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Annunaki and South African Gold
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Hidden Origins: Annunaki and South African Gold (February 2016)

Season 1, Episode 7
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Michael Tellinger builds a connection from ancient Sumerian texts and the Annunaki to sacred sites in South Africa. An analysis of Adam’s calendar reveals that it was once buried beneath 30 meters of sea sand; an indication that it may be older than the accepted timeframe for the origin of humanity. It is the findings at Great Zimbabwe and the Dravidian mines which may confirm what the Sumerian texts have to say about the ancient workings of the Annunaki, but in South Africa. This presentation was originally webcast February 15, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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9one9, posted on May 27, 2016

Since humans wrote the tablets, they may have created the belief that kings get their authority from God or gods - in order to justify their rule and in order to preserve their rule. Kings until recently have been claiming the same from the popes to Henry VIII. Believing gods assigned power to certain bloodlines only benefits those bloodlines in justifying their control of their fellow humans.

daniel.durba, posted on April 30, 2016

Our perception of this atomic energy is all wrong. In a grenade it's the shockwave that does the work. In an atomic bomb it's the shockwave that again does the work. It's not a release of energy. It's a release of sound!!! Einstein was right for all the wrong reasons and Tesla was correct, but unaware of the ability of sound to be released when splitting the atom. I believe this is where we need to focus our minds and solve the Sound energy phenomena. We can make practical tools with sound.

daniel.durba, posted on April 30, 2016

When the Books of Enoch describe the fate of Azazel and others for taking women and giving them the secrets of magic, etc. that ties in perfectly with the kings being given powerful weapons to enslave the populace.

michele.skordas, posted on March 24, 2016

Im glad im not going crazy because when i was talking about all these subjects 20 years plus ago, people thought i was crazy. Thank you for answering all my questions i had.

Brandora, posted on March 4, 2016

I was planning not to state anything about this conflict until I listened to your other episodes up to this time, but obviously, this is a hot topic, and I would like to state my humble opinion, though I do not have any insider evidence as to Zacharia Sitchen. I began reading Sitchen's works in the 1990's, and between that time and now I had created a pretty thorough belief system about our beginnngs, and how we have been shaped by the gods. Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock's view colored a lot of these beliefs, and still do.

When I heard David and Corey defaming Zacharia Sitchen, I was mortified, but something just did not ring true about their statements, either. Yes, I can see the Cabal, or Illuminati, getting concerned about what Zacharia was putting out, and I believe Planet X was their number One Concern, for they certainly do want the Proletariat to know about possible doom and cataclysm heading our way. If Nirbiru was accepted as Planet X, and lo and behold, since 1983 when magazine articles were published about its presence, and if another testimony is true, our leaders, the Cabal have known about it since the 1950's. David Wilcock believes it is all about them not wanting to reveal alien presences in our solar system, but people believing they are about to be destroyed, will have a much more profound effect on people than just having our government acknowledge that alien beings have been swapping treaties with us since the forties and fifties. I believe that David and Corey have been told they cannot reveal this information, and debunking Zacharia Sitchin will also add to the destruction of the truth of us knowing about this being a binary system, that undergoes destruction every 3600 years.

s you can see, I don't believe this information should be kept from us, we should know, and who knows, it may even give a very present reason, for us to turn back to knowing that we are spiritual beings, and that we need to focus on this ascension theory also supported by David Wilcock. I think that the Cabal did approach Zacharia and probably invited him into their inner circle, if he would recant his books. But he did not, and now he is dead. Maybe it was his time, or maybe the stress put on him by the Cabal, caused him to exit sooner, but I do not believe his work was made up, because I did my own research, going back to the 1800's and reading the books written by the explorers of the Sumerian ruins, and the work of George Williams and E.A.Wallis Budge, who had translated these tablets, before they were stored away, never to be entered into our educational system. Those translations certainly talked about the Anunnaki gods, their exploits, their creation myths, and I think further research into the archives of the British Museum and the Pennsylvanian University that translated and cataloged the Sumerian writings.
And Michael Tellinger's work gives most positive proof that the Anunnaki were present in the Absu, and that Enki most probably "created" the Adamu, and the mining workers at Adam's Calendars, along with who knows how much more artifacts and evidence remain to be found? That information was revealed in The Lost Book of Enki, and if you haven't read it, then you don't know nothin' about the Anunnaki!

