Wisdom Teachings: [#71] The Path of Padmasambhava Video
[#71] The Path of Padmasambhava
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Wisdom Teachings: [#71] The Path of Padmasambhava (July 2014)

Season 10, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Continuing our exploration of the Tibetan mystery of rainbow body transformation, we follow a trail left behind by Padmasambhava as he brought his teachings to the people of Tibet. Along this path, he demonstrated his supernatural abilities by leaving hand and footprints in solid rock. David Wilcock traces the path of Padmasambhava through the Bhutan region of Tibet in this presentation originally webcast July 21, 2014.

David Wilcock


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m-salib, posted on May 20, 2016

Do you think if a person were to listen to a particular harmonious tone, like 7.xx MHz for example, meditation would be easier to achieve more rapidly? If so, what tone do you recommend I try?

markspringstead, posted on March 7, 2016

OM is the primal vibration, from all come. AH is the primal state of spirit -soul-guidance.com

pottlelinda, posted on March 4, 2016

Hello David, Sorry I am so Late in the game but I am catching up quickly. I have to say Thank you for this enlightenment . First started watching you on Ancient Aliens was hooked. Looked you up followed you and Corey through Cosmic Disclosers and now have followed you here. I guess I am in reverse learning. What you are teaching me is more like joining together something I have been being taught all my life. I am an author. Like most really good ones, I only write what I know about. So, I guess I have a valid, open, dated, journal of my life written in this public book. So when I say , " Yep, I understand what you are saying . Yes I can see that is true." I am not just talking out my butt. I look back in my writing and can see where the lessons were being taught. These are the same ones you speak of. Everyday I look forward to learning more and more and I take notes.
I was, for a lack of understanding, stuck in a conflict between totally not having anything to do with religion or God, gave that up at the age of 8 years old, no good could come of it and, adopting an Atheists stand but, I couldn't explain having the ability to fly, read others intentions, and attend crossing overs by loved ones wanting to give a message. I couldn't put the science behind the ability, and see it as a function of evolution. I just had to be in conflict. I am an Athiest who has abilities and sometimes gets great divine intervention or, I am just a free radical spiritualist bumping around with no Godly attachments. I deliberately stayed away from any teachings because I didn't want to corrupt my communication lines. I wanted to be sure it was coming from my guides or self. Even though they have guided me well I didn't have the "Teachings." I stayed uneducated and conflicted. This is a very uncomfortable state to live in !!! But I guess that what I would have learned then would have had to be unlearned now. I guess waiting to be educated until now was a good thing. Thanks for putting it together so that it makes sense to me so I can move on. For the first time in my life I am meditating. I am so glad I was lead here.
Oh Yes the Foot Prints... Wasn't there giant foot prints found in the granite in Africa? Could these be the giants he talked about?

shawnhansen74, posted on January 6, 2016

I know nothing about the teachings, but I do understand helping people, being kind to people. Trying to have positive and loving thoughts. That just seems to be kind of a natural way to be. But maybe it depends on how your brought up. But anyhow I think its funny when you use porn terms to describe beautiful landscapes. The mountains and the lakes are MONEY SHOTS!! LOL All your shows David are awesome!!! Keep it up!! See ya got me talkin goofy! lol jk

Jmtoms90, posted on November 1, 2015

David Wilcock I Experienced Samadhi or the Floating Man.
How does one make documentarys for Gaiam?

jx.wharton, posted on October 29, 2015

Hey David and team,

I know you have a massive amount of information that you collect and peruse on a daily basis but I just wanted to let you know that after looking up a few of the images you claim to be real, specifically the carving in the rock column and the winter shot of taktsang monastery. Now i do love your shows and you're research has dramatically changed the course of my life but after only a cursory search into each one of these images (one of which intrigued me greatly, the other of which, as an animator by trade who has done many a digital painting, shouted....digital painting) I discovered that one was a fake and not even from the same location (the towering rock is somewhere in china) and the other is clearly a digital painting using a photograph of different mountains (albeit real ones) with a painted overlay. If you compare the buildings and even the relations of the rocks and the trees to the buildings (which are clearly and drastically different) you can see that it is an artists conceptualization of winter at taktsang. Even the snow and icicles don't look real (you said yourself that it looks like a painting, which it is).

