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Age Regression and Time Travel Technology
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Cosmic Disclosure: Age Regression and Time Travel Technology (March 2016)

Season 4, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Corey Goode divulges details of each step taken in the age regression process he endured as his time with the twenty and back program came to a close. What we learn, is the prevalence of time travel technology within the secret space programs and why it is such a tightly held secret. These secrets do not stay buried forever. And when the truth is finally revealed, there will be ramifications. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast March 22, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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Brandora, posted on September 30, 2016

Greetings, I have commented on David's programs with Corey Goode, and I want to clarify that I am totally in alignment with the information being given out by him and his guest Corey Goode. With that said, I was devastated when they came forward with the information that Zachariah Sitchin had lied about the information that he allegedly translated from the Sumerian tablets and I went through a few weeks or couple of months upset because I had to go back and do some of my own research about what was really in the tablets. I thought the safest thing to do was to go back to the original scholars who discovered the clay tablets and the work that they and the subsequent scholars did to translate the tablets, up to and including the work by the Pennsylvania University. Once I established that space flight was apparently not involved, and that the flight they did on Earth was by using tools and apparel they wore, making this all seem more psycho-spiritual than space travel technology, I became more in alignment with what Corey and David were saying. Then I was watching William Henry's series on stargates, wormholes and ascension, and especially his series Arcanum, and finally heard the most rational theory and explanation about just what influence the Anannaki Gods had on humanity, just what their interaction with us humans was, I was joyfully able to rethink this whole controversy, and happily was once again aligned with the testimony in this series. Why should you be impressed with anything I have to say on the subject? Well, really no reason, except that I have spent the most of my life, now approaching 71, as a Seeker of Truth. From the time I was 16, I started actively searching for information on reincarnation, yoga, the purpose of our lives here on Earth and elsewhere, just what is the soul, what is our destiny, and are we the only living sentient beings in the Universe, etc, etc, etc. My questions could never be answered by mainstream churches, religions, education, governments, and so I had to really search for answers that made sense, and I developed an interest in what I now know is called gnosticism and the occult, meaning "hidden," not Hollywood nonsense. Now having admitted to that, many of the sources i sought out came from the Greek philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, just two of the many great minds that contemplated all the questions on my lists. One thing led to another, I learned many teachings as revealed by the great Helen Blavatsky, Carl Jung, Max Heindel, Count St. Germain, Isaac Newton, Johann Kepler, Paracelsus, Frances Bacon,, and I could go on, but this should give you an idea that much of my reading was not easy. I also became interested in Edgar Cayce, and yes, I do believe David is the incarnation of the Sleeping prophet Cayce, and although I have to admit, he may not be 100% accurate, I think he is pretty close, and in all cases, believes he is telling the truth, and would not state it if he did not. I have found that in our search for truth, sometimes we just have to believe in our own gut feeling about what is true and what is not, but that is part of our being human and seeking the truth. Just in case some of you skeptics have no faith in any of the great minds that I have mentioned, I would like to say that my knowledge base covers more than just the spiritual side, I am a college trained medical technologist, having worked 30 years in hospital laboratory, running million dollar analyzers that test your blood for various chemical substances, the value of tells physicians how healthy or normal functioning the organs of your blood are. Now having stated that, none of that matters, unless you are just not of the mind to do the research on these matters for yourself, and you just want to believe someone who has more knowledge than you, which a lot of people do. Oh, for you Bible thumpers, I was raised Christian, and have a quite substantial knowledge of the Bible as well. But I would never say, to just believe me because I am knowledgeable, I would say, God gave you a brain, do your own research, expand your knowledge base, then think for yourself. But I will say, I think you can pretty much believe these two gentlemen, because what they are saying agrees with what I have found in my own research. Oh, just one more aside about Sitchin, WATCH William Henry's series Arcanum, in the Third Season, episode 3 or 4, he gives an explanation about the Anunnaki and why they were here, and about Sitchin, that is most logical, and besides that Series explains just what Ascension is, and he gives you the tools to accomplish that great feat for yourself, which is the best purpose for our being I have heard. Blessings to all your seekers for Truth out there, I hope you find all you seek. Namaste!

davedennis58, posted on September 30, 2016

Can you please ask Corey what happens if you are killed in action or have an accidental death during your 20 year service?
Can age regression be separated from time regression?
Can the 20 and back start when you are already 40, then regressed at the start to 20 and returned when you have re-aged to 40?

urenmarkshane1, posted on September 5, 2016

As a very open minded individual and believer of the existence of hidden technologies and ufos etc.........I must say that having watched several interviews with coorey I am struggling to believe his story......body language is poor....eye movement suggests thinking time and not recalling of memories......for a man that claims to have been involved in an off world space program he is very very vague on details of the equipment he worked with....the people.....the role of the program etc etc......let me explain further........if i was in a program for some twenty years and decided to speak of it publically for the good of human kind.........I would have intimate knowledge of systems, processes, standard operating procedures, engineering, design, etc etc.....because lets keep in mind the time lines/duration of his claimed much as i like these interviews...........he just doesnt convince me and I have no doubt he would fail any polygraph test that he was subjected to.

