Arcanum: Anointing Oil of Ascension Video
Anointing Oil of Ascension
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Arcanum: Anointing Oil of Ascension (July 2016)

Season 2, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Delving deeper into the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, we discover a miraculous substance which initiates transfiguration, an astounding oil of anointing. As William Henry guides us through this narrative, we see that this oil has also held a prominent place in ancient Egypt with the ascension rites of Akhenaten. This further leads us to examine to the sun as a star gate opening into a wormhole. And it is within that wormhole where we may find the actual substance which has long been mythologized as the anointing oil of ascension. This presentation was originally webcast July 7, 2016.

William Henry


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charlieatmba, posted on August 22, 2016

Congratulations William on your work presented in The Awakened Soul. This is important work, bringing to light the ancient knowledge of the integration of life, of the spiritual, consciousness, and the physical represented by the physiology and world we live in. I watch many of the shows on Gaia, but your focus on the highest knowledge, in my opinion, is the most important and far more valuable than putting attention on other mysteries that are more distraction than helping us live the highest level of consciousness possible in this lifetime. I greatly appreciate your bringing to light the unity of all great teachings throughout time, to show how each religion and master has brought out the same wisdom in their own words for their time and culture. May you continue to inspire and uplift and may you indeed enjoy Ananda, Bliss, and the 'Peace which passeth all understanding'. Peace, Love and Light

therighttouch1, posted on July 15, 2016

I wrote a story called Cosmic Kiss and the more I listen to the videos the more it amazes me as to the connection that I have in my own story. I am now more knowledgeable about so much more today then I even was when I wrote my story...l my story is about a star own connection to life in a fun way. Yet it seems to mirror so much of the things I have been listening to. I channel the energy to create the art. Argon is what is is called in the science world....I will have to let you read it if you like....thanks yolanda Tamez ......I am an artist and poet and writer I suppose....thanks....

vivalafeldman, posted on July 14, 2016

Could you go a bit further with the first Christians calling themselves the illuminati? Or providing links or book references that we could study up on?

rtumi_777, posted on July 14, 2016

Like your viewpoints with respect to the artwork and the subtle portrayals of key themes like a acension. I also like the weave of technology i.e. god particle cern collider into your interpretations. The fact that you don't push anyones religion on viewer but make the point w/o doing that gets high marks. Its interesting in the last image that the Magnificat shows the two angels as two normal people without the standard wings on back symbology. Brought up christian i always wondered about the Mary Magdeline oil on the feet and the preparation of the feet in general...when the people of the time walked with sandals in the dirt. Was this more ritual than any practical purpose ?

waterrabbit, posted on July 14, 2016

Love it! I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of this series. My meditation practice connects me daily with the Sun of Suns (the Great Central Sun) as I follow my path to spiritual evolution.

lindaedwards888, posted on July 13, 2016

Every time I watch Arcanum I am so excited and blown away by William's way to tie this all together with other religion and Spiritual practices. I am so grateful for his teachings! Bless you William!

jimu.chang, posted on July 13, 2016

Lovely video. The first one of William Henry that I am watching, and I get a pleasant surprise. I like the non-biased nature of William's look at the various religions to draw conclusions about Christian artwork. William Henry, you are right on about the 'aton' - atonement connection. There are very intricate connections between attitude-emotions-energy pathways of the body. However, I think I can safely conclude through your interpretation of the anointing oil that you do not, or have not long enough practiced the meditation arts. A true practitioner of the secret Tibetan meditation techniques will be able to clearly understand the connection of the anointing oil to something internal that takes place during deep meditation. Yes, in deep meditation there are certain basic emotions like repentance that can trigger pathways to open that allow various sensations and visions and brilliance to happen. The oil does play a part in this, and does come before the great brilliance that will arise when it flows into the correct pathways. The modern Christian practitioner is to learn and incorporate from the wise traditions of the world and prove him/her self "worthy" of the anointing oil towards the end times, or the beginning/transition times into the upgrade of mass consciousness that will then further their studies through newer spiritual teachings. I do not know if there is an external oil that this might refer to also, but I do know the significance internally.

Health and joy to you,

smileybee07, posted on July 13, 2016

I have seen several references to Spikenard Oil being maybe a part of the annointing formula. Love the evolution of your work that I have seen on Gaia. Thank You!