Now I'm not sure if you'll ever get this but hopefully a moderator will and possibly pass it on to you. I normally trust that you do thorough research on these topics as you are such a public figure under tight scrutiny by your fans and foes alike. That being said I do believe that most of what you are showing is real and that you've done enough research and fact checking to not come off as lazy or a fraud.

I just want you to make sure that what you present is as factual as it possibly can be (when it can be) and I also want others to take this as a good lesson at keeping a critical, investigative mind themselves. This life and this journey should be about making out own way, not just blindly believing what some other charismatic and seemingly enlightened person has to say. We are each enlightened to the degree by which we will benefit most and the lessons which we have designed for ourselves will never be outside of our grasp.

All knowledge and ability is held within, and I do agree with some commenters who have been mentioning the strange tone of David with this light body series. I think David may still be slightly struck with the romance of ascension as a non-progressive thing, a thing to aspire to. I believe ascension is happening now, and is very subtle but also very personal. Be open to the messages from your expansive awareness as an individual creator who, as part of the creator, and as THE WHOLE creator, is able to create any and all things desired. And when I say this I mean, you ARE the universe, you are the center, the apex, the whole, and all parts.

There is no need to ascend when you already are whole.

Thanks for reading my rant ;) you know who you are!

mmbjrod, posted on September 9, 2015

800's is 9th century. As the century we just passed was 20th or 1900's. Love the series!

heru33, posted on July 4, 2015

Love this series.. I had teacher in AZ attain this.. and I received transmissions… great series.. repeating.. oo well.. I hope people can at least put this to the side in their mind and take a note .. this is important where we end up.. one path anyways.. CHEERS

harlygirl18, posted on February 2, 2015


marcdescoteaux, posted on September 4, 2014

Transcending hope makes sense. Hope can mean doubt. If one hopes for things to get better, it implies that one is not sure in one's capacities to be at peace now and in the future.

janepinter, posted on August 15, 2014

Beautiful places...quite a story! Interesting but isn't some of this metaphorical or symbolic? However, after you have talked about moving atoms and bending spoons, I can imagine that leaving footprints in stone is possible.

bill.behlke, posted on August 4, 2014

Did anyone notice the side-profile of a face in the second "money shot"? It is at the 9:40 mark of the episode. Look at the middle of the photograph in the most prevalent snow-covered part of the mountain. The nose is exaggerated so I could see some folks thinking it looks like an elephant. Regardless, the face is very clear - at least to me.

kmoorin, posted on July 28, 2014

I am very grateful for your show. Keep up the great work! Love, Light and Blessings :)

jamie_jung, posted on July 27, 2014

Wow lots of comments. I loved the new episodes lately. Funny thing is that is where my head has been going for awhile. I meditate 2-3 hours a day and it is where I have gone. I am sure you will find a way to wrap it all together and surprise all your viewers. I think I get where you are going. I so enjoy all your teachings, especially lately :) Had to comment as some viewers are not loving them, but I am enjoying them and find them fascinating. Thumbs up for me :)

david7, posted on July 26, 2014

My last name is Estes. This is the "American" version of Este which is Italian. Just a heads up, it is not pronounced Est with the "e"at the end silent. The "e" at the end of d' Este is pronounced like the "a" in able. Probably the most famous d' Este was Isabella d' Este (1474-1539) who was of minor royalty (dukes and such) and has been called "First Lady of the Renaissance"as she supported the arts and music of the time including Leonardo da Vince and his contemporaries. I had no knowledge of the large skull in my family heritage. This is very interesting indeed. and My blood is red though, not blue.

suniam, posted on July 25, 2014

I am wondering why you went completely in another direction. The first 2 of these were really interesting and The pics ARE beautiful but enough of the foot prints. I 'get it'. Can we move on?

dreamweaver224, posted on July 25, 2014

It IS very strange that DW will comment on Fulford's site and not touch his own. And it IS strange that he has diverted off course here.

