Wisdom Teachings: [#49] The Fool’s Ascension Video
[#49] The Fool’s Ascension
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Wisdom Teachings: [#49] The Fool’s Ascension (February 2014)

Season 7, Episode 4
Available worldwide

We are moving into in a time of pivotal change where we are going to evolve into something beyond our imagination. But this ascension is not going to automatically happen. In order to harness the lessons needed to make that ascension, we need to understand why the universe is here. David Wilcock explains how our living universe supports the journey of the fool’s ascension and the dangers of material pursuits in this original presentation originally webcast February 17, 2014.

David Wilcock


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ericsynth, posted on February 20, 2016

Yogananda explained this very well. Thank you David! Reading book one now. Enjoy the movie of life. See u in 4thD

markdesign14, posted on January 18, 2016

Nice...Amazing episode.

markdesign14, posted on January 18, 2016

One question.
What about the person in prison right now being violently raped? How can he/she look passed the "act" and be happy?
What about people who are homeless or being abused right now?
What about people who are being killed or going through financial hardship?
What about people who are suicidal?
How do you tell them to "think happy thoughts"?
What about the person who found out they'll die soon from a terminal illness?
That's some really heavy shit...

jackieb2102, posted on January 31, 2016

I think the point may be that we can do more to help the world by finding peace and shifting our energy from fear to love, than by being so depressed and angry about what is going on in the world that we can't function. I don't really think David is saying that people who are suffering should just think happy thoughts. I think he is simply saying that other states of consciousness are possible. While it's true that people can and do create the worst and most nightmarish realities possible, it is helpful to know that other realities ARE possible. When I was a child for example, I loved in relative poverty and my father and brother were on hard drugs and other substances and life was very dark and depressing. I thought that that was the nature of life! But as I grew older I learned that there were much more beautiful and amazing possibilities in life, and all the while I learned that through the worst of my experiences I was learning deep compassion and forgiveness. That is not to say that we should condone the worst of what goes on in the world but it is to say that some good DID come of it. I was abused as a child as many people are, but I grew up to be a person who doesn't abuse my children the way that I was abused. It's like the horse guy Buck who was abused by his raging alcoholic father and could really relate to and understand horses. Something beautiful came from something very ugly.
I think David is saying that we can create other realities than the ones you listed above. The less disempowered and fearful all of us are, the more we can do to help people that are suffering. Those things happen under the influence of certain low vibrational frequencies. In order to change those things, we have to change our inner frequency to resonate with something better, higher, and more beneficial to life.
I don't think that anyone who suffers atrocities should just be happy... but I do think that we can look at the suffering in the world and let that motivate us to meditate and become better people, so that we do not add to the immense suffering of the world but instead bring to the world some beauty and some wisdom and some joy; that we be able to say that we do not agree with these things that are going on, that we do think there is another way and a better way, and that we want something better for all living things.
Many of us have been raped. Many of us have wanted to die. Many of us have been subject to cruelty and had financial hardship. Many of us have been abused severely... and witnessed the absolute worst.
The only solution is to become something else and become part of something greater... and to encourage and help others heal or feel that they are not alone. The only solution is to strive to reach higher states of consciousness where these horrible things are no longer are created by the influence of these powerful negative energy fields. David R. Hawkins goes into great detail about this in almost all of his books. He talks about the horrors and why they actually exist and what we can do to evolve past those things. It's very interesting. So I just thought I would respond because I thought you were asking some very good questions, and I had a few comments about them.
I know that some of the most amazing people I have ever met or seen in the world are people who have suffered the worst horrors and rather than letting it destroy them, they used it as fuel to give their life purpose and help others by sharing what they have learned.
People really can do amazing things when they become inspired.
I wish for a better world for all people and all beings.
What David is saying is that by changing ourselves within, we are truly changing the world without. As within, so without.
As we become more clear and more loving we find solutions to our problems or get inspired to serve the world in useful ways. Then we don't have to live in a world of sadness. Instead, we can live in a world of love... where we can be a part of the solutions.
I think it is possible to willingly endure life's hardships and pain, and comfort others with our understanding of how it feels to hurt. I think it's good to dream about things being better because when enough people do, then things start to change. Blessings and love. Thank you for reminding me how much suffering there is in the world and how much I want to be a part of something good and beautiful, whatever that is. :)

nanettesarper, posted on December 19, 2015

wisdom‬ teachings... by David Wilcock blowing my mind...out to ‪Oneness‬! So happy to have found this.

