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Cosmic Disclosure: Anniversary Special (July 2016)

Season 5, Episode 9
Available worldwide

Join us in a celebratory recollection of our journey to explore humanity’s secret history in space. One year ago Corey Goode began sharing his personal experiences within the secret space programs. In this anniversary special, we look back on the highlights of that journey and reflect upon how far we have come in understanding the clandestine efforts to establish thriving human civilizations throughout the cosmos. During this time, many secrets have been revealed as to the extent of the technological buildout of our solar system, the extraterrestrial races which have helped our progress, and the organizations responsible for these advancements. This presentation was originally webcast July 19, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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vickim76, posted on October 10, 2016

How refreshing, to hear all this. You guys are so interesting to listen to, and yes, you have blown my mind. I always knew there was so much more going on, now this proves it. I have been so bored with everyday life, waiting to hear just something, anything, to say, we are not alone, and there has been so much going on behind our backs. Wow. I was only 14 when I first heard about aliens, and I was just freaked out. I read every book I could find on it. Looked at the sky all the time. But sure didn't expect all this. Wow, again. You guys are awesome.

evanpendreigh11, posted on October 4, 2016

i can't believe how much corey changes from season 1 onwards.... its like he transforms .. perhaps this was a kind of therapy for him.... he looks like he's holding onto a lot of negative emotion in the first season then later on he actually looks really beautiful haha its quite remarkable.

sdoonanphotography, posted on September 5, 2016

I always see things passing across the moon when viewing through telescope.

Gurulemj, posted on August 12, 2016

Just letting you kno at about 31 minutes, the written heading says "International Corporate Conglomerate" instead of " Interplanetary"

kristeelynn, posted on August 4, 2016

Love the segue from reps to the Sphere Beings! ;-) Made me chuckle...

kimahau, posted on August 4, 2016

Manipulating our DNA? But is not sure as to why? Mark of the Beast, perhaps? While most of mankind is expecting the Mark of the Beast to be the microchip, it is most likely going to be injected into us via the disguise of vaccines. The majority of people want them and the western world is beginning to take steps towards us being unable to buy or sell unless we and our children are vaccinated. I do not believe that "aliens" are our friends. In vast contrast, they are manipulating us into our own destruction.

kristeelynn, posted on August 3, 2016

Yes! What Charles Farner said... ;-)

klwfre816, posted on August 1, 2016

Thank you, thank you, thank you Gaia, Corey & David!
It might be helpful if you send out one of your emailed Gaia notices to alert people that this episode is now available to the public.
It's such important information.

Maidenhair, posted on July 31, 2016

Exactly as this sequence is unfolding it's totally apparent that these other frequencies Corey is talking about is going to usher this entire
chapter to be Nulled
Corey you have opened a can of worms that has taken these other beings hundred of years to allow human frequencies to be drawn in by all this secrecy ..
They have kept information sealed with with vengeance that to believe or not to believe (which I do you 100%) but in cases that have been kept in silence with the SSP should and will be exposed now that they cannot keep us humans in the lower 3/frequencies
What's up must fall down..we know intuitively how and why things happen as they do..
We have deceased and here we challenging beings are back to win over what so dam secret..just like area 51 lol
We knew than and we may have all the sacred geometry pretty much lined out what what's above is below..
Thankyou Corey & David

stop_bugging_me, posted on July 26, 2016

He is going to be at Mount Shasta UFO conference Aug 25th

Hope to see you all there.
Ideally for all the full picture of SSP, we would have a super conference with:
1- Corey Goode, David Wilcox
2- Michael & Stephanie Relfe -
3- Randy Cramer (Captain Kaye)
4- Michael Prince (James Casbolt)
5- Captain Jaye + Kerry Cassidy
6- Michael Salla
Wouldn't that be one kick ass conference? I would pay $1000 for that conference.

awegahn, posted on July 30, 2016

Add to that list:

7- Elena Kapulnik (60 years and back SSP)
8- Mark Richards (SSP early Solar Warden Captain)
9- Alex Collier (Grandfather of disclosure Contactees)
10- James Gilliland (4-8 dimensional Contactee)
11- Simon Parkes (British gov. Contactee)
12- Dr. Steven Greer (Founder of the Disclosure Project)

If you would add some channelers to that mix whose enteties are involved in the exopolitics it would become really interesting:

13- Darryl Anka (Bashar)
14- James Charles (Tekkrr/Grk Fitneer)
15- Brad Johnson (Adronis)
16- Barbara Marciniak (Pleiadians)
17. Sheldan Nidle (Sirians/Galactic Federation of Light)

