Wisdom Teachings: [#56] Are you a Wanderer? Video
[#56] Are you a Wanderer?
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Wisdom Teachings: [#56] Are you a Wanderer? (April 2014)

Season 8, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Part of reincarnation is learning to accept and forgive your situation. After all, each lifetime is an opportunity to learn new lessons. As we move further along in the ascension, a greater number of advanced beings are being born into human bodies. They are called wanderers and you may be one of them. David Wilcock explains why the wanderers are reincarnating on Earth and introduces the Wanderer Questionnaire in this presentation originally webcast April 7, 2014.

David Wilcock


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Rsheehan13, posted on August 25, 2016

Where is the next episode? I really want to hear the remaining fifteen questions.

jat133, posted on July 26, 2016

Borders books on Wolf Road in Albany NY!!!??? Holy Crap I grew in Albany i know exactly where that is well, Clifton Park (20 mins north). Wow this is Crazy! Every episode I've seen just blow my mind even more. I really feel like a resonate with all of this. Just great stuff. I really like the Wilhelm Reich episodes Atlantis, Maldek, the Corey Good show Cosmic Disclosure. ITS FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work David.

DNW3818, posted on April 20, 2016

I remember I had a dream back when I was like 4 or 5. This was around the time I had psychic abilities, and had the ability to foresee the future. I'm 22 now, but that one dream(or vision) I STILL remember to this day. In the dream, I was just a form of consciousness, and God communicated to me telepathically. He said "choose any form you like." I chose to be a black person, and he asked me "Why?" The answer I don't remember, but looking at our times today, I'm starting to get an idea. Mind you I was 4 or 5 years old! I didn't even understand the concept of reincarnation at the time. How God communicated to me it wasn't really a voice per se, it was just a knowing in my consciousness that was simply understood. Today, I lost my psychic abilities, but I am seeing a lot of 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555s. What this means, I have no idea.

mypetZombi, posted on February 17, 2016

I'm glad David likes to talk because a lot of these concepts require "slow"/big explanations and reiterations. I'm VERY grateful for the bravery in sharing all of this information. Thank you!!!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 18, 2016

Thank you for your support of the series! Currently, we publish a new episode of Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock on Gaia every Monday.

All the best,

Bioedjc, posted on October 15, 2015

Vital information for us.. thanks so much, David

heartinmotion888, posted on August 31, 2015

Definitely relate...however at 7 years old...I managed to learn not to trust the educational system and since then lived outside of the box...but then most of my growing years..I was fortunate to have an auspicious life inspite of being in the middle of the war going on...I was lucky to live in comfort and not know the trials and tribulations my parents were going through with being JAPANESE living in HAWAII...at least they were not sent away...as one of my relatives who was a NEWS reporter...for JAPANESE paper..but most of my childhood i was insulated and as a visionary artist..had my own world ..always looking up at the stars...venus in particular... MY family was very poor ..but for some reason, i think I lived like a princess and have been heavenly blessed most of my life...Then at 18 years old I had a job at a garment factory as an artist ...by a famous designer here in HONOLULU.....Alfred SHAHEEN...and when he first saw me...he said : "you are a wanderer"...now I know what he meant..lol....

giannoulis_a, posted on August 30, 2015

I respect Davids work. But does anyone else smell something fishy about the concept that with reincarnation you forget all the good stuff- you bring with you all the negative crap to be replayed over and over- sounds like an archonic trap to me-another level to the matrix. It makes no sense that a benign consciousness punishes an individual over and over again for "bad" behavior that was instigated/caused by the "plan" or the matrix that the "benign consciousness created to begin with- perhaps this benign consciousness should give the small guy a break and fix the shit-hole matrix that should not exist. The concept of learning lessons is weak- why would "god incarnate" need to learn lessons- what happened to omniscience? Why forget just to suffer- to remember what you already know?

