Wisdom Teachings: [#19] Symbols of the Illuminati Video
[#19] Symbols of the Illuminati

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Wisdom Teachings: [#19] Symbols of the Illuminati (July 2013)

Season 4, Episode 2
Available worldwide

From ancient Mithraism to the modern Olympic Games their symbols and rituals of the Illuminati are paraded right before us. These symbols, though largely unnoticed, are telltale signs of the subtle control exerted by the power keepers. To help break free from their control we must gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy that underlies the Wisdom Teachings. David Wilcock reveals the hidden meaning of Illuminati symbols and highlights three important teachings from the Law of One material in this presentation originally webcast July 22, 2013.

David Wilcock


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robingreen67, posted on September 1, 2016

Animals are a very important part of life. Are they ever covered in any of the material?? I love animals they are significant to me and my personal view is they are rarely discussed much or perhaps I haven't gotten to those parts of the teaching yet.
Also David I'm a late comer to this but thank you so much - you are helping me understand and put together several pieces of what I've been shown, read and through my own epiphany in August 2007 and my own personal experiences.

noblerenovationservices, posted on June 21, 2016

2nd video of wisdom teachings that just stops at a certain point. This particular video just stops at 4:59... I dont get why u guys make it so we cannot see the whole video. I dont care what the content says, I wanna hear it all! So please fix your problems

artistsuzette, posted on March 27, 2016

That girl asked a good question ~ Y E S ~ ~ ~ the negative on the news is a result of the collective negativity in us ~ ~ ~ the key is to continue to evolve and watch yourself watching less and less of it and then of course just praying and when an event happens ~ The less you are interested in the negative ~ the more you have evolved into higher densities ~ ~ ~ That was a good question ~ ~ ~ Thank you David Wilcock for this episode ~ ~ ~

wm, posted on March 7, 2016

I'm grateful to be able to go back and watch these earlier episodes. It's March 2016 now. When I signed up last summer I jumped straight into Cosmic Disclosure and since then have gradually been working my way backwards and sideways thru Gaia's digital library. Wow. Perhaps Gaia can build an online library of key books, too. Even obscure & out of print volumes one can read online. Not to sell as individual books, but to function as a library for research and expansion of knowledge.




Cherrybrulee, posted on November 25, 2015

I love David's work, but unfortunately feel he has misunderstood some of the symbolism present in the London Olympic games opening ceremony.

Its to do with the giant baby, hospital beds, children, and dark figure hovering. Before WW2 most working class people could not afford healthcare, so after WW2 we developed a much loved free hospital service called the NHS. Our government come from extremely rich right wing 'upper class' backgrounds. They have been trying to sell off many good things about Britain to their friends and seem to be serving corporations. One of those is the NHS which they have been demonising in the press and secretly privatising behind our backs to try and turn it into a US style one.

The symbology was 'working class' director Danny Boyles work, to show the government who were all sitting there, that we care about our NHS and want to keep it as it is.
The baby is to show we were born into it, what it has done for us, and the scary figures hovering were the private healthcare corporations and MPs who are trying to line their pockets from selling and buying it to their friends.

Anything more you want to know about Britain please run it by me!

dor13, posted on October 24, 2015

David, i seem to have read in the Law Of One, that the Ra Group was fifth density making their ascension to 6th density and that when they talk about the six density and higher-it is NOT FROM EXPERIENCE because they are not there yet. I have been there and can say that there IS evil in the 6th and 7th density--it is more difficult to maintain the service to self stance because with telepathy the main way of communicating, it is more difficult to keep secrets--the dark ones use language not to communicate but to lie to and manipulate us. Note the official definition of language by the eminent linguist and head of that dept in times past at Cal Santa Cruz, Gregory Bateson, said "language is a process of deletion, distortion, and generalization about experience". So you might want to rethink the rainbows and lollipops view of six and seventh density! It ain't so...and the Ra groups is finding that out now i bet. Also, an insider told me that Lucifer was the god of the astral realm--but chose to live on the 6th density--and the god of the 6th density is Buddha.

sonyasaranee, posted on October 22, 2015

why do we loose our loved ones in horrible deaths ?

tinalouisespalding, posted on August 8, 2015

Hi David!

Loving the Disclosure series and wanted to thank you for your long and steady climb up to this pinnacle of disclosure.

groves_b36, posted on August 5, 2015

How can we have free will if we are destined to enter the 4th dimension?

dretta-love-wisher, posted on June 2, 2015

If one is forced to drop all negativity {as in moving into the 6th dimension} then is it real, their sincerity? It would necessarily have to be artificial, would it not?

VickiPhoenix22, posted on May 10, 2015

Is the Phoenix a negative symbol? I thought it was positive.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on May 7, 2015

It always seems just as David gets rolling, the time is up~~ I can feel the pressure as he rushes to pack as much in as possible.