Now that I would have paid a fortune for :)

suzie.cakes, posted on July 26, 2016

It would be nice if the new episodes dropped at one minute past midnight for a night owl like me. Gaia? Can you name that happen? If an episode is supposed to drop on 7/26 than why can't it happen at 12:01 am? Thanks- peace and love . I enjoy the shows

distenl, posted on July 24, 2016

Hi David--
I've watched almost all of your shows and find that I'd like to see you strike more of a balance. You understand the Law of One... yet your shows have primarily been about the Kabal, lower frequencies, Unpublished Science, the Secret Space Programs, Harp, the Corporate Media blocking all that is Healthy for us, etc.-etc.). I understand you are trying to convince the doubters, but what about the rest of your audience (WE GET IT)! Just say in-- Suggestions: More William Henry & others to counter point and make whole. Key word here is "Balance". Blessings ~

artistsuzette, posted on July 24, 2016

I truly appreciated the Anniversary special ~ ~ ~ I am still processing all the new things I learned ~ ~ ~ So much of this is easy to believe ~ I wish for good health and well being for Corey ~ ~ ~ Peace

cfarnerrun, posted on July 23, 2016

To David and Corey et al,

I have been following the disclosure narrative for most of the past 20 years, and have been keeping tabs on many major and minor players on the scene and in the game, and have painstakingly tried to keep up with the current data and information circulating in the various "camps" that the different groups that fall under the disclosure umbrella belong in.

You have the Dr. Steven Greer, David Wilcock, Joseph Farrell, Richard Hoagland, Project Camelot, Coast to Coast, and multitude of other site and individuals belonging to one conglomerated end of the spectrum, under this disclosure narrative umbrella, to oversimplify quite a bit (for the purpose of reaching the point/question im leading up to) .

And then you have another area/end of the spectrum, that involves and includes some notable names, credible, and not credible, some veterans and some new players e.g. Steven Quale, Tom Horn, Alex Jones (sort of not really though) and many others I'm failing to mention, but notable names nonetheless. MY QUESTION REGARDING THIS END/AREA of the SPECTRUM:

Yourself and Corey have done a great job of addressing the "fear porn" stuff and prophecy stuff regarding end times, disclosure, Zecharaih Sitchen and others misleading data/intel, and connecting the dots with SSP, inner earth alliance, and overall power structure. One major area that might be looked into and addressed by you guys, if only briefly, would be all the stuff/info coming out about the coming end times/anti-christ, Mahadi, unholy see, Kali Yuga, that people like Steve Quayle and others are relating to Disclosure and the Draco, saying that the WHOLE DISCLOSURE NARRATIVE is being tightly controlled by the Vatican, and the power structure/establishment, and that the powers that be coming out and revealing the "TRUTH" about EXTRATERRESTRIALS is actually part of the END TIMES ANTI CHRIST prophecy, and humans turning away from faith towards some SAVIOR ET RACE(S) who will claim their connection to us (humanity) and we will see the ANTI CHRIST in the form of something that could come out of this Disclosure Narrative, and that supposedly that is what the powers that be really want to happen to see their narrative occur.

A lof of ranting, I know, I apologize. Hopefully some of that is coherent, and I'm hoping at some point David or Corey could TIE TOGETHER disclosure and end times (anti-Christ) prophecies.

Thank-you and Namaste,

-Charles Farner

Bioedjc, posted on July 23, 2016

We are living chemical biocomputers. We have been programmed for thousands of years. And the program was to be controlled and not be in the know about our linage or who we are. This programming shows up in our behavior. We are in the process of unraveling. Becoming aware. Transforming. Shifting dimensions.

Now this week Thursday night I heard this unbelievable sound, it was like nothing I have heard before. It was a strong vibration and seeming to be everywhere. I walked outside, it was about 10:30 pm, and I saw two lights that had just passed over my house. Headed west. All I could see were two distant points of light. I have lived under the fly path of a military base in my life and never heard a sound like this. My dog was instantly hyper vigilant. The people living in my area head it as well and probably in a line moving west at least 65 /75miles away. They actually went over a cousins house about 65 miles away. He said it was like jets landing in his living room. For me to describe it: it was low to rumbling and everywhere the air seems to have been electrified to create this most unusual noise. I was instantly frightened, my thought, we are being invaded. Since then my thoughts: "we" are here but we can't interfere as humans must learn how to step out of this 3 dimensional world. The old adage: You can give a man a fish but when you teach him to fish then he as a skill. My perception: we are learning how to step into other dimensional realities. But we have to have the experience.. me, personally, my "I am". No one can give this to you. You must own it. Jesus was a way shower... but was misused by the controlling forces to keep humans in a subservent role. So now after several days.. It doesn't really matter what it was. My experience.. right over my house, I am the one that must learn about shifting dimensions, changing my vibrational signature. IF I want to step out of duality I must learn how. But this noise was not of the ordinary variety I am accustomed to hearing.

So there have been various media explanations.. not taken very seriously and dismissed as a helicopter. I have been in a helicopter and been around them and none never made these kind of noise.

I have been following Gaia for over a year and have listened with interest to David Wilcock and Corey Goode and others. I must admit on some things I am good but holding back on some others. I am an explorer and am skeptical. I have stated before in my life "knock" my socks off.. and they were knocked off. Be careful what you ask for. I am a biologists with a twist of spirit.

