Wisdom Teachings: [#34] Geometric Resonance Video
[#34] Geometric Resonance
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Wisdom Teachings: [#34] Geometric Resonance (November 2013)

Season 5, Episode 11
Available worldwide

As the energy of our universe flows, it resonates in complex geometric patterns. When you begin to understand this geometry, you begin to understand the underpinning of all reality. This is why many mystery schools try to keep this all a secret. David Wilcock reveals the complexities of geometric resonance as it forms vortexes, gravity waves, and the heavier elements in this presentation originally webcast November 4, 2013.

David Wilcock


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vlmanos, posted on March 12, 2016

David I don't understand everything but I am trying to understand.

2945504372, posted on February 20, 2016

where is carbon?...an important universal stable particle is being neglected

banaszakv58, posted on December 18, 2015

I have never been good at math and honestly have been lost for quite a few episodes. I like fractals and geometric shapes but everything else is over my head. I am even getting headaches. It is like I don't even have a math center in my brain. I'll keep watching, and maybe I'll have an epiphany.

andrew43, posted on September 27, 2015

Silicon is not silica and Dr Who's time machine was not an elevator, it was a British Police Phone Booth. Other than that, love watching all of this. Awesome stuff.

Charleswlyon, posted on August 7, 2014

My Father Lloyd B Lyon was a reshurch scientist. (" Im Dyslexic so I hope my misspelling can be over looked".) and he dabbled in lots of different things ,I was often a lab assistant for him when I was younger. I remember him talking about superconductivity and he said it would be found at room temperature with Rhodium, and Gallium forming spheres with the Gallium in the center surrounded with rhodium. Have you any knowledge on this subject.
Charles Lyon

wb7521, posted on June 18, 2014

i was a Freemason
and i used to give money for the sick and the poor and at no time where as far as im aware did we do anything to hurt anyone so to say that we are bad people is not right. sorry David i do voluntary work for the handicap society.i actually resent your statement

9one9, posted on April 5, 2014

If we had no eyes to see it the geometry of existence would not exist for us and we would sense it and describe it in a comletely different way. Maybe we would hear it or feel it as a vibration only.

floydrose, posted on May 19, 2015

A worthy thought. That is the ringing radiance of Sant Mat (Path of the Saints) literature or the 'Logos' of Biblical writings. Or... The Voice of God.

yjrochon, posted on November 10, 2013

Hi David,

Had come across works by Stoyan Sarg (publications from ~2000 and onward) on the basic structures of matter via a unified field relying on a model seeing this universe as a Cosmic Lattice (CL). This CL space provides conditions for what we refer as the gravitational, electritcal and magnetic fields. Might be interesting to see how much or if this model (with all the related math and physics) is congruent what is being presented in your series. If this may be of interest, Stoyan's internet page on this model is www.helical-structures.org.



jgonz10161, posted on November 8, 2013

Thank you David!
It seems to me, we are awakening to the Truth of who we are and science is reafirming it true our conciousness! Keep the good work!

andriko2000, posted on November 8, 2013

It's Kari From Santa Fe...
This is so wonderful!
I'm delighted to have access to your teachings in such perfect segments.
I'm happy for you.
Skate oil working wonders.

alocrius, posted on November 7, 2013

Yes, I'm wondering where the cosmic download stops. Will David in the final episode just de-materialize into the parallel universe, because that's where it looks like its going right now. The whole resonance thing is going to end up back with our thoughts as they are things. Thoughts aligned with the cosmic geometries allow for cosmic creation. Or being itself unobscured by thought in resonance with cosmic energy. The merkaba light body and all that..

suzysummit, posted on November 7, 2013

Thanks, David. The Big Picture is starting to emerge.
So when are we going to see how these skeletal foundations create a platform for consciousness??? ::))

deathrattle2010, posted on November 7, 2013

oh well it used to be a thing of great joy to watch this consider me cancelled listen to matt muckleroys youtube station for free channeled messages of love daily goodnews network is great galactic free press is great love you all hope david does somthing fun for all of you just saying meline lafont sheldan nidle john smallman free free free i promise meditation and love is great when someone suckers you it feels horrible david was my sole reason for being here i love nassim harimins videos black whole is amazing watched it 3 times love and light to all

josephmckenna0, posted on November 10, 2013

Death rattle, you're not really leaving are you?! I so enjoy reading your comments. Without your jagged cynicism we might all dematerialize and drift aimlessly away in some alien 4th density David mist. If you must go...god bless!

alocrius, posted on November 7, 2013

Did you take it yet today? Just breath, place your fingers on the keyboard, intend to align with presence and then see if you still need to say anything.. (the answer should be no).