belka--favorit, posted on December 15, 2015

this is awesome!! love this ! David you are doing a great job! thank you!! i have been researching this info for the past 15 years, and now it's all came up to the surface, it's all coming together!! I'm natively russian, so growing up i also watched lots of russian documentaries about this stuff, including UFO, cover ups and all the news from Peter Goryaev!! it's amazing you mentioned him! Because not many people knows him and his Amazing experiments and its results! It's amazing how you gathered rear pieces of information that not many people heard of! And my parents also taught me about reincarnation and other stuff when i was grown up, and in the late 90s they subscribed for Magazine where it was written about Hollow earth, UFOs, Sound Effect on water, Life on Mars and Venus, reincarnation and much more. And i was reading Helen Blavatsky, Nicholas Roerich and Lobsang Rampa (who also wrote about sleeping giants under the Earth, and UFO crafts under the Himalayan Mountains in the huge caves!!!) it all resonated with me so much! and now You, who brought all of this together with your amazing shows, with your amazing insider Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure - it's finally all coming together!! I love it and I overwhelmed!!! You and also Dolores Cannon, Dr. Steven Greer and many others, - all of this info matching amazingly together even it's from different point of view!!! Keep going David, and the one who is seeking the truth will find you!!!!

chrissybean13, posted on November 4, 2015

Most Excellent :) Fine Strong Work David. Just got the book. Thank you

skiftunp, posted on September 11, 2015

We as humans are a fractal!

roroark, posted on August 29, 2015

If the population continues to increase, how can you be you?

dretta-love-wisher, posted on August 23, 2015

I didn’t know that the writer of the Law of One was written by a physicist~~ he could have easily written this series of books as a sort of novel, to him, claiming it to be real for the sensationalism or controversy it would stir. ~~The Seth Material gets into deep water physics, but neither Jane nor Robert could have known the things they were writing, many hard science truths which have proven to be true long after Jane’s death in 1984.

I still think you're doing a great job. Everything any of us say was learned from someone else anyway. We should never stop learning, we're not designed to stop.

PS: To those who read these comments before posting them: it would be a great help if there were a way we could know when someone replies to us. At first I figured that the bell would change color, but it never does. Thanks for passing this on.

zentzel, posted on August 17, 2015

Thanks for all your efforts in wisdom teaching, I love your show. I try to tell family members, but I guess they just aren't developed enough to watch or understand. I always put episodes on fb to get them on the same page. But I don't know if they are willing to learn, so I keep trying, I wish for them to watch these wonderful episodes. They really could use this wisdom that you are teaching. World Peace. Thanks David, I will keep watching your wonderful wisdom teachings.

bretthaugen, posted on April 4, 2015

I love that you're giving "exercises"

dbkvector, posted on January 27, 2015

At around 31:00 David speaks of an accordion like expanding and collapsing of time. From the perception of Our Source, the only time seen is how long it takes to for each to ascend. Realizations happen instantaneously, to the extent that knowledge brings us each closer to realization of truth and ascension, from Source perspective, time is collapsed with each instantaneous realization we experience. David helps us collapse and reduce the time for our own ascension by giving us ideas to realize for ourselves based on our own life experiences either already experienced or still to be experienced. If some of these ideas don't make sense now, just remember them and watch life to see proof of these ideas as the experiences unfold. Your sceptical openness is your best friend. No matter how much you trust anyone, its only your own personal life experiences that will transform things like ideas, theories, faiths and beliefs into KNOWNS. Ask for the experiences you're ready for. Free will is key. It opens doors as well as closes them.

dronemaster11, posted on January 9, 2015

thanks again david, I believe you have altered my course subtley.
I believe that the people who criticize you are just not developed enough to receive your information. I am TOTALLY READY! Keep it coming...it's great information, and it is now essential for me.
Very pleased!
I want to know more! Great series!

irisbasham, posted on January 8, 2015

I give the piece 5 stars. I am very impressed with the knowledge, ideas and the excellent articulation of David Wilcock.

troy.m.mosley, posted on April 22, 2014

Ok , I have to say I have watched a couple of the videos with this guy and I have to say he does not seem credible to me. It always seems as if he is making up answers to justify his cause. He is not very well spoken on these videos.