teswar, posted on July 25, 2014

Please don't spend months on this stuff, one or two sessions is enough
I know you like it so go visit it in the future and tell us then

gk1, posted on July 23, 2014

I noticed some real downers in my life the last number of days. It was as if all my frustration of more positive things not happening faster just boiled over. I just have had it up to the gills. I vented, I grumbled, and I let loose how "I really felt." Then I felt oddly relieved, as if I had purged myself. In the midst of this I noticed the amazing wonderful things happening in among various little disasters, the kindness some people showed me, and I saw in that the budding future of humanity. I like David pointing out, that key to rainbow development, really key to success in life either way as I see it, is to love without exceptions and to begin accepting the reality of the moment. Where then is the need for hope, since packaged into each moment of life is the seedling of its infinite love! All that needs to take place is watering that seed, by seeing down to its depth and welcoming it. Many happy rainbows to you!

sallielb, posted on December 2, 2015

Thank you for your descriptions above. I too have been experiencing this boiling over of what I am coming to understand as 'karma buildup', like the gunk that lines old pipes. It would seem that I've spent so many years playing this 'gotta be strong' card that my card is burnt out and I seem to have cried nearly every day for about two months. I've just been far more sensitive to every thing. I do miss laughter but I know that I must release all of this karma buildup and gunk in a massive purge of sorts. And I have been seeing some amazing things happening as well. Much of it within my self, my body and a vast opening of my heartmind. I have come to unlearn so much and then just "know" the truth hidden within the truth. And I am slowly seeing changes in other people as well. While I am not attempting to boast, I will say that by allowing myself to go thru this process however lonely it truly is, I am far more advanced in this spiritual evolution than those around me. And I know that there are so many out there going thru all these things especially this loneliness. But, I must thank you again for your last few sentences above. "to love without exceptions and to begin accepting the reality of the moment. Where then is the need for hope, since packaged into each moment of life is the seedling of its infinite love! All that needs to take place is watering that seed, by seeing down to its depth and welcoming it."... I've been in the part of my path that is focusing on the Here & Now and I must say that these words really made my morning. I know your comment is over a year old, and perhaps I am just really slow, but Thank You to YOU and Thank You to Gaiamtv for it still being here for me to find.
Love, Life, Peace, Growth and Prosperity to everyone.

mbdvd, posted on July 23, 2014

At this moment in time, hidden shamanic wisdom is wonderful! It is the amount of time wasted on it, and the fact that it is being presented at a kindergarten level forum which is disappointing to us. Those of us who have followed David and others of brilliant minds and loving hearts know full well of their capabilities. David has the ability to engulf one's mind with enough material, that it would take a week of contemplation to digest and understand it. Yet in this forum and at this level of teaching, GIAMTV is going to lose the membership of those who have followed him for years -- those of us who are awake -- those of us who are doing our work -- those of us who look toward him for guidance, update, and opinion of world events, statements by governments, testimony of whistle blowers, and information given by those who either claim to channel or do channel giving conflicting messages. It is painful to see such a brilliant man appearing to become a -- Mr. Rogers -- on GaiamTV presenting hours on end of repetition of information and redundancy of photos on one minor topic, relevant or not. David's presence has all but vanished from every other forum he e has been known to express himself on, with the exception of GaiamTV (again, a 30 minute presentation with a 10 minute review of previous material, and then repetitious and redundant material, which we will again experienc in the when we view the upcoming episode), and we have joined GaiamTV solely due to the fact of David suggesting us to do so during his other past forums and interviews. If you have read any of his book or his material or have listened to his interviews and presentations, you would understand the concern and disappointment expressed by others as well as myself. Outside of this forum here, David is capable of supplying a vast amount of intelligible information in 30 minutes. It is obvious (if you have followed him) that he is not in control of this format. We so look forward to being enlightened with an enormous plethora of knowledge and information in a 30 minute segment, that this appears to us to look like a brilliant man teaching at kindergarten level. (Not solely the topic, but the presentation). Please do not assume that those who comment are not doing our work. You don't know who any of us are, nor is it important that you do. Much of the work that many of us do is interrelated to opinions of those who can attain perspectives that we cannot. Some of the people we have relied on have been murdered, and others have been scared away. We are concerned for David, and hoping this not the case for him. Much communication used is encoded. What you may see as a criticism toward him from others is merely a coded message of our concern. Many of us cannot move forward as quickly as we would like to with our work because we depend on people like David and a myriad of others' opinions. If David were continuing to do interviews and post updates, we would not be concerned that he may have been diverted in some way. Again, when I read comments such as the one you responded to, I see concern not criticism -- the same message I am attempting here. It is the fact that this information onf GaiamTV is all he seems to be involved in with regard to the public arena which concerns us. This is totally out of character for David. A humorous comparative: What would the world have thought if Mother Theresa suddenly took a well paying job at Bloomingdale's, got her hair and wardrobe done, and at lunch time on Saturday, merely took an hour off to feed orphans at the local soup kitchen? TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER!!!!!! The fact that David hasn't replied to any of these comments in this forum is also concerning as our emails are linked to our accounts here. This also, is not like David.