heartinmotion888, posted on August 31, 2015

Your impression of what you are feeling about karma is only a small perspective that may not be so for many others...as I have had a few reincarnation closures ...a few in this lifetime and can identify many humanKArMAdramas ..that are not all so bad...to find closure....as COSMIC LAW allows whatever we do in past life that is out of HARMONY with DIVINE LAW ..we the opportunity to bring it back to balance...KARMA also can be very forgiving and easy to overcome as there is much more that this point of view that DAVID has talked about...I have many reincarnations...and knowing about each one really frees the human body of many not so good feelings once we realize where that emotion is coming from and why...MANY negative feelings we may have...of any subject usually is a key to knowing what the past life karma was and who, whan and where ..by using the practice of APPLIED KINESIOLOGY...in particular..neuro emotional therapy release...and asking the body a specific set of questions to identify the exact time and space where the negative experience is recorded in the cellular memory of our body....then we are able to release it...and the human drama is now free to have closure and the freedom of our souls are now experiencing less negative experiences....eventually we are then free and no reason to reincarnate...as far as I know for those who have reached this state of pure bliss and enlightenment..of knowing that there is only DIVINE LOVE....with TRUTH THAT really sets us free...to live as the original plan for humanity to live with good fortune and blessings to all mankind...
MANY who have decided to reincarnate like the TIBETIANMONKS return with their consciousness....and do not forget their past lives... I Think it is a special level of enlightenment one has when they pass over...to another physical body...and continue to volunteer to help humanity rise to the state of LOVE and COMPASSION...for anchoring heaven on earth...HOWEVER there are many who have no ability to hold such level of consciousness and they become stuck inthis earth plane and suffer greatly...it all depends ontheir choices and what they do with their lives...that certainly may be so painful that they are better off not wanting to remember the great suffering they went through...it is a matter of preservation...and this too is an opportunity for lessons to be learned and make good of what was not so good in their previous life...There are many who are still in the darkness of their life here on earth.....that is what ghosts are all about.......everyone has a unique experience and is different for each person.. COSMIC LAW and MOTHER NATURE is ever forgiving and wanting to return to harmony is the ultimate goal ...that is why we have the YIN and YANG in constant motion to give one an opportunity to have another chance...to make good what was not so good in the past life...NO problem ...as the wy to find the light and love is always there ....for each to choose....

nautic.oom, posted on August 20, 2015

The past couple episodes have been very deep!! It's given me a lot to think about it. This is what I like, thank you David

dretta-love-wisher, posted on June 7, 2015

I answered every question on the test honestly, & answered "Yes" to each one with the exception of one, which was a "somewhat." I look very much like my parents, my bio father especially~~ whose name would probably be familiar to you, considering what your father did when you were young.

So why wouldn't I look nothing like either one of them? Seems I would look much diff from each of them.

bretthaugen, posted on April 9, 2015

Hey David, it might be helpful if you could include a resources section on here. I looked on your site (divinecosmos.com) for the book you mentioned, but couldn't find it. :(

abby6, posted on December 2, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-tz0iDz9nk is an interview with the author of the book you read, Brother David. He's interesting. He got his degree at Naropa University (2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302), is that not what brought Brother David to Colorado? His parents did not censor him, he studied in Thailand and at Monroe Institute...all sorts of synchronicities there. He is defining OBE=ET contact. If that is the case, then I would think there are 1/4 billion or more.

abby6, posted on December 2, 2014

I think this is something we share. Brother David must have seen it as a child? According to wikipedia it began showing on TV in 1963, I was FIVE. I saw it. I continued to watch it until 1965, when suddenly it stopped. I also watched The Twilight Zone 1959–64, and what I missed as a one-year old I watched in re-runs. I had some sense that this TV device, or one very similar to it (computer) would connect me to the "real message." So in order to be an ET soul, one does not necessarily have to have the star brothers appear in person in a flying saucer in the back yard. When one looks back for these strange preferences and figures one's age (I JUST realized I was watching those shows before I attended kindergarten) it is obviously not what other kids did. My further recollection is my parents kept me away from other children, which enabled me to watch all of those shows. They put me (in a playpen) in front of a TV. Those are the shows I selected. That and Felix the Cat (message from Lyrae?) Then when I was about 8 I asked for a private TV, so I could watch these shows and Lucy. Hilarion?

