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41 (2007)

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On February 20, 2003, The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island, became the site of one of the nation's deadliest nightclub fires, killing 100 people. For this state of just over a million residents, the devastation was profound, leaving unanswered questions and deep scars in its wake.

One of its youngest victims, Nicholas O'Neill, would soon prove to his family and others that his life did not end that tragic day. Nick began communicating by providing signs to his parents, Dave and Joanne. Out of the ashes of the tragedy arose an equally profound story of hope.

This film tells the remarkable story of Nicky O'Neill, the young actor, writer and musician who left the world at age 18 but who left behind a message of deep spiritual importance that has already inspired thousands. It weaves together the story of a beautiful life cut short with the saga of a community in mourning and a family finding its way out of the darkness.

Christian de Rezendes, Chris O'Neill

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Lynnew013, posted on December 28, 2014

Nicky was an amazing person. My favorite part was he and his mom singing their conversation. I noticed from the beginning that he was a very wise soul. Seems he was put on this earth to relay an important message. He did just that

Shyann1, posted on November 22, 2014

I'm really glad I got to watch this. Just simply amazing ~ ox

AMID, posted on September 10, 2014


AMID, posted on September 10, 2014

Touching to see all the weavings for the family, friends and community. My brother died in a fire at age 17 almost two years after our father died. That was thirty years ago, and last month a friend who doesn't know my history gave me a book about a drug addicted brother who died and starts communicating with his sister. And today this movie appeared. Funny the timing of things. Nicholas in this movie died on my mother's birthday.

selidaJ, posted on June 27, 2014

Refreshing, like a cool glass of living water, the river of life flows on. What good news!

indieartist, posted on June 25, 2014


ceilenlau, posted on June 9, 2014

an amazing legacy that lives forever

xyzpqj, posted on June 4, 2014

Loved this movie I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a connection to the afterlife

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