Wisdom Teachings: [#29] Strange Physics Part 3: Gravity and Time Video
[#29] Strange Physics Part 3: Gravity and Time
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Wisdom Teachings: [#29] Strange Physics Part 3: Gravity and Time (September 2013)

Season 5, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Our exploration into strange physics culminates with the use of gravity fluctuations to create a vortex into the parallel reality where matter begins to dematerialize. David Wilcock explains how the connection between gravity and time can be used for time travel, dematerialization and teleportation in this presentation originally webcast September 30, 2013.

David Wilcock


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npoudre, posted on June 19, 2016

Sharon Kae Cruz
Just now
the REAL mason motto was
always reveal never conceal
of that is:
never reveal always conceal
even trying to type this out
it was very easy
to reverse that
in truth
the reverse universe
or the perverse universe
A very fine perforated line
but perforated lines
are much easier to separate
than just a fine line
so it will be very easy
to move past this
small mistake
in THE text

jwhittaker, posted on April 21, 2016

You are so amazing!! I have only recently found you and found gaia.com. I watched all of the Disclosure shows and went into these. WOW!!! That's really all I can say. I've been having encounters through what seem like dreams but when I look away and look back the same objects are still there. I have had some amazing "in person" encounters as well. I'd love to get a chance to correspond with you. ceo@wildsugarinc.com Sue

heartinmotion888, posted on March 30, 2016

just as frequency generators has the ability to alter the gravitation and molecules of solid matter...like wise the many privately owned RIFE < BARE FREQUENCY generators and RIFE SCALAR equipments do lighten the solid matter and it does appear to make it dis appear...actually does not make the atoms disappear...but only multiplies the elements of the solid matter...scattering it and creating seeds of matter to appear again ..forever expanding in its presence... THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING with the idea of using Scalar energy..RIFE technology to get rid of micro organisms in our bodies to heal our "dis eases"....it really does not get rid of it....but often sends it to the fields throughout the earth and may find another body to settle in and continue to exist.. in some unsuspecting person .....since we are all interconnected....what one does affects everyone else..so just because you think you are "killing microorganism in your body...does not mean it is gone forever......it may leave your body but then it continues to exist somewhere else and appear in some other animal of human or bird.....etc..etc.. round and round it goes...where it stops no body knows until you get the symptoms yourself and recognize it.....

kimberlycalkins, posted on February 2, 2016

Summer 1994 - I had just dropped off the guy who mows my grass at his home in San Marcos, Texas. I was returning home when I stopped at a traffic light at an intersection. I was going to make a left-hand turn onto Ranch Road12 and make the 10 mile drive back to my home. When the light turned green, I inched out into the intersection to wait for an opposing pick-up truck and trailer to make its way through the intersection. As I began to move further into the intersection to make my left-hand turn, I noticed movement to my right. I turned to see a cream-colored, four-door Mercedes sedan coming straight toward my Jeep Cherokee. (Note: I still don't know how I knew the make of this approaching car.) He was speeding at probably 80 + miles per hour and had no intention of stopping at the red light. A strange thing happened in that I did not try to accelerate to get out of his way. I just sat there observing him. In a moment, his car fully hit the right front side of my car just in front of the passenger seat. Upon impact, I felt a "bump" and my vehicle "rocked" slightly. And then his car began to dematerialize as it passed through the entire front of my vehicle. My vehicle was also dematerializing as his car passed through. This was now all happening in slow motion and there was an accompanying buzzing/static sound that was present. What I saw before me looked like brightly lit moving particles as our vehicles dematerialized. I sat there, my hands on the steering wheel and my foot still on the brake. Once the front end of his car began to come out of the left side of my car, it began to rematerialize little by little as he passed through my car. And once the back end of his car had fully entered the right side of my vehicle, the right side of my vehicle began to rematerialize. When his car finally and completely passed through my vehicle, there was a loud pop sound and a swishing sound and he "rocketed" on down the road as if there had been no interruption whatsoever. It was then that I started shaking. I was shaking so badly I could hardly keep my hands on the steering wheel. I safely made my left-hand turn and pulled off the side of the road. For how long, I don't know. But when I got my wits about me again, I became concerned that he might hit someone else as he headed toward Wimberley, Texas. So I got back on the road in an effort to catch up to him to obtain his license plate number. Little chance, I thought, because he had a head start and was going so fast, much faster than I was comfortable driving. But I did catch up with him about 5 miles down the road. He had slowed down considerably yet he was weaving all over the road. So I called 911 and gave them the license number, make of the car, and his location. I asked to be called back with an update. He was pulled over as he crossed from Hays County into Comal County. He had 6 or so DWI violations and was taken to jail that night. I have always remembered this event in detail and I've never been able to learn how on earth this could have happened until I began listening to your Wisdom Teachings, David - and this particular video of Season 5, Episode 5. I would like to comment that I, too, pay attention to numbers and recently I've been seeing multiple 5's. I had a feeling this episode would be an important one for me. And it is. I've had many other wonderful unexplained experiences and I have a feeling I will get more insight into those, as well. Thank you David. You are a treasure. Warmest Regards, Kim Calkins

