Wisdom Teachings: [#38] Fractals, Holograms & Geometry Video
[#38] Fractals, Holograms & Geometry
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Wisdom Teachings: [#38] Fractals, Holograms & Geometry (December 2013)

Season 5, Episode 15
Available worldwide

Not only do we live in a holographic reality, we are also holograms of the universe. Everything that we are and all that we experience emanate from a single geometric form. To better understand this, we need to move away from the solid matter paradigm and realize that the universe is a conscious entity creating time and space as a vibration of itself. David Wilcock explains how our reality is a holographic projection and reveals the applied science that may prove this theory in this presentation originally webcast December 2, 2013.

David Wilcock


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aniel37, posted on October 24, 2016

if you take the first 30 integers and organize them according to the harmonics..what you get is the 12 harmonics.
Each of the 12 harmonics is a unique mandelbrot bulb or cymatic...each has it's own formative properties.
All additional numbers/harmonics.bulbs are additive iterations of the original 12.
so the 12 can be shown as cymatic or as a torus field with a geometry in the interior and in their 2D form as a mandala.....
i wish i could show you the mandala form and explain the math that generates them....phi= 7/5(pi/e)
hopefully someone else even understands what i just said

markdesign14, posted on January 12, 2016

Why doesn't he explain how the "protons" are "white holes" (with black holes in the middle) when he does his review?

krazydayz73, posted on December 3, 2015

this 3D Mandelbrot looks like a perfect representation of the hue-man light bodies.the 7 light bodies,if the centre pole is the flow of toroidal field and there is 7 male nodes(protons) and 7 female nodes (protons).man,thanks things are clicking now,wow!7 different octaves of the tree of life,this must be the complete light body.male and female plus the synthesis.wholly shit we are vast beings

olysback, posted on October 25, 2015

Which Episode was This?? 36, 37 or 38??
Dave, I've heard of recycling content and stretching it, but this is a bit ridiculous! The first 25 minutes had the same content as episode 36 and 37. The last 5 minutes were new.

At the beginning of this episode you said you were going to "briefly review incase you're watching this for the first time". You tell them to watch 36 or 37 because they were both the same!

Come on, this is the kind of thing that makes people cancel their subscriptions.


kevin.b.gregoire, posted on May 12, 2016

Thanks for the post now I can just skip to the last 5 min and watch from there. I love the info but the repetition is killing me. I'll never go back and watch the whole series because of it. Because it's a video series David could cover the info once and we could easily go back and review the info later for clarification I understand repeating a point to tie things together but this is a bit much. I'm sure this post is pointless since it's so far back in all the series but I had to vent. Other wise I love Davids sense of humour and delivery of the information.

minaglia, posted on October 24, 2015

All rehash of older episodes :(

webwriter25, posted on September 5, 2015

I am really enjoying how you are putting all this together. You're blowing my mind one video at a time. Awesome how you have figured all this out. Everything that I knew about Quantum Mechanics and String Theory is wrong. Naturally, I was resistant to the idea, but you expressed your point of view so clearly that I find it very difficult to defend the old paradigm anymore. Can a mind stretched beyond its habitual configurations go back to its original state?

nitarosselli, posted on May 21, 2015

your drawing of the super hadron looks like the head or skull of one of the space beings. At least to me. Nita Rosselli BFA

iamacreator1, posted on December 20, 2014

Key to a great mystery...We are the atoms that dispersed throughout the universe, lost/forgotten our identity only to come together unitedly forming two of the Platonic Solids. Our Tetrahedron which is encased in the Dodecahedron/Icosahedron, that forms the Torsion Field that spins us and therefore dematerialize by becoming lighter. Spinning without without creating friction that creates the heat of the push/pull cycle.

iamevryone, posted on November 17, 2014

Sorry but the excessive reviews leave only a couple minutes left in the program for NEW material. Case in point here at 4 min. Left there starts the new material, and then we're out of time. Very annoying.

Chango35, posted on January 30, 2014

Thank you for clarifying all the misconceptions about string theory and particles. It makes so much sense. I am starting to connect the dots. Thank you David! Excellent episode.

chiptippmann, posted on December 28, 2013

Space coordinates of objects can be measured in frequency. What appears to be the same object moved to another place is really a different object and has a different frequency.