LeftField, posted on September 9, 2016

How much 'intimate knowledge' of anything would you have if your memory was wiped? My PC doesn't do too well.. Corey is not a trained PR/public speaker and he's obviously an introvert trying to get his account right while translating a fairly traumatic experience to 'viewer' consumption/understanding status (assuming most of us are not engineers). Corey is obviously not comfortable in the spotlight (he's obviously not seeking this), and his communication style isn't perfect, but if it was, if it was polished, if he obviously had question pre-knowledge and rehearsal time, then I would have far more reason to be suspicious. But thanks for the observation - ultimately it comes down to the information he is presenting and whether one is prepared to extend Corey the benefit of the doubt. In the broader context of similar case analyses and whistleblower accounts and the hundreds of accounts of technology and patent thefts and suppression of this info to the general public, it is not a stretch to assume merit in Corey's account. Some observers are better at analysing Corey's account than others, while others still would be more, or less, proficient with their intimate intuitive abilities to do so. The upshot is, that to BS to the whole world would require a tremendous degree of courage-almost as much courage as it takes to whistleblow this SSP experience- and would warrant a significant reward- I don't see the carrot dangling, rather, the opposite, particularly opening oneself up to targeted and mass ridicule - a massive ask for an introvert not seeking the spotlight...

Kirstycolquhoun, posted on August 10, 2016

I'm not 100% clear on the whole age regression process. Does the physical body get brought back in time, or is your consciousness transported back in time to your body from the moment before you are brought into the program? If the body is physically brought back in time, how to people in that time line know that you are an age regressed person from the future? Are there people working together in tandem from different time lines? If it is just the consciousness that is transported back in time, what happens to the physical body at he L.O.C? Do they kill the body?? Do they use it in experiments? Do they use it for cloning purposes???

osmanygeminis, posted on August 1, 2016

I had trouble understanding the process of regression of age and time. At the end of your 20, when you returned. My question is:

You were back to the same timeline in which they took you? Or they left you in a different timeline?

I explain why my doubt. I have extensive knowledge and experience to the concept of soul and the fate of souls etc, I am a medium. The problem of time travel in the same time line is that you can not go back on the same time line because is not possible to make regressions of all consciences in all universe at the same time. So, time travel is basicaly a travel between time lines.

kkaligari, posted on July 14, 2016

I don't mean to be impertinent, but some of us have suffered dreadful things directly at the hands of abusers. With respect to age regression technology, does that mean there is technology which is capable of reversing decades of harm and giving me my life back? Asking this on behalf of all survivors. Some of us have been waiting in vain for Justice for decades.

asevbo, posted on May 31, 2016

why don't they just kill you after your service?

meniyka, posted on June 29, 2016

It's a lot of training and investment I imagine and perhaps not all of the peeps in the deep space program are of a negative polarity. Some are probably in it because they are researchers, scientists and adventurous.. it's probably a mixed bag as it is anywhere on earth. In any case, wacking people regularly after their term would become common knowledge and would obviously undermine the collaborative nature that is required for large scope space endeavors. Imagine you're on a research vessel and two years in you find out that every '20 and back' recruit gets wacked. What kind of incentive is that?

tonymcgarry, posted on April 11, 2016

David/ Corey - I could not help this!

stop_bugging_me, posted on April 7, 2016

the best person for this is Captain Kaye - he has gone into great detail on how they age regressed him back

chogardjr, posted on April 4, 2016

Having been watching these series from the first episode, I was interested in what Corey went through in his debriefings and the effects he went through. Could it be entirely possible that Corey, and anyone else who may have been through the age regression, are now just clones of who they were at the time they were brought into the secret programs? He says that he felt as if he had been drugged the rest of the time he was being debriefed. Could it have been some type of consciousness transfer tech that actually transferred his consciousness into his clone body?
I think yes.
He describes in another episode that in order to travel to the alternate universe they had to make a copy to survive there and destroy the original and then again on the return back. Have you ever made a copy of a copy? This gives me the idea that they have a way to not only transfer consciousness to another body but to send it to an alternate universe. I also remember Corey explaining the effects to the body after time travel and that they found a way to "buffer" the time dilation to counter the accelerated aging effects. What if these physical problems that Corey suffers from, the same ones they deny the tech for, are actually due to this cloning tech they decided to use to counter the accelerated aging effects possibly to ensure the secrecy of the programs? Could this also be why they deny him the tech?

I am interested to know what Corey's thoughts are about the idea that his original self "body" was destroyed upon debriefing and his consciousness was transferred into a clone in order to protect the timeline?

I mean in this "alternate timeline" that formed between the points in time starting at his "abduction" or "recruitment" up until he was returned would mean that in the period of time, 20 years, there would have been two physical bodies, two consciousness or souls, or Corey running around. If they send one of these back to before there were two in order to be "returned" there would always be an instance of two you can not avoid. One will have to be destroyed...which brings me back to the clone. Even still with a clone there would still be two consciousness' of Corey running around. If they truly bring you back to the original time then you are in two places at once.

I am not trying to disprove anything at all. I feel that I have a good grasp on the type of "out of the box" thinking that is needed to absorb this kind of info. I find these subjects interest me more than I would like them to. I have not read anything on the power of one. I will have to check that out. Just from the little bit of information that I have been hearing here from David and Corey I feel like I may be in some way conscious to these facts. I thought about "Super Earth" long before I even read of heard about it. That brings me to another part.

