Wisdom Teachings: [#53] Prophecies of the Ascension Video
[#53] Prophecies of the Ascension

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Wisdom Teachings: [#53] Prophecies of the Ascension (March 2014)

Season 7, Episode 8
Available worldwide

In the 1950’s, a transitional period for the people of earth and the solar system we inhabit was foretold. Details of these prophesies were revealed in George Hunt Williamson’s book, Road in the Sky. As we are approaching this foretold age, we see many of these predictions coming true. David Wilcock recounts prophecies of the ascension as they correlate to Williamson’s writings, biblical passages and the Law of One material in this presentation originally webcast March 17, 2014.

David Wilcock


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aborigi2010, posted on September 23, 2016

Like the year 2000, people watched and waited and nothing happened. I was worried, then we all went about our normal lives and year 2001 is when the twin towers came down. I believe the prophecies come true but not on the expected dates. Like when some of us die, we have our daily schedule booked. I just better be doing the right things.

jenny.mcculloch, posted on August 13, 2016

Thank you for sharing all your wisdom :) I am happy you talked about food and would like to hear more about it. I became very sick with autoimmune issues yeas back. I was so sensitive to everything! After doing a lot of my own research and meditating I made the decision to go on a organic raw vegan diet. All my symptoms and pain went away. When we fill our bodies with high vibrational foods we change not only physically but emotional, mentally and spiritually. I feel so much more connected! It is so important that we don't fall into the trap with the food industry. They should also teach in school how to grow our own food and real nutrition. In my kids food and nutrition class they learn how to make cookies and cool aid. They are told meat is good for us and to much greens can be bad..They hear nothing about organic food and how we should not support the big food corps that put poison in our food. It is so ridiculous! while the meat industry is one of the biggest cause for pollution and destruction on this earth. Every person needs to watch the documentary Cowspiracy...Not sure if it is on Gaia but it should be! It is time to change the way we think and eat!

babut, posted on July 17, 2015

This was a nice episode
I hope we won't need those collar though, even for leaders not to conspire.

Much love to everyone !

dreambuilders.clancy73, posted on May 15, 2015

I have always said that God speaks to us according to our ability to understand. He/she speaks through what we know... hence so many religions all very similar at the core.

byounghp, posted on April 13, 2015

Books from Dolores Cannon explain what Davidis is wondering about without detail info.
Try her last book(s)

smileybee07, posted on August 13, 2015

Yes Dolores Cannon on the mark. The lost Book of Enki br Zechariah Sitchin can fill in some of the creation of our race facts as well

richardcombs742, posted on April 27, 2014

Great show! I would love to hear more of your opinion about nutrition, and the food supply. Thanks so much for this information. Keep it up! :-)

9one9, posted on April 8, 2014

Rudi's Organic Spelt Bread found in the freezer of most health food stores is a great replacement for modified killer wheat. It tastes beter than wheat or white bread and it's old fashioned healthy wheat - but spouted (if you must have wheat for kid's school sandwiches etc.). One piece fills you up so much that my child hands me back the second piece of her sandwich bread because she's full. (And I don't work for Rudi's or a health food store.) FYI Wikipedia says of "Spelt": Spelt, also known as dinkel wheat,[2] or hulled wheat,[2] is a species of wheat cultivated since the fifth millennium BC. Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it now survives as a relict crop in Central Europe and northern Spain and has found a new market as a health food. Spelt is sometimes considered a subspecies of the closely related species common wheat (T. aestivum), in which case its botanical name is considered to be Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta. It is a hexaploid wheat, which means it has six sets of chromosomes.

jeanpierrebrault, posted on March 28, 2014

I love how you get real at the beginning and show your playful self. Also how you care to "not offend anyone", but I personally like it when you get down to brass tax. If one is her listening, offended as they may get, they are still here listening and the information makes its way into the collective consciousness regardless. I don't have your research background but somehow, experimentally, I'm with you. I admire your courage and devotion for putting yourself in front of your knowledge like you do and can't even imagine the kind of criticism you must get from "old thought consciousness". BRAVO for being real. I enjoy it, I need it, it inspires me to voice myself more and reminds me what I knew without judgment when I was 4 years old but forgot over the years. "All is well and the best is to come... just play nice and enjoy the ride" :)

lightjoy2013, posted on March 24, 2014

Amazing stuff David. THANK YOU for sharing all this knowledge. God Bless.