It is so obvious now that certain things were given for the asking, even if the requests were strange because of some pre-arrangment about what was needed by the ET. I asked my parents for a private TV when I was 8. My mother felt rejected and said so. "Why can't you watch Ed Sullivan with your parents, why do you have to be alone?" The ETs in Italy were asking for bananas and strange metals, but the humans assisting them did not argue with the ETs, they provided. Sound waves that do not bother average people give me very bad headaches. Typical American food makes me sick, Western doctors make me worse. We are here to "rise above" the fear, so I have to say that on some level, what scares average people does not exist for me. When other people see examples of that, which now can be in the form of videos, text, photographs, music we post online, they make a meaningful connection. There is meaningful communication happening. This heals the original pain of the wounded child. That is a noble mission, healing millions of wounded children after we heal the wounded child in ourselves. We then see all hatred, violence, and lies as The Wounded Child. We know what to do because we have (just) done it ourselves. Those that brought us here knew this. They gave us tools. Now we pay them back.

Thanks again to Brother David for tying it all together.

It makes sense now. Almost every tool that I have ever bought eventually is used. It is how I organize myself. I do not always know what I will use it for. Sometimes it is not for me but for someone I will meet in the future. Nothing we learn is wasted. Nothing is "crazy" if we can make sense of it.

lumaralee, posted on November 15, 2014

I didn't relate to the first two questions, but the one about feeling that my parents weren't my real parents really hit home! When I was little, I kept insisting that I was adopted. My Mom got frustrated and showed me my birth announcement from the newspaper that she had saved, to prove that she was my real mother. I was surprised, because she didn't feel like my real one, and I couldn't understand why she would fake a newspaper blurb like that.

abby6, posted on December 1, 2014

I also told my parents I thought I was adopted. It really hurt them. My mother gave me a book with my birth certificate, a clipping of my baby hair, a hospital bracelet she wore at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. I want to believe they were my parents. I just still don't know. I know their story is in my blood, that I am here to digest it, understand it, empathize with it, and tell it.

marthanance, posted on November 6, 2014

Thank you for coming around again :)

janepinter, posted on August 13, 2014

It's okay that you have somewhat of an ego...I'm just glad someone is brave enough to talk about esoteric experiences..how does one know what to expect if nobody ever talks about it? I too am glued to this series. Great information! Thank you

sherriehagan, posted on May 28, 2014

David, you are "brilliant", quoting Noory on your debut on Gaiam TV. You are profoundly knowledgable and I have been glued to my computer soaking in this information, and have yet to find something wildy unexpected. Wish there were more authentic souls out there like you- you are a tremendous gift & a beacon.
I find most TV stale & void- & now with everyone botoxed- completely the opposite of appealing.
You have a sincere approach & great advice- I am overwhelming impressed....I have watched 5 episodes so far today! I love your message and thank you, with love & gratitude for your exceptional info & approach!!

angelsouls444, posted on May 2, 2014

Hi David! Love the ET sound effects at the beginning :) My question is if you have an opinion on the origin of angels. I just recently came across a website with all kinds of "categories" for angels--and I don't mean choirs. I've also been told I'm of angel origin, which is odd since I've only heard of two angels having human experiences (Metatron and Sandalphon). Any opinion on that? Thanks so much!

j.kyle, posted on April 23, 2014

And more importantly, when can I return to that beautiful Saturn moon? The blueberries there are 20 times more amazing. They sing the most beautiful harmonies in the fields.

j.kyle, posted on April 23, 2014

99.9. Now what?

jad6007, posted on April 15, 2014

Keep up the GREAT work! Lov GaiamTV......Judi D

mauionecreations, posted on April 14, 2014

Well done David :-) Thanks so much!

sylgr84, posted on April 10, 2014

I've completed the test here http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?18237-A-Wanderer--s-Handb...