Brandora, posted on March 4, 2016

You are on the Top of my List for revealing all this to the world. Since I read Zacharia's books, I have been fascinated with the Sumerians, the Anunnaki, and anything to do with their colonization of our world. I certainly think the Sumerian tablets by themselves give enough proof that these Anunnaki gods existed, that they have had so much to do with our civilization, our religions, our history, and all the gods of the Mediterranean as well as many places on our Earth. Since I have also seen so much evidence that Planet X exists, and that our civilizations through the ages have suffered so many cataclysms, I cannot but believe that these Anunnaki, may also have come from another planet that is part of our bisolar system. I am just now getting Gaia TV to work on my computer, so I am still behind on all the great series I want to watch here. I can hardly wait to see more evidence that you may present and any conclusions you may have come to. Thank you also for including all these great photgraphs of the stone circles and the history of the South Africa region, as well the great artifacts. I am really scratching my head what these stone circles must have been, unless they were the homes of all the cloned mine workers, and their Anunnaki managers. Surely, there was some technology for getting each worker into his stone circle for the night, not allowing them to wander away. I will not be surprised if you come up with a more elaborate theory. Great Work@

purrvision, posted on February 26, 2016


In the last couple of episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode discusses his talks with the Nordic looking race in Inner Earth who said that Sitchen's information was not factual...... Sitchen is also the son of a 33rd degree Mason Father...... David Wilcock stated that one of his earlier professors also said Sitchen's tablets were told to this professor by Sitchen himself, that he was told to say the things he claimed were written on the tablets...... Both Corey and David have researched the Sumerian texts and there is a lot of dissonance with the tablets by Sitchen..... there was in fact nothing written about gold. Arizona Wilder, interviewed by David Icke, also claimed to witness Sitchen at secret society rituals...... Please, could you look further into this, to see if it is possible Sitchen's work needs to be explored further?

Thank you,

hanknlou, posted on February 22, 2016

I read and absorbed Stichen's works but some did not ring true. According to, the Annunaki came to a planet without homo sapiens and created them. Before the flood. Geological evidence shows the true events and dates of the flood. Extremely ancient megalithic ruins cover the planet predating the flood. Where were these "builder" civilations when the Annunaki were supposedly doing this. I have read elsewhere of searches of the translated texts did not find sources for Stitchen's work.

swirwin6, posted on February 21, 2016

A Timeline for both Micheal Tellinger & David Wilcocks discusion of acient earth would be very helpful! Its getting confusing without a timeline to anchor the events in history. Thank you Gaiam for such good programing with DW, CG, MT, RM & GN.

fairyempire, posted on March 2, 2016

We really appreciate your work. We are now concerned about the accuracy of Zehariah Sitchin's Sumerian text translations. Falsification of these translations was recently purported by a member of the Inner Earth Alliance through the David Wilcock Cosmic Disclosure videos with Corey Goode. We are told there are other sources of more accurate literal translations available on the internet or elsewhere. Can you please assess and let us know what is the literal translation of the Sumerian Texts in connection with the information you are aiming to convey to us? Thank you so much.

bcyber12, posted on February 18, 2016

Is Zechariah Sitchin works relevant and supportive of your present narration about your discoveries in South Africa , or not??
Do you concur with Corey Goode's assertion that Zechariah Sitchin transmitted mis-information within his books??
I believe a statement from you is needed to complement the info given in Corey Goode's episode (Feb. 9 2016) regarding Sitchin's work.
Which version resonates with the "truth" yours or Sitchin's?
Please reply,Peace and Love....

Maidenhair, posted on February 18, 2016

Thank you Micheal for your well defined information of the Annunaki and their presence in taking full ownership of the Gold in Africa
Never before believing as little in history in what was taught in schools
Today with information as this is absolutely mind-blowing
Thank you and looking forward to many more episodes Michael :)

dumitru, posted on February 18, 2016

Mr. Tellinger revealed his fundamental misunderstanding of what money is when he stated that: as long as the people in these places in South Africa worked in the gold mine, then everything was free for them; their cars, houses, entertainment, water, electricity,…everything was free. He said this was his first introduction to the idea of a world without money.