Mysticmoon264, posted on April 24, 2014

I can't seem to get through a complete episode of any of this host's videos because his behavior and manner of speaking is so bizarre and unprofessional. He links ideas together and puts them out there like they are facts. I just can't believe anything he says in spite of my open mind. Sorry, Gaiam, but this guy is a no-go.

LaneLight, posted on January 28, 2015

I find David Wilcock to be credible in what he says. He has shared some painfully honest things about himself, and especially his link to Edgar Cayce. Who would want that role? However, David knows who he is and knows what his mission is here. I believe he will do more to benefit mankind than Edgar Cayce did--and, of course, he should. I have always believed that Science and Religion are the two sides of the same coin and I love all the science David includes to explain spirituality. It is all one! --Elaine Johnson

bsimpson, posted on March 31, 2014

Where can I find instructions for making a household pyramid? One that I can place seeds, small amounts of food or water in it or under it. It's my understanding that we can't use metal or nails - how can we make something permanent? Something decorative would be great.

vitruvianghost, posted on June 7, 2014

This phenomena is referred to as "pyramid power" check it out on wikipedia which will give you more detailed specific instructions for building your own pyramid. One method i can suggest to you would be to use thin dowels and wood glue for the construction of a pyramid. You want to replicate the proportions of the Great Pyramid at Giza, I believe the four bottom angles are 51.5 degrees. Once you finish constructing your pyramid, you want to align one of the slopes to the northern slope of the Great Pyramid, then clap your hands, do a dance, and say "woo hoo!",because now you are able to harness the power of the pyramid.

blumedeslebens, posted on March 23, 2014

Thank you David for this geat Episode! What you are saying is very clear and encouraging. I must say, you are one of few, who really come to the bottom, the essence of things. There is no need for us to get confused by all the things that are happening around us these times. You are speaking out very clearly what I have found out myelf about what we can do. Thank you for doing what seems to be your destinaton. Thank you for helping so many people!
We are all one :).


konijn22, posted on March 2, 2014

Hi hi what a sync, just before this clip really wanted listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0A3-wc0rpw ;-)

Dear David,
Thank you for your Love, your light
It has been 6 years, same period, I listened to your "Free first marvelous episodes" at Camelot..
My mother just bought your book, here in Holland, as we are Cayce fans always...and we were curious to your link at the internet.
Followed your blog, red your books, been to your Amsterdam's visits..lost you and found again ;-)
Thank you so much for all you do, and for this marvelous episode yet again,
Wish you so much Hapiness too ;-)
Love, Wanja Tolba

Adam Czajka, posted on March 1, 2014

David, I believe its do re mi fa so la si and the do was added to deceive here in this video you add the do? Is this correct? Ask yourself! Peace out Brother!


rainbowgoddess, posted on March 1, 2014

That one mind of the Earth and one mind of people is called the Noosphere: http://www.lawoftime.org/noosphere.html

What you are talking about also reminds me of the movie "The Dark Crystal".

And you also speak of the galactic maya ideology... I am you, you are me... In lak'ech!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Lolk, posted on February 26, 2014

...and thank YOU, David!
This is music to my soul/ears ...whatever "hears" it. :)

karinamel789, posted on February 24, 2014

Colors, sounds, geometry. It also has numbers and words or letters represented. Which are the words of power and its respective numbres? What is the healing formula? Everybody would benefit from this, specially the most needy ones who can not afford much.

alianna159, posted on February 24, 2014

I have personally studied and researched all of this info for the past twenty years, and have came to 90 to 95% of the same conclusions. For all people that doubt reincarnation, there is so much proof : from scientific research, hypnosis, gnostic scriptures, writings by other saints in the church, Edgar Cayce, almost all other old religions, ET contacts, and many more. You have to dig to the point of becoming a scholar to see how much the christian/church writings have been manipulated! As for what the Law Of One teaches, WE ALL ARE ONE, We experiencing our self, and bringing that wisdom back to our self, We are thought that is learning and evolving, We are love, We are light. Live by that ONE concept and you will need no religion. AND LET US ALL thank David for getting up there and doing what most of us should be doing, but don't have the guts, time, knowledge, patience, strength, or will. Let us all learn from him, then apply, and start making a difference our selfs. Cause this life is not a spectators sport.