Jlupherlmt, posted on July 13, 2016

Contained psylocybin, alchemical product of the ankh, a psychedelic mushroom. The rest is history. ThanX, the son, posted on July 11, 2016

So grateful that this information is being disseminated to the masses. It is soon to reach critical mass. Think also, in regards to the atunement or atonement, in terms of at -one -ment. You are blessed to be the instrument by which this revelation is being given forth. Thank you and Many Blessings. ^j^

lisaartistberg, posted on July 10, 2016

eloquent, elegant, profound.
blue lotus, blue apple.?

the music you use is supremely good. It truly enhances understanding and an open heart. Thank you

artistsuzette, posted on July 10, 2016

This episode is beautiful ~ relevant ~ ~ ~ up to the minute and very helpful ~ ~ ~ Thank you ~ ~ ~

urdivine2, posted on July 9, 2016

All episodes are so inspiring to help stay focused on what will result in a successful ascension for those willing to do the work.
These episodes contain soooo much information always delivered from a positive perspective. You radiate a sincere, tangible, fresh, exciting energy which is enlightening and uplifting. This is so beneficial! Thank You, Thank You for weaving all the research together!
Always look forward to the next episode and revisiting the previous ones. Going to have to get the flash drive on your website (thought i would post the link).
Much appreciation for all you both do for humanity! Namaste indeed :)))

louana, posted on July 9, 2016

Was just wondering when there will be tickets for sale to get to the path of assesions gathering ? I would like to reserve a place for that divine experience... AMEN.

Once again MERCI for this great presentation. It's almost a ''wake up call''. Bravo William.

TLE56, posted on July 8, 2016

Oh my God, what an episode. I too will need to watch this one again. William Henry, you are indeed a blessed man. I am sure you are in the process of ascension right now.

tybencat, posted on July 8, 2016

Thank you for unlocking the many mysteries in these works of art. I am an artist, and retired art teacher of 35 years, and have gazed on these paintings so many times. But now, I am seeing them with new eyes, and understanding. William, I watch your videos over and over, each time learning something new. Your voice, the music, and interpretations are soul inspiring. Your (and your wife) have touched my heart and given me hope. I have been a reader of the Cayce material since I was a young girl. He talked about Jesus in a new way for me, and also brought into my consciousness the Essenes, and reincarnation. Nobody ever talked about the Essenes in my (former) catholic upbringing, or what Jesus was doing during those missing years. I have read the gospels of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and works of Dolores Canon, and her regression material on the Essenes. Through Dolores Canon, I came across three books, based on regressions, which have given me amazing insight into the daily life of the Essenes. I am sure you are aware of them. In case not, they are: THE ESSENES, CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT and POWER OF THE MAGDALENE, both by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis; and JESUS AND THE ESSENES by Dolores Canon. I have always studied and been fascinated by Egyptian art and especially the Akhenaton and Tutankhamen images, but now I am beginning to understand the meaning. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the brilliant , insightful, and spiritual work you are doing. God bless you.

mackintoshmargaret, posted on July 7, 2016

This must be reviewed again.....and again. Williams work is so profound, so inspired and inspiring, I really don't know how to speak of it. I am just thrilled and grateful for what you are giving to us and to the world William! Your tremendous awareness is helping me to be more self-aware and to be more mindful and soulful in my thoughts and feelings! Thank you!

joshverduzco420, posted on July 7, 2016

i had a dream... i was walking along a building out side on a clear sunny day with some people then i look up at the sky saw something bright ,,,i said i love you all then all i remember was a extremely bright golden light that made every single one of my cell vibrate with the only way i could describe it ,a warmth loving vibration and i woke up from the dream with the feeling in my body then it stated to fade away from the tip of my toes and head the energy loving light vibration felt like it faded away to the center of my heart it was a powerful experiences and one of the only dreams i clearly remember and can still feel

NicoleD2, posted on July 7, 2016

Sounds like a beautiful experience.

Tony Z, posted on July 7, 2016

Awesome, really! The content of information in just one of these episodes is mind blowing. The graphics are incredible. The sounds from the Sun was profound information. How would have ever thought this? I noticed the elongated heads as well in a few of the painting/sculptures, I was thinking of Jay Weidner saying this was a trait of the Archons and wondered about this. This information is so advanced to an average person, I don't know how it can be utilized in any kind of big way? I was thinking and wondering about the Myrrh the 3 Kings brought to Jesus as well. Must be some real power in that oil.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 7, 2016

Tony, we appreciate your comments!
The next segment in this series with William Henry is "Ascension into the Final Frontiers", and it will be available on Thursday, 7/14.

All the best,

joshverduzco420, posted on July 7, 2016

sounds like he's talking about oil form of dmt

vlmanos, posted on July 7, 2016

William thank you for your show I will need to watch this one more time. you give so much information. and do so much research Thank you again. Your show is so well put together.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 7, 2016

We appreciate your feedback on this series with William Henry! Thank you for your support of Gaia.

All the best,

sroberts, posted on July 7, 2016

William, the years of research and study along with your soulful understanding of the material is much appropriated. Your work will help raise the planets vibrations. Thanks so very much for your gift to humanity.

suppqueen, posted on July 7, 2016

I am astounded every week by the sheer depth of your understanding! It's almost too much for me to take in and understand with just one time of listening. Each week I find myself revisiting the episode just to grasp the message! Thank you!

bpbaker07, posted on July 7, 2016

William, You are a gift from the Creator, bearing good gifts of knowledge and I want to thank you for your ability to help my or our understanding of our spiritual connection to everything! Thanks and blessings to you. Excellent!

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