Wisdom Teachings: [#58] Escape the Next 25,000-year Cycle Video
[#58] Escape the Next 25,000-year Cycle
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Wisdom Teachings: [#58] Escape the Next 25,000-year Cycle (April 2014)

Season 8, Episode 5
Available worldwide

Different religions and spiritual paths claim to have the only answers to ascension. Despite their best intentions, they may be compounding the problems we face rather than solving them. The truth is there are simple things that you can do, no matter who you are, to promote your progress. As we move toward the end of this cycle in the third density, we must be more focused on loving people instead of manipulating and controlling them. David Wilcock reveals how you can ensure that you are not caught in another 25,000-year cycle of life, trapped in third density reality in this presentation originally webcast April 21, 2014

David Wilcock


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mara217, posted on April 22, 2016

I loved how you described the origination of the ten commandments, and some things about Catholicism. My whole family was raised that way. One day I said to myself "this doesn't seem right" and I divorced myself from the religion. I came out unscathed, though other family members were not so lucky. Than you for weaving the Law of One into this subject. You did a great job presenting the material. This was a great episode. Love, M

chrismjohnson78, posted on April 21, 2016

Uh... Aren't we too late? You say that if we don't ascend to 4th density then we will have to start over in another 25,000 year cycle. If2012 was the end of the cycle then we were supposed to ascend by then weren't we? It's now 2016. Four years later and here we are still,with the government more bold than ever in it's efforts to control us. We are on the verge of something big happening, it seems. But what will the big event be? Full blown, uncovered, no denying it, government control over the people and the new world order put in full effect? It would seem we are headed directly down that path. It would seem, we did miss the mark in 2012. It would seem the Illuminati/cabal knew we needed to ascend and made sure we missed the mark. It would seem they are now comfortable enough in that we are too late and are flexing their muscles more than ever. This years presidential election is showing the glaring obviousness of just how little we mean to the government and how much control over us they really have. They don't even
seem to be hiding it or denying it. It's even being said that hey, "these are the rules in place". Well I guess it's time to fix the fu@#$% rules now isn't it! Again though... Will it make any difference to fight back at this point? We've missed the mark haven't we? 25,000 more years of these jerk offs running the show and the rest of us literally being slaves. Work till the day we die and have nothing to show for it. Living for nothing and dying having accomplished nothing. It's a really sad world we live in and I'm confused how so many are like robots. Just doing their thing as though there is nothing shady going on and that all this conspiracy stuff is ridiculous. People all around me have just conformed to this form of slavery that they don't even see as slavery. The whole thing with social security going supposedly bankrupt is maddening to me. How the government keeps increasing the retirement age every few years to supposedly compensate for the inevitable bankruptcy. Are people really buying this crap!? (I know it's not really the "government" and that they are just puppets for the illuminati/ cabal) How are people not seeing that this is just an effort to not let us ever have a break. Not even
at the age of 65 are we allowed to sit down and enjoy what little life we have left. Oh no... Let's raise the age to 68 and then again to 70. Are you kidding me with this lie!? With people by the masses believing such an obvious lie David, I'm sorry to burst your bubble but humanity is nowhere near 4th dimension ascension. I'm only talking about the USA too. There is plenty of worse crap going on all over the world. It's bad and it's bad everywhere and people are just dealing with it. There's no ascension going on here buddy. It's called coping. lol We missed the mark by a long shot. If we are lucky, people will hear your message and wisdom teachings now and somehow it will be passed down through generations and just maybe the knowledge won't be swallowed by the people running the show and somehow kept in the public eye for 25,000 years. Maybe next round has a chance. I'm thinking nope! Never gonna happen. lol Looks to me as though it's obvious that it's never going to happen. Not as long as we keep coping. The masses are going to have to fight a gnarly bloody war to the death with these evil fu@#$ if we are ever going to have a chance. All evil heartless people and liars will have
to be ruthlessly killed in front of everyone as an example. When dealing with extremes, you have to act in extremes. I'm being quite a bit overly extreme but I'm sure you get my point here. Simply trying to be loving and forgiving isn't going to work. You're kidding yourself with that. Don't get me wrong. It's a great message and I truly love your message and wish things worked that way. But I'm not just a truth seeker. I'm also a realist and the reality is... These heartless people running the show will stop at nothing to stay in power. They will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, divide and concur for eternity if we let them. They will keep us oppressed, in poverty, struggling, depressed, lonely, longing, hurting, suffering and ignorant so long as we keep letting them. They will do anything and everything to shift blame to anyone but themselves and work tirelessly to keep us blaming each other and will make up any excuse in the book and point as many figers as they can along the way, to keep us ignorant and divided. You don't bring a butter knife to a neuclear war. Make no mistake. We are at war. Not to be mistaken as war with ourselves, which they have been very good at making us all do. By being loving and forgiving, as you put it, from the law of one, we will continue for eternity down this path because love and forgiveness are not going to keep us from being ignorant. Knowledge is power? Boy is that an understatement! Knowledge is everything. Because as long as we remain ignorant we will not know that we are supposed to "ascend" and we won't know that we should be working towards it and as long as "they" can control that, we will never "ascend". Just an opinion but I think you should stick to the science for awhile
and really gain your fan base. You're young so be patient. You're shoving this philosophy stuff down our throats way too soon. I know you feel it's important and I'm sure it is. But people need to understand the proof in the science first and you need to build your credibility and more importantly, your believability. Show us the math and science behind all this geometry and vibrations. Don't just SAY it's proven. Show us! I believe your fan base would grow exponentially if you can find a way to "show us" how very real this all is in a way that is captivating and entertaining. Because you know as well as I do, that people fall off and lose interest if they aren't entertained. Sad but very true. Use more visual stuff. I think you'll capture your audience more using more visuals. You're already doing a pretty good job because you're being real and not talking down to your audience. By real, I mean, you're being you. A lot of people probably don't even realize that's why they like watching you but that's exactly why. You're real
to them. You're open and honest and a total dork and people are relating to that so you have their attention and they are listening. But that doesn't mean they are believing everything you say. You're mostly just entertaining with the message you're giving us. My opnion is that you're going to need to take it to the nextr level with proof with science. Maybe start another series where you dive into that stuff. Remember to show lots of visuals. Use that CGI stuff. We all love that crap. lol Most importantly, it helps us understand the extremely complex gybrish you're trying to explain to us. lol food for thought. (Tried to end on a positive not. Got a bit dark there for a second. lol Please feel free to email me a reply if you have one. You should have my email through my subscription and if gaia is reluctant to give it to you then you have my written consent to get it from them and reply to me right here in this post. lol ;-)

