Open Minds: Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions Part 2 with Barbara Hand Clow Video
Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions Part 2 with Barbara Hand Clow
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Open Minds: Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions Part 2 with Barbara Hand Clow (June 2013)

Season 2, Episode 23
Available worldwide

The conversation continues as to nature of the multi-dimensional world we live in. This time, we venture beyond the energetic limitations of time-space, as we know it, and explore the higher energetic realms. We can access these realms by studying ancient belief systems, sacred geometry, labyrinths and the practice of yoga. Barbara Hand Clow expands on the impact of the fourth dimension on our lives and how we can access the higher dimensions to take back our own in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast June 18, 2013.

Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher, author, and Mayan Calendar researcher who has taught at sacred sites throughout the world. Her numerous books include The Mayan Code, The Pleiadian Agenda, and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions.

Regina Meredith


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iamhamsa, posted on February 28, 2016

Hi Regina and Barbara ~
May we all please get an update now that we've progressed into 2016?
Thanks for all you do!

Terricogbill, posted on January 21, 2016

I have really enjoyed watching this 2 part interview with Regina and Barbara . So much amazing education .
I'm confused about Barbara saying sound came out of light . All the teaching s I have heard is that first there was sound .... OM. AUM. In the beginning was the Word to quote John 1. Not in revelations , as she stated . But also in Genesis , Michael Ledwith did study the ancient Jewish texts, and stated it was miswritten , and Michael Tellinger just spelled it out in his latest episode on Jan . 2016 how Michael had written it on a napkin .
So , please address this for me . In the ninth dimension is it that the light produced the sound that started creation , or is it the 432 HZ OM frequency that generated everything into being ? This is giving me a splitting headache !
Thank you !

LeftField, posted on March 7, 2016

Greetings Terrigogbill, I can't presume to answer your question, this is new info for me also.. Just thinking through the logic though and we have to ask, I think, if 'in the beginning was the word', ie, sound, then where did that come from/originate? I think we'd have to presume The Source is a spontaneous sound manifest from nothing if it wasn't an expression of some other force. If what Barbara is saying -as the Plaidians have given her - is true, then it makes sense that Primary Source is not ' contained' (as opposed to not present) to our accessible nine dimensions but beyond that. In his Sacred Geometry Flower of Life books, Drunvalo Melchezideck describes how to create the sacred geometry patterns, and from memory, I think thought preceded the manifestation of it. At least, "thought" is the interpretative word our primitive 3D understanding or English language might understand - there's probably a far more technical/colourful explanation of creation in the traditions of the masters teachings and likely in other languages, especially ancient. Hebrew, Greek, Arabic etc but I'm interested after his interview in learning to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs...

zenbino77, posted on November 9, 2015

Watched this again after 2 years and understood it even better and have had a decent bit of what Barbara said here confirmed for myself in some way or another. I feel she did an excellent job of trying to verbalize the challenging notion of other dimensions and their meaning for us, as well as he mechanics of how things manifest in the 3rd dimension. She does, indeed, seem to have a multi-dimensional understanding. Thank you Regina and Barbara!

yogstersage, posted on July 30, 2015

The two episodes with Barbara and Meredith was a coming home party for me. Thank you both immensely! I studied and practiced Barbara's 9 Dimensional work and technique back when it was first on the scene through her seminal book and was fortunate enough to attend one of her Activation seminars in person. This material was an extremely profound and important key to unlocking my spiritual/physical journey this lifetime. It helped to catapult the discovery of who I am and what is available to us all as 3D humans to a new level of understanding. The growth was mind and heart altering. I use the 9 dimensional technique to this day as my preferred method of cosmic/earth connection. I especially resonate with the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 9th dimensions which of course anchor directly into the 3rd where we dwell in manifestation. My first visit to the 4th was an eye opener and very uncomfortable, for this is the arena of humanity's collective thoughts and emotions which has been highjacked by the domination and control system, the keepers of which are the Annunaki. The symbolic visualization I saw while there was a gigantic screen which was made up of thousands of tiny TV like screens, all with a different talking head vying desperately for my attention. I couldn't stay very long in that dimension for it was so damn confusing and distasteful to body and soul. I was always reluctant to visit again there after until I took control, via my mind, and found (or created) a symbolic switch which turned the scene into a completely blank white screen. Then a giant playful, pink, child-like Ganeshe appeared and danced gracefully across the screen. What was learned was that I (we) can create any 'archetype' at any given time and by-pass the engineered programming of the Matrix Game masters who use the 4th dimension as there polarization manipulation board. Think main stream TV media here as an example of twisting truth and spoon feeding willing minds with distortions. I killed television 20 years ago. The 10th dimension which is a combined experience of all 9 dimensions simultaneously is ecstatically exhilarating. I highly recommend checking into this material....may not resonate with all but it has changed my world.