earthman, posted on February 22, 2014

I really like David,and his ability to communicate all his studies.I have a simple question. Given that the book Ra,was composed by a physist....and he could have authored the entire book without need of an ET.....why put faith and trust in it coming not from himself but an ET? I do agree,that our purpose here is to learn and be love....at least that is my purpose.I also agree we are one,in sofar that we are beyound question....come from a single source. I like much the abundence of scientific info,you use,to construct your ideas,so I would like to have an answer to my above question,what reasons can you put forth,to justify believing Ra,is the true author,and not the physisist himself? It might be a good idea,to have a episode or two,on the reasons why you and by implications your viewers,should place our trust in yet another belief system. By the way...assuming CALAMENT of ALEXANDREA, in fact say he learned about reincarnation from St.Peter...etc...I will look into it later;why did none of the other deciples Mathrew Mark,and John,etc never teach it.It apears the early Church rightly ignored it.Based on there way to decipher,what was true...namely;any teaching that claimed origen from Jesus,not held by most or many early deciples,must be suspect,and not held.Reincarnation was understood and believed by a minarity of Jews of Jesus time..it was called by the name TRANSMIGRATION,I believe.But this teaching never appears in any old documents of Christianity...that were ever held as true by the earliest Church,including his apostles and their deciples,the very best authoritative sources we have! So,even if Clament had written Origen about it,even if he believed it...it make sense why the Early Church did not accept it given reincarnation was never taught amonst Jesuse deciples and the next generation of the deciples of the deciples,even in 1 and 2 Peter? So it seems to weak a connection,isolated and the only source,to take seriouse? One would have to bulster Claments mention of reincarnation,with far less and later sources like the Gnostic,and they are even more unreliable both later books ,and the strange mixtures of pagan influences and editing of many accepted texts of the NEW TESTEMENT,as had Marcion did,in order to make his brand of Gnostisisim coherent.A comment here wold be apreciated? Thank You Stephen

9one9, posted on April 8, 2014

If we are all one it doesn't matter what you call the author - RA or the physicist Don Elkins. If all matter, including life forms anywhere and everywhere, are part of God, then I guess you could say God wrote the book, and since you are a part of God then you could say that you wrote the book. But we still prefer separation as a way to define ourselves and a way to own our accomplishments. Those who achieve at-one-ment naturally and happily give up all personal ownership of everything and share it with everyone. This has been expressed through so many authors and books including The Law of One, David Wilcock, A Course In Miracles, Deepak Chopra, Rumi, The New Testament, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Kahlil Gibran, The writings of Ankenaten (Isaiah), JZ Knight, Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham) .... philosophers and poets too numerous to mention!

capsnowgoose, posted on February 21, 2014

I have resisted, but I cannot hold it in any longer. This is such a Pollyanna attitude espoused by David and the Ra Group. From their lofty height there is only One of us here.. Maybe they need to look a little closer and see all the suffering, horrible abuse and broken promises that most of humanity has endured! And to think that this lawsuit against the Cabal is going to make all of us wealthy! I doubt it will ever see the light of day. and the only ascension will be when you die and leave your body and get off this planet. But don;t worry, the Reptilians and the dark forces are not going anywhere!

stevenlaw13, posted on February 21, 2014

i wish i could heal your sorrows of confusion, but im almost positive that there are truths that come at you that you refuse to understand. dont allow the negative side of life spoil your reality. of course its sad to know there is suffering in the world, but that doesnt mean that those souls are doomed. i strongly suggest reading the Law of One series. love and light!

travmk21, posted on February 21, 2014

I love the show, but the constant animation on the tv is very distracting. It is hard on the eyes. When you are just talking, you need a static image as not to distract the viewer from you.

elpetraeus, posted on February 21, 2014

You bring alot of inshigt to me and to my followers, Happy weekend from us all, from SWEDEN

JaniceBradshaw4, posted on February 20, 2014

Thanks David for all your research and excellent presentation of this material. I vote for 1 hour episodes, too. I look forward to each new episode and always wish they were longer. I am especially enjoying learning the Law of One material. I need this insight into my life right now.
Thanks David!