theginzopig, posted on March 24, 2014

One of my favorite shows of all time, BUT, (and I complain about this every week it seems) The lighting is ultra bush league. This is the only show with hot spots and shadows dancing that make David look like he has a skin disease. Hire an intern with a modicum of lighting experience. Regina and George have shows lit professionally, why can't you. if I were close I'd spend the time to come light it myself. Does David ever read this stuff?
Will Love,

davidmunson, posted on March 22, 2014

David- Liked the info on ADM altering gliadin to make it more toxic. Viewed a video
by Dr. William Davis on wheat-belly. Also found another interesting video by
Alessio Fasano, M.D. that sheds light on the gluten-gliadin subject.


hayesville24, posted on March 21, 2014

I like the way you are. you make learning this FUN!! Thank you

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on March 21, 2014

Hi David
The Biological transformation that you talk about, when is your understanding when this will happen? In our lifetime?

Also a great schooling movement and philosophy is Rudolf Stieners Waldorf Schools. The first of these schools was established in 1919 and now are in every country in the world and most major US cities. The education is meant to teach the whole Human, (mind, body, spirit). you can learn more about it here

In fact people like Eric Utne (who founded the Utne reader is a waldorf parent and did get his Waldorf training and taught for awhile) Universities, like Columbia love and search out Waldorf taught young adults because they are taught to think and problem solve.

jasonjduke, posted on March 21, 2014

Yeah Mon, everything cool, well done!

But we all like the word alchemy don't we?
This implies magic, something of what once was and no longer will be.
Magic will become commonplace and everyday, for if it didn't it wouldn't be the way.
We come to understand and the illusion and its perceptible alchemy falls away.
No mo tricks I hear a commin and no mo tricks I see.
Me wills I free.

gbbrinck, posted on March 19, 2014


wonderful episode! I love everything you have been sharing with us over the past few weeks.

I would like to mention a documentary that can be found on YouTube by searching "Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC documentary". It talks about how Jesus may not have been 'resurrected' as common belief would hold, but was resuscitated. Matthew, i believe, references how a sponge was held up to Christs' lips while he was on the cross..look it up if it sounds fishy, speculates ? whether or not he was given a drug to make it seem like he had died, or stop his heart or something-im not sure-(i haven't found it yet, but i'm not schooled in the bible). This becomes a VERY interesting point, when you read another bit of scripture which has disciples(i think) bringing Jesus herbs of healing(rather than embalming as one would expect to be administered in the cave of resurrection). Also, Jesus was shown to have mortal wounds once he was resurrected, quite a "trippy" concept. One other historical fact, and then a speculation..Jesus apparently fled east and lived out his years in a village, still today claiming they are descendants of Christ..a very interesting reference all outlined in that short 49 minute documentary(REALLY WORTH WATCHING).

I might imagine that the disciples may have agreed to 'teach' that Jesus had "miraculously dissapeared, or ascended" as a way to ensure that the Roman Empire would not pursue him East. They saw him die, but with no body as proof, some explanation MUST have been given..of course, a near death experience would have surely appeared as a miracle, and i certailny believe that NDE's often times are miraculous!


all who care.


Estella.Bustos, posted on March 19, 2014

Fantastic !! well done, Awesome... This resonates.

Maidenhair, posted on March 19, 2014

Namaste David your wisdom teaching Rock

lindaedwards888, posted on March 19, 2014

Wonderful teaching and goes right along with all I am seeing too! Your expand us and give clarity!
Thank you David...

patricehocking, posted on March 18, 2014

I complain about this every week - need to bump this to one hour. 30 minutes is not nearly long enough.

sallyjeans, posted on March 18, 2014

...I'm going to need Methadone or something.

karen9, posted on March 18, 2014

Hi David -

I'm liking this quirky side of you! That's a compliment by the way. :-) Quirky cool.