rafaelhramirez, posted on July 24, 2014

Thanks mbdvd for expressing in a clear way a well presented point of view. I hope these messages are being read and taking into consideration. I hope as well that other people see these comments as feedback for improvement and not as negative criticism. There are people who have been doing their work for many years and are ready for a different level of information and how it is presented to them. People are awakening, becoming aware and ready...

Rozmund, posted on July 24, 2014

Hi there, and all of us on this forum.... believe if you read this month's DW take on Ben Fulford's Weekly Geo political link http://benjaminfulford.net scrolling through the comments until you see DW's response - you will take heart...David takes his lead as much from his dream state and higher self as he does from all of this insiders..he is working agressively on so many fronts to give us information...do you not recall that Edgar Cayce in his incarnation with gifts literally exhausted his body to please the masses...is this what all the critics on this site want? Of course not...let us wait and see the exciting new fronts we will be shown and do not give up on Gaiam - where else will we learn anything even if it is not what we expect, or how we expect it at the time...he is not a Mr. Rogers, but he may well be a tired David Wilcock, fulfilling all of his commitments - let's give him a positive boost of loving intention...personally, I learn something every week I did not know before....and am thankful for it...

gk1, posted on July 23, 2014

Thank you, mbdvd, for your eloquent and thoughtful reflection here.

I have wondered, whether the tragic and dastardly deed of a serious threat on David's life has left its mark after all, albeit in the form of a sidelined, diminished capacity, where his most committed readers are now fed drips? I would say NOT, since the real communication highway for our collective work and good will is the consciousness we share, not gaia yum yum TV or however you pronounce Gaiam, and not any of the Internet webpages, blogs, tweets, or the like.

Yes, I like my daily or weekly fill of fresh information of the good kind, but that is something to also look at. Do I really need that? Do I not already know the essence of what is afoot, and the answer to my life's journey? I do, and the path ahead is clear.

You probably do not know me. You do not need to, but believe me, by grace I am doing the work, and so are many others. It carries power and has effect, perhaps far beyond what we in humility would ever wish to ascribe to ourselves. The footprints are there, whether in stone or otherwise matters not, whether in the physical or otherwise matters not.

Further, to point out another possibility in the vacuum of definitive knowledge here; I know from my own experience that the kind of creative output I have seen from David can lead to temporary fatigue, or worse some burnout in some. We all need a break some time, but as fast as the world is moving today, that break is often not available.

So, I will give David the benefit of the doubt. When he shares, and I am paraphrasing, "I have so many pictures to show you I do not know how to get them all in" only to then repeat old photos from last week's episode along with just a few new ones, maybe that is a form of code talk in itself showing that some form of hobbling is taking place.

Maybe not, but David as a believable, consistent voice for many years of a substantive, positive, and inspirational outlook shall have my patience, understanding, and gratitude, whatever the reason for such "out of character" behavior may be.

Best wishes and my love to David, mbdvd, and all of you!

alocrius, posted on July 23, 2014

That people assume to predicate David's orientation with the show. If you haven't gathered already, David is a researcher of clandestine activities, hidden truth/information and esoteric spirituality. He is following his leads and pursuing what is relevant to his perspective. He's doing exactly what he wants to do which is why we can get swept up in his enthusiasm and world perspective. If it doesn't fit for you, good. Spend some more time doing what he's doing and expend the effort to uncover the depths of your own personal meaning. This current batch of information is more of the same and represents some of the best of hidden shamanic wisdom we have on earth. It's an infinitely deep subject and we are lucky to be getting David's perspective on it. David is a resource, not a substitute for your own spiritual investigations.

pamken2, posted on July 23, 2014

Regarding the concept of "hope." This is a extract from an interview with Werner Erhard. I took the est training in '82 and it transformed my life. Basically it supports David's information e: the truth about "hope".....it gets in the way and holds one back from seeing things as they are and dealing with them directly.


