Wisdom Teachings: [#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2  Video
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2
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Wisdom Teachings: [#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)

Season 1, Episode 2
Available worldwide

Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. As part of the living universe, everything you experience is alive, connected and thinking in the same source field. Learn how you can raise your own state of evolution to become one with the universal mind and participate in the solutions to the problems of the world in this unique presentation.

David Wilcock


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[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 2 [#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)
Season 1, Episode 2
, 30 minutes
Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. Learn how you can become a one with the universal ...
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[#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 4 [#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2
[#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2 (April 2013)
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We have previously learned the positive effect that light has on DNA. That concept is further explored as David Wilcock reveals the energetic secrets of the DNA molecule. Discover how your DNA is written into the background of ...
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sarah39, posted on October 22, 2016

Around the 10 min mark, just after mentioning Nina Kulagina, you mention another Russian psychic whose heart rate, respiratory rate, and neurological activity in the brain match up with the items she was teleporting. I can't quite make out the name, and I would like to research it further.

Could you please let me know the name of this psychic, and perhaps suggest some further reading material on the subject?

Thank you

Beautiful_brunette21, posted on October 3, 2016

Thank you so so much David!!! You are such an amazing Being!! I am so grateful for you! Thank you!

Bobevans8049, posted on September 25, 2016

As much as I love a good old fassion rant and as much i do beleive in the interconnectedness of everything its hard to watch your show when it keeps bouncing from topic to topic. Also its hard to beleive everything you say when you talk about everything as if its a proven fact including the exsistance of the iluminati. That being said i do like what your doing here and have learned a few things from the few episodes i have watched particularly your most recent about pyramids. I just think more people would become interested in and maintain interest in what you have to say if it was a little less all over the place. Also a work sighted page after each episode would be great beacause I like and think many other people like to look to further look into your ideas and im sure you have imediate access to literature that is superior to what i will find via google search.

eaglepx, posted on September 8, 2016

Hello David.
Just to let you know. I love your show.

One correction: Gehenna should be Ge-hea-nom = Hell. In Hebrew.

Thank you

Jillsidoruk, posted on August 29, 2016

I want to be reprogrammed to be at a higher counsiousness and access my spiritual bank account and manifest it in physical form and live my dreams financially free from this matrix. Please guide me step by step to live as an unlimited being

robingreen67, posted on August 25, 2016

<3 Thank you David, thank you <3

matthew.berrier, posted on August 25, 2016

I am 33 yrs old and have always been passionate about the afterlife and this show speaks to my soul. David if you or your team is reading this, I would love to know how to become more involved with you and your show and your future endeavors. I have just started a very novice youtube channel and I see a lot of similarities between us although you are much more advanced. Im looking to learn and help as much as possible. Everything I hear inside and out is telling me to follow my passion and these topics are my passion. I would speak and teach for free on these topics and that is also what Im learning as well.... "If your not willing to do it for free, its not worth doing and not really your passion". David, I will continue my journey but I am here for a reason and reaching out. 15min or simply a few email conversations could change the world. Looking to get more involved. I recently lost my daughter which has brought me even closer to a more spiritual place. .Seeing supernatural things,... things happening that have no explanatin other than there being more to life.... I love this stuff....and your right knowing there is more alieviates the fear that most of us carry about life in general.....Talk soon, Matt (Mr Nobody) Berrier 502-994-6343 / matthew.berrier@yahoo.com

artistsuzette, posted on July 10, 2016

I am reviewing all the earlier Source Field lectures ~ ~ ~ I am learning new things each time ~ ~ ~ Thank you for making them available to us new members ~ I especially appreciate the information about 'meditation' practices ~ I was planning to meditate and pray this coming week for the world ~ ~ ~ it is something I can do ~ ~ ~ Thank you GAIA TV ~ ~ ~ Peace

escanyc, posted on May 19, 2016

Thank you David for your hard work and for educating us.

You mention you will give tools to energized your self, to find a job, where can I find that information? Also how can we overcome fear?

aquadora, posted on May 9, 2016

you should do a weekly news show, so it's all more up to date and relevant! all the info is great, and you're doing a great job tho. keep it up!

artistsuzette, posted on May 5, 2016

I am going to meditate and think about these teachings all day ~ ~ ~ I am so happy to have GAIA TV now ~ ~ ~ it is a great Library of learning <3 :)

PamelaJP, posted on April 11, 2016

Can an episode include information about how to cleanse and revitalized the Pineal gland which is becoming or has become calcified by fluoride and other chemicals? Thank you.

aquadora, posted on May 9, 2016

64mg mineral iodine
b2 100mg
b3 500mg (no flush niacin)

drcures, posted on April 9, 2016

Hi David. Where can I find a transcript for this episode, please? Thanks! This is all VERY GOOD STUFF!