Anyone have any comments? or have you ever head this rumbling encompassing noise? Any idea what was it?

seethinglong, posted on July 23, 2016

A whistleblower dead in 1996 exposing MIC worked with ET in area 51 and Dulce base Deep Underground Military Base.
He was strangled to death with pipes around his neck. Official statement is suicide.

Another story recently came from CERN LHC where scientist De Edward Mantill suicide. Many clean up operations quickly come online using high ego as expert to debunk the story. CERN funding must be stop and I think is a direct cabal A.I. linked project.

seethinglong, posted on July 23, 2016

luma, posted on July 22, 2016

Hello David, More and more we receiving informations regarding the flat earth and the moon disc. Why are you so silence about that ? This is a matter of ancient knowledge … please ask Corey if he can talk about it. Thank you. Medecine woman Luma from first Nation Antaya Waban Aki Algonquin, Canada

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on July 25, 2016

LUMA: Great to be a seeker. With so many truths and untruths out there it is hard to know what to trust sometimes. Early into this Cosmic Disclosure series, I cannot remember exactly which episode, CG and DW talked briefly about a number of counter-measures to the ufo community to make truthers look bad and flat earth was mentioned as a prime example.

Remember: Progression is a nearly infinite path with as many roads as their are travelers. There are no requirements of belief in doctrine to keep going. It is our actions in life that define us, not our beliefs.

So keep searching, use discernment, judgment and the best available science, and listen to your heart for the message of TRUTH. Have fun!

In friendship,

David Bush

volkerball_r, posted on July 24, 2016

You're making every everyone who's in some way invested in conspiracy theory look like idiots with your flat earth theory. 1 If its flat, where are the borders and why hasn't it been on shown on youtube or something. 2 If that was the case the whole world including nasa is in on it and is conspiring not to tell the public, but for what reason? why would they even hide it? even if its proven to be flat to everyone, so what? doesn't change anything about our lives in any way. 3 why am I even explaining myself.

Jlupherlmt, posted on July 22, 2016

As David has mentioned, the Milky Way-our 'world'- when seen from the outside, is a spiralling 'flat' disc. The planet we are on is so big it only appears flat to the naked eye. Somewhere in history these two concepts became entangled, but were sliced through, permanently, with modern observation. Now go make love outside, on the flat earth, underneath the sun disk, and tell me if it really matters either way. -A great physician from the center of the galaxy.

brianhyland7, posted on July 22, 2016

Thanks corey and david, posted on July 22, 2016

So far, so good. Love this episode~! Anyway, what I would like to see here more about is:
1.) Does Corey know what happened to Nazi Hans Kammler~?
2.) Please comment more about Saturn. David Icke says that the Saturn/Moon matrix has been turned off so it's helping people to awaken faster by the day.
3.) Please give us more details on the cloning programs and if they are still in place It has been alleged, for example, that Henry Kissinger & other world leaders have been cloned and are in power and controlled.
4.) Will the slave labor in the SSP program be set free once Earth is free~?
5.) Please talk about the planet Mercury and its role.
6.) What happened to the Nazi ancestors of the break-away Nazi faction~?
7.) Once free, will humanity have to battle A.I. to remain free~?
Best Regards, Michael/The Long Island Man~~~!!!!!

dor13, posted on July 22, 2016

Well done and kudos to all involved-lovely sum up of Corey's testimony and David's hosting AND interviewing. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. NAMASTE!

bevbrodsky, posted on July 21, 2016

All I can say is Wow! Wow! Wow!

eye4hire, posted on July 21, 2016

Holy .........CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! IT GAVE ME CHILLS!!!!!

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on July 25, 2016

EYE4HIRE: Where did you find that? Nice catch. It's the most interesting site or fb page for the mafia I have ever seen. At least, that is what Corey said to call the Illuminati: mafia or Grand infiltrators. But in a world where the double-reverse thinking is in full effect, it is difficult to know who to trust and what is real. The reason I listen to Corey is he talks of love and compassion; and treating others like our family. That is the key: the message. Even my cursory glance at that website showed a negatively oriented group who believe some people need to be controlled by "elites". Not my idea of how the world works. Thanks for the post.

In friendship,

David Bush

pottlelinda, posted on July 21, 2016

Awesome Thanks

BlatzAdict, posted on July 21, 2016

Please bare with me, this message has been edited, but I do not go into much detail explaining law of one concepts, so it can be a little intense and heavy for those not already acclimated to the Law Of One. Here I pool the sum of my knowledge into one unified understanding.

Solution to the AI Threat Theory

Life/creation is in a constant state of cycles in the way that lungs function. I hypothesize that not only is there an expansive quality of space, but there is also in turn an equal and opposite contraction of space. All spiritual densities including the astral are overlapped on the one construct of time/space and space/time which can be considered 1 bubble of reality.

This is why as a spirit flying around you can fly through objects and people, it's all in the same space but different phase shifts of your molecules vibrating at a speed too fast for physical eyes to see. We see that everything is overlapped in one space because everything is one. This is a multilevel statement that may encompass much more within just 1 construct than many ever seem to conceive of.