codygraner, posted on February 29, 2016


colleenocallaghan1, posted on February 24, 2016

I'm addicted to this show & cosmic disclosure, I read Seth books & Abraham Hicks books, I'm confused since they both covered these topics. Can you explain why there are discrepancies between them & law of 1 teachings?
Thank you

tabikkat, posted on March 18, 2016

You should look into the Dolores Cannon Books - specifically the Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.
It might help you with some of your questions. :)

juliegunness, posted on January 13, 2016

Hi David,

I recently found this program and I have been binge watching it because it is really resonating with me. Thank you for putting it out there. I think that your conversation with your taxi driver ended up being an episode on Note to Self called "Is my iPhone Eavesdropping on Me?" http://www.wnyc.org/tags/question_of_note/

Either that or it's another instance of the collective mind thinking the same thoughts.

I don't think you are an ego maniac, I just think you are honest and real and it's pretty refreshing to watch.


origstoneart, posted on January 12, 2016

I just want to say thank you so much David for helping me along my journey. I was born knowing I was different and no matter how much I tried to fit in....I just did not fit. The empath in me has been a blessing and a curse. It's allowed me to be a VERY loving person, but has also caused severe anxiety since high school. I still struggle a lot. Somehow I've know since childhood that I chose to be here for a specific reason that I believe involves the current time we live in. Recently I had a VERY vivid dream that lasted what seemed like forever and took me from the present, to an ancient past with other beings, then to the future. I'm still trying to decipher it's meaning.

After seeing you on Ancient Aliens I then found your book, The Synchronicity Key and it blew me away. Since then I've followed all of your work, along with studying EVERYTHING I can find. Much of what I find I feel some truth in but also a lot of manipulation. You however I have felt a GREAT deal of truth from. I find it amazing though how the more you learn....the more you realize how very little you really know.

