Anusara Yoga: Remembering the Source Video
Anusara Yoga: Remembering the Source

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Anusara Yoga: Remembering the Source

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A dynamic and moving practice with Christine Price Clark of hip openers, arm balances and backbends. With focus on opening the hips and shoulders, connecting the front to the back body for increased awareness and support of the One that connects us all. We will source our power and ability to remain in life’s currents from the back body, propelling us with courage and trust through this practice of Tapasya (chosen, focused effort). Great for increased stamina in inversions, proprioception of the upper body and enhanced overall vitality.

Note – When doing inversions, make sure to clear the space around the wall you will be using.


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blissence, posted on July 6, 2015

Awesome class Thankyou so much.... Bless

zensoulRAW, posted on August 18, 2014

Namaste Christine, inspiring class and teaching skills. Love your depth and flow. Please let me know the name of the chant at the beginning of class?

NicoleUrdang, posted on June 15, 2016

It's the anusara chant.
You can find it here:

agaynor8, posted on July 19, 2014

I really liked the class and the teacher, but PLEASE label this as ADVANCED. It's definitely not Intermediate. thanks!

janineeagon, posted on June 24, 2014

Only did the first half, way to advanced

energiayoga, posted on February 14, 2014

What a beautiful class. Did not need to look at the video the instruction was so clear. thanks!!!!!

luckieshel, posted on January 25, 2014

Definitely advanced, not intermediate. Well-rounded, comprehensive practice. Thank you!

flexiblecat, posted on August 2, 2013

Very challenging practice . There is also time to do hanuman splits and tripode headstand. Thank you!

MallinaCashew, posted on June 21, 2013

Although I´m not a fan of Anusara, this class was great in pushing and challenging me to try postures I otherwise would normally back off of, thinking I just couldn´t do it. So thanks!!

reneea_2, posted on May 16, 2013

Great practice, I loved it, Namaste :-)

ascendingrain, posted on April 12, 2013

Only wound up doing the first half of this before my body protested that this was too much too soon - I was probably locking my elbows since they were crying unhappily at me. Would love to try it again someday.

BUT I managed to get my feet to touch the wall in one of the inversions -yay! That was fun. :)

robynamzaleg, posted on January 24, 2013

I LOVE this class!

amylou, posted on January 21, 2013

That was my first taste of Anusara yoga and it was amazing! Thank you for your wonderful guidance through the practice. I will definitely be doing this more!

rawrunna, posted on January 14, 2013

Even though I spent the later half of this practice staring in wonder with my mouth hanging open, I think Christine is a wonderful yogi. Something to aspire to..................

Abbybaby09, posted on December 3, 2012

So beautiful, thank you <3

launonenanna, posted on December 2, 2012

Well-rounded but fast paced.

anamaria1972, posted on May 8, 2012

I like this video, but I would like better you speak a little bit slowly

montlake, posted on February 24, 2012

A lovely, serious practice which I found right at my level yet still challenging. It seems at first to be a simple, easy practice, but then surprise: holding handstand for one minute was tough! And then going straight from backbend, and rolling forward into camel - several times. Wow. Overall, it was more challenging than I'd imagined. Nice, deep commentary.

CHEETAPiiNk, posted on January 30, 2012


mandyvarona, posted on January 30, 2012

This is the best online yoga i've ever done! Thank you : ) and <3

christinepriceclark, posted on December 24, 2011

Hello mariapaz ...I am so glad you enjoyed the practice ! A mother of three- wow. Great for you to be taking this time for you as I imagine you are very busy ;) To answer your question about my diet and nutrition- no, I don't follow any kind of special diet, but I do my best to eat well. I have been a vegetarian and a vegan, at one or two stages in my life, but currently I simply listen to my body and do eat meat occasionally. I love vegetables, fresh fruit, warm stews for grounding, and I really love cheese, though try to eat goat cheeses primarily, as I find they digest better.I have a dear friend from Mexico City who often brings me some of her homemade meals- I LOVE Mexican food. As a mom of three, take good care of yourself. In my opinion, enjoy food, enjoy life, and taste it all. love from Canada.

mariapaz, posted on December 17, 2011

Loved your work, Christine and your strength. I'm a mother of three and I wonder if you have some special nutrition practice. Are you a vegetarian? Greetings from Mexico City.

AmyOBarYoga, posted on October 25, 2011

Awesome practice. The strength and balance poses for the arms are amazing but what I really enjoyed were the inversions. Many of the intermediate practices shy away from handstands, and I appreciate that Christine incorporates these poses into the practice with the modification of a wall allowing me (or the practitioner) to get closer to moving toward the pose without assistance so that I may eventually grow my way into an advanced class. ~Namaste

vkbowers, posted on October 3, 2011

I loved the connections in this practice and especially enjoyed the inversions. I wasn't at an energy level to complete the entire practice today, but still got so much out of it. Thank you!

KathieOvereem, posted on September 23, 2011

I'll come back to this one often :) many thanks!

laumontemayor, posted on September 19, 2011

Wow, best class ever!! It is so creative, dynamic yet a peaceful practice. It's amazing, thank you so much! This can make a bad day go away.

alisonchurch, posted on September 14, 2011

What a fantastic class! Very challenging which was awesome. Christine has such a lovely and peaceful voice and gives wonderful explanations for the postures. Will definitely be coming back to this one often!

chb, posted on September 14, 2011


brigidemily, posted on September 13, 2011

Wonderful class, my favourite yet on the site. Such calm, confident and happy guidance. Thank you - BG, UK.

NicoleUrdang, posted on September 12, 2011

An excellent advanced practice with an abundance of arm balances and inversions.
This is for experienced practitioners.
Christine has a knack for explaining a complicated posture in an easy to understand manner.
Thank you!

kalimama, posted on September 10, 2011

Thank you, sister!

myouser27225, posted on September 10, 2011

WOW Christine! THANK YOU for this WONDERFUL class! It's officially one of my favorite EVER!!! Excellent sequence, flow and instructor. A true challenge and beautiful way to find connection within. Also a whole lot of FUN! :) I love the arm balances and there is plenty for me to perfect* so I will definitely be making my way here again... several times ;) It's the first time I've done one of your classes and I'm now out to look for more! Thank YOU Christine for shining your light and inspiration to begin a radiant day :) All My Heart felt Love and Gratitude, Sweet wishes* Isabella

reneea_2, posted on September 1, 2014

Amazing, such a great dynamic practice. Loved it!!

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