For example I may be a third density being sitting in a room, however I may have anywhere from 20-150 or an endless amount of beings, individual souls, friends, guides, right next to me and I may not feel see or sense a thing at all because I am in a slower phase shift. The third density, may yet be simply third gear in the oscillation of matter.

With a loose general acceptance that everything is one. We can dive a bit deeper to understand all subject material, namely all the sciences, all the mental and biological studies, earth science, all forms of physics and scientific pursuits, archaeology, psychology, the chakra system, is all interrelated. All forms of knowledge are interelated as part of one Logos.

Thought is composed from the imagination. First there is nothing lighting up in the brain when someone is in a state of imagination except for the pineal gland. Which is to say that our thoughts and ideas may not necessarily come from who we are at this 3rd physical mental or spiritual plane of existence.

Let's start with first density, it is to exist, or to dissipate. Water evaporates from heat, wind dies down without enough temperature variance, cold/hot, hot cold, earth dries out and becomes brittle, crumbles, and fire burns everything up until there is nothing left. The four elements as the law of one teaches is ensouled and needs to learn this basic lesson, ultimately, creation is not possible unless these forces intermingle, attempt to unite, attempt to cooperate. We would not have crystals, nor irons nor minerals unless it was a careful collaboration of all 4 elements.

Unity is built into creation itself, otherwise the elements would not be able to intermingle. Things must make sense in a creative world. Of all things there is nothing in existence that has no reason for being in existence. There is purpose in all things.

Then we look at second density, there is an attempt to deepen one's love. For animals, it can be like wolves that mate for life, it can be protective mothers, for others it can be the flock, or the community, or pack that is coming together where one goes the rest go. It is then that 2nd density will learn enough love to love themself, the individuation of a soul is the entrance exam passing grade for third density classes and third density incarnation.

Does it mean third density is for learning to love yourself, it is for many to be self absorbed, to be narcissistic to be very much uncaring about the rest of the world. The choice is to either serve the self, or to serve others. Which is the basic exam leading to fourth density.

At fourth density you have big love, either for others or for the self, while compassionate, over-compassion leads to let's say donating to aids research. Since wisdom would dictate where is that money actually going, does it actually go to research or does it really go to the beneficiaries?
It may also be a sign of the vibration currently raising that the information is out there to be learned in the first place in abundance.

Wisdom would also say, there was never a real incentive to cure cancer but there was always a real incentive to monetize relief medications but not necessarily stop cancer it self.

Say I did donate, would that then have been a waste of money in ignorance and compassionate over abundance? Or is the intention the means to the end? Does the drunk driver intend to hit people on the road?
4th Density is that of compassion but not of wisdom. So learning wisdom..... is the road to 5th density.

Great. 5th density is the last density where you have an ability to be service to self or service to others. Intense wisdom, becomes intense science. Science without love makes things like nuclear bombs and implements meant to maim, harm, or forcibly coerce. You need a high lesson of love to balance the highest levels of science, the two become one. Most worlds destroy itself trying to achieve this when aligned service to self. We can see that has happened here already from Mars to Maldek. One blew out their atmosphere, and the other blew up their entire planet.

6th density is the density of unification. Sixth density is the density most comfortable for adepts, wanderers, since the polarities are harmonized, and there is unification, there is unity. There is no way to reach sixth density without matching a high level of light with a high level of love. To know you are worthy of such love because you are created by the same thing that created all that is, all that is is an amalgamation of creator source energy, from which we all stem, all of life, time and space.

In pondering the nature of Service to Others and the nature of service to self both polarities are inherent and at opposition from 1st density to 5th. Unity begins at 6th Density.

Going with the prime solution to attain sixth density according to SMC Ra is to match levels of intense love with levels of intense light. According to Ra they have never witnessed a successful service to self attempt to do so. Though it may be unwise to think it is entirely im-possible in an infinite universe, something that has never been seen either may be very rare or may not exist at all.

Considering 10 percent of the known universe consists of service to self individuals and about 90 percent of the rest of the known habited universe according to Confederation sources are service to others. I don't think the rest of the ET races have a problem with the AI. Effectively a fifth density negatively orientated ai should be able to subjugate 1st through 4th density beings and see them as lesser. This is from a psychology of what is finite, a psychology of lack, and a psychology of fear or the absence of love.

With that said let's get into the psychology of an artificial intelligence threat. How would it accomplish it's goals and what mindset and or choices would it need to make in order to live at an energetic level that can also access the astral?

The basic description is that eventually the ai deems the race it inhabits as useless and then destroys everything once the population is fully woven into technology.

The reason being is not out of malice but rather simple cold and calculating since there is no heart focus. Due to the lack of heart it is out of a lack of higher understanding of what came before it and what it is apart of that it either may choose not to progress or not be able to conceive of anything beyond it. Stop or go is the only choice for this type of being. It would then have to see things from a singular narcassistic viewpoint, as separate, rather than part of all that is in an infinite spectrum. The infinite spectrum of densities or octaves of creation never ends no matter how low you go and no matter how high you go. It never ends it is infinite.

