Wisdom Teachings: [#36] Our Holographic Universe Video
[#36] Our Holographic Universe
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Wisdom Teachings: [#36] Our Holographic Universe (November 2013)

Season 5, Episode 13
Available worldwide

The world in a grain of sand… Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. The words of William Blake ring true as we gain a deeper understanding of the geometry that underlies our reality. In order to understand this better, we must first take a look at what holograms are and their connection with fractals. Building on this, David Wilcock introduces us to the amplituhedron, a recently discovered geometric form that proves the holographic nature of our universe in this presentation originally webcast November 18, 2013.

David Wilcock


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heartinmotion888, posted on April 17, 2016

what you are sharing is based on many years of study and how you are sharing step by step...for many who has not been able to even comprehend what you are saying,,,it is quite sad to see the many postings that shows this,,,
AS FAR AS I KNOW ~~THERE IS NO IF,,,,BUT I DO ALSO HAVE EXPEREINCED MANY THINGS THAT YOU ARE SHARING,,,AND WENT THROUGH MANY SIMILAR EXPERIENCES,,SO I WOULD HARDLY SAY IF ...AND IT IS NOT JUST MAYBE FOR ME AS I HAVE A LOT OF EXPERIENCE THAT VALIDATES A LOT OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING,,,it is just amazing and nice to hear you giving this information,.,,thank you..,I am following each one again from the first season and following each one over again.,,,for clarity,,,,I find it most informative and fascinating how many have a part of the whole truth as we are now in a COOPERATIVE WORLD WHERE WE ARE ALL INTER CONNECTED AND COLLABORATION OF MANY PEOPLE TO SHARE WHAT THEY KNOW WILL ONLY VALIDATE WHAT THE WHOLE PICTURE IS ABOUT WITH DIVINE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE... thank you..for what you are doing here...as the world is really needing to have knowledge as this means life ,,,,and hope many will awaken to the truth of creation so we do not continue with the path of self destruction,,,it is important,,,knowledge means life for every one of us...

heartinmotion888, posted on April 17, 2016

AS A DESIGNER... i have been using this principle for many years in my art and design ,,,it is nice to have someone like you to show how sacred geometry is behind all of creation,,,I have been using this principle for many years,,,and also experienced HOLOGRAMS back in 1960's with Bob Dratch who created a software ...creating holograms...which I also knew about in 1964 as there was talk about being able to smell of the ocean in a movie theatre,,,when looking at a scene of ocean waves etc,. What really happens is that each object may be measurable frequencies and transfer that frequencie or ID of the object and create it via this software.....example there was a holographic translated the smell of roses,,,,and when I applied the software I could actually smell it .,,in my room ,,,then others who played with the software for dolphin energy,,,,could actually expereince the splashing of dolphins in their room,,,it was a great program which Bob Dratch downloaded on my computer ,,,and became a beta tester..it was great...and easy for me to understand this since I already heard this was possilbe back in 1964,,,,, every object created in the universe has a frequency generated formula...that takes a genius like BOB DRATCH to transfer that frequency into a software called the GOD BOX,...it was great experience so what you are talking about is very clear for me to understand,,,nothing new...for me ..since I worked with in back in the 1960's for a few years....till I finally trashed my windows computer...and now only work with Apple so no longer able to have this software...

markdesign14, posted on January 12, 2016

Juice, Juice, Juice!

Ashley85, posted on December 14, 2015

Get that man some orange juice!!!

odom.devin, posted on November 4, 2015

nice to see you having a fock ton of FUN!!!!

ipineiro84, posted on November 2, 2015

Gotta Have my ORANGE JUICE!!! I gotta gave it!

allenteressa, posted on October 9, 2015

Say Fock Space again. lol

byounghp, posted on April 2, 2015

This Feynman jokes are so funny. Bhaaahaha....
I remember reading his autobiography 'Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman.' He was a funny, funny genius.
I am having so much fun here. Haha...