First of all, true money is a representation of work energy. So as long as you worked in the mines, nothing was free, it was all given to you in return for your work.

Secondly, it is obvious that whomever was doling out the goods to the workers was the one who controlled their lives. This world “without money” was a world without freedom. You lived where they told you to live, drove what they told you to drive, your entertainment was what they allowed for you and, of course, you worked on what they told you to work on, when they told you to work on it. The manager, as usual, always had the big white house on the highest hill. That is what a world without money would bring you. It’s also known as slavery.

davetcampbell, posted on February 19, 2016

Is that all you can say after watching this series ? incredible !

dumitru, posted on April 10, 2016

I've written many other comments on his series. Just search for my name in the comments section for his other videos. However, I'm not sure why pointing out the dangers to freedom posed by the "no money" system seems so insignificant to you. If you don't value your freedom, you should really read up on history.

asalam682, posted on February 16, 2016

lets set the record straight! Emerald tablets state much of what is now becoming new history, like Michael said Who,what,where,why and when five important questions to ask yourself when in research. Allot of this history is basic, when in fact you have kept the secrets that were taught to you in a tribal setting. Those who have practiced belief systems of their ancestors know these trues. How long we have been on this planet as a Hue-man race and how we have De-evolved to where we are right now. There is so much that I would love to say at this moment being a fellow researcher for the past 30 years in many areas.

P'S Thanks to those who have made this forum possible

wm, posted on February 16, 2016

Is Michael Tellinger trained to interpret and read Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform? Or Akkadian? Whose interpretations does he use when he reads out loud to us his audience, including the list of kings? Zechariah Sitchin's? Or mainstream scholars until it's time to talk about the Annunaki and Ancient ETs?

Corey Goode's claims as revealed to David Wilcock in recent episodes of "Cosmic Disclosure" must be addressed. Corey is repeating the declarations of a person representing a civilization engaged in long-standing deceit in its relationship with humans who dwell upon the crustal surface. She, Kaaree, per CG, claims Zechariah Sitchin was a disinformation psyops agent for the Illuminati factions of the Cabal. As such ZS was a professional liar and his books were all "contrived." CG claims there is nothing whatsoever in the Sumerian literature regarding anything Sitchin alleges regarding the story of the Annunaki Empires, Nibiru, etc., altho apparently there is indeed information regarding a large superearth-type planet the Sumerians called Tiamat (also known elsewhere as Maldek & Elektra)being reduced per a massive cataclysm into the asteroid belt.

Sitchin may have lied and made up all kinds of gibberish, or passed on a totally fabricated story per Corey Goode's presentation. Corey also brought into the picture a top academic scholar, Dr. Mike Heiser, who successfully debunks Sitchin's work as fraudulent. There isn't anything at all in the Sumerian tablets to back up anything Sitchin claims is so, according to Heiser, stories in turn used by Michael Tellinger to buttress his research of Prehistoric Southern Africa. Would Tellinger's presentation be just as accurate if we replace the Annunaki with one or more of the Inner Earth civilizations such as the Asgardians & their Silver Fleet? Or with the Super-Federation ET group with their 22 Grand Experiments? Or the Draco Empire/Federation?

I have not learned to read Sumerian, but I would trust Heiser over Sitchin. Not all mainstream scholarship is junk. Much of it isn't. It's simply the ugly truth few mainstream scholars dare to include alternative scholarship. Not even all alternative scholarship is legit either. As Corey Goode reminds us, aye, it pays to keep our reality bubbles permeable. And that means everything, yes?

