Good fight. I'm rambling now, but doing my best to master my own thoughts in my own world. I know there is an immense amount of sh*t going on right now. We're ready for more! Lay it on us. Time to move forward! What a crazy time to choose to incarnate, huh?? Veeerrrry interesting... but, veerd... ; )

studio1a, posted on June 7, 2016

A little too excited.... remember once a proponent of militias that are/were clearly racist in nature.... and the poor quality /taste of the mocking of the President. The excitement gets lost in myth and listing of so-called "facts". Never really actually proven scientifically. Although I do believe... so to speak. it comes off as preachy and forced. Full disclosure will never happen. ever. but they are here.

kristin.claycomb, posted on June 7, 2016

David, I love you, but ya gotta catch up. Your still back in 2015. Lets fast track all this and become current.
It's 2016 remember?

esfilmstudio, posted on June 7, 2016

it's sad for gaia tv it's not possible to pay for someone in order to have titled programs in time for hearing impaired people.
and we are talking about disclosure or whatever.
but again thanks david and dear cory good for such a wonderful information.

at405oak, posted on June 26, 2016

I'm not hearing impaired but I always watch with the CC on because I can see how names etc are spelled.
Anyone who is hearing impaired can simply click the CC and choose English. IF you don't speak English you can always read the transcripts while watching (amounts to the same thing) and it's easy to translate the transcripts from English using Google Translate or other Apps.

capsnowgoose, posted on June 7, 2016

Thanks, David
It just gets more and more interesting as you present what is going on, I eagerly look forward to seeing the next episode. I wish more people were aware of this information!

fowlerj, posted on June 7, 2016

We owe you a debt of thanks for what you have revealed. Keep it up.

ranaemorris222, posted on June 7, 2016

Frist of all, love this disclosure, thank you!!! Something outrageous will have to happen to jar the populace/world awake...from listening what you just described here, about Oboma's throwing it out...and no one catching!! Now, this going viral...MANDELA EFFECT! THAT Cern might have changed the timeline, whats that all about? HERE WE GO!

at405oak, posted on July 7, 2016

Much of the "Mandela effect" has to do with people not remembering how things may have been spelled or realize that South America on a Map can be different from what it looks like on a globe ...We have strange memories glitches.

rob79, posted on June 7, 2016

really great episode david!! i watched all these events happen in the news so to see you tie them all together is just so great. much improved pace too. ps i don't think we are hatting we mention the repeating in episodes, its just you always have so much amazing new info we are all ravenous for it. much love and never stop


marie.sontag, posted on June 7, 2016

This episode is 15 months old! We are going to hear about disclosure (if there is such of an event) from CNN before we find out from this channel for sure! Come on David! I feel your frustration about the disclosure but put yourself in our place! Keep us up to date on current events please!

Sent from my iPad

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 13, 2016

We're currently publishing a new episode of Wisdom Teachings every Monday! I'm not sure how you had the impression that the episode was filmed a year ago. This is not the case; as with other television production, there is normally several weeks delay from the time our original programs are filmed in the studio and completed with post-production before they are aired.


at405oak, posted on July 7, 2016

Many of The episodes that you are referring to as "new" were clearly (or apparently) filmed many many months ago.
In fact nearly all of his references are around 15 months old.
Since we're talking about "Disclosure it really IS time sensitive info.

You can verify what we are saying
Go to minute 11:32 on this video look very closely at the Reuters article about Putin's disappearance:
IT CLEARLY SAYS: 3 /13/ 2015.
You might also go to minute: 15:19 where Obama is on Jimmy Kimmel live. Look closely at the date it posted:
March, 2015.
you can also go to
minute: 6:14 in this video and he says:
Corey came to us Last October 2014!

Or... to the 8 minute mark he is talking about previous month breaking news in
March ( many might assume he refers to March 2016) talking about bright spots on Ceres HOWEVER:
Here is that Washington Post article:
Look closely at the date

IF you have been under the impression that David's videos here were made only a few weeks ago - I believe you are probably mistaken.
we love you all
but it's a good idea to be aware of this and especially a good idea to know the Time frame for David's references. nearly all are from 2015

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