Wisdom Teachings: [#169] The Thinning of the Veil  Video
[#169] The Thinning of the Veil

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Wisdom Teachings: [#169] The Thinning of the Veil (June 2016)

Season 22, Episode 7
Available worldwide

We know that life holds a prominent place throughout our galaxy, taking many shapes and forms throughout a myriad of solar systems. This information has been kept from the public and any who dared to leak it has been subject to public ridicule, until now. David Wilcock explains that the veil is thinning as recent releases from NASA, and other scientific organizations are slowly revealing facts that support the presence of an ancient builder race, the presence of ancient extraterrestrial giants and the prevalence of life-bearing planets within our galaxy. This presentation was originally webcast June 13, 2016.

David Wilcock


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paigerogers45, posted on August 5, 2016

Why are you uploading year old episodes as if they are new?

tomaidh, posted on July 23, 2016

The guys that wear the tall hats called "Mitres" do not have elongated heads, nor are mitres worn exclusively by Roman Catholic Clergy. (The mitre, also spelled miter, is a type of headgear now known as the traditional, ceremonial head-dress of bishops and certain abbots in traditional Christianity. Mitres are worn in the Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, as well as in the Anglican Communion, some Lutheran churches, and also bishops and certain other clergy in the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Wikipedia)
The RC clergy is NOT hereditary, but selected.

pottlelinda, posted on July 11, 2016

Too Funny Troglodyte. Love your humor David

analisa12, posted on June 25, 2016

David you are on it bro :-)

asevbo, posted on June 21, 2016

all of this was recorded over a year ago ... why are these episodes just now being shown?

paigerogers45, posted on August 19, 2016

And...why isn't gaia answering this, am I the only one that finds this EXTREMELY suspicious?

willjin, posted on June 22, 2016

You're mistaken. 1st sign in this very episode, he mentions the reboot of the X-Files, which did air in 2016.

at405oak, posted on July 7, 2016

Yes X Files 10 did not come out until Jan 2016. (However it was announced in March 2015 and was pre- screened at New York Comic Con on October 10, 2015) It's highly possible David went to Comic-con sinceDavid himself has stated that MANY Aliens actually show up at Comic - con (as themselves!) and I can't imagine David missed that (or the chance to pre-screen a new season of X-Files)
However I do genuinely believe that David could only have gotten the clip after the second week of Jan. 2016 which is mysterious since
he then immediately "picks up again where the last episode left off" (quote) and you will hear him mention a Guardian article that happened in "MARCH" which makes it sound as if he is talking about March 2016.
But in reality - that article came out in MARCH of 2015!
here it is: (same picture and everything...)

at minute 13:37 David shows an article. again you will see the article is - 2015.
at 16:40 listen carefully as David talks about the Fed and the ponzi scheme etc and that part about "this was going on a year ago - at the time of this taping" -This is especially revealing because what he is referring to happened in 2014... one year later is 2015.

at minute number 17:26 David references another article and the Date is 4 - 02-2015...
So I'm not sure how he is able to be referencing X-Files 10 second episode when all the other references are 2015!

paigerogers45, posted on August 4, 2016

Why do you think they are just now being shown?

bradterryturner, posted on June 21, 2016

Dear David,
I wanted to thank you for all the work, research, insight and connectivity that you share with us. In addition, I absolutely love how you also imbed your quick wit and delightful sense of humor. It makes this "heavy" stuff a lot easier to absorb. You are a gift to all of us. Thank you! Terry (Theresa)

rita.sullivan, posted on June 20, 2016

If I hear one more person say they don't believe in aliens,or anything else for that matter,
except for queen and country (surrounded by Brits), I'll go nuts.
Hunting?! You gotta be crazy. How low can you go?
Who ARE these people anyway????Pod people?
I found out that most of my gay girlfriends in the States are voting Hilary.
Think I'll just slink back into the kitchen and rustle up a chocolate bar, or 2 or 3....

mkeller, posted on June 16, 2016

Always enjoy the presentations but all the drama is distracting.

cmalmquist, posted on June 18, 2016

Are you a 'party pooper' ?

David has a fun, lively, light-hearted personality.........and I love it !

You are perfect David.........who needs dreary and drab presentations anyway, right?

Good episode as always, please don't ever stop.

