CMN: Adam Taha on the Palestinian Issue (Part 2) Video
Adam Taha on the Palestinian Issue (Part 2)
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CMN: Adam Taha on the Palestinian Issue (Part 2) (July 2006)

Season 2, Episode 28
Available worldwide

Most of us are familiar with the plight of the Jews during the Second World War. What we haven’t read, we’ve seen on the big screen in such fine tributes as The Diary of Ann Frank, Schindler’s List, and Life is Beautiful. What has not been shown, however, is what happened after the war when the state of Israel was established in Palestine, displacing families and traditions well over a thousand years old. While we’ve all seen the clips of the aftermath of a lone suicide bomber in Tel Aviv, we’re never shown what happens on the Palestinian side where the people live behind barbed wire and walls, and the rubble-strewn cities and encampments they now call home.

In an effort to provide genuinely fair and balanced reporting, Regina speaks with Palestinian-American businessman Adam Taha about life as a Palestinian and Arab, and Taha also provides a history lesson.

Regina Meredith
Adam Taha


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kiwicik, posted on February 25, 2013

He mixed truth w/falsehoods. No way would Israeli's shoot at children!!! I don't believe it!

jjoslinj, posted on September 22, 2013

Are you living in a cave? all you have to do to see them, is to google the Israeli attack on Gaza, showing dismembered babies and children's bodies...all Done by the Israelis!! This was because Hamas and Israel have been bombing each other across the borders for years. Israel didn't need provoking, just another excuse to kill these people that they consider, not on the link below, and if you can, search for yourself. It will make you sick! The photos are even worse than the chemical attack in Syria.In Gaza, at least 5,000 innocent women and children and families were attacked with depleted Uranium (given to the Israel by the US) Napalm, and chemical weapons. Why aren't we up in arms about this???? Is it because we are partly responsible for condoning Israel terrorists??? Is it because the media and our government depend on money from the Jewish defense league and other rich Zionists??
What kills me, is that the Israeli Jews are doing to the Palestinians, what was done to them by Hitler! If there is Karma, the Israelis will reincarnate as Palestinians to experience what they have caused these people.

I love where in this video, she talks about how wonderful it feels when you are around Arabs. I have spent many years traveling the middle east, even marrying an Egyptian. I have traveled the world, and there is no other place with the hospitality and acceptance that you will find in the Arab world. We in America are influenced by the depiction of Arabs as terrorists, and evil.............nothing could be farther from the truth.

This man is telling the truth, and if you don't want to believe that the Israelis would be killing children and doing terrorist acts, with our support and approval, Then you aren't trying very hard to know the history and the truth. Don't be your own investigation. If Americans would do this, as this man says, we wouldn't be on the verge of WWIII. the military industrial complex, and the Israeli military, are in control, and for money and power, are moving us closer and closer to destruction. Please educate yourself and others about the truth. The jews in Israel are not victims any more....they are the victimizers.;_ylt=AplRUvZuxLJ8KnaAvVaVyaabvZx4?p=Photo...

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