I reached 85! That is somewhat awesome and at the same time, not surprising, but well, i'm not sure if i do what i was supposed to do. I just live without thinking about it.

theawakeninguniverse, posted on April 10, 2014

David usually confirms what I have been thinking about and workings of my cosmic nature and manner of things especially the reincarnation and as there is no past then all these lives and levels are going on at the same time likened to a radio with many stations that one can tune into to.
I have always known of the existence of aliens even from a very early age and I was into all the sci fi stuff like dr. Who, Star Trek, The Tomorrow People, Blakes 7 ,Time Tunnel ,Lost in Space , Thunderbirds (the native American Indians called UFOS Thunderbirds!)......I recently re watched The Tomorrow People and it blew me away as to the story lines and themes of the series I strongly recommend that people get this off Amazon as you can get the whole lot for a tenner.
Love and chocolate cake!

Hypnocrna, posted on April 10, 2014

Thank you once again David. It is so comforting to get validation for that which you already knew to be truth. The scariest moment for me as a child was "how can they not see what is in my heart!" This was the beginning of the nightmare. I started to realize I was not on a telepathic planet with loving souls. Yikes! I would see souls standing around that no one else could see. Now that I am older I am hearing about others who experienced this, thanks to the internet. It was a painful journey until then. Thanks again. I have to listen to you every morning for inspiration.

Smadar_oved, posted on April 9, 2014

My score was very low in relation to my childhood BUT if I had to answer the same questions for my adult life then it will be very high score. I am 53 now . Does it mean that I was a sleep through my childhood and just recently was awakened or may be I am just not an extraterrestrial soul ?

whitecrow2012, posted on April 9, 2014

I have remembered many of my past lives, through self work and past life regression therapy. I have had many Earth lives, but know this sense that I originate beyond Earth and have had lives on other worlds. I know that our true home for us all goes way beyond before we all incarnated upon this planet. We all stem from the stars, and our greatest self exists beyond this physical universe.

whitecrow2012, posted on April 9, 2014

Great video David, gotto say though I relate to so much of this, but I didn't have these experiences in early childhood, it all hit me in my teenage years massively. Dreams of flying, Meeting guides, Alien Worlds that felt so much like home, and a nearly constant feeling of my home place being not here, not on Earth and feeling so alone and without my kin. Can't wait til the next video. All the best. Whitecrow

patty Chapman, posted on April 8, 2014

I am literally laughing my ass off, I feel like I knew the passwords to a seret club!I rated 5 on all and some were so dead on , That I really did a happy dance!!! I remember looking up at 3, and wondering when they were coming back! I was 3, I used to get a high pitch ringing in my ears and i would stop whatever I was doing and breath a sigh of relief that they were contacting me, and that they remember I was here. I was 3.. No wonder I thought I was so wierd!!! Patty ( apparantly a wonderer, Im presently wondering in Canada!!!!!)

thatssoawesome, posted on April 8, 2014

... So awesome, so inspiring, so "coming at exactly the right time that I needed it ..." David, I've been meaning to post another message saying I apologize for a comment I posted before saying something like, "don't get too cocky ..." (I had had a couple cocktails, lol. Laptops should come with breathalyzers :) ) So I apologize and I didn't mean any insult whatsoever, because I honestly admire you so much and have read your blog since 2006 or so. Now I watch this episode and almost died laughing when you talked about fame and having become narcissistic!!! You are hilarious!!! Thank you so much, and I've been "doing my homework" on Flight 370; can't wait to compare notes in your part two. Aloha and Namaste and Ho'oponopono!!!

missdesireeporrelli, posted on April 8, 2014

Lots of information and vlogs on Youtube; people that have been awake for sometime to this concept of being Extraterrestrial Souls aka Starseeds. Thank-you David for all your mind candy. Much Love!