Love ya,

avtdunyon, posted on June 18, 2016

I actually had to start the first 10 seconds of the presentation over several time, because I love David's spirit and needed a laugh. Great way to start it off, with a light heart. And there will always be haters out there that make you appreciate David even more...

kicknine, posted on June 18, 2016

I agree I like it too. David cracks me up he's a big nerd like me lol I mean what is he suppose to do stand there and talk monotone about it? I enjoy his energy it really draws you in. Personally I WANT someone delivering this kind of information to be this excited!! I wouldn't want it from some drab fool standing up there like a college professor giving a lecture on chlorophyll...

jsteffen100, posted on June 15, 2016

Loved this episode and look forward to watching more. Interesting that David shows Nasa articles being released in April 2015. I found another article about Wikileaks revealing cables from politicians about UFOs back in 2013. http://anonhq.com/wikileaks-confirmed-2013-nasa-hiding-till-2015-aliens-...

at405oak, posted on June 15, 2016

They "say" they are afraid of us because we are so war like and this bothers them? Many (not Kira and her group perhaps) were arrogant and had a superiority complex that was very clear to Corey.

There are stories from the Panamint Death valley Paiutes that talk about their run-ins with the Inner Earth Groups and it never ended well for them. Surface groups were terrified of the Inner Earth people.

Yes Kira has told Corey that it was all about trying to keep their whereabouts unknown because of fear. However why would this be? It's not like any of us could have ever found them miles underground! They are vastly more advanced than us... Their ships go right through solid rock... they live hundreds of years... they read minds.... their chairs levitate.... They can influence us mentally!

Yet when they could have talked to any of us... and when The only ones they really needed to fear were the Cabals - because the Cabals are basically already partly 4th density and because (it could be argued) the rest of us have just been confused and opinionated based on the dishonesty and the LIES they have told us or the help they have given the Cabals over the centuries when they could have told the truth. They decided to be BFF's with the Cabals and even gave them technology - while for the rest of us (who aren't Cabal) they spent the last 2000 years feeding us bad information, messed with our heads and hearts and it is this, coupled with the Cabals thirst for blood that has basically been instrumental in fomenting all of our wars! I want to work with them - but they're the ones who said we don't want anything to do with the Sphere Being Alliance after they stormed out of recent meetings in a huff - They themselves declared that the Sphere Beings are the ancient builder race and the Guardians of this star cluster... THEY knew this all along - but none of them ever told US about it! We only now know this after Corey told us. They stormed out and quit talking to the Sphere Being Alliance because they didn't like the Truth. What does that say about them?

They stormed out of the talks because Ra Teir aire and the Sphere Beings told them they had "failed" in their dealings with us! Well they need to tell the truth and discontinue their lying to us through channeling / influencing us remotely (if it is dishonest and without our knowledge of WHO is doing it) and make some things right by refusing to honor their long-standing agreements with the Cabal. They need to Man up and come back to talks with the Sphere Beings and Ra so we can ALL move on together. I forgive them. I just don't buy their excuses. Any more than we should buy our own excuses for not becoming who were are supposed to be.

sunshine.today, posted on June 16, 2016

I understand that they feel threatened though." Man up!" Exactly.LOL!
Even if we couldn't get to them physically, as soon as word got out they existed, that has the potential to make their lives worse. Ive had personal experience with mob mentality capsizing me. Because as soon as they are brought into the mind of the masses, ( and people believe it and realize that its true and take it seriously) , then almost nobody is going to have a neutral opinion, and most people will feel fear and or some sort of misguided worship.So its dangerous.. There exists the real potential for their own vibration to be lowered ( or destabilized) simply because suddenly a huge number of people are feeling negatively or positively about them . Or BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY. and hunting for them. Its like being the catalyst for giant waves of water crashing together with you at the center of it. And sooner or later, you will be found. So I'm not surprised they are kind of bracing themselves...

However, that said. ....they should not be manipulating us in any way that is not in OUR best interest , too. Plus, they should know better - because that always bites you in the butt.!

at405oak, posted on June 27, 2016

An intrinsic part of us. Denying us by walking out of the talks is really just self-denial. They are / have been doing things with us in an agreement dance for millennia.
It's time to lay down the sword and the looking down the nose at us and tell us the truth and begin to help us. They (after all) have denied us that help for millennia and this is why they have been in trouble from the Sphere Being Alliance.

mmbjrod, posted on June 15, 2016

Didn't Corey say Sitchin's story was bogus?

