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Akhenaton & the Holy Light
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Arcanum: Akhenaton & the Holy Light (May 2014)

Season 1, Episode 9
Available worldwide

From the heart of the galaxy, passing through the inter-dimensional gateway of our sun and reflected by the moon, we are continuously irradiated with divine light. Detecting this subtle spiritual energy requires a shift in our perceptual senses. This can come from spiritual initiations such as baptisms and special theurgical rites where this higher dimensional energy illuminates those who are open to receive it.

During the reign of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, a religion was established that worshiped this holy light that they called Aton. We can see their reception and transmission of this spiritual energy in the countless works of art. We also see strong correlations of these concepts within Christian artwork where the holy light is prominently displayed in depictions of the baptism and resurrection of Jesus and the Pentecost.

Clare and William Henry reveal the secrets of this divine light and how we can use it to achieve ascension in this presentation originally webcast May 6, 2014.

Clare and William Henry


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Rebelle713, posted on June 10, 2016

31:00 min mark blue bird is the 'holy spirit' and blue egg
The imagery is all over this arcanum series!!!!

jhanaquinn, posted on October 19, 2015

In the "Adon" portrait, I see Jesus Christ using a Surya Mudra - Mudra of the Sun. It is interesting to me that he would be using this type of mudra which is found in Hinduism and Buddhism.

bvb10, posted on June 26, 2015

Hi William...I saw skulls in Bolivia exactly this shape. very very long. I think there must have been other human types in ancient times. I have seen many other elongated and larger skulls as well.
Beata Van Berkom

mtsparta, posted on August 16, 2014

The ARCANUM series by Clare and William Henry are fantastic!!!!!!!!!

I highly recommend to all

richardeoceguera, posted on May 8, 2014

I can't get enough of this series and I'm urging all of my mystic friends to watch too. You are providing me such a depth of insight and new knowledge and I'm grateful. I'd love to work alongside you as you do research for these episodes!

patricehocking, posted on May 8, 2014

Every show gives me a great deal to ponder - a great thing. Thank you for providing a new way in some cases to view our spiritual history as well as great works of art.

justtrish, posted on May 7, 2014

I watched this show primarily because of my interest in Akhenaton, and it is the first Arcanum episode I have ever watched. I enjoyed the first part - where William Henry speaks about Akhenaton - but the second part, I just tuned out, primarily, I think, because Claire Henry's tone is flat and her face is expressionless, so it just didn't grab me. I will watch another episode or so, but this series may be one for me to skip.

theyounglion, posted on May 30, 2014

Iono, I happen to like Clare and find her bit just as insightful as William's; yet, to each their own. Great show as always!

sonmi, posted on May 7, 2014

You guys hit the bull eye! I love it and understood every word of it. When you speak the word "peace" The recorded sound look like a flying dove or the side view of the milky way galaxy. When your pillars are filled somewhat with light, you have everlasting peace inside your heart, your heart does not sway, it just says still no matter what. This is only known by the ones experiencing it. I hope to see more of enlightening stories from you guys. The G2 cloud must be sending joy and peace right now, this feeling is all around the people who is on the right track. It is a wow!

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