jackieb2102, posted on January 16, 2016

One day I was meditating on my carpet in the lotus position and a phenomenon started to happen. It was one of those rare meditations where the phenomenon happens to you and you don't do anything but observe and let it unfold. I first began to feel a movement around me in all directions, like a force field. At this point I know not to get too excited because it could vanish the energies. Then I began to notice these white disc type energies moving around me. After a few moments I recognized that I was sitting in the center of a lotus flower. The petals multiplied and I thought of the 1000 petal lotus flower. I was in true amazement. I became further excited when the lotus flower turned into a torus shape and I could feel the energy going around me at an angle ( I was sitting in the center of the torus). Then I ended up at the top of my ceiling (tall vaulted ceiling) sucking (drinking as if suckling) a nectar of Life. After a few moments up there I was again on the floor sitting in the lotus position. I now believe that the lotus flower represents a portal. I had never really been attracted to the lotus flower before this exquisite meditation but now I try to figure out what it means when I see it in art.

antecaleta, posted on July 2, 2015

Does anyboda remember Hiro Nakamura character from the Heroes series. He could with his will control time teleport himself around trough space and time.
Maybe it was a soft disclosure in the series.
By the way David, great series. I just started to watch Wisdom teachings and my mind is for sure blown away. Cant wait to watch rest of the epispdes.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on June 20, 2015

If time = gravity, wouldn't simply being in the weightlessness of zero gravity distort time?

marilynmar88, posted on January 16, 2015

You are so smart. I never realized how scientifically inclined you are. I love how you put it all together. :)

yecidortega, posted on January 25, 2014

how can we make this dematerialization real in humans?

francois_veilleux, posted on November 26, 2013

Take a massive stone, 20x20 meters.
Dig a hole/tunnel, under it, so you can get around the center at -10 meters.
Put a gravity wave detector and take timely measures for say 4 weeks. (ideally 1 year)
There will be a peak at some point because earth's gravity field is slowly oscillating .
Assume this peak comes back every 2 weeks, cuz you dont have 1 years to waist to find the recurrent peak !
Now, at the peak moment, all atoms around -10 meters will be slowly hit by a 20x20 meter stone.
This have the same effect of hitting the stone with another 20x20 massive stone for 1/100 of a second !
Now you have a window of ~20 minutes to experience a dimensional shift since all atoms, around this -10m zone will be popping in and out of this dimension... including the atom of your body, if you dare to be there at this recurring peak moment !


ps: I guest this is the way every great past-civilizations used to do inter-dimensional traveling, since most of the sacred sites, with a massive structure on them, have a system of tunnels to reached a precise zone under these structure...

pss: ok I did not listened to the entire episode :) Still keep my comment for the records...

khopkins2, posted on October 10, 2013

David, I love your series and am fascinated by the science that explains so many things. Your series alone is worth the subscription fee. By the way I grew up reading Edgar Cayce when I was just a kid. Thanks for continuing my education!
Kim Hopkins

litahart, posted on October 4, 2013

I created a tree circle and would meditate in it for hours. The meditation involved creating a spinning vortex with amazing results. Thank you so much David for explaining this phenomenon. Incredible, invigorating and so consciousness expanding.