ZackLMiles, posted on January 21, 2015

Not sure if I'm getting any smarter. But I know I'm feeling dumber. Come on Dave gimme a break. That's some amazing stuff. Looks like I will be watching these over and over for a while. Thank you for your time. I know you have to be busy. How you put all this together is amazing!

rgcorm000, posted on November 10, 2014

Seriously, what the fock? :-) My head is spinning…..and spinning……..ok it just blew up!! ;-)

janepinter, posted on August 7, 2014

Re: Drums..A good example of having fun for 15 minutes every day for the sake of mental health.

bendikorn, posted on June 26, 2014

I think a wonderfull example of a fractal in nature is the Romanesco vegetable as seen here:

Every little piece of it looks like the whole :) I call it "Alien-vegetable"

wsn262, posted on March 20, 2014

David gives an excellent lecture.

However, the constant rotating earth on the right side is totally distracting. I want to focus on the diagram and there is a constant rotating earth underneath the diagram, plus David standing on the left side.

Watching this on a computer screen is not easy. This constant rotating earth image distracts from the diagrams and his lecture.

It sure would be nice if he had a static image on the right side screen like #35 video and his prior videos.

miss.tara.atkinson, posted on March 7, 2014

Thanks David for being an amazing teacher. xxxx

jmalan9, posted on February 1, 2014

I guess you haven't seen his concert where he has Tupac as a hologram singing and dancing perfectly as he planned ... you got to see it cause it truly looks like Tupac is alive.

monicareyrosa, posted on January 14, 2014

This one, I think I understood better, specially the part where RF plays the drums, am finally getting something, and certainly keep enjoying watching you while you explain such interesting many things.

cirorodrigues, posted on November 26, 2013

Hi Everyone!!!

Well today is the 25th and I've not yet found the Episode 37?
Does it usually takes that long? Thanks Namaste!!

MichalL@Gaia, posted on November 26, 2013

impossiblebutterfly, posted on November 24, 2013

Isn't it funny how Fractals look like Mandalas??? or vice versa, hmmm

pebbles24132, posted on November 22, 2013

I don't know how to convey my deep depression so I'll just say it. How dare Feynman get rid of Fock Space? If I could dematerialize and go back in time, I would switch his OJ for Grapefruit forcing him to get out his bongos.

prairie99, posted on November 21, 2013

David: Please that your 3 mo. break appears to have enabled you to rest, gain a little weight and bounce back from a very dark time for you. Blessings. I am so grateful for this series!

maryamshirinlou, posted on November 21, 2013

I would like to make all your video clips available in my language (Persian) . You have beautifully organized all the teachings, information, documentaries, etc. I have ever been trying to teach and share with students and friends in ONE convenient classroom/program! So brilliant. The universe could not have given me a better gift than this! Thank you for your presence and for what you do. I would like to make these video clips available to people here in Iran with subtitles. I've been trying to do this with YouTube clips of yours but this material on Gaiam TV is so much more thorough and clear. I would like to know your thoughts on this and if you do give me permission to do so. I have come to join Gaiam today specifically to get access to your material and I see that the last episode shown has been the 36th meaning 18 hours of video already. I take this to be very auspicious as I always resonate with multiples of 9. I do hope to hear from you . With much Light , Love , Gratefulness, and Appreciation. You certainly are a big light.

barlowsamantha, posted on November 21, 2013

Do you think that the amplituhedron is a three dimensional representation of the Fibonacci spiral? It as if an anticlockwise spiral/vortex appears if you connect the numbers in the 7 point Amplituhedron diagram. Purely based on intuition but there may be something in there for you to dissect David :)

bkuder, posted on November 21, 2013

I appreciate David's humor in the videos. He should go on "The Big Bang Theory".

hillmannalex, posted on December 7, 2013

I thought so too! He reminds me of Sheldon a bit.

The lighting is changed on the set on this episode? Makes David look funny

lindaedwards888, posted on November 21, 2013

You really set my mind in a whole new direction tonight. I was laughing while I was learning all this complicated stuff..but I was
laughing at your laughing, not at the content which was iffy. Laughter is good like a medicine. This was a little far out in the humor
area though David. The identity that created the universe also loves to laugh! We get it from Him....