I send you my love and many blessings my friend and brother. You are doing amazing things for this planet and the human consciousness. I'm doing ALL I can to help as many as I can to follow these teachings of oneness and love and forgiveness. I hope for the ascending of all. Once again, thank you for all you do.

bkinzie74, posted on December 9, 2015

David just said there were 12, revised 15 questions. I watched episode #56 and #57 and he asked 20 total questions. Please clarify what those questions are and how many there are.

tabikkat, posted on March 18, 2016

He repeated the questions from 56 in episode 57. :)

artistsuzette, posted on November 2, 2015

This is very interesting and helpful ~ I took the test and got 96 points ~ ~ ~ Thank you for the talk and information ~ The spirit beings or ET's have helped me learn psychology and other topics to get out of victim status ~ they have a lot to teach and it has meaning and purpose ~ They also helped me completely face fear issues and conquer fear ~ I am conscious everyday of the improvements in my inter-personal and professional life due to their help and guidance ~ Sometimes it is through Religious figures and sometimes more like Science Fiction ~ but the results are always beneficial ~ ~ ~ I enjoyed the lectures by David Wilcock

stacymcardle, posted on October 23, 2015

Absolutely outstanding!

zentzel, posted on August 18, 2015

David, thank you for all that you share. You really give me a better understanding on things that I was unsure of. I'm glad that I'm able to see all your shows. I'm glad you're on GAIAM.TV.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 11, 2015

David {You'll read this, but I know you can't respond... But hopefully you were clever enough to open a Gaiam account under another name, so that you could respond, anonymously.}

You read the Seth books, you mentioned, & loved them, perhaps all of them. I read all of them, not just Seth Speaks or The Unknown Reality. I was basically raised on the Seth books, so I know them as well as you know The Law of One material. So, my question is, have you ever found anything that Seth & The Law of One disagree on?

So far, you've never mentioned anything that Seth wouldn't agree with, or rather, nothing that he said is at odds with the Law of One.

There are things that come from The Law of One that he didn't get into, but I'm speaking of the same topics that they both spoke about: have you found anything that didn't dovetail together that they both spoke about?

Others could answer if they've read both. I haven't yet read the Law of One, but intend to at least give it a shot.