meniyka, posted on July 9, 2016

Yes... but David is documenting the cabal's version of disclosure in this episode as he says at the end. Anyway, given that most of this stuff is physically out of reach for most, people can't *really prove what has been twisted and what hasn't including DW. There might be elements of Sitchin's story that are true...If it's anything like Earth's religions, there is a bit of truth in almost every 'great' book and a whole lot of speculation and parables mixed in based on who pitched in and when they did so. Then to complicate matters even further, space, time & reality are apparently malleable and there are different timelines & parallel universes. So who really knows what the story is down to the nitty gritty details in this reality?

thatcrazytoaster, posted on June 16, 2016

I thought Stitchens work was compromised and now you're validating it? or was it just part of his story that was compromised. And it was also said that humans were given the ability to reproduce so that there could be more slaves to do their work? What publication is that article from? It just says the authors name; Cynthia Fox, Science Writer. CLARITY please. Clear this up David.

at405oak, posted on June 15, 2016

IN fact there are several people who have said this but Corey was told first hand in the library in Kira's Inner Earth group. Sitchin's own roommate has said that Sitchin himself admitted they were contrived. What you have to realize is that this episode is NOT Talking about April and March 2016... it is OLD... Like One year and 3 months old. Look at the date on the so called "new information" of the "disclosures" from the news articles he is giving. 1 year 3 months seems to be the magic number of time to wait before the release of the "newest" information. So perhaps when he recorded this episode Corey had not yet been told about the facts regarding Sitchin just yet. I think that may have happened in July or August of 2015 and David is talking about events from March and April 2015.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on June 16, 2016

ok, thank you for this. much love.

bentkmich, posted on June 16, 2016

Spot on!

michael.perssonahlin, posted on June 15, 2016

I cannot believe I stumbled upon and found this article David. It actually totally blew my mind away when I saw it. Have a look for yourself:

michael.perssonahlin, posted on June 15, 2016

I think I just had my mind blown away. Wow, just wow!

chiangmaideli, posted on June 15, 2016

I highly enjoy his talks and fully aware of the possibility he is part of it to feed it while bashing the same agenda / liitle ads...
Against or in favor of the dark agenda, in favor of us thriving or another goal... I can't read his inner being completely

But I give him my credit for now and keep watching :)

des.susko, posted on June 14, 2016

I read this article today posted by Shem El-Jamal at Discerning the Mystery website and he lays out key points of this episode so nicely. He brings out the importance of this timelime David is sharing with us and seeing it written provides a good visual for us visual learners. Also, I think it's important that we remain vigilant in discerning real disclosure from cabal twisted partial disclosure. We must not become complacent and accept this limited disclosure timeline. I encourage everyone reading this to be active in speaking to people about these things. It's up to us to create our reality!


Thank you for reading!

In Peace and Love,

bittick81, posted on June 14, 2016

I think a show on the Mandela Effect would be fascinating. This phenomena has been blowing my mind!

cicotta1, posted on June 14, 2016

this stuff is blowing my mind! on with full disclosure! love and light to all the wanders out there <3

picadillydoc, posted on June 14, 2016

I wonder when this episode of Wisdom Teachings was taped in the studio versus when It was originally released on Gaia on June 13, 2016. David is showing all these media releases of disclosure which are over a year old. There are multitudes of "drips of disclosure" which are happening now in 2016. If one pays attention, they will see that every week in this current time period, there are new disclosures, or new UFO sightings reported on the Intern'l Space Station live video feeds, etc. Perhaps its not so important, but I wish David would jump up to discussing current disclosure events.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 15, 2016

Thank you for commenting! This episode was filmed in 2016. DW refers to earlier events that happened last year.

All the best,

rosemarycreations, posted on June 14, 2016

A friend remarked that David probably filmed that over a year ago but held it back until now. If you notice, David's wearing his hair much shorter consistently in these Wisdom teachings and then when viewing the Cosmic Disclosure...............David's hair is much longer in these current cosmic disclosures episodes...much different than in the wisdom teachings. I also watch the up and down of the stress in David's face and eyes..........sometimes...he is so tired and drained from his work and the attacks while Corey appears to be getting younger and healthier ............that visit to the interterrestrial and the mind meld with Kareen appears to have beneficial influence on Corey that is very noticeable.

ronaldgervasoni, posted on June 14, 2016

I was thinking the same thing. Hes a year behind?

marilynmar88, posted on June 14, 2016

I noticed they love to do that say things that make no sense. I wonder why. I think they are just use to giving disinformation and dumbing down so they do even while they try to tell you the partial truth. It's either 10 or 20 or 30. Its can't be all of those. Which one is it? I always say when you look closer and think logically they never make sense. Also, it never big news. They favor violence over disclosure. Violence and people arguing they love to promote. I hope things change soon but great work catching all those headlines.

franz1810, posted on June 14, 2016

Mr. Wilcock! what's your take on " The lacerta files " and "hidden hand file"
Seem genuine
Quite sure E.Ts watch wisdom teaching too!! Cosmic audience for you David!
So we are known throughout the Galaxy for our building skill, humor and cooking!
Thank you all

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 14, 2016

Thanks for writing--I'll pass your question on for consideration to see if David Wilcock can address this another time.