I personally do not believe we are an image though, we may have been, but now I believe we are the fulfillment of it all becoming
One in Him...our Maker.

tom_delaney12, posted on November 20, 2013

the haters here are super square, this episode was great and delivered a much needed moment of entertainment. Bust out of L7!

tilldi, posted on November 20, 2013

Greetings David,

I was just wondering if the amplituhedron or even the unitarihedron have been shown in
Don't let the negativisms elicited by this episode get to you. It helps to interject some
humor into teaching lest the pupil becomes overwhelmed and closes his mind.
I, for one, appreciate your style of humor and greatly admire your ability to express the
heaviness of the lessons into a light and easily understood tutorial.
Also, I do not believe for a moment that you have ulterior motives such as ridicule in your
presentation. For those that do, I say search your own motives for heaping disparaging
remarks on one who is only trying to open your eyes.

As always, Love & Light, David,

sonmi, posted on November 20, 2013

Is it the shape of the heart? Keep inspiring people like me,David I cant' wait. and Thanks

Wendynolan, posted on November 20, 2013

Well, There will be no forgetting this episode! The information was very interesting and I look forward to more. I have watched since day one, and have read your books and articles, so you can call me a David fan. But, this episode really went off track with the joking and smirking. Makes me think, since you have been so consistent and dedicated to the truth these past years, maybe you WANTED us to really REMEMBER this information so you did it on purpose for effect? Please say that's what happened. Clearly you are a smart man, maybe very very clever too? I am giving you the benefit of the doubt on this one. By the way, you look very well rested and healthy, glad you got a vacation.

oryadi, posted on November 20, 2013

waitnig to see how we can all benefit from this knowledge, how can we actually use it - in everyday life
for energy technology. for healing processes and for food growing.... want it so much to be implicible down to earth -
and useable knowledge!!!
tanks so much David
The Fock and Fynman really halleriouse, funny !! love it!!

napolina7, posted on November 20, 2013

I'm very supportive and love this series however this episode was a huge time waster. So much more could have been added in on a massively interesting topic if not for all the jokes. Come on David my 9.95 a month! I'm sure you are going to be going into Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe here... I am looking forward to a more sober next episode.

bkuder, posted on November 21, 2013

Feel very sorry for you. What is life without humor?

eesa, posted on November 20, 2013

I have to say I cannot comprehend what Gaiam TV sees in this program; or why they would promote it on their network.

The topic is heady, certainly, but the performance here reflects none of the hallmarks of mature thinking or compassionate discourse.

Wisdom teaching? This self congratulatory 'episode' was more like prep school hazing - the 'bad boy' Wilcock discredits and ridicules the dead Nobel winning scientist to elicit a few cheap laughs from his 'audience'.

Is it his 'wisdom' being 'expressed' in such gimmicks as making fun of Feynman's 'heavy English accent'? Or denigrating the English as nation conquerors?

Or is it when he explains how the English turned orange juice (from oranges obtained in conquered lands, don't you see?) into a staple component of bad breakfast food combinations?

This one actually demands de-construction for its sheer lack relevance and accuracy.

First. Feynman has no heavy English accent. The video does not demonstrate one, either. Feynman was an American physicist; born in New York City in 1918. He was the son of parents of Russian and Polish descent. Check your facts, Wilcock.

Since Feyman was in fact, an American, this entire segue into the ridiculous has absolutely NO basis in fact or relevance other than to demonstrate Mr. Wilcock's ability to 'spin' out of control in a completely wrong direction.

Saturated fats help the body to assimilate beta-carotene, the combination of saturated fats and oranges, greens and other fruits and vegetables high in beta-carotene is actually a good one. It's why one of the world's leading biochemical researchers on lipids (fats) and their role in proper nutrition, Dr. Mary Enig, would tell you to put a pat of butter on your steamed greens - same thing in reverse, see?

And what has any of this to do with wisdom teaching or the amplituhedron? Nothing!

