Wisdom Teachings: [#69] Science and the Mysteries of Tibet Video
[#69] Science and the Mysteries of Tibet
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Wisdom Teachings: [#69] Science and the Mysteries of Tibet (July 2014)

Season 10, Episode 4
Available worldwide

The transfiguration into a rainbow body of light has long been relegated to the realm of mysticism and philosophy. However, there are scientific concepts, which we have already learned about, that can validate the truth of this ascension process. David Wilcock begins to weave together the science and philosophy of the rainbow body transformation before presenting physical examples of Padmasambhava’s ascension in this presentation originally webcast July 7, 2014.

David Wilcock


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markdesign14, posted on January 20, 2016

Why don't (didn't) they build stuff (like the pyramids) with their powers?
Better yet, how can we do this stuff?

zentzel, posted on August 19, 2015

David your shows are helping me put things together from my experiences and dreams, and being a wanderer getting a high score on that questionnair. Finally, I have better understanding and thankful that I stumbled on watching your shows. Your teaching are amazing. When I was a 2 yrs. old I felt I wanted to go back, the out-of-place feeling, I didn't want to talk til 3 yrs. old I felt this at an early age, I always felt all through life as well, wanting to go back home, wow, now I understand being a wanderer, always also had continuing dreams of being in a spaceship underwater, other dreams of flying, was always fascinated with old structures in Germany, (I was born there, a military brat), and fascinated with other places with old structures, When I had a death experience from an operation, I had a colorful light form with the feeling of flying and talking to a higher supreme being and told me I had to go back to earth, and of course I wanted to for my son, I had to raise him, but it was a good experience being in that light form. I understand that part of it due to experience. And before another operation, I took a picture of myself, and it had an angel or spirit in the background. he was in a light human body form clothes white and black with blond hair, he had surgical booties on his feet, like it was trying to warn me, I went in to have the operation pre-op, turned out, they had to do another important test that they missed, which told them I wouldn't survive it, and couldn't have the operation. It was as if someone hit the doctor on the head, because that test was done at the last minute. I was blown away by that angel in my picture, it was trying to tell me not to have the operation. So I appreciate watching your shows, it' helps me understand a few things better. Thanks.

rainboth, posted on August 4, 2015

The summary of Darwin is amusing in that natural selection has little to do with being the best killer. It has everything to do with being the best reproducer - leaving a lot of successful offspring. Perhaps biology is not David's cup of tea.

sean_burger, posted on February 23, 2015

'The Yogis of Tibet' is a great documentary to watch . It goes through the history of Tibetan Buddhism and there are rare interviews with some of the top-most monks, very well learned in the tradition of Dzogchen. Some techniques in yoga and meditation are shared with the film crew directly. Previously they were kept secret and only revealed to students, but because of their fading traditions, they decided to speak more freely about their practices.
The film takes you to some of the meditation caves in the mountains, and they even talk with the Buddhists meditating in them.
David, another great episode. Thanks you :)

bvb10, posted on October 21, 2014

janepinter, posted on August 15, 2014

Thanks for this very esoteric information...Also I'm glad to hear that the so called survival of the fittest is not the only way ..

1cosolargist, posted on July 31, 2014

What's the deal with Padmasambhava? It deserved maybe 2 episodes not 8. Too much repetition.

mhritchie, posted on July 15, 2014

Anyone with a reasoning ability can see that the assumptions made from one point to another do not follow logically. I am embarrassed that this is on Gaiamtv.

monicareyrosa, posted on July 14, 2014

Am sorry, with due respect..., I just don´t believe any of these things, it does not inspire me at all, to follow any of it, but thanks for all the explanations, I respect what other believe, with all my heart. Best wishes. (I mean about the Tibet story).

cbank63, posted on July 12, 2014

Everything I Learned in School < Wisdom Teachings

monicareyrosa, posted on July 11, 2014

Am sorry, with due respect..., I just don´t believe any of these things, it doesn´t inspire me at all, to follow any of it, but thanks for all the explanations, I respect what other believe, with all my heart. Best wishes.