Thank you, Michael Tellinger & Gaia TV staff for another exciting, informative, and provocative episode.


asalam682, posted on February 16, 2016

You can go online to learn how to interpret the language of Suma, (Rosetta Stone)( ZS only got over on those who were not on the square ) The sun didn't always rise in the east and set in the west!! This Planet was called Tia-mat in which it was hundreds of times larger than what it is today, due to the reformatting and the shifting of the magnetic poles it's much smaller, this is why the giants died, due to the Oxygen level depleting itself to where it is today, somewhere around 15%. Remember to be much taller means the oxygen level has to be higher! also our ancient ancestors were right brained, meaning they were in touch with there higher spirit, so they breathed in allot of prana (there chakras were wide open being as tall as they were.

wm, posted on February 16, 2016

Perhaps I missed it, but what is the significant connection between sound and mining gold in Prehistoric Southern Africa? Michael Tellinger spent much time demonstrating the marvels of sound and sound technologies across every episode. I got his belief the Annunaki, as he called them - that's being challenged now by Corey Goode's recent revelations, and their obsession with monoatomic gold & sound. I understand sound can levitate & nudge massive stone objects, or at least Tellinger claims so in a believable fashion. But apparently these 10 million stone circles and the stone channels and stone webs connecting all of them had more to do with ... what? Sound generation as a tool? For what? To mine gold or build gigantic structures long since destroyed by ancient deluges?



zeva_rediekiel, posted on February 18, 2016

I think he mentioned somewhere that the shape of these circles could be a physical representation of the energy in that area, related to the cymatics information he previously discussed. But beyond that, I don't know what their relationship to gold would be unless gold creates an energy pattern in the stones that the "gods" could use as maps to determine where to mine. Just speculating.

chrissybean13, posted on February 16, 2016

Love your work.... But I believe that Devolution by the annunaki may have been done on to us !! They took the life forms of earth and changed them to be slaves. Working them to death.

ed-mcnamara, posted on February 16, 2016

Have you heard the saying "the canary in the gold mine"? Miners would take small birds with them into the mines to alert them to noxious gases that could kill them. Possibly this custom originated with these gold miners in S. Africa. As tribute to the birds saving their lives they carved statues to the birds first outside the mines then later in various positions around where they lived to act as guardians. Just a thought...

clean, posted on February 16, 2016

Neutered...Mr. Tellinger. I have been hollering at the top of my lungs to others (really, just messaging :) but if we don't act soon, it may be another 200 years before we can get the truth. We need to start exploratory open source projects that can lift the veil on the secrecy that has buried it for millennia. I think that Jay, yourself and David have the resources to accomplish this, and at lest give it a kick start, as you each have a good idea of the categories, the technologies etc... Time is running out, as if they censor the internet (more than they already are), we will not have this ability once again. Godspeed.

squib_by1, posted on February 16, 2016

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your great entertaining show and all your efforts. I would like to ask how it is possible for you not to question (or if you have questioned why you accept) that the Annunaki were able to master interplanetary travel and invisible cloaking yet they somehow had no knowledge of how to use AI or some form of advanced technology to mine gold?.
Why create a race of people with constant ailments and weaknesses when they could create a race of invincible robots instead to do all the work? If they did in fact create us then they specifically needed us for something other than gold.
I cannot connect the dots without this massive dis-connect.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 18, 2016

@SQUIB, thanks for writing! While Michael Tellinger is not replying to comments here, our team is reading the questions, and will keep these in mind to plan future topics of Hidden Origins.

Many thanks,

clean, posted on February 16, 2016

would be to control overpopulation, and preventing the species from overpowering them? This would be a very good reason to give us many "faults". That, or we were simply gold diggers, and they really didn't care what happened to us. To them, we were simply slaves?

qualteam, posted on February 16, 2016

I believe that mining for gold was part of the punishment for those who fought against God long ago. Instead of "may you rot in hell", it becomes "may you rot in a mine chasing after gold". Extra hybrid human bodies were created so all the rebellious spirits could "mine gold" for a long, long, long time.

clean, posted on February 16, 2016

I appreciate all the work Tellinger does, however when he said "I see living without money" "as long as you mine, you don't need money, everything is free". Now this is just not so. It absolutely is NOT free, nor are you in that situation. You are nothing more than a slave! If your guys idea of freedom is no chance at advancement, no chance to ever better yourself, knowing every single day of your life you will do the same exact thing, then count me out. What you are describing is nothing more than severe socialism at the best, and slavery at the worst. I hope you re-think the glowing ideology you seem to have for getting to use all the 5-star facilities for *free*
*free, in this case is with a footnote- as long as you are a slave in the mines, it is free. The second you do not- well....you know, deep down, what happens then.

