Hidden Origins: Adam’s Calendar: Birthplace of Humanity Video
Adam’s Calendar: Birthplace of Humanity
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Hidden Origins: Adam’s Calendar: Birthplace of Humanity (February 2016)

Season 1, Episode 9
Available worldwide

Michael Tellinger tells of stories from long ago, when for one brief moment heaven and earth met, giving birth to the human race. This legend is only one of the many mysteries surrounding Adam’s Calendar. Perhaps calling it a calendar is a misnomer as this ancient site is just beginning to reveal some the greatest mysteries of the ancient world; whispers from a time when Humans and Annunaki coexisted. This presentation was originally webcast February 29, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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johnod1, posted on September 10, 2016

i live in Australia i hope he covers more about Australia in these videos maybe i can find something ancient in my state Queensland . There is a big hill i see evertime i am driving home on the freeway that in the shape of a pyramid you carnt hard to miss it stands out so much. it a pyramid hill in the distance. if it was not covered in vegetation it would look like a pyramid from Egypt i driven out to see it its huge pyramid hill but of course it covered in grass trees ect.Bbut i wonder if you dug down deep enough that you hit stone i realy believe this hill is a overgrown pyramid

fbg33, posted on August 23, 2016

Have been fortunate have been learning from Michael, what is more amazing is we all have past lives, we forget we can access our past lives for ancient knowledge , see Dolores Cannon (strongly suggest this). When first saw Michael's program on Adam's calender, our spiritual energy comes from all over the universe, with 7 billion people on Earth, many of the spirits of today, could have came from stars far away.
I realized a place was familiar, even though I've not been there in this life, what really hits me, is all my life since a child I tell everyone, when I pass-on, please bury me in ground & plant a tree over me. Why do I think so strongly? this is important to me. Truth is we are connected, & those in control of the sheep-people have attempted to suppress the true past, the church knows, just like the great library of Alexandra was burned to the ground so knowledge of the past would be hidden from people. Yet drinking pure water, water without chemicals, we can access our past & even 'see' into future. Many of these places Michael has found, I feel he clearly has been there before (past life) in a hundred thousand years how many times could have one's spirit been to any location on Earth. Michael 'sees' things other don't, because of his past lives visions is coming through him. One day he will realize this.
As to Alignment of our planet, it was written 3600 yrs ago, "the Sun sat in the sky for 3 days, turning the nights even into days. The water in lakes boiled fish to death, animals hide underground lived, while animals exposed to the great Sun died" This was also when the over 30,000 Israelites crossed the Red sea, at narrow point 100 miles across. How many days would have it taken. Then it is written too, 'the Sun set in the East, now it sets in the West' which means Miami Florida had great sunsets over the Ocean, now its over land. Why are the planets, all of them heating up? Mar's loosing its polar Ice cap! Something great is coming in again, 3600 years have past since it was here last. 100's of Earthquakes everyday, 20 yrs ago maybe 1 a week or less. Climate changing rapidly, no its not from automobiles, otherwise Mar's has way to many. Access your hidden knowledge of the past, then you will know.

bssikes, posted on August 3, 2016

this is probably all bullshit/speculation. you could test and scientifically verify alot of the things he talks about here in these videos. especially the powdered gold thing. I'm pretty sure that would have been exploited by the scientific community already. or at least some conclusive data would have been established, if nothing else the claimed 'strange behavior of the material would be written about and peer reviewed. because that is what scientists do. they discover and write about shit. no one is keeping scientists from posting observations. that is how we have gotten so far. unless.. it is that unrevealed oppressive ass secret society that no one has found to be factual or anywhere based in reality. the boogeymen, irrational thought processes that prevent real progress. this is just about as good of an origins tale as genesis. can never be proven, and also defies logic. also, a people that were so far advanced, and possessed such power, that they left all of their language up to vague interpretation were probably not to fucking smart if they wanted to relay information to the future. just saying. end rant.

daniel.durba, posted on May 1, 2016

I love the unintentional joke. He says the tribe had to urinate on a particular stone and that's why it eroded faster than the rest (joke's coming) Michael says, "which brought me great relief" ha ha. Peeing--relieving yourself...
shut up
I thought it was funny.