loveandgratitude888, posted on April 8, 2014

David you are one of my favorite people in the world! I love your energy. You and your teachings are a blessing! Your essence is bright & contagious. Ur a light in the world & to the minds of many! Keep shinning! I'm so appreciative to be learning this cosmic knowledge your sharing. This episode and the last one on reincarnation made my day! Beautiful information! It was like a reminder....to remembering wat we know in our heart & soul! You remind us that oh yeah,I am a soul wit a body not a body with a soul! That this is a dream. We are all connected & swimming in this universal ocean! Thank U dear friend ,for reminding anyone who will listen of all the miracles,magic, beauty ,synchronicity and treasures surrounding us in all life everywhere! It completely eliminates fear knowing that the answer is love.
Life is so psychedelic we don't need the hallucinogens!
We are the trip
♥ mucho amor

qcstylee419, posted on April 8, 2014

The idea of E.T. souls incarnating here on earth has never occured to me. It also didn't occur to me that I may be one of those souls and if that is true, it would definitely explain why I never fit in. I always chalked it up to being alcoholic and the schism was just there and part of my genetic makeup, so I drank and used just so I could deal. Fortunately I'm sober now, and my coping skills have improved enormously. As they say in the recovery movement, "More will be revealed." I'm super curious as to what the rest of those questions are, and will be looking forward to next Monday. I never miss a show. I have "The Synchronicity Key" but have yet to read it, and I also have "The RA Material" book that I got because you recommended it. I still have to read that as well. Looks like I have my homework cut out for me. :) Thank you for a great episode and all your research and work David! And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know about gaiamtv.com, so I'm really grateful for that too.

sgcorrigan06, posted on April 8, 2014

So much I could say… … … BUT since I have (with permission, of course!) hijacked someone's account and don't want to make it look like they made such odd statements I will just say I think David does a great job the way he tell his stories to get his message across because it should make it more... 'relatable' for those people whom are still trying to make the leap from beginning to awaken to realizing the enormity of it all. 'Normal' people, or shall we say wanderers whom have found themselves immersed for whatever reason in lives around normal people, can sometimes have a difficult time realizing all of this is actually more normal that the false reality they are existing in without being able to talk safely to everyone around them about these things. His way helps, and that made it easier for me many years ago when I first became aware of his story. It could be an hour long instead of a half hour though. ;) Nice to see others with similar stories. Thank you David!

masseuraaa, posted on April 7, 2014

I get so much out of this half hour of David. I totally enjoy his authenticity and I also agree with many of the other comments wishing there would be less time spent on proving himself and the obvious stringing out of the information. But hey, it's such a better experience than having to endure commercials and other annoyances of network tv. I love gaiam tv!!! and am so glad it exists. I'm more than willing to put up with the suspense and waiting for next week's segment....just so they keep coming!!!!!!!!! Rock on David and Gaiam TV!!!!! You are brilliant!!

kurtfoster, posted on April 7, 2014

What can I say, yours is the greatest program I've ever seen in my life! From being a Trekkie when I was a child, to loving close encounters of the third kind when I was a teenager, to picking up every book I could about ET's and other realities, your TV show is the latest thing in my life that proves I am on my correct path of enlightenment. Keep up the good work, as I will be watching!!

brandiglass333, posted on April 7, 2014

OK., BUDDY, this is the first time I've gotten frustrated with you!!!! I was sooooo into the test and you make me wait a whole week????? That's not my buddy! But, you know I'll be back! and OK, you're still my buddy ....or you will be again if you do ALL the remaining sections next week!!

spacecase8888, posted on April 8, 2014

I've taken it already. I got an indeterminate score. Do you have what it takes to be a Star Being? Hmmm?? ;-)

mariearmstrong, posted on April 7, 2014

100%yes so far... these were the things that made me feel so "alienated" as a child.. I asked myself continuously as a kid (and adult) "where are my people". when I was in my 20s found out I had native American blood, so that's how I explained my constant question and quest to find my people. 2 months ago when I first watched gaiam tv (dave wilcock) I finally was able to answer my question for the first time. I finally found my people, everything makes sense now.

josephmckenna0, posted on April 7, 2014

The mental hospital David describes, with its policy of intentionally induced unhappiness, seems to me a small part of a larger cultural mosaic. Our way of life, with its emphasis on competition and domination, often encourages manipulative behaviors that undermine the success and happiness of others. Examples are abundant , from relatively small things like spreading rumors about a coworker or political attack ads to larger things like destabilizing the economies of entire countries. Its no wonder there is so much dysfunction and unhappiness around with all this disabling and undermining going on. Eventually we all suffer from it 'cause we are all in it together. If those unfortunate mental patients were truly encouraged to be happy and self directed they might leave anyway.

