Wisdom Teachings: [#73] Present Day Transformations Video
[#73] Present Day Transformations

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Wisdom Teachings: [#73] Present Day Transformations (August 2014)

Season 10, Episode 8
Available worldwide

Up until now it may seem that all of these spectacular transformations took place in the distant past. However there are many documented cases of rainbow body transformations happening in more recent times. David Wilcock exposes us to the latest documented examples of people ascending into the rainbow body form and reveals some counterintuitive facts about the transformation process in this presentation originally webcast August 4, 2014.

David Wilcock


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ylamarch, posted on June 7, 2016

To endorse what D.Wilcock says, everything depends if you decide to choose the magician or the wisdom path. I explain myself here, using the wisdom path, the different phenomenon that you can cause become consequences of your progression for your dedication to the practice of your spiritual discipline which is directed toward love, charity (spriritual, material or other) toward others and foregiveness for you and others, this is the real goals, resulting of your consciousness gradual enlightment, you do not focus on the effect but on your spiritual growth. The fact that somebody is hooked on the practice of the phenomenology is carachteristic of spiritual immaturity, the person deeply beleives that he can not achieve rainbow body, uses magic as a consolation prize if I may expresse it this way. Consequently you pay the high price for it. In the case of the magician path (Rangjung Rigpe Dorje - 16th Karmapa) it manifestly appeared like he is hooked more on the magic for probably his own pride. On next lifes, to perfect his approach, it might be difficult to reach the same level of ability (since it will be strangely familiar to him) and to choose the right path afterward, however with some help, it will be possible for him to graduate but for him with some karma to resolve further. We wish him and to the ones who are choosing the same path, the full consciousness next time around.

markspringstead, posted on March 9, 2016

There is - and + karma

hammerstringz, posted on January 26, 2016

This was all very cool!

evuverance, posted on December 24, 2015

Thank you David. This is an awesome presentation. Master Cho the modern founder of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga is the disciple of the Teacher Padmasambava. The name of the female aspect of the Teacher is Mahagarugi Mei Ling. The Rainbow Body definitely sounds amazing. The Diamond Body has always got my attention, if they are not the same.

samboomer, posted on August 15, 2015

I love the information presented here, don't get me wrong. However, after David's insistence that he doesn't want to hold up the discussion by rehashing he continues to do just that. It's beginning to seriously ruin what is otherwise a very enlightening series.

Please, please, please stop it. Your audience is smarter than you think ;)

MasterBE7447, posted on September 19, 2015

In the Greatest of Mystery Schools and advanced trainings, known and unknown, "repetition" is a highly, well valued part to the consitency it takes to obtain and maintain the Cosmic Multidimensional Rainbow Light Body.

Anytime a teacher is consistent and at times might seem like redundant, without selling or brainwashing, that teacher is both WISE and Fruitful in his/her persuits to really get the point across. Such a point then creates validity, belief, and direct transcendental experiences. I for one who have been a student and teacher (at times one n the same) with being schooled and receiving such teachings, again, the repetitive 'E"Motions, consistent lessons, and reevaluating discourse/studies are very necessary for those who will both learn such a meditation and become it to another, NEXT LEVEL, than what the previous teacher taught the upcoming student.

Above proves to me, maybe not so much the audience, that the psychic-isotropic-conditionings of a consistant teaching is needed for those that are ready to be awakened and receive the WISDOM to the a Higher, greater, more balanced degree than before.

tanglewist, posted on August 2, 2015

You said there are books written by people who received a rainbow body. So are you saying they came back and wrote the book or they wrote it before they managed the feat?

golotomer, posted on March 7, 2015

Contrary to what David states in the program, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, did in fact achieve rainbow body.