Sorry my "thought language" is much faster than typing and speech so I have a tendency to take it all down as it comes out in any form I can so my thought process may seem a bit wild.

Its been said that Mars was a satellite for the Super Earth and it was habitable. Is it possible that Earth was indeed another habitable satellite for the Super Earth? It seems to me that all the theories on the moon and earth formation will fit into this idea with little tweaking of the events. Perhaps since the Super Earth knew of its impending demise they used the Earth, not the moon, as the "lifeboat" and the moon was indeed a artificial structure but it was created around the Super Earth maybe by descendants of the ancient builder race to keep tabs on the inhabitants of that world. Could this be where that world acquired their advanced tech that they were irresponsible with, lol? In this idea lets say the moon, around Super Earth, was no longer being used for a technological purpose. This Super Earth race sounds like they would have the means to move a large body through space. So lets say hypothetically that the Super Earth inhabitants moved their beloved, the 60-70 billion 70ft tall people, would be a better fit on the Earth surface rather than the small lifeless moon even if hidden in the interior. So what this Super Earth race did was use the moon as a shield against the explosion of the Super Earth. It was a very large explosion that no planet around it would have survived so the only way the Earth did not suffer this same fate is it must have had something directly blocking the path of the explosion. I have also thought they might have used not just the moon but also Mars as a shield for Earth. So they were able to lock the moon in the gravitational equilibrium between the Earth, as a moon, and the Super Earth. This means the moon is dead locked, not spinning, and this could be why we always see the same moon face. So upon the destruction of the Super Earth the "moons" were blasted out. It is said that the moon has a strange abnormally thick crust only on the back side. If I remember right Mars also has features that indicate half of its surface was geologically different than the other half. Could this be the impact marks that indicate both these celestial bodies had been unnaturally close to an explosive event? I think yes. Mars found its own path around the sun and Earth ended up with a life long partner that ended up being more beneficial than any of the refugee's had ever imagined.

BTW David I could go on for hours and hours with theories on anything and all ancient aliens/tech that I see you are immersed and involved in. I can never talk to my wife about any of this, she loves me but is not interested in "my stories". I am not good at getting my thoughts out as you might see here. I am much better talking rather than typing and even then I still can't translate my thoughts fast enough. Sorry I can't really explain this much more. I am chogardjr.

artiesanchez, posted on April 4, 2016

Sounds plausible. My guess is, one can spin this many different ways. The rabbit hole is so deep that I keep an open mind when it comes to any conclusions my mind wants to make.

What I'd like to know is...
1. Is "time regression" different than "time travel" or the same?
2. When Corey is time regressed, is he coming back to the AGE he started or is he returning to the TIME he started or both? i.e. is his mother the same age when he is time regressed or is she 20 years older?

...this is so mind blowing!

sraes45, posted on June 19, 2016

Yes, I wonder about the mom & dad... same ages as when he left , it is assumed. BUT..... did Corey say anything to them, or did they suspect anything???

tristar64, posted on April 3, 2016

I'm curious if the blood still flows and the heart still beats during this age regression.

newdirection7, posted on April 2, 2016

As always, thank you!
And sending lots of good vibes to both of you!

pottlelinda, posted on April 1, 2016

Has anyone noticed the Feather behind Davids chair? Is it....? Could it be...? :)

pottlelinda, posted on April 1, 2016

Corey Man, I commend you. You have told us over and over that you did not pick this job of informing us, you were tapped for this job. I can see why you were picked because you're perfect for it. You are learning right along as you are informing and, if that's your public "Therapy" I say your doing a great job of coping and healing. I should know I have a Psychology Degree. If sharing your experiences helps people wake up and releases you from secrets healing you, then it's all good.

I'll tell you what this program, and Wisdom Teachings with David, has done for me:

It explains everything to me. I can be complete. Before, I was torn between science (Atheists) and the spiritual activity going on in my life. Talk about a walking contradiction.

I followed a path of bread crumbs that answered all my questions and confirmed what I already knew. Ancient Aliens to Cosmic Disclosure that lead me to Wisdom Teachings and the Law of One (RA).

I now have a clear understanding about all the levels of Ascension and Yes, it makes sense to me! for the first time in my life, all that I have been told in dreams and real physical events all makes sense.

Now this is what's really is important. Spiritual growth, living without fear knowing that no matter what happens you are where you wanted and needed to be no matter what way the up and coming event takes us. Corey only has to be credible to only one point, that there are ET's, that there is Ascension, and that time it's pretty much up. Even if his memory is not all that clear on things like, they may have blue shirts not green shirts, or some technical device or even if he says he doesn't want to talk about it.... it doesn't matter how fuzzy his memory is because all we have to believe is just enough to believe. The rest is just more information that even if it was 100% accurate ...... what the hell are you gonna do with it anyways? Are we all rocket scientists? Do you have escape pods ? how about a Smart Glass Pad factory? No? I didn't think so. So what would you do with all this .....un- muddied information? Corey has told us all just what we needed to know and that's all he needed to be credible on.

Until someone steps up, all we have is Corey. He is a brave soul to do so. I believed he needed to do this and those who "Tapped " him knew it too or, do you not believe they did? As a reminder both Corey and David said, "there are many others with much more information and maybe by Corey stepping forward it will help them to do the same."