GregMorrowJr, posted on April 18, 2016

Such wonderful work you have done here! Thank you so much for this information I could of never got anywhere else, just like so many things with this gold mine of a website which is Gaia!
So I am assuming that the pyramids provide some kind of energy/power for this sight??
Once again, you are loved and appreciated :)

esrebi, posted on March 27, 2016

Wow.... Don't even know what to say other than wow....

di21nov, posted on March 12, 2016

Great job, Michael! Love your work!
I had a cute little pun of an insight while watching this episode about Enki's Calendar and the SASER sound technology - I heard EnKi as "In Key"!

mim2383, posted on March 7, 2016

It is not Spinx according to South African Credo Mutwa, it is a bull. Last ritual was perform around 1940's.

mim2383, posted on March 7, 2016

Stone Circles in South Africa as Telling tells the story
According to Credo Mutwa, he is a Zulu sangoma (traditional healer) from South Africa. Credo says Mr. Tellinger's second book re. stone circles and other claims he made are all wrong and he must make correction. Credo was very concern that wrong information is put out by Mr. Tellinger all over the world are believed by others.
Here is a Youtube link.

- See more at: http://www.gaia.com/video/ancient-resonance-technology#comment-553456
Read more at http://www.gaia.com/video/ancient-resonance-technology#VA6uyjS4MGfA9eEo.99

GregMorrowJr, posted on April 18, 2016

Whos to say Credo has the right information hm?

fercolon.trev, posted on March 4, 2016

Very good observation of "joeszarek941, posted on March 2, 2016 " who should we believe on? michael vs coorey goode? are they trying to disociate our minds even here?????? this is the original post of joeszarek941
"Very well done, Michael, but how much of your reference to Sitchin's work is accurate if Corey Goode said he was told by the underground priestess that Sitchin was false and was told what to write in his translations? I apologize if I'm picking on just one part of your otherwise brilliant work. So who are we to believe?
Read more at https://www.gaia.com/video/adam-s-calendar-birthplace-humanity#lKscG1GTlPM4UKoU.99"

vlmanos, posted on March 3, 2016

Love this keep up what you are doing people need to know .

mariearmstrong, posted on March 3, 2016

Brilliant, and incredibly interesting! Love your work!

joeszarek941, posted on March 2, 2016

Very well done, Michael, but how much of your reference to Sitchin's work is accurate if Corey Goode said he was told by the underground priestess that Sitchin was false and was told what to write in his translations? I apologize if I'm picking on just one part of your otherwise brilliant work. So who are we to believe?

johnod1, posted on September 10, 2016

i agree now we have a bit of conflict here Corey Goodie did say that Stichins work was disinformation. So Micheal needs to ask Corey about this so he can recheck some of his information about what he said about Stichin. Makes it hard were told 2 different things here who do we believe i hope this can be cleared up so we can get to the truth

qualteam, posted on March 2, 2016

Adam Calendar! One of the most sacred sites on Earth. The beginning of the human race. The beginning of the journey. It was like we were all part of his DNA. "As in Adam, all die, so in Christ all will be made alive".

des.susko, posted on March 1, 2016

"The moment you see it, you cannot un-see it." Love it! And so true about so many things.

lightweaver515, posted on February 29, 2016

Wow again ! I am so very grateful for all the work youve done on this and related topics ! And ya know especially these days i'd trust a shamans account over the "official" account about a sight hands down ! What a wonderful thing to work together with that elder and glean such wisdoms ! And the pyramidal peaks in th golden ratio wow !

skalicki8, posted on February 29, 2016

We love your show, I don't even think you took time to breathe there man!
Thats passion!

capsnowgoose, posted on February 29, 2016

Michael, Thank You for such a well researched program. I look forward every week for the next episode

ecan-mcan, posted on February 29, 2016

Thanks, Michael
You explain your subject so vividly. I find myself being there as you narrate.

pmak4500, posted on February 29, 2016

Excellent work and definitely Ancient Hidden Origins!

infinite.mm, posted on February 29, 2016

Fascinating information! Excellent research! Can't get enough of Mr. Tellinger's work! He has so much to share - definitely worthy of an hour show?!

wm, posted on February 29, 2016

Another riveting presentation by Michael Tellinger! I have to pause many times to research online to corroborate. One can find Adam's Calendar on Google Earth, too, and if you zippidy-doo out into the Barberton Valley, yeah, one can see those two pyramids. One clearly has three sides. The other is more roundish/eroded so maybe 3, maybe 4. And yet, could be hills as there are a number of rolling hills further back that look like pyramids. The 2 MT points out, however, are alone in the valley floor and are encapsulated with the spiral of the Golden Means.