Werner: Yes. In other words, you don’t have to get someplace to get to the truth. You’re at where the truth is.

NS: Okay. So what is it in people that prevents them from knowing this?

Werner: Mostly the idea that something is going to make them happy or that some day life will work or something could make life world or somebody could make life work—the whole notion of trying to make life work. The whole notion of trying to beat the way it is, the whole notion of trying to get out of it, the whole notion of trying to get beyond it, the whole notion of transcending it. All of that stuff is what keeps people from seeing the truth in this. It could be said that it keeps them from seeing this. So in my experience the first thing one has to give up, … no, the last thing one has to give up is hope. It’s interesting that the physicians I talk to say that the biggest single problem in this country is depression. And hopelessness or depression or despair is really a function of hope. When you hope, then you must hopeless, or despair. It is the concomitant of hope. So when you give up hope, when you stop waiting or putting yourself out in the future—and hope is like that, it projects you into the future—then you can be with this.

NS: Is that giving up of hope an action that can be taken by a human being? Or is it something that occurs magically at some point?

Werner: No, I think that one can recognize that one has been fooling oneself about what’s going to come along to make it all work. You know it’s so deeply ingrained into our models of the universe, or our models of life, that it’s very difficult, but I think you can kind of systematically begin to reduce your fantasies about what’s going to come along to make life work for you. It’s like people who think that if they do the est training it will solve their problems, or this fantasy people have that if you meditate long enough, that will solve your problems. All those fantasies, all those “if only” fantasies, or “when” fantasies…

David is providing important information about how to "wake up".....!

Freespirit77, posted on July 23, 2014

I just can't understand the reason for such a dramatic CHANGE in you and your show and find it disrespectful to us, the audience, that you didn't bother to give us one word of explanation as if you didn't care what we think and how we feel.

while we love you.

Yes, we did notice that you are not being yourself (at least some of us did).

Freespirit77, posted on July 23, 2014

David, I'm sorry to say this but your show is going down the hill with this forced sudden change of topic (which I find boring) and your VISIBLY flatened energy and enthusiasm. Honestly? who cares about the rainbow body - such an innocuous topic which one can study in a library.

When will you come back to your REAL passion - exposing the agenda of the Illuminati, including the presence of other beings here and reclaiming the power of the individual to activate the pineal gland and connect with other dimensions?

THAT is what you are passionate about and THAT is what we want to hear!

C'mon - WHO has told you to drop those juicy topics?

iamclairsentient, posted on September 3, 2014

I agree with you Freespirit77 and I am wondering too why the change in so pertinent a subject for our immediate everyday life and WHO told you to change it up midstream out of the blue!

byrdnestv, posted on July 22, 2014

You should look into your points more deeply before saying anything about who ran off whom, 10 hours of sex and taming the tiger.

rafaelhramirez, posted on July 22, 2014

After watching episode 36, I am still having a hard time understanding why out of a 30 minutes episode, 10 - 15 minutes go recapping what happened in the previous episodes. Perhaps this was necessary in the past while on other formats, but on a paid subscription service where episodes are available to watch and re-watch anytime you want, it is simply unnecessary. Also, the slide presentation format is slow and tiresome. A new and fresh creative approach would bring a more energetic and appealing perspective. Just some thoughts for improvement... Thank you!

pamken2, posted on July 22, 2014

David, I seem to notice a change in you, your delivery, your passion, your balanced energy. Is this investigation expanding
your consciousness at a deep level... the photos of the foot prints in the rock may be expanding our beliefs in our abilities...
to the degree we can remain non-judgmental. The changes are happening faster and faster...as we allow the energy
to permeate our beings. These are the changes we have asked for!
Thank you for your sincerity and love for what you do....!

derimal, posted on July 22, 2014

Correction- after stilling the shot it reveals a male and female face . Could this also be their imprint?

derimal, posted on July 22, 2014

Correction- after stilling the shot it reveals a male and female face . Could this also be their imprint?

derimal, posted on July 22, 2014

David I saw a face in the snow covered mountain across form the Monastery - did you see it also, if so will you comment about it?

gk1, posted on July 24, 2014

Yes, I saw that too -- fun.

patihinojosa, posted on July 22, 2014

Loved this episode! Love them all but this one has to be one of my favourites. I am so inspired by many details you mention. Meditating, Life, travel, Love, Wow!
Thank you so very much for these gifts you share.
Stay well and know you are loved!!!

