Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed Video
Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed

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Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed (2014)

Only available in Canada, United States

Never-before aired NASA footage presents evidence that the Moon is being used as a base. Freedom of information allegedly released several moonscapes from Apollo 1 -17. Astronauts and scientists are interviewed about what appear to be large colonies and facilities on the moon.

This is a decide-for-yourself documentary. Some contributors suggest Apollos 18, 19 and 20 actually were launched to investigate alien activity!

Robert Kiviat

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eyashadhana, posted on October 13, 2016

It's a shame for those of us who subscribe to Gaia for a full year are not able to see some of your programs because they are available in the US and Canada. Is it possible for us to have access?
Kind regards
Enthusiastic Aussie subscriber

kristian.lukac, posted on October 16, 2016

Download the purple:player and install it
Under the video,
ADD TO PLAYLIST .You can download it and watch it in the player. Thats what i did.
Have a nice day

elena.keegan, posted on October 3, 2016

I believe there are extra beings on the Moon and they are not from earth.

misschant, posted on September 16, 2016

The non-stop flash of light effects that are lightening bright are so unnecessary in this video. I cannot look directly at the video w/out getting a massive eye migraine in each eye due to how many hundreds of times the director allows the flashing of the entire screen over images. This kind of effect disallows folks like me from watching this vid w/out rank amateur flash effects. As a result, the best I could do is turn the light off on my monitor and do a listen in only for this movie.

Quat6, posted on September 2, 2016

Nasa took a photo of back side of moon with epic camera. Here is a link I found on huffington post. Maybe someone can scope it for bases.

marcdescoteaux, posted on December 18, 2015

Of course the show tries to appeal to our paranoid nature. But Gaia knows better, like we do, and I'm sure that they have made it available for the pictures. Glad I could see those; it provides more material that corroborates with the Cosmic Disclosure program by David and Corey. May that alien women at the end of the program rest in peace.

Jimirod, posted on December 14, 2015

The ETs are not aggressive but are the monitors of our adaption to advancement the theory that evolution was the key to change is passive . Biologicals must adapt to survive . A few will quickly; others more slowly. The human race is common universally. It is important to maintain the human culture for many reasons .Slavery is not on the the list.

thequestess, posted on December 14, 2015

I first saw this shortly after it was released. At the time, it was still disappointing and had an edge of negativity and fear which I didn't find necessary. It was all material I had never seen or thought about before. I left convinced that there are some sort of ruins on the moon, but that more than half of their "proof" photos were just things someone's brain was picking out of patterns of light (the human brain is, after all, designed to do that ... think shapes in the clouds).

When Gaia put this up and recommended it to me, I forgot I had already seen it and started watching it again. In the last year, so much of this has been debunked, and then Corey Goode has revealed so much that this video seems like it's grasping at straws. Plus, once again, the fear-mongering and creepy music... too much of it... and something I was surprised was on Gaia.
I didn't finish re-watching this. It's just that stupid (as it was the first time around).

stacymcardle, posted on December 12, 2015

Silly sound effects and the fearful, menacing overtones are ridiculous for this quality channel.

sactowoman, posted on December 9, 2015

Was this fear mongering 'documentary ' put out by NASA or cabal?? Really stupid. Must have said 'alien' 500 times, always with menacing adjectives and overtones. Really, like if they were going to attack us don't you think they would? Not up to gaia(m) standards, better suited for you tube. Cosmic disclosure makes it look sooo amateur. I do believe the ET presence is here, there and everywhere just waiting for us to grow up.

stacymcardle, posted on December 12, 2015

Well said. Exactly.

jshtoth, posted on December 11, 2015

I was hoping others would see through this as well. This 'documentary' has a menacing objective, in my opinion, and it's not what I would expect from Gaia either. Makes me now wonder if we can really trust Gaia tv. We have to always keep our wits about us these days. I fully believe we are not alone, and that we are being visited, but not in this dark, doomsday manner. We are the only threat to ourselves, as far as I can see. If a civilization manages to make it past our current infantile stage of development without blowing themselves up, then they are probably peaceful.

Amybaker111, posted on September 8, 2016

All you say is good, especially about humans evolving to a more peaceful nature. However, many humans are not yet on the next plane of existence. Life is hard for them. Things are difficult. I think we are just little babies in terms of evolution, they are awaiting for us to be aware of our full potential until we can join them. How can we reach our space brothers if we don't even have the correct means of surviving? I personally think this whole documentary is authentic, and definitely original. Also, if there is at least one species of aliens, let's be honest, there are definitely many other forms of lifeforms in the cosmos as well, we can't just assume they are all ambassadors of peace? I think when we take a look of what is going on here on earth, it becomes apparent, that no matter where you are in space/time, there will always be duality, good and bad, alive and dead, this force against that force. We need to be prepared for any situation. I understand being skeptical, but we need to be more open to all possible evidence, we never know where all of our ufology studies can take us. We never know where we can find the definitive proof, proof that could open the eyes of every human being on this planet. Just like all of our brothers and sisters of the human race, we all need to come together as ufologists and truly find something that unites this common mystery we all so want to find out.

That being said, I've dived into this issue quite a bit, and I feel like I have learned enough about these ideas to share. I do think there are buildings on the moon but by some other intelligence other then ourselves. There are monoliths everywhere, the moon, mars. Sometimes it just takes that bit of evidence to propel yourself into a "could that be true?" moment. That being said, when I saw the press conference with Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins after they came back from the moon - - - their demeanor during the whole event gave me this very solid proof for me developed through intuition, that they saw something up there they couldn't explain. Take a look, let me know what you think, it's nice to talk to a skeptic, I always need to talk to the other side sometimes to feel a little more grounded, I've been trying to shoot some of theories I have down for years....take care, Amy

stacymcardle, posted on December 12, 2015

Again, agreed.

newdirection7, posted on December 9, 2015

The commentary in this is ridiculously silly. The jig is up, we are not sheeple!
Glad at least some good images were shown.

jeanner, posted on December 9, 2015

There appeared to be a fair bit of fear mongering going on that I don't believe is necessary, especially since this was only filmed in 2014. Yes, it does, now, feel very outdated. I think most people must be aware that if aliens wanted to and/or we had no protection, we could have been destroyed a long time ago.

The Secret Space Program disclosure has changed everything ... even knowing there is a lot more to reveal/learn.

kinglin, posted on December 9, 2015

I second that! Great footage, terrible commentary and film editing.

mclippert, posted on December 9, 2015

This episode is old material and 100% questions with out answers ---> Boring

Just watch Cosmic Disclosure or wisdom Teaching then also Youtube and view and the disclosure occurring worldwide.

NASA = Not A Straight Answer who are experts at Photoshopping all photos.

wgaskill, posted on December 8, 2015

Sort of old material based on what Corey Goode has disclosed.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on December 8, 2015

Where are all the comments? Everyone's too busy watching Cosmic Disclosure?

urdivine2, posted on December 8, 2015

Yup, that is where i was before watching this film.

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