Also glad he brought in the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. There was a falling out between them in the past. Interesting point, too, re Mutwa's description of the old stone "man" carving as the Clitoris of Mother Earth. Apparently practices of female genital mutilation including cliterodectomy as well as any kind of circumcision among anyone of any gender was not common nor acceptable among the Bantu tribes of Southern Africa including the Zulu. Those awful, barbarous practices didn't exist there. Such Abrahamic practices did not spread that far south;.Iinteresting, too, as Abraham per legends came from Ur, which was conquered from the Sumerians, a non-Semitic people, by the Akkadians, a Semitic people, and Abraham is associated with both Hebrews and Arabs, both Semitic peoples; there's various possibilities which Ur is Abraham's Ur, too. Jews, Christians, and Muslims brought circumcision with them, & the latter female genital cutting which merged with local tribal customs. So perhaps their was a reverence for unmutilated genitalia among those using Adam's Calendar, tho who knows what the original builders had in mind.

MT is such an intense and ardent supporter of Z. Sitchin's interpretations of Sumerian cuneiform, a claim long challenged by Dr Michael Heiser and then demolished by Corey Goode & David Wilcock, that it leaves me wondering what really happened. For those who learned to read Sumerian, however, they claim there's noting in Sumerian even close to resembling Sitchin's claims about the Annunaki & Nibiru. What is we ditch Sitchin altogether and simply replace the Annunaki with the possibility the legendary "alien deities" of Southern Africa were actually other ETs? Or Inner Earthers? Or some combination thereof?

Patina dating is itself controversial. There'a a lot online that speaks to how environmental conditions can alter the dating results as patina growth isn't uniform. Yet it hasn't been applied often enough to fully study.

Fascinating stuff! Fun watching Michael Tellinger getting as excited as a little boy digging for dinosaur bones in his backyard and then finding something even more exciting!


tlroutley, posted on February 29, 2016

You pointed out some interesting facts, William. Yes, Michael certainly is excited! He obviously loves his work and is passionate about it too. Fascinating show.
Regarding Credo Mutwa, Credo being initiated at Adam's Calendar, he said that the Sphinx that Michael speaks of is actually a bull, and that he watched two initiates consumating their initation on the back of the bull. It was the he first and last time he saw that. But he is adamant that it is not a sphinx. Credo also has his own facts of what the stone circles are, and that does not correspond with Michael's. I'm not so sure the fences are mended between Michael and Credo Mutwa.
David and Corey's information regarding Stitchin is also mind boggling.. more points to ponder!
Having said that, I do enjoy Michael's series, I must wade through all the info and make up my own mind. I am grateful for his research on everything, especially sound.
Thanks. For your input ~

wm, posted on March 1, 2016

You're welcome, Tammy. Yes, eventually we have the choice to make up our own minds, tho few may stand in the knowing all beliefs are themselves made up by our abstract minds. That's a belief, too, LOL! I don't know if Credo Mutwa & Michael Tellinger have mended any fences. There's vivid controversy across the internet with different factions facing off against one another, but it seems CM and MT have two very different and opposing interpretations of an alleged financial deal between them that didn't pan out as either claimed. I don't know what happened. It is the responsibility, however, for those who were engaged in "the mess" to resolve their disputes. Perhaps they already have. I don't know much either about the different interpretations Credo Mutwa & Michael Tellinger may or may not have about the stones. Clearly the one with the greater access to the media and the means to project their POV into our consciousness dominates the narrative. Quite frankly, the supposed Sphinx looked more like a giant, stumpy femur to me, and that's merely from the angle of an image in a photograph. I've never been to Adam's Calendar, tho I'd love to go. I'm also not trained as a forensic detective to discern certain things in a deliberative manner.

Regarding the Priestess Kaaree's claims Z. Sitchin's work is contrived and planted by the Illuminati, claims alleged by Corey Goode in his narrative, and in turn supposedly corroborated by David Wilcock's story of a former roommate who had similar insider information to the Illuminate exploitation of Sitchin, well, I would trust the variety of scholars who read Sumerian cuneiform and that such research has given rise to a consistency of translations & interpretations among independent researchers such as Michael Heiser. The challenges of researching so-called conspiracy theories is that in the zeal to connect the dots, something few in mainstream academia are wont to do, so much depends on speculation and the misapplication of common sense to fill in the dots. Anyone who researches such thing is aware of how frequent conspiracies really are in history, and also how difficult it is to gain access to highly compartmentalized and classified information, and so the narrative itself is seized as a sensible plot and repeated so much as to believed as "clearly obvious."