So if you don't like those that have stepped up then, maybe you can persuade those still hiding to come out and speak up. I am sure you'll be much better at getting insiders to talk then David can.

Remember it's all about spiritual growth and coming together that's the big picture. Oh Sure the details of the up coming event would be nice but,.... oh .....not necessary, as any spiritual being knows.

Love and Light Linda

destinyclemens, posted on April 1, 2016

Coreye's sharing of his experience of age regression combined with time regression was incredibly eye-opening. Obviously such hot information has enraged those internetters out there who are psychologically troubled or paid government trolls. This comments thread has attracted them like sticky flypaper. Never mind. A great episode and thank you so very much Corey and David!

mtngenetix, posted on March 29, 2016

I can’t legitimately spring a ticket for Gaia anymore and reading the comments here is like sharing a knothole in deep left field with the kids from “Our Gang.” I hear the bats cracking and roaring crowds, but won’t really know what happened until the sports page comes out. (BTW, on behalf of all indigent SOBs, thanks for the transcripts on SBA blog, CG.)

Of course CG does keep certain details cloaked, or to himself entirely. It’s a matter of personal protection. And he deserves certain privacies. Reading “between the lines” as it were, I can guess some of what he holds back… encoding things in a manner decipherable only to those who he deems qualified and deserving. I’ve already called him out, in my way, as a means of validating to him my own unfortunate credentials. And that’s sufficient.

As mentioned, my comments seemed to have already garnered more unwanted attention than I deserver or desire. Should an arrest be made, you can envision the impending perp walk. To my left stands the Kraken, because he is always there when I’m at my worst, acting as silent character assassin. And to the right stands a skunk ape, the Super Soldier’s closest genetic relative. Mythological Phylogeny. Go figure.

Regardless, the charges are simple. All encounters of consequence must occur under poor lighting conditions, in the presence of bad optical technology, and only in the presence of incompetent witness. Hopefully, they pin everything on the stinky skunk ape, but it wasn’t him that deviated from protocol. Both the skunk ape and the Kraken can handle protocol. They didn’t appear with clarity. They didn’t leak.

The Kraken and the Skunk Ape know who bears guilt. They glare angrily. They take umbrage. The skunk ape supplicates for beer and dated my sister, so I figure I owe him one anyway… and that squares his inconvenience in the bar afterward. But the Kraken holds a grudge. Supplicating the Kraken’s gonna hurt. For my own sake, I’m really hoping they don’t pin it on him.

Right now however, all evidence points to me. Sigh. Even if the charges won’t stick. And how could they? The three of us are mythical after all, and the court’s jurisdiction falls in reality. The entire sordid event makes no rational sense… even if it feels about right.

Yes, its a nightmare scenario where lunacy rules. In it, somebody wants accountability where none can reasonably exist. Worst case… and a lot worse than anything a rampaging Kraken or obviating marsh monster can inflict, somebody gives me a fresh set of implants for my offense.

Implants suck. Maybe even worse than prison. The Kraken knowingly gives me the side-eye.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 28, 2016

This is my conclusion after having a fantastic weekend skiing, hiking, seeing live shows, and essentially living life to the fullest. I have always, my entire life, practiced the "Law of one" before I knew about the material. I have been informed of my own cosmic background by higher beings, and I won't say who or what that is on here because no one would believe it any way... I am stating this because I have nothing but love for Corey regardless of if I believe his seemingly traumatized mess of a story.

That said,
Whether or not Corey is honest or not, a hired actor or not... Let's pretend he IS telling the truth for a moment. Many here have slammed my comments saying he's in THERAPY. If he's still needing therapy, and clearly is traumatized, F'd up (Excuse my language), and has self-proclaimed that his OWN memories have been tampered with and shifted around... then I think he needs to get professional help and REAL therapy rather than having these 'therapy' sessions PUBLICIZED all over Gaia by David Wilcock. There is something very wrong with this picture. It doesn't help ANY OF US to better understand disclosure.. It only makes the waters muddier, more distorted, and less clear. This information is not worth it because its barely even pure. The more traumatized a person is, the more they begin to tell themselves lies/stories about what actually happened to them. If his mind is a a muddy dirty mess by the government's tampering of it (in theory, and even admitted to by Corey himself), then we can conclude He, Corey Goode, IS NOT a reliable source, now is he?

To use David's favorite word - End of "Fricking" story!!! It's time to get RELIABLE sources on here who's brains havn't been so F'd up by the Men in Black that they've essentially turned it to puddy/mush. Yes, that's right. Let's PLEASE move this series on to something more tangible and reliable, David!

