Wisdom Teachings: [#173] Preparing for Full Disclosure Video
[#173] Preparing for Full Disclosure
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Wisdom Teachings: [#173] Preparing for Full Disclosure (July 2016)

Season 22, Episode 11
Available worldwide

David Wilcock reveals some of the most integral parts of the full disclosure timeline, that were released in 2015, so that you can recognize what is being left out from the partial disclosure timeline. Could negative interest rates in Europe, Bitcoins in Argentina and low energy prices be machinations of the Alliance to bring down the Cabal? What about the strange lights over San Diego and NASA teasing its tests of warp drive technology? Could this be the last of the pieces being put into place to get the public ready for disclosure? This presentation was originally webcast July 11, 2016.

David Wilcock


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pottlelinda, posted on July 27, 2016

I am so excited ! My daughter and I star gaze every night. And every night we are not disappointed. Every night we are shown something new that keeps us charting the times on a graph of these events. We no longer call it star gazing and now its called "Event Gazing" because we are seeing things that are not this and could not be that. Events in the night sky with naked eyes. :) Yes so excited it's like I was waiting for this my entire life. Maybe that's why I am here ........at this time. I wanted to see it... be a part of it..... say ....I was here when it all started. :) 9 :15 pm the craft shows up from the North. It blasts its thrusters as it moves south , then 9:30 pm the first satellite from north to south arrives. Its normal and just a time place keeper same with the next one that comes from south to north. But the south to north one signals the 3rd one, north to south that lights up as it hits the center of what we can view like a star huge and bright. Every night it's like we get something new that tells us to keep looking up. It's like a movie trailer that keeps you watching until the main event. Last night it was cloudy so we saw a new event. It was a bright white light that moved faster then a satellite but slower then a shooting star . Always something to keep us looking up. Time line for events are 9:15 pm until 11:05 pm on the east coast NC . I will be looking Up :)

gunasekera.red, posted on August 23, 2016

Just asking do you send your daughter to school?

pottlelinda, posted on September 12, 2016

My daughter ??? she is 40 ???? Why would you ask this? Oh because of my Photo. Well that was taken about 5 years ago. I am 56 years old :)

mateuszbentkowski, posted on July 21, 2016

Hell yeah we want FD!

mcarlson1996, posted on July 17, 2016

Today I searched for that UFO footage he showed us to show my brother, and I came across this article. At the bottom of is is an update explaining how this was not a UFO, but lighted towers on top of a hill, which was shrouded in fog when the footage was taken. There are side by side photos of the hill, one during the day, the other one of the hill on that night. Here's the link: http://www.openminds.tv/nbc-7-san-diego-releases-ufo-video/33342
What do you guys think? Is this just trickery to mislead us into believing that wasn't really a craft, or was David mistaken?
In either case, I still love his work, and can't wait for next week's show!

donna37, posted on July 24, 2016

Yeah, I just found that, too. Disappointing when I see this kind of stuff that hasn't been fact checked. The other thing I looked up for more info was the CIA getting caught smuggling drugs. Snopes.com says that story was fabricated at a website that specializes in creating fantastic, but untrue, stories. I'm gonna have to start more regularly fact checking for myself some of David's claims. I'm not a hater, either. I've kept up with David's blog posts for years.

mcarlson1996, posted on July 17, 2016

Looks like a lot of you have already zeroed in on it ;)

rainboth, posted on July 17, 2016

The program is not what you see listed in the tv guide, it's what that program does to anybody who is foolish enough to watch it.

rainboth, posted on July 17, 2016

It is best to keep NASA announcements at arm's length to avoid the smell. I remember NASA announcing some time ago that they might be able to develop a warp drive by the end of the 21st century. Apparently they have made a lot of progress with breathtaking speed. The problem is that Ben Rich, the Director of the Lockheed Skunkworks, speaking at a dinner for the UCLA Engineering School Alumni in fall of 1992 stated that errors in the equations had been corrected and that "if ET were stranded here, he wouldn't have to call home, because we could take him there." Apparently we had that capability well before he talked about it, so NASA's announcements are disingenuous as per usual. By the way that information is well known and is repeated widely across the internet. At first I was astonished that nobody asked any questions, but as I thought about it, I began to realize that he probably had an audience that was surprised and growing upset at the fact that they had graduated from a dishonest teaching factory. Nothing like being taught lies today for money that it will take lifetime to pay off. Dropping out of physics in the late 1960's was the smartest thing I ever did.