~~Thanks, Dretta {"Wisher"}

~~~ I got the nickname Wisher, my mom says, because when I was very young, I began every sentence with the words "I wish...." & that so many of my wishes came to be that she & others bagan calling me Wisher, which stuck. Many of my relatives & friends call me Wisher.}

My Face Book account is under Wisher Love, if you'd like to message me, or send a friend request. I was home schooled via tutors, so I didn't have as much to unlearn as my friends, & finished grad school in 2013 with a masters in philosophy & a Ph.D. in English Lit, {at USA, the Univeristy of South Alabama, & live on Dauphin Island} so my reading has been quite comprehensive. I'am a substitute associate professor now. I mention this because when I have the chance, I use some of your material when teaching humanities/philosophy. I hope to show excerpts from some of your shows in time. Take care.

c.rensink, posted on May 26, 2015

I am looking at the paintings of Annie Haslan's website. She named some of her paintings 'Vibration' , 'Harvesttime' , 'Garden of transition'. !!!!!!
Chris Rensink

c.rensink, posted on May 26, 2015

I remembered a popgroup from the '70 : Renaissance. And they had some marvelous songs. One was called Wanderer. Read the following lyrics:

Wanderer, oh wanderer. Chasing up every star. Run for one and then catch none. Then you will know what you are. Then you will know what you are .
Wanderer, oh wanderer. Be not afraid of unknowns. Live them through and then will you. Know the truth deep in your bones ? Know the truth deep in your bones ?
Wanderer, oh wanderer. You are unique as the rest. See your goal and cleanse your soul. Settle and find success.
And look at the other lyrics of their songs!
The leadsinger Annie Haslan has an own website and is worth while to visit.
Chris Rensink, The Netherlands

dreambuilders.clancy73, posted on May 21, 2015

Love Wisdom teachings. I am sure that I was led here to confirm what I knew. Scored a 98 on your quiz. Knowing that we volunteered for this job, do you ever just shake your head and say, "What was I thinking?"

tabikkat, posted on March 18, 2016

There's a great book out there called
The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.
The author has unfortunately moved on (Dolores Cannon) but she was a wonderful hypnotherapist that started getting ET stuff during hypnosis and then collected it and put it into books.

Yes, sometimes I really wonder what I was thinking! lol

LaneLight, posted on March 4, 2015

So.....all of the "victims" and refugees in the middle east might be people who participated in the Crusades, for example, and are just now burning off that karma. Hmmm.....

I love the enthusiasm with which you start each episode!

I love the mix of science and philosophy; it makes an interesting variety. Just when I get my cup full of one, you go to the other. Nice! It is all just different perspectives of the one identity. Got it!

mellbutler, posted on January 14, 2015

wow david, I cant believe how much of this I have also received on my own, and no one believed me about the "ego" isn't bad and that we are here to experience life, not to try suppress our humanity.

softandluv, posted on January 4, 2015

David, I Love your teachings! I Love philosophy SO much! My thing is that I was adopted at three weeks of age and don't know much about my human family if anything at all. But, I always felt that I didn't belong, didn't fit in at all. I was always daydreaming, I had a Light Being appear to me in my closet at the age of 5, I used to hear whispering in my head like 15 people were talking at once! I was very sick as a child. Always sick in fact I almost died until my dad was reading a health magazine and found out that I had a very rare condition; for girls especially, called agammglobulinemia. Plus, I was told I had epilepsy at a young age and was on anti-convulsant meds for many many years which totally screwed me up. What I actually had was classic migraine disorder but I didn't find this out until I was well into my 20's! I was also born with an extra vertebrae which I always thought was weird. I am and always have been empathic and also seem to know when Spirit is around because I always seem to get orbs or beings in my photos. I took photos on Christmas Eve that had thousands, yes thousands of orbs in them! In my backyard! It was so amazing! Plus, I always see UFO's above my home. All I have to do is think about seeing them and there they are! lol I also had a channeled reading by Michael Ellegion and was told that I was alive during Atlantis, was on the Adromedan Council, loved to visit Arcturus, knew the Priests of the Solar Cross in Telos in Hollow Earth, that I worked a lot with Volta and Zosser, and was a Guardian several times. BUT, I do not remember anything. I would love to have a past life hypnosis sometime to help me to remember. I see myself helping others because I feel Love for all Beings on this planet and beyond. Even Beings that have done harm to others in the worst way. Thank you SO much again David! I Love you!

marthanance, posted on November 6, 2014

now I know I am a et :) 93

ninar57, posted on September 18, 2014

and even so many have found their way to christ's teachings and ascension through the catholic church, and through protestant religions. listen to richard wurmbrand and st therese of liseux. they are ascended.

kelly.bowman, posted on May 15, 2014

The philosophy is my favorite part. It not blas'e at all in my opinion. The science information is good. However, I prefer the philosophy teachings. Fascinating stuff! Love the show!

theawakeninguniverse, posted on May 1, 2014