Rangjung Rigpe Dorje (August 14, 1924 – November 5, 1981)

During the seven weeks between his death and his cremation, the Karmapa's body spontaneously shrank to the size of a small child. He was cremated in Rumtek. His two dogs died on the day of his cremation even though they were healthy.[9] During the cremation a triple circular rainbow appeared above the monastery in a clear blue sky.[6] Many photographs exist of this remarkable phenomenon[where?]. While his body burnt, an object rolled from the flames to the Lopon Tsechu. This object was quickly recovered and proved to be the Karmapa's eyes, tongue and heart.[citation needed] This was taken[by whom?] to indicate that the body, speech and mind have come together to be saved as relics for the future and is common in only the highest of accomplished Buddhist yogis - exactly the same thing is said to have occurred during the cremation of Gampopa and the Second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi.[10]


sean_burger, posted on February 25, 2015

Thank you for furthering our knowledge on the path to Ascension David. Big ups to Gaiam :) Bless you all.

lotusdore, posted on January 20, 2015

Meditation helps us to quiet the mind. When the mind is quiet, thoughts cannot pop in and disturb.
Meditating with true Master one reaches self realization. When one reaches self realization he is no longer the slave of his senses. Mind is not the master, the ego is mellowed. One becomes master of his own mind, to a point he can ask his mind what to think , surprising is it not.

I have known different people who do not sit cross legged reciting OM but they meditate, while painting, playing music, knitting, cooking, They just focus on their work their mind is calm,
The aim of meditation is to turn more positive, when a person is positive and calm even the worst situations turn out to have a positive result.
When one meditates he is in communion with God, one gets lots of insights that are very helpful and uplifting.
It is known that in cities where there is meditation the rates of crimes diminish.

marcdescoteaux, posted on September 5, 2014

When David mentions the "Fighting and then having make up sex" I think it isn't a good example. The inferior aspect of mars (war) always brings up the inferior of venus (sex).
I think that when powerful negative emotions arise, there's only one reason behind it: it's that we're ready to transcend them, learn the lesson and go forward.

ecan-mcan, posted on August 11, 2014

Where is Teaching #74 for August 11th?

Kuru, posted on August 11, 2014

David has presented a great series, but he has left out one vital point about Buddhism. Practice of any kind is done for the benefit and enlightenment of all beings. This is a basic tenant of the dharma, and explains many of the comments about selfishness. Monks are anything but selfish!! They are devoting their lives to focus on collective enlightenment: getting out of samsara, duality, and our gnarly thinking patterns that keep us materially bound.

njvsports, posted on August 7, 2014

These teachings are another form of religious guilt. I'm no hater of David Wilcock, but lately I've been feeling much more guilt than ever: guilty of feeling anger toward others, guilty of holding grudges, and even guilty of feeling guilty. Because think about it: believing in karma can make anyone feel extreme guilty or overly self-conscious.

Because don't forget guys: it's either achieving rainbow body, or reincarnating and "having to do it all over again for 25,000 years".

Daladyboss, posted on September 8, 2014

its not Davids fault that you feel guilty. maybe its good that you feel guilty if it results in sober introspection on your life. Either way, it is your karma you are dealing with and no one elses. I for example do not feel guilty when watching his shows. but I may feel something else, and thats my karma I have to deal with.

Taking responsibility of our thoughts and emotions is much better than assigning blame to anyone or any institution.

9one9, posted on August 17, 2014

A Course in Miracles teaches how to release all guilt and fear through forgiveness (of self and others). And so far what I've read about Tibetan Buddhism teaches the release of all guilt and fear through acceptance that everything is simply the way it is - neither good nor bad. Maybe coming back to planet earth for more spiritual growth isn't such a bad thing. Maybe shrinking to ash and never coming back to this planet for more learning through experiences in matter and in time - isn't such a great thing - it's just another way and a good path for some but not all. Try not to judge everything as good OR bad, but everyhting as good and bad, positive and negative, light and dark ... a little of both but still OK. Because whether you feel guilty or not you are loved and blessed which is evident in the fact that you are alive, that you exist, that you are here at all. And think about all of the amazing things you could learn - by coming back for more :)

paul.weil04, posted on August 7, 2014

My theory is that an individuals main goal is to elevate consciousness as much as possible. If you turn to light then great. If you dont , and you have cleared all your karma and you are aware that you have, then my theory is that the unconscious reincarnation process will end for you. So David do you think this is possible? I dont recall anything in the Law of One that suggests visible proof of light body is a requirment to go into 5th or 6th density. Maybe this seems like a technicality , but I dont think so. Its something that deserves a little attention. Thanks Namaste

