Stranger than Fiction: The Abducted – Part 2 Video
The Abducted – Part 2
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Stranger than Fiction: The Abducted – Part 2 (1998)

Episode 10
Only available in Canada, United States

In part two of our exploration into alien abductions, we take a pragmatic look at potential terrestrial causes. The human mind is amazing and it is capable of doing astounding things. It is possible that accounts of abductions are caused by something as simple as sleep paralysis or something more complicated like electrical pollution.

There are those who diligently pursue proof that the accounts of abductions are real, and stem from an alien source. But these investigations cannot go much further until we have hard evidence beyond personal accounts.

Nigel Pegram
Mont Tombleson


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kylelbond4, posted on September 29, 2016

i really like this video,, I have hade encounters by star people,, put me on a lie detector test,, what has been happening to me started a year ago,,, silly humans

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