Wisdom Teachings: [#27] Strange Physics Part 1: Atomic Densities Video
[#27] Strange Physics Part 1: Atomic Densities
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Wisdom Teachings: [#27] Strange Physics Part 1: Atomic Densities (September 2013)

Season 5, Episode 4
Available worldwide

As we have seen in past episodes, the physics that underlie our reality are very different from what we think we know. Expanding upon this, we gain a glimpse into the role of the observer co-creating the four densities of our reality. Many of the scientists who have gotten close to understanding these strange physics have met with dire consequences and have had their experiments shut down. David Wilcock explains just what it is that the cabals don’t want you to know, yet are powerless to fully repress in this presentation originally webcast September 16, 2013.

David Wilcock


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techjayecee, posted on February 25, 2016

I listen to all of this and all I can think is, those poor SETI people.

jackieb2102, posted on January 16, 2016

I like watching him talk. I get more out of the broadcasts. Jackie B

ryuheicatred, posted on January 24, 2015

Something is wrong with my computer, i want to see this videos so bad and keep freezing out UGGG !!!! it sucks

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on January 26, 2015

@RYUHEICATRED - We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

whimsacle, posted on October 22, 2014

PERFECT TIE IN FOR FAIRIES! i was really hoping that david would mention fairies as humanoids that live on another plane of existence on earth! love it.

aurora2047, posted on July 17, 2014

David - I suggest you google "Angular Rotation of Particle Spin" and take it from there.

katkando, posted on April 16, 2014

After encountering multiple issues watching this series, I switched from Silverlight to Flash and am still having problems. Here's what happens:
1. The playback stops and then after a minute or two will start again - this happens repeatedly
2. The video playback stops, but the audio continues.
3. The computer hangs and I have to reboot by turning off the power - this is usually the end result of the other problems.
I want to watch this series, but it is so problematic, I may have to abandon the effort unless you can figure out a solution.

1cosolargist, posted on March 27, 2014

Thanks for getting all this knowledge out there and preparing people's minds and hearts for what's coming. However, you know, there are long-secret techniques for developing the Light Body (not just the Rainbow Body) that lives in the Worlds of Light that are higher than the 4th density you want so badly to get to. While the latter level is like being superhuman it still is not true immortality, as is living in the Worlds of Light in a true Light Body; the Rainbow body is just the psychic vehicle based on the 8 force centers that reflect the visible spectrum. Your true Self has always lived in the Light Worlds, but (to quote Dusty Springfield) "wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'" won't get you there. Your dormant spirit has to be reborn from above (as Yeshua mentions in John 3); this does not entail professing anyone as Lord or accepting any dogma; just practicing the handed down techniques properly and studying in an authorized School of Light (which have existed in all civilizations but usually get corrupted at some point and become "religions").

marniebelle73, posted on March 19, 2014

David, I love your shows!! and I'm working really hard to process and understand the last few shows LOL Keep up the good work….well, I'm totally good if I have to rewatch a couple of shows so I can get the concepts. I have to admit Physics was never my strong suit. On another topic, I love your hair like this ;) Your enthusiasm right from S01 E01 to your positivity and desire to make sure we are all really getting a good foundation of understanding for all of this amazing Wisdom Teaching ~ I love love love it! Thank you!!!

martin_cunningham1, posted on March 14, 2014

Every episode has been great really :)

miss.tara.atkinson, posted on March 2, 2014

Fantastic episode, I get so psyched at David's enthusiasm. Can't believe I waited so long to actually subscribe and watch this program. Now I'm hooked.

Rozmund, posted on February 13, 2014

I criticized a new friend for helping herself to soda at McDonald's and not paying for it...and asked her not to due to the cameras everywhere..now she is not talking to me..I am okay with that, but have I now created negative karma for myself..I am usually extremely easy going, but I have been watching this happen for months now and I just reacted...I have since learned that she has telephoned neighbors badmouthing me to rationalize herself against the millions that McDonald's make..she missed the point entirely - - how many decades to get through 4th density - often my scalp feels like it is being pulled off my head when I read certain esoteric books...what is that?

whimsacle, posted on October 22, 2014

your energy!

cathybyhand, posted on February 7, 2014

A long time ago - back in 1993, I experience spontaneous kundalini which ledt me, for a short while, on my own exciting and strange adventure. I think this experience occured after a year or 2, but I was walking towards the restroom at a restaurant, thorugh an unused banquet room when I sensed a rather large space opened up in front of me, circular, whirling, powerful, like a vortex. I could not see it, but I sensed it strongly. I stopped abruptly, scared, of course, but needing to make a decision, to step in or not... I chose to tentatively step my way around what I imagined was the perimeter of the vortex or ring to get to my destination. I did not sense it on the way back. To this day, I have really no idea what would have happeend if I had deceided to just step in - except to imagine I would disappear!