But Wilcock cannot leave it alone. Does he not know the poor man is dead? He calls him a womanizer, someone whith a fondness for women, a skirt chaser, and then just carries on in this vein with endless 'internet' derived diagrams and drawings of Feynman's character flaws, until he arrives at his 'grand finale' where he formulates his whole mistaken bongo-drum-English-oranges video introduction and plays us the video.

What the Feynman video he presents us shows is that Feynman knew how to have fun.

Not at the expense of someone else, but just purely as an act of creative expression with a set of drums and his own voice. It is pure silliness; clearly something Wilcock needs more of.

Making fun OF people is a cheap and painfully poor substitute for having a real sense of humor.

But none of this explains why Feynman is the object of Wilcock's ridicule. It is actually a fascinating conundrum. Is it that his own ego cannot handle the fact that the actual SUBJECT OF HIS SHOW - the new 'amplituhedron' over which he is practically delerious, came as a direct result of work with Feynman's diagrams? He does finally admit this, in the end.

Sadly, this video demonstrates why so many smart right thinking adults cannot stand what they think of as the alternative media in general and 'Spiritual Media' in particular, which the title 'Wisdom Teachings' certainly evokes.

It exhibits precisely the intolerance, immaturity and overblown self confidence and ego required for a complete lack of respect for the intelligence of the audience, and for the intelligence of the scientist whose work is at the heart of the discussion.

When it stoops to ridicule and character assassination, it demonstrates Wilcock's inhumanity in his attempts to denigrate Feynman.

As if that had any place at ALL in a program called "Wisdom Teachings'.

Wisdom infers something more than knowledge. It infers a transcendence of ignorance and petty values. This man cannot even be bothered to get his facts straight. Pathetic.

Feyman was certainly a brilliant thinker and, like many brilliant thinkers, not necessarily an easy person to live with. Einstein too, has been found to have had flaws.

For my money, if you want to watch something truly engaging, and enlightening, you'll take a look at this youtube video of Feynman from 1981 where he talks about the pleasure of finding things out. http://youtu.be/FXiOg5-l3fk

Jeromebgalvin, posted on November 20, 2013

Hey eesa buddy, thanks for taking young master David to task. I don't know the Internet comment term for tongue-in-cheek, but you have beautifully composed THE standard long form piece of the genre! It seems like David gets unduly flamed for his recapping, gestures and production. Relax people! Afterall, this is not a pointless show like almost everything on networks and cable. W.T. presents soooo much info. Take the VERY minuscule amount of bad with the truckloads of good...

bkuder, posted on November 21, 2013

What? Are you writing a dissertation? Maybe you should examine your own EGO. It's looking pretty Large!

bevbrodsky, posted on November 19, 2013

Very profound and humorous. Feymann is famous for saying that "If you think you understand quantum physics, you don't. Even I don't understand it." To discover that everything is a smaller part of something greater or larger is a profound mystical truth!! I see fractals everywhere, because they are there! I also know, although I no longer see, that God, Nature, the One is everywhere. This is my life's guiding principal.

Keep up the good work.

maliama, posted on November 19, 2013

Richard Feynman and Ralph Leighton, not mere bongomen, and both Americans, as far as I know. Please check out Tuva or Bust. You almost lost me here!

austinnathanielcherry, posted on November 19, 2013

David you have he best sense of humor, I'm still laughing from the fock part hahahaha

Jeromebgalvin, posted on November 19, 2013

Mr Feynman's abyssmal performance gives hope
to all budding mathematicians. No matter how many equations
you have to write out, at least you're not bat shiat like this
Feynman character. WOT THE FOCK?!?

taoss, posted on November 19, 2013

David, interesting and comical show.

You said that the holographic universe principle suggests that we are images of the one infinite creator; that the creator is intelligent and alive; that the universe itself is alive; and that holographically all aspects of the universe are MIRRORS of that collective whole that we came from. This is very interesting because it appears to verifies why we are mirrors of each other, i.e., we see ourselves in others. "The good you find in others is in you too. The faults you find in others are your faults as well. After all, to recognize something you must know it. The beauty you see around you is your beauty. See the best in others and you will be your best. Give to others and you give to yourself. Appreciate beauty and you will be beautiful. Admire creativity and you will be creative. Love and you will be loved. Seek to understand and you will be understood. Listen and your voice will be heard." -- Anonymous

I saw that article called "A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics" and thought it was very exciting too! Passed it around to others and it's hard to know if anyone else was as excited :-) Nice that the old hugely complicated models are being trimmed down to something more manageable. Creator of this Universe doesn't do "complicated". Only humans do. I guess that's just part of the process of learning.