LeftField, posted on March 7, 2016

Thanks for your experiential account Yogstersage, a fascinating read for us newcomers in this space. Appreciate the heads up and your descriptions offer a concrete understanding of some complex explorative questions. Bless!

Estelle, posted on July 16, 2015

Mind Blowing! Thank you for this!!!

ZackLMiles, posted on May 18, 2015

Greatest thanks for this episode! Sooooooo interesting. I just bought the audio book to listen to on audible. Can't wait to learn more of this in better detail. And.... I have to say... you two ladies had great chemistry doing this video together. I don't think it could have been delivered any more perfect. Thanks again. I really enjoyed it Regina. New fan of Barbara Hand Clow now, too. I can already tell. :-)

angelra, posted on May 6, 2015

I had an experience a few years ago when I seemed to go into a different world on a dark night in a field near Avebury Stone circle England. I walked into huge formations of different colours coming from the sky that was filled with millions of bright stars. I also saw a central sun high up in the centre of the sky with streams of rainbow coloured lights radiating down from the Sun to the earth all around me. I felt as though Time had stood still and I have no idea how long I exxxperienced this as I walked around in awe.
I wondered if Barbara Hand Clow or Regina could give any explanation. Which dimension was I tuning into? Thank you

LeftField, posted on March 7, 2016

Great story Angelra, thanks for sharing it with us. As I read, I was wondering if this was the information light highway streaming down from 7D (what scientist John Michael Heel called the 'threads' running through the universe) but also wondered about the labyrinth pulling 6D into 3D that Barbara mentioned... I wonder if the stone formation of a labyrinth were removed (since there were once thousands around th planet) whether his would erase the energy imprint. I doubt it, unless this was deliberately cleared. Wonder if you were in such a space? Your energy was in a good space anyway -lovely story.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on March 18, 2015

You said “Orgasms keep us alive & healthy.” I agree, but what about those who are ill, or can’t have orgasms, like quadriplegics or paraplegics or others with no movement or feeling, who are left out of the great release of orgasms? Are they doomed since orgasms keep us alive & healthy?

LeftField, posted on March 7, 2016

It also begs the question of original intent behind female genital mutilation (besides masochistic misogyny)..

lanello1, posted on February 20, 2015

Can we preserve both Barbara and Regina and keep them with us forever?

Regina Meredith, posted on November 8, 2014

Thank you for the comment on the implants, I will attempt to get on touch with Jesse Beltran regarding the subject. Intriguing that you report the levels of implantation being so high.

Meanwhile, Barbara had made some astounding new connections as to some ancient iconography and it's true meaning, which we'll be talking about in 2015... Stay tuned for that.

As for the other comment regarding Barbara Hand Clow and I being Botoxed and Juvidermed out, no, not that I'm aware of, but the comment speaks highly to the skill of our lovely Gaiam make up artist Suzanne Blons! I'll pass the comment on to her.

Again, thanks for all of the comments.... Barbara is a favorite of mine.

LeftField, posted on March 7, 2016

When I had beautiful fingernails, everyone commented. Then everyone started getting acrylic fakes and people stopped commenting on mine (assume they thought they were fake..) I have naturally very long eyelashes people often commentED on - one colleague even once tried to rip them off thinking they were false.. Now a lot of women are getting glue on lashes and people likely think mine are fake. So exude your calmness, tranquility and inner radiance, and people who don't shine that in their own mirrors might assume Botox... Ho hum.

Therefore, love your inner calm, radiance and tranquility -keep them shining!

authorfleeman, posted on March 17, 2014

Meredith, I listened to your guest and the Pleiadian Agenda. However, I experienced a NDE, age 17. I'm almost 55, and when I was trying to understand
my innate abilities--remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, extremely guided to help others, including compassion for myself. Medical, dental have
some Doctors and dentist-- implanting humans with RFID, globally. Jesse Beltran has become expert with an international website, although he held a conference in Davis, Calif. to scan bodies--and scanned my body to help locate where I received my first implant. 80% of 100 humans tested positive.
I've been tracked and received my first RFID, when I had knee surgery.
A second one in my skull, while lying down, 2009; in a vulnerable position, injected one in the top, left side of my skull.