BARBARAW9, posted on July 16, 2016

Exciting stuff!! Thank you David.

jsteffen100, posted on July 16, 2016

I just happened to see this on Benjamin Fulford's site. I'm aware that David Wilcock has been interviewed with Ben in the past. It's apparently a bounty list with big names on it. George Bush Sr & Jr, Clintons, David Rockefeller etc. A reward of gold and lots of it for their arrest. Would definitely cause one heck of a news storm if it's true. http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/

dumitru, posted on July 16, 2016

The Cabal knows the Federal Reserve Note (what you call the "dollar") is going to fail, because they designed it to fail. So that's not going to bring them down, it's part of their design. So, of course, they also have the next step ready to implement. Bitcoin is a total fiat currency, dependent on the Internet. The Internet was created by DARPA in order to control information.

m-salib, posted on July 16, 2016

Ever since I learned about this whole world that exists behind the world that exists, I have become a far more forgiving, understanding human being. This series and Cosmic Disclosure have opened my eyes to what an awesome, beautiful creature a human being truly is. I have never held any feelings of grandeur, nor any prejudices, but I now feel a strong bond of just being one of us, and us being one of me. There has to be a better way of sharing all this information to thee world without having to be able to afford to buy a book, or pay a Gaia subscription. In our efforts to free this world from the bonds of the Cabal, David is actually enforcing the rules of the Cabal by only making this information available to those who pay for it. What a shame.

aligarrett82, posted on July 19, 2016

What is a shame is people expecting someone else to devote themselves to research, exploration, interviewing, and digging very deeply inside and out, and then compiling, organizing, and interpreting a wealth of information blended with personal conclusions and then just handing it over for free to the masses unwilling to do it themselves. How would David, or anyone at Gaia feed themselves and their families without some sort of income? Should David do all of this on top of a 9 to 5 miserable job so you or someone else doesn't have to pay a small, very reasonable fee? How would someone publish and print all their books without charging for them? David is not enforcing the "bonds of the Cabal" unless you and all of the subscribers are as well by being paying customers. What is a shame is people so readily boasting about what evolved, loving, and changed creatures they are who now know the "truth" of the world, all while still whining and criticizing others about what they should or shouldn't do instead of doing it themselves. If you believe there is a better way to share all this information, then go ahead, I doubt anyone is preventing you. Just don't do it by ripping off someone else's hard work and devotion. Create your own beneficial composition or a tangible representation of your own earned wisdom and give it away to everyone. Your post, in my opinion, is contradictory and extremely short-sighted.

wklange, posted on July 15, 2016

What happened to the choice to download and watch without streaming at the same time? My old computer makes everything like a Max headroom video when I try to do both at once.

georgic, posted on July 15, 2016

I thought this was my wifi server doing this... It used to be that half way through the episode the entire video would shut off and reboot.. So I suppose that there is some improvement here...????

rainboth, posted on July 17, 2016

I'm not sure of what is going on with the downloads. I haven't had the option of downloading on any of the last three Wisdom Teaching episodes. All the previous ones that I have seem to be fine and they play as well as the streaming video from the site, and I'm running Windows XP which Microsoft stopped supporting long ago. Maybe I need a newer version of their purple player.

randall.me, posted on July 15, 2016

This episode should be free and accessible to everyone. It helps explain David and Corey's message very well, and is an excellent starting point for newcomers. Opening this video to everyone would enable the information to be disseminated, allow for more transparency, and ultimately increase Gaia subscriptions. Make this episode free!

m-salib, posted on July 16, 2016

If our goal is disclosure, and the pressure being put on the Cabal for such, this episode should be shown for free, advertised on Facebook, shareable by us, and sent to any mailbox of anyone who has ever been involved with any public information dissemination.

cjob247, posted on July 15, 2016

Why does David not mention thee Keshe foundation., who has been releasing some of theses technologies for months and last time I checked MT Keshe is not an alien

dancecyn, posted on July 16, 2016

yes, I heard that his technology was used to neutralize the japan radiation disaster? his stuff is still a bit pricy though. it would be exciting to hear of technology being developed now. thanks for that

efforts2, posted on July 15, 2016

No bank pays a 5% per month interest rate.....

72andoceanview, posted on July 15, 2016

I am not so sure of your comments about 5% interest compound monthly to $60/year return on $100 deposit, that is annual return of 60%.
I can't think of any bank that paid annual 60% interest. 5% ROI of $100 will be $5.

