Corinne Edwards Interviews: The Ancient Cookfire (Carrie L'Esperance) Video
The Ancient Cookfire (Carrie L'Esperance)

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Corinne Edwards Interviews: The Ancient Cookfire (Carrie L'Esperance) (1998)

Episode 60
Available worldwide

Sure you've flipped through recipes in a variety of cookbooks looking for healthy alternatives or last minute ideas. But this is a cookbook that's so radically different it will change your relationship to food! Carrie L'Esperance, author of The Ancient Cookfire: How To Rejuvenate Your Body and Spirit Through Seasonal Foods and Fasting, reveals cooking and eating plans that balance not only your individual metabolism but bring more fully into alignment your body-mind. Even fasting, although not well interpreted in today's society, is one of the world's oldest healing methods.

Corinne Edwards
Carrie L'Esperance


Awakening Intuition (Mona Lisa Schulz) Video
Episode 1 Awakening Intuition (Mona Lisa Schulz)
Awakening Intuition (Mona Lisa Schulz) (1998)
Episode 1
, 23 minutes
All of us everyday have to make decisions without enough information. Making correct decisions is attributed to intuition.
Available worldwide
The Pleasure Prescription (Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.) Video
Episode 2 The Pleasure Prescription (Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.)
The Pleasure Prescription (Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.) (1997)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
Paul Pearsall, author of The Pleasure Prescription, maintains that balance in your life is the key to health and happiness. He emphasizes the five components of aloha: patience, connection, agreeability, humbleness, gentleness.
Available worldwide
The Sibling Society (Robert Bly) Video
Episode 3 The Sibling Society (Robert Bly)
The Sibling Society (Robert Bly) (1998)
Episode 3
, 22 minutes
Robert Bly decries how Americans today remain childish and refuse to grow up. We have become the culture of entertainment and celebrity, and we avoid facing anything seriously.
Available worldwide
The Soul of Sex (Thomas Moore) – Part 1 Video
Episode 4 The Soul of Sex (Thomas Moore) – Part 1
The Soul of Sex (Thomas Moore) – Part 1 (1998)
Episode 4
, 22 minutes
Thomas Moore discuses his book The Soul of Sex, and the reasons that people are attracted to sex. He talks about living from the soul and refraining from letting society dictate your behavior.
Available worldwide

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jaystar5115, posted on October 27, 2013

Plan on buying your book, you look really great at 40 (in 1998)

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