Ancient Sea Gardens: Mystery of the Pacific Northwest Video
Ancient Sea Gardens: Mystery of the Pacific Northwest

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Ancient Sea Gardens: Mystery of the Pacific Northwest (2005)

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Along the west coast of Canada, between the coasts of mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island, lies the Broughton Archipelago. In 1995, Dr. John Harper conducted an aerial geological survey of the Broughton Archipelago, and made a strange discovery. He found a number of simple curving rock walls that defied explanations. This spurred him to launch an investigation which would take years to unravel the mystery of these walls.

We follow along with Dr. Harper as he meets with locals and aboriginal elders. Through stories, dances, songs, and rock paintings the ancient history of these First Nation people comes to light. Ultimately, it took an aboriginal elder to help the scientist solve a natural mystery and, in the process, reveal the precarious state of traditional aboriginal culture.

Lorne Cardinal, Cheri Maracle
Aaron Szimanski

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Alfreda Weiss, posted on November 28, 2013

The scientist was paid to explore by the fossil fuel industry. They could easily destroy all we saw in this film. Not only do we want to save the knowledge of this traditional way of life that lasted for thousands of years, we need to protect Mother Earth from the ravages of those looking for a quick profit for themselves.

Jadis23, posted on September 9, 2013

This is a great example of the advances our modern scientists can make in their studies when they are humble enough to listen to and learn from keepers of traditional/tribal knowledge sources.

thearborist, posted on February 21, 2013

hm only 2000 years ago huh?

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