Skanda1944, posted on July 14, 2016

Our wold is changing and things will be new
Most people don't know of these long hidden views
Many who do have begun to talk out
And surprises await for those who still doubt
We've been kept in the dark for millennia past
And now it is time to face up at long last
Although we're awakening to what has gone on
Adjustments are needed to sing this new song
Elitists with power have kept us subdued
But now a new truth is being pursued
We'll learn bit by bit to all work together
To give and contribute each to the other
And when we learn this we become free of ties
That have bound all of us from birth till we die
We'll move towards a new kind of future
Where money and fear are not the prime teacher
When we reach this new state of loving and sharing
Eyes become open and inner voice hearing
We'll all learn the meaning of being truly free
As suppression is lifted and we really see
Ourselves as a soul and we claim THIS IS ME! From Margaret to all with eyes open

jsteffen100, posted on July 16, 2016

Love this poem and so fitting for our time.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 14, 2016

Shouldn't the little bell icon in the left margin change color when someone replies to one of my comments? It seems useless if not so .~~~Thanks, Dretta

ianparksuk, posted on July 14, 2016

On the NBC website, the article is posted on Apr 30, 2015

capsnowgoose, posted on July 13, 2016

Here's lovin'you, Man! I am really looking forward to each new episode every week, really enjoying these episodes! David, I do remember the article about the UFO sighting in San Diego, some of the other articles I am hearing of for the first time. I am loving the way you are tying these events together into an actual process of disclosure. I missed the connection before and didn't really put the events all together. I am really looking forward to see where you will go with this next as you bring it up to the present time. Thanks, David!

lovelyritameter, posted on July 13, 2016

Don't want to make too big of a deal of this, but with all the haters, must be careful of all your info before broadcasting it. No point in giving them more fuel for their fire. this is the first mistake I've seen in this series, so not bad considering the amount of info given over the years. In fact, I would call that article an obvious plant. These reporters didn't know that those lights were TV antennas?? Either they are stupid, which is of course a real possibility, or, it was a plant. I vote plant...

mcarlson1996, posted on July 17, 2016

I just posted a link to an article that points this out. I wondered if anyone else had heard about it. I also vote plant.

sroberts, posted on July 13, 2016

It is called a magnetron We have been using them for years in our microwave ovens.

oburk, posted on July 13, 2016

Why does it take so long to release these? this info is over a year old...

rita.sullivan, posted on July 13, 2016

Some amazing people leaving posts here!

Jlupherlmt, posted on July 13, 2016

Had a dream recently wherein those who are doing the fracking also have access to shapeshifting technology, and that this was cause for 'cosmic concern'. And who is that? Big oil, Halliburton, and friends.
Sublime thoughts on the photon during your recent interview w/ Jimmy Church BTW, David. ThanX.

edgarg.moura, posted on July 13, 2016

David, your program is simply fantastic. everything that is happening
important that we can not connect with the disclosure is in your program.

Thank you for preparing all the information and puts them in order to understand all the details behind the events which provide our grand future that is near.

A big hug.


yvan.mcgregor12, posted on July 13, 2016

fowlerj, posted on July 12, 2016

David you deserve high praise for your work with disclosure. I am wondering however, why you have not featured Andrew Basiago, the Attorney, who was in the secret CIA program in teleportation for over 20 years. He is a whistle blower as is Corey. Basiago has been calling for Disclosure for At least the past five years OR MORE. FOWLERJ
p.s. The FIRST CRASH OF a UFO ON American soil was not Rosewell in 1947. It was in 1941 just outside of Cape Girardeau. MO. There were several small Greys who died at the scene. The craft was recovered and sent somewhere --possibly to A school of engineering.

markdesign14, posted on July 12, 2016

How do we pull together?
Who do we talk to when the partial stuff comes out?

d_mharris, posted on July 12, 2016

Mr. Wilcock, I want to say thank you for your contribution to humanity and aiding in the dismantling of the allusions that have misled the population. I pledge my own efforts to spread the word through social media and personal relations. May a this information inspire the changes to a higher consciousness and standard for the progression of life. Thank you to all in promotion to a better way!

bradedwards, posted on July 12, 2016

Link to footage David showed us: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Mysterious-Lights-Spotted-Above-Sa...