redhot, posted on July 11, 2014

David, Vajra Varahi is actually a goddess whose name means Diamond Sow. The image you are referring to as Vajra Varahi is her mandala. which is known as the Cho Jung Diagram. Here is the definition from the Tibetan dictionary: "chos kyi 'byung gnas - dharmodaya, the tetrahedronal source of phenomena, source of dharmas, chö-jung diagram". Although the Cho Jung is depicted as two dimensional (like the Star of David) it is meant to be viewed in three dimensions (like the merkabah). In geometry this mandala is known as the Stella Octangula, at the center (heart) is an octahedron that has 8 tetrahedronal stellations. The octahedron being a diamond may be related in some way to the Diamond Sow and Diamond Sutra - but I haven't researched this topic far enough. I came across the Cho Jung when I was extensively researching the number 9. What is profound in my opinion is that the Cho Jung Diagram is considered the source of phenomena, dharma or reality. Wisdom Teaching is my FAVORITE Gaiam program and I'm excited that you are exploring Dzogchen!

Update: I looked up the Cho Jung on google this morning and didn't find any info. Where I first ran across this was in the book "Women of Wisdom" on page 22. The book also has an image entitled "A mandala of Vajra Varahi and the figure of Machig Lapdron". I may still have this book in my storage and if I do I could photocopy the pages and email them to you - just let me know.

jasonjduke, posted on July 10, 2014

From the stars I came.
To be here among my brothers,
And my sisters in the mud we play.
As a wanderer, and therefore by choice
I'm sure I didn't come here to simply leave,
What about my brothers?
What of my sisters?
I keep my body for a bit longer.
So I don't have to leave?
Will I do them no good?
Shapin' reality with perceived magics,
Skyrocketing to the heavens,
On the back of rainbows.
What if I do not want to leave?
Not just yet, no please.
Not yet, until all beings are freed,
Among those who choose to be.
They cannot find their way,
If I go, go far away.

irie, posted on July 10, 2014

So if I somehow change the vibration in my body what happens then

mthiessen, posted on July 10, 2014

Hi David,

First of all I would like to thank you for taking this info to the rest of us. I am, as I bet a lot of us are, in your debit.
I am a bit confused about turning rainbow body; Padmasambhava came to earth to help raise the planets vibrational frequency so attaining rainbow body is not only know to us, but achievable.
He, like Jesus, was a 5th or 6th level being; at least that is my understanding.
So when he went rainbow body did he rejoin the creator as a level 7th density being or did he go to the 4th level?
My questions is also about the 160,000 others that achieved rainbow body since Padmasambhava spontaneous transformation; did they simply get raised one level, to the 4th? Or is this truly the fast track and they rejoined the creator at the 7th level?
I believe that this is the fast track. Hearing about the various “studies” that the monks do, sorry I forget their names. These studies the monks do take you through forgiveness for yourself and all others, you see yourself as a being of light and then you become one with the creator. (Paraphrasing, I only saw that episode once and want to ask my question before I have a chance to watch again.)
The Law of One says we need to be 51% Service to Others to graduate to the forth level; we can do that without any meditation.
May I request that you provide us some clarification please? I may be jumping the gun a bit as you will most likely talk about this at some point. My apologies for being impatient.

Thank you,


paul.weil04, posted on July 9, 2014

I was just wondering if finding your twin flame is relevant to the conversation. Thanks.

jldy, posted on July 9, 2014

It is this kind of information that keeps me watching! But we must realize that we all come from the same place and eventually will return their, in whatever form that may happen. The information you are giving is what the world needs to hear, especially at this point in world history! Thank You David and Gaiam !

Maidenhair, posted on July 8, 2014

Incredible photo shots of explanation in references David looking forward to next time on Gaiam tv in more photos
Thank you

lauraphoto07, posted on July 8, 2014

Yay! I want to go photograph these places! This is inspiring me to actually get a passport. :D Btw, I have have a few experiences of that place of light between sleep and awake. I also photograph energies that are not in human form and my first experience of this place of light was after my father passed and visited me in that place of light. I wrote a simple version about the experience and included photos here: http://www.lauraswork.com/blog/2014/4/the-continuation-of-life
Have a happy week all! Love -

triciasueaaa0, posted on July 8, 2014

I have learned so much from you David. I was just thinking how grateful I am to have a fair understanding of the science behind much of your teaching and my existence past, present and future. Thank you. Suzanne