gdwelch, posted on January 28, 2014

Just wondering David from what you have stated, and what I read from the Law of One also that in fourth density it is basically impossible to have a thought that would cause harm to someone else.....yet I have also heard that there are entities that would be considered evil, or on a negative path that exist up to 5th density? Is this true that you could achieve fourth or fifth density vibration and yet be on a negative path....or is it just the 3rd density portion of these groups (like Orion group for instance) that is still on the negative path? It also stated that no entity has ever achieved 6th density on any sort of negative path....if you have an answer for this greatly appreciated! Thanks.

debbiescloud, posted on November 8, 2013

Could you please speak to: the physical and psychological symptoms that we might be experiencing as a result in the changing/ change in vibratory frequency and changing DNA?

jaredbroker, posted on November 4, 2013

This intertwines heavily with the psychedelic experience too. Shamans routinely experience these parallel realities through sacred plants. These chemicals very closely resembled brain chemistry such as seratonin.

I find it interesting that psychedelic compounds are highly geometric as well. Cool talk!

I believe you all can levitate. Now go levitate!

cbank63, posted on October 29, 2013

Thank you for the information - great series - I have to watch this one again it's so intense hahaa AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

tkczit, posted on October 21, 2013

If in reality there are only 3 dimensions -- and we're not in them or a part of them --where are we?

whimsacle, posted on October 22, 2014

everything we perceive is kind of like a hologram. we're mostly made of empty space. :)

Jadis23, posted on September 29, 2013

I just stopped in the middle of this show because David just talked about his cat Mandy who he dreamt as coming back in her next life as human and how the Law of One material explains this concept of human pet owners helping their 2nd-density pets become self-aware and thereby able to "graduate" into the 3rd-density human form in their next life.

I had a similar experience with my cat Cosmo. When he got sick and was about to pass away in August 2010, I did not try to tell him - as I did with his brother Caterpillar who died 8 months earlier - that I would like him to come back and be my pet again if he wanted because I already intuitively "knew" he wanted to go on and become human in his next life. This was 3 years ago, again way before hearing about the Law of One books from this show, and all the info I had tried looking up from various mainstream religious beliefs were very contradictory as to whether animals could come back as humans...and seemingly leaning towards the "it doesn't happen that way" side.

So I just want to thank you (and GAIAM TV) for bringing this to my attention! As strange as concepts like these may seem when I "intuit" them, it always brings a great sense of relief (that I'm not crazy!) and validation to finally have these sorts of things acknowledged and explained to me.

P.S. In case you're wondering, Caterpillar did come back and is now my darling feline daughter Andromeda, but figured I'd leave that story out for brevity. That was quite a strange but awe-inspiring experience...one of many reasons I seek knowledge beyond our conventional educations (both secular & religious) and therefore watch your show and GAIAM TV!

Asavingal, posted on September 26, 2013

I can't wrap my head around this time thing. How can it not exist? I see plants grow, people age and die! So how can time be an illusion?

ladymorosan, posted on January 6, 2014

Yes, it's easier to see our man-made attempt to -measure- time (years, hours, seconds, etc) as being an illusion more than "Time" being an illusion itself. But "the Movement of the Spheres" (planetary orbits) & the changing of the seasons are examples of Cyclical Time which is very real. Personally, I think David shoots himself in the foot by supporting the "no-time" theory while also promoting the precision of the Mayan/Egyptian calendars. Seems to be at cross-purposes there.

Guess you have to imagine that all past, present, & future is in One Big Long NOW where, as Homer Simpson would say, "It's just a bunch of stuff that happened." :D

pdreelin, posted on September 25, 2013

It blows my mind what David says about fairy rings. I was taught they are caused by a fungus in the ground that is caused by rotting wood of old trees or buried roots. Under the right conditions the fungus fruits and the mushrooms form a ring. Anything's possible I imagine.

brunson6442, posted on September 22, 2013

How can somebody so cool; be so deep? You are bending my mind like a pretzel man.

pete.eakle, posted on September 21, 2013

David says that time is 3D in the parallel reality, but doesn't give any further description, unless I missed it. In mathematics 3D has an X, Y and Z axis which in our reality represent Length, Width and Height. Can you please describe what these axis represent in the parallel reality where time is 3D?

allanbruun, posted on September 22, 2013

Agree. Hope the three time dimension gets explained further. I can feel I'm guessing about the structure, function and purpose of these time dimensions. Cant wait.