Now look at last paragraph in article:

"Later, an NBC 7 news photographer returned to the same location during daylight hours and noticed the lights were coming from a mountaintop where there were TV antennas."

gfw31, posted on July 12, 2016

I do appreciate what you are doing but we need to push along the time line and get to the 2016 information. David you have the ability to stretch out the information, much love and kindness is met by this statement. I know from your information, you have not even told 90% of what you know.

I find everything on your show and with Cory as well as other shows on GAIA fascinating. I believe I can safely say, everyone who will take the time to be on GAIA knows how important all of the information given is very important to humanity. Its too bad more and more people are interested in the material things verses what is really important.

I do understand you need to protect yourself and Cory I think everyone will agree to this fact.

palivingston, posted on July 12, 2016

Apparently the UFO in San Diego was nothing but lights/communication towers on a mountain just out side of the city.

dor13, posted on July 13, 2016

do you realize that your comment that those lights shown in the video were from communication towers on a nearby mountain sound as absurd as the "weather ballon" disinfo of the Roswell crash?

bosss_entire, posted on July 17, 2016

I'm really confused and I really want to believe but what about the picture of the same spot where the lights appeared and in daylight in the same place there is an antenna...

fraudbynumbers, posted on July 15, 2016

How can one say the video is focused on light tower/antenna lights when the objects in the sky are obviously MOVING?

777blueleadheaven, posted on July 12, 2016

I don't understand why you are doing a show about events that are 15 months old in a format that gets more behind every week. That is, you cover the news for 2, 3, or 4 days in 2015, and then we wait 7 days for another episode.

I am a great fan, but this feels wrong.

Like the last posting, David, thank you for doing what you do.

rshanks, posted on July 13, 2016

777BLUE... Stop being so foolish, put your brain in gear and fight your cognitive dissonance. Can you not see the massive logistics required here. David and others need time and resources to verify info and filter the giant mounds of disinfo, he does not have unlimited funds and manpower like the Cabal so get a grip people!

bentkmich, posted on July 12, 2016

100% agreed.

I am a great fan too, but somehow I feel cheated by the Gaia staff. With viewer numbers larger than CNN (as David said in one of the shows) ... man, the income must be what is ruling now. We -Gaia's milk cows- hang on because we want it still.

I have stated my opinions, and reasoned them, many times. They are, together with all other well reasoned comments, overlooked. That is sad.



mahoak, posted on July 12, 2016

I truly enjoy David's analysis of the past (2015) and anticipate each new episode eagerly!

In order to help us see the current status of disclosure, I would like to propose the idea of a periodic "current events" episode. With that said, I fully understand production time will always cause delays in the release of new episodes.

So, perhaps Gaia (or even David directly!) could offer some sort of "webinar" every few months. I would certainly be willing to pay to attend an event of this type...I'm guessing others would as well...just some food for thought...

Great job Gaia and David! Thank you for your service!

brad95, posted on July 12, 2016

Thanks for the fantastic shows, David and Gaiam. I'm immensely grateful. However, I am confused by your negative comments about negative interest, David. My understanding is that negative interest can help usher in the fourth-density paradigm of the heart. Because negative interest is a disincentive to hoarding money in a bank, it promotes spending--and sharing and generosity. This has already been proven in two places where negative interest was used successfully: a small mining town in Germany in 1931 and Worgl, Austria in 1932. These pioneering negative-interest, "local" currencies were so popular and spread to other areas so fast that they were considered a threat to the national currencies, so the national governments made them illegal. Two fascinating books on the subject are: Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein and New Money for a New World by Belgin and Lietear.

Our global system of money based in interest is the linchpin of the old order and is the most destructive system on the planet. It is completely artificial and unaligned with any of Earth's natural systems. Think about it: Our artificial money-based-in-interest grows in value with time. But is there anything in nature that you can shove in a dark bank vault and have it increase with time? The answer is no. There is nothing on Earth that grows in value with time under those conditions, except perhaps mold. Gold and precious gems remain the same, but everything else decays, breaks and rusts. Negative interest mimics this natural process of decay: Money decreases in value with time. A money system that is more in alignment with nature will be less destructive. And in fact it has been proven to create abundance and promote sharing, community-mindedness and generosity. These are the qualities of Ubuntu that your guest Michael Tellinger shared on Cosmic Disclosure.

Perhaps you can speak more about this important subject one day?

Thanks again for your wonderful work, David. Deep gratitude to you...

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