DerekB, posted on August 28, 2016

The paid trolls really don't like this episode.....

heart2soar, posted on November 6, 2013

More, more more!!! :<).
Eventually , i could see wanting to have a marathon version available, ie no repeats intended to be watched straight thru over a long weekend with great friends and lots of non-GMO popcorn!!

dmchugh, posted on November 6, 2013

Fifty percent of entire series (excepting episode one) is review. New material comes in around the fifteen minute mark. The material is fascinating; the implications world-changing, but enough of Dr. Jenny, and passing off a fifteen minute program as a half-hour show. The episodes are their for those who need to review them. Unfortunately, during a review the viewer ends up reviewing a review.

wade_cin, posted on November 6, 2013

I fully subscribe to this model of waves or fields of energy as opposed to particles. With this in mind can anyone help me to understand how electricity works? I know that it does work, I'm using it right now, but just clueless how we are able to harness this field and route it to different areas. Please use easy to understand words and descriptions for my very simple mind. Thx!

Prometheus1111, posted on March 2, 2014

Its only because David Is such a good teacher I feel up to the challenge of making an attempt.

We might begin defining electricity as a tangent of force of the flow of ether determined by a particular geometry of atoms it encounters.

Electrons like neutrons are double spirals - themselves units of ether in motion. The real cause for its flow like everything else depends upon

the Gradient of Symmetry. Think of how to create magnetism as he describes. It arises when a) completed solids are nested b) exposed to

Magnetism - a flow of ether for which only this symmetry is free to align to that flow and thus become magnetic like iron. All the vertices of all the solids

line up with this flow and consequently with eachother - but in such a way that perpetually taps that flow in this alignment (polarity). Each center point

of each vertex (which is also a vortex) becomes a macro-fractal of the Stable perfect votex unit (proton or electron). A more complex way of saying all

the points at the etheric level resonate with the Superstructure Also now a perfect vortex. Any such self sustaining situation also shows that a Completed

cosmos has been created because by this Fractalization - we also get a constant two way flow or circulation between scales of materiailty. If we arrange

Symmetry among solids we get fractality among octaves (or worlds). It is this supersymmetry which taps Intelligent infinity - an energy deriving from a

transcendentally completed universe (all possible events and points have already connected to eachother - representing an immortal omniscient

consciousness whose involution into matter also generates eternal and endless energy from that intelligence (intelligent infinity).

If we understand this new way of

how magnetism originates, then we simply apply it to a given conductive metal and realize that your now able to tap source energy in any conductor. By

momentary exposure your forcing local symmetries to arise inside of these metals. The source of electrons in ether is then able to flow for as long as

the magnet is moving over that metal to draw a current. The reason why this method takes motion and thus heat and work is due to the way your very

innefficiently exploiting symmetry. You might say its a 4th degree of tapping symmetry because your only ordering individual particles locally at a time

so you have to keep moving the magnet to keep the flow . The flow then depends on the constant moton of the magnet is moving over it.

Also consider that an electron itself is a vortex of either one of a particular spin orientation - a proton is an opposite spin. You might say we only

experience the form of the primary etheric energy as a particle construct when it is in fact a vortex. Its access to this centerpoint that is able to gate

into the source of all energy itself. The tangent of electric current as an ether flow I believe is related to

how symmetry (such as the magnetic condition) orients these spins so their centers line up. I think that when these two opposite vortical spins are aligned

The Circle of the Vortical sphere is converted into the line of electricity. Electricity then is the tangent line arising from these two spins cancelling in

curvature to form the line of current. Sound is this same etheric source energy but as it follows tangent lines of Vertices of atoms. Heat is the same

etheric energy but when there are periodic gaps of symmetry opening to etheric flow impeded by heterogenous assymmetries within a given medium

experienced. Light expresses the connection of energy as a pre-existing matrix of tangent rays (still light) among all center points (of all vortices in

a medium) exposed by Symmetrical ordered Mediums (matter forms).