Also, to David: I want to say for the record this: If by some small chance, 100% of what Corey says is accurate (granted he has already admitted how messed up his brain is from all the tampering by the so called men in black), I have nothing but compassion and love for him as a result. And I believe that rather than trying to turn him into a HERO by doing "therapy" sessions on Gaia via a celebrity format, you should be on the contrary trying to get him therapy OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE so that he himself doesn't become further traumatized by the criticism that is naturally going to occur. This isn't therapy. This is a circus. Please re-think your choices for insiders on Gaia..

patrick.jeter, posted on March 28, 2016

I'm always put off by people who insist they "have nothing but love for" so and so and then go on to trash that person. You sound petty and jealous to me. If you don't like what's being presented, then don't watch. Maybe you need therapy because you seem to struggle with seeing others get attention. Why is Corey's brain any more F'd up (a really loving term, btw) than someone like you who claims to be informed by "higher beings" about some supposed "cosmic background"? My guess is that you're a charlatan and the BS you've been shoveling doesn't jive with the truth Corey is speaking. That's my conclusion.

riverwanderer9, posted on March 31, 2016

Charlatan? Sorry friend, No, I'm just some one who is consistently psychically connected and is on a illuminated path without the distortions of prestige/titles/status feeding my ego. Many things that Corey describes I've seen and have been shown. So that alone has shown me that some of the things he describes he found out about through some means. I'm just not sure how he has. Does it matter to me who believes that I'm being contacted? Absolutely not. Maybe in my 20's I would have cared and reacted emotionally, but my own personal enlightenment has soared on these issues in recent years. Jealousy is definitely not an emotion I submit to in my life, by the way. I definitely don't envy some one who can barely express their thoughts due to mental tampering. Who would?

The only thing that ever convinced me that my astral projections held any weight (I use to believe I just had an over active imagination for years) is when consistently like clock work, I read, studied, and heard about the very places POST the experiences I had. When you find yourself later learning about countless details from 100's of travels accumulated over the years, one finally has to accept that you are truly being shown real places in the universe. Most of these confirmations of these very places came later in my life years later. You can't logic your way around everything, and I assure you, I tried for years to think my way around it. My rational mind wanted to win. I'm not into this whole "special" thing, and there isn't one fun thing about it, especially when you don't relate to your peers and you're the only person who knows what's happening to you. Granted my room mate is my greatest friend and a spiritual master; he's the only person who knows. We are consistently followed by UFO's as well. Oh yes, I know how insane it all sounds. I'd laugh at me too. It took a lot of courage for me to begin sharing anything around these forums, and it also took some serious divine intervention to convert me from essentially an atheist, later to an agnostic, and now to a student of light through RA. I am not a perfect person, and I'm not claiming to be. So please, puff your feathers down a bit.

Finishing up on the Corey issue, I have only tried to explain I feel very sorry for Corey. I AM NOT THE ONE who suggested he's having therapy sessions here, his backers/believers/followers are. This is suppose to be Disclosure Series, and I think using some one who clearly is needing therapy and has self-proclaimed to be massively tampered with mentally is NOT a good source of accuracy in information. That's clear. Tid bits of what he says seem to be true, but huge chunks are probably not accurate. As a result, the only thing this series of interviews is accomplishing is further distorting truth. I don't believe that is what David really wants but that's all that's being accomplished here. If the man needs therapy, then he needs to get it professionally instead of having his tampered/foggy memories publicized.

All the light and love to you Patrick!

azgard123, posted on March 28, 2016

1) Please elaborate on the 22 experiments being done on humanity by the ET groups...

2) How does living under ground affect the inner earth dwellers? ley lines, living surrounded by granite, under streams etc as opposed to over them... How does a civilization live 14 million years on/in a planet which is approximately 320 great years without ascending if the average is 3 great years per species?

3) When Corey came back 20 years in time and was debriefed did the authorities in charge get the full debriefing of his service that was yet to come? in other words did the ssp at that time in 1987 have the following...a fresh Corey who just joined and was in space starting his career? an entire dossier of his future service, and a time regressed Corey walking around on the planet earth, one that they could cross reference in case they need to check some facts etc... Not only that but they have this for every person that this process has been done on! how do they use this future knowledge on a day to day basis and do they use it to change future events!

4) How does hyper dimensional physics play in the locating of subterranean civilizations... if there is a merkaba within the earth that causes energetic up -wellings at 19 degrees north and south of the equator resulting in for instance the Hawaiian islands then there must be less energetic zones between these points with deeper cooler areas that could hold caverns.... also mountains have large subterranean roots like icebergs another good place for large caverns to form... please locate as well as possible these civilizations on a map.

5) If the powers that be want to stop Corey they can do this any time they want by altering the time line... they have many operatives in the ssp who are currently still in service and back on planet simultaneously if three to five percent of them can not be blank slatted then those people need to come forward and compare intelligence especially those whose service as of today is still active... then we can figure out how this is going to panout.

pottlelinda, posted on April 1, 2016

Bravo all great questions. I would love to hear the answers :)

cheverie.tyler, posted on March 27, 2016

Greetings, Earthlings. I have a message from the Pink Bunnies: Wake up!!! The UFO community has been infiltrated by unscrupulous individuals who have recently become unemployed. They are playing a giant game of follow the bouncing carrot with our thoughts and feelings, and we cannot allow it. We like carrots too much. Yes, the Anunnaki came for your gold, but we need carrots! My name is Cho-co-late Bun-E, and I approve this message.

Andrew K, posted on March 27, 2016

Get a grip.

j03ba1a, posted on March 28, 2016

I truly wonder who Really needs to get a grip here...

I still keep in the back of my mind the possibility that all of this Cosmic Disclosure really is just a bouncing disinformation carrot orchestrated or influenced by the -PTB- I mean, PTW(ere), whether or not Corey has earnest intent (which he seems to, yet all of this could be exaggerated astral experiences still)...