All the best,

skspicer0613, posted on June 14, 2016

Have you read Drunvalo Malckizedek? His views differ from yours. The book, "The Flower of Life," goes into great detail about the Giants and their agenda's, which is a lot less Luscifarian than you portray. He claims they were trying to teach us how we're all connected and raise our consciousness, as well as created the "Christ Consciousness" grid to further our progress. I would like to hear your opinion of his teachings, David.

TLE56, posted on June 14, 2016

David, you certainly have been keeping up with the internet news headlines. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, many individuals do not read such articles on the internet, especially the older individuals. And for that very reason, I'm sure the Cabal expect such things and feel that they can squeak by for their required part in the slow-dripping disclosure.

ZackLMiles, posted on June 14, 2016

Thank you Dave. See ya next week!

summersol, posted on June 14, 2016

Bottom line for me is that the bulk of what was said IS right on. I also remember the Stichin episode but believe that everyone has a piece of the puzzle. David and Corey's presentations give us the most rounded out info available right now.

bentkmich, posted on June 14, 2016

I remember in the Cosmic Disclosure episode "Inner Earth Update II," Corey told that Karee had told him that Stichin's tales just weren't true. DW jumped on the wagon, reciting a story from a conference, where he had met ZS in an elevator (they were the only ones in there). ZS in that moment didn't even want acknowledge his precense, DW said. I remember thinking when I saw DW say this on Cosmic Disclosure, it was as if he said ... "I knew it!"

So here we are in June of 2016, whatching several 1 year, 3 months old Wisdom Teaching episodes. And in them, Zachariah Stitchin is used a witness for the truth, as far as I can remember in "Thinning of the veil" and in "Giant Steps Towards Disclosure." I realize that these episodes have been edited long ago, and that it may not be so easy to open them up and cut in them. But what about an explanation for those of us who pay the subscription fee?

Please Gaia, please, please don't look at my message as coming from a negative place. Yes, I know I write lots about this subject. But it is because they go unanswered from your part, they are not being dealt with by someone who can -or will- give a decent reply. I am not alone among us subscribers thinking that you do not treat us fairly in ignoring the issue. We subscribe. We stay loyal. We pay our dues. I think we deserve better and more updated information. Even DW on his blog divinecosmos is way ahead of what you are with regards to Wisdom Teachings.

I hate to believe that Gaia has become a large corporation, meant only to milk us for whatever money you can get out of us. Once again, I only wish to raise a subject that is resonated throughout the community and in the commentary fields. You can stop this by making a communiqué, or respond in a decent manner to the comments themselves (not the ususal blabla sending it on to someone who can blah blah blah).



PS .. Sorry for spelling & English errors. English is not my first language.

barbzitone396, posted on June 14, 2016

I don't think David's saying it is the truth, he's just saying that the cabal is disclosing more and more of their own version of truth in preparation for their controlled version of disclosure. Also, as I understand it, the Sitchin information was likely a mix of truth and untruth, as most good lies are.

myboojan, posted on June 14, 2016

I just have to bring up this interesting musing on Gigantism and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere (Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere -2006)... Chap 6 - THE CARBONIFEROUS-EARLY PERMIAN: HIGH OXYGEN, FIRES, AND GIANTS -- "...In the past, however, much larger land arthropods than this did exist—during the interval of the highest oxygen in Earth’s history, the subject of this chapter. Here we will explore how the highest oxygen in Earth’s history allowed some of the strangest—and largest—animals ever on Earth." http://www.nap.edu/read/11630/chapter/8#112

myboojan, posted on June 13, 2016

I can see now why it becomes necessary to repeat info from the past...it is because some of us are just now waking up to all of this or some of us just aren't connecting the dots, or some of us are just NOT completely ready to let go of that false programming, and for ALL of us, this shiatz is so crazy & overwhelming...WOW! And poor David does his best to be of help by bringing up past narratives & integrating it into the current info on his current shows, and all is meant to help ALL of us on this journey. Thank you so much David Wilcock!!

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