Light heat sound and electricty all follow the wake of symmetry.

(I call those waveforms of Energy as it flows back upon itself to reppattern into the original forms - Patterns of thought)

There is a Fractal structure inherent within the entire cosmsos itself which also needs to be understood to understand electricity.

Greater Symmetry means greater alignment of center points. You can only tap these center points only as well as you

are lining them all up Fractally. This again requires Symmetrical disposition of all the atoms in question. Another aspect of this principle may be seen

in superconduction where by lowering temperature your imposing a widespread uniformity and thus symmetry. The resonance of the source of energy

arises from a Transcendental Geometrical Symmetries - thus in the world of space and time and matter from which these had originated, it makes sense

that when they fractally reflect this nature in Space and time the same generative force of creation is apportioned to them. The tangent lines of electricity

Actually reveals the underlying fracal Branching patterns (bearing out gradients of Mandelbrot) - which expresses this distinction with light. This light is

actually fundamentally different because its bearing out centerpoints only on a subset of branched lines within transcendental form mandelbulb - but the

principle of light is the same - unveiling the connection of center points. Structures that assemble into forms that mirror the source patern of creation

itself then resonate power in proportion to its particular manifestation of fractality to that source pattern of creation.

I hope that answers your question.

josephmckenna0, posted on November 10, 2013

Good question Wade. Sorry I don't know either. It seems once we discovered how to manipulate electricity with the concepts of voltage, resistance, conductivity, capacitance, polarity, etc. inquiry into the real nature of electricity diminished.

psadler, posted on November 6, 2013

Yesterday was A.T. Mann (with Regina). Today I'm thinking that you must know of William Brown.

taoss, posted on November 5, 2013

Hi David,

That ethylene glycol polygon on the far right of one of the early slides in today's presentation looks just like the 5-sided geometric shape we've seen on Saturn. That's amazing! If this has to do with gravity waves interacting with something, then what's going on at that point on Saturn? Or is that shape on Saturn a result of sound? Very mysterious indeed.

LOL on the "hot" topic depicted with flames..... there are many good questions posted in the comments below each of your presentations, and I hope at some point you will address these questions for us. You are indeed making a big impact and contribution to the planet.

Thanks David!


zorbatango, posted on November 5, 2013

Hey David...
It seems to me you almost certainly a ET soul incarnating on earth!
Have you found out where you are from???
Thanks for the great work!

yukiortega, posted on November 11, 2013

Hi Daniel,

If you wish to find out more about this, I recommend reading 'Wanderer Awakening' which is a free book published on David's website, Divine Cosmos (divinecosmos.com). Go to the Free Books section, and enjoy! It will confirm what you have been suspecting, and is a great autobiography I would recommend to anyone wishing to know more about David ;)

danmatzek12, posted on November 5, 2013


I would love to see you collaborate with Edward Griffin and Dr. Leonard Coldwell in a special episode. All three of you have contributed to more knowledge than I have ever learned in all my years of schooling and studying. Keep up the great work, I hope you understand the impact you are having in this world!

lisakuimjian, posted on November 5, 2013

Again, love, love your work.
I'm hoping you start telling us what this all means. How can we use this information for our development?
I'm so anxious to hear what you teased in various episodes such as the third secret of fatima, and more!
Now I have to wait another whole week. This half hour is way too short.
Thanks and hope you update your great blog soon.... So much going on in the world.

lisakuimjian, posted on November 5, 2013

Again, love, love your work.
I'm hoping you start telling us what this all means. How can we use this information for our development?
I'm so anxious to hear what you teased in various episodes such as the third secret of fatima, and more!
Now I have to wait another whole week. This half hour is way too short.
Thanks and hope you update your great blog soon.... So much going on in the world.

marcdescoteaux, posted on November 5, 2013

What I like about the scientific approach is that it is a way to reach the mass. In the old days, cognitive abilities weren't as developed. Myths were the edicts of ancient religions. Today, science has such a say in our society that it is even a dogma; it says what is real and what is not, of what is and is not possible. Wisdom Teachings shatters current scientific precepts with unmentionned yet rigourously methodological discoveries.
I know that Wisdom Teachings is part of the wave that will change humanity. It's the first time that I've seen such an amount meaningful data, and presented with such simplicity.
Thank you!