This goes back to Corey Goode's brilliant reminders to all of us, regardless of what beliefs we may or may not hold dear, to remember the origin of belief systems in the first place and thus let's keep our reality bubbles permeable. Many sacred beliefs will be challenged and overturned, and history is resplendent with examples of belief systems being repeatedly overturned. Not just mainstream perspectives but also alternative perspectives. There are not any sacred cows too sacred to be profaned and thus liberated from the chains of "belief slavery."

Too often I get the feeling many of us eagerly watch these episodes as if they're another episode in some favorite Netflix show we're binging on. Sometimes I catch myself feeling thus. I feel the hook. I must then remind myself there's work to do right now. Prayer. Meditation. Activism in a compelling cause. Being a stand for acceptance, forgiveness, love, and service unto others. Being kind to ourselves and to one another, and firm in our convictions. Sinking back into endless cycles of wars & revolutions & more & more fear & hatred & violence without end doesn't work. Never did. Never will. Each war spawns many more. Those who lose may well forget, but their descendants resurrect old hatreds decades, even centuries later. We must stop fighting each other.

I've been a militant street demonstrator off & on since a child in the 1960s. I was a nonviolent demonstrator in the Battle of Seattle, and was also in Occupy & later in the $15 Now strikes. Seems like things just kept repeating with little real resolution. There are many unresolved tensions left over from our pasts. I once asked a Buddhist meditation teacher what can I do to address so much injustice and to take stands and take action in the streets, even civil disobedience, and yet still love and forgive those who sought to harm and exploit us & worse? "March in the streets all you want," he responded, "Take a stand for anything you feel strongly for. To accept things the way they are is the first step to changing them. Ending one's attachments and sufferings does not mean you ignore the sufferings of others or tell them to just be with it. No, you go forth, but go forth in response because you choose to respond. Don't get out there and get caught up in emotional reactivity. The most important thing of all is no matter what you do or don't do, don't make any of those people on the other side your enemy. They may see you as their enemy, but don't see them as your enemy. We are all One."

He spoke those words before the Occupy Earth marches and protests of 15 October 2011. I kept those words to heart. I'm not a pacifist, and I will use violence as a last resort to defend myself and my friends and family and colleagues. But to blatantly run out and attack others out of rage and vengeance or to plot mayhem and carnage to overthrow despotism is not the answer. It hasn't worked in hundreds of thousands of years. But a few folks standing nonviolently before the bullets hasn't worked either. Small numbers of people loving their enemies hasn't worked either. Why? Because not once in human history as far as I've known it has overwhelming numbers of human beings risen up to transform themselves and the planet with love instead of hate and with forgiveness and compassion instead of bigotry, vengeance, & punitiveness has not ever happened before.

Perhaps it is time to stop trying to love and just go out there and choose love even if we don't feel it. We need huge numbers of people to do this. Not Margaret Meade's doubtfree small group of people. It's time for enormously large groups of people. It's time to take Paul Hawken's idea of Blessed Unrest to the next level. I don't have any answers either.

At some point we must do, even if it's only, as David Wilcock said on his Wisdom Teachings released today, being "nice." The word "nice" makes me barf, but ya know what? I'm tired of barfing and I'm tired of the endless cynicism, ridicule, apathy, angry trolling, despair, & resignation. I'm tired of going off half-cocked on revolution after revolution while those in power entrench themselves deeper and deeper. There must be a totally different approach than what millennia of killing and torturing and raping and robbing one another in the name of this justification or that justification. For any ascension to occur, we must first learn to transcend ourselves.