Jimirod, posted on October 3, 2013

I enjoy the talks without bringing incarnation and transition of souls etc. I feel this paradigm is right on course. I like that vulnerability is an expression of all living things and the unknown is always ahead of us regardless of advances in technology.
If I were to ask a question I might want to know how races of ET's who may totally be fluent in "Thought Speak" would let us leave this world. It looks like we are required to be the caretakers of planet. This is one of many stations I believe are maintained for personnel who are mixed in among us. They may manage the governments in a way that benefits their needs more than ours. If they controlling us by thought remembering or forgetting issues that we feel are relevant are left with less direction and importance and we suffer the loss of progress to pursue the greater world challenges for peace.
Best Regards,
Rod Baxter

taoss, posted on October 2, 2013

Hi David,

1. When you were talking about time being variable, it reminded me of a Star Trek episode where the Enterprise shuttle craft encountered different time distortions in space, each a different time: faster or slower. It seems to me that Gene Roddenberry was an insider to the knowledge you are teaching in this episode (#29).

2. How can this knowledge of being able to dematerialize be helpful to society? What kind of technology do you forsee in that vein? Does this have to be by mechanical devices or can this be developed as human internal technology?


spacecase8888, posted on January 7, 2014

I don't know that Roddenberry was an insider, per se, but he did get many of his ideas for Star Trek and other series from his own contacts with extraterrestrials. He was involved with a channeling group long ago and a psychic named Phyllis Schlemmer. She was channeling ETs, in particular a group called The Galalactic Federation, and also The Council of Nine. I've even read transcripts where Roddenberry was asking questions during these channeling sessions. If you search for them, I'm sure you could find them, because I did. And, though this is just hearsay, I've heard that his wife has told some people that he had longtime ET contacts until the end of his life. I don't know if it was face to face or telepathic, but clearly he had some direct knowledge of these matters that he put into his fiction.

f.ballestro, posted on October 2, 2013

Dear David

How does dematerialisation relate to the materialisation of spirits through ectoplasm as studied by William Crookes and many others such as Allan Kardec on Mediums Books?

seangalland, posted on October 1, 2013

Tried to email the question but it doesn't go thru. I had experiences of being "visited by future self". One of these selves was a very advanced being that I recognized as somehow "me"" , or rather SELF. Other episode was simply a feeling of an older self who visited. which let me know that I would survive to indeed age. ie not to take my life. I have always wondered how this could be and am beginning to come to an understanding through these 3 lectures 27,28,29..

So if I can do this naturally , is there or has there been technology that allows time travelers to be visiting us all the time ? Both for good or not so good ? Is there a time war going on ?

jeaninemack, posted on September 30, 2013

As always lots of fun David, Mike is sitting next to me and he can't wait to get one of "them there" torsion field generators and detectors. LOL I wonder how it will work in our neck of the woods here in Michigan. We will let you know once we start having fun with it. Mike wants to know why the weight comes back into the bowling ball after 30 minutes. Looks like I won't be hurling myself off the roof any time soon to loose 10 lbs. I believe that their is a chapter in the Hitchhikers Guide where Douglas Adams has Arthur Dent learning how to fly by throwing himself as hard as he can to the ground. Same principle huh? It's good to see that you have a sense of humor. Thanks again:)

Also thank you Goode Tech for your information:)

nusomjeani, posted on September 30, 2013

Once again stupendous! What wonderful, inciteful info! Thank you again for your hard work to bring this to lay mans ears such as mine! Wow!

tilldi, posted on September 30, 2013

Hey David,

Is the reduced binding or "liquifying" of objects in a
gravity fluctuation such as around a UFO the result of
loss of material from our space/time being converted
to the time/space reality? I assume it would be so due to
the "holes" in the plane and other anomalies
of the pilot's body found at the wreck site. Also I
assume the material doesn't reappear after 20 minutes
as in the cannon ball, due to the continued fluctuation
of the gravity at the wreck site. Does the missing
matter ever reappear here in space/time or is it somehow
"trapped" forever in time/space? And why 20 minutes
and not some other time increment for matter(weight) to

So fascinating, David!

Love & Light,

GoodeTech, posted on September 30, 2013

Very Cool Stuff...
For you DIY'ers...

This device is meant to detect circular regions above the ground where physics laws are supposedly abnormal. See the following email messages for a bit more info.

30 inch white PVC pipe, 2-3/8 inches O.D.
1/4 in. dia. plastic rods are inserted crosswise through 5/16" holes drilled in the pipe, positioned near the ends of the pipe. One rod is used as a windlass: it is cut to a length 1/2" longer than the pipe diameter, and has a piece of 1/16" welding rod pressed through a hole drilled sideways near its end to form a crude crank.