This is what makes America great, and what they are desperately trying to take from us. Slowly chip chip chipping away. In the very near future, they want us to live in a small dwelling, and be assigned a job. Then, everything will be *free*. Again, be careful what you wish for.... Total Rise Up May Prevail.

zeva_rediekiel, posted on February 18, 2016

Tellinger's whole thing is that for a moneyless society to work, there would be no one working for anyone else. Instead of the gold going to the mine manager, it would go to the community who retrieved it. Instead of the mine company providing everything to the workers, the people do the work, produce the goods, and benefit from them. He's not saying that he is in support of working for someone else. We would all be working together (not at a job, but on projects, and not just one specialty, but whatever needs to be done) for ourselves and our communities. Does the community need gold? Okay, then we go mine some. That simply. Any time you're working for someone else or have someone working for you, you are indebted/enslaved into that system. Ubuntu is all about people doing the work (be it mining, farming, baking, or whatever) being the same people using the resources and materials gathered, the same people processing and using the products, all the people contributing (unless of course, you're unable, but you'd still be cared for).

There is no slavery because there is no financial hierarchy.

ishtar256, posted on February 15, 2016

The story that higher beings from another density would need something so mundane as slaves to dig up gold out of the ground makes no sense. Such beings could come up with better and more efficient technology for this. And if they wanted to genetically engineer beasts of burden to do it, they could do far better than the frail modern human form. These stories are like nursery rhymes that are told to entertain children, sort of like how we tell children stories about birds and bees and storks, because they are too immature for the truth. Those ancient Africans were fed myths and propoganda, and then the same myths were channeled to Zacharia Sitchen; the fact that they match up doesn't make them true.

It's 2016 now and most people can conceive the existence of different dimensions, densities, parallel universes, time travel, etc. We don't need quaint fairy tales about gods needing humans to dig holes in the ground for them anymore.

But like most myths, there's probably some element of truth to the stories the Annunaki have been feeding us. I hope that Corey Goode's contacts or someone can set things straight. Although there's no reason to assume what they tell us isn't dishonest propoganda too. The big picture is that all these groups see us earth surface humans as rowdy, delinquent ape children to be managed and manipulated. Not that I blame them, given all the war, pollution, and fear that has taken over the earth... There's no point in giving us wisdom if we'll just twist it around and blow ourselves up with it.

infinite.mm, posted on February 15, 2016

Thank you for such an intelligently presented program! Fantastic as always!

I wanted to add another few comments in response to a few of the other comments relating to some viewers' expressions of disappointment in Z. Sitchin's books and the possibility of it being inaccurate translations of the Sumerian tablets/texts - thus dismissing all the research of South Africa that is in this show.

In respect to Mr. Tellinger's work - if you pay attention to what he is saying and has been researching completely (not just a possible Sumerian connection) - including his 'own' findings with the archaeological sites, ancient artifacts, ancient and cultural oral traditions and stories of native African groups as well as colonial links and recorded history - there is much that stands on it's own, including his scientific data. Remember this is his country, and he is familiar with local cultures and its peoples - this is part of what is involved in this. This is not purely about Sumerian texts that may have been falsely translated by another person.

Even if there are no direct links to Sitchin's translated versions if they are inaccurate - the pure existence of these South African sites, artefacts, indigenous stories, and science, that Mr. Tellinger has compiled himself, still stands on its own as far as historical research brought to our modern awareness. If they are not the same sites that are in Sitchin's books - the point is these sites do exist (even if the origins are linked to another layer of history), as well as everything else that has been documented. Mainstream academics in South Africa have down-played the historic value of these sites and Mr. Tellinger has been discovering and researching what has been undocumented and surrounding information to explain the possible uses and peoples involved.

It may possibly be another group entirely (ET or other) that is currently unknown that may have had some involvement - so to assume this is all purely in relation to what Sitchin wrote you are missing the entirety of what's been found and discussed by all the effort brought forward here. I'm sure more and more will be uncovered and rediscovered with more links that will become clearer and clearer. Don't make the error of dismissing what has been ignored and reinvestigated by Mr. Tellinger.

