Wisdom Teachings: [#31] Geometry of the Field Video
[#31] Geometry of the Field
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Wisdom Teachings: [#31] Geometry of the Field (October 2013)

Season 5, Episode 8
Available worldwide

We have learned that the source field is the origin of gravity and that the fluid-like dynamics of gravity are what creates the atom. What we have not yet seen are the structures that gravity takes as it becomes solid matter. David Wilcock reveals that the geometry of the field is the grand unified secret of quantum physics in this presentation originally webcast October 14, 2013.

David Wilcock


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dragon_heart76, posted on March 27, 2016

I have not read the comments below but really have to make a correction about the aircraft referenced in this episode. The Stealth bomber is the B2 bomber . The B52 bomber is a very old airframe. and the refueler in question is the KC 135 stratotanker. I know this because I was a mechanic on the KC 135 for 9 years in the USAF. I have also been on flights where the B52 was refueled. I do love these shows any much of it resonates true but I had to correct this portion.

suegilligan, posted on January 10, 2016

You Go David... Bring on the recaps when needed. I appreciate the review. I am also impressed with the wide range of knowledge and interest you cover for our benefit. If other people don't like it - their loss.

odom.devin, posted on November 1, 2015

love you~~thanks

maryfan5, posted on October 2, 2015

SO - DAVID - ARE YOU SAYING THAT WHAT "science" HAS ALL ALONG BEEN CALLING "Particles" - (building the super-collider whatjamajigger - and smashing and attempting to find the "solidity" of what is termed as the ATOM) - that the BLACK WHOLE withIN the ATOM is actually a STANDING WAVE FORM CREATED BY (A) SONIC VIBRATORY THOUGHT? So, (trying to get my mind around this one - GOOD STUFF) THIS BLACK WHOLE IS PURE POTENTIALITY OF CENTRALIZED VIBRATORY THOUGHT, FEEDING OUTWARD TO THE BRIGHTNESS THAT IS THE LUMINOUS STRUCTURE WE SEE AND INTERACT WITH IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD?


alijordan1973, posted on March 20, 2015

You are a true genius David. Thank you for all that you have done to bring this information to the public!!! Love it!!!

centurion458, posted on January 4, 2015

the teachings are just great.

gamel.martina, posted on April 5, 2014

Awesome, IM so happy that David talking about wisdom teaching. Love it

wsn262, posted on March 17, 2014

I always hoped to get to one of your conferences but have not. I'm so glad you added info that you were planning on using at your conferences.
Keep up the great work.

jmalan9, posted on February 1, 2014

I am starting to laugh at David's humor. The last episode is funny and that is great. Keep being human and keep the fun in learning.

yecidortega, posted on January 27, 2014

jmalan9, posted on February 1, 2014

Nassim would be very confused if you called him that. No worries I am sure he would understand your assumptions and just smile.

tlewis1, posted on December 12, 2013

This is such an important topic. Thank you David helping me understand this better, I found a great article that gets into this subject http://sacredmoon.org/a-jewel-at-the-heart-of-quantum-physics/

jaredbroker, posted on October 30, 2013

The oxygen molecule is fundamentally cubic. It has eight proton vortex points. No tetrahedron array there. If it were two tetrahedrons, this would be more representative of carbon (which is not unimportant!).

Large scales and small scales are similar. Under a microscope, ice is cubic.. When it easily goes to a gas state, it is like the two hydrogen vortex points are spinning along the molecule to expand it towards spherical, which is close to its original cubic shape.

This is why the new studies into water being a carrier of information are so interesting. The shift between vortex, sphere, geometric crystal, and liquid can all carry information. Energy and temperature are close, so this makes sense for the phase transitions too That is why water is so fundamental to these molecular changes we see.

I'm glad I signed up for this site now! Thanks Mr. Wilcock.

SamanthaRodriguez24, posted on October 29, 2013

I have exhausted all options and must ask a "helpdesk" related question. I did not see any comments from anyone with this same issue so it is possible that I am making a mistake however, I have tried logging out and back into my account among various other things and still cannot seem to come to a solution. I cannot get passed the preview of the tv series and find the option to play the full version of any of these shows. I waited until the preview video was over to see if the option came up afterwards but it does not. I even went the "SEE FULL SERIES" route and came to this exact spot. Please HELP.

9one9, posted on April 5, 2014

This happened to me when my monthly payment did not go through. So I changed credit cards and they started playing again. Also do not hit the play button on/in the top photo. Hit "watch now" in the little bar on the left side and below the picture of the episode. Hope this helps you see them all.

kmdyarbrough, posted on October 21, 2013

Please come to Raleigh Durham area of NC for a conference....you can stay with us on our big horse farm...:)

kmdyarbrough, posted on October 21, 2013

Please come to Raleigh Durham area of NC for a conference....you can stay with us on our big horse farm...:)

taoss, posted on October 18, 2013


A couple of questions as a result of this episode:

1. I wonder if the hexagon that has been found on Saturn is a result of liquid being affected by a change in Saturn's vibration, rather than, as some have speculated, something Alien-created.