NYLON FISHING LINE: 2 Lb. Berkely Trilene XL leader (found to break at 4lbs. tension, with a 'knee' in the strain graph at 2lbs.)

STEEL SPRING: a South Bend fishing weight-scale, 9 lbs (4KG) max, in a yellow plastic housing.

INDICATOR: 1/16 in. welding rod, inserted through a pair of slightly- oversized holes drilled in the PVC pipe. The nylon line is wrapped once around it before being put under tension. The metal rod is cut long, then the excess is bent at 90deg and the tip is filed to a point to form an indicating pointer. A plastic disk is glued over the hole in the PVC pipe, and is marked off in 16 equal divisions. Small changes in the length of the nylon line will cause the rod to rotate and the indicator to move around the dial.

ATTACHMENTS: The nylon fishing line will easily snap if knots are used to attach it. Therefor I supplied the weight-scale device with a small wire bracket and a 1 in. segment of 1/4" dia. plastic rod. The nylon line is tied to the wire bracket, then wrapped many times around the plastic rod. This distributes the stress over a long length of the nylon line, preventing breakage. (Actually, the line always breaks where it passes around the 1/16 in. indicator shaft.)

To attach the nylon line to the "windlass" rod, I drill a small hole through the rod, pass the line through the hole and tie it, then wrap the line many times around the rod before cranking it up to maximum tension. This works well in preventing the nylon line from breaking at the knot. Instead, it breaks at the spot where it is wrapped around the 1/16" indicator rod.
I have an email out to a company that builds the Comfort models of Torsion Field Generators. The emailed me back asking if the person wanting 1. Had ESP, 2. What was it being used for, 3. what country were they in... So it makes me wonder why they ask these questions. I will post the contact info etc if they agree to provide the price list and agree to sell.

GoodeTech, posted on September 30, 2013

>Do you ask because there is potential for misuse of this device or because
you want to market to a certain type of group if you do not mind me asking?

For correct use of our devices it is necessary to have extrasensory
Imagine the blind experimenter in laboratory of optics.

Now we make generators COMFORT-8L and COMFORT-8R .
The COMFORT - 8L - has the left polarization of a beam.
The COMFORT - 8R - has the right polarization of a beam.
If the generator irradiates the man, mainly:
COMFORT - 8L - additional feeding the aura of the man;
COMFORT - 8R - cleans of the aura of the man.
See http://spinfield.idhost.kz/ALMANACH/1n8/comfort8a.htm
and http://spinfield.idhost.kz/Manual/ABEKe.htm
These devices have similar effect.
But 8L it is better for increase of a tone of the person, and 8R it is
better for healing.
Basically, you can buy both devices. When they work together, the person has
strong, especially pleasant sensations. Create a balance in the aura.

One generator costs $520 , including service of post company regular mail
Two generators
8L + 8R = $1000 for regular mail.

We charge sticks and balls in "places of power".

The set of the charged balls from onyx (2 spheres in diameter of 35 mm + a
shielding box) costs $80.
See the instruction in

We have the complete sets of sticks charged in three different
"places of power".
The first complete set of sticks and balls raises a vigour of a biological

The second complete set of sticks and balls raises mental vigour.

The three complete set of sticks and balls raises of emotional-sensing

At use of the charged objects, it is necessary aspires to have not negative
thoughts, emotions and desires. If with it is inconvenient, it is better to
not use the charged objects.

Generator "place power" IPP-4k.

Experience of application in
The instruction of application in
IPP-4k costs $330, including service of post company

The generator of the DSS cluster - "Converter-R"
costs $100.

The generator - "Converter-NQ"
costs $150.

The generator - "Converter-NQ3"
costs $250.

Best regards,
Alexandr A.Shpilman, E-mail: alexandrshpilman78@gmail.com
Yes sir, Honest and to the point...
Inform us, please, whether you or your friends have extrasensory abilities? Yes
How you assume to use the devices? Health Benefits, Recently learned of product via David Wilcock (Divinecosmos.com) you will most likely get other emails about the device. If you have problems selling to esoteric types of people I can try to prevent further emails in the future from people who visit his site.
You live in what country? United States

Do you ask because there is potential for misuse of this device or because you want to market to a certain type of group if you do not mind me asking?

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