4jeanne4, posted on November 5, 2013

Seems you are sure taking the long way around ,,saying it's our thoughts,emotions, and beliefs ,,that cause thoughts and beliefs ,,,that we as creators ,creat from !
I,ve read your last to books and have to admit I get board with them half way through,,, just as in your so called wisdom teachings,, you drag it out so long ,, and I feel this is a Ego ,, trip for you,
My living room of friends that come over to watch your first programs,,, are drifting away,,,,, looking for more teachings on the power of consciousness,

beaum07, posted on November 5, 2013

Thanks David! Really love how you give credit to those who have put in the work for all of us. I have so many new heroes! Thank you.

"Man's terrestrial orientation, his cosmic insight, and his spiritual directionization are all enhanced by a better comprehension of universe realities and their techniques of inter-association, integration, and unification."
- paper106,The Urantia Book

soulseasons, posted on November 5, 2013

Really good episode, possibly the most illuminating so far on the subject of geometry, for me anyway. But one question, where does the tetrahedron fit into the organisation of elements?

michele2k2000, posted on November 4, 2013

OMG how CLEAR and simple David explains very complex science!!! I love this show. More, more, more please!!!

Theresaschore, posted on November 5, 2013

You took the words right out of my head. Are you me? Maybe this telepathy thing is kicking in...
Love this show. "It's a gift to be simple..."

ladynatulcien, posted on November 4, 2013

Even critics can be said out of love. Love is the key...

Did you know that Dr. Glen Rein scientifically proved that LOVE could actually change our DNA and help us heal? Now what are all these comments below?

Share all you need to share, good and bad, but we must do it with love or else, we're missing the purpose of these wisdom teachings.

Love you all guys,

*warmest hug to all*


chase_hyson, posted on November 4, 2013

Congratulations if this information is repetitious or boring to you, this information is meant for people who are starting off and for the many that are still asleep. David may not be talking about subjects that you want because perhaps there isn't anything to say about it. I personally don't care about which planet or comet of doom is coming this way...there's a new one with a different name coming every 6 months it seems. I don't wanna hear fear mongering and david doesn't usually fall into spreading that stuff anyways.

ladynatulcien, posted on November 4, 2013

David, villagers are chasing me with torches and forks for having left a critic on your show, I just hope you're handling it better than your fans. I only meant well. I shall from now on keep my opinion to myself and well, I'll take it from there. Bless you David.


josephmckenna0, posted on November 4, 2013

Great show as usual. I still like the recaps they help me "get" the material a little more deeply. I didn't entirely "get" how the deuterium bath helps the palladium to resonate though. Where does palladium come from by the way? I've never seen any. Any ideas out there?

ladynatulcien, posted on November 4, 2013

Recaps are a must. I totally agree, but they should never go beyond 50% of the show, which David did until now and on all the 34 episodes, that was my first critic...

David is good at what he does no matter what... so a lil' critic over 34 episodes shouldn't leave much of a scratch. But I understand your point Joseph and totally respect it.

josephmckenna0, posted on November 10, 2013

Everybody's sincere input is important. I am probably less familiar with this material than most viewers, and would continue to watch recaps or no. I'm completely fascinated now. I just reviewed the episode showing the busts of the Egyptian royal family and was awed by their haunting alien beauty.

bkuder, posted on November 4, 2013

Love your series even though some of it is hard to understand. Is this going to lead into the transformation of human conciouness?