Thank you again Mr. Tellinger for your great efforts and contribution to bringing more ancient history to the forefront for more discussion and awareness of our past.

lynn19, posted on February 16, 2016

Your views match my own. I, too, am most grateful for Tellinger's lifelong quest. It has opened my eyes to this vast continent's history that has not had the attention it deserves, and that we most surely require at this time.

zentzel, posted on February 15, 2016

Thank you for all your hard work of your discoveries and telling us the truth. It saddens me that we all have been lied to all our lives about everything. I'm grateful for people like you to bring all the truth out. I will always watch your show. Thanks again Michael.

urbsdad6, posted on February 15, 2016

I am wondering what Mr. Tellinger thinks about the African Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa saying his work is incorrect. Who would know better than an indigenous wisdom keeper?

infinite.mm, posted on February 15, 2016

In a previous interview - I'm not sure if it was with Regina Meridith or George Noory (or try youtube), he does mention speaking to him, when he was quite weak but he did share a storyline that is what Mr. Tellinger speaks of. So there are correlations with ancient indigenous stories.

I think the key issue is Sitchin and unfortunately he's not around to be held accountable for false writing or non-research if this is the case.

Richard73, posted on February 15, 2016

I think for Michael Tellinger's account to be based on solid research, he will have to investigate Corey Goode's claims that Sitchin's account is contrived and is not based on a correct translation of Sumerian texts. Presumably the correct translation of the Sumerian texts is something that experts in this area can provide, allowing Sitchin's translation to be tested.

This is just one example of the problems that those like myself have regarding the credibility of various research in alternative histories. How do we know what to believe?

If indeed there are inner earth civilizations as claimed by Corey Goode and some others, and these civilizations are very ancient, and they have credible historical accounts going back millions of years, our understanding of ourselves and our history will undoubtedly be substantially re-written. Exciting, but it makes my head spin.

des.susko, posted on February 15, 2016

This all makes my head spin too. I never read Sitchin's books but I understood the gist of his work. If it is contrived like the Inner Earth Civilization has told Corey then where does this obsession with gold come from? And who were these beings/people claiming to be "royal seeds" and presiding over the people as kings? Corey Goode calls our monetary system " the Babylonian money magic system" for which we are currently slaves to, so where does that originate from? Yes I have many questions and though it is exciting, my head sure is spinning. I look forward to finding out more, especially about monoatomic gold. I've started reading about the Annunaki and the stories are very interesting especially if you put them into the context of Inner Earth beings.

webwriter25, posted on February 15, 2016

According to Corey Goode and David Wilcox, Zacharia Sitchin fabricated his information. Now Michael Tellinger is showing us how there is plenty of evidence to back up the story of the Annunaki as the originators of humanity. Perhaps, there should be a round table discussion between the three presenters to reconcile this huge contradiction. The Seeking Truth series is at a cross-roads.

prahaai, posted on February 15, 2016

Definitely controversial information, but interesting.
After seeing Corey Goode's episode regarding Sitchin's work, some of the data is even more controversial, but most of the stuff is true and still stands.
Great work, Michael, you are awesome !!

qualteam, posted on February 15, 2016

There are different sources on this material besides Sitchin. Michael is tapping into the memories of the ancestors of this region. It's also highly likely he has past-
life memories of ancient African history. No doubt, Sitchin, tapped into his past life memories here too. The Agarthans version of history has to be explored. From what we know,
many of them are liars and manipulators. The best place to get history is from your own mind or the Akashic records.

jason86, posted on February 15, 2016

I love what Michael has done with his work, but the fact that Zecharia Sitchin's work has been claimed as disinformation from Corey Goode and David Wilcock's synchronicities really deflates anything that I hear in this episode. All the gusto is gone from the argument. I fully believe that Sitchin's work is contrived because my intuition never led me to read his books. Gaia this is not good when we have two different shows in the same category "Seeking Truth", that contradict each other... Cognitive dissonance?

soonerfaninmo, posted on February 17, 2016

I actually think it is great that Gaia is presenting all sorts of information. This kind of outlet is the groundwork for knowledge. More voices, not less - it is up to the listener/watcher to reason out thought and not be led by the nose with one singular point of view.