Spot on total musical resonation I have been meeting you in dreams recently and we have been travelling to future realties and a funny moment that we had ,was that I was saying to you (and you finished my sentence )..is that we don't know each other in the awakened reality...and also something about Hiroshima.
I did the questioner and scored 95 and the thing was even though I already knew that some of the questions were very insightful and healing for me as if a five pound coin had dropped.
I do not hold any grudges against those in power who are struggling to remember who they truly are I feel that there needs to be some kind of amnesty towards those who are addicted to power over others.
Angel ..may the force be with you!

siouxtravel, posted on April 27, 2014

Thanks Dave!!!! Thanks Gaiamtv!!!!

mkddachs, posted on April 26, 2014

On the very end you point out how the right wing of the party is saying we have to get rid of this faction or that faction. wouldn't it be more true to include any party rather than implicating that it is only one sides fault that there are problems in this country and that it is all coming from the right?? Surely you understand that is the not the reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a Election Judge I have to work with people who have all kinds of political ideas and I just don't mention it because it can alienate you from those you actually want to work with. Politics has no place in the topic you are discussing.

Other than that the videos have been great with great info...

3732qto, posted on April 25, 2014

I do believe I am in the 33 masonry. Because I am now able to access the *Third Eye" and images automatically now.
i came home today and was looking at my white wall and saw these images of large ET's. Some were small, one eyed,
and some had the two dark shallow black eyes. Some were so big and harry . I did't have any fear, but it was like
watching a movie on my wall. The colors of red and green were in and out. Also human faces came in . I even saw a baby in crib.
other eyes were coming in and out also. One even blinked. I saw so much. I just stood there and watched.
It did cross my mind that E T's have been showing me te human eyes first. So now that i concentrated more, they showed me
who was really in charge. I may be a E T soul also. This is all so amazing to me. There is so much more I could talk about that I'v'e seen.
I am thankful I saw your video tonight so I could share my experience with someone who knows and understands.

siouxtravel, posted on April 27, 2014

Thanks for sharing! I love to hear more of this, you think you can update me with some of your experiences? I can give you my email address or somthing....

Freespirit77, posted on April 24, 2014

Great info David. There is one little thing that does not ring true with me however - your proposition that we carry over the facial features resemblance to our next incarnation, which can be a clue as to our persona in the past live. I have never heard you addressing the fact that we are being reborn as either male OR female (to experience the challenges of both sexes). If your proposition is true, I suggest it would be appplicable only in cases when we choose to reincarnate in the SAME sex (as it suits our pupose).

If you indeed were Edgar Casey in your past life, and chose to reincarnate as a female in this lifetime - you wouldn't want to look like a man (I think) and draw people's attention to your resemblance to a famous male. LOL.

I would suggest that rather than the physical features, we should look at the unique talents, character predispositions, strong interest and inherent skills, and possibly even life and career direrections, which often indicate "an unfinished business" from the previous life, which could give us a clue of who were were at that time.

For example, Amira Willinghangen, a Dutch 9-year old girl who recently won the 2013 Holland's Got Talent contest, sings opera like Maria Callas. Acclaimed as a genius (never taught singing, let alone opera), Amira in my view IS Maria Callas, one of the greatest opera singers of our times, reincarnated. Maria died in 1977 at the age 53 of heart attack. Too quickly, too soon, at the height of her singing career. And so she decided to carry over her incredible talent onto this lifetime to continue developing it, as Amira. She may or may not have similar facial featres (although she is as beautiful as Maria was), but her voice is the greatest clue here.

By the way, if you want to be totally BLOWN AWAY by Amira's mature opera voice, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEMR3A4WLC8&list=RDdy00lD2bYT0.

LaneLight, posted on March 4, 2015

That issue bothered me at first since we have DNA donors (parents) and we think their traits should dominate. Apparently, not so. Our spirits or souls imprint information on our human DNA, so appearance can carry over from previous lives. Regarding the male/female thing, I am an example of having a face that is identical to my father's, and yet, I am very much female.

I don't take it that David is focused "just" on appearance, but it is a component of several clues that make up the total picture. I believe that David will make a greater impact on mankind than Edgar Cayce did--perhaps he already has.

infoblogs1, posted on April 24, 2014

I like your information. Thank you, David.

morningsun, posted on April 23, 2014

If we don't get away with ANYTHING when it comes to karma and reincarnation....how come we only have to be 51% loving/compassionate to pass? I'm missing something here? Please answer because you've hit on this in past episodes and I'm confused..

piqued, posted on April 23, 2014