deathrattle2010, posted on November 4, 2013

why would we all just sit around all cynicle david tells you all to think he tells you to wake up then takes money says barrack obama is a great guy youtube it then says go back to sleep surely none of you are smart enough to see this man going over all of this time and time again i stay here week after week thinking this man would help us he can say what he wants noooooooooo if he could we would be talking some serious classified info the stuff he is going over is stuff you find when your going through waking up in synchrinicity i dont need a recap i need you to tell me somthing new that hasnt come out in the last 10 months lets talk ison the dragon mars has a coma around it after ison passed as if ison is a sun the leading expert in the world says it a sun with 7 planets around it it went around mars and turned it into a comet what are you doing david i meditate all week and feel wonderfull i eat right i take care of people just to get this from the leading wisdom teacher ask your self one easy question is this the way your god would want you to learn would your god leave you in the dark about the most important event in 25920 years well david will he has no problem taking your money and silencing my posts and telling you your not in line with wisdom teachings if you dont like 25 min recaps of stuff i found on youtube for free

batman.juan, posted on November 4, 2013

Punctuation: it is very useful, nay, indispensable. In fact, thoughts are not effectively expressed without showing where one ends and another begins. Sometimes thoughts are distinct, yet closely related; for such occasions they merit special treatment. When I read such rant, I wonder, " How could this person who has surmised all knowledge have overlooked such a crucial mechanism for thought flow? Furthermore, being a sage of the esoteric, why would this person continue to pay attention to the allegedly moot resource?" Maybe, deathrattle2010, you should start a show where you can denigrate all the charlatans and illuminate with your superior knowledge, dazzling us all into stunning wonderment, because you are obviously ahead of the curve. My point here, buddy, is that flaws are all around. Notice I found one with you. Take everything with a grain or two of salt, and try to keep a positive attitude. If the show does not give you what you want, then maybe you ought not watch it and rather stick to your free YouTube gospel.

deathrattle2010, posted on November 4, 2013

we all see david stalling not commenting on ison the whole real reason were hear is to hear his proffesional oppinion on what is happining right now outside the wisdom teaching will do us all real good when everyone starts there assension and has no knowledge of it david wilcock is the leading proffesional on this subject yet he just rambles on by the way its deffinetly more boring than church just to actually write a real comment is a waste we all know it i wont even worry about punctiation or spelling because all of you that are just giving and giving and giving to this man what has he done for us lately because of this tv show david says nothing now no divine cosmos no dreams no great stuff all of his interviews are the same i respect him so much and guess i wanted more from him since the channelers like meline lafont seem to know more than my boy david wilcock right my butt tell me somthing brother

marcdescoteaux, posted on November 4, 2013

There is a pedagogical aspect to doing a recap. Plus, it is necessary for the continuity throughout the episodes. We need a proper set-up to explore this new and complex information.
The best way to appreciate this is to imagine ourselves explaining what David shows us to someone else. Can we? Were David to just pick it up from where he left off last time, could we explain the previous episode which lays the foundations? I know I couldn't do it intelligibly yet.
And let's remember that there are some folks that aren't necessarily picking up the program from the beginning. Not doing recaps would be a bad approach and would put off many viewers.
It's essential to make it as approachable as possible to everyone - and Wisdom Teaching has got the essentials for that, IMO.

Maidenhair, posted on November 4, 2013

David I can say to you that your explanation of Geometric Resonance has great understanding easily applied and thought of using exactly in how you place it on the table has great meaning
This explanation was literally shown on a sitcom highly advanced geeks called the Big Bang Theory with vibration mixing the solids into form actually up and above the surface of the drum

meyerman7777, posted on November 4, 2013

its called wisdom teachings, not wisdom entertainment. stop complaining about repetition. aslo it seemed like there was something on your mind when you started this episode, your demeanor changed (for the better) when you started talking about magnets. Sick maybe? stay inspired

ladynatulcien, posted on November 4, 2013

It's all in the wording... I was born with the right to express myself and I did, in the best manner possible. I always praised David and I love his work. I was honest, simple as that.

msulk, posted on November 4, 2013

Dear David, in the episode #34 you mentioned very imoprtant role of element Palladium. I wonder if you heard about so called the Rossi Effect in which copious amounts of energy are created in reaction of hydrogen and nickel along with small amount of palladium
This effect is not well understood, however is, I believe, similar in essence to Pons Fleichman reaction

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