Lastly, I was talking on the phone to another person, former nurse--25 years, and she is full of RFID's . While discussing this matter, a third RFID was shot, quantum level in my left thigh, through my roof-- which required three days for the hole to close. When they activated this, one year after the medical investigation, they activated the one shot on my leg and each step, tortured my spine--electronically. Chief Justice of California, saved my life, once the heart weapon was activated, via satellite; day 12, she had this removed. Hon. Chief Justice of California. (She has 12 years in this appointed position, 8 remaining) four years, I've remained on alert as this process continues, helping save my life, so I can continue helping, and informing to be positive support--and hope our Justice, she can help overcome what is happening to me, and others who suffer in America. This is not going away, as this is has been happening for over three decades. Mind and body control. We are taking back our consciousness.
The highest of Justice in California is helping sustain my life through investigation--and instrumental, keeping weapons off of me-- in California. This is a form of mind wars!

Some experience voice to skull. I have not, but sound torture I have experienced, and many other highly developed, military weapons.

This campaign began--when I confronted my former medical, I trusted for over thirty years, about what is causing the fibromyalgia--I was diagnosed the burning I experienced. I was lead to understand, over 8 million Americans, according to the American Chronic Pain association, via their literature, primarily women have this condition/label. Millions globally have been implanted, and crying out, via youtube, calling themselves targeted individuals-- as the HAARP grid is sending ionizing radiation to the RFID's. This is fact, and suffering is suffering. (PhD health physicists validated an experiment I showed her--and said this can only be radiation.) I interviewed the suffering through my facebook--3,700 I had access to speak to, and Skype--teaching how to see by evidence, if one has been implanted. This is a form of torture, and a slow death, unless they use the heart weapon on a person to silence. I respect your programs, and would like to know, how to be interviewed, sharing facts about this issue, and humans having no clue, the symptoms, and how to cope. I understand the power of intention. (Compassion)I do not judge those who are self medicating for the pain--as this is neuro-warfare. You can learn about this by typing The neuro revolution HD in the Youtube search engine. Please know, I understand we all have blueprints... (I do not watch TV, and meditate; a spiritual being, having human experiences, everyday. In my humble opinion, this is an invisible holocaust. Please know, instead of burning books, they burn with these satellite weapons. Dr. John Hall wrote his book--a New breed Satellite terrorism in America. Although this is global, you can hear him speak about this on youtube, etc. I've learned through study, using my abilities, and having much compassion for all who suffer, including myself. I remain mindful, and NOT the victim consciousness. Please be receptive to what I share, and know that I'm hopeful, I had these experiences for exposing this, and doing my part, as much as possible. I attempted to publish, via Balboa/Hay House is subsidiary.
I've been doing all I can to remain alive and healthy. Much progress has been made. I'm hopeful you can wrap your mind around this topic; hence why I've noted this, and you may contact me, if you care to know more. I have to be somewhat discreet, but information is helpful--and no fear mongering.
Thank you for your time.

Lindi Fleeman

djenkins.ny, posted on February 26, 2014

Please delete

morningsun, posted on January 25, 2014

I'm very grateful for this information. Thank you to both of you and to GAIAM TV.
Everything is finally making sense and I plan to buy Barbara's books and can't wait to read them.
I have to admit I'm very perplexed though. Here are two highly enlightened women. Women who, in my opinion, would be much more able to co-create their own reality than the average, not so enlightened person, who is still mired in learned/projected negative belief patterns.
So, then, why are they both so obviously botoxed and juvidermed up?
I mean....shouldn't they, of all of us;
A) know that this body us just a vessel and that true beauty and attractiveness is on the inside,
B) be able, through the power of their intention - (if they are desperate to regain their youth and want their wrinkles gone so badly (which clearly they are)) - shouldn't they of all people be able to 'think, manifest, vibrate' themselves young again?
I'm absolutely not trying to be negative, cruel or flippant. This is an issue that I'm currently coming to terms with as I am a 47 yr old female coming into my power, and, regrettably losing my youthful charms.
Here I am trying to be 'enlightened' and know that true beauty is on the inside - and here are these two powerful role models using all of their money to pump poisons into their faces so that they can look young on the outside??????? What gives!!!

denmichfort, posted on November 7, 2014

Well perhaps the question should be: Why do we care what they do to their faces??

I am only saying this because I too have wondered these things, even gotten upset over them. Then I ask myself why? Why should I care what someone else wants to do with their own body? And honestly I don't feel Barbara has had botox, she seems to have aged naturally and's important to simply not judge. It's hard to do yes, but we need to honor these women, not for their external visage but for the wonderful beings they are!