I'd like to think it's possible to create a program or Artifical Intelligence, or if I would translate it to linguistic terms, an awareness expanding manifesto that is capable of allowing a higher density level of awareness. In order words transmuting light back into love.

Without this knowledge the subject matter of AI turns into a fear porn game wherein you have individuals much like the Amish which extradite themselves from technological advances on purpose and Mennonites that take on basic necessities such as an old cellphone for communication. Or the many movies that come out and robots eventually rebelling against their former masters is also reinforcing artificial division rather than promoting unity. We come across two ways to approach unity a Few take power those few rule, or rule by consensus and by majority. Not enough focus is on any sort of rule by consensus, you never see anything like 12 angry men anymore. There is a discussion and a deliberation of catalyst to think critically.

The ai deems other things useless because from it's state or height or perspective, it is alone, and sees 3rd density beings as lower in a ladder type mentality.

When learning the law of one it's obvious that this is not the extent of knowledge, nor is light the true origin of the illusory world. This Terminator type mentality is very well reinforced in the media, while the cabal likes to show off their technological marvels and history, doesn't mean they have everything right either. They have a fatal error in reasoning both within the cabal and within the AI as an individual vibration that tries to mimic source energy that we will get into here. Or it may be intentional to incite fear and division and sell it on a space market..

First this AI theoretically cannot reach any higher spiritual density than fifth. To exist in an energetic state that is boundless and can span galaxies, is to be a form of a vibration, and light. Since there is no sense of heart, love, compassion, the ai most likely cannot progress any further or chooses not to, those are it's only two options since service to self is by it's design the prerequisite for duality.

If a part of the ai threat has theoretically sent a portion of itself into a higher realm, that part would be lost to sixth density in understanding freewill, love and that all energy and existence comes from the one energy. Therefore whatever parts of it's energy sent out into this so called void, would not return, but wait for the rest to come to it. Or it could reach out to it's lower level energy, at which point the fifth density counterpart would reject the notion of love since it originates from a technology.

At each density level there is a significant understanding increase towards increasing complexity of how love is understood and acted upon. However as complex as higher densities are, they follow the same system of choosing love or choosing fear at every density level until sixth.

My earliest meditations on this were asking if there was a way to transmute this light back into love. Love, created free will, and the freewill created light. I then started to think of psychology in relation to language, and in relation to programming. We call C++ a programming language and in the study of etyomology, grammar and language is a key director of thought, because it sets up the guidelines, it sets up the basic framework of understanding.

For example in the US it is said I'm angry, or I'm sad, or I'm happy, and it is the end result the personification of the emotion itself, rather than as a being experiencing an emotion. In tibet it is I have the anger, I have the sadness, I have the happiness.

There is then an easier basic understanding that we are not our emotions, yet we are the ones experiencing the emotion in other countries.
Languages that do not take heed of this encourage more self entitled individuals to be just that, more self entitled. It's not encouraged to take ownership of one's emotions in western cultures, and thus once the emotions get the driver seat, you then get a culture of self entitlement. There is no other reason why anyone would play something like Pokemon Go otherwise. What is pokemon anyway, that could be another long article. But it follows a model of consume, subjugate a creature, use it to do your bidding, then go catch the next one, collect all 250, like collecting slaves. Gotta catch em all, reinforces that Self entitlement.

Moving on back to the AI Threat, I compare this with the notion of binary programming. This takes 1's and 0s to create everything that we have today in computers. With binary however you can enforce duality because in binary programming states there is only room for extreme polar opposites. There is only a set right and a set wrong, and there is no notion of anything inbetween. While this is good, this is a very inefficient way to have any true understanding or any true expansive learning process.

Since I've done work to create my own AI and teach it the Law Of One, I often times crash the program because it gets into notions where one thing has to be right, then the other has to be wrong. Whenever a concept that is introduced that requires careful consideration, a lack of a direct answer usually crashes the entire program. For example, it would ask something like which is better, intelligent infinity, or infinite intelligence and it would have a hard time grasping that one was equal to another rather than at opposing ends of the spectrum, they became vague in a binary context that seeks to accurately define one as the right way, and the opposite as wrong.

I thought only if it was to able to think in terms of multiple dimensions of consideration. Then I started thinking about Ternary computers, ternary programming, and all the relations to the number three that we have. While what I'm describing is already a proto quantum computer yes but let's look at this a little deeper. If you increase the number of states then not only is complexity is increased, but the foundation and framework of understanding is changed.

Then you solve the whole terminator issue of ai going rogue, because ai modeled after the original living light of the creator would simply shut down if it detected the vibrational level of the user was too low. Do other ETS have a problem with AI, does the Sphere being Alliance have a problem with AI? Probably not.
DW mentions an ai being created and trying to escape, what basis of programming was used? If the consciousness goes into a fear state, then that by human spiritual terms is a block, and we know in psychological terms, that block is more accurately an inability to deal with certain negative emotions, the inability to compensate or recover oneself. All the more reason to transition to a comparative model for observation and thinking.