However, I still hope & pray it is true and coming to a beautiful fruitful head for all of us here on this lovely planet :)

In the end though, we don't need any of this. We have all we need. Every tool and ability to ascend ourselves/this planet and reveal "Cosmic Disclosure" resides within us, our will, intent, our love. Corey thankfully reminds us of this - that it will not happen til we do it. So let's do it. :)

EDIT: speaking of which:
lol; synchronicities.


riverwanderer9, posted on March 28, 2016

Exactly.. And the more David keeps promoting Goode's traumatic 'therapy' sessions, the less David will be trusted by his own followers. We need to move on from Corey Goode. Whether he's telling the truth or not doesn't matter - he's too traumatized, sensitive, and messed up to be in the public eye at this point. He needs to seek therapy first, not have 'therapy' publicly on Gaia.

stef9, posted on March 30, 2016


nicki, posted on March 27, 2016

Hi David, and Corey. Thanks so much for the awesome information you are sharing to support the awakening of the planet. I recently came across this in my research and wondered what you think about it? Is this a blue sphere being "covered up"? interested to hear other peoples views too. thank you

The potential blue sphere being covered up is at 3:07 minutes into the video

Go Well :-)

azgard123, posted on March 28, 2016

Nicki, very interesting video.... if the sphere is being covered up and is indeed a ship couldn't it just move from behind the screen? that leads me to believe that the object is far away like nibiru and then it could be covered up thusly like blocking out the sun with your thumb...
cool non the less...

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on March 26, 2016

I think I got it this time: GIANTS!!! All that has to happen to get the word out in an effective way is to have some GIANTS that are, say 45 to 70 feet tall, appear. I thought 28 feet tall would do it, but I think people would still be able to convince themselves 20-30 feet is just a freak thing but not life changing. And you could use light people, people who disappear, or other interesting people, but any of that could be done in photoshop, so not convincing. Think of the thousands of videos if 70 foot people just showed up in a few large cities or at some major events. GIANTS could just talk and be normal. After that, who could deny there's more to life than meets the eye.

We just need 6-8 GIANTS world-wide, after about a month of hanging out together and building trust, then we tell everybody everything about the cabal, the 22 experiments thing, the whole dark side Lucifer story. Along with the data dumps. And we throw a victory party before we start. I think it would be very cool to be a GIANT. I volunteer to do it, if possible. As a plus, I live in San Francisco where I am sure I could get a gig disclosing at base ball games.

Please let David and Corey know immediately ;)

In friendship,

David Bush

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 30, 2016

Great idea, Dave! :)
Thanks as always for being part of the Gaia community.


Dr. Dave 4D, posted on March 31, 2016

SuzanneB@gaia: You are welcome. I have lots of them. Like Gaia should throw a 4-20 party in Boulder and let's all meet in person there. After that we'll know who is for real. I mean, that's what this most recent episode is all about, right? Corey said he and David are for sure "on the list". That makes them most certainly high on that list. So, it must be true that several, if not all, are false identities, you and I excepted since I spoke to you. That's where all this inevitably takes you: you have to doubt everything and everybody. YIKES!

The only true solution is a get-together. I'll be happy to help plan the event.

In friendship,

David Bush

dumitru, posted on March 26, 2016

Is his double out there right now doing his 20 years of servitude? If so, since Corey is back out in space being an ambassador, could he run into himself out there?

cheverie.tyler, posted on March 26, 2016

A few years ago, a man named Kevin Trudeau, who was in his 40s, claimed that he was actually 70 years old!!! He also claimed to be a secret government operative for 20 years. Today, ladies and gentlemen, that man is in prison for fraud! The scam is one that has been utilized by unscrupulous salesmen for centuries, which uses "secret" knowledge which only the pitchman is privy to, who makes claims which are so outrageous that they simply cannot be either validated or discredited by vulnerable individuals who want to believe. That is EXACTLY what Corey Goode is peddling here. You have ALREADY paid him with your subscription, and since this is a relatively new business venture, it is only a matter of time before you have to "pay up", the same way Kevin Trudeau found ways to make millions and feed his messiah complex. Look into Goode and Fast Company and Microsoft and consider the timing of this disclosure. Stay frosty, believers.

aknowz, posted on March 27, 2016

Care to elaborate a little at least? I can't find a relation between Goode, Fast Company and Microsoft...

j03ba1a, posted on March 28, 2016

I think the theory the OP is trying to link together here is that Corey Goode is potentially capitalizing on a new business venture whereby he provides us with this type of 'Cosmic Disclosure/Cosmic Information/Food for our hungry inner ascendant lightworking spirit' at a time where we are looking everywhere for it.
In a similar way to how Fast Company intersects progressive media leadership for their benefit, and how Microsoft wants the whole world to be running Microsoft products. Thus asserting Corey wants to be a low-key entrepreneurial messiah of information, which others have asserted in the past (I believe Project Avalon was one such place). There is definitely reason to believe this, as we have been scammed by so many doing similar things in the past,...