nikipen78, posted on April 6, 2016

7000 people meditating affected 72% of people to essentially feel more love and peace... I am about to embark on a new meditation routine, now I know this I'm committed. After realising this and the impact that I can have, I'm meditating twice a day from tomorrow, even if for only 10 minutes. THANK YOU DAVID!!! your show is ace, your energy is infectious. I am hooked... LOVE love love and blessings xx

fabianfuego, posted on April 1, 2016

Hi David, i really appreciate the message you're giving and most importantly the intent. However, there are a few things that bother me and i cant stop wandering about, for instance, what do you mean by a reduction in terrorisms in previous videos? i mean, when was terrorism measured, and how can we compared terrorism then with the claims you make when people meditate? this kind of bold arguments trouble me, and even though your message you are giving is beutiful and catchy and as such I am willing to follow, explanations about these bold statements confuse me. please explain where do you get data or any kind of evidence for these bald statements? how can you confidently say that 7000 people meditating reduce terrorism by some percentage? i mean c'mon, please explain and don't forget i do love the intention.

alex09, posted on April 4, 2016

Greetings Fabian. I am not speaking on behalf of David nor is this his reply to you. I know however that many when presenting information regarding the power of the Collective Consciousness are referring to the Maharishi Effect. There is a bunch of information that you may find helpful in familiarizing yourself with the research that David referred to. For your convenience, below is a link that provides references to the results of the research pertaining to the Maharishi Effect. The information pertaining to reduced terrorism you will find toward the bottom of the page under the section titled: Replication of the Global Maharishi Effect. It provides the volume reference as well as a graphical presentation.


Hope this helps

Best regards,

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 1, 2016

Thank you for writing! David Wilcock is not responding directly to questions posted here, but we will pass your questions on for consideration.

All the best,

katwomantxstyle73, posted on April 1, 2016

felt very good! and enjoyed what he's creating in this new program of his..... looks like one that is going to be very interesting! will have to catch more episodes.... thank you!

daywalker075, posted on March 13, 2016

Thank you David , I am big fan of you , please try to answer my simple Question .
1-Q1 .Can those who live in the 4th 5th 6th dimensions and observe see us or do they have to go through a portal to observe us .
Q2. Simon parks talks about the JIN , who are the Jin and what type of being are they .
Would the ascension happened suddenly if the blue sphere aliens left up their barrier around our solar system .

bmatthews.sk, posted on March 7, 2016

I have absolutely no doubts that there is more to life than modern society teaches us and tries to hide from us or tries to distract us from realizing we should learn. I've been raised to know there is more to life than what we see, and dad even went so far as to teach us that the reason we can't see some of it is that we are conditioned not to. While there are things put up here that I don't know about, much of it seems to fit together perfectly and have "the ring of truth" to it. I can feel part of my mentality as a brick wall, not wanting to open up to the idea of people being able to do extraordinary things, but another part of me has no doubts. I don't know what it will take to truly open my mind but I hope it happens. Also it would be wonderful to find someone who knows about these things to learn and study them.

heartinmotion888, posted on March 6, 2016


lindajoy, posted on February 20, 2016

I have just joined this community, so still exploring this vast gathering of info. I was very interested in the topic of the pineal gland and all the piezeoelectric names you were commenting on. Is there any place where you have this info written down so i could take my time to read and explore this material. Constantly stopping and replaying, trying to write down is very tedious.

Would you also explore further the topic of the pineal, our thoughts, manifesting application for those who are energy healers in utilizing these concepts in a practical manner to instruct their clients how to perform this so they can initiate the intelligence in their body to begin the healing process with us working in a coherent manner with them.

I am enjoying your programs, it gives me validation to many thoughts that i had about religion, life, etc, starting when i was a young child and continuing thru present time.

vettbest, posted on February 17, 2016

David U keep saying watch the series in order but there is not a cohesive system to get back to the episode you are on if your computer crashes and U have to reboot which has hppd 2 me several times or when Giam stops streaming and again U have to reboot to get the shows moving again ...I have started to write down what I was last watching but it is impossible to get back to that point! w the current format...Can U please inform Gaim of this and see if they can have the series access streamlined so this is not so frustrating ? I started Wisdom Teachings and have watched to the point of the geometry part with Sir Roger Penrose and want to get back to those episodes to review because this is finally tieing thing together for me with the Torus info in Thrive Please help!!! Give me a way to get back to episode 41 dealing w fractals I want to restart there... btw the electron microscopic slides were amazing and I want to show them to others Thanks for your persistence in getting us the info on Penroses work!!!!Its the only thing that makes sense to me so far and I want 2 b able to get back to this! NAMASTE !!!

