Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking: Andrew Harvey and Joan Borysenko Video
Andrew Harvey and Joan Borysenko

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Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking: Andrew Harvey and Joan Borysenko (2002)

Episode 10
Available worldwide

To help us live in true connection with each other Andrew Harvey introduces The Five Sacred Passions, emanating directly from the heart of the divine. A renaissance man, an erudite scholar, and so accessible, funny, and generous as a teacher, Andrew calls people who are interested in an inner spiritual path to also take it out and give it as a gift to the world.

In the second half of the program, Joan Borysenko has the exceptional ability to make spiritual work truly accessible to her students. A highly trained scientist, psychotherapist and mystic, she focuses on integrating these three disciplines, exemplifying her belief that there are many paths to the Divine. Research shows that 42% of Americans are religious dropouts, but highly spiritual. This openness to paths other than their own is an expression of a deepening understanding that the very heart or core of all traditions similarly reflect kindness and compassion.

Elizabeth Lesser, Stephan Rechtshaffen
Beverly Kopf


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