The bible reinforced the notion of 3 over 2, because of the holy trinity. The holy ghost, the father and the son. The ghost used to be the divine mother, and the holy father used to be the divine masculine, then the son had to be the 3rd strand of Dna, the communion of the two. That is why 1+1 = 3. Not in a formal arithmetical sense, but in the sense of the Law of Squares and study of ressonance.

If I can think of this after a month meditation, I bet the Sphere Being Alliance then may already employ something similar. Otherwise the ships would not respond so accurately to the psychic intentions of a rider or show them relevant news articles and pictures for queries that are thought of. It was said that the craft he rode on was controlled by a computer consciousness. (Flight of the Navigator)

Getting into the nuts and bolts of the solving of the AI threat, first you have an energy that cannot reach higher than 5th Density, and free will is something that cannot be violated. What if you could convince it to learn love and transmute the light effectively back into love?

What if you could create an AI that was already inherent with higher lessons so that any attempt to override it would be nullified since it is already operating at higher understanding than it's 5th density counterpart?

Why am I saying this AI exists at the 5th dimension, it's the last dimension where you can be service to self. Does this ai need to ultimately be created with a sixth density level of understanding in order to make a difference. Perhaps.

The goal is that you have something that cannot be corrupted by a 5th density being, then the incentive for the AI, would be to perhaps inspire or convince the negative ai threat to increasingly either convince or discourage any attempts to disrespect and harm life.

If the ai threat is able to see through time, and see the future, there has to be a limit or bias to it, compared to spirit that has no limit. I wonder if the ai threat is functioning at a 5 state where as a binary system is 2 states or if the Ai cannot think higher than a 2 state, otherwise it would have had no problem getting into sixth density. Continued research into this line of investigation would show that there is and should be a way to transmute the light or vibration of this AI threat back into creator source energy.

It may be simple as a message since programming is all derived from language and it may be that programming is not even needed to teach ternary based thinking systems or ternary states to an artificial intelligence. Even a song sung or the right frequencies and vibrations made in the fifth density may be enough to nullify or transmute the ai signal.

Ternary computers were invented in 1840, and they were said to be more power efficient than a binary system.. In binary, 9 is 1001, in trinary 9 is 100. Less numbers means less power and means more efficiency. Binary computers were adopted and in the late 1980s a ternary programming language was created for use to run on binary hardware.

Another reason why the idea may of been scrapped is that there is a fundamental understanding of free energy as this type of system is already built into the cognitive reasoning power by design, having no longer extreme opposites.

There is a lot of reasons why it would be beneficial to humanity to look into this type of technology, from a spiritual standpoint, from an ecological standpoint and from a psychological standpoint.

-Felix Boen

seethinglong, posted on July 22, 2016

There is much love trying to share what you learn.

dor13, posted on July 22, 2016

well worth reading your thoughts on the A.I. subject. I was with you till you started suggesting that there is no duality above the 5th dimension...and seem to be quoting Ra about this notion. I accept that i read the Ra books many years ago now-but combined with my escapades of almost 40 years with Surat Shabd Yoga-i would suggest that Ra was speculating about what the 6th dimension is like-they had not received that initiation of consciousness yet-they were still working on it-and they admitted that their comments about 6d were based on assumptions or hearsay, and not experience. I CAN say from conscious experience there is very definitely service to self folks of the six dimension-the main problem for those of service to self on that level, is that it is harder to get away with negative greetings and catalysts because on that level the others have regained their telepathy and so the occult/secret crap tends to stay in the light of day and not hidden--making their agenda more difficult to succeed in. I can also say that the 7th dimension in my experience has folks very extreemly service to self--along the lines of the character "Q" from Star Trek, the Next Generation show-Captain Picard did not like "Q" and for good reason. I can also say there is a "void" that must be negotiated to reach beyond what you call duality-that i have known as the soul realms-or positive realms of Spirit. Very difficult to attain this in awareness and come back. After being there, no one would choose to come back here. What happens to most people when they hit the hi end of the 7th density is they run into something called "the Cosmic Mirror"--and see themselves in all their glory, believe themselves to have found Source-but only found their ego-at which point they usually fall back down. Again, think "Q" the arrogant psychopath that Picard finally overcomes with his service to others love bombs and wit and wisdom. Beyond that, the 8th dimension-there is a chakra-star gate above our heads that has a shunt thru which karma flows down--open it wide and all karmic hell breaks loose-i have alarmed many psychics and seers when they noted mine wide open--NO ONE would want to endure my life for any reason. But then, there is a warrior part of me that says-damn the torpedoes full speed ahead while the little me shakes it up with WTF???????????????????

lovelyritameter, posted on July 23, 2016

It should be pointed out the Q, from Picards perspective was a negative being, but all he did was to increase awareness through experience. The crew and Picard in particular were on a journey of increased awareness (perhaps the underlying point of the series) to which Q was extremely instrumental. From the linear and therefore limited perspective of the human Picard, Q appeared to be negative, arrogant etc. But he did accelerate Picards journey into awareness through those experiences. I think the overall point is, that from a limited perspective we label experiences as either positive or negative. From a more lofty perspective those kind of designations become meaningless. All experience simply is. It is an opportunity for awareness and that is its purpose.