333elizabeth, posted on August 6, 2014

Thank you David for teaching me, and as you say honoring my left brain. I have watched you soften your ego, and present incredible teachings to us westerners. My questions is, there are many paths, and there must be a path for each of us that is attainable. Talk about the other paths too? Namaste my friend I have not met.

Spitinlyrics, posted on August 6, 2014

When we live free of karma and in rainbow dzogchen mode we can do unimaginable things. but can they fly and shoot chi. and not like those fakes on tv. and have you ever heard about demons working with magicians ?

kmoorin, posted on August 5, 2014

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and enlightening me. I am in complete gratitude. Namaste :)

carmst1, posted on August 5, 2014

I think a mini-series on the great avatar Babaji would be as/or more interesting than this mini-series. Babaji is an immortal that has returned to earth many times over the centuries to help not just individuals, but to provide direction and understanding for a productive life. One of his reputed devotees was Jesus, along with Paramahansa Yogananda, and Yogananda's guru's, back for several centuries. Not necessary to leave footprints in the stone to convey truth.

chadcsp, posted on August 5, 2014

It is all fine and great that you are telling people about the Rainbow body, but let's not forget that it is indeed William Henry who has done the research on this subject and he at least deserves to be credited with laying the foundation for this research. I was at your conference back in 2010 where William also spoke and it seems to me that it was William who introduced you to this body of knowledge. I think everyone needs to listen to William Henry to get the full scope on the Rainbow body teachings.

goddessinblue55, posted on August 5, 2014

I so love this series. The Law of One books I had bought a year ago and began reading. I love the synchronicity of this as I began watching GaiamTV because of David Wilcock who I have been following for several years. I love GaiamTV!!!!

davelimacher, posted on August 4, 2014

This resonates. Simply astounded. Hopeful. Loved.

patricehocking, posted on August 4, 2014

Thank you for the research and presentation. Always mind stretching and great info. Too bad we can't teach more spiritual info and true history in our schools.

jasonjduke, posted on August 4, 2014

With clarity and in peace, you see your truth because you know to listen,
In a dream the answer came, you are here for your brothers and sisters,
I congratulate you for such a profound initiating vision,
Maybe a whole episode about what your dream means for us activated wanderers,
On high, I too once dreamed and saw the world burn in hot fires of spiritual transformation,
No rainbow hoppin' yet, no not yet for us, let us stay clear and focused,
Feed yourself with light for you look tired, be sure to mineralize up,
And keep in mind this mission you dream offers infinite light,
Go, you go, and I go and we go, as we all have much work to do.

paul.weil04, posted on August 4, 2014

Hi David, It seems to me that you are seeking a magic bullet. Myself along with everyone else is fully aware that for some time, hundreds of years there has been a very few on this planet who have been hoarding wealth with no concern to service to others. The temptation to fall victim to the desires of your ego to single handedly defeat this great enemy is one that I am sure you will overcome. It is my sincere hope that you recognize that transforming yourself into the rainbow body should not be anyones main focus. Service to others however is what we all should be concerned with the most. I believe that if we are all focused on helping each other , than for the first time ever we might just all ascend together. These monks who achieved personal ascension dedicated there entire live s to elevating there consciousness. They did this in a way that is un natural to how any human should be expected to live. Just because 160 000 people made that kind of sacrifice does not mean we should all believe that this is the only truly virtuous path to take. To suggest that is rediculous. However if you feel in heart of hearts to do this than by all means dont hesitate. My service to others is to let the viewers know that they dont have to feel guilty for not locking themselves away in a cave for several years. This is my opinion . I have no way to prove that I am correct. I respect your views on rainbow body. Lets continue to explore all of the possibilities. Thanks again for listening. Namaste

sonmi, posted on August 5, 2014

There is no sacrifice if you truly have no attachment, only when a humans is near this type of mind/body/spirit can you just meditate. The infinite intelligence which is receive by this planet and all other beings is coming from these persons who can fill there body with light from the center of the galaxy. One monk is more positive than over 750,000 regular humans. I don't meditate, if you are not wet above the waist, you may have to meditate more than one life time. I have never meditated. It is about becoming a balance human to able to tune in and turn on.