austinhollway, posted on April 7, 2014

scored an 85, not really that surprised im only 19 kinda figured a lot of the younger generation my age are ET's. Hopefully i'm from the 6th dimension that would be legit. Pretty much everything on the quiz pointed out my characteristics. So what does this mean? Do I not have to worry about not making it through the shift since I have done it before? I dont have much if any karma and I think that ET souls since they are so logical, scientific, sensitive, generous, etc. that they probably dont have much karma either. So hopefully that will make the shift easier for us. Cant't wait to go back home!!! My galactic spaceship is just waiting for me I can feel it.

tilldi, posted on April 7, 2014

Lest we forget, David is now treading on some very unsure ground for most
people out there. Those are the people he really needs to reach with the message.
Those are the ones who haven't watched his episodes before, and so it is very necessary
that David validate himself for the ones who are new.
Those of us who watch him regularly and read his website are well acquainted with his life
and are more impatient about wanting new information from him.
David, I know you are walking a thin line trying to please everyone, but those of us who
believe in you will not fault you in this regard.
Please read new info on David's website, Divinecosmos.com

Love & Light,

teri, posted on April 7, 2014

this may explain the strange places i would find myself on occassion during my dreams... I'd slip through a storm drain, or through a crack in the ditch and find myself in a beautiful world with soft grass and calm lakes and a sky which emitted light (not a sun). I had always felt it to be another level of what was my current world.

Eljaytee333, posted on April 7, 2014

Thank You, David. Adding your personal story enhances what you teach...and brings up empathetic kindred Wanderer memories. Almost 3 weeks ago at a channeling by 'Alexander' (the Great) I was told my "Graduation" is now, in this lifetime. I have had many experiences, going back to age 5, all pointing to what I discovered 30 + years ago….that I was from the stars. There was a starseed test back in the 1980’s, also. I remember as a teenager staring at the nighttime sky at the stars wondering how it would be to live there. Always this one part of the Galaxy. I saw a blue star and also thought of Arcturus. I thought, what is termed paranormal or metaphysical ( esp, UFO (I call IFO), telepathy, telekinesis, psychometry, automatic writing and all) were normal to learn easily or already do naturally. And I would wonder what if animals, plants, grass and sky looked different, other colors. And in dreamtime, am I a different density when I float around as a golden light with others? Being around a family and friends who called me weird kind of caused me to forget a lot until I was 30. When I was 5 in kindergarten I wanted to play house with the other girls. They said No because I didn’t belong. One of my first experiences feeling social alienation. In 3rd grade on my report card the teacher wrote ‘Linda daydreams all the time’.
On a sidenote to one thing David discussed about William Morgan. Last Oct while staying with a cousin in AZ I learned that in one of her parent direct ancestral lines family (we both do genealogy) had a friend who boarded with them in early 1800’s in NY. His name was William Morgan. Many ‘family’ stories came down thru the generations that she related to me. He disappeared while he was living with them. She has a tattered, original book titled “Morgan’s Freemasonry Exposed and Explained”. I think you can read it online.
For those who know they are Wanderers we have no problem with the way David presents his material. Thank You, David.

chi3365, posted on April 7, 2014

Yes. It's like the angels keep telling me when I'm writing with them, "Patience Dear One, Patience". :)

Universal60640, posted on April 7, 2014

I am being set free because I am finding Truth. Thank you, David

sonmi, posted on April 7, 2014

I see beings in my light now, I would like to have a conversation with you and tell you my story. I am hoping maybe you can add to my understanding of what is happening to me.

chi3365, posted on April 7, 2014

I used to go out in this field at night and cry to this cluster of stars, "I want to go home, I don't want to be here any more." I later found out that cluster of stars was the Pleiades. I also never felt like I ... (in my words) never came from my mother. Like I couldn't have been born from her. However it's not like this with my father. As years have gone by I am much more at peace now, but I always know where the Pleiades is (in what direction from where I am) no matter what time of day or night it may be. Just like I always know which way is due north.

Thank you for sharing all of this information,
Love and Peace

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