luka.mancini, posted on February 15, 2016

Same here. I also wasn't lead to Sitchin's books. For me it never worked this argument that humans would be specifically created to mine gold. This scenario if contrived would however nicely programme us to still believe on some level that we are just slaves. So we are slaves today in the grip of the current financial system as we have been created to be just that. For me the Inner Earth break away civilisation hypothesis and them posing as gods truly makes a lot of sense. Also the gods of the Zulu and gods of other tribes may in fact be the Inner civilisation groups. Due to the fact we cannot get any proof for it we must always be ready to make huge adjustments in accordance with new discoveries. So for me also Cosmic Disclosure is just a fascinating narrative at this point with very profund information indeed. I should say at the end that I really like Michael Tellinger and his positive energy and especially his Ubuntu initiative. Also there was some very interesting things also in this episode. Whats with those bird statues.

prahaai, posted on February 15, 2016

Cmon, only some of the stuff is contradictory. Most of it still stands!

maia, posted on February 15, 2016

Whow great episode!! Thanks Michael!
As I understood, that sitchin guy ( never read his books) was not in everything wrong, was it not that he left some parts out?
So maybe, some of the things are the way Michael states.
I too can imagen, that Michael, since having grown up by the goldmines, picked up some collective past memories, wich led him to more exploring.
Also knowing so much about the country and the native tales helps him to get the threads together.
I truely admire his inspired search and passion to find knowledge and better ways for living! As he once said: love utopian models of community! More utopists might some day make it happen : )

luka.mancini, posted on February 15, 2016

Of course, it is a process of learning for all of us. Nobody has all the data and information and nobody is right on all issues. It is nothing tragic to be wrong on something.

caryngayfield, posted on February 15, 2016

I prayed to God about where we come from and how did we get here many years ago, back in the 1980's and then found myself sitting in a library in Sacramento, CA and "found" Zecharia Sitchin's books. As bizarre as the Annunaki story first seemed to me many years ago, I felt it was the truth. An uncomfortable, unsettling thought but it made sense. Because I was given this answer directly from prayer I do not dispute Sitchin's writings.

Sitchin said the Annunaki initially wanted the gold to repair their atmosphere, perhaps monatomic gold would make sense to use for this.

I will never disbelieve Sitchin's writings because there is too much physical evidence in plain sight which has been discovered in the years since he wrote the books. Michael states here Zecharia wrote about the Abzu before the stone circles and terraces in South Africa were discovered. Plus would all the tribal leaders be saying the same thing passed down through many generations, that the ones who created whichever ancient civilization, magnificent stone circle, pyramid or earthwork came from the stars? It is simply too often repeated and exists within too many creation stories around the world, the same story of the visitors from the sky who came to Earth and started civilization. That gold was at the heart of it makes sense too. It is unsettling to think life on our Earth is much older and we are not the first, but the argument is slowly starting to be accepted as fact.

One more observation about these ancient civilization sites around the Earth is that the presence of terraces is common. Right now I am thinking about Macchu Picchu and the terraces there which are built.

bvb10, posted on February 15, 2016

According to Corey Goode is that Sitchens translations are suspect perhaps contrived. I read all his books. How will Tellinger integrate this information ? Looking forward to this aspect.
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j13edholm, posted on February 15, 2016

we must use discernment whenever Sitchin is mentioned. Michael says what he has discovered is evidence but i hope he didn't base his translations on anything Sitchin put out. Hopefully his translations are from another source. I just watched the Ancient Aliens debunked documentary. I suggest we all do so and utilize that website as another source for sumerian translations.

freya0815, posted on February 15, 2016

I love the fact that you have joined the Gaia-Team, you are matching perfectly with this other great guys! Following you and your work since years now as well as a lot of other great researchers I´m coming to the point that it is mostly important to blast the wall of cover up of the truth in a joined and interactiv way of teamwork.
My opinion is, that most of the misinformation could happend because they divided us all up so cleverly and compartmentalized us in our communication, that the truth would never appear. And this lasted for a long time, but now you are able to come up and share and compare your discoveries and put them in a whole new perspective.
Intuitively I never went along with the whole story about the Annunaki as ZS presented it, but as in most of such researched theories there is a lot of truth in there. I think this was the way how the Elitegroup worked: put a bunch of thruth and rapp it up with what of where we want to go to - and let the folks out there create it!
Only this coming together and honestly working through it will bring the whole puzzle into live.
Great thanks to you and the whole Team.

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