LeftField, posted on March 10, 2016

Wise words William, I completely resonate. I've walked the same path and seen the same repetitive exercises in futility and also acknowledge the perception of hopelessness with more of the same and the need for a smarter, more effective way of manifesting the world we were born to live in. So many of us have reached this same level of frustration with the way of the control matrix versus the wisdom of the love mantra, the sum total of which trollies on, business as usual. A lot has changed but mostly for the worse. Mother Theresa refused to go on anti-war rallies. She said invite me to a 'peace' rally and I'm there. Fighting against injustice satisfies our need to stand up and fight or speak out against it and we further justify this by telling ourselves and others, by way of action, that we do not consent to injustice by omission of protest. But as we know, words have power. Anti-war is a war message. Peace is a peace message to the consciousness. Emotions have power. Anger, resistance, frustration, sadness, grief, futility etc exponentially magnified by large groups of people protesting in the streets for justice keeps the fourth dimension fed with this energy. Aside from loosh generation, this collective consciousness thought stream is fed back to our 3D consciousness. The forth dimension is like an umbrella that catches our collective thoughts and feelings. If the message is struggle (against any injustice) it reeks of 'we are all suffering' and reinforces this consciousness. Occupy has a great message. It's a peaceful protest movement that has woken a lot of people up without the negatives, without violence/negative rabid emotion etc. But as you say, peaceful protest hasn't unravelled the power matrix either... But there are still many more people trapped in fear, negative emotion, anger, frustration etc. than there are free spirits. We need to project healthy thought forms, meditate love, peace and vision a world if harmony, and live this daily in order to change the narrative and paradigm. Be co- creators now, not wait for the matrix to change the world but change 'our' world and feed this to the matrix. A co-creating cooperative community is a great place to start, even just visually if the means aren't yet at hand. When the critical mass of meditators and peaceful "pro" testers project enough love into the grid, collective consciousness beams back a new paradigm, a new 'normal', a new way of being the as yet unawakened masses can 'believe' in (ie: once they believe, they too will feed and reinforce the grid positively). It's obvious the reflection of this in a less esoteric sence would be described as a social movement, and what the cabal is heading off at all cost, but we have to start at the collective consciousness level, hence teachings of the guru's - "equanimous, equanimous, equanimous", and choose unconditional love above all emotion. Regina Meredith has an interesting interview with Barbara Hand Clow on Open Minds, Season 2 or 3, episodes 22 and 23 I think. She describes this 3D/4D concept (and the other dimensions) much better from her Celtic-Cherokee lineage as knowledge keeper, Pleidian channel, from which knowledge we can take and/or leave.

LeftField, posted on March 10, 2016

The topic of the rift, not really a rift, came up in a David Icke interview with Credo in Africa -somewhere on YouTube. Didn't take too much notice but recollect Credo took issue with a few cultural/historical facts in a book MT had written. Credo would have preferred his traditional knowledge be heeded where these disagreements occurred. He inferred Michael stayed in touch to a degree to cash in on Credo's name/credibility. Fantastic they are working together for the benefit of the truth despite differences -a wonderful example to us all!

bvb10, posted on February 29, 2016

I think the peaks have more peaks. Make more golden spirals. There seems to be another peak in the photo you show.
Beata aka TFHL www.tinfoilhatlady.com

consciousmatrix, posted on February 29, 2016

Obviously, the latest revelations that Sitchin's information was controlled by the Cabal, is not completely correct. From what Michael has so amazingly shared here, not all of Sitchin's work was dis/misinformation. I believe that Mr Tellinger has done his homework and if he can correlate data with that of Sitchin, then obviously some truth was allowed to be revealed. The greatest deceptions are woven with threads of Truth. I am beginning to love Michael's work almost as much as David Wilcock's!! Great Job!!

rickejones, posted on February 29, 2016

For myself, "Hidden Discoveries" is another example of how the old energies...the old structures are beginning to teeter and sway towards their ultimate collapse. It is time for the old academic archeology departments to awaken or get out of the way.

chandira2012, posted on February 29, 2016


jodychurch2013, posted on February 29, 2016

WOW! I pray and intend that I get to visit those places, and lots of others, soon. And when I do, I also intend to get a guide as knowledgeable as Michael. NOT someone who is going to try make "round circles fit in square holes" because that's the way THEY want them to. It is so past time to know the truth. I find this all fascinating beyond belief. I don't pretend that I exactly understand it all but, I'm working on it. The series about the "sound cones(?)" just blows my mind. But, then, I remember that the military is today using sound vibrations for not always GOOD purposes.
Namaste, Michael and to everyone at Gaia.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 29, 2016

Jody, thank you for your kind comments about our series with Michael Tellinger! We're very glad you're enjoying his insights.
The next upcoming episode is "Stone Circles in South Africa". Watch for it on Monday, 3/7.

All the best,

drow767, posted on February 29, 2016

Thank you Michael for your astute detective work! Mother Earth has been waiting and guarding her secrets until Humanity was ready. Such wonderful investigative work and offerings of the lost knowledge and the magic that is beginning to rise again. Wow! What a ride. Luminous Gratitude, Dawn

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