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The Alignment Within

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The Alignment Within (2012)

Only available in Canada, United States

Are you in touch with the global and personal alignments that are happening now, at the completion of the great Mayan cycle? Do you know how to align yourself with these changes through the daily use of the Mayan calendar?

This film suggests that Mayan calendar give us a practical and specific process that provides to each individual the right spiritual guidance. The Mayan calendar is the right tool to help humanity empower individuals to change their life in sync with the cosmic time flow.

In today’s world more and more people are using the Mayan calendar, and they conclude that there is no better system to align our consciousness with the universe. They also agreed that the main purpose of the Mayan calendar is not only to align with the universe, but also to ultimately achieve an alignment within.

Tata Pedro Cruz, Gina Jones, Ramon Mendoza, Dr. Richard Jelusich, Madeline Weber, Gaspar Xiu, Dr. Jose Jaramillo and more
Jose Jaramillo
English & Spanish

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breathpainterswellness, posted on March 30, 2016

...of the Americas and world. upon taking Art History of Mesoamerica i got hooked on studying about the Maya, and the some near hundred different cultural groups that resided on this part of the world. that was over ten years ago, actually upon counting it was 14 years ago. i have never stopped searching for new books. and have been following the 20 count calendar daily for at least going back ten years.
Please say goodbye (even if only just a little bit) to the Gregorian days of the week as a measure of life. There is so much more meaning to our births and each day and each person in our lives and so on to the interconnectedness of all things created and not created. ideas, dreams, etc.

Each day is associated with a constellation- and according to the Cherokee 20 count this calendar system shows a connection between peoples who were distant from each other, yet understood The River, the skies.... The Cherokee and the Mayan day names are for more than a majority near identical names. for example Cherokee Wolf is Mayan Dog. Panther is Jaguar. and i believe clues in these days can show just how old these systems are and where they originated. Cherokee Whirlwind is Mayan Wind. Cherokee Raccoon is Mayan Monkey. and the Hero Twins Flint and Reed in Cherokee are Flint and Reed in Mayan. Of course the Hero Twins have multiple names themselves but the connection is there, lasting thru time and translation.

I am of the Hearth day. The Three Stone Place. Night, House and Hearth in Mayan. Ever since connecting with my day signs my life has definitely altered evermore towards betterment. It helps one wake up, one day at a time. growing each day as if one is a plant.

I encourage all to explore the layers and layers of meaning of the day signs.

There is an app called Mayan Nawal that is interesting however they incorrectly use one glyph twice on accident. so the glyph for Deer is shown also as the glyph for Monkey. and always double and triple check when looking up days. in my experience the app sometimes changes its mind when I've looked up a day. that said, i use this app almost daily still after years and years.

glad to have found this film and i hope there are Many more shows on this expansive wisdom system. Using the tools of the time, let us continue towards betterment for all and the Earth.
ig-splitter.vonpainter And breathpaintersbazaars

tristan1, posted on February 15, 2014

This documentary piqued my curiosity but did not satiate it. Seriously, having 20 people talk about how amazing the Mayan Calendar is does not provide the viewer any valuable information! There was a little info....but it wasn't worth having to hear from the 15th person about how great it is. Seemed more like an infomercial than a documentary.

Willa, posted on December 20, 2012

align with yourself and the universe, it's a fact that everything is connected, whether you acknowledge it or not!

rob67, posted on September 21, 2012

this movie is just a advert for there $20 mayan astrology dvd.

conejeto, posted on December 23, 2012

capitalism is all we know.

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