Thanks for what you do. Your passion shines.


chiptippmann, posted on March 18, 2014

Well at least they want us to live til we're 62.
My daughter has Lyme disease. We took the gluten out of her diet and she is healthy.

sonmi, posted on March 18, 2014

In the bible, matthew 4:15-16 States after the people of the town saw a great light and was awaken, then Jesus went out and gather others to help preach. That is how I understood it two weeks ago. Seems like whom ever is in charge of what sermon to be told knows more then what can be spoken and told, only if you are awaken long enough will you understand the bible. I know it is coming faster and faster now. Great information, Keep up the good work, I know I'm ready to hear everything that you know. :)

sigmondtwayne, posted on March 18, 2014

David, I think your TV set lighting is clear and bright,
your personality is exuberant and your information
is incomparably right on!

Kat_Starwolf, posted on March 18, 2014

It would really be helpful to have access to the text/transcript for your Wisdom Teachings episodes, David; and possibly video outtakes via YouTube, et al, especially on Weaponized Wheat. This alone would no doubt draw ever more viewers to your show and to GAIAM-TV. And think of all the other enlightening and mind blowing videos they’d be exposed to. Watching just one of these videos has a significant evolutionary effect and would raise the consciousness of the planet exponentially. It’s sad that it’s taken Humanity as long as it has to wake UP, but at least we’re beginning to get it.
We ARE being given a chance to re-do Atlantis.
Remember what John Lennon told us when he was with The Beatles:
“All you need is Love. Love is all you need.”
Thanks so much for your contribution, David.
Many Blessings,
Kat Starwolf

gbbrinck, posted on March 19, 2014

Starfox 64, Nintendo 64. "You're good, but I'm better!"

-Starwolf <3

commish, posted on March 21, 2014

Never thought I'd see a Star Fox quote here. Color me surprised.

brooksey80, posted on March 18, 2014

best episode ever

dumitru, posted on March 18, 2014

Unfortunately he still hasn't learned the lesson of 2012: Don't expect your interpretation of what some people wrote thousands of years ago to come true. Sure, maybe we are evolving towards light bodies.....sometime in then next million years or so. Who knows? What's important is to take responsibility for the situation we have now, and stop daydreaming about how you wish it was. This is our planet, our country, our government. Being a mature spiritual being means dealing with reality as is, not waiting around for a savior.

jasummers, posted on March 18, 2014

VERY IMPORTANT AND TRUE- how are we gonna get there if we dont take responsibility

bevbrodsky, posted on March 17, 2014

Wow! Another terrific program. Keep up the good work!

As you did in the Synchonicity Key, I read an article on PI (3/14) day;s LA Times editorial comparing North Korea 2014 to Rome AD 65 and Nero to Kim Jong Un..

rafaelhramirez, posted on March 17, 2014

A u shaped device that chokes people if they don't tell the truth? What about a more humane and loving way of encouraging people to tell the truth? Teaching rock band in schools because so far music education has been classical and jazz if you are lucky? What does that mean other than degrading a classical approach to music education? More than a musical genre or style, the education should be based in the effects of rhythms, frequencies, tones, melodies, harmonies, counterpoint and so on, to be used in a fun and creative way that benefits our souls. If it is about thinking forward and have a more contemporary and effective approach, what about dropping the traditionally academic approach of using slides for presentations, and have a more creative way of presenting your show? I say this respectfully since I follow your work, read your books and have watched every single episode of wisdom teachings. A lot of respect and admiration from my side, but those two comments... Common!!!

Mind-Body-Spirit, posted on March 20, 2014

David gives his thoughts on what education could look like in the New Earth and this is a topic I am now respectfully offering my thoughts on, in work I have been developing over the past years alongside my work as a professional educator. This is a synchronicity I am going to take hold of and honour by making my work available to this Gaiam audience who I know are like-minded and in the same vibration as my work. It is meant to be Self promotion, to know and express the one Self we all share.

"Introducing voyBom: vocal harmony body movement" is my book that presents a new school of music for bringing together community into an inclusive expression of Oneness. My book gives not only a critique of how our current notion of music is dominated exactly by the "boxes" David mentions in this episode, but also presents a curriculum, a new model, and examples of a new "school" that is for exploring fundamental harmonies and a unity of movement through a dynamic circle. If you google "voyBom amazon" you will come to the description of the e-Book. And if this resonates plus get in touch.

Thank-you, namaste

4D-wana-B, posted on March 18, 2014

The first thing they take away from children in school, when the budget gets tight is, Art, and Music. The two things that help them creatively. Especialy Clasical Music, witch is basically mathematics put in motion, and helps the brain, imperceptibly, to figure it out and has been known to raise ones IQ while listening to it. Don't get me wrong, I love Classic Rock, the Blues, and some Jazz. But taking our past away from our children is really part of the problem.