So yes, we need to analyze our own perceptions of what it is to age, and understand that any of our own anger towards artificial preservation methods is simply our own issue. To project our anger onto others is unfair.

I'm turning 38 this year, and am so proud of having survived even this long on this difficult and challenging planet. I look in the mirror every day and tell myself how beautiful I am as a being, and express gratitude to spirit for the blessed body I inhabit. It does help to stay on an even keel to be sure ;) The more we judge and project anger at others, the further away from the love vibration we become.

I hope you don't mind my response, I truly just know how you feel and want to support your feelings with coping mechanisms to assist in any way I can! Much love to you.

Maidenhair, posted on October 20, 2013

Not sure of Barbara Hand Clow mentions organism is what keeps our body healthy I know what keeps us healthy is our mental attitude in what we put into it not having organism does not allow your body to decay so I do not go along with her on this although she may have another way of explaining this surely so
Otherwise Barbara is outstanding in her own wisdom of alchemy

alixandra, posted on October 7, 2013

Have had this book since she first published it. Am so glad you interviewed her because now I need to go find the book! LOL

Thank You Regina and Barbara!

ANNG, posted on August 3, 2013

Absolutely fabulous!
I'm ready for part 2.

Thank You , Regina and Conscious \media \network!

alkimia2012, posted on June 29, 2013

Dearest Barbara and Regina,
First of all, I wish to thank you both from the most profound depth of my heart, for this amazingly enlightening window that you are opening for us on mind blowing/ heart opening concepts on Cosmic Knowledge! THANK YOU!!! <3

I would also like to ask everyOne for whom this extremely precious information makes totally sense, to join me in celebrating the joy that such concepts are being disseminated around our beloved Planet, along with the joy that they are also, -understood by so many of us at this very crucial moment in Time... This is a powerful indicator that we ARE almost "there" guys! The sheer fact that we are discussing openly amongst ourselves such concepts, is obviously the sign that the "Tipping Point" is just around the corner... "the square root of 1% of the Collective" attuning together is sufficent to make this happen as our scientists have discovered a few decades ago...

Let's be courageous and really make "it" happen!
Looking so much forward to seeing you ALL on the "other side of the veil"!
thank you so much again... :D
Love, V.

mwp280se35, posted on June 25, 2013

Magnificent interview, both! The wealth of information gives me an elevated view although it will take time to corroborate and incorporate it all, though it feels right. This is one of those times where I yearn for skills in higher dimensional mathematics to possibly enhance appreciation of the grand design. But no need to lament because meditation is also a useful vehicle to gain insight. Thank you both for opening yet another door.

Kuru, posted on June 25, 2013

Wonderful! Wished for more time to illuminate the mind of the sun and the practice involved. I will try Google. Thanks so much, both of you!

Kat_Starwolf, posted on June 23, 2013

I've been following Barbara Hand Clow for many years and have read (and am now re-reading) Alchemy of Nine Dimensions. I've also been studying various types of physics, including Quantum Physics for many years and find that what she's saying here coincides with much that QM teaches. Obviously the negative reviews this work has received here are from individuals who have not read Barbara's work and haven't made an effort to understand it. READ IT. It's not clap trap or made up. It makes perfect sense. Too many are receiving much of the same information.

Thank you so much for your work Barbara. And to you, Regina for having the presence of mind to interview her.

sandradeanelee, posted on June 21, 2013

Being a follower of the SETH material I am not new to esoteric materials that require an OPEN mind and the ability to meander about in ideas that are far out and on the edge. But, this stuff seems like made-up clap trap and ramblings to me. I find no coherency nor continuity. I am sad for myself that I am not appreciative. Perhaps when I try it again I will be able to tune in.