Thank God for Wilcock. There is no doubt I am a wanderer and probably would have killed myself by now with out this knowledge for it has been overwhelmingly difficult since childhood for me to be here no matter what I tried to "fix" myself. I am an extreme empath also who can feel other' thoughts and feel their energy and it affects me to the point of being able to function on a limited basis only. But, now I am armed with this knowledge and anticipate and plan for trigger situations and comfort myself when I am overwhelmed with outside influences. Thank you David Wilcock and Wynn Free

haleydaria1, posted on April 23, 2014

I love David's work generally, but I am against Cults/Chanelling and very leery of groups/hierarchys.....I had to search out Drunvalo's and Davids and the Gaim founder backgrounds on the net, which is questionable itself but find that this [below] resonates very sincerely and am posting it here in light of Davids ideas/predictions/findings in the past that changed as well, I have followed Ian Stevensons and Michael Newtons works for near 20 years and am very interested in David's further research in those directions==Many Many Many people are hurting and damaged and the promise of Hope can be a blinding drug. Again, as with Cayce'sChrist centered focus, I hope Gaiam delivers more Christ centered material.


The real Jesus, the real angels, communicate in a way that is loving, humorous, intelligent, gentle, and immediately comprehensible — no glamorous web of intrigue about our ancient history as star beings or any of that crappola. Just loving information about how to live your life, now, and open your heart to greater levels of love and joy. Sometimes when I tune in, I receive teachings from many different kind creatures — some of them are based here on Earth, sometimes I chat with Mother Earth herself (my fave teacher) and sometimes I connect with a few friendly beings who live on other worlds — but the grays, reptilians, albino Nordics, and other species who have been heavily compromised by negative antimatter energy carry a very different feel to them; it’s all mesmerism; hypnotism, making you ungrounded, paranoid, focused on the “future” in an obsessive way (constantly making predictions that never come true and keeping you looped into fear so they can keep harvesting your energies). Or they catch you up in abstractions and hierarchy, providing complex layers of information laid over top of each other, trying to hook you in to one day receive the “ultimate truth” if you keep reading their stuff or attending more channeling sessions. They like to make people feel “special,” highly-evolved, “chosen” and so on, and they cater to your ego, making you think that you’re very advanced spiritually if you continue to study the material.

So there are very specific, sick and twisted energy dynamics with these entities and their teachings. These are subtle energy distinctions, and most channelers are so excited to make contact with SOMETHING, ANYTHING, that they never run these entities through “tests” to make sure that they’re good news. In fact, they’ve never been taught to discern between good beings and manipulative ones. Unfortunately, nobody teaches psychic street smarts these days. The only people I’ve known who have some good knowledge about this are those based in indigenous shamanic traditions, although not every shamanic healer or medicine man/medicine woman type has extensive life experiences to draw from, which are essential to combine with ancient “theories” and tribal wisdom passed over the generations.

So anyway, these are my quick thoughts about this — again, always use your own discernment; and watch carefully if you have any strange dreams, hypnotic responses (suddenly feeling compelled to do something), psychic attack, or increased chaotic events in your life after reading Ra’s material or interacting with that Ra channeler; these are all signs of the WRONG types of entities coming through. Or if you get blissed out, hypnotically addicted to the material — that’s bad news, too.

My best to you! (And I will probably post this in my blog since it’s a great question; thanks very much for sending it.) — Jennifer

Then S. wrote back to me with the following:

You should look into the material. Ra claims to be a 6th density social memory complex, and provides no information to the questioner other than what is asked. They allegedly needed a ‘narrow band frequency’ to communicate, which necessitated a complex orientation of the channeler along with a Bible and some other trinkets. The books are nothing like the blatant hypnosis of Bringers of the Dawn. It’s a simply Q&A format focused mainly on the law of one and its distortions. It does talk a bit about the ‘harvest,’ but not really in a way that’s fear mongering. Eh, but anyways, nice to hear back from you, and I’ll keep an eye out for the post. — S.

Dear S.,

Just a quick follow up — I had about five seconds to look at some Ra material, and while of course this is in NO way a thorough examination of the material, my thoughts:

* In my experience, there IS duality and polarity in both a spiritual sense and a physical sense, which the Ra material seems to contradict; but the notions of light and dark, good and evil, evolution and de-evolution are made more complicated by this fact: there was once an incursion from an antimatter-based universe, and this consciousness has infested and distorted the evolutional path of many different beings and individuals. This incursion happened in multiple dimensions, too, affecting areas of time/space as diverse as the angelic realm (and this is where the old history of “one third of the angels falling” comes from) the faerie/elven realm and more regular, 3-d worlds like ours. The antimatter consciousness is quite ancient, and quite “evil” in the sense that it is anti-life, anti-creation, anti-expansion, anti-love, anti-growth and it will infect people and beings in a horribly parasitical way. It has infested a large amount of the reptilians (bipedal humanoids), grays, and has completely taken over the Nordic/albino-looking ET race (although many of these beings are more interdimensional than interplanetary, coming from other dimensions, not so much physical planets). This information has been gradually shown to me from a variety of wonderful teachers (ranging from Mother Earth to animals to trees to angels to physical ET’s from other physical worlds). It’s a very complex issue. Creation energy appears to be the way to clear this consciousness and its attendant entities out — focusing creation energy in a “blast” unhooks and repulses these parasitic energies, and you can also do this work to essentially “de-possess” someone who has been overtaken by these energies, if they’re willing to be healed.

* Therefore if the Ra material is non-duality based in its information, saying there is no evil, etc. etc. I can tell you that this is antimatter-influenced material, the complete inverse of the direction such material should really be going. When you get into “there is no duality, there is no evil” it’s a perfect set-up to allow just ANY smart or clever-sounding critter to infest your thinking, warp your own spiritual evolution, and knock you off track as a spiritually sovereign creative being. It also sets you up to experience abusive interpersonal relationships, since you’ve been conditioned to let down your guard and not see evil, only seeing the “good” in that person, etc. And this can waylay your personal growth and spiritual growth for years if not decades (like if you marry an abuser who carries that antimatter energy and have kids with him or her). That’s what these entities want, to keep you caught up in chaos and difficulty so you aren’t attending to creating, expanding, loving, and being whole. People who aggressively reclaim their spiritual sovereignty are a major threat to this antimatter energy.

* I have yet to find any channelled material that isn’t antimatter-influenced, unfortunately. It’s all dictated by beings hanging out in the lower astral planes who are highly suspect, and whenever anybody starts preaching a “There is no evil” philosophy it’s a classic set-up by the negs to make you passive, blissed out, and disassociative. Then, if you are out of body enough of the time, tranced out by the material, these entities can infest you over time and poison your life. Everybody I knew in Sedona, Arizona, channeling capital of the world, is completely possessed by this stuff at this point. It’s really like a mind virus, quite awful, and channelers and psychics spread it like a disease. I’ve lost many, many friends to this stuff.

* The idea that we are all connected and operate as some kind of “hivemind” unified being is another big warning sign; the parasitic beings from the antimatter realm want us to all go hive, to basically become borgs. This is why so many religious traditions (and all of them are infected by this stuff except the REAL teachings of an actual Jesus, Buddha, etc.) preach the gospel of negating the self, escaping the self, the self is evil, you should sacrifice your essence to merge with others, etc. All the negs preach this stuff, largely through channelers.

* As with all spiritual issuese, there is paradox here; conscious beings ARE connected, but not in the way the Ra material would suggest. After a brief read, I also picked up the usual kind of hot, crappy, sticky energy around the material which is a big sign for me of psychic contagion; the material is bad news, I’m afraid. Try disconnecting from it and rejecting it from your system and see if you get some bad dreams, entity visits, or pushback; that’s likely to happen when you’ve been immersed in something like this for too long. It’s not benign stuff, unfortunately. Sorry to say.

Anyway, this is my take on the Ra material specifically. The Course in Miracles is very similar and has absolutely NOTHING to do with what the real Jesus teaches, which is all pro-sovereignty, pro-creation, and carries a completely different tone. They seem to have been “written” by the same entities, the same deceivers. — Jennifer

dumitru, posted on April 23, 2014

The most powerful lies are those that are glued onto a truth. The half-truth provides the power, the lie does the damage.
I agree with Jennifer that we are all connected on one level, and our spiritual growth is in the direction of individual responsibility and freedom. So any kind of "we are all one" that negates the importance of our individuality is a lie. The other lie she referred to is that "there is no evil". I believe that the evil we experience here in this created universe is a set-up by the Creator for us to learn from. That means it's on purpose, and has a purpose. So some people take that and say that means it's not really evil. That's the lie. It is really evil. Just because experiences of evil are an opportunity for growth, doesn't mean that it's not really evil. I agree with Jennifer that evil is evil.

friend101, posted on April 23, 2014

Jennifer, I found your post most helpful

metaphysicalgal, posted on April 23, 2014

Everything you said makes so much sense ! I love your shows. :)

eventdallas, posted on April 23, 2014

The way you said it was amazing and felt like harmony to my soul!

Edit: NO NO it's too short! Keep going!

s.stanfield, posted on April 23, 2014