txpist, posted on July 8, 2014

Per usual a great mini series on Tibetan meditation and the attainment of the rainbow or light body. At the conclusion of part 3 David states again that there have been approximately 160,000 people who have been able to meditate until they became a being of light. Then he said that he didn't know why that was so, musing that perhaps men were better at spending the long years necessary to achieve this holy state. Though there are many Buddhist paths and schools, I hope that he knows how restricted most Buddhist monks (who even allow women to enter holy meditation on a formal journey to meditate and study under a Master are.) can be. Therefore, it would not be that males are better suited, only that prejudice still exists for women who seek this path. Gaimtv has a wonderful documentary,the name of which sadly eludes me) about an amazing American woman who spent many many years in silent and solitary meditation in a highly elevated mountain cave(and sealed in by the snow from receiving supplies during the winter) only to still be denied being ordained as a full Buddhist monk. She even visited with the Dalai llama to speak about this unjust treatment after long years of meditation and active service to many communities and poor and ill people. He also failed to grant her the same things...opportunities, not status or material things that held no value to her. It was sad to witness this great leader deny such a dedicated and selfless follower such a basic and morally correct blessing. So David, please be aware that women, even those as devoted and dedicated as men, are still denied the same experiences. Perhaps at some point, women who seek the path of the rainbow body will be given the same opportunities as men. Thank you, David, for all you give to those who want to learn. You are a treasure.

sallyire, posted on July 15, 2014

Thank you for bringing this to light. It appears that even among the most enlightened beings on the planet, there exists bias and discrimination of others based on gender.

Bluenose_Dawn, posted on July 8, 2014

Excellent post! I think the documentary you mentioned is called, "Cave In The Snow".

clar618, posted on July 7, 2014

David, so interested in all your work.. although I am wondering why the last 4 episodes on Tibetan Mysteries… only to show how possible it is to ascend? Perhaps that is an important component for us all to accept, okay. Although I am interested in some of the more current realities we are facing. Can you talk about Activations of the Light Body? Anything on that at all? I see it coming up more and more as a topic and a practice.. providing a streamlined process to awakening and being able to use more of our DNA to heal ourselves and others. There is a lot of work to do… shifting beliefs, letting go, actual forgiveness of self and others, increasing our abilities to Love unconditionally. These are all necessary to evolve, and probably required before we get into that cave to meditate into rainbow status. I could be missing the point.. so I will stay tuned and trust you are onto a thread or topic that will be for the Good of All. Lots of Love… JC

ecan-mcan, posted on July 7, 2014

Boy, David This science validates the concept of ONENESS which we are beginning to realize. Can't wait for next week! God love you and the great work you are doing. Thanks so much - mc

bmturek1, posted on July 7, 2014

I love your teachings David, no doubt you r the best modern guru at least I've came across and we r all grateful to u for it.
The only reservation I have is that when you talking about Buddhists Ascensions and so forth it does not mix well with Extraterrestrials, six fingers and Roswell crash...its bit like choke and cheese to me. That sixth finger is not very convincing at all.
Ascension might spark other forms of energy like: rainbows, fires ( spontaneous combustion) and possibly visions which would explain Jesus Resurrection, for instance, I can still follow that, but when you say that Buddhist monk in 8th century had six fingers like some sort of ET, than you got me lost David...
Your Energy David is what keeps us watching anyway,
Bob 2REK

austinhollway, posted on July 7, 2014

David said it was proof that Padmasimbava was NOT from Earth, but came here as an ET. He was not born a buddhist monk. Simply came from saomewhere else in the universe where they had 6 fingers. He did not say that attaining the light body gives you an extra finger. It makes more sense when you understand he came from a more enlightening place of the universe to show us the way to attain the lightbody.

ladymorosan, posted on July 9, 2014

It's not impossible for us mere humans to have 6 fingers and toes. It's rare but it does happen, especially if one lives in an area that has /had high background radiation. Consequently, many Japanese babies are being born with 6 fingers now...

Also, the statues of the wide-eyed Padmasambhava are showing him in his enlightened state, especially the ones where he sports a fully open third eye. David doesn't have to make excuses about how "weird" these statues look to western eyes. Those who can read the signs the Tibetan sculptors carefully put into these religious icons know what states of consciousness they're portraying. Actually, "the wide-eyed stare" of religious/ecstatic trance/enlightenment can be found everywhere in the world in all sorts of artifacts (statuary, pottery, carvings, paintings) from most time periods.

yaelelul46, posted on July 7, 2014

I wouldn't mind to have super powers like that!!

bperry921, posted on July 7, 2014

ok, this question comes to my mind, is a rainbow body permanent? it would be interesting to pop back and forth from 3rd density to 4th?

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