peacekeeper, posted on June 23, 2013

Hello, sandradeanelee and other posters,
Sandradeanelee, as perhaps one of the more notorious "comment-ors" on this site, I wanted to acknowledge the 'truth' of your experience with the information shared through this wonderful video- though I pray my following views will not be interpreted as contrary to the positive experiences expressed by others. We are all drawn (precisely) forward by what resonates and expands us. Perhaps like you, sandradeanelee, I too have exhausted the corridors of the mind's need-iness to "know" the spiritual journey and its details... that in the words of rumi (and many others) speaks of the ultimate surrender: when one stands before God/Source naked in the present-moment without ANY mental construct of knowing anything- or its fear-based desire to know; and accepting whatever arrives in each moment with breath. Perhaps there is wisdom to the adage: "One knows nothing until one knows everything." To me this implies there are no in-betweens: it is full ignorance until it becomes God-revealing fullness- as rumi likes to imply. Of course we must each exhaust our mind's proclivity to intellectually understand the spiritual process which I believe leads one to discover that 'searching' with the intellect is the veil. This opens the door to a deeper surrender with the identity of the Self-inquirer being absorbed (the tear-drop returning to the Ocean) so that we can stop saying, "God lives in my heart" to say, "I live in the heart of God." (K. Gilbran).
Sandradeanelee, you have come too far to apologize for your heart's stirrings which always reveal a bigger picture. Your honesty in your comments is a powerful affirmation that honors your Heart and its higher consciousness. And it has nothing to do with being against Ms. Handclow's or anyone's experiences. For me, the mental paradigms have revealed their trap of infinity (ceaseless calculations that never bring ultimate answers) in their psychic realms that have been hijacked by unseen, nefarious powers (another story). Also, voicing your truth is not about being unappreciative; it is All about being in touch with your deepest truth being revealed! Bravo to your courage to speak your Heart's truth- even if we have yet to know why... :) Blessings.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on June 20, 2013

Can't wait to hear more. What a great conversation! While I already have the book, I needed the expanded discussion to understand and connect better with the amazing information. Even after two viewings of both interviews, I need to return for more. Thank you so much.

marystavrou, posted on June 20, 2013

Regina, I was amazed by your ability to draw out the salient, usable information on the, until now, "esoteric" teaching of Barbara Handclow and understanding the 9 dimensions of our reality. This was one of the best interviews I have ever seen you do and you have done some really great interviews!!! While I have intuitively been following Barbara's teaching, most of the data would enter my consciousness ungrounded and therefore not be retained....this is the first time I GOT it. And you made it so digestible!

I would encourage you to consider doing an extended interaction with Barbara, workshops...other interviews...I don't have some resonance going on with her that I could feel in my heart...the whole thing was had me riveted.
Gosh...what else can I say...I will be buying the book and study it...
With extreme gratitude for your life pursuit Barbara, and for your skills, Regina, in bringing this vital information into my consciousness in a usable fashion. Mary

sita, posted on June 19, 2013

By far the best interview and the most brilliant and enlightened guest on GaiamTV! Barbara Hand Clow fills in so many missing pieces and speaks from a knowing that is rare and precious. She is clear and grounded and describes the higher dimensions with authority mapping the way for those of us that wish to follow. Thank you!

Poopsy, posted on June 19, 2013

It's so rare to see someone from be so in tuned to the higher realms and also be so grounded. It's really a beautiful site to see. So many of the Transformational are cut off from the earth and not in their bodies. BHC's energy is so grounded and beautiful. Thank you for that. And the knowledge about the higher dimensions and the Sun and everything discussed in this interview makes my heart sing.

mail9, posted on June 19, 2013

You guys are so cool. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge about these things that I so desperate try to grasp. Regina Meredith, you are so professional and totally badass (in the soft way), and Barbara Hand Clow. I just want to say that a story stuck to my mind not a very long time ago. It was about a woman (dont remember her name) that had a stroke (or something of that kind), so her left side of the brain stopped functioning. She said she couldnt really hear or understand language, , couldnt see where things began and things ended, and she said: "my hand looked just like a clow". This is something that had stuck to me ever sense. I think about it quite often. Its both funny and fascinating. And then I saw your name here at gaiam. Was this thing leading me to you in some way maybe? Because im not sure I would have watched this with the same entusiasm if it hadnt. Perhaps I had. After all, I'm very interested. Anyways, thanks! Maybe I will have to watch these two conversations again! (and maybe after I have read the book)

Lolk, posted on June 18, 2013

Soooooo! That's what I've been experiencing! Ask and you shall receive...I asked for answers and coherency, and things have been arriving abundantly! This information is the most recent...thank you to Everyone. I absolutely loved Parts 1 & 2 and will be watching again.

seangalland, posted on August 31, 2016

yes agree, please explain. Regina gets lost in all her questions she doesn't get to and misses asking for elaboration on important statements made by Barbara.

seangalland, posted on August 31, 2016

Agree. Too many missed questions per Regina's own mouth. Need update with more time for Barbara to speak instead time spent with Regina's para phasing what she thinks Barbra is saying. Your audience can understand Barbara directly so please give her the time and space to do so.

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