paul.weil04, posted on August 6, 2014

I totaly agree that increasing your own vibration and consciousness will improve the collective vibration on this planet and you can have a positive impact on everything. Everything is alive and mother nature makes it easy to connect the dots. Thanks sonmi Namaste

paul.weil04, posted on August 6, 2014

1 This was typing error 62 and 1 doint mean anything . How do I erase it?

sonmi, posted on August 4, 2014

Base on my personal experience, I get what you are saying, but if you are not experiencing your body being fill with light, you would think what crock of bull this is because, I use to think it was fake myself. Boy the ties have turn. It is simple. love is light and when you lessen the fear in your heart, you are replacing it with love which is light. Common sense tells you more light more "positivity" better. You are raising your frequency in this life so you can play far more satisfying game with an upgrade physical mind/body/spirit complex in the next dimension as you call it. I have been given a peak of what it feels like with the upgrade and I don't want to get struck in this 3d mind/body/spirit complex. Oh yea, I will do my best to get filled with light. And thanks David Wilcock, keep up with the good work, you clear some things in my mind with this episode.

chefhess21, posted on August 4, 2014

I have followed every single episode and really love the show. This segment although interesting (until the 50th foot print) brings up more questions than answers. I think it's amazing that these ancient masters were able to do this and have shared their wealth of knowledge with some of the human species to also follow in their footsteps (pun intended). But why? What is the end results purpose of attaining Rainbow Body today? Yes I get that they ascend. But aren't we humans currently in the process of mass ascending in our physical forms with the planet into a higher dimension? So if we are in the process of reaching the (love) frequency to allow us to ascend from the physical carbon body to a more crystalline body to support a total ascension of all what would be the purpose at this time to spend so much time trying to attain Rainbow body individually? I get that since we are all connected maybe this would raise the frequency for our One consciousness and get us to that place faster (maybe that's the answer?). I also wonder how we in today's world are supposed to be able to find the time to sit for very long periods of time in meditation to get there. None of us are in a position to quit our jobs and ignore our kids and other obligations to sit in a cave or even our spare bedroom for years on end to spontaneously combust and leave Earth. From a lot of things I read it is my understanding that we mostly are all going to stay on planet and mass ascend together to the next rhelms or dimension in the 5th lower plane. What makes this so important now and how do we attain this in today's world while still going through our human experience of Being here? Supposedly this mass ascension is a first of it's kind through the Universe so how do we know attaining Rainbow body is what we are meant to do now? How does taking Rainbow body form help the entire planet ascend if we have left her and are now in another place? Does our energy/soul/rainbow body stay here to support the transition? I have easily followed the logic and understandings of every episode you have done so far but these leave me utterly confused and very frustrated. As much as I want to keep on a high spiritual path and attain what is needed for us to all get to where we're going I don't see at all how this is feasible or why it's necessary at this time. What happens to the masters after Rainbow Body is attained? Do they keep their energy here to assist earth or human evolution? I believe in Aliens and all kinds of things I can't see for myself at this time but this, although intriguing, seems very hard to fathom and especially what the depth and meaning in doing so is. Please provide some answers, thank you.

T Rose, posted on August 25, 2014

Well, my experience shows me that the rainbow body is a by product of a love inspired meditation practice. I think that the ego that wants a rainbow body expresses itself through the energy of desire, movement of ambition, etc and this is not the best way to attain the rainbow body, I think that the mere wanting a rainbow body insures you will not achieve it, at least not through desire...
So relax and allow the spiritual eye to open naturally, not through forced formulas, and you might see that the rainbow body is another spectacular worldly phenomena... Have you considered what the enlightened person might feel or know about the rainbow body after it has manifested through them? He or she is likely not too attached or concerned about it.