…but I'm not precisely sure why he took after Fox News about talking about the likes of 'welfare queens'. There ARE 'welfare queens'; and the 'racism' is in their doing it - living that sort of life - in order to get even with Whitey. They are buying into the Al Sharpton mantra of being a victim. There is nothing wrong with calling them, and him, on that distortion.

I guess David was just trying to make the point about how (some) Christians feel that some people need to have 'God's will' enforced on them, when what is really going on is the Law, not of a vengeful God, but of Karma. Well, yes; and, 'some people' need to get off their karma-creating kick, too, and help stop the Wheel from just going around and around and around.

We ALL have work to do. Or we wouldn't be here.

Diannebogden1, posted on April 22, 2014

I watch your program on my computer at night , it is hard to watch quietly.I seriously want to cheer,laugh and cry. The information is a long time coming to a spiritual seeker, thank you.

lelizalove, posted on April 22, 2014

Thank you for the work you are doing. I wait with anticipation for every new episode. I wish they were an hour. Just saying'......I would like for you to touch upon the concept of being saved by Jesus. From my perspective, you teach that hardly anyone makes it out of 3rd density on earth. It makes sense to me that Jesus being a higher level being incarnated to help us get out i.e. to save us. I have had some profoundly spiritual experiences with Yeshua and in my heart of hearts, I think it is a real possibility that his ability to save us is real. Could he be like a bridge to the next density, by conforming our minds to Christ and allowing His frequency to permeate us and change us. I have read the Bible several times over the last few years and I don't think it should all just be thrown out. I believe there is a real possibility that Jesus did come to try to save an un-savable world. I'm not a fundamentalist, I'm just someone who likes to study spirituality. Keep up all that you are doing. Love and Blessings to you, David!

egedblad, posted on April 22, 2014

Home run David! Home F@#*%in RUN!

Zandie, posted on April 22, 2014

Love Your Show David !

cmalmquist, posted on April 22, 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed ...as I do all of your episodes. I love not only what you teach, but how you teach it.........clear, concise and always makes total sense to me. Been following you for just about 9 yrs and you only get better .......keep it up David......we all need you and love you.

GoldenAgeVoyager, posted on April 22, 2014

I got to say David, this was a hard episode to take in, I love God very much, and I love Padre Pio and Neem Koroli Baba.
Im sure your right that religions like Catholicism has been manipulated, but I still love God, and I still love all that bring positivity to the world even
if they are catholic.
just going after your desires seems to me sort of weak. I feel empowered when I resist desires, but that maybe just me.
Looking forward to the next episode, thank you for the insightful awareness

borsello.lmt, posted on April 22, 2014

Amazing presentation of information. I wish there was less repetition of old material, though. At start-upon this one, you said it is a continuous series, but you are still explaining prior explanations a lot. I suggest it'd be a better use of your limited 30 minute timeframe to present NEW data with the caveat that people should go to old shows if they need more detail & development. So less review & more of the new, please?! I know you want us all to keep up with the teachings, so thank you for all you do. I appreciate your brilliance; I am reading Law of One & find that you have been able to cut right through the somewhat convoluted expressions in it to really show/simplify/render understandable the concepts presented by Ra. I first started my spiritual path reading a bio of Edgar Cayce. I find it remarkable & beautiful that YOUR spirit is still leading me to new understandings, still illuminating my path. Keep on keepin' on, David. Many thanks, CB

marinaturner, posted on April 22, 2014

David thank you so much for your powerful teachings and experiences that help us all to ascend and become the best that we can be during our time on Earth!

mauionecreations, posted on April 22, 2014

Thanks again David. This is excellent. I loved what you shared about Judeo Christianity and always being accountable.

So glad you are alive today, this world needs you :-)

bonnie3, posted on April 21, 2014

Great stuff David!

hank7of9, posted on April 21, 2014

There are many timelines and perceptions of our Trek through 3d...
As Gaia continues to ascend as we pass through the photon cloud (belt)...
Those that are passing on the planet whose vibrations are not in resonance with the higher vibrational Gaia will manifest on another planet where they will gradually ascend minus the limitations of 3d earth...
Gaia has come of age and she and her inhabitants have collectively chosen to ascend...
No one will be stuck another 26,000 years on this planet... that which does not serve the whole is over...
You describe where we were and how it was... which has in the time of no time, has past after the Dec 21, 2012 alignment!

You get so worked up at times you remind me of several preachers in the Aposolic church I grew up in... Almost waiting for you to annouce your new church, lol... I do hear your message and I understand it and it so needs to be said... there are not many absolutes except... you exist, everything is here and now, the one is all, what you put out you get back and, everything else is in a constant state of change.

Thank you for all you do to bring light (information) and be a conduit of light during this most unique & spectacular transition of contrast.

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