Get a perfectly flat heavy metal surface or table put a light hollow copper ball on one end of the surface. Then vibrate the ball with a frequency and measure the frequency of the ball. put the ball at the other end of the table and vibrate it at the same frequency and measure the frequency of the ball. If your instruments are sensitive enough the ball will vibrate at a slightly different frequency, record that frequency. Now put the ball back on the other end of the table and overwhelm it with the frequency of the other side of the table and it will transport to the other side or at least roll there and stop.

cathy89, posted on March 7, 2014

I would love to see you perform this experiment and record it and post it on Youtube.
Do you have the equipment to do so?

sigmondtwayne, posted on December 18, 2013

I understand that protons & neutrons are the corners of complex
geometric formations. The cancer industry says they use protons
to kill cancer, thus further reducing their credibility and legitimacy.

macaddictjay, posted on December 16, 2013

David mentioned the work of Nobel-prize-winning scientist Dan Shechtman and his discovery of quasicrystals. In this video (at http://www.nobelprize.org/mediaplayer/index.php?id=1624&view=7), Professor Sven Lidin is interviewed and explains in layman’s terms what quasicrystals are all about, and what they may be useful for (they have low surface friction and low thermal and electrical conductivity). The work of Roger Penrose is mentioned, and a sample of Penrose Tiles is displayed (which uniquely fit together in non-periodic patterns). According to Lidin, shapes akin to Penrose Tiles have been found in ancient arabic artwork and in Kepler’s writings, where a way was sought to develop five-fold symmetry. They came close but did not succeed. Lidin’s final remark: “When Schechtman saw his first quasicrystal, he knew it was ‘forbidden,’ yet there it was. To his great credit, he realized that what he saw was correct, and what he had learned was wrong. This is an example of how science should be conducted. Science must be built on experience, but we must always question it at all stages. That’s what Schechtman did.”

macaddictjay, posted on December 16, 2013

In Episode 38 (Season 2, Episode 3, Fractals, Holograms & Geometry), at 22:44, David discusses “Mandelbulbs,” and compares them to the Platonic Solids. However, the six diagrams of the Mandelbulb at that time mark (22:44) show a 7-sided symmetry (or perhaps, a subtle asymmetry) that is not a platonic solid. I think this points to an aspect of fractals that David has not examined. Comments?

zz7761, posted on December 9, 2013

David, I love your work and really respect all that you've done to enlighten us on a variety of issues, but we need to know whats up with the arrests and new financial system. What happened to Drake? Why are we not being updated with the fall of these crooks? Please post something somewhere. Thank you

dp.5340, posted on December 6, 2013

The depth of your presentations is so fantastic, I think it would be helpful if your material was SEARCHABLE. Any way to download a written version or at least metatag cloud summaries? This could reduce excessive reviews and makes you more quotable. As it is now, we need to remember a lot, which makes overall comprehension arduous without constant video downloads. We also have to connect the dots, which is difficult with the sheer quantity of material that is now not readily found without repeating the entire video series. Your scholarship is simply staggering and your intellect deserves Cayce-like documentation.

LaneLight, posted on March 9, 2015

I have said more than once that we need to establish an A.R.E.--West Coast to collect David's material. Anyone agree?

macaddictjay, posted on December 16, 2013

A quick way to get a transcript from an audio recordings to use a speech-to-text program. Try Dragon Naturally Speaking. David could use it himself at the source, or Gaiam-TV viewers could try using it on their own computers.

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on December 6, 2013

At this time, we don't have a way to include a written version of David's program content. But I will pass on your message to our marketing department as food for thought. Thanks for sharing!

austinnathanielcherry, posted on December 5, 2013

He goes over the review, so that you may see his message in your mind, with great lucidity. If y'all are focusing on what david is going to teach instead of focusing on what he is teaching you will miss what is most essential. Keep up the hard work and the steady pace David it is much appreciated:)

austinnathanielcherry, posted on December 5, 2013

David it may seem irrelevant but can you graze or touch over on the 3 classical geometric problems? the Trisecting an angel, Squaring a Circle, and Doubling a Cube? Are they really impossible? and now that we are able to have applied science have we proven these problems impossible once and for all?

gary8, posted on December 5, 2013

Good stuff David BUT
Please stop the excessive reviews. 25 minutes of review of information that has previously been reviewed and reviewed and reviewed.
Let us have some natural continuation and flow with the occasional REMINDER (brief) if you deem it necessary.

cmalmquist, posted on December 4, 2013

Want to let you know David that my opinion and my Mom too, who is watching your teachings here with me, find your class methods and flow are just perfect. We both are following along and understanding you with no problem and I don't think I would be saying that with many (or any) other teachers on such complex subjects.
We both love you and the fantastic job you do for all of us. You help fill us up with the spiritual food we so crave. Keep it coming David.......we will never be full.....always hungry for what you offer.....even after 7+ yrs of a steady diet of YOU :-)

soulseasons, posted on December 3, 2013

I love your work David and could listen to this stuff for hours, but I think the review time is getting a bit ridiculous, in this episode it was basically 25 mins of previous episiodes with 5 minutes of new information, although it was amazing new info nonetheless. My opinion is that it should be roughly the other way around ie. 5/25. I know some people may think this is a ploy to stretch out people's subscriptions, I don't think so personally but you may want to consider that as it may cause some people to cancel.