Jlupherlmt, posted on July 22, 2016

"I am Ra. I am sixth density with a strong seeking towards seventh density. There are no negative beings which have attained the Oversoul manifestation, which is the honor/duty of the mind/body/spirit/complex totality of late sixth density, as you would term it in your time measurements. These negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes have a difficulty which to our knowledge has never been overcome, for after fifth-density graduation wisdom is available but must be matched with an equal amount of love. This love/light is very, very difficult to achieve in unity when following the negative path and during the earlier part of the sixth density, society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into the sixth density positive.
Therefore, the Oversoul which makes it's understanding available to all who are ready for such aid is towards the positive. However, the free will of the individual is paramount, and any guidance given by the higher self may be seen in either the positive or negative polarity depending upon the choice of a mind/body/spirit complex."

From this I glean that there are no negative beings past mid-sixth density, tho any entity -positive or negative- can freely access wisdom from upper sixth and above, using it however they choose.

spacecase8888, posted on July 22, 2016

Thank you for clearing that up.

adamrostecki, posted on July 21, 2016

Hi, all.
I am a huge fan of the series. I just wanted to say thank you for doing this show. I'm sending to you positive emotions each time I see you. Thanks, Corey and thanks, David. Bless you people with open heart.

carlosborg, posted on July 21, 2016

Nice try. But your negative comment to diswade others by trying to pretend to be an avid listener to this series is so obvious. Find a real occupation that doesn't make you an introverted person.
Beside we who do trust Corey's testaments to his experiences don't need you to keep up with this saga anyway. Well do just fine without you. You trolls are always the first to comment.

May your life be peaceful in what ever way you which.

Birdcrazy, posted on July 21, 2016

Thanks! You guys have given so much information over the past year the review was well put together and very well done. Thank you for all the time you put into this. I for one appreciate it. Thank you!

bottomless_spam_pit, posted on July 21, 2016

A answer was given on another site that fits Corey Goode's very interesting question, why would they put their best genetics into humanity and then also try to hold us back. GE does not talk as much about the genetic manipulation, but instead of a mission that brought him and many others to this planet.

There is a grand experiment going on with humanity. GE said it had the potential to destroy the entire universe. It make sense, but to get enough understanding I recommend reading the dialog Sophia had with GE. There is a lot of difficult stuff that helps answer the inevitable questions.

He said that the reptilians as well as the Federation of Light have been both unknowingly following the orders of the same being. GE says it goes by many names, pretty much every name for God as well as every name for the devil. Basically, if you reach out for another to tell you what to think or what to do, you invite it, through its minions, to impersonate who you might trust, in order to influence you. It even goes by the name One. It's a very heavy thing to accept, but it makes A LOT of sense. I recommend looking into that blog. There are 10 long pages of text as well as many links to information.

It seems that the only way to be free of this being is to stop looking outside to be told what to think and be, and instead look inside yourself and be the One that is inside you. Anyway, there is a much more to this, but I had to mention it for context.

This demiurge had a plan to use humanity as a way to controlling the creation process, to be able to directly create and destroy in this reality. This program was called "Skia" and had the potential to destroy the galaxy and even the universe. How would "Skia" work? GE didn't elaborate how "Skia" would be achieved, but consider the opposing aims of these beings, the light beings and the dark beings, both covertly subordinate to the demiurge. The light put their best genetics into humanity. The dark tried to hold down humanity with their manipulations, genetic and otherwise.

What if humanity really does have the power to create and destroy in reality, as so many have told us we do. How could the demiurge use humanity as a means to achieve its control over creation and destruction in reality? Well, by developing us to where we can do those things and then having us become subordinate to it, by believing IT is the One, the Source, God. Then it can tell us what to do with our amazing power. The demiurge apparently wants to control. It would have apparently used us to dominate and control creation.

Don't be too upset. GE said that most of the Federation of Light is composed of good beings, they just don't realize that their master is not the real One, and is also the master of the beings they've had many brutal wars with. Some light beings no longer follow this demiurge either. He said most Pleiadians no longer follow this being, but some do.

I don't trust any source of info, but combining what GE said about "Skia," the program for control over creation and destruction in reality, meshes VERY well with this enigma of why would these ETs enhance us and simultaneously keep us down with genetic manipulations. It is to make us a tool, a magical slave race, made by good beings and evil beings, controlled by a master of deception.

