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Air Pollutants
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Healthy Home: Air Pollutants (2001)

Season 2, Episode 6
Only available in Canada, United States

We take a close look at dust mites to see what you can do to reduce them in your home.

We help you examine the healthiest paint options on the market so you can paint to your heart’s content and stay healthy doing it.

Professional artist Lianne Varnam demonstrates how to use biodegradable and water-soluble paint and varnish strippers to unearth the beauty of an old window frame.

Expert air quality inspector Richard Kadulski leads us to some of the healthiest filters and clean air solutions.

Lori Baker, who has been making bees-wax candles in her home for the past thirty years, will guide us through the process of making our own healthy candles from natural ingredients.

Tamara Stanners
Rob Kelly


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