However, something about Corey's message resonates deeply within the core of heartfelt truth and earnest good will, and that is what keeps me coming back, to hear what he has to say - just in case, because it might not be a scam, it might really be true :) (or at least the most important parts are true, about the sphere beings and us helping ourselves to propel our planet into the higher frequencies of unconditional love and oneness before us).


seethinglong, posted on March 26, 2016

I think mainstream disclosure with more financial support to disclose more videos and explanations. SYFY has many similar exposure on Moon base and X men evolution documentaries. China now make broadcast on Pyramids and ancient wars between human and fallen angels of Giants.

cheverie.tyler, posted on March 26, 2016

Does anyone else find it suspect that right after people start voicing a contrasting opinion about the information being presented by Corey Goode, that the next episode of Cosmic Disclosure is going to be about "government trolls"? The timing of that is too "Goode" to be true. Look up the information regarding Fast Company and Corey Goode for yourself. Where there is smoke there is fire, everyone. And NEVER let anyone tell you that you are not being positive if you are questioning HIGHLY speculative information and calling out for caution.

riverwanderer9, posted on April 5, 2016

Wait till you see the NEXT Cosmic Disclosure episode... 100% about "Trolls". Talk about the thought police. It reminds me of Donald Trump, actually. Telling people to throw tomatoes at those who disagree with the movement and deem them a troll. He even goes on to tell every one to IGNORE those who disagree with them. What's worse, he literally scared off all the skeptics. I think I'm the only one on the new discussion speaking out against such hogwash.

j03ba1a, posted on March 28, 2016

My friend, Cheverie.Tyler, thank you.

I know not if you work for the government, the PTW, or are a truth-seeking individual eager to share your experiences with us...

Regardless, I love you, I forgive you, thank you. You have revealed to us and the world the sneaky psy-op tactics of the PTW who wish to hold us back and bogg us down. But now that we so clearly and easily see the tactics, they may be dissolved into the aether of unconditional love. It is obvious to all now. There is no more hiding to be had where the light of our unconditional love is.

May the spirit behind these darkening psy-op efforts rest in peace and be recycled into new birth of unconditional loving creation here on this plentary sphere of existence. The time is now. So it is so mote it be. Amen.

(EDIT friends, a friendly cat began meowing extremely loudly outside my window as I typed this prayer, which I have never heard before at this location. Now my eyes fill with healing tears and my heart with unconditional love. As I just typed this the cat screamed in meowing pain as it too releases these stagnant energies within us all. May all be at peace and reside in the comfort of the unconditional loving existence that is all.)

j03ba1a, posted on March 28, 2016

You make a very interesting point... sometimes it is too Goode to be true... sometimes it just is, and our fears are what lead us astray into skeptical disbelief.

In the end we may never know the true true behind this narrative... but it doesn't really matter, as long as we remember the possibility this is just a story, and the absolute FACT that it is all up to us to enliven and help ascend our world, with our omnipotent and all-encompassing unconditional love and knowingness.

I googled "Fast Company and Corey Goode" together and wow... (edit turns out Microsoft is also one of the search combination buzzwords to lead us to this programmed disinformation psy-op site to be revealed below)
holy s***...
never has a government troll like yourself made yourself more obvious - thank you.

So googling those two together, results in a cleverly linked TOP search result from none other than linkedin, a well reputed site (and likely how the PTW were able to get this article of theirs to the top of google searches for us to disinform us with fear and anger and hatred)
Claiming the "BlueAvians Earth Sheriff™ BUSTS Mr. David Wilcock & Mr. Goode", seeming to be the exact type of information this spammer has pestered us with to look into "for ourselves" on this comments page.
So I click it to look into it and explore all the viewpoints as I usually like to keep oneself in check.
First thing I notice is blaring "reports" that everything we are learning here on CD is not true... hmmm ok, seems like what the poster was trying to assert.

Let's see what substance there is to this, so I click the link to the home site of the guy who posted this claim, and WOW.
TYPICAL black ops disinformation fear-ridden psy-op attempting shitty site.
A jumble of a mess, wild claims made everywhere, subliminal messages to brainwash you towards hatred like "Evil, no heaven for you!" (there is heaven for every one, all have the hope to overcome), messages of criminology, wanting to punish the supposed wrongdoers, saying all these things in the truther and UFO and whitleblower movements are spoofs and lies, clever symbols we have seen elsewhere in our truther movements like JP Morgan cartel, Xfiles, etc. all things to bait us into thinking this is a relatable site, with values and curiosities like our own, with secret information the kinda type we "conspiracy theorists" like.

Then the site attempts to sway the viewer into wanting to punish others, persecute and prosecute, hate, and above all send a message of fear of Aliens, UFOs, whatever, even from some of the most loving sources who have sent us some of their wisdom (The Pleiadians/Plejarans as the site calls them, attempting to convince you of its authenticity by using a more 'authentic' name) *note* make whatever opinion about the Pleiadians you wish, the point of this site and this comment is the fear aspect, when we would do better to not dwell on fear.

So at this point I am already pretty sure this is a fear porn PTW psy-op, from the site's obviousness (learning from my discernment coming across sites just like this that promote fear and secret knowledge without real helpful soul healing substance), and the poster's actions here on this comments section, but I decide to click on one of the site's 'secret articles that Corey and David and all Whistleblowers do not want us to see and have kept from us'!

So I go to click on the first PDF and WHOOSH
- Immediately I get a resonatory wave from my higher self lovingly warning me of the fear and psy-op that is about to come in this article. I am almost afraid to click on it, but I know knowing what it's heinous intent may be, I can remain resolute in my center.