Universal60640, posted on July 22, 2014

The take away for me from this episode is the idea of seeing beyond the appearance into that which is perfect.

iamclairsentient, posted on September 3, 2014

Hypnocrna, posted on July 22, 2014

if they want you to transcend hope, why then do they pray?

gk1, posted on July 24, 2014

They pray to help us let go of detrimental hope of course... ;) Now, seriously, perhaps the prayer we see is a practice of timeless awareness. Ultimately, all true prayer is an expression of love. Your question aims at a deep truth, that prayer that requests falls short, unless it simultaneously includes gratitude for the prayer already having been answered. Why then pray? That answer is discovered by praying.

paul.weil04, posted on July 21, 2014

Hi David, I totaly believe that you have a good heart and mean only the best. But you have gone too far in impressing apon your viewers that the purpose of life is to achhieve rainbow body. You claim to have taken in The Law Of One ? Your goal and every one else s is to become as conscious as possible before your physical vehicle expires. Those in the past who displayed the beauty of themselves like Padmasambhavva did so as a lasting memory and lesson of what we are capable of. Sharpen up and start connecting the dots

Being, posted on July 23, 2014

I agree with you Paul. Although I did take some screen shots to print to place around my home. These are beautiful.

jasonjduke, posted on July 21, 2014

Please look past the nay-nayers, and no let dem steal your light,
No, no do not look so sad.
More than a few live, in daily pain and confusion,
And seek more than what is.
To see simplicity in a world, made so complicated,
Makes very few friends.
But among here and there, watching and listening,
We are with you in meditative peace.
Breaking the mirrors of illusion,
And the dissipating the smokes of deceit,
Oh no, no don't feel so sad...and lonely.

As you say buddy, just replace Jesus with Buddha : ) --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sb8NL642FA

azgard123, posted on July 21, 2014

Vini Taruci only had one desciple and that deciple was another well known Italian who it seems also loved to swim, right you guessed it... Marco Polo

azgard123, posted on July 22, 2014

(How) Did The Buddha Laugh?
Two thousand five hundred years ago, Prince Siddhartha Gautama of the Sakya clan wanted to know the cause of suffering. When he discovered it, he became known as the Buddha, the enlightened one, enlightened enough to forge a path out of suffering into bliss. At the moment of discovery, exhilarated by the insight, did the Buddha laugh?

Could he have laughed perhaps at the foolishness of humankind that causes it to suffer the world of delusions? We will never know. Still, out there, on shelves across the world, we find images of the Laughing Buddha, a bald, pot-bellied monk raising his arms as he roars in laughter. Who is this Buddha, so different from the curly haired, slim and serene founder of Buddhism we otherwise know?

To find out, we have to trace the journey of Buddhism from India to the Far East where it metamorphosed into Zen (from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhyana’ meaning reflection). According to Zen mythology, Sakyamuni Gautama was but one of the many Buddhas populating the cosmos. Some of these Buddhas did laugh to achieve, transmit or express enlightenment. So claimed the ‘laughter’ school. The ‘serious’ school disagreed. They felt laughter was too frivolous to fit into the rather solemn monastic path of the Buddha. This led to hair-splitting debates on the nature of jocularity in monasteries across the Orient.

The scholastic attempt at resolving the apparent contradiction between laughter and an enlightened state began by distinguishing between six types of laughter. The classification based on Bharata’s 5th century classic Natyashastra (much of India’s Sanskrit literature made its way to the Orient thanks to the silk route) arranged the spectrum of smiling through laughter in hierarchical fashion from the most reserved expressions to the most raucous. These included:

Atihasita, uproarious laughter accompanied by doubling over
Apahasita, loud laughter that brings tears to the eyes
Upahasita, a more pronounced laughter associated with some body movement
Vihasita, a broader smile accompanied by modest laughter
Hasita, a smile which slightly reveals the tips of the teeth
Sita, a faint smile. This one is also known as the Buddha smile, denoting an inner attitude of detachment “in the world, but not of the world.”
Given this hierarchical schema it is predictable that the Buddhist scholastics would incline to the view that the Buddha had only indulged in sita, the most reserved, tranquil, and circumspect form of laughter; actually, in terms of the English word, no laughter at all, only a barely perceptible smile.