By the way, Love the show, have your books, and recommend you to all my friends.

gr8bokys, posted on March 17, 2014

We are soooooooo blessed! Father, your ways are perfect! I knew there had to be other people believing for transfiguration! I knew it from my higher self. Truth always resonates like that with expanding pockets of consciousness that have also been awakened to that fact, but wow, it is so gratifying to hear it. I'm just amazed that finally the transfiguration teachings of Jesus are being discussed as true potentiality. For now we see through the glass darkly but when we see (behold as in full face gazing) him, we will be like him (our creator)! It is a super natural teaching for super natural beings that most people avoid, it is strong meat for sure. David did not get a chance to read the rest of the scripture he had on screen, but it is really powerful in renewing your mind, if you can get an Aramaic concordance then why not look it up and read it for yourself, it is incredibly inspiring. Remember in an earlier episode, David referred to Jesus stating that 'ye are gods'? It is true, we are, and I can hardly wait. Amen, so let it be, ...and, behold a door was opened in heaven...

jeffersonlovely, posted on March 17, 2014

Great show as usual David. I was driving sat night and saw a pulsing light in the sky and was able to get some good video of it. Check it out and I would love to here any explanations or thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAcRqLWEY7Y

llwimberly, posted on March 17, 2014

yo.... you are beautiful.... can you get a little more time? sure would love to hear more each week

jarryyd, posted on March 17, 2014

Bring it on...

petev, posted on March 17, 2014

There is so much here! David is giving an Overview... and what an overview. This Introduction could be a full semester of college level training. He is indefatigable!
Thanks, David... and Keep Up Your Health!

jldy, posted on March 17, 2014

I wonder if David Wilcox actually reads any of these comments? And what happened to the question and answer sessions he spoke about happening alot? I see a lot of comments of amazment for his show but I am getting lost in the repition!

llwimberly, posted on March 17, 2014

He does not have time for those questions .. he has gotten a lot better about rehashing,,,, I want gaiam to give him more time.....

tilldi, posted on March 17, 2014

Rest assured David is always paying attention to these comments. The question and answer method is actually too slow for the small amount of time he has to correct the HUGE amount of misinformation we have ingrained in our society.

As for the repetition, it is very necessary since the past, present and incoming new information needs to be shown to be a constant progression of knowledge with grand interconnections. Each past bit of knowledge may reveal new implications and connotations based on new findings.

How many times have you read or heard something a second time and realized something you hadn't caught the first time? And let me ask you this, "Even with all the repetition David has gone through, can you tell someone else the information in a comprehensible story line without getting confused or leaving out something important or convincing?"

David you are unbelievable!

Love & Light,

Teal, posted on March 22, 2014

So true Catherine... the depth of information is grazed upon ... chewed up... mulled... tied to text and validation... it is up to us to decide whether this is truth. The validation of science and ancient texts creates undeniable evidence. I am grateful to be exposed, have the opportunity to graze and absorb... but certainly, as you say... could not relay the information David does completely... still absorbing... exploring.

David's depth is the reason to come back to Wisdom Teachings... thank you David for sharing your knowledge and human experience with US, the I AM.

lmn1955, posted on March 17, 2014

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and message in ways that we can understand.
I've learned so much David; and I am looking forward to all the rest.

davelimacher, posted on March 17, 2014

I want you to share everything you know. I hang on every word every time.

susan324us, posted on March 17, 2014

David is great and I listen to every word! Since I first year the Ra Material in the 80's I have been interested in it. He makes it so clear!

dp.5340, posted on March 17, 2014

Totally awesome. Thank you for explaining the rapture in terms that I can understand. One of the best teachings ever. This needs to be taught in every religious community everywhere.

mickialbert, posted on March 17, 2014

This is the stuff that makes my spirit vibrate in bliss! Looking forward with anticipation rather than dread. Yay!!!! I appreciate your research and hard work to bring us, (other aspects of the One) this transforming information. Peace be with you David!

fredoverdorp, posted on March 17, 2014

Again great fun this episode.Especially the implication of certain aspects of society. No money for products. (no money in Ten Forward ,So Simple)
Love it!

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