Universal60640, posted on August 4, 2014

I remember that the Law of One says that service to others is preferable to service to self. Both are important and to find a balance is beneficial to self and others, I believe.

tom.sister, posted on August 4, 2014

this was a good mini series. I, however agree with Wendy. I've been meditating for 40 years and I too have been at the edge of the Jordan. Just meditating is a feat unto itself. I have friends
who ask me how to achieve this and how to have an out-of-body experience. I have achieved that only once, so I explain that meditation should be for quieting the mind, looking
inward to find your true self. Those objectives can take a life time to achieve, maybe many lifetimes. That being said, my meditation practice has gotten me through many tough times
in my life and I would be incomplete without my ability to do it.
Gaia is a seductive mistress with its abundance of life and its diversity. It takes a very special being to ignore all that there is in this beautiful life, for aren't we all addicted to the sights,
sounds, tastes and smells of this beautiful planet. We are after all only human.

rita.sullivan, posted on August 4, 2014

PS The post before mine asks about monks meditating re rainbow body, etc.:
"Isn't it kinda selfish to keep all that meditation to and for yourself?"
I think you should reply to that conundrum David.
I see what piece of insight she is not seeing but I'm crap at communicating.
Not a foolish question tho, just missing an important piece of the jigsaw".
Much love to all

cdomb317, posted on August 4, 2014

one possibility is self-preservation, the monks must keep it a secret so the chinese government doesnt come after them and ruin anything, but that is just a practical reason, and may be but one layer of the whole issue.

i also believe monks and monestaries, etc.. are spiritual specialists so their practices may seem strange, odd, selfish or counter-intuitive at times.

rita.sullivan, posted on August 4, 2014

Was a bit fed up with footprints, but this is a very fascinating episode, and very helpful.
Thanks again david

wendymckenzie308, posted on August 4, 2014

I really appreciate the monks that work and achieve the rainbow body and find it absolutely amazing, but I thought we are here for the human experience. Even though I don't really care to have and feel all this human stuff I thought we were here to work off karma. Isn't living life everyday, going thru it everyday, trudging on no matter how bad life beats us up and decide just to stay for more instead of killing ourselves is an amazing feat on its own? Earth it seems is where Love comes to die. I have had a death experience and remember how wonderful it was and didn't want to come back. But He made me. Why work so hard when it is bliss to leave our bodies when we die anyway? Seems as if the monks are only meditating on getting out of here and not living in human life. I just think if the monks and people that have achieved the rainbow body applied that strong meditation to the earth and its people, what it might have done for the earth today. Isn't it kinda selfish to keep all that meditation to and for yourself? I'm not saying in anyway that what they accomplish or work for is not worthy. I guess I just don't feel worthy enough to apply myself that way. I guess I'm just not getting it. After I'm gone I don't care if my ashes get spread in the kitty litter box. I don't have to do the work to ash myself!
Also, I always wondered why if monks are so close to God and rainbow-ness and filled with so much love, why would that not be enough to keep their bodies young and not need glasses?
I do love meditation though. That is the only place where I can get away from myself!!

taovag, posted on January 16, 2015

I think these are good questions.. however the questions are of the mind. The being itself isn't in doubt regarding its purpose. The mind is almost always telling us a story about reality but it isn't true. If we are predominantly living our lives as conditioned mental entities there is little room for understanding. Our unconscious thinking wreaks havoc all through our lives because we never unplug our belief in these untrue interpretations of reality. I am parroting Eckhart Tolle but I think he has presented the essence of buddhism clearly for us westerners and I have benefited from his teaching. The experience of duality is one way to go about existing. These monks have consciously elected another way to be. They are the remnants of the bastard wizards of Atlantis. They do what they want and they wear cool robes. What's your preference?

Terry.Mack1, posted on August 4, 2014

I agree on so many levels...!

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