In the Zen Buddhist tradition, however, what one often encounters is the opposite of sita, namely, the fifth and sixth and supposedly lowest levels of laughter, offered both as authentic expressions of Buddhist enlightenment and evidence of the authenticity of the enlightenment. In Zen, Bharata’s aristocratic and spiritualistic schema seems abruptly to have been stood on its head.

Zen tales document the comical activities of enlightened masters. A Zen anecdote that has been circulating recently tells of a monk asking, “Where is the Buddha now?” The anticipated answer would be, “The Buddha is in Nirvaana.” The answer given, however, is: “The Buddha is taking a sh*t!”

In Zen art, monks were often shown in various stages of hilarity as if privy to some cosmic joke. One sketch by a Zen master shows a bullfrog sitting, as if in meditation, but with a smirk on his face. The accompanying calligraphy reads: “If by sitting in meditation one becomes a Buddha… then all frogs are Buddhas.”

The humor in these Zen narratives and images is an example of reducing a line of inquiry to an absurdity so that one is jolted into moving beyond the boxes and labels within which one hopes to capture and incarcerate reality. Perhaps thereby will be effected a direct and immediate realisation of the truth which is beyond name and form. Thus making humor the ‘midwife of truth’, Zen masters converted Buddha’s laughter into the medium of enlightenment.

But laughter was also an expression of enlightenment, Buddha’s laughter is a state of release from inner tensions into inner harmony. The Buddha does not laugh at himself or at others, he does not laugh because he has acquired something others don’t have. The laughter is neither cynical, sarcastic, bitter nor defiant. It is the laughter of compassion, an amusement at the interplay of knowledge and ignorance that makes up the joys and sorrows of what we call life.

Article by Devdutt Pattanaik

azgard123, posted on July 22, 2014

Oh no she dit'nt ... Oh yeshe dit turn into a tiger...

zz7761, posted on July 21, 2014

Dave, I'm startin to wonder if you've sold out. Transcending hope and fear is the only takeaway from this episode. A couple weeks ago you breezed right over a VERY important point. That being the connection of the crown and heart chakras during meditation. You really need to elaborate on that. We know that when you have an orgasm it greatly depletes your LFE. Engaging in 10 hours of tantric sex while trying to achieve lightbody is like rowing upstream with a hole in the boat. The Cabal pushes sex so hard because they know how much it drains the body of life force energy. (Keep those sheeple weak!) Many monks were celibate for just that reason. To anyone serious about ascension, all recreational sex should be abandoned. You're trying to build your internal energies, not squander them.

GratitudeByAnalysis, posted on July 21, 2014

David's philosophy is largely based on the Law of One material. In the law of one, there are many references to how sexual energy, when shared from the heart center (green chakra), is actually extremely valuable and mutually energizing to exchange. It was recommended numerous times that for Carla to become a better channel, she should have more sex!

Sexual energy transfers will probably seem draining or "blocked only if one or both entities have fear of possession, of being possessed, of desiring possession or desiring being possessed." (26.38, continued below)

"The other green-ray possibility is that of one entity offering green-ray energy, the other not offering energy of the universal love energy, this resulting in a blockage of energy for the one not green ray thus increasing frustration or appetite; the green-ray being polarizing slightly towards service to others.

The blue-ray energy transfer is somewhat rare among your people at this time but is of great aid due to energy transfers involved in becoming able to express the self without reservation or fear.

The indigo-ray transfer is extremely rare among your people. This is the sacramental portion of the body complex whereby contact may be made through the violet ray with intelligent infinity. No blockages may occur at these latter two levels due to the fact that if both entities are not ready for this energy it is not visible and neither transfer nor blockage may take place. It is as though the distributor were removed from a powerful engine."

robripert, posted on July 21, 2014

I think you need to research tantric sex more. It's not about orgasm as far as I know. There's a thing called the Valley Orgasm were you don't look for an end result, you stay in the moment. It's not the typical sex you see in the movies.

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