2. Does the same thing happen in what we call air? I ask because I wonder if the energetic force we feel when we feel our chi, is actually due to some sort of frequency vibration (inaudible sound) coming from our bodies.

3. Is it possible music is a universal language? See this awesome video titled "Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY74AFQl2qQ&feature=player_embedded

Great show!


acutern92, posted on October 16, 2013

Love your show. So glad you are covering the sacred geometry. We really want to attend your conference but, are not able to travel a long way right now. Will you be having a conference in Dallas or Houston Tx in the near future?
Thanks for all you do, we really appreciate it. Look forward to you show each week.

homersage, posted on October 16, 2013

David, I would like to introduce you to the work of David Thomson titled "Secrets of the Aether". This work expands on the work of Nassim IMO and better defines the fundamental nature of matter as the Aether. You make reference, in different terms, to the concepts he's presented, all based upon evidence-base dimensional analysis of the empirical data of the Standard Model! You can find a free PDF download here: https://sites.google.com/site/qadi16pi2/home/secrets-of-the-aether. This book is not all about quantum physics and delves into the metaphysical realm and the merger of science and spirituality. Brilliant!

david.t.sloan, posted on October 16, 2013

Recap was necessary this time...Heavy stuff. The vibrational geometry reminded me of crop circles a bit. I'm sure there is a connection.

Markteclaw, posted on October 16, 2013

Love your show! Wish it was an hour!!! This would solve the redundancy issue. After going over past episodes(which I understand why you do) it leaves little time for the new topic. As soon as I get into your new topic the show is over.

heart2soar, posted on October 15, 2013

Cliff hanger!!! can't wait til the next one. love this stuff!! THX.

RitAS35, posted on October 15, 2013

Does Cymatics explain the 26,000 year cycle? We are on just one path of a larger vibrational pattern and are getting close to a vertice maybe or the node, where the most movement happens. That would also mean that there is a frequency causing all the movements of the universe. I've heard these ideas before of a universal song or symphony. Fun stuff!

RitAS35, posted on October 15, 2013

I am signed into my account but I am still only able to watch 2:23 minutes of this episode. What is going on? I've been looking forward to this all week. :/

lisa8, posted on October 15, 2013

EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with the NEW site changes. It is very hard to find people I have been following. Please make a list of peoples names so we can find them easier. ie- David Wilcock- Wisdom Teachings.
Thank you,

Gaiam_TV, posted on October 15, 2013

hi lisa8, we are sorry for your frustration. We made the changes on the site to ease navigation. You can find links to all Original Programs here: http://www.gaiamtv.com/original-programs. If you'd like a quick tutorial on the site's new features, check out http://www.gaiamtv.com/blog/discover-some-our-new-features. Hope this helps, The Gaiam TV team.

theginzopig, posted on October 15, 2013

So many people want to debunk you (not me) that it is very important to be accurate. Stealth is B2 not B52 and the tankers are KC135 not KC 133. Love the show and have seen every episode. Makes my week. Read Source Field and am reading Synchonicity.

vickiferrusi, posted on October 15, 2013

Just love the knowledge. Think you are great. I don't live far from your old home grounds here in New York. You are welcome to stop in and join our like minded group when you are home.

jarryyd, posted on October 14, 2013

Pure awesomeness - Love it all !!!!

jmpentek, posted on October 14, 2013

Hi David thanks for all your information

lizzie.leclair, posted on October 14, 2013

Holy Granola!

davelimacher, posted on October 14, 2013

Years ago I saw a video on Youtube where a man used a plate with sand on it vibrating at different frequencies. I was astonished to see the changing geometric patterns, and always believed this phenomenon was under appreciated. Thank you for making sense of it. And yes, I too bought the book, "Time Stands Still."
I must say however, David, following you has left me lighter in the wallet due to my ever expanding book collection.
Thanks again and keep it coming. Can't wait to see Nassim's show!

anmichele, posted on October 14, 2013

thank you david! for all you do!

dragonwchimes, posted on October 14, 2013

I found the book watching your video on Abebooks.com...where I buy a lot of used out of print or rare books..just bought it, I think there were 2 or copies available. 8.72$ Can + 3.42$ shipping from the UK to Canada!! Will receive it in about 2 weeks..can't wait! Thank you!

dragonwchimes, posted on October 21, 2013

Got the book today! Super fast shipping from the Uk to Canada. Can't wait to read it. Thanks David.!

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