aquadora, posted on May 9, 2016

there needs to be a better way to navigate through a series, and track what you have watched and there should be multiple playlist options, not just one. I'd like to make playlists of different topics, but can't. I think you have a cabal agent working in your web design dept maybe. ;P

phil-focus, posted on February 6, 2016

After watching later episodes scattershot, I decided to start at the beginning on this series and this one just blew me away. I really like when these shows tie back into basics like 'you create your own reality' 'you get what you focus on' etc as that seems to me to underpin any other discussion. Thanks David, you are a great teacher of our time.

vondersa3, posted on January 17, 2016

You talked about having out of body experiences. It is strange how your mind can travel away from your body, yet your body still functions and consciousness
appears to be normal. Yet, you (your mind) is out experiencing things and when your are back together with body, you can totally recall it. I hope we can get more insight to this in your programs.

enchantedjourney2012, posted on October 9, 2015

Yes, a 15 yr time loop - the last 15 years bone crushing, no resemblance of 2000. Financials destroyed, health destroyed, back to work full time was retired, lost youngest son, ..... 2000 ( I heard you share about your March 2000 dream and the time stamp) I just did that this week ... Jan 2000 dream noted a person in it who I was only an acquaintance of ... passed away one day after this last surge of energy came in. You posted video Sept 24. Then I find you, Edgar Cayce has been my plumb line for the last decade. I can't wait to see where this goes. I live in Central Kentucky ... he was Kentucky's Sleeping Prophet. Many are referring to the evolution to the Crystalline Body ... we are living on limestone filled with Crystalline ... are you familiar with the book by Jean Peterson and her information on the Lexington KY area. I am taking photographs that can only be explained as I am photographing entities on multiple time lines. This began in June 2012.

wildbikegurl, posted on October 8, 2015

I keep getting that the videos aren't available. Why is this?

aarcudaman, posted on October 5, 2015

Watch this YOU TUBE video https://youtu.be/W8S8SKQ6IS4 Mark was a satanist until he found out what it was really all about .

yvan.mcgregor12, posted on October 5, 2015

Wynter2, posted on September 29, 2015

I made one of those myself too. LOL!

Freedomfirefly554, posted on August 30, 2015

I am so grateful to have this program to help me TUNE IN.. dont listen to the neg,,, keepup the good work!!

tim.vanlaere, posted on August 27, 2015

Again, "I want this show to be like this", then "my name I gave to this" and "the science is in DNA. You need to understand DNA (which you stupid people don't and so, just believe me and my science - also, read my book)".

Then another references to a book he referenced in the previous chapter. Without actually talking about content, it's just whack "conclusions" he throws around and then references to his book "for the science". While at the first episode he wants to "redress the science and dogmatic thought", he uses an aweful lot of "science" (count the references) to validate himself. But equally shows he just makes it up as he goes as he proudly announces his "scientific book" covers "his made up term".

I thought he might be an alien with his large forehead. But he's just doing a sales pitch for 2 books here and himself. Worst 99cent spent EVER.
No references, no science, no evidence here. Just an ego large as his forehead.

poopieskoopie, posted on November 24, 2015

Keep coming back :)

IamColm, posted on August 24, 2015

We are trapped at a minimal level of perception by the vocabulary we are failing to expand. An example is I have begun to use "sensing' to refer to perceptions I experience that are less physical than 'feeling'. I sense my energy body. I sense intuition before it becomes recognizable by my mind. At times I sense what could be call 'whisperings of the soul'. One way I could describe sensing is 'detecting a tickling of energy, as if someone tickled me with an energy feather'. I sense intuition well before it becomes a feeling in my gut. I sense intuition transforming from a vague tickle to a gut feeling, to a heart emotion, to a thought. Now that I am noticing intuition much sooner I sometimes will 'sense' what I am being asked/guided to do before it is even a gut feeling.

We have vast arrays of experience that science and society has kept us from naming and thus keep us from acknowledging and exploring. Such names exist in esoteric teachings. This platform is one way of introducing new terminology. You have already expanded how we use some words much as I have expanded how I use 'sensing'. Are you ready to coin some new words for us, with us?

linsim2, posted on August 20, 2015

You have this wonderful gift of being able to explain to regular people like me the simplicity of a complex science. Indeed, everyone should know/remember this information. I always wondered what should I do to help humanity in this transition and now I know. It was less complicated than I taught. Meditating, be willing to forgive myself and others, feeling emotions of peace, love and respect are the key to evolution. It is simple and also complicated because of all the false believes that we all carry and our tendency of always blaming something or someone else for our problems. That is human nature and I am pretty positive about our future. The more we know and understand this "stuff", the more we become free.
Again, thank you so much David and please receive my full respect. May you have all the necessary energy to continue your work.