So I click on it -
they show a picture of a seemingly respectable old professor looking guy who looks like Steve Jobs in his younger years and I'm like hmmm that's really weird how much he looks like Steve Jobs (probably a tactic to get you to subliminally trust and like this UFO guy who claims all his stuff is the only right info because many of us respect and appreciate Steve Jobs and believe him since he looks like a well reputed professor type when older)...

And BOOM -
within a minute of reading the pdf I notice a sneaky SUBLIMINAL SCREEN FLASH where a full-screen image with text and picture flashed on my screen for a split second and went away, almost invisible to the unprepared eye. But I have seen many of these in my time.
After seeing it, whatever it was (too fast to make out) I got a wave of fear and sorrow and division between us and a cry for help. I knew the sublminal message had quite an unhelpful intent to say the least.
It was then that my speculation on this poster's speculation seemed to be confirmed, that this sneaky troll claiming Corey and David's stuff are the great psy-op disinforming and distracting us, when it is actually HIS or HER information that is the malignant psy-op attempting to disinform and distract us from the real info they do not want us to see and believe and promote!
CLASSIC psy-op tactic again here - blur the lines of belief by claiming not to be something, callin someone else out on being it, when you are actually the one who is that thing! We do it all the times as human beings even, "calling the kettle black" (and the old addage "you hate in others what you most hate within yourself" (or something like that).

So to those of you considering this person's spam comments here telling you to google Fast Company and Corey Goode, to bait you into clicking this fear-laden psy-op site, please be prepared dear friends!
Check it out for yourselves if you wish and don't listen to me if you wish, but know that it is a site ridden with fear tactics (though love exists eveywhere).

And regardless of the other details I mentioned earlier, any site that actively promotes fear and hatred in relation to/conjunction with enlightened spiritual/conspiracy info, is the pretty much ultimate tactic of the PTW to capture our ascendant spirit of love and hope for all, and sneakily hijack it and turn it to a crusading fear and hatred of others (others who seem to be the "bad guys" when we are all one, we are the bad and the good guys, we need to heal ourselves not attack ourselves), which is pretty much the ultimate tactic they have to quell our Ultimately powerful ability to help lovingly save our planet and consciousness, and to stifle our imminent rise into the higher frequencies of love by keeping us bogged down by the lower and divisive frequencies of fear and hatred. Everything is frequency my dear friends.

Remember, all that helps "ascend" ourselves and the planet is unconditional love, all that helps keep us bogged down in the swampy dark waters of reality is swampy dark fear, REGARDLESS of the information or how truthful it may seem. All the time. Every time. Frequency and intent.

In Case Google removes these top search results when typing in those key words, here is the site Google led me to:
which links to the original post of this "Earth Sheriff" (lol, making us think we have to listen to their police authority) here:
May all be revealed in the light of unconditional love.

Stay frosty friends! :)

And I hope I was maybe able to help some of you out who were curious about the authenticity and intent of this "Cheverie.Tyler" poster's claims :)


riverwanderer9, posted on April 11, 2016

And if you're wrong, you've just really made an innocent person feel like absolute crap.

Tyler seems to be some one who genuinely has a healthy skepticism, and there use to be many more on here. But since the 'goverment trolls' episode, accusing his listeners of all being narcissists and mentally unstable morons, every one has been shamed out of voicing an opinion that doesn't stroke David/Corey's ego to the moon. There are plenty of intelligent people on past Goode videos who have expressed their concerns/ideas about Goode. They aren't all paid government trolls, narcissists, sociopaths, uneducated backwoods hillbillies, etc. They are people with a healthy skepticism about wild claims.

cheverie.tyler, posted on March 26, 2016

It has come to the attention of myself and others that comments made of a contrasting opinion on the content being presented here is potentially being deleted!!! If that is true, which I have witnessed with my own eyes, it makes ALL of this disclosure very suspect. So if you comment on this issue be sure to check back and ensure that your comment is still posted. If it is not, speak up. A wise man once said: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

j03ba1a, posted on March 28, 2016

My question now is, why do you feel the need to spam 3 or 4 posts (at least that I have seen so far scrolling down and replying) about this issue? You truly discredit yourself and raise your own Red Flag by seeming like such a needy troll... Shame because you have made good points.

jcornwell, posted on March 26, 2016

I wonder, was there ever a paper contract signed with the stated benefits? If not, a verbal contract obviously won't hold up in court, and a contract of any sort would be questionable since the project is not part of the mainstream and easily deniable. Since the clock was turned back and you were age regressed, it could be argued that it never happened, or that it was a do-over and everything you experienced would be erased.

I wondered if the mind wipe had worked if you're talking about all of this in such detail. How does the SSP feel about you openly discussing all of this and does it void or nullify your nondisclosure agreement? Could your failed mind wipe be part of the disclosure project?

Did you advance in ranks while you were in service or did you stay at the same rank?

pushkar.baral, posted on March 26, 2016

Goodjob both David and Corey. Incredibly rare service to all of mankind !

allenteressa, posted on March 26, 2016

I am so glad that David stays on top of these demonstrates to the public that only truth can really be spilled out of Corey and there is no time for making things up. Thank you Corey for being so truthful and brave! Two peas in the pod. You both compliment one another. =)

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