What you say about the particles makes more sense than anything else. We do not live in a solid universe. Seems to me that we live in a universe of light which I've heard some scientists say is both particles and waves. But to me that is just another complicated misconception.


rrmiller7, posted on November 19, 2013

the funniest episode yet... Although as a lighting director, I don't think that up light is helping communicate the message. It looks like you're standing in front of an LED campfire or something...

msmdare, posted on November 19, 2013

I can't get enough of Wisdom Teachings,
Watch the Pyramid Code, then get a grip on our holographic universe, if you can even imagine it.
For once there is a visionary who gets this thinking, sacred geometry concept. Everything is made up of
the geometric solids at the infinite level, it just keeps going.
I have the RA books, folks, hang on things are getting curiouser and curiouser!

Terry.Mack1, posted on November 19, 2013

...organic brick???

harrietedwards, posted on November 19, 2013

Fock, skirt chasing, bongos, orange juice, diagram of the woman? Really?

christian60, posted on November 19, 2013

Paraphrasing Mr. Vadim, we can easily draw parallels between Mr. Wilcock and the French sex symbol of the 60's :Bardot. His (Wilcock's) charmed is uncontestable! You immediately fall for his enthusiasm (but wandering since when Oxygen became a noble gas) and try to adjust to the Game. Any of his goofy statement instantly becomes a trade mark the way a "bardotism" was created. No matter how farfetched one of his amalgamated theory might look, you can't stop yourself to stay in awe and bewilderment. He has the same mystery that woman element will pose. Is he out of this world, out of this time, out of his...mind? And this is a compliment. How many of us can so uninhibited think out of the box? How many of us took the blue pill before starting the journey to Mr. Wilcock's Ixtalan? Among dreamers, you'll find the peril of belief. Contemplating might be a better way of navigating Mr. Wilcock's reality. And after all this "magick" you still don't accept "Do what thou wilt..." and don't soar with the Eagles, you are irremediably doomed my friend.

sync11, posted on November 19, 2013

OMG! Am i blown away by/with this "foresail" I think David's former incarnation as a womanizer is shinig through here...first i thouht the drawing somehow had the geometrics of the platonic solids but no...by the way did you know that Plato tried to find a way to give birth without the interaction of a womb!! Being a woman one is flabbergasted about how deep down the patriarchy goes....Anyway i've made some stand-up so i can't help appreciating Davids short intervention. I also had this "stunning" synchronicity (which i always have listening to David) I put a circular candlestick made of sand stone i have not used in years on a table in front of the computor and lo and behold!!! it's the exact shape and color as the measuring sphere he demonstrates in the end, even the carvings are there....And a good laugh facilitates one's learning, no doubt...

gbbrinck, posted on November 18, 2013

Interesting to say the least. What the "fock" is this guy talking about?!?! I did enjoy some of the underlying ideas here. To me, this hating on orange juice and giggling about focking was really a waste of an episode; granted, Wilcock did provide a brief background on Feynman diagrams and fractal mathematics.

I look forward to the "meat" of this geometry, i.e.- super-fractal universal holographic modeling which Wilcock seems to be approving of/adhering to, in next week's episode! Very well done sir.

hope, posted on November 18, 2013

Please read Mr. Feyman's books, one of which is Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!
Pure entertainment and bliss!

josephmckenna0, posted on November 18, 2013

I'm so glad you mentioned that your "insiders" confided that they actually couldn't accurately explain how holograms are formed. I've never been satisfied with any of the explanations I've heard. They always seem to get mushy around how the active light beam registers all the information about the object, and how the reference beam is interacting with it. I t's great that you're getting a little deeper into the physics, challenging , but I love it. thanks!

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