JULIOM, posted on September 21, 2013

Very useful and peaceful information, thank you for sharing Mr. Wilcock!

alissashores, posted on September 20, 2013

Great Job once again David! You are changing the world one episode at a time. THE BOOK IS AWESOME!

drestrepoca, posted on September 20, 2013

We're sorry.

Attempt to access player from an unauthorized URL.

I updated my ipad today and now i can not access gaiam tv why please help

mysteryx93, posted on September 20, 2013

The whormhole model is just missing the spin. You see these kinds of vortexes in nature everywhere, from when you flush your toilet to when you see a tornado, but it always has a spin to it. You NEVER see a vortex without spin in nature anywhere.

Kembly, posted on September 20, 2013

this is such great information! It is so easy to understand and it just rings so true. thank u so much for providing this type of information and teaching. I agree with those who said that this knowledge is definitely on its way to becoming mainstream. It is such an exciting time! :)

nepalidreamX, posted on September 18, 2013

True Blood was absolutely right when Sookie Stackhouse went into the fairy realms....HOLY MOLY
There are so many truths hidden in plain sight.
I'm sure one day all of this will be as common as Facebook.
Thank You for such a Wonderful Episode David.
Love and Light

Kathy Blixrud, posted on September 18, 2013

I am learning so much from your videos here. I watched the ones on YouTube first, even the one in Russian! Enjoying Synchronicity Key. Listened to your new interview today. My brain is full, but keep talking! I will make room! Can't wait to start the Source Field Investigations. If there is no linear time, it is okay if I read them in the reverse order, right? Best wishes.

taoss, posted on September 17, 2013


Good show. Can't wait to learn how we can do these journeys within other densities. In the beginning of this episode, you mentioned the atoms in each density. Do the "atoms" from 1st and 2nd densities travel through us in 3rd density and our 3rd density atoms through 1st and 2nd densities?

sonmi, posted on September 17, 2013

Some people can see with there eyes close. Warm holes and go through them with the mind with visual. Can have visitors in there dreams, when awaken, can still see wormholes(with eyes close), different types.

Lolk, posted on September 17, 2013

How I'd love to see/hear THIS stuff on tv/radio! Thanks once again, David and Gaiam! My physical brain has a vague understanding of this, but another part of me jumps and claps with glee! :)

Maidenhair, posted on September 17, 2013

Sure is alot more than what one thought David why are we being told each and every month were going into the 4th density thru ascension and much to what you have brought to the table says opposite of that fact ~ Clarity of the human brain only can perceive what one has come to know by our charts that was written before we came back into reincarnating on Panet Earth why does things have to be confusing in doing this journey in knowing what we chose and now it's far from what we choose it's what is manicured into our DNA
Is it that we become this Light being and transend each time until we become a pure light force to advance our reality as what it is today
Knowing what the Cabal has done and created this Monster affect upon all of us beings as army ants will it in fact be removed as we remove all density from our Hearts and become this enriched one of pure Light
Thanks David

lilyspc, posted on September 17, 2013

You share lots of wonderful and insightful information. Thank you for doing the research and sharing your findings. You do a great job of verbalising, as it cannot be easy to get across all of this information and make it understandable for many people at different levels of understanding. I greatly appreciate your offerings.

asilvereagle, posted on September 16, 2013

David, just make your point. You're not getting paid by the word. In addition, you continue to add extraneous material which confuses the issue. I'm not interested in your opinion, just facts. Prove your point either with logic or material proof. The ability to speak extemporaneously is not the same as meandering speech. Get with the program.

lightworker444, posted on September 17, 2013

Just sayin'!

heatman_drj, posted on September 16, 2013

What a great episode. We are getting into my kind of stuff now! I would also like to add that I am convinced that the reason we do not see other densities is because everything in this density operates atomically on the same angular rotation of particle spin. What does that mean? It means the tilt of each atom is spinning the same direction. We cannot "see" other densities because their angular rotation sets a different osculation (not vibration) outside our perception. We may be walking right through buildings or people on other densities who occupy the same space but different angular rotation of particle spin. Great Job David. Followed you since early Camelot. The whole reason I got Gaiam TV.

amkneece, posted on September 16, 2013

Loved the show, as usual! Just got your new book and I can't wait to finish it. :)

Jan the Adventuress, posted on September 16, 2013

Most videos constantly???

robingreen67, posted on September 9, 2016

wow!! I am so excited and blown away about the animals who have been fortunate enough to be pets and who have developed a sense of "I" and therefore ready to "graduate"! To think that my furkids are possibly going to graduate is humbling - there is constant communication (and manipulation) going on all the time. Even my little pet mouse. I've been waiting for something to be said about animals. Thank you David!

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