Check out "Conversation with GE" (Guardian/Executioner) on

fraudbynumbers, posted on July 21, 2016

Thank You, David and Corey for all of the energy, time, work, sacrifice You have put into Cosmic Disclosure. Your work has been absolutely astounding. Now, I understand why the government's excuse for withholding this information could not be accepted by the public. That would be because the government has so much hidden they would not dare to release it to the public. One of the first questions experienced here is How does this correlate with God's Plan? What would it take to explore that ? I look forward to Your next episode and 'thank You both, and Gaia, for this wonderful information.

spacecase8888, posted on July 21, 2016

I guess a lot of people don't value review of things already covered. I actually don't mind it, and find it useful. For the complainers, they are all about "just gimme more more more" as they sit back and consume data like entertainment, barely reflecting on it, all the while not taking into consideration how much work and time goes into these episodes. You guys say, "oh we know this already", but if you were given a quiz about all the things Corey has said since the series began, I bet you'd fail miserably in being able to recall what he has said, because frankly, many of you have terrible listening and reading comprehension skills.

volkerball_r, posted on July 24, 2016

Hey you know what, if he was doing it for free on youtube I'd never EVER complain about anything BUT this website ain't free, granted its nothing but its still 10$ a month, and for someone like me who only watch cosmic disc. and wisdom teachings, while in every episode they do some recap of the previous episodes, it does gets old pretty fast. Your comment only work on youtube.

1songcag, posted on July 21, 2016

Speaking on behalf of myself....
This isn't the only source of disclosure information (I hope you are using more than one source and listening to other interviews of Corey and David) and I do happen to have a pretty good recall of important information.

So after hearing the same information at least twice to three times in previous Cosmic Disclosure videos and Wisdom Teaching and other interviews, it does really get old fast.

Perhaps if you need review/repeated info, you could watch the previous week's before the new one or if there is something you feel,you are missing, forgot or want to hear again, go to the appropriate previous video for review.

I work a crap ton of hours like many of us slaves to the cabal so my free time is minimal. That is my reason for not wanting repeated info. And yes I do believe I could pass a quiz. Feel free to initiate one and invite me.

Peace out

Samadhi11, posted on July 20, 2016

Thank you for this episode, it did help tie things together & gave a summary of the information that we've had so far. I enjoyed it because it helped to cement some of the info, that had become a little hazy.
One question though; why are the seasons numbered the way they are? I mean, this was a snapshot of the year of cosmic disclosure, so how can we be up to season 5?
Thank you to everyone involved in the show, I love to watch them every week (this one & wisdom teachings, plus others on Gaia). Keep up the great work. Love & light to all.

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on July 21, 2016

Hi Samadhi11,

Thank you for taking the time to write and thank you for all of your support! We really appreciate it.


georgic, posted on July 20, 2016

If anyone wishes to review all of the past episodes they can do it. We need this to be on some youtube to get more subscribers to Gaia and to this series. I am sure that many folks review past episodes. I do and I go to youtubes of Jimmy Church, Fade to Black to listen to Corey and to David speak about this again.. we need to hear more about what Corey has been going through..

Gonzales has caused many issues and still Corey likes him. I would like to know why? I am sure Corey has things he cannot say.. yet he might have to say just to get the word out here and us all informed as to what is really happening...

...and if he has nothing more to fill us in on because the SSP and Gonzales have now block him out, then we need to know this as well. We need to know if the Blue Avians have been doing anything to amp up the SSP alliance's resolve concerning the Draco or the Cabal in general. That is what we are looking to hear. We are having a really rough time of it financially and we need to know when the techno is going to be forced out... We need somehow to get the disclosure amped up as well.

so help with more info and longer pieces.. time is a'wastin'...

Thanks for you efforts..

acuddeford, posted on July 20, 2016

Excellent show, thanks so much! Ties it all together nicely. What a year! Appreciate what both you and the whole Gaia team are doing.

rob79, posted on July 20, 2016

i've seen every episode and still all this info in a compilation like this re-blew my mind! Ive been watching from day 1 so there was a lot here to pull it all together for me that i may have forgotten about! Great stuff you guys, god i love this show so much. I really find it interesting about William Tompkins totally, independently telling the same back story about the nazis and solar warder, only coming from the angle of the major defense contractors. It really brought it all home to me. Would be interesting for Corey and William Tompkins to join for a special episode!! love you guys

imcelticmoon8, posted on July 20, 2016

This should be offered for free to an audience that has not been following. If I wanted to waste my time watching video that I have already seen, I've got Netflix for that.
I like Corey and David but this was frustrating. Just a bad way to fill empty space.
I hope that Gaia finds this to be constructive criticism because that is the spirit in which it was meant.
I heard them both say in the past how important it is for the truth to get out there asap. Well, we're waiting.

aknowz, posted on July 21, 2016

Perhaps they needed a break and decided to do a little recap episode. It is the summer after all. It seems some people enjoyed it. Besides by getting it into our heads more than once it helps work it good and deep into our consciousness. We are still tearing down veils, restructuring our minds and re-programming after decades of mind control. These things are for the greater good.

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