Cooljoy, posted on February 20, 2014

What synchronicity to find that someone else was thinking the very same thing I was thinking regarding extending your wonderful show to 1 hour episodes. 30 minutes is just not enough to whet the appetite as it takes a significant amount of time to recap previous episodes (which I don't mind) and to introduce the new material.

BRETTT1, posted on February 20, 2014

Thankyou David, Spreading the Magic of Happiness and feeling through the Emotions.

patricehocking, posted on February 19, 2014

It would be good to make this show at least one hour long. The 32 average minutes just don't get it. The show gets really compelling about 20 minutes in and then it is over. He does a rehash of the previous shows - in the very beginning that rehash was over half the show, but now is goes quickly and is appreciated. Please consider making it one hour long. I have sat through David's conference presentations of 3 hours long at setting and did not get bored.

siouxtravel, posted on February 19, 2014

Wow what a great investment with Gaimtv.

spiritwalker2, posted on February 19, 2014

Wow--I just started re-reading the "Law of One". Taking copious notes and aligning it with what I have been experiencing recently. Got through session 31 today.
Any of you guys reading it? Would like to share viewpoints. It's deep stuff. I am looking forward to David developing it more. It was well worth wading thru the geometry and stuff to get to the nitty gritty of the past 3 episodes which grabbed me where I live.

Thanks, David for all your research. I really appreciate you.

LaneLight, posted on March 2, 2015

I emailed David W. to request that in his "spare" (ha!) time, that he should take all of the Ra material and translate it into today's language, reflecting our lifestyle and understanding today. The questions in it jump from one subject to another, so it would be helpful to have it arranged by subject also. The original 5 books should remain as they were given, and archived that way for historical purposes, but I am sure David could make it easier to digest, since he is guided by the same source.

jkthom616, posted on February 19, 2014

This has been a great ride with you this whole year beginning at your weekend in Hawaii. I have been thinking about how happy I AM in my life and look forward to all of the next episodes.
Thank you for taking us step by step. Now when I watch the previous episodes again I anticipate that I will have a new level of understanding. Keep up the God work.

chefhess21, posted on February 19, 2014

Thank you so much and wow how awesome to watch all these episodes and get to this. Can't wait for even more so excited, especially since I am happy with my life, I just have to wait for you to tell us how to transcend this. These can't come fast enough!!

Maidenhair, posted on February 19, 2014

David well put into every avenue ~ you have brought something into our knowledge of knowing deep within the difference in the way we have been thought to think and feel
What an exciting time to know how if we all positively help ourselves in the way we think we just may be in all aspects of pulling this gigantic thought wave of changing our Planet it's a pure given ~Thanks David

hayesville24, posted on February 19, 2014

Can we ascend with out using the pyramid?

Kembly, posted on February 18, 2014

this is so great--its what i have been waiting for! im really glad that i watched the rest of the episodes because it really makes this information sink in. thank you for your teaching!!

pandafrei, posted on February 18, 2014

Thank you, David for finally sharing core ideas for our Ascension journeys. Transforming our consciousness can be such a challenge but I've found that deep levels of forgiveness transmute a multitude of painful experiences.
Are you going to share how the Cabal enslaves us with the formation of an ego, the dulling our third eye, blocking our solar plexus and dulling our senses so that we won't wake up and see that we have phenomenal inner strength and manifesting capabilities?
This pivotal period is really about setting ourselves free on a whole new level.

chandira2012, posted on February 18, 2014

Great stuff!!

sharimontgomery71, posted on February 18, 2014

Excellent! This goes down as one of my favorites of David's ever inspiring talks. Thank you for all your hard work David.

davidbenito94, posted on February 18, 2014

Great Wisdom Teachings

kmbn, posted on February 18, 2014

David, I have always listened to you with fascination-----but now I wonder how often you aren't in the know.

Medicine today is over run with mis information---people die early for a reason, before we can figure out

how to solve our problem with the demons we die, get our memories wiped and start again.

So, I don't believe the causes of heart disease are as you stated.

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