His show should be one hour. There's so much he has to leave out. ~ Thanks

janepinter, posted on August 5, 2014

Further to scary stuff...latest development to watch. Your series is really informative and I'd say accurate , I too can't stop watching it. Hope you don't mind that I put a link to youtube here. Pope declares Lucifer is the Light of the world.


yecidortega, posted on January 18, 2014

basically everything that resembles a pyramid, a triangle, a compass, fire, a lion, a fenix, an eye etc...is becuase it is part of the illuminati? I am confused now.

lauraburnell2681, posted on December 7, 2013

I just subscribeed to Gaiam TV and can't stop watching your series. Not interested in anything else right now. Your teachings are wonderful!

krenee123, posted on December 1, 2013

David, I've been immersing myself in these studies since December 2012. I'd been looking for more of your material and finding this series on Gaiam TV is just the thing for my 4 day weekend! I've sequestered myself and with your series playing, I've faced 3 large boxes of papers that have hung like a noose around my neck for 10-11 years. (You know, those papers we always think we are going to organize, or put in a notebook, or file...JUST IN CASE we need them ;)
What freedom to sit and shred things of no value. I actually made paper for hand made Christmas cards this year. Every 'blue' utility bill from the last 10 years is now a lovely pale blue tissue like stationary. I think you are incredibly insightful, and the series is prompting me to finish the Law of One series. I love hearing your voice as I continue to tackle an unpleasant task...BONUS!
Thank you and bless you. KK

FIDELC, posted on October 16, 2013

Thanks for sharing, perfect timing!

lehua214, posted on August 19, 2013

there is a great song about my grandmother was a fine St. Kitts woman, and she would hold me and scold me, making sure she told me everything she knew! what should I tell my 3 and 4 year old grandchildren what I know about the source field, about ascension, about wisdom teachings? age appropriate material only?

ananda0, posted on October 19, 2013

I've wondered the same thing. I have a 6 and 8 year old. And I've gotten to where I simply answer questions when answered. I tell them there is often more than one way to see an event or believe in something and I invite them to give their own interpretation. I don't get into things they may find scary, but they know about auras, chakras, god, seeing and feeling energy, healing, reaping what you sow, etc... Concepts. I find when and what to explain to be very organic, and is based on the maturity of the child. The time will always present itself when they are ready for the answers. Kids take what you say at face value. You give them an answer, they are satisfied. We're the ones that get all weird about it! :) lol

carolyngrace1818, posted on August 19, 2013

Type Illuminati (dot)com, backwards into your search engine. Found this out the other day! Sick!

spiritual.revolutionary, posted on August 3, 2013

I would like to continue to the next weekly episode in sequence and it is always extremely difficult to find. This is NOT user friendly. Their system is randomly scattered making it very very frustrating.

ananda0, posted on October 19, 2013

If you let the video run to the end, it will automatically go to the next episode. This is easier to see when you are not in full screen mode. It takes about 15 seconds or so to transition. You can also click the "see full series button" on the left side of the page beneath where the video plays.

liz6, posted on July 27, 2013

ahh..incredible second half :)

janiek, posted on July 26, 2013

This was great!, I can't wait to hear more. I have been reading a lot of "woo woo" books for the past 20 or so years and as a result im left with trying to piece it together. I am so thrilled your doing this. I have The Law of One, read it probably a year or so ago and it seems like i found it hard to follow. I'm looking forward to your teaching on this book. Thank you David.

annabelle.fogerty, posted on July 26, 2013

I walked into the Walgreen's checkout line today and saw a Time Magazine cover that said, "THE TRUTH ABOUT SECRET SOCIETIES." Then right next to it was a People Magazine with a picture of the new royal baby on the cover. I had to laugh right there in the store. I didn't read the Time article but it seems like they are trying pretty hard to convince us they don't exist, just in time for us to focus all our energy on the new baby.

Vserranomsw, posted on July 25, 2013

Wow, undeniable.

engagingplot, posted on July 24, 2013

they scamper to dark corners and hoard the light they think theyve stolen from the day.

the only reason these symbols would be used at these mass events is as a display of power and supposed cunning by satanic groups. no other theories seem to make sense. a giant furry face on fire? what other reason would that be at an athletic competition for disabled people?

how deceived these poor illuminati are to really think that they know whats best for civilization! thanks for standing in the light david wilcock

engagingplot, posted on July 24, 2013

pobody's nerfect

emilyroughton, posted on July 23, 2013

Wow, powerful stuff. I've learnt so much in just 30 mins. Thank you David. You are helping the world wake up!! xxx

Lolk, posted on July 22, 2013

As usual ... :)
Thank you !

martinellis111, posted on October 1, 2016


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