jen.cope118, posted on August 16, 2015

I just want to thank you for what you are doing. Since I signed up for Gaiam TV I have been totally consumed with watching all of your shows, along with some others. What you are doing is fabulous. I just wish more people could see this. I am telling everyone I know about it and how ground breaking your show is. Keep it up. I am cheering you on from the internet sidelines. Your biggest fan.

deeohgeeray4me, posted on August 13, 2015

Thanks for great programing. Today is the first day I found David Wilcock which means its my lucky day!

samadheu, posted on August 11, 2015

Hi has anyone gone through the material at desteni.org?
All the beings that talked through the "portal"?
If so how do you feel about it?

ayrox, posted on August 6, 2015

I really do intuitively feel that starseeds may be holding certain information which may have not been yet introduced to this part of the universe yet. I know that we are all one.. ultimately.. however I have a strong feeling that stareeds are bringing in new information within their soul matrix/field from other more developed places in the universe. Could this be one reason why most starseed beings feel like outsiders? Does anybody know if there is any truth to beings that call themselves the Pleiadians?

omnivi9, posted on August 10, 2015

YES . we have seven sisters

keptsecret35, posted on July 18, 2015

something is causing page to just randomly refresh itself while I'm in the middle of watching an episode. Whats up with that?

keptsecret35, posted on July 16, 2015

Hi David… I have a very important question to ask. It is driving me absolutely nuts to be honest. I've done a pretty extensive amount of research on the Anunnaki and I continue to do so. I've read Laurence Gardners Genesis of the Grail Kings. I'm an avid follower of Whitely Strieber, William Henry, Zecharia Sitchen, Wayne Herschel, Michael Tellinger, and last but certainly not least... YOU! I went through a very difficult health problem recently and I've been obsessed about your work ever since. It's as if the universe steered me directly to your teachings and I'm incredibly thankful for what u do. So here it is. Please correct me if I'm wrong? My understanding is that Enki/Ea and Jehovah/Enlil are the sons of Anu. (Ninhursag/Isis) is their half sister and then u have the sons and daughters of the Royal bloodline that went through various civilizations created by Enki and Ninhursag. Africa, Egypt, Mesopotamia into Greece/ Europe etc. One thing I've learned is that these same (characters/ET's) have multiple names in multiple cultures all over the place! Even in Puma Pumku. Same characters with different names. Morally bankrupt too, ALL of them!

Now... is Enki/Osiris and Ninhursag/Isis the parents of Marduk/ and if so, who is actually Lucifer in all this? Because Jehovah is NO ANGEL from what I've read either and his son was real aggressive and blew the whole place up chasing Marduk. Jehovah is clearly a LIAR, a BULLY and wanted us outa here and ENKI hooked us up to survive the flood. So if this is true, Who is the cabal worshiping as Lucifer? Theres lots of conflicting info. Gardner's info explains how the religious corruptions created the whole Satan thing which made sense to me. The root word Satan meaning adversary, a term used in the political system in those early times that was then corrupted into a religious fairy tale about the devil. Gardner also claims that Enki is the lesser of 2 evils and that Jehovah is the real bad guy. I'm assuming all of them are the banished ET giants the insiders speak of in your information about the secret space program? So Which Anunnaki dude is Lucifer and aren't they all manipulators and liars? Seems theres multiple, confusing stories about exactly whom is the real bad guy in this. Hoping u can clear this up for me? Namaste my brother!

glenndaugh, posted on June 18, 2015

It's like I'm getting to do school over again; only it's fun this time! I was a very bright kid, the information was just boring to me. This is the kind of learning every child should know! Life changing for sure!

cedguru, posted on May 4, 2015

Hi everybody. My husband and I want to do the meditation effect. We thought others here might want to join us. We believe this will work, and right now it feels like a necessity. What we have in mind is getting a few minds together from Gaiam, and setting times for the meditations. We don't, at this point, see a group gathering in a place, but rather linking by conscious intent for a real purpose brought about by meditation from wherever people are. I would love to hear from anyone interested.

glenndaugh, posted on June 18, 2015

I was just thinking the same thing when I saw your comment. I would love to participate! I've been doing it solo everyday anyway, it just makes more sense that we get in vast numbers. This seems like it would be one of our best weapons. Just post a time and date. I don't work anymore, so I'm available almost anytime. Great minds think alike, right?............. They need like a bulletin board or something.

b.kadyrova, posted on May 5, 2015

Great idea, I would love to join you too.

cedguru, posted on May 8, 2015

Hello! So sorry it has taken me this long to reply to you. I just found the notification box. Sheesh! We live in the Denver area. How does any evening before 8 PM sound to you? Now that I know where to look for your reply here, we can get this going. Thank you for contacting us!

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