Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 Video
Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666

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Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (2007)

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Aleister Crowley the most well known and influential occult magician of modern times. His admirers saw him as the prophet of a new age, whose goal was a spiritual awakening for all humanity. His detractors denounced him as a Satanist, a drug addict and the wickedest man in the world. This is because his unusual behavior led to misunderstandings and contempt. But his message has always been one of love and will. No matter what you may think of him, the Great Beast, as he called himself, continues to be an influence on the world today.

Donna Zuckerbrot

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minaglia, posted on September 21, 2015

Pretty nice bio of Crowley, but it was laced with some other guy's bio and guitar playing that had nothing to do with the subject, and was quite annoying because of it.

chris.clarke, posted on April 14, 2015

this guy is a mason. see his pin. i see masons as sheeepeople.

negutron, posted on June 7, 2015

But I don't think they are sheeple unless you are to mean that the wool has been pulled over their eyes, in which case I coudln't agree more. Expanding on this, I think low-level masons are good people who get duped into thinking (with good reason) that it's simply a fraternal org that builds hospitals for children. But investigators into the org have demonstrated that at the highest levels of the organization, there's a clown/joker club that engages in prostitution, gambling, drugs, bribery of officials, rulebending, general nefariousness and possibly even murder and assassinations.

Ben_juarez80, posted on March 13, 2014

It still didn't answer any questions about Crowley. Was he evil or not? There was no real answer here. Still seems like it to me

contact85, posted on March 30, 2015

a good documentary will always let you answer this question yourself

starchburner, posted on March 14, 2014


Familyspella, posted on March 10, 2014

I didn't know much about Crowley or magic before watching this but it feels like a "lite" or sanitized version of both. I have a prejudice against secret societies like the Freemasons that keeps me from excepting this friendly version of Crowley or magic.

lauraburnell2681, posted on March 2, 2014

thanks for the insights. Changes my mind about Crowley being totally evil..

chris.ladue, posted on March 1, 2014

Mind without structure is mindless.

chris.ladue, posted on March 8, 2014

Milo is a great guy and has spent many years doing his will in the most positive way. Crowley has been hugely misunderstood. He was in one way the Timothy Leary of his age. My work in practical, and applied physics, and engineering have been greatly influenced by understanding the principles of the metaphysics of energy, and the topological structures of magical maps. What we miss is the qualitative function of energy...All sorts of metaphysical systems such as Qabalah and the like are qualitative and quantitative. Even quantum mechanics can find it's origins in magic. This sounds out-there but it does not. All systems can be connected to ancient magical maps, and topologies. Look at hyperbolic geometry...The work in hyperbolic processors for data management system all have their origins in magical maps. I have designed and built wireless mobile communication networks around the world. I have over 65 U.S. and international patents. Without Crowley, Israel Regardie, Kennneth Grant and others I would have never been able to impose self discipline for focus on my technology. Magic is real...The only devils that exist or the ones in the mirror.

starchburner, posted on March 13, 2014

"Magic is real...The only devils that exist are the ones in the mirror."

Well said my friend!

ladyhawke8383, posted on February 28, 2014

very interesting. always wanted to know about this man.

Lifted_perception, posted on February 27, 2014

This is 'New Age' deception. Allister Crowley may have been born human, but he shortly removed any ounce of human empathetic traits with his fervent pursuit of evil and a selfish hunger for knowledge that consumed him. Buddy says after chapter three in The Book of Law, he realized that this man was the devil and was shaken from the magic of the book. No one refutes this claim the entire documentary. This is the truth in plain sight.

starchburner, posted on March 13, 2014

Selfish hunger for knowledge? You obviously know nothing about this man or his work. The only think that consumed him was a horrible opiate addiction, that he was prescribed to treat his asthma. Crowley was a genius, and he had a sense of humor that was way ahead of his time. Did you know he was a mountaineer? A poet? He started a religion/philosophy whose purpose was to help others find their true will in life, whatever that may be! Many of the rumors about this man are lies and hearsay! Do more research, and dont believe the hype! Read "confessions of Aleister Crowley, and hear it straight from the horses mouth!

He was not the devil, or even a satanist. Get over it, and read a book!!

charles16, posted on September 16, 2016

I found this documentary false, Master Therion was at least a master mason before entering the inner temple.

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