All the best, looking forward to the next :)

Chango35, posted on December 3, 2013

thank you for this show. I feel that David is light years ahead of me. However, if I keep watching I am sure a great deal of the information will sink in.

matthew7, posted on December 3, 2013

Is it just me or does the Mandelbrot set look like a cross section of the brain or the Pineal Gland?

Frog99, posted on December 2, 2013

so, what is the tone that makes the merkabah pattern? What is the change as it goes up and changes to the other shapes? Are they similar to the tones for chakra clearing and or those tones used by the Tibetian monks for transformation? I look forward to seeing where you are going with this. What an adventure. Thank you

Frog99, posted on December 2, 2013

What is the note that makes up the tone? Are they connected to the Chakra clearing sounds?

suzysummit, posted on December 2, 2013

AAAAAAAAWWWWWWEEEEESOME!!!! Keep it coming, David! We're getting it!

tilldi, posted on December 2, 2013

What I find so refreshing about your presentations is that
you find such excitement in your discoveries. Excitement is
truly contagious. Let's hope the belief in the truth is also.
Search on, David!

Love & Light,

gbbrinck, posted on December 2, 2013

This is the stuff of life. Very well said. Thank you.

Bless you,

Gavin Brinck

Jimirod, posted on December 2, 2013

It's great to see evidence of these discoveries. I hope this show lasts for years.

Elise van Hijfte, posted on December 2, 2013

Hi David,

Are you going to include Frank Chesters' findings in your show?

ddan4th, posted on December 2, 2013

This has finally given me the key to resolve with in myself what I knew to be true with the backing of science!! I am so EXCITED right now! Its explained to much.

With Gratitude,
Debra Danforth

andara1140, posted on December 2, 2013

David, you got pretty close to saying something I've been pondering for awhile now. First, the material World, is one big paradox. Two sides at odds. Two forces constantly pushing on each other (this realization was what actually spontaneously illuminated me. shifted everything). Within and without. So, the universal outer force is gravity pushing on each of us. why dont we implode? Our hearts. Material science only looks at the fact our hearts pump our blood. So, to them, it's only a pump. But what about... our PULSE. Our vibration from within. As soon as the heart stops, cell death starts. Did anyone ever think that our pulse, that sound stopping, had a huge part in this? And what would happen if we kept blasting that sound after a heart stopped?

I have way more on alchemy and other stuff I can share btw. Apparently I was a member of a secret society last time I was on earth. So I just know things, that rationally I shouldnt know.

I love your show btw.

Quat6, posted on January 20, 2014

Thanks for the comment, I got a illuminating feeling thinking about the two universes as force pushing against each other. As I thought of it, I became - in my mind- transparent, allowing the forces to pass through me and through each other. The experience was a lightening of my being- and an illumination within.

Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there is another place you post such thoughts.


Elise van Hijfte, posted on December 2, 2013

Hi Andara,

If you are interested. Check Frank Chester on youtube. He has found the unseen geometry of the heart and that there is an actual fith chamber in the heart. And that indeed our heart functions via geometry veriticies that generate energy, which regulates and slows down and then releases our bloodstream.

feliciecdh, posted on December 2, 2013

Dear David, if you are reading this comment section, I want to ask you a question. Could you please explain a little bit more the connection between fractals and Platonis solids? Some years ago, I was interested in fractals and read a number of popular science books on fractals. What I got away from them was that fractal shapes and classical geometric shapes are disjunct. Fractals don't become geometric shapes, because they exist in fractal dimensions and their "circumferences" (I forgot the correct term for the line that forms the figure) are infinitely long, while figures in classical geometry have whole integer dimensions, and are bounded by lines of finite length. But you are saying that 3D Mandelbrot sets tend toward Platonic solids, and I don't understand what makes them converge, coming, as they do, from two different domains of geometry. How does a fractal dimension become a whole dimension? How does an infinite line or surface become finite? I would really appreciate